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Danforth, Dirt & Sprague 8.28.14 Hr3

Aug 28, 2014|

In the final hour of the show, the guys recap the day, talk more on the NFL's Domestic Violence policy and the evening in college football.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- break here and you're listening now our three of the DM for dirt and -- podcast presented by century -- want fast Internet a low price did it always century -- just go to century Lincoln dot com to get up to forty make Internet. Any -- bundled monthly rate that won't change for a full year. There's a century link dot com today. It's college kicked off week on the fan roughly by Ron Tonkin died check those five but at the door and let's make it. That's fourteen in college football audience XX PW JJ Ph.D. to Portland. Due to sports there. Sports center up here on ESPN's Sports -- ten. Back to -- specific country club discovered the value of private membership joined for some and now enjoy no -- for your first month of membership. Email membership that puts him in CC today first on the -- college football season starts. In just about a now with number 21 Texas -- him at number nine South Carolina on the SEC network which begins 3 o'clock. Yes -- over on ESPN Boise State facing -- -- eighteenth hole missed that game from the Georgia Dome in Atlanta picking up five. And -- Washington State. Those Rutgers -- seven. Over on fox sports one more issues for the USC trojans today running back Anthony brown quitting the team. Calling head coach keeps -- a racist over on social media around things are. Treated him like a slave. -- the NFL the league gets implemented the new rules for NFL players involved in domestic violence -- -- the findings domestic violence as any incident involving employees before joining the NFL. Violence involving a weapon choking repeated striking when the fact is committed against a pregnant woman or in the presence of -- child. Players will get six games for a first offense -- second offense needs a lifetime ban. On a dime of the mayors at the clock day before hosting the nationals and a three game set starting tomorrow. Do finals today Alex Avila with the while cockpit with the tigers to a 32 win over the Yankees. The reds beat the cubs seven to lastly in NASCAR's Tony Stewart returned to track this weekend for the first time. Since being involved in an on track incident that killed seven ward junior sports scores and stories in thirty minutes on -- the color from the Broadway -- of course that's. Rob Blake is the only way. From Portland to Bristol misses the Oklahoma college hours ESP. Whose ball went over a month of may at any day. This smell of football to resume here PCR sun ran it. Here this is a college golf we -- nation of Danforth dirt and -- brought to you by Ron Tonkin dodge partly in Vancouver's number one brand dealer. College kicked -- week on Danforth Durbin spray gun ESPN Sports Radio -- -- okay yeah. Good. -- One hour away so it's South Carolina and Texas see him get going on the SEC network for college football. Did to Tony five matchups. Here's what's gonna look like in these final hour of the NFL's updated their domestic. Abuse policy and actually admitted finally that they've handled the Ray Rice. Story incorrectly. Holds -- did you know that here about fifteen minutes -- weeks laying on the piano when we were maybe a month late on that one but we'll try to do our best to describe what they're going to do moving forward and how are raped every -- to the legality. Of the top. The situation of domestic abuse so that'll be in ten minutes from now -- priest and college football at the bottom of the hour. About probably fifteen minutes before we -- the -- today from 11301145. A story broke from outside the lines that Adrian Peterson said he would play for the Dallas Cowboys and he told owner Jerry Jones. In a June telephone call that he would like to play for them. After his tenure with the Minnesota Vikings Jerry Jones said while I understand Adrian. I liked it too I love your story left you're dead historic that I'll always respect what you may have buyout the ball's been a big fan of yours. -- my best -- you know hey Terry -- is in the studio that's not bad not of their military don't just -- thanks Gerri thanks -- you are a country -- -- I can't tell us aren't lying you Galilee gadgets like them alliance is coming off field -- -- athletes you feel the most sympathy for. 553058. In Peterson wants out there could be some larger implications here in this story in that it is severe tampering. If this actually did take place in this conversation -- Any NFL hates this stuff this is something they've cracked down on the don't want people finding out that teams and players are colluding to come together and make super teams are. Haven't enough like the Miami Heat did where they had the Big Three in one city they don't want debt in the NFL. I won't be surprised all people continue to investigate this story and get more details from -- unnamed Dallas Cowboys worker sources. People close to Adrian Peterson. And maybe not hammer them but come out and punish him or send a real message to home. Because the fact that there was a reporter in the room and eight hearing Peterson called and talked to Jerry Jones. That's enough proof right there to meet for the NFL look and say okay we're gonna -- and we're gonna pound we're gonna punished