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The BeavCast 8.27.14

Aug 27, 2014|

Inaugural episode of The BeavCast with Alex Crawford and Brandon Sprague. The guys discuss Oregon State's strengths and weakness and preview their game with Portland State.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

You praying. Okay. Hi welcome -- CD's first edition of the V cast I'm Alex Crawford your host alongside me branded spray. Brandon how are you doing this afternoon -- good me and I -- Ginn and his. Enough work in does grinding man has to testify against them excited to be here yeah eventually down the road I want to bring on some players immediately you wanna get rid of me I guess I'll be your columns outlet ought to bring -- other people I'd love to do it together that are better than me -- -- -- -- players inside the program I've got -- I. Diaz but today act -- I just. Run through some stuff with that with the -- season because you know I love this time of the year -- being someone who works in sports media because you can literally. CA or predict anything you want. And no one can tell you you're wrong for a few more days. Each day each you can say a -- outlandish predictions about -- season and no one knows anything because we haven't seen any product on the field -- do you. I want a decent season long predictions let's do some predicting some free viewing because -- Most people in new media and writers don't like to admit this the most 'cause they're the most egotistical. But most people media. Or predictions and they're always wrong about every always process there and have an unemployed which is how -- want to join -- finals -- the worse a wanna be a part of that cell line. Let's start off let's put ourselves in Oregon State fans she's here for a second. Good looking at this season what are you the least worried about and it also will follow after retirement is what are you most worried about the looking at the season what do you least worried about I mean nets. It's kind of a two part answer but it's really impossible to say one of the other the things I'm the least worried about -- put them as a -- combination. I'm the least worried about the line backing core and Sean -- now would be a double -- the line backing core. With the guys they have coming back the experience they have as a group collectively. You know well -- Alexander coming off of that injury doctor coming off of his injuries he's healthy he's feeling good and he's better. Having those guys back is your corps and leading the rest of their defense to me I have no worries whatsoever and I'm never gonna be concerned. Unless they get banged up. -- Maine as a right there with them because again. You're -- -- your starter a fifth year guy a guy who's been in this system one of the most sophisticated opted to systems in college football. In terms of talking about prose style and people playing the Mike Reilly what he believes in in developing quarterbacks. Statistically they become the best there last year with Riley. So looking as -- meaning unified concerns elsewhere offensively with -- I have none so those two kind of go in and infamy. You got -- stole my I think my I was gonna go straight to the linebackers because that is the one and I almost I put them ahead of Manning just because mania news. What he does is is a little bit dependent on the offensive line which has some issues and -- and the receivers which he's he's losing cuts -- I can't you know I'm not worried about Manning himself but the pieces around him that are necessary for his production. Do you worry you will get into that yet. But the linebackers I just I'm an echo everything you said I mean having three seniors in -- not flashy. But they're really solid players I mean JJ starting in their Jibril Johnson and middle linebacker which. A lot of people don't know a lot about him but he's a very good player I remember him solid being on campus and in practice and tearing it up and hearing from coaches all the time. You know mark bankers trek may trim -- last year tying about. Howell impress they've been within his development and how we can be in that position where he feels comfortable out being right alongside Michael doctor and indeed Alexander ways not a flashy player and I don't think the the line backing core is is classic. Oregon State not flashy three seniors experience. They're not. None of them are physically overwhelming but they're all good players they make Smart plays. And I think experience is going to be huge on defense and so that's that's I'm not worried about the defense especially the linebackers. But moving on what do you think your biggest what's your biggest worry if you're an -- state stand looking at this season -- You know and some people would -- -- this kicker is a little bit of a problem I mean I know remain that that issue just came out. It smells like he cheated academically that's what that whole issue so I can be completely wrong have knowing where -- later accused her of making a lot of them history was like you just one day travel -- is no longer with the team right now he's dealing with -- season and it was released yesterday at practice. I saw a couple media members tweet on -- academic issues to meet smells like a cheating scandal some situation where he got -- But Garrett Collins I mean I seen the kid he weighs maybe a 105 pounds soaking -- he looks like someone's little brother out there I hope