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Danforth, Dirt & Sprague 8.28.14 Hr 2

Aug 28, 2014|

The NFL wants Fantasy Football taught in schools, a preview of Oregon State and Johnny Manziel is in a Snickers commercial.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Everybody -- -- you're listening to our number two with a -- for -- Sprague podcast presented by century late what's fast Internet at a low rice get it all was century link. Go to centrally dot com to get up to forty makes Internet at a low -- monthly rate that won't change for a full year visit century link dot com today. I just have the defense runs. But yet very gallant as. Now I have. They don't ask. It's time good kick off. It's. The. It. This is a college kicked off week addition of -- for a third and -- lofty by Ron Tonkin Dutch. Portland in Vancouver's number one brand dealer college kids golf -- gone Danforth -- and spray and go on ESPN's Sports Radio Jay Nady both -- them. Two hours the college football gets under way. Do it. Beverly -- here now. Damn right we're -- guys two hours actually itself less than two hours dated him for taking our 57 minutes since two hours and -- Sixty at three minutes past the hour he is innocent victim -- today. I'm sorry for a lot of you know you're getting. He's fun to and I -- not the mood for -- there right not to lose Daisuke starts in seven minutes. Now the giants game is actually on and sense top of the second inning but. Nice break chanting last night's -- us. Can't tell me you know now we don't get the external what you're it's not gonna summaries of the X -- package is no longer coming in the studios so are gonna watch giants game -- game cast today what. The box is moved from station to station are smorgasbord. Of sports topics as you heard of topping -- update. Anthony around is a running back for USC -- said that Steve -- he's in is a racist are an instant -- this morning. He said quote saarc treat me like asleep in his office. Yeah I stuck dot he -- to play for your racist all caps man -- exclamation point exclamation point has stacked -- up. -- -- -- I don't out of my -- -- -- -- a similar message on FaceBook which he later deleted -- -- he was blind sided by Brown's comments have brown never expressed any of those feelings to him when he met with him earlier this week some. And it's he said is a little ridiculous that he took to Twitter any of the guys that know me. If you ask anybody in our billion your players feel free about the furthest thing from the truth quite honestly I'm shocked he's. Mean crap this guys had to deal with since he became head coach -- -- -- USC he already has the pressure you bring it I'm Justin Wilcox with the who's a great defense of mine a lot of people's opinion one of the top young prize you know prospective head coaches in college football. You come down there you got to a certain point -- her with -- Iran people look at this team coming back and they say. Well Steve turkeys and should be the tipping point where this team goes from just being good. To going back to being dominate in great in leading the pack that's the pressure that's on him and he's had to deal with the Josh shot story and in this Anthony brown story comes out. I don't wanna give any validity to that story and it's not -- nine calling Anthony brown liar but. These are -- was in Washington for what 56 years has had at least five years five years how many stories did you hear about racism being cried out up there as our allies even been a culture war I can't buy that whatsoever in the fact that it is is it frustration running anti Brown's part because he got moved from cornerback. Two running back recently so how angry did that make him. It's just he's dealt with -- Turkey has dealt with a lot thus far his career and it's only getting worse if he loses his first game the first couple games into the season people are gonna start look at him. And it's not gonna be you are how -- golden boy the -- coach here it's going to be. -- you need to win national championships that's that's irritation there. -- the Fiesta Bowl and not being in a college football playoff for getting to a regular -- That's no longer acceptable you have to win national championships. And before the season Nina starts he has to do with this kind of stuff. He does they came out he can out of -- where -- all of a sudden this is a situation where he's got to deal as you mentioned with the shots right now that's not what the I don't -- a whole lot of validity to what he said this is a guy who's if he's a fifth year guy and a program as you mentioned you -- From defensive back to running back and according to the depth chart he's fit he's fifth on the running back I -- trying you know he's not gonna play whatsoever and and if if there was a coach out there was racism there are things -- -- being thrown around and said. Then these allegations would come out -- you don't just randomly all of a sudden become a -- -- -- the blew a -- he's a racist provide examples nobody's ever said anything about it being racist now listen he's being racist so -- maybe he was upset -- he felt like he was mistreated I don't know I don't know the -- personal story but when your -- your guy you kind of see the writing on the -- that your career is over your fifth on the depth -- you're not gonna get any playing time. That's I think where maybe he was lashing out looking for a headline looking for some