in some way or another. When you're looking at superstars who want out of cities. How many times any people all the time they they want out because they get to a certain point in their career. Where they just can't reach the amount of success said they want in terms of waning in continue to be productive so they wanna move onto the next great thing it's -- Nader Peterson wants to play for the cowboys we know this because he told as BP in Wasilla is a year ago. It's another thing to go out there. And actually get on the phone with someone like Jerry Jones say yeah -- -- I got three years left when I'm done at least tinier figure out a trade. That's where you're crossing a line if you want your agent to handle that business. Fine going to that that's still tamper. And why now why didn't I just -- it's it's a whole weird story to me why even calling -- -- -- -- no way and he had a few Beers one night you sit around saying what the hell I don't know Minnesota somebody get me out here I don't know if it takes Beers and you realize -- -- -- I'm in so many images over and realize where it's my -- -- -- but Adrian Peterson made a huge mistake Jerry Jones made huge mistake is keeping that conversation going on the phone. And I held the N affiliate similarly because that you shouldn't be going about your business this way here is a statement from the vikings is that we're focused on the 2014 season consistently communicated Adrian is an integral part of the vikings organization -- -- -- Adrian. And -- Adrian Peterson said this was a casual conversation between NFL colleagues. In which I never indicated I wanted to leave the vikings but he never says in the statement that he didn't -- go to -- -- Have also said that I understand NFL's a business. But that I would love to retire as -- -- itself. And he's not he's not admit that he didn't talk to Jerry doesn't. Need allies and of course he's not he's getting -- I cannot say yeah of course someone had called him he's just going into the start of DC here's my phone records they kick off a week and a half I mean Jerry Johnson knowledge of the fact that it happened he admitted to it and then he might be in some trouble here because you have to reports and say hey look. It called Minnesota Vikings and say your play reach out to us we had contact with them. Jerry Jones did not do this because eating considerate to ambling up because he basically said if you go back and read quotes and and you heard in India for its great impression there. Is that you know he said well my contract's up when I can't come play -- -- a trade for me right now wanna play free this year so. Maybe Jerry will try to win it would to wriggle out of this you need to be smarter don't call on your -- have an agent called it. I do feel bad form because you look at aging Peterson throughout the course of his career Minnesota. The one year that they had a -- court -- a one time you gave him Brett Favre at the very end of his career. He went to an NFC title game -- Brett Favre threw it away in New Orleans but you were still a couple of plays away from making the Super Bowl that year and and that's -- look at Adrian Peterson and a -- him. I have no problem with him wanting out of Minnesota he has been the face of that organization for the better part of a decade. He's the best running back in my opinion in all of football. The that he had coming -- that ACL injury was just unbelievable -- ever -- like that again and sports turning around so quickly and and coming up what about 1015 yards short of breaking the single season rushing record the guys snaps of the -- I was referral and his purple Jesus. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- These are saying no Jeremy and it's all you want us to share I mean Jerry Jerry's world -- that -- reason but I do I'm with you you're right the more the longer he's 29 years old Adrian Peterson is tonight. And I understand reaching out to -- guys say please help rescue me help me like I'm gonna help you gotta help me here Davies started throwing out lines lighting things got thirty years left on this deal would probably knew that Jerry Jones of Helio and -- and in the NFL the leverage his entire future traded away the exit the trade away -- -- Al Davis -- analysts who is it. Dumbest -- now left in the NFL that I can -- did get need to where I want to go yeah let's talk to Jerry Jones -- seems likely that he did you read the rest of the story so it doesn't just start -- in -- at the end of his stories of -- -- about -- you're not a -- outside the -- -- on -- is -- pleased to announce -- lines -- it talks about -- he is quotes in that piece. And he goes on this big rant about Johnny Maine and Zell is like. I wanted to leverage and you've really got the quote if we had -- -- -- -- guarantee our relevance for ten years. We were on the clock I -- if we take this other guy any other guy it would be a ticket to charity more eight -- seasons. The only way to break out as to gamble take aim at that first pick now if you wanted to -- I can imagine they have -- That's what dramatically improve your tame that's why I want man -- that -- only guy who wanted him I listen to her body. I'm not happy or Bobby or by a man related blog -- Dixie. -- does that it's your team. What do you mean -- happy -- the GM when he makes you're not happy with us and president and CE Elliott vice president -- had a conversation with