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PT Club Hour 11 6 14

Nov 6, 2014|

The guys talk Lynch's eventual proposal, The Arby's Bandit, and more.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Up you know up. Where the incident man does go well with the Jenkins. You might crunch fitness work getting fit and having fun was never this affordable. Patrick. And okay yeah. You know I. Yeah. Yeah. Watching the Browns in the play football. How does the records that's always the activities records again not this year. We don't Thompson the records you also the uniforms usually tell us at the records I don't know I like to think those don't you go I mean again I always have. He knew they had to let go ahead arena team the end there and you're horrific it's like. If you stick crappy movie about the NFL like any given Sunday it did make you look at their units uniforms like those are so egregious. But that's what Cincinnati looks like like them I've always liked the bottom line. It and then there's the the Browns. Today I feel it's that plain white brown and then in or jumbled now than on it. Natalie good 73 Cleveland. Not dusty is gonna go he's got a good TV football show here acres but most importantly he really has do you think he just cheese team. We've long held this theory that dusty distances to get an hour. Duly paid for the time you see yourself in man whom he wants to work an extra hour for freedom in the football should Dan. Man. They're going to be up at seven with Josh in the top football. Two on Lynch's in here. The orange juice wearing his. Beast like lynch you sure. You needed their. Beast like lynch his name is night. It's. We. TO beast mode and about a with a clever one about it. The group I could get an idea about. Who would be goes like this snapping kill someone. And I didn't bring you up because eight year a giant man it's east certainly had the physical capabilities to kill someone beat your pretty laid back. Which is kind of more refined because they teach you deep down and you harbor a lot of anger ankle and I think what it isn't easier to me that it's like you gotta be some and they get any listens like hard court death metal thing. Which means there's seven in their greens. Yeah I can see his finger in there yeah rain he blows down on the final say for the record lynch the nineteen Q defenses that know me. If if we're having that conversation about the fan there's one man and one in. All of courses and he's in the past Jason's like lag. He probably pass I'm just saying the if you regularly get you told me rob killed someone they don't only genius but Davies didn't blitz killed someone I'd be like I could say I've even got the news be like yeah. He seemed like a nice guy there is always some that little bit off Izod kept me. Well now really sad that you think some of the little bit off I don't think anything's a little here to a nice IA. I don't really have anger issues I'll I'll I'll snap every now magnified and hold stuff in for too long but it's not constant has just. He has arrived when you hold in Boldin hold the and then once a year murder. That's me you chill people lot of daily basis. But one year one every year yeah I can see it's. Who have been holed it and hold it in murder I think it's anger all the time guys not killing anybody defense. It's the guy that holds it in and then beast mode likely Joseph or well. I do then yes I do vented home. Not a name angry way but I've bent toward this is lynch publicly I don't then they're nurturing no decency growth yes. You know a unit we run on that very soon enough you are yeah. Folks this is links making huge against this is great for us as. You know. I. Be careful. She might even say yes if I asked the question without a ring today. That's how confident Miami so let's see them right now and I think it's a privilege right now reader an impala. I got a whole planet had a plan out for a little while. Never had a citizenship. Not enough to probably not it's let's flip definitely yet. My plan is. Our first day we were out on the Hudson River to New Jersey and we. There's a little bench it's randomly out on the floor outcropping missed about a bench is on the offer but there's one of kind of by itself we sat there for like four hours trash Flutie and I think you did Heidi and some other kids are very liberated the if we were looking at New York City across the wind so yeah it was my time that's where Sully Sullenberger landed the yeah miracle on the Hudson. And every seat in order lobbies that happens but easier on the Hudson Randy on the bench yeah and that we just felt like four hours there on the first day talking to each other and making. Maybe and rather rapidly figure that be cool commitment backs and that put him back there so to be like a little bit of it should really come in expecting anything that we government back there and some decent come up with a reason to give back to Hudson River yet. Mean hey we win this restaurant for wanna go back commend his right across the way from it but in the end. Romantic ninja yeah exactly jobs are there with you proposed. She started done those random guesses how it's gonna be this right now Mike. It may be. The try to play Australia is Bulls they've talked about it you just. Does that give regular conversation you had it been more recent mean. Both our families have been asked brutally and a very sentiment ever I. Mean an honest man and