attention that's kind of want to talk this up to. An update on USC cornerback Josh shot he admitted Wednesday to lying about how he suffered ankle injuries. And he could potentially return to the team this season -- is dead this morning. He -- suspended him indefinitely is already expected to miss at least the first month of the season with a I ankle sprains regardless -- said he could potentially return Andy. He doesn't necessarily know yet and I. It depends on what the investigation turns up and why he was in the position that he was in but -- heat. It turns out he didn't do anything legally raw laden. And he lied about it give them a three or four game suspension let the guy come back Aaron I think he's suffered enough I think that's like. When when there's always like this is something that punishment that I I like when parents do this like. If you've suffered humiliation you've suffered other things that you've had to go through -- disappointed in you that view is that I had had a disappointed -- you've you've been embarrassed enough there's no need to make this any worse. That is if nothing turns up legally. But he was implicated in the and that's a whole different ballgame that's a big area code in -- I -- they spoke through his attorney today why did -- speak through an attorney. Well I don't speak to an attorney unless there's some legality issues right I mean I don't know I don't either so it can be -- little scared maybe some bad happened to him maybe university gave him an attorney to speak through to make is eligible reaching out he could say something again that stupid. But there was in his eyes again as you said sprayed his. Present my understanding is that there's nothing criminal about this whatsoever that there is no criminal activity officer Jean Kim of Los Angeles police department said Wednesday night to Josh. Was mentioned he is not assessed a yes. It's such a weird feeling is still hasn't come out fully like anyone never find out why he sprained his ankles the last. Somebody with not I'm sure -- some points up on -- come out he'll do an interview and police thing come from yet as never suspect there's no report and there's nothing involving him. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Saying his girlfriend was the one that was rescued in the pool of you know the year all these kind of connections -- detailed stories I got a chuckle out of it but I am 100% would you -- If nothing legally happened here do we really need is suspending that long term you should give him a couple of games it a couple of games that he's already gonna miss a couple of games of the ankle injury anyways this. Go -- say -- your suspension you sit out the first two games to get your -- healthy we'll get it to get the ball -- we'll get back to be you know to play football he's too good a player to be suspended. That's exactly I hate to say that -- are cohesion and now Wilcox they're not stupid they know -- -- -- -- he -- he was a great town last year. He's somebody they'd like to have back comments and don't let the story calmed down they although they give us David Garrard went to the right move because ultimately he made a stupid lie and he is facing the humiliation publicly but. If he really didn't do anything legally how do you justify suspending him for -- -- it is Jose's -- I would love to just -- to get inside his mind and think like what was what was going through his head like after he after he Maceda has ankles doing whatever he was doing what you know even if it wasn't legal -- repeated doing anything illegal. And why would you feel the need to go to the team it's a huge save your nephew like that like nothing's gonna come out about it USC. -- funny we did a segment -- we told the story. That was one of them was true god don't do that and the other truth I hate those USA and he had a gazillion people tell me three it's a yourself to Israel on his ally -- -- it's one that is very true he -- -- to lay out had a dog when I was a kid. By the middle name's Carl and I've been outer space. Yes which was untrue I hate on the dark. I don't blindly obvious tonight Kimberly just -- guy that got an awesome to hear -- he got -- First ever in this life than having to play those gains a million games like corporate retreats like -- -- -- you put character forehead gasoline is all your -- I don't know we're paying those games and it. Don't we get a -- -- to know yet that it was going to be now that's definitely -- heart I'm like yeah I had I think the spades and opinions that may not always the best episodes of the office of all time Alexander -- just they're very nice easy here you -- I like money Wallace hit a good thing. Where did you -- went with that one man. And you're not down to play. Two truths and allies who now -- go -- stay away if you don't -- then why don't worry that Debbie -- you were the world I was 100 is a few rounds oh yeah football I have Stevie I. No problem being that Debbie downer in that room. There isn't it horseback that it takes like you know -- Stanley games and a lot of -- not obviously easier not saying either these -- -- -- -- -- -- corporate retreats -- -- you you were people out there can relate to that there's always in this -- love them what movie -- office space -- -- the pieces of flair but there's always that one guy the opposite does that that takes those games -- seriously is like why. Excited -- it's like I get out here as what the drink beer and watching football a lot of people there that we don't know that crap there at 32 pieces of flair and. I think you'd be graded to treat them like -- if you put some effort into it. I did you could come up with where people go well yeah of course three of them that I have no idea comes alive. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- General -- -- the truth. And people asking me about that that's and it's pregnant is up I -- -- -- out of that one that. They said it Josh -- suspended until his ankles are better yeah exactly I asked Iranian I have no problem that whatever who cares who. Yeah I don't I don't have a problem with -- either but the fact his lie was pretty remarkable and I don't know that that was my agent and feels weird to say this. It's such a bad lie Kevin -- Melissa kind of kudos for the -- got -- you go all -- he didn't hold back on that when I jump from the second story balcony not -- and not for now -- do -- he didn't even just get them -- he he crawled to the pool the army -- I -- like I was in and done. -- nice save -- seven -- -- That nephew field. What you look like what it is to have a -- -- -- attack. -- The NFL is trying to get in the classrooms. In America and trying to teach them math we explain next on the thing. -- and mouse game. This is college golf week John Danforth and third and spray. Rusty by Ron talking diets on ESPN's Sports Radio generating yeah. Our organ state commercial air at 130 which is twelve minutes away the only tune in for that this got hurt this one yet you know in this one how we feel this was an operation on we got done first trying to get him to feel confident about its -- Oregon State inch. Okay man and there. Text through the theory that Josh always cheating on his girlfriend which is why she ratted him out is that that at all that's one -- a couple times to get theory is running now the apartment with a police said eighty -- managed to assist description and -- girlfriend instead of -- That sounds exactly. My boyfriend does a giant shop that's a great point that was the girlfriend at thrown under the bus. -- minister of ex girlfriend probably have done and it's paid to option. I think listeners had to feel like your math skills how do you fellows feel about your mask you'll feel like you if you've been in the math department that is serious questions. Now he just trying to make is that stupid probably ball. I tell you what the TI 83 doesn't help me very much TDs -- being more random words and who -- I don't know I would I would always do that and it diagrams for you -- like typing the -- but relieved to despite a year it is -- two spots blanket you can go down -- do it for a long time and that you can clear and it would be like. -- you're excited Domino's yeah. I am I -- and now I never did you get their -- in the next couple classmen quite -- formulas for you mountains and tried. You know word I'm glad I -- -- and I in the silence on is that when you're multiplying. Fractions you do you cross neighbors so you -- diagonal as and that is I just know there's a delay there in the savings and checking it's -- -- clear -- -- you know. The axis -- check in and it's got to get through the wide becomes a number pressuring its cash and the numbers got a that's six or six is divided by two reason I ask the listeners yes. Ask you this because the NFL chief marketing officer mark Waller it's a mark. Believes that injecting a little fantasy football and to math classes. Could be beneficial for all parties involved if you're in this statement from the NFL. That your who they said we want to make sure that at the younger age there's a format for fantasy. And await a plane that will allow you to engage. But also use it educationally of course it's a very complex game fantasy you should be able to learn a lot particularly. Around math. How many points doing. How many points is the player get were also trying to work with groups to get the concept as a fancy -- -- -- the curriculum of elementary schools if you love football and you teach them math through football. The chances are you may teach them better math and more quickly. I love their job upon his south like it's it's a good public service thing to do you think that we're just thinking about the kids -- Heck -- -- math for fancy clothes -- says how many points of players were together is known as SMU's math the other last night when I was calculating how much -- was instantly -- your -- just -- you to think that Alex -- was -- -- -- for starting now. NFL I think right it's like when those big corporations do them like we care about kids and science kind of stuff. -- you don't you're just out there for the PSA you're out for the public image. The only reason they wanna do this is to get kids hooked an early age of football because they see the decreasing number of kids that are playing pop Warner football. Stomach 29 20/20 5% the last two years you get -- at an early age playing fantasy they're gonna love the game they're gonna continue handling -- and exactly give me a break it if you need math skills to run your fantasy football team in -- you're probably in the wrong business what what level math is not fantasy football league would you sensory. Elementary thinking I. Touchdown seven field goals three from. How many points they've got a hundred points I've gotten ninety points Heidi I didn't -- how many employees do I need to -- -- -- mainly because Warren. 