myself gimme a break I'm not very happy and do every once he -- that darned thing is running into the ground I love I love it made it's fantastic it is funny that when there's certain guys like me and Telecom around. I I could -- you if you would be able to me before the draft started and sent eight. Means is gonna fall out of the top ten -- hours ago I was at Dallas is Dallas takes that was the -- Jerry Jones has got to take he's got to roll the -- the first round he'll get -- -- the highest amount of tweaks in the entire draft was when Dallas -- -- a lot because everybody thought it was good having him look. This story residence are about terrible about joining -- -- so far this offseason can you imagine how bad it would have been if you'll no -- wins now pro. Chasing -- -- hall and Jerry Jones and the ones. The -- things yet no thank -- is -- for incoming guys. I would be curious to see if he does -- it is kind of suspension is here that that being Adrian Peterson if they do do some digging in here and find out that he in fact did do this. As -- -- like not that come -- he didn't do anything he's a viking wants to be -- yeah they want and suspended at all this year for a couple of games for tampering. -- would suck for fancy team owners -- also -- for Minnesota Vikings fans. If Adrian Peterson does in fact get in trouble for trying to called Jerry Jones in the offseason to CV and get him to Dallas Roger Goodell finally. Backtracking and admitting that they didn't get. Ray Rice in the disciplinary correct and they have a new punishment for domestic violence in the NFL will update you -- that. Stay tuned you're listening to 1080 the fan. This is college kicked off week John -- -- spreads. Brought to you by Ron Tonkin dots on ESPN's Sports Radio virginity -- there. Producer extraordinaire Jelena -- is ready to go and is dean -- Jersey for Boise State. -- isn't college football match -- tonight at the bottom of the hour to thirty. The NFL has changed their domestic violence policy Roger Goodell. Any memo to owners. Says I didn't get it right our personal conduct policy has long made clear that domestic violence and sexual assault are unacceptable. We clearly must do a better job of addressing these incidents in the NFL. And we will. Here -- the new punishment it's a six game suspension would come without -- and the only to the penalty could increase in the cases. They prior incident involving an employee before joining the NFL. They are gonna take your past new account or violence involving a weapon joking repeated striking and win the act is committed against a pregnant woman. Or in the presence on the child a second time offender. May petition for reinstatement after one year but there's no assurance that the petition will be granted so. First time offenders six games second time offenders you're out of the lead for good you can apply for a reinstatement. After one you were getting a lot of questions on this one about the court system what -- how the courts handle this and from everything that I've read. My understanding of it is. This is separate of what takes place in the courtroom. -- so for example Ray -- yet who was not. Punished necessarily in the Korea and the community service and he's improved bagel and inversion -- -- -- exactly so he's got there is that he's not you know he's not go to jail he's not. EES Jersey and divergent. But that doesn't necessarily matter when it comes to punishment in the NFL's a totally separate entity in the and I'm sure we'll take that into account but it's not all right if you're in jail and your convicted. Then you'll get a six game suspension of the ads and not at yet at Dell believes they have enough evidence. They will suspend or regardless of what takes he takes place in the courtroom that is my interpretation of everything I've seen and read. Well it's been a a bit of a whirlwind because this broke about you know 1015 minutes before we we took the -- today so we try to do as much reading up on -- as we can and ultimately it looks like it's some it's the right move you know the NFL as he has got into a backlash as you mentioned since the re right suspension came out we've talked about it nonstop on the show. We've seen even creep in the ranks of NFL players after the meriwether suspension people said really that's as bad as Ray Rice beating his girlfriend Igor -- gore or -- -- as well so you've you've seen these conversations existed in from only from not only is fan's perspective from a player's perspective as well. And that's by the NFL got out front in this and I said okay we need obviously harsher penalties. My only concern -- my only fear is the situation and attacks are brought it up and it's a great point you mentioned import. As a situation like Ray -- the guy was not found guilty he's not doing any jail time but quite clear that -- happy but it's clear that something happened the -- -- not pressing charges what would you do those kind of instances and clearly they're gonna be suspending for six games my fears is somebody gets unfairly penalize somebody gets unfairly suspended. I bring up on the Michael James story all the time about people saw the headline he chokes famous girlfriend in the parking lot. And I just wasn't the case now is this something -- -- that happens they feel like they have enough evidence even though that didn't happen. He could still get a six game suspension if a