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Kevin Gemmell - ESPN PAC12 Blogger

Aug 29, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We continue on our college football -- is so nice to have deems to react to a friend of the program Kevin gamble joins us. He's a pactel reporter for espn.com he'll run. -- pac twelve -- got some great morning links up there this morning to check it out. I Kevin thanks for joining the program we'll start off with -- watched in state last night it is typical cougar -- Do you enjoy watching that is or is it almost at this point painful for you to watch what takes place with -- -- -- -- And you know obviously I enjoyed it one because it's like football again and we can actually talk about exciting news in Uganda were not watching replay it. I can't I -- Washington State yeah. That had to be agonizing. To watch especially not run these tax I think that's really where the breakdown wants -- helical applaud instead hundreds and patriarch of the country -- -- Really overshadowed. A pretty good that you -- car out at 530 yards -- touched down to about one pick early on but he was really going strong after that. You know if I'm watching it and I encourage but what I saw from yup that's because it was explosive. It was what you expect from -- three of them -- chopped down. But would not rush defense they were instead push around one scrimmage and that's something. You just can't have a pac twelve especially once you start only against. -- Washington which has been up front once their present offensive line organ ball puppet opera and the -- academic left tackle -- they'll -- -- Campbell -- garbage. It's a pretty good start today -- the pac twelve season for a bodies goes with their nonconference opponent but you do have a couple. Young couple teams that are facing the clunkers you had Weaver state Arizona State last night that was a blowout. You taught how to blow out when you watch or you tax some of those games do you walk away with anything from Arizona State or Utah -- OK well they're really good at this and they've improved in this position. -- he kind of chuck it up to well they just kicked the crap out of a little brother. You know like I learned actually nothing about and -- -- Tonight I know there placing -- starter. Good for them they do exactly what they're supposed to -- That's predicting that take away from it there was no drama that -- and it took care of their business about DJ Foster looked great in the the -- guy without Mary -- -- anymore. But again you look at the competition level so. It would get in the sense that it is what happened is exactly what was supposed to happen and then you -- you talk. That they can point from extorted the same -- thought -- -- -- their spouses Gail caption Travis Wilson back on the field. Letting first -- yeah yeah yeah yeah grow and touched out you know just doing all the things that you want to see ya got to dig our way. I mean he extended all experts and the himself when he -- for that touchdown. And that's exactly what you want to see because that we. Yelled out whether it's going to be a little guy and -- a little timid after coming in without previous head injury. I've liked what I saw trans world and now. Let it happen again stagnant presence in a week later. Kevin gamble is our guest here on ESPN's Sports Radio -- Canadian Danny's a packed full reporter for espn.com. Runs. Both from the pac twelve blog on ESP -- onto -- at seven underscored demo. Get when you look at that Washington State game we talked all offseason about how the pac twelve is considered one of the best conferences in the country obviously the right there kind of neck and neck with the SEC and I know Vanderbilt had a bad loss last night. In Washington State is one of the bottom tier teams in this conference but. Does that hurt the perception of the conference when -- washing is it loses to a record does that hurt the perception of the content the conference around the country. You know I don't think so. It would heal up -- -- and on. Let's not forget that you know record it and that's extreme they're not big east anymore at the big -- odds no. You get record of credit were credit you know interred at the national perception. I think most of that comes from the yard on UCLA on working on -- On. Possibly argue actually held ballots in a weird week for them. So you know when you put those little cute when they leave it. I think -- the big disappointment that a lot people were taken washing it might take a step forward and I look at the rest their schedule. Under strict we've got airport -- Well I don't know now you know picking -- get the postseason again. In terms of national respect so I don't think it -- a whole lot yet because the real -- on the pac twelve is the quarterbacks. That's what are we talking about can return starter looking up at the tackle the quarterback. -- how they certainly didn't disappoint in that department. So I don't think it is too much and hit. Yet from the pac twelve. Kevin gamble runs the -- bought for ESP injuries you mentioned it was a weird week for USC instincts are -- I just with the racism claim is in the Josh shot story it's really is bizarre what impact do you think that has on there -- start of their season. I have no clue that anyone -- thought -- -- our sincere I mean that you know what happened last year or even at the end which went well. You know -- when he kept losing control not locker room. Actually asking about the end and I hate saying that about. You know 18192020. -- -- But what it is terrible that -- -- from the Notre Dame game and so people lost elect these quit on him and then a year later. The first war I've seen since he's been that you want -- Mac break when he can't get fired and or drug company and -- yeah Matt strong while. You pull them together and that team played can't -- football on the structure last year because there was united annual audit. So the question has that this incident. Do the same thing jet -- Turkey and get control of the locker room real connection to get certainly -- or drop -- And show attacking -- want war. Then you lose the locker and that's really the big question how well look at -- week one and then also week it's Oprah got after presidency you go to an airport. It corporate game we -- for those guys sell if you are trying to get a hold locker room you've got to deal quickly because it's gonna get a lot -- and actually. Other games coming up this weekend which ones are which game are you looking forward to watching the most. You know there's this certain little an entry each one to the other position battles don't watch sort of -- obviously I'm excited to see an installment. Make it big you know again you know being. But to be Australia. Combo -- like Colorado Colorado State because. You don't see I've read we want. Especially in a packed well you know I'm I've got column I'm not going to. Kind of -- uncalled. You know what at all lightly packed full plate and we want you you know what at the apple cup was in week one -- the civil war -- -- -- -- coach's reaction to it. You don't see that