119 elevenths when the -- The fact the -- got a guy and I hope they're just -- in this but I have a feeling I don't know either cheating with the walls now journal they're not kidding at all. Personal finance and taxes class they said can also be implemented in this when he talked about players' contracts for some of you can also talk about -- -- will -- personal -- I think. Even if -- act like little higher -- -- -- -- China's laughter doesn't matter what else are we need a hell part -- is -- costs are reading contract with your second second grade and figure out youth of America trying to figure out a way to maybe implements math in the Madden. That is the thing -- kids who. Kids have been trying to get out of doing math. Since -- was in the invented existed. That you're not the NFL's night we'll come over the clever way to get -- in well I got announces its enemies not very hard I did pre algebra my senior year ice -- things about that I have no problem -- I -- my entire life to get through math I had one math class and my four years of college when you don't need -- to have successful -- now. To get really rich you probably need to know your map there I found it now you don't need I sat for -- math class in college and I looked at the so this. I say all us video takes there. You let your not to liquids are yeah. It can't be and also in the -- -- NFL right now the Canadian Football League is not an option for Josh Gordon if you remember he suspended for a year at the possibility of him going to Canadian Football League was out there. But he is under a season long he's an under contract right now. The lot of questions yesterday in divorce is trying to figure out if he could there have been other players that got cut and were suspended. That went on to -- CF felt that because he believes -- -- last Monday he was yelling for the drugs are not exactly right dirt and so he he did that but Josh Gordon will not be able -- he's so. He will not play football this year not in nearly. Because he's under contract to. Now 'cause of Ricky Williams that was -- Ricky Williams type rule like that all started from Ricky Williams starting that kinda escapade but. I don't blame Cleveland if you're gonna have -- a contract and he still getting -- money. Yeah I would wanna gamble as feature on that -- what if he just takes a bad I didn't see FL game myself as Columbia who got cut in -- -- wanted to play against him. It -- hard gamble but I would I would like to see the NFL. And maybe organizations in this -- -- situations arise. Maybe have something worked out where maybe your contracts dropped until your reinstated you're not a free agent you're technically with the team -- contracts Nolan -- and so you can still be at his. Keeping Josh Gordon. Active and involved in some I think lately that I really tell helping him get over his addictions. If he can't play CFL or anywhere else why would he do all the work out and and then what we'll look. I agree with that you need to find you need to keep him busy you absolutely do you link find a way to keep him involve -- football obviously so he comes back can be if -- the browns you -- does not to miss the pre season and he can come in right away but. I don't blame teams a lot celeb are for not one of their guys go play Canadian football because basically it's pointless football it's not gonna do a whole lot for their careers. And secondly you mentioned it -- would be terrorists and easy on what the guy gets to the entire CFL team there right at the end of the season and he terror zinni's yelling he's out for half of next season now because of that. What he would just play football that was meaningless you eat you need to find a way to keep me involved and I agree 100% with that. But when you haven't millions of dollars invested in certain players you can't risk having them injure something playing in another league for another it's. Up by Andy and the like the idea and I just scale priest -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah but thinking of something along I realized Dell would be Grateful -- I don't know that we need to do some research on this because I'm not sure can he be on the practice nobody is not allowed -- -- -- and not on TV there is -- is not in practice our functions. He is under the NFL's treatment program would include counseling and random drug test that's -- and hopefully that works form he had that we've we've had this discussion on the show I just don't. -- -- To meet I don't I don't feel and authenticity about how they care about the what's wrong with suspending him in not allowing new play but allowing him to be around teammates that's I don't understand -- I -- down and let what could they got -- the practice squad all year you have veterans I'm sure that it or he reached out after this thing broke awhile back. And it said -- I'll kind of min -- are trying to -- LB year will be your buddy I'm -- has a couple teammates like that. Why not allow him to continue to hang around work out he can't play though can't participate in any practices but. Let him be around the facility will and I know would we talk about this alert earlier kind of joking in the shell but look -- on after he'd punch out in the in the Boise State game I know there's a lot of people that criticized Chip Kelly for keeping him around not kicking them off the team that. What he did was he putting ascetic guidelines in place in allowing him -- I