similar story like that takes place. Look and ultimately this is a good thing and it took two game suspension for beating your wife. Which we all believe Ray -- did it it's way too lenient and the NFL needed to make a correction there. I love that they're going hard I would love to see baseball go hard in terms of having a lifetime ban. After a two time -- a positive test for steroids. But I do think there is a part of me that fears it would have if you don't tightest of the court system and you don't need a guilty verdict. In order to suspend somebody the NFL is still the judge jury and execution nearly everybody likes to say they are everybody gets upset about that they're still gonna play that role I and I worry at some point this might backlash. A domestic violence infractions fall under the personal conduct policy which meant before the Roger Goodell loan was able to determine the severity of any fine or suspension. So that's where this whole thing came into places that it was subjective now you've got concrete rules if X happens they know why -- on -- like. You will you might haven't an example it's similar to Ray Rice were. There might not be any video of any kind of domestic violence there might not be any physical scarring -- issues. But police investigate. Is that automatically puts you in that category for six games and if it does. You kind of look at that as kind of a double technical early on in a basketball game you get one more technically you're out of the game you're out of the league if you have one warrants and I'm not defending domestic violence guys. But I am saying there might be an incident where an athlete puts himself in the situation. Where serious stories or misconstrued in the NFL goes in the depth and they look into when they say he should have been in a situation boom six games. He has one incident where he screws up his own life and he's out of league forever this is a very reactionary. I moved by the NFL they're good move it's a great move for me I like this six and then now it's just like lenders that would baseball this is what baseball should have don't PD usage. Half the season or you're out and that's it there's no three strikes in year out it should be to step policy. Six games in being out that's really gonna make people pay attention. And it's I think it's really gonna help the league because. Going into this season. It's probably -- the worst PR offseason in absolutely it has history it's been -- -- it's been tampering it's it's been everything negative you could possibly think of has been associated with the NFL it's really late but at least give the NFL little credit for this. They stepped up today and they announce something a lot of people wanted six games and the second time you're done you're not getting a second chance. I like that they're making them. I agree that they they needed a positive PR here because you bring -- the points rate in terms of how bad the offseason has been for them and how many off field trouble you know -- off field story lines that we've had -- -- surrounding players in the league great parties -- -- never league is brought up. If somebody takes this -- a burden of proof in court doesn't mean they didn't do it. OJ was an incident that is a great point it can go both ways were a guy like Ray Rice we all believe Ray Rice did something wrong that there was so there's a video that there's this there's there's evidence of what happened but she didn't file any charges and he just got diversion so. There are certain guys -- can get away that in the court system but ultimately people. I I wish this was a case by case basis and that's my only problem -- this is that every domestic violence -- -- -- and they messed -- it -- they -- mess -- but that doesn't mean you can't come out and say -- we screwed -- the -- -- suspension it should have been more than two games that's on us will be better moving forward when you just come -- with these blanket -- I don't like -- with the -- -- either. They do the same date with the drug suspensions where you know taking a steroid -- the same thing is smoking a week. That they're they're both in terms -- liberals consider PTDs in the NFL's eyes and they need to have more case by case is ventures where they can look at and say okay let's collect the facts here. Is it deserving of a six game suspension or not. Maybe it's a four game suspension maybe when -- change a little bit he should be case by case basis. And this is many running theme throughout our show IE I personally question. Motivation when things happen and I I question people's authenticity. And I question whether or not they truly believe in what they're doing and days in a while it is a step in the right direction in in needed to happen. I do get descends from the NFL that. They they knew that they messed up and it wasn't a changing because they felt like they needed to change. It was a changing from the PR perspective again it was a change in a positive direction you got the outcome that probably should've existed in the first place. But there does have to I think it is fair to question. How we got here for them to issue this punishment that he speaks largely to what the NFL. And it is about more so than -- as a reactionary is probably a better word yet aren't. Then -- instead of being proactive about it they were rejects Mary with it. And it does feel disingenuous. Again the outcome is