maybe some advice OK don't do. With the equipment but luckily now lynch lives divot and people people laugh but it. On the game. Not held out for the here BI did the game's gonna happen and then one day you know Lambeau and root for look he's been miserable every day since glad that. You know I get a ring on his feet. Here lynch I told myself but so I was gonna propose to my future Life Partners nice. We'll know I didn't know her at the time so when I first knew that I first came to Portland I was here for a golf tournament. In like the late nineties OK. And I went to down to that. We continue to think he was is that one right on the water there yeah right down your biased then there. He's excellent it was also in Newport is the media that second on the water that's like on the DL and I think in the McCormick it's okay right there and there might be Spain so if he keeps going down the water walk there whatever it is down and he can walk all the way down to the boat slips and then at the end of the day there's so little roundabout with a bench. This is what made me think about this is not on him. You know I'm talking about yesterday or at the end of that appeared there I think you know what this is oxidized blacks is really. That is really feel it's there and even if I am prepare as though ivory there. I said that. And today and I Houston next year and listening and removal but not any dollar back. Incident I'm and then I met McKie to my guns one a corset to the many to post. But. He may be thinking to yourself all that's great story Rutherford on their proposed to her no I don't think it I didn't at a. That's the word story at the please that'd I don't know how it got really excited about it I can't think about it's got to give you what that's really good now that's era. It didn't do well I had an unheard curious I have been dating her since 2010 so it's been him for years now rookie. Or years. Did you what's her name and have never met mrs. lynch healthy. Becky did you drop you drop the ring in the cereal bowl and an up and down because they could that be the most rob thing ever. But anyway you know. What a great go to do that you know at least and I don't know if they still have but the they did the prizes in the cereal box if you're like oh really dig through that thing I want the you know this doobie do you glow in the dark coat a string there is she digs there they're defined it as the rain down on. Bad for playing so well apparently. I my dad never told me this apparently when he proposed to my mom. They were out like some quote or something in getting him Diaw were container that he put the ring in and here's how people they open this yoga I can't open it. My mom goes why it's a yogurt continued advancement and mr. picked it up and it was really light and she quite figured by then what it was but he hit it in the food receptacle isn't that adorable. They did the final president of the Christmas tree that I did you. We did that put in a really big it's like box after box and goes to Jack guess is being in the regional he's been far too much time together things tenders cycle I thought it was kind of cool are midseason. League now I will say that I am proud of and one thing. Any given morning they'll only and that is that I did surprise there like it was not a lick of a lot of people you know it's going out. I get what he's doing here you know she was shot. She's like oh my god. Why I was shocked when I found that you're getting married really good relationship LO UIR. Well I was living vicariously through you either you're gonna hold on for years and years and years and now. You flew my wife was not surprised at all she news can. Of course is in no momentum into when it can he be careful what the surprise. Is he used got to be real careful of the you know. There's there's there's nothing and I think he can cripple a man's ego more than in the no. Big we marry me. We think about that even a man with the almost put opinion that it ends soon or else comes along and see what other options they have there. If it's not announcing his Dorsey you know used to make. Little else I would question Rossi waited eight years he said yeah. What was the point when everybody sort of bothering you gratitude to know what to gonna happen is I reached that point about year three everybody to sort of ask himself when he got a couple of thought all the way through that now ideas to get to the point where it's been so long it into the seam that would do it. And put. He surprised everybody not just for quite surprised myself and I'm not kidding about them. No we do I not done that before prop was married he's talked about it all the time I don't think I'm the hitting area the institution of marriage means. You know whatever it. I noticed you don't Wear what degree either and sometimes it is into the them to pins and if I'm hitting golf balls. But who who opinion so I told the wife lets you get to is that it's amazing which isn't on me that the she really wanted to get married until I gave that to her. That's the kind of guy a year gift to his yourself. While she wanted to get mad exempt what do treasure that turned out to be. Will we get I don't even know how we got on that. So I didn't lynch is being smooth cheers coming up next we're gonna talk about the need to see a guy who is. He's now been rounded he's the one who dropped in a lot yeah outed himself. Dead. But why did he do it