you know I knew some people that new leader -- pretty closing down an organ. If you would have kicked him off the team if you would have been done -- who knows what would have happened when -- -- where would he have gone he couldn't enter the draft wide -- he would -- about 1011 months had nothing to do besides are trying to keep himself in shape and get ready for the draft. But instead he put a lot of practice squad and he eventually worked his way back he took school seriously so he have to do that -- entity can be beneficial for certain guys you worry about Iraq. The field and I enjoyed this text let's teach fifth graders Josh Gordon's finances and a couple of years and I got stuck at a at -- that -- too big for them here -- carry -- -- -- as a lot of us debt to capitalize. Now not now -- he's followed me day when somebody is Hillary's followed my dad presented crazy it was and now its owner is now. That's you as a breaking news I got some breaking news on please don't be giants related is Merrill Petit. Our camera monitor is Jolie break we -- -- sports editor. Dan towards third and sprayed is served up by Buffalo Wild Wings on ESPN's Sports Radio -- and eighty though program. Silently watched like 23 tables and -- as lady standing with his big table enough about profits frank and his second I thought I. That part of my brain which is like dude what would happen if we just came off the dissent hit late and these are not just I guess I just don't. And I must. -- Thanks to the days away from the beavers feeding their season under way Collins who has been an hour and a half. Away from big time college bowl being played -- keep doing -- -- smaller gains that are very deeply -- and Adams 400 Neumann junior. That's how -- that Hussein our Hathaway. It's pretty get -- I am so jealous right now that he is little hair of the -- this morning by. Watching how we ended SEC network on in -- just basically -- bombing -- And all those guys they're just down at South Carolina. You know gaining drinking beer and eating greens and getting ready for football I'm pretty I'm pretty -- -- probably get good Wi-Fi with essentially one -- Absolutely. Oregon State's commercial Brennan's breaks. A brand is -- overnight and not yet if you don't mean. Yeah we -- until now we're picking up where you're put downs -- you use straight industry doing new man we got two days left of these. Morgan State today -- again tomorrow here is our order in the state Marshall. Are you lonely. Do you feel you need a sports team to cheer for in college football. For those who feel like an underdog introducing. Always -- football. A 100 plus year old seven and five miracle team ready to change your life. There is nothing better than lunch -- you'd hope you continue to feel unsure of results on Saturdays. Some side effects may vary and include. Sleep deprivation baldness wrinkles loss of voice from screaming at your TV mandatory change of underwear quarter to quarter. -- depression jealousy uncontrollable vomiting unexplainable rashes diarrhea and confusion. If you fill an enormous amount happiness about your team for four straight quarters you should go to a hospital right away is that is not normal. Rooting for the beavers is not recommended for everyone and you should consult a doctor before hand to make sure you have the right stand him in place. -- state football. Let's go beat us. There are Oregon State right. Well done -- big gorilla -- and a -- there it is a depressed commercial for Oregon State but. There are reasons to be optimistic this year if -- a beaver fan. And one of those reasons in the main reason should be shot me and in what he's able to do. This year we'll get a good look at what he is is a quarterback he should be ought to take a par Portland State but there's been a lot of discussion on how -- -- not seasons on Manning has happened and the -- steps he has taken to improve his game. And it will not all that we will never know until it gets -- a big time game with pressure. But I do I am I doing in my first look at how many this season as he what he has done in the offseason to get better and it's a tough. And a -- Portland State's gonna be as tough sign of who they are as a team might even if they blow out Portland State which allowed merely maintain and the are you really walkways and Brodeur -- to be great this year and you be excited -- wanna know -- -- save money being here escaped in years -- get you if you go against a whole YE ending yet to -- we can yet see any mystique goes in the weeks that you look at -- -- -- right now show us what you're gonna be in conference because you have a lot of question marks and John -- not one of them. The health of the opposite line I think saint -- you got your wide receiver targets Richard -- Laney Victor Bolden -- Gilmore. You get -- Ron -- doctrine was a transfer from -- he's supposed to be an incredible stud athlete who just couldn't get it -- academically up there in Pullman. So you have you have question marks on the outside of his targets but if they step up in these first couple of the of non conference games against Portland State in the Hawaii. And you start to see the results and they're clicking offensively you have to feel a lot more competent to run game's going to be huge for them. But you trust -- meaning in terms of being in this this system for five years being this -- for his fourth straight year now. And being able to guide some of these