positive but the deep -- to get their feel slightly distant in. And that's why kind of makes me chuckle a little bit I do agree with the standards they're setting for domestic violence because you can't take that jokingly or not seriously two games is not enough. But looking at this it makes me chuckle. The NFL still really believes that they were in the right the only -- version that came out was because of all the negative backlash in Lowell has national media if the outcry was not as heavy as it was. I will guarantee you this policy is never even formulated it never comes out. But because you add this on top of the negative offseason they've had they had to do something they had to react Roger Goodell is trying to protective shield. That's all his job is that's all he cares what he's paid 45 million plus three years to do his job he did give a crap what at an Alabama things about domestic violence. He cares what the national perception is of his league and how much dollars and cents is coming in and out. I don't know how many businesses kind of second guess them spending money with different teams different cities because of the Ray Rice incident. But I can guarantee there were some businesses on the phone with him saying what are you gonna do to clean this up my company's name is associated with you in this league. You need to step up and you -- make it sound okay but you're gonna start defending domestic violence victims because right now the NFL look like dating give a crap. What and it's also -- -- over a lot of French fans a lot of people that maybe don't follow the sport as closely as we do you were or don't have that kind of same opinion that you have different because I agree with you that this was a very reactionary thing for the NFL did you and if you really felt his bat first I -- suspended him for more than two games and second off. It shouldn't take it yet at least a month to come out with a new ruling on this sale -- are bad but moving forward it's a six game. And then a lifetime ban but there's a lot of there's a lot of fringe fans out there much like with the breast cancer awareness of the big in February they'll see this headline and say this is good -- ultimately were on the same page this is good but. There are certain things and I would I. I just I don't like to throw blanket statement over everybody that is accused of the next domestic violence and say. That's sixteen that's a lifetime ban I don't understand why it is so hard to look at these. When drug suspension isn't as well and say that's a case by case basis let's sit down let's talk to a let's talk to their clearance okay what happened get the facts and then determine the right suspension. The NFL implements penalties for domestic violence in those are six team man for the first offense. And a second or lifetime -- For the second offense and -- were on agreement that. It was probably a positive -- is it is a positive step in the positive direction. But it was too little too late in the Roger Goodell acknowledged as much in the letters saying ultimate dumb owner saying quote. I didn't get it right. In quote Steve turkeys in more trouble in USC also about a half hour away from college football big time -- the -- out when he by matchup. Getting underway we'll preview that. And a couple other games tonight will do so right after this sort of update from -- -- Then towards third and -- is served up by Buffalo Wild Wings on ESPN's Sports Radio 1080 welfare and. Parachute. That's the way and getting caught my peers have a combo but that's the way I wanted to. Hey all that there -- to worry Wilma and her husband is going to be all right don't shouldn't worry about it. Just think positive. Never let it out and treat your mind. -- -- It would wait until the last minute to go -- -- organ donor card. 4 o'clock -- for college football world watching you here on the television the pregame show on the SEC network Joan McCullough. Producer started there is in his Boise State team warned. Thirteen Jersey with a -- athletic conference or western athletic matches CD game neither -- that's -- siesta -- larger humanely and we're not just talking like Boise State Utah State game worn Jersey that's Boise State Oklahoma I'm doing is here right now because I know what year he guys who is the year with -- on the player I'm finding out the player on the confirm this kindness it is already who visit my doubts there. -- -- tearing -- deposition that you like he was a linebacker line back I mean it's really fills out a linebacker Jersey I'm impressed she's doing as impressive I've taken steer Joey -- -- and then here's a I I will have to say though I don't think this was the Jersey worn and -- that there's zero chance I who. I would be subpoenaed by if I I don't think that it was sold is that it was just. From that year what was his name might -- teary yes. You lied to us doing that sticks you know I never said from the Fiesta Bowl game it was early years so it is certainly that was the Jersey from the dean is not just shot -- he did win we -- -- When your senior in high school and here I just committed to Boise State and and they just did that. Anything to your hands on from the 2006 season Julie had a 65 dollars and his bank account he's been fiftieth and on the Dodgers hitting solid practice. I saw as a -- markets Mariano has something like 25. Or 26. Uniform combinations this year for sale. He