his legs -- I'll be ready to go. Because is gaining Morgan State fan knows it's dealing with last minute kicks -- extra points have always come back on them and the most inopportune times. You avenue guy out there was never kicked in front of 40000 screaming fans. It's a completely different that different atmosphere but realistically. I point the wide receivers I look at the wide receiver group Richard Delanie 52 catches last year a lot of people forget how good he was for awhile. Victor Bolden a lot of people are looking Victor Bolden and I I get this false sense of hope from them like Victor belongs gonna be a phenomenal player. What to expect this year to him to just rising gets sixty catches. That's not happening where he fits the mold of the got -- stepped up for the -- I think that's why others don't this year that that would -- state he looks just like the last pat -- -- gets my cast as he's like yeah and then you had -- it -- and you had James -- does physically -- about the same height and built a lot of fly sweep action now I boldly and -- fits right into that. He does and the one thing that was inching that I found. And it one of -- kind of an however I still liked the using this you look at CME's Trotter you look at James Rogers markets we -- -- cooks. A year after their next year after they released are giving you some production there next year. On average beat goes up 44 receptions if you do that with Richard Moe lane he. He's put your right at 96 catches I'm not saying he's going to get 96 catches but projections say based on his production last year where he really gotta flow of the game in the op -- He should be sitting right around that mall where he can be that guy Willy being I don't know and that's why that's my biggest question mark. Offensively you have your tight ends you're running back you know what they can't do but who is Manning and throw dude who's gonna emergence step up and threw some of those gaps that cooks leaves. What I think that's I mean you could talk -- our biggest where you could say the offensive line and the receivers because those are the TU. A Manning is the biggest asset for -- I -- on either side of the ball and those of the two positions most tied to him but I actually. My biggest worry if I'm an LSU fan is the ticking. I was you know reading now you are really gonna go -- I'm going there because I honestly I know a case that came out as an academic thing -- -- I know there was a story coming out of spring camped shed shed some weight. He was a refocus he was really ready to contend for that top kicking -- on the back twelve he's gone Halloween and we know. Always used it to pass certain against LSU we have and then you and annual rain again sexy -- -- And you mr. Tony yarder when it but then you look last year like at the Utah game a game that would -- OT Romania three field goals for extra points there in you know that's huge in a close game like that. You need always you need to consisting kicker in even especially if they struggle in the red zone they're got a media points on the board. Jared -- is you know uses out what number seven rated coming -- I scored 2012 for seven Robert I -- tell you I I say god I think they'll be digital little digging -- concerns me a little bit but all right glad you -- out who cares he's number seven -- sentimental it's such a mental thing -- until I am sure will be fine I'm sure the Beasley finally Gary -- which you've seen them right. I -- -- I. I hung out with them before how much how much would you say UAE's I I -- -- golfer but that's what I'm saying when he puts pads on and -- Jersey he's one of the smallest football players I've ever seen in my life but -- was big for a kicker and he was inconsistent so what does that mean it was a low -- Let's not -- that's -- moving on let's talk about I wanna make a prediction X -- your big sleeper this year on OSU if you were. That this was a fantasy football draft and you could draft any position now -- who would be your sleep particularly around -- picked up and -- hoping for some -- season production man that's itself when I got to let you line anchored a little. You did give me an email heads up on like talking points and he gave me asleep -- Michael that's a pretty good question. And I still don't really have an answer. That's kind of boring most people don't want defense I would say somebody like Emily Gilmore somebody that's gonna step up is expected to contribute. But I think it could step up a little more than people are expecting now when you're looking at tight ends. I don't even go that route and all Caleb Smith we know who he is he's a b.s those guys are slick yet there are -- the best -- and if not the best hands down tight and in the pac twelve. -- Laney best hands on the team Victor Bolden speed guy to me I look at somebody like Malik Gilmore and say he needs to be the next Kevin Cummings. Go give us twenty taxes thirty catches peace summit that's going to be productive that's gonna be good target he's got good size. And be an option for John -- to alleviate some of that double team pressure. That Richard -- he's gonna draw and that -- Hamlet can draw you need more guys to step up to alleviate dad and help Chiming in now -- I -- Emily Gilmore is one of those guys. Is that kind of a third down possession receiver -- was indicted his -- for you out actually. My sleeper Ramel Dockery I'm not sure that's easy to get a lot of monkeys -- does is get a lot of buzz he was posted originally go to LSU backing that 2011 and then. Went to Washington State have had some academic issues struggled. I guess the main thing that that reading up on him is is that he's just it's just learning the plays. Getting used to running a very skilled player but the fact that you know they say he moves quicker laterally then nine north and south the the stuff he brings that he's a little bit smaller than Shane Morales and I can kind of see him sitting. That more than a receiver and -- Kevin Cummings in just that classic Oregon State. This is another falling into that trap of saying a guy reminds you is someone had down there yet you two examples -- Kevin Cummings and a -- we asked which violate those -- bad comparison -- great hands but I can see Dockery. Stepped it up late in the season and and he's played in the fight to position behind Victor Bolden and second Soledad Sharia you know that you know they're gonna wanna air now wish on Manning coming in in his senior year and and Manny and got to know the playbook sell well at this point is. As any -- state quarterback does at this point their career you know they're gonna runs and four wide sets. And now I look I look at Dockery is a guy a sleeper to get on the field and hopefully make some detectives later in the. Looking at -- Dockery that's very inching disease also one of the punt return options a lot of people and tying up and put Bruce Reid putting him back there. As the got a can bring it back to the house but it. You know I look at Victor Bolden and I hate to harp on this I hope nothing but. I incredible success this year for him and we talked to Mike Parker on our show on day four during spring antennae we talked a -- with Mike Parker a couple weeks back. And this is something he also kind of agreed with me on. People like Victor Bolden although very talented comedy he warmer -- six receptions last year. I don't think anybody can remember that fly sweep in the civil they -- -- civil war potential game winning touchdown some people poignancy -- down at the one well the stupidest selling life that's silly but looking Victor -- and you can't expect the world now can you expected improvement absolutely he should demand that. But looking at some of -- beatable when you're gonna need some of micron on doctorate is step up and kind of put pressure on him and say. If you're not gonna get it done. In the past pitching department we got -- right here behind you stepping up and becoming -- -- -- that's what's good about having someone like Emily Gilmore -- -- Dockery. You have these talented guys right behind your starters. That push is on that puts the pressure on and it it allows an organ states you know passed in their history and in their case. It puts the pressure on and guys do tend to step up and give you a little more production you're expecting. What you're talking about punt returns kick returns organ state really hasn't had an explosive punt -- since -- -- Trotter indicted Bjorn employer was -- -- -- when he return when he returned but a guy who win the ball hits you know he -- that -- Heat seeking he's liable to take it and -- -- grudges OK for the knee injury -- I see that you read these flashes but if if Dockery Ramel Dockery can get in there. And maybe he's not seen much playing time because he's behind interval yes leaving did -- punt returns kick returns and make a difference. That's a huge X-Factor was he hasn't had -- a couple of seasons so -- leaguer -- let's go on this next segment here I wanna call -- -- but why do you call these segments -- another -- drought and fire today -- Iraq but -- our first it's our papers are -- and I like I'm enjoying myself so boom or bust I wanna go through him and asked the couple questions you gotta say -- that's you know that's gonna be you should -- that's -- -- is going to be -- -- out there. First one. Over watch him Buchanan -- It has truly a boomer -- -- year. But today outside Gil Brandt on Twitter named him his 2014 college football -- see them -- how did you see Gil -- I saw I get eastward notification is that are like. This many people favored this -- this many people read you ever get those I do with a different account and now my personal one I did it was my personal for summary tonight we did it now -- since a while and I couldn't league you'll grant said to have a deep thought that it did it for him that's an -- any idea how many people know who -- once you guys. So anyway so the fact that he called in his 2014 sleeper got me thinking and I look I don't know as he loves to rotate defensive linemen so. Boom or bust that that there is gonna make -- and open it was get a make a difference this year on the. It's so it would be he'd be very -- is -- -- deceit here and say. Ali that's for sure a boom I want boomed to be a boom Mike over and watch him people might not knows -- did you. Is hands down. One of if not the nicest guy on that team one of the best human being I I met in my time and LSU -- -- you know I knew him and my time and -- legitimately one of the nicest young man I've ever been able to talk to on a football team aren't sports. And you know the thing with him when he was a wide receiver that was the big. -- watching me 64. He looks like an NFL guy right now why are you you would like TERRELL OWENS. And people would always say this is is your man and he make one great tension practice and he will bonuses