guys who don't have as much experience and putting him in the right position to where their teams not gonna struggle as much hopefully the run game can help me -- -- throw 35. -- yeah that's the big thing he needs to get some help somewhere we we talk to talk about John Maine in this offseason and not getting a whole lot of help lesser attacks in the defense the offensive line was banged up the ball besides -- -- cooks you know on the outside -- -- a whole lot of -- -- in the running game wasn't quite there are so. I think you're right straight when you when you look at his schedule when you look at the first three games Portland State to throw away just like organs is this -- -- against South Dakota it's it's a game where. You should go out he went fifteen to nothing you say okay what does that really mean does that mean we're good does that mean that -- improve from last season. You know you can't really read a whole lot into it you -- watch some of the younger guys maybe and see how some of the younger guys maybe -- Victor Bolden comes out can he take that number one wide receiver label and run with that if -- can have a successful game. That's the only thing I'm gonna be looking for there but the -- YC it was stated he can play well get some momentum going against USC -- schedule over the -- manageable -- your -- state besides the last three weeks where you finish with at home against Arizona State at Washington home against -- That's a tough three game stretch against three teams that I expect to be in -- top 25 at the end of the season but before then you look at the first nine games of the season there's only two ranked teams now I gotta go to Stanford into USC. So those are two games it could be losses but the other games that are sandwich -- between their Colorado. They should be away at home against Utah you would like that to be went California Washington State home. Those should be wins best case scenario you got that last -- three game stretch but -- state very realistically could be seven into reading in that -- doesn't mean they're gonna finish the -- to attended to and that's an organized games but because he never -- on it. But they should be seven into -- if you don't it's an asset attitude through the first nine if your in state to me that's a bit of the discipline. Meehan now Crawford did Rory say podcasts is today and he did these bold prediction things you know have been something that's gonna happen. I don't know why but historians say was going to be organ is here. Managing expectations for this team. Is always a tricky balance -- order to keep her. Isn't that like me now. I'm an idiot I is he's an honest -- it's definitely yeah. I was doing that doing if. -- met the expectations always been. Something that you have to do as a fan going into this season where would you place expectations. This year I'm -- not -- nothing extreme Luis or -- great. The the average beaver -- where you say if we finish with. X amount of -- I'm happy with 78 and I hate to give to numbers there I'm being really honest and I don't like to do this but. You're looking at what they're bringing Maggie offensively you have Sean minions -- -- Laney had 52 catches last year that should go up. By at least fifteen between terms of his production his experience you have arguably the best -- in duo in the conference. Mike -- it down I really lead this team and say if you finish under eight wins a little disappointed because they do have their question marks they do. But I'm sorry they have too much experience returning in different skill -- positions where you look at the schedule it is just like dirt that you set out to be. Potentially seven into going in the last three weeks you should be able to win eight games or more I really do believe that's where this team -- at standard and. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We'll be great if you could pull out they played Stanford tough last year in Corvallis. If -- remember the year before that they should have beat him down at Stanford is well one thing was according that's fumbled a snap but yet they can face kind of unraveled for a little bit but they could have beaten Stanford each of the last two years but also even -- that one up as -- -- And then I say you went UN one of those last three games in Arizona State Washington Oregon not sure which one it's gonna be those are all three could be tough -- but you can -- one of those out. This to me is an eight foresees an -- seven and five. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- One final way to put together on the spot a little bit so I people in the north where are. Oil -- Morgan winning the north probably Stanford number two threes where it gets interesting who do you years of Washington -- organ state for the EF -- And then organ state aren't -- -- those two teams I targets. I hope I'm not -- -- -- I say Oregon State's third eye view in and I know we all disagree we talked about Washington earlier in the week and I know we disagree on them I'm not a hundred essential to Chris Peterson's going to be able to come in day one and turn that into a BCS caliber team. They're replacing a quarterback their starter suspended the first two games bishops say he's gone Austin's a strange hankins has gone. Lot of holes to -- and on that team not to mention their defensive coordinator left their ankle is. It's a whole new overhaul and I look at Oregon State and I say