is the highest guy in the entire college football landscape -- -- they got the most -- -- available -- like 26 I think I went today to and Nike company -- used to be employee store peninsula the company -- -- has a pretty -- let everybody in now. But they have like fifteen different colors of Mario manager he's gray yellow black green I grant -- many combinations -- guys -- yet very -- -- what's Phil -- personal story you're damn right there's a bunch -- we're going to be right there front center -- just -- some. It's a slow up for debate here now so I found this guy on that sports reference page we have pretty reliable like altitude he didn't register any stats in 2000 and -- us. Oh you have a Jersey isn't it and then it changed warmer Jolie. I Taiwan masters more than hands while half our games in 05 he had seven solo tackles sacks in ten games and managers because he ward. -- worth thirteen now paralyzed and I don't care who were living organism brand New Jersey and I don't -- Ian Johnson Indiana's arteries of somebody with -- little gave all our cat -- -- Johnson is SER -- on there are you eating out tonight -- and somebody there's one smear of the number one on the shoulder here at Cincinnati pat -- on the back after Atlanta. Who's the putt kicker for Oregon State sir Trevor Romaine and at least federal Bruins Jersey -- rather have Trevor Rowe mangers and thinks. Okay that's too far. USC senior running back Anthony brown -- -- -- thing out anymore called head coach Steve -- he's in a racist staying beer -- And quit the team on Thursday brown post on -- -- this morning quote. So are treating me like a sleeve in his office them. I'm not I can't play for your racist man passed to excite on that was on instant -- He posted a similar message to -- the car was saarc was obviously caught off guard. And said you guys know me yesterday in our building any of our players feel free that's about the furthest thing from the truth not the smooth this -- transitions. Into your first game as head coach for USC also on Josh shot saarc says this morning to the media -- there's the potential that he could return. To the team police are saying he is not a suspect at this point. In any particular case. And there's still obligated -- still murky of what took place but there's no legality here he should be able to return. But apparently what is running backs -- -- racist and not so that. When. Careful what you wish for -- -- -- and you wanted to go back to your own -- in the California lifestyle. This is part of the drama that is USC football you're gonna have athletes that are disgruntled. They're doing weird kind of things that you can't even explain it and oh by the way when the season starts. The pressures mounted soleil on you it's in national championship or bust especially with the fact you -- Justin Wilcox -- -- coached that defense up. People got the rise on US CU with the UCLA's kind of the sleeper pick by a lot of people nationally. I think there are a lot of local people look at USC is that team that can emerge -- overcome UCLA. And Arizona State and win the south if they don't get to that point we -- early in the season as a disappointment. Based on what they were doing last year with an overdrawn. I don't know if I were saarc if I would be brigadier US coach of the US senior trying to disciplined guys. You almost can't go to top Gilligan dislike of Jim -- style and then you all act as if your head coach the US you almost have to be -- laid back has Pete Carroll was. And had had to have that -- your Foster another got a lot of recruiting trouble but it also did lead to a lot of great years that you almost have to treat it like he protein dealing with some of the personalities a lot of people are -- like to hear that as college Q where he had been disciplined. But that's -- program when you got that many can egos involved -- especially there. It it did work really well I -- I just don't know that we go about disciplining these guys and try to control your program is working good for Jim Mora that type of discipline UCLA. As he USC is a much different school and -- gonna have to adjust to that he should know who he was there but he's got to -- some adjusting and how he goes about disciplining and trying to control his team. Just do what he -- get every player and agent. That's all others in our house he's unhappy get a look -- just sharing a house and boom you're gonna go these these are two very weird stories because first dusty -- he's -- not a racist I'm sorry somebody's been coaching college football. For that long it was a head coach from Washington for five or six years. If he was a racist these allegations what do popped up quite some time ago on this would have been a conversation treated like -- -- in his office where. Thank you got to be better than that this is a guy that was -- was a defense of backe had to -- career they moved him to running back in the offseason and he was fifth he was fifth on the running back depth chart eating that -- anything to do with the way he came as -- turkeys and why he left the program a week ago. Of course it did the -- saw the writing on the wall it's a fifth year senior he wasn't gonna play it down this year. And you want it out and for every without any daddy get headlines maybe there was some comets are made that he took out of context. But I don't buy into the fact ST psyches and is a racist in anyway she performed -- -- with a shot suspension. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But we shot he's he's got to deal with this embarrassment the rest of his life he's gonna miss a couple of games of the ankle injury anyways. Let him miss those gains at the injury let him come back their needs there's there's no need for a suspension -- should ally in the first place. But I guarantee feels bad for as long as there's no -- illegal things going on in terms of if there's -- come up -- May find out as his attorney did come -- top form today. If there's -- cannot say OK this guy was breaking the law are doing this in this when he jumped out when it would hurt himself. Then it's a different conversation but as of right now there's -- league will be no action being taken against him in if you didn't do anything illegal issue that the service suspension. He won Bentley with the -- point you imagine -- -- was the head coach right now at what we can't sing a field -- how well policies so much fun decent -- -- thank you -- man -- -- final round I am not even close I will bring -- our Oregon State commercial what are your expectations for the beavers this year. In terms of wins and losses 55305. On the Beaverton Toyota text like he -- and what are your expectations the wind wise for the beavers where do you see them finishing up we'll talk a little bit about that next also previous some of the college football games. That take place here just about twenty minutes from now you're listening to their portrait is great we're served up -- -- -- Johnson eighty different. This is college kids -- week. John -- third in sprint -- tee by -- talking died on ESPN's Richard -- generated. Hello friends. How big time college football just. Probably had 2030 minutes away from now opinion on making the -- a little bit after 3 o'clock it's Texas native who's ranked 21 against north or South Carolina. Who is ranked ninth. So it is on the team had a SEC network and get under way here shortly were like some of the. Pregame festivities. And again nice to have. -- college football back but a game where South Carolina as an eleven point favorite I think the over under sixty and a half brownie points are gonna be scored tonight. They do expect some what heavy blow out from South Carolina. Will be exodus the -- -- -- does with our dining ends up that's the biggest question -- -- -- his game what do they look like union CC without -- That was headline on espn.com earlier it was -- -- in -- being doctored texting and and and cloudy obviously number one overall pick on from South Carolina -- these programs move on south Carolina's always of those teams to watch here and in year out you always forget it we kind of talked about them. As Steve -- couple weeks back they've won ten games three straight -- is amazing is -- you never think about -- they've just -- they've come up just short from -- an SEC Tyler making the SEC championship game and getting over that kind of BCS -- that he just -- any other news conference -- they're probably in the BC -- at our -- you -- South Carolina in the ACC -- imagine how different that conference -- Florida statement South Carolina wanted to easily so -- top ten team -- -- some guys as -- -- -- -- -- there's a new quarterback he got some experience last season. The South Carolina we'll all cursor finds a beautiful setting I love that stadium the grass and on fired up it's fun watching the pregame on -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And not about that. The decision to go visit just -- -- because governments went up to his talent you've blown up on -- Saturday it's a PSA I'm sorry is below tiger's status and begin -- they closed down atrocious story than conveniently can't buy alcohol. Against -- The other big top 25 Mets -- tonight it's all miss on ESP NA it's dirt. They give -- drop in -- out pretty get parent parents as Kate's favor somehow make it back South Carolina -- getting now -- played -- at you island a couple of years and you tell me I go to a golf course I can't yell -- note on a Sunday no not even at a golf course. So I staging a person grocery store you can't buy anywhere bars are closed. Golf courses are closed no golf courses are open grocery stores are closed on summons no other grocery stores open at his alleged buy -- so when I TI a lot to the grocery stand. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Out on a Sunday that -- huge -- might be turbulent years. Drink alcohol. And South Carolina didn't drink so I just can't buy it. And that is Nicholas Hezbollah I'll -- with you that wondered. As a -- fact -- and I'm lifting you up and they violate Buster Posey playing like it in BP right now I have to be ready no -- last night that she gives the realise it's nearly -- out of this that's the fever immediately into the wild card. I get hot maximum parent GM. On from there is getting to ninety no -- for three today and we'll miss host Boise State ams and he's -- I'm on -- 5 o'clock EST and really. DiMaggio and get on an activity as we're following on rails we -- last segment are we got a relevant facts about South Carolina we got Boise State slash. Which is it was Notre Dame fight song music I mean what are we doing here -- the -- good fights on my high school. Fights on jeered -- restore old notre. The on this Boise State what -- you expecting from this once in nights over under 52 for this game -- lot