in the pac twelve likely not content on and it kind of different. But that would be true rivalry game to kick off -- -- and so -- -- the boardwalk not. Which when you look at Oregon State it's not a game this weekend their claim Portland's Damon we all remember the terrible start to -- you're last year losing eastern Washington should there be any fear for pro and say opponent to going to Corvallis and come away with that went with an upset. All they did three years ago yeah Sacramento -- -- You know I -- -- you know. History would taught otherwise. You know last year was the year yet yet -- -- actually asked Turkey winds. Over at the asking last year stagnant and just. Didn't and number -- Are you know I would like to -- their -- it's gonna get go -- -- exactly what. You can't last night like you pocket last night they obviously had a better athlete I would think. Let me just -- there's an entry on the offensive -- there's only one starter returning. I'm pretty sure there aren't that important it's gonna read but I certainly can't say definitively yet just because of what we've seen in the last few years. Kevin gamble is our guest of espn.com. He's impact or reporter runs tackle blog for them. This truly a national college football perspective watching -- -- between Texas seen him in South Carolina. Rain and basically did whatever they wanted to South Carolina. Even get any kind of validation. For the spread top tens of the up tempo opposite is that you see a lot of in the pac twelve. How do you think Texas -- plays into the perception. -- that all of pac twelve schools. Yeah -- interesting because I think a lot of people for -- spot. What killed at least we gimmicky. And when he got a national championship intimately involved. But -- sudden. You know he actually hit -- -- that it won't be legitimate to -- -- ever question you know I think. -- were a little trickier out on the West Coast you know we're a little more indicated that it takes a little while America can get khakis. You know obviously I think it -- what these guys are doing it. Not a gimmick offense this is how things are called -- now -- looking like -- state and -- of the world. You know it's on the slope on -- in the pro style you know Sean -- and I think. Fifteen years ago would have been a sure fire -- -- first round -- big strong pocket captured those quotes are now. And now I'll immediately for -- -- -- not just gobbled. And that it's not installed. That's just a perception of how football is changing you know you see the NFL. They're they're dabbled by the dual threat quarterback look at the Heisman Trophy it's basically become a dual threat quarterback award. You know so I think. It would great to watch out I it was a lot of fun and and I was pretty surprised it helped shortly after I played. But I just -- trying to tot football now and I think it should become more accepted that that's helped spread ghost. You know being -- that -- issue Washington game last year when you don't just destroyed them I was actually taken aback by how incredible Siler miles looked that night. Obviously he's suspended for the first game silly -- Jeff Lundqvist and leave his name filling in for him and -- game. Is any chances out of the real quarterback competition or silently guy when he comes back from his suspension. You know everything I'm hearing is that when -- is gonna get an opportunity keep his job. I mean -- go out and then when each other and for 34 with three touchdowns no interceptions. You know -- it Hawaii sure -- Good performance. You know I had and I wouldn't necessarily be so quick to pull plug on him and I agree kind of mild tablet on the potential but also look at commuter plane we -- Eastern Washington yeah. That is actually a team that could possibly you can't actually saw what -- did last year we saw him in the opener against that was -- it's likely that let. And they just looked extremely explosive. It's still -- asking I don't wanna get you know the -- in the eastern washing -- one that your hopes up Washington's front step back. Think it's actually happy that you're made a veteran doesn't conference. Why do you want -- mile coming off his suspension on its first game of the season could be asking him. I don't know maybe you let the guy who travel experience tickets we have it and that while work his way back and I think eventually is gonna take over certain job ultimately what is gonna have an opportunity to keep the ball. Kevin none of us in the evil media are allowed to watch the organ -- practice -- before the season and throughout the season -- all the reports we've read is that Royce Freeman this new freshman kid is is is the real deal and everybody's comparative. -- to a Jonathan Stewart mold if he is the real deal and you have Marshall tyrant Freeman is that the best backfield in the country in your opinion. If he lived up to the -- absolutely. You'd locate those street guys with the quarterbacks. Boy that's that's awful sports. I'm excited -- into everyone else's. I think tiger had a lot of -- last year also. And he yelled adapt to a pretty well we had not -- -- last year close 70220. Yards like that so I'd. I'm excited everyone else concede that I you know 41 touchdown in high school and what he really figured out and act well. It's kind of a fill in the blanks for you questioned -- an effort to free Kevin but if if organ doesn't do playing well they will not be in the college football playoff. Get off the field on defense. I think that's where. They've -- some problems last year against the scampered that the world because they're already not strain. When you click you -- organ they're gonna be on the field a lot at the end because our offense or so fast when you go back and you look at -- game last year. There was twelve play drive that ate up eight minutes you know even at that and a field goal. That's still -- lot of Condit that he spent on the field and you know you're the first three quarters of that game. Some of those three -- four yard runs in the first quarter we're turning to 678 yard run in the third quarter. So those guys you can do a better job against such physical teams and getting off the field. If they can do that he offered he can take care of itself. So I would say that the big picture. Kennedy give all pactel reporter for espn.com. Is our guest at Kevin underscore Gamal on Twitter that's GE NN. ELL you make a bold claim on Twitter you say that you're a chocolate milk -- similar. What's your pet -- to -- end of chocolate milk. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Why aren't you glad you like my own immediate urgent. -- -- season can you -- low here apparently -- on the mix it up and put a little more in milk and mix it up little more great you know coming layer Taylor. I won't we see you up and an organ -- -- stadium issue got some great theories out here -- I think RX chocolate milk up in -- again I think my rival anything -- you have. Where you are Kevin takes so much for joining us and enjoy the weekend of college football gets -- to be here soon. For Erica.

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