look. Consistent you've got one of the best quarterbacks in the country can you imagine the conversation. If Marcus Mario it wasn't around like say this was a down year for organ quarterback how much attention we would -- -- -- -- me anyway are kind of at times. But he's clearly going to be a first round pick in my mind and all of our minds. This is an 814 and that should be good enough to get -- third in the north. That I am I'm never one to brag about my mathematical skills and I know we just did a math segment about a -- -- segment or two ago. I don't not a math works but ice I feel like Washington or say will both be in for organ state will beat Washington solo finish technically had because of the hybrid of the great thing is you can make a statement like that. And you can get away like there's no way to factor that's exactly right nobody gets in the time to do that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- 305. It is the -- on any deeper -- -- and -- and -- I asked path at where you expected beavers to finish what is a good year what do you consider it did a year. For the beavers by 5305. Hold -- -- a little bit on the other side of the breaking Johnny Denzel. Any brand new commercial. He is ridiculous who play that audio for you next busy to -- -- -- -- -- here at ten -- the thing. Good morning and. Good moment. This is college kicked off week John Danforth dirt and spray it. Brought to you by Ron Tonkin -- on ESPN's Sports Radio Jay Nady both -- them. Taking some texts on the beavers season this year and what you think. We'll be successful season problems they rose cause a dream nine -- should and -- to begin. Sensory -- three and eighty years 93 -- state that's successfully loneliness of war. We have to get the -- of most are saying between 89 -- happy with eight ecstatic with anything better. Trying to -- organ in the civil thank you guys need to talk me -- alleged. I I really do appreciate it would organs greatness is the when the civil war comes -- like to have fun with it I'm feeling -- invest too many bats with our man about -- state winning that game because I don't know why I've convinced myself -- gonna win it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Nothing -- means a bowl game in a contract extension and that's part of the frustration with beer fan. In my proudly talked a couple of those on the Andy and organ state fans fiasco they all love Mike -- impossible not to like him but there is also a good feel of the year -- can we start winning more than seven games please can we get this thing consistently in the 89 range which is. A little optimistic but you do need to have some more scenes like the one he had a couple years ago where you were nine and three and surprised everybody he -- dealt with a DREAM Act and history says look my price always great with the senior quarterback nine and three to get how. -- that. But that's that go out -- boy like that don't bring in some stats is not get my 6% one that's not -- what makes it did years sectors that isn't a mindset and the beaver fan a tricky very low expectations I'm not disappointed that said. Milosevic said about the -- could pass math math math math math. -- -- -- this Dorgan state fans you go one and eleven but you're only when his organ UK and you know he snapped the -- win streak they'll use now ministry in a civil -- -- some sand. I here's Johnny man's ability -- by the -- sneakers you're welcome for the free advertising Johnny Denzel earlier. Any Snickers commercial. Who's got. -- He's in his yoga looking outfit. Really he does -- liked -- I thought it was a pretty funny I -- pretty -- for somebody watching yet put himself out there for this and then he did and then he eats the Snickers -- any. Had he's in full pads. He goes officer and -- football the -- whoever. And it's Jardine GM a -- -- -- -- -- call for -- Really well. I don't doubt it. Is we -- now is the only backup quarterback in NFL starring in a partial gear is great for this city should spend -- time -- you know he's on the field product and easterners you ready for this his endorsement deals is amazing. Nike McDonald's. Nissan Snickers. Meaning. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Contact this guy worst player get the most notoriety Tim Tebow and out of the equation. Well. It could be ten in our tactics are based -- yeah worse besides these -- just. I stand corrects. Lay out though you have to play out your Barry. One's on me they start to what are -- saying are -- lying is it is easy it is in his mid twenties in the prime of his career on assessed right now on ESPN two -- repeated to him. Which impressed the dumb but -- wanna -- is set and I apologized in Tivo. Worst player yeah his game out to get the mouse that consumed the worst player he's done it -- taxing it right others and no doubt about it he is cashing in. He has used. And not start it will be maybe someday but. He is a net he's a -- and in and of himself and he will continue to be so if you guys are in that locker room say year year best starting defense of back for the Cleveland Browns do you get upset with stuff like this is it rugged island health care about this -- person -- I. I think I got the personality I have what it all out. It hurts to say -- Joseph -- so your joy you know gangs -- rugged and probably a little mail because I don't want to feed I wanna sound that for a more defensive backs in the NFL -- I'm not any national