it is 613. On the fifth. Yeah. Club can make you advice against Duke on ESPN's sports radioed to an elite program. I love god. I love god god god god. Club Kennedy revise it didn't suit his right to you by crunch fitness work getting fit and having fun with an effort this affordable care right. How does it. Okay so you never led bin Laden did. Is there something about him you know. It don't. Other conspiracy theories about what avenues body and it was still saying that we can dump them in the other they dumped him in the ocean blue they said the now they conspiracies theories say there's like an email chain they got the thing he's not. He's not buried we have his body out of that we're doing with that but. I saw that I saw that today they're still speculative I don't think he dumped him and emotion. Aren't. Whose game. I don't know we want the body for a bit what do Dade. Show. I mean did it mean to prove that they dumped it in the ocean. Nothing it's been released. Them there was debate whether not to release the photograph originally. Of him. Dead we don't ever saw photos of it but they shot in the head and I guess it's. Really quite gruesome that decided not to do that but for a lot of people that's another. You know did we really give them we don't you haven't seen the beating he's dead we got him in. You know they're nice shot in the drivers O'Neal yeah. The navy seal. And he's 38 year old dude he is from a Wyoming. And he has been involved in many a mission for the navy seal seal team six he was involved in the Somali Pirates now devote that ended at the end there with the captain phillips' story. He was one of the guys that helped rescue. Marcus the trail the lone survivor guy he was on that really well Beckett decorated he's got like. Two bronze stars in foursome instantly. He's one of the more decorated Navy SEALs the you're gonna find out Eddie's been out about speaking in search yeah he's a BC a public speaker now. But. Recently. And he was tied to the death of bin Laden there was an article in Esquire. That came out in 2013 that describes. His version of it ended just referred to him is the shooter. And then there was that other guy was that the summer tear something. She came out I wrote a book and it's a really good book it's called no easy day if he talks about his role in it. You know when it was just on sixty minutes on Sunday. No. Yes yes he seven problems because he didn't clear a lot of the stuff in there and he had to give up like eight million bucks. But maybe that's a different guy. Know he had to give up all the profits from his book same guy he wrote under the name mark Owen but that was the pseudo name the pending. The same guy yeah he's claiming like eight million dollars that he's gonna lose because of legal problems. Is he got bad advice and he didn't clear a lot of the book in the navy came after him to get to give a bunch of there the proceeds from it you and his attorney said he was in the clear. Yeah and turns out he was not in the clear Agassi and seen a bunch of money and a book and I've got a copy it's hesitant it's all the time yeah it's it's really good. But he took a lot of flack because. Need just you know ask let's talk about yeah tell you exactly. That's the whole thing with reverend Ian was not supposed to. Mean talk about that stuff so he sees speaker he's not talking about the fact that he shot bin Laden three times in the head. Well it turns out he was the guy he was number two in line is they went up the stairs enables in the movie maybe haven't that they go to stairs in this compound but really Robert O'Neill and O'Neill said that he thought he was going to die he thought that the compound that he was that would be to be trapped in there be no way even if they got in that they would get outlines. You gotta wrote the book she said the same thing you said that they all thought that that was save but one way ticket bit either it would be wired to blow or that the Pakistan any. Military and police which is right down the road. Woods was hiding him and that they would be ambushed in none of them thought they were coming back a lot. Down which is crazy but it's a hell of a read he was number two in though the one guy. I shot and that meant the first guy shot at him but missed an in O'Neal says he. Passed up that guy. New who has been mine can see him could see his facial features through the night. Goggles is the one guy like tackle would have been the Mans wife sin bin Laden had at woman that he was holding by the shoulders pushing her forward. And he shot bin Laden three times in the head in and shot him think twice more once he was down we said that his gun I guess was on need three burst or whatever so when he pulled the trigger three bullets came out and it split him. Right the forehead and then after he was down yet they went and shot him in the chest you know cheer this stuff as I mean it's already kind of odd that we're even. You know there's a movie made stories out there I mean this story is out there but it probably shouldn't be it's just such a big deal that. It's just been leaked over time and in different guys have talked and now this cat Robert O'Neill. Is saying that the reason he has come forward. Is because. He believed that his identity was about to be if he believe that there are too many people that knew their team and people that were talking in the news agencies knew it eventually did the dam was universe