this year he's comment. And they need to have a drop in a game and he would never play again because he had trouble remembering his pass routes. But looking -- defense event and going off what we've seen with the media reports and what coaches have said it sounds like he's transition fairly well he's done a good job of kind of understanding what his role as as a defense -- end. Inane adapting to a new skills because that's not easy to go from wide receiver defense and and it doesn't happen for a lot of guys but he has speed he has the strength. I could say bust I really could based on his career. But I mean I -- to be optimistic with -- and I'm going to be with -- -- ominous a boom invest in -- and -- faith that he will be productive not Scott crichton productive. What happened up production mile an -- man I wish she would have played this position a lot earlier disease seems like he's a good fit for some -- of boom booms a bill. I'm actually angry with -- booms of the room I you as you know I'm making. Or estate giant killers documentary ledger doing a fantastic job one wolf thank you Brandon at IE on I appreciate contest now I think and you're right you got to the radio guys on the -- be a little bit. But selling adult I've learned since doing a documentary when -- -- a deal with though is you program in the sixties as he would recruit. Quarterbacks he -- crew fullbacks is. Surely athletes because those -- the two of the most athletic positions in college football that time. And many put them all over the field -- states starting a lot team captain middle linebacker Steve Vander bunt on the 6017 again it would played. Eleven years professional football was recruited as a quarterback on a high school solution a linebacker Ron bully. He blocked the punt against UCLA to preserve the tie and 67 he's a quarterback. Coming out of park -- I squad leader -- -- -- he did and they converted him to defensive line so there's and you just across the -- all these guys just -- we don't know just -- on -- -- played fullback on the freshman teams so at this very giant killers to -- -- the wide receiver DD and Mike -- harnessing his -- Deanna rose invited Riley type stuff I like to think got a little bit of an influence on that with bringing in this giant -- documentary. Maybe Mike rally went back went back home thinking about you know what. Boom could play defense in the mind and all lazy Sunday -- this suspect. It's I gotta go boom just based on you know the giant killers. Soon I like to me it's -- stupid because I'm trying to give real analysis it's easy -- -- to -- -- nice for me is a bonds I just I felt bad from because I know he wants to succeed help team. He struggled at wide receive a hard worker team really is a hard worker. Let's go on next boom or bust Richard -- can he step up and be -- Brandon cooks what cooks was the markets -- last year. All I was say for sure that's a boom he pretty much was last year -- for exciting finish tease you with mark is at 63 receptions wanna say -- -- let me rephrase that so what I meant by that was so. Cooks came in after we -- yes and basically became weakened zero point I don't TV deal and come Wheaton three point -- cooks two point -- enact case I would. I will -- bust. But I'm very hasn't and to say so I do have a lot of faith originally he's gotten better. He a lot like album watch him one of the hardest working guys has the best hands on the team everybody will tell you that they thought that when cooks and we were there. But looking at regional -- when your time of the production at Wheaton in coaching debut. You're -- in on 91 judges and then your time and -- hundred in 28 cooks have mentioned your timeout spectacular. Record setting seasons. That doesn't happen every year is it's not easy to get rarely happens however to -- an -- package they had this James Rogers broke the record. Then the next year Markus Wheaton tied the record and then a year after that they in -- -- destroy the record you don't get -- in your program that's very hard for. Wide receiver you'd get -- you consider or is he kind of wide receiver you know. I was a bust in that fact. But giving you more than he had last year I was a -- to that would giving you -- -- could Smart between season. Now plus for me there -- as a bus just because I think that -- stay with the new offensive coordinator -- Manny and in his senior season they're gonna spread the ball around a lot -- specialist I don't sightings are going to be just tight -- are going to be huge they're -- -- I mean they're -- run a pro style offense -- we see the way Jimmy Graham Jordan Cameron some of these pro Jason -- yeah from the cowboys as the John Garrett and that's what he's -- the most -- Jason -- and he's got he's got -- potential Jason -- as you know they're gonna turn the -- and a lot you know they're gonna -- only Gilmore if they don't have a running -- is acting -- going. Ron warn storm would have been very useful out of the backfield catching the ball site as a bus only because I think we're just gonna see the ball being spread around all over the field which. Is a good -- Orleans area next boomer bust -- man -- will once again lead the pac twelve and passing. Passing yards. Passing yards. Man that's never really is not easy for me answer because I -- I do believe organ is gonna try to get -- Mario off a little bit. There is something to having a Heisman winner in your school's history that