commercials and this is going to back up quarterback it depends on the personality of the -- -- everybody's everybody is. Ran into the person in their -- this aura work. That gets more attention gets more notoriety may be their paid more. And they don't do is get the job for whatever reason right there at their success in their output you look at is how. Is close and actually I been here for X amount of years I worked harder I've produced more -- lawyer you'll. But somebody else for whatever reason gets more attention more notoriety more money for whatever reason he has a quarterback everybody's got that in their workplace so it's -- it's the same type his name. I I would like to say if I was not locker room I wouldn't be jealous a little bit a little bit of -- a little -- I would -- -- -- not the -- -- -- -- little -- -- for sure for sure -- -- got to -- on the -- at some -- You do it -- been a media circus around that team since the start -- the offseason immediate Josh Gordon is -- should've been -- the big media circus that's the guy who led the NFL in receiving yards last year and he's suspended for the entire year I -- of anti magic that was Calvin Johnson -- another big time wide receiver just shows how irrelevant a lot of guys are in Cleveland vagina and so he's he's immune to that apparently he's gonna get all this attention look. It's a funny commercial I -- be upset if I was -- locker -- but there would be a little part of me -- especially if he doesn't succeed in this is kind of stuff I bring up with them all the time and he might not care it's kind of the same conversation -- maybe he just doesn't care what people think about it. He's gonna go do Amy's gonna get his endorsement -- to have fun while he's in the league whether it's a short -- short term you know -- in the NFL -- long terms of the NFL. But he is gonna open itself up for this kind of stuff that he comes out and say they -- 380 starts week five after their bye week. Indeed does not play well there will be people that say that's why stop doing commercials for is really -- that's a big deal for. I would go Penny Hardaway the worst athlete to get a bunch of -- Stephon Marbury Stephon Marbury is a very very good when he was a great. Offensive player at times but not a very good basketball teammates -- quick notes of a guy that's been in the headlines -- Lee and that is Michael's AM ESPN if you've probably heard. Did a piece on Michael -- showering you just seen Anderson did Jesse Anderson did that end Jeff Fisher said it to the Saint Louis dispatch he's extremely disappointed he thinks it's unethical it's unprofessional. It was out of context ESPN has since apologized. And the the skipper John skipper who's the CEO he runs ESPN. Reached out to Jeff Fisher has since apologized about it. And it's his deeds and does not look good for ESPN has finally come to a point where we decided how much how much longer it's going to be a story. This might be the one this is it ESPN Graham pulls back and says half the straw that broke the camel's back maybe you need to do that maybe we need to stop with this -- the fire from -- saying that's exactly right so -- -- -- (%expletive) from adults and let the team that is the innocents apologize final cuts coming he's got another pre season games -- -- time to see. If he's going to make the final roster but ESPN has since apologized for that story on rightly so. Yeah I -- -- -- how anybody we need to know who cares if -- Shaq scoring within I don't dare not thinking I wonder if they get naked with them and that's what I wanted to know from ESP and that's your job no I'm not wondering that. But he is -- decided that that was a good angle to take on a story to. They just asked if teammates have been great helping tutor him been accepting. You -- did you say yes everybody I've talked to says he's done a great job -- study the playbook that's all from Saint Louis back TUJ Crawford and that's all you need to do. That's all it takes its funny because really we we've talked so much about people they get away with reporting -- just false information on -- like this sources -- it's -- shot story the only PDs follow Lebanese jumped out a window running from the cops. It's the same thing with ESP -- -- like this and nobody can I really like this is not going to be a big deal the united start watching fox sports one because they did this -- ME DSP and those are powerful they are but. It also shows obsessed they can get over certain stories -- which drives a lot of sports fans nuts. I appreciate this on Aaron enters the worst to get attention that's -- he's very very good when that's that is the -- for me she's keeping an eye out for you when your pro black's right in your opening up a whole entertainment business and that's a whole different discussion of why people are famous for no reason. A day in June Carter Cash in. Justin Bieber Nancy at least him guard -- -- on -- grind and thinking of new ways some of these other people are just doing nothing. And a look knock her all you want the G-8 is a lunch for newer -- getter start and yeah she was. She was she made a movie she's a movie star is she where she is an actress -- -- could see where she is now -- that elite. Sometimes you got to begin a movie to start the -- don't you know Brad Pitt didn't suck in his first -- dating. In which get duty get added to -- final hour of the CR next.

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