of points up expecting sorry Julian only this beat down all eyes is she's -- growing avoids using it should be Boise State moving on without Chris Peterson it will be fun to watch what happens at Boise State without Chris Peterson I'm -- it. I didn't like the fact that they only played one or two tough games every year but you can't really not what they accomplished during his tenure you got to move on for a new head coach. But all this is an item -- a separate talks with South Carolina they had the number one recruiting class in the country a year ago. They showed some flashes last year really young roster. They're coming back a lot of town and a bowl loss is the only returning starting quarterback in the entire conference which is. Mind blowing when you look at the SEC Ole miss is Tina could sneak up lots of people what's the name of the defense of -- and it's a fun named -- was -- -- money plays a key day. And -- Rob I don't trustees Robert. And clearly on the other Robert guy for being. That's fine he's of these to watch them play us and Ole -- is fun there get out on Sundays either in South Carolina around now gorgeous restriction is ruining every state now I don't like it. The ball -- Their quarterback he is getting gunslinger mentality should aired out tonight Boise State's got a running back AJ -- JAJ and he's added taxes he's hosting one of the better running backs in the country this year can be in a -- IE six to 260 pounds. -- -- -- numbers last year and Sergio he knows exactly what I'm talking about. A giant. Exactly -- -- the energies on the sidelines as he pickle juice Mickey's appropriately are calling out under its knowledge of South Carolina I was rules how much they're gonna still be served alcohol on Sundays. Com you can be certain you can't buy it but you can't go by it's a total Packers like to be served at the golf -- Well one other top 35 matchup tonight at Arizona State hosts dean Weaver state Arizona State 46 point Faber take an -- -- That's it that's all. There's actually three faculty is plain and ideally what I'm curious washing estate raptors 7 o'clock -- run -- spent a 120000. Dollars on a commercial previewing this matchup became. I'm not giving you how do you get a team from that Far East to come to Pullman that's got some good -- is a return trip. There's there's got to be only you have to go all the way to the east Ellison drew Jersey that's a long way to travel from those wads of those idiot that haven't no Sydney can't catch our show -- 130 would be doing these pac twelve commercials here's what we did four or in state. Are you only. Do you feel you need a sports team to cheer for in college football. For those who feel like an underdog introducing. Only issue football. A 100 plus year old seven and five miracle team ready to change your life. There is nothing better than lunch -- -- hope you continue to -- unsure of results on Saturdays. Some side effects may very and include. Sleep deprivation baldness wrinkles loss of voice from screaming at your TV many -- change of underwear quarter to quarter. -- depression jealousy uncontrollable vomiting unexplainable rashes diarrhea and confusion. If you fill an enormous amount happiness about your team for four straight quarters you should go to a hospital right away is that is not normal. Rooting for the beavers not recommended for everyone and you should consult a doctor before hand to make sure you have the right stand him in place act Morgan State football. Let's go beat us. Nan -- and it OK. It. You miss idiot those commercials or haven't heard them we played in the 130 here for the past couple weeks the org conduct will be our final treaty tomorrow we'll play that 130 -- -- also find it at our Twitter account at the DDR -- joins Sanford. Yeah we might -- got an insult -- Snickers commercial could forego. -- for Obama get so sick of that guy he won't be on the sidelines tonight instincts in him he is on your television screen. When I realized that it pretty funny he was on the sidelines for the game and -- come back to your own modern play a game if you're gonna start I want employee area this isn't in the NFL you go back right on my dad. What part of the season does he come back on the sidelines Texas and then I but he does -- early on in the year like it no they have a bye week and we need to rely more weeks for the have a bye week he'll probably be on the sidelines for one unless Tennessean has my that we do want and also on an -- -- tell -- -- state game is in Seattle. Not implement -- are -- you are wrong a lot that's also you can you can buy beer now he can't. He's in my heart and now youth actually now are inaccurate now so I've been there I'd try to by the at a turbulent. And you've had enough you know it's not taxing and acted -- -- -- got to try and stuff behind him. Giants winning 31 right now and while that's an irrelevance or no one cares on the city -- -- Both sides that are act. The media show adds 1080 the fans -- you can -- it's between out of college football tonight enjoy the start of college football -- back to recap all of those gains. Tomorrow at noon also preview the week in Oregon Oregon State games. A lot of football tomorrow can't wait even listening to get portrait is right we'll see tomorrow at noon on sanity defense. Hey guys. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

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