in his name was gonna get out there so. He says he just jumped ahead of it. Fallen in. There's also believes in this win Agassi's dad can you speak to this but the guy that wrote the no easy way out of book. That the Sox here whatever his name is mark going as the name used in the book. He said that you know he left the Navy SEALs after would flex 1415 years sameness is the shooter here. O'Neal and because of that you didn't serve your full twenty years you lost lot of your pension a lot of the benefits so a lot of these guys were struggling to make ends meet and this is a way to. To make some dough. Way to make some money because the infield that the navy was taking care of guys that to put in fifteen great years of really hard has worked to lift their body's all beat Upton and ravaged. But they're gonna getting hung out to drive because they were getting their full benefits because they didn't put in 20/20 years yen president's write books and commanders write books and secretaries of defense write books and why not unlike can't day when they can natives have to clear the continent that can't be will miss the the main guy this charge of their their special forces he was the we get his name right he's there he's a rear admiral is name's Brian Lucy he's the the head of all kind of the naval special warfare. And he's their master chief he issued a pretty nasty statement. He said it did naval special warfare scorers the seals ethos according to the letter which was obtained by navy times. A critical tentative our ethos is I do not advertise the nature might work nor do I secret condition of my actions are Youkilis is a lifelong commitment. And obligation both in and out of the service. Of violators of REE throws in this is where some people there are pissed at this guy for saying he said violet is a very curious are neither teammates in good standing. Your teammates who represented naval special warfare and a lot of these guys are saying hey these guys put in fifteen years. Of unbelievable service and this guy here was involved in forty combat missions. Been on putting his ass on the line for fifteen years and maybe it's pretty disrespectful that for that got to come out and say that this guy's basically. No longer welcome in the special ops community. I see both sides of that yeah. It's not an issue ten I would have a tendency to side with the seals who are still unnamed. Because there is a code. And it's very serious code. And who knows speaks they're all there in it and they're the ones. That wall but there are a lot of ax guys dad didn't do anything he did have they yet that don't get to profit from any of this. In Hampshire they have amazing stride at all of amazing story so I don't think. So I see it because I guess what happened was O'Neal. Said that he thought that the his identity was about to be leaked an incident he was gonna go on Fox News Fox News is doing this whole thing of we're gonna talk to the shooter from bin Laden in and so the navy seal. The former Navy SEALs have a website that is run by them and Dave leaked his name. So as not to give him the glory of going on to Fox News kind of spoiled and spoiled it for again and I can and you know like I see I see why I think. It's it's yeah. It's hard for media get behind the idea that. He believes his identity was about a few weeks of heat just jumped out ahead of it now if you look it's it's leaked it's leaked right inning you're supposed to keep that. Mean that that that whole code that he done it's you don't talk about you don't talk about OK okay it's legally year and you can't win unless you clear the the navy so if your name does happen to get out there. Well that's one thing. So let it happen before you. Jumped out and do it right. And then they view you probably completely differently right there so there obviously. This guy obviously wanted to get out there because. And I see that side of it where he wants to profit. Because heavyweight everyone else is making money off of it and Ellis Chris Kyle who was the guy that wrote the book American sniper in the member he was murdered from. Down the gun region Texas. Some what was right and Chris Kyle's life stories the deadliest sniper and special ops history. In Crisco wanna nothing to do with that and someone came to him and basically said look people are gonna make millions of dollars off of your name. In your story. Do you want to go to them pretty wanted to go to your family and then Chris Carr relented and said all right now while I'll go ahead and do it. So there's that side of it would be everyone's bacon. Millions upon millions of dollars off of the bin Laden story enough of your name enough for your work. I can totally see why you say well I deserve a piece of that you know it's basically said put fifteen years and the navy and because I got out for years too soon. And I didn't put twenty years in a putting my life on the line you're gonna cut a bunch of my benefits and a bunch of my pension pay and now I'm struggling to make ends meet I can see it. Definitely done. I still though im of the mind that I think outside the defense I think you have to you have to use stick to it. And not gonna blame Robert O'Neill but I do think it's kind of funk city says no it's gonna come out anyway so I'll just come out. That doesn't really hold water the one thing that he did with meaningless the one thing that he did say what's a thousand scenes he said