helps. Right on the -- gonna have a big year Taylor Kelly but I will say boom I'll say -- their other daughter Alam and I was say Sean manually delete the conference. In passing once again just this year fact they are gonna throw it more than every other school. I'm still not sure they're gonna have a running game to to really lean on and that's part of the reason I have problems thinking about their. Projections or predictions for the record but I am going to go boom on the. -- actually say biased and not because not a bad way not because I sat in a bad way though -- -- not because I think John minions can have a down year. But I -- you look across the board yeah at quarterbacks in the pac twelve. And if we were in Vegas and there -- odds on news the ought to be stacked against every single guy. Just because there's so many good quarterbacks we have more into -- well. Yes I think he will because I'm going we either -- Halladay -- -- -- to lead the pac twelve and passing this how okay now -- LO in eighty yards an attempt at six tenths or if he had his health care if I actually forgot about colleague he's been in Washington State for nine years. I'm not going with golf golf is too small an injury prone. You know live I forgot about Halladay. I'm an eagle blessed on -- yeah. -- veto myself thank you for reminding me -- Halladay is -- ninth year senior didn't Mike -- another year Washington State the other year Lewis still no big running back yet and arguably a lot of you say it is. They have probably the strongest writers you record in the conference yes TV -- Allen yeah and I'm I'm I'm your golf only because I. I was Sonny -- believer what he did at Louisiana -- your -- Stoner crowd can I ask you wanna believe in cal Berkeley idea I do I do one of leaving cal Berkeley wanna believe and Sonny -- what he did it Louisiana Tech with their passing attack was unprecedented yeah for that schools -- Gotta go with a bust for her for -- all right last boom or bust here Isaak sale Molly will be ready to play on September 20 vs San Diego State boom or bust. I will save policy boom on that when Mike Riley released and is a telecoms and you know yesterday. He'll be at least out until -- week and after Hawaii they have the buying in the Betsy Amy was state. I will say he'll be ready if there's -- I know of that kid aside from the fact that he's incredibly talented hardly the best lineman in the conference. He. Wants to play football he wants to help this team he grew up around this this program his dad coaches are we all know that. I will say boom he will be on the -- for San Diego State if he's not ready Dell. And he 6070%. I hope Mike Riley -- Isaacs AM policy you know what. I wanna policing and need a state we should win that game hopefully union by without because I'd rather have him have him healthy for all twelve conference games are for all -- nine conference games. Yes I'm gonna go -- -- just because I think I think he's gonna be close to being ready based on what Mike Riley said yesterday in the pac twelve teleconference mind. I think with it being San Diego State with USC being the next week. That's a huge game for or against yeah. I think they're gonna hold him out. I just don't I just don't see them pushing it if it's close I hope you claim is allocated for me I mean you -- just say fine be ready for US -- -- cal and in so count that's I'm just gonna go with -- I know that that's what they're shooting for but I think they're gonna play it safe if -- if I had to make a bold prediction here. Which is our next segment one bold prediction I don't overseas and I want you to make. One bold prediction you started off. I'll let you start this one off -- bold prediction of heard between fourteen -- state season. Storm woods. And trauma ward will approach 2000 yards as a rushing -- this year -- Syria I think -- debris are you saying one is gonna have seventeen and -- and -- three year you think it's going to be really evenly split the close to 2000 yards I think it's gonna be pretty evenly split why now I'm not what I see approaching I'm saying. Maybe 17100 totally -- meeting one of them is an 11101 of them is. 600 or 700 which is which is still. Huge and silly women seniority stay in a very long time since two quiz Rogers that kind of production out of the running back. Missions they're ready for this one yet organ state will end the civil war drought and they will be orient that's a great I mean I'm not saying that because look. I'll put this -- -- go to or insane idea and but I tried as a studying media member I try to be as fair and objective that I could -- -- view of all the people I know that we're at student media and Oregon State you were the one that was the most objective and -- taught me to be objective because -- I still struggle with being objective yeah I got so much crap as a student for that but I was so they got eighty some -- the one point you did -- -- -- a lot of do we -- crap for that but. Looking at this matchup how many years they won now seven years in -- -- is right around it somewhere around there. I really do look at what they were able to do historian last year. And I'd you telling me they can't do that again this year in in Greece there and win that game I really do believe they're gonna ended. That possibly could be organs first loss of the season which still probably won't hurt them because of the tobacco title game. And that to me ultimately probably in the