you know. I've spoken with many. Families of 9/11 victims. And he said meet talking about. The bin Laden and meet actually. Killing bin Laden and talking about it with those folks was actually very helpful for a lot of yep. And so and that way I can see that is okay hope I can see why it's a good bit down this year Kennedy's been broken and and you're out there but. Well and it's a pretty interesting it's an interesting thing men as seals the seals a pest. I have a hard time. Getting involved in that I feel like that's such a. It's such rarefied air in the people that go through that I just I don't feel right. Really have any strong opinion one way or another that's between them. I feel like that's that's one of those elite clubs that only they should get to them anymore and that he should get to sign off on. It's well I think it tells you only need to know how the other seals field. I think I think that. Is it is between him OK what did they say now well. They're not really not all of them is it's I mean then there are real happy about it. But that guy did it. You can not like. I've see the way he's handled that that I have a hard time cutting down a guy that gave fifteen years of the servers and put his life on the line it sounds like. On forty plus different occasions and serve can't he was on that has unbelievable honor and was a Bannister fifteen years in. And I'm not gonna cut him down. Is where there when you see some of these guys that he looks. Figuring it is looks like a regular dude. Think you have released me yet this image of like you know what a navy seal looks like ending youth EEC in your like whoa that guy. Well it'll it'll really be fun to walk off fund it'll be. I'll watch the interview fascinating to watch what happens with him now. Because there's another element Z here for his life would receive his dad's sitting. The as dad gave yet come here were my address them. Down come Guinness is when asked about that he said I'll pay a target on my door gave out the address where they live and was like come visit some time. Well. Think that's the mentality those guys have that's why they can become Navy SEALs. I don't know if people have a true full appreciation for what it takes to become one of those guys handling our penalty we even have a and being clean up how difficult. Bloods and hell week and all that stuff since you know read a book you're beating you watch a movie on it and a documentary your something on discovery and you know gives you an appreciation for it to actually have gone through that night. Can't imagine what would. Pain in any punishment and just testament it is to those guys to to make it through. So what would you do for two dollars. That's next year's into sports and I don't know not right. New in the realization. Clubs may be with eyes against Duke. It's just been hey. That's asked all of sitters club Kennedy with Isaac can suit is bright if you like crunch fitness work getting fit and having fun was never this affordable. I. What makes it who do you do for two dollars not a whole lives. That we had this conversation that if you told me to want guys to your car which is let me be hundred yards. Phone it's probably 75 yard pitch yeah if he says hate you it's a bit out of my Turco gave you two dollars and irresponsibly go to hell hole. But can go get yourself. So it better be sending easier than walk in the 75 yards to your car. Would you go into an extremely intense two dollars and you used to get it from Buena. Yeah yeah I mean I doubt it straight there and it. But he might not Smith might theory with dollars Gatorade. Don't go anywhere from that any singles anything under five so one to four dollars. I could care less about if you ask me for a dollar worth media become Bucs and I have three dollars. Here take it you're not gonna be any doubt I don't want you to pay me back there it's on some over at my kid's. Dad can I have this. If it's under four dollars. In I've got singles here it's years that's the 12 dollar thing now that's that's. Now this woman Wilson built that arrested for two dollars for and I want my two daughters that you don't do is a bad first day. Anyway you look at it says the Oregonian here. I'm getting arrested I don't think you ever want that it. That's for State's story at first Jeffrey Mack 23 of north plains thought it might be ninety median Wisconsin woman face to face after promising online conversation on the need not come. To win the woman suggested they needed the Wilson bill RBs. What he's all for it you know. You're down very classy dates he made muted RBs. Keeps us Bruschi may be some purely for guys. And happily Cherie turned over there be one of those market for a sandwiches things are looking up. Consistent improvement. At their picture perfect run debut in the Arby's parking lots around 10 PM Monday. And Mike Huckabee. It because the woman hops into Max vehicle you dad and asked him to buy your milk shake it the drive up Linda. So that's kind of woman this intrude milk shake on the first date. Seems pretty presumptuous. Right so Mac handed the window clerk a five dollar bill in received two ones. He changed me it is 22 bucks. He took the money into his wallet which put on the center console. But the woman grabbed the wallet open the door and ran it across the parking lot well if it. Oh. That so Mac called 911 in provided police with her cellphone number which they called. And arranged around debut at RBS you've got to be freaking kidding pain not hitting the Rose BB NBC kids they don't the art stuff. Except the sirens. This C apparently that must mean she has multiple Robby bruised setup. Or multiple people she's trying to do this at the RBC both ability I see her again I think is a fairly easy to deal me dot com said a bit RBs. But initiated by you shaken and snatching around. So. Around 1:45 AM. The next morning that's like three hours later by the way. Police spotted the woman's maroon mini van with Wisconsin plates and arrested her seizing the Wallace. By the way does it make sense that you his judgment of her minivan and I'm guessing not agree cheap either it's this isn't like a nice. You know Honda minivan now on guess seemed. Mid ninety's Chrysler. Would panel lean. Some some. I don't see any random seeds he had no hubcaps. Possibly a sliding door that doesn't work anymore. Maybe some Fuzzy dice hanging from the rear view mere. The 21 dollar bills were still in the wallet. With the that was all the money that he can beat the. Here's the thing you can get around someone in your second of the day. Maybe you know the guy that's not gonna take you Arby's that he might have some more cash on him. I got the patrons had birdies at 10 o'clock or flush with cash. I know is I'm getting ready days ahead do you RBs like to put a couple hundred in my wallet just in case I want to splurge and get a. Multiple fire for five during questioning the woman admitted taking the wallet in during his subsequent search of her many bin police then hypodermic needles. Two jars of hash oil. Marijuana pipes the scale and a pill bottle of immaterial suspected to be methamphetamine. So it's not right ticket you said that it checklists to be in this story yes yes yes I have been casual what she looks like he. We got a really good idea of what she looks like you're pretty close to your idea about the way the day you wouldn't be around the out right and union tell me right at central casting pretty much. She and heavier gal yet the idea. That she's got a minute and a weight problem that is the commitment to excellent thread there when you can be on net and still have a weight problem. Massa she was booked into you Clinton spinning you know and then released so now there's going to be investigation. It did the party you don't into the RVs and this group of public service reported to be able lined crappy dating web sites do not meet met headaches in and RVs argument. Where if you do bring low amounts of cash. Can she go milk shake every time the front and now the stability but can give us that the sheik and wow not a good first day. Now know that's forward Jeff Green and you know what though I don't think that's the worst first that you could go on. To tell the story gets dealt. Crowd really humorous and hopefully you know maybe she got to shake out of it. Maybe she didn't grab the shape when she left so. They don't have a wall and I got a call the police but at least they have this delicious milk shake Connecticut have. Bono was worth five puzzle is that pretty have been good milk shake. Pint John next two million on the white trash can one person beauty. I. Club and they didn't win by chicken soup but it's a plus the traffic rules will get something. Okay. What can anywhere Isaak and soon gets brought to you by crunch fitness. We're getting fit and having fun was never this affordable the. For a 648 coming up with the top of the hour it'll be easy football show with dusty and would look concept that customers. Here is that yeah. The others seek brother. Pudge on budgeting on. A pretty green here this year. Made that I guess that means it's going well. My IEV could well have a few guys it speaks to coaching is the football. We're the Marty very and he's gotten Ortiz camping ground to a halt last week. Yeah you sound really dejected that it's over how did they do. You know you know we'll let you be cute bit. Every football player months looking forward to the offseason and it's no different for coach who coaches or Q. Just as happy that it's over at the end of the deck just come home and have dinner and and that's the good thing. I would say that in every. Aspect even the last game that I ever played in your sad for like five minutes when you realize you don't have to go to practice the next day. It's a good feeling. Well it appeared the good start so you don't JR. Played. He was the better for the party freshmen now you center. Team and they played their last game on Tuesday they had their last game of the season. And leading up to it you know we were talking then about eight feet is almost over you like good accurately accurately or B Bjork. And so we're watching the game. And at halftime. Speech we are sitting in the stands Heather and I we and he comes out. And it comes over the sideline and he grabbed one of buddies and they start talking and Avant and animated conversation you're looking at him and you're like I wonder what the record pocket about. Admit JR pulled them to be here. You know and I said I figured you he's talented but leaders to scored his fifth. Anyway we got a good car after the game. I said they would talk to the cop on the sidelines of the port city could beaters requested because I drove in their you. Know. But it. That's maintenance and did it it's the weirdest thing no one likes playing football no one except that there's one Wilcox and every team that would play for free other. No one likes playing it's it's good that did this thing in yet next year he'll be back do we did I don't know why anyone plays but they do it. Yeah it's just kind of how it goes your right to every team that's what (%expletive) everybody else happy so. If this is one guts they would do it again let's just where our kids need each other evidence is like thing goodness it's over. Or so what was your record. This year. I they had big struggle they at one point they were attempting to. Run a perk he did revert they got off to a great movement particularly in Owens' seven start and but they finish strong and won their last two games included against their rival high school so I there are there on a two game winning streak ended at the long off. The heads screwed up because they had they gopher maybe Jerry would have wise and and not played next year events like golf. You have one good hole like on eighteen it brings you back those two wins ago a sucker back in the plane another year. Yeah it's entirely possible entirely possible but he had a good year. I was really proud he got voted to captain for the freshmen but he did not view him and had a good year. Played senator wore wore number 68 in honor of beat Duke spirit that was his number when he was the center and and I haven't had a really good year Estrada. My sources are telling me that the prairie football team needs look closely at the offensive line coach position if it. Well they got the operative like that you prairie just retired to go to the just pitch that you know. You've got our butt of their time today. You know it's not about me anymore you if you wanna I mean they're it will be in the spare advocate stadium have on a hot dog walk you might them like it's. Like to believe did you locked up field one last time he would flip the double bird behind you as you bet prairie high school. Well put it this way at halftime. I'm of our last game I heard in my body my coaching buddy that they do. It. You're done and that's sort of the kids and tired that's the sort of dedication to coaching tonight come to expect from my broker it. Yeah yup it was a good run of the good stuff or he could run that. You know very high school lot of good kids that I I am down and look forward to being a debt. Or much to at least he did it mean he should be commended for that night those guys you guys all the guys out there that. Volunteer coach your kids' sports I think that's awesome because that takes a lot of time in your busy period jobs in other kids and on like crap that's not to you know yeah I'm not doing it it's thankless thing exactly and that will never do know that the people that do I think it's awesome. Yeah there there are some good ones out there are guys that rightly that it indeed they should be commended so how many idea. With that. How many of them do it so that day they can get better status for their kids through. It on the team. I'm. Lighter they're cute though I've guarded Duke you know there on the road you'd get from those that you get the guy that. You know they didn't want to be nick Sabin made their statement that they can't even Nick Saban that they coach. The JD linebackers that some middle schools some work so you're under some guys like that but for the most part. And the guy that I could've coasted if you get for schools white schools over over the last ten or fifteen years and for the most part I'd be out leveler do it correctly. Well I'm convinced that to Ted Haggard from Salina Kansas do you real nice days bunkered it at that epic. It is India always had a pitch that the but it. DM me and he did get a pitch today no Andy's pitching in the well no I gonna say who's the coach's kid never would have it all over the map that we wanted to create I. I would say I would be read into a lot of people that listen to the program and they always they. We get this slot and I don't know if you get this job the people come up to be like hey you know you played so and so and you're like yeah and they just totally got because they wanna tell you their story. Jeff do you play the trip out when I played and it's never a guy that really did aiding and it's always derailed by one of TDs as rob said the coach's kid. Politics or a phantom knee injury. Ever out there hasn't been here during your right I hit seven knee surgeries and I kept playing but apparently there's people out there were just some sort of evil rash of knee injuries. That stop them from ever continually. They've risen from above knee. And they're the conversation with goes this way so. You played at Washington State. Back then you know a pretty cool I could've played the back better depth more to fill in the blank. If it's after the kids did leg New York. The idea knee injury he does get that'll. All the time. All the time media. In his right at hey you tell me why my experience before that he injured him to stop and I don't care if it's. It's just to walk away pull a rough and just kind of randomly. And care equally. We'll Cox and dusty next thanks John media team in Arthur got. He job at prairie the hero and don't really know they are here. Of the football show is next and then Travis tumors by the local till 10 o'clock tonight soon. Don't touch that dial in the what they say pitcher for the their really dial it and I just don't hit it and whenever you. Now we're back tomorrow three to 645 here on 1080 to get. Right shin so.