patina pac twelve or that college football playoff. But I really do you think there's something to them getting as close as they did last year and rising above that's -- sound their and their ass kicked flashier I think most people did. But they probably should've won that game. This year it's in Greece -- you got a lot of guys have been getting kicked down my organs for years a lot of seniors in great positions skill positions. Where I look at and I say yes they can get it done and I am going to go on a -- in bowl prediction. Organ state will be orient. Well if you look at you know Vegas oddsmakers usually give between two and four points for the home team if you just switch last year's game injuries and that's an LSU win on paper so I -- If my pretty if my bold prediction stays true with the running game. And I think undoubtedly your bold prediction with the Oregon State ending the civil war -- will be -- trauma -- look I got 17100 yard rusher -- against the well you -- a war was a force in call -- -- high school when he played de LaSalle which is a premier high school program nationally yes and say you know the talent is there you've seen and you know. Storm woods is it is a great talent when he's healthy when he's running hard storm Winston he's their third down back I love me some trauma ward -- the tackles tell me this'll proffered. What we're people's thoughts what do you think people Stotts was of the of the the offensive line going into the civil war not great. No running game germane to throw the times absolutely well that's that's what we've seen all season but they got it together and they dominated that defense affront. And I think with a group that they -- back -- and that's when he -- concerns. Isaacs -- gets healthy collectively we have a lot of experience now they should in prove they don't that's an indictment a little bit of might have enough but looking at organs front. That's one of the weaknesses -- introduction say where your front seven naming a linebacker Naimi and -- deepened deployment using a really got to concern you that's one of the weaknesses of -- and and that's why someone like Stanford's been able to push them around Alaska we years because they -- was the front I look in -- state and what they're bringing back on the top of the line. If sale -- is healthy implying I really do believe they can do the same thing with the running game in an option on -- Well it's a bit of a hodgepodge offensive line but they all have experience is it word by the way hodgepodge LA and in if you look you know with Cavanaugh is steams its its. Complicated pass blocking scheme is but it run blocking easiest straight up a simpler things for an offensive line to do get a crown on crowning kick his -- with my cabin and -- and with this kind of mix and match makeshift O line were starting the season with -- states during the season with. Derrick you and you -- know Mike Riley wants to establish the run. You know it's going to be easier for the offensive -- to go in there and run block it and that's why I'm sticking with my prediction of of woods and and -- having huge season sample for their -- in this success that they want and -- -- I think yeah -- bureau -- right. Let's move on there is there is a game coming up and a couple days now -- season opener Portland State. What -- let's talk let's do a game prediction here now here if you wanna go EI I wanna go here let's talk about the slow moment. I got some that I got to get my chest let's hear it what is it I'm Brian I get this off my -- -- this week going in on our show. Because my two coasts or organ ducks and they always got time organ excellent skating. I'm getting very frustrated with fans that think of eastern Washington and sac state and continued his. No underwear no need to go to -- and can be boring they're gonna lose. I give the frustration again I really do you don't lose -- -- teens especially twice. I I am willing to bet anybody whatever they wanna bet. -- state will win that game Saturday by 21 points or more will Portland State is more nickel state then they are eastern Washington on the Specter -- -- that's why I not seen it on. I don't like to read message boards all that crap but I've seen some people down on this I've seen it on on Twitter through -- kind of to -- an organ state. People really legitimately like done with organ state football in terms of losing via CS schools I think there's. I think that's going into the season that's keeping some people little downtrodden island an -- and I think they're gonna make a statement to kick the veracity conservative fans. We're coming this year and were coming -- you know we don't lose to at CS schools and I think people fans also need to realize an ace when they here S yes they think of this. Kind of -- homogenous group of schools there's. Bigger spectrum of good schools to bad schools and -- yes and there is game division you know whining football bowl subdivision there's -- got Easter washing which is that up -- -- power and you've got. Well how many of those kids and it's on eastern Washington. At the beginning of their career probably couldn't but could mid way or at the end the career playing on any. XTG still shouldn't lose twice in 3 years but I am saying I look at the game. And Portland State is a sitting duck and -- -- -- their last extra relayed yet what yellow or trying to say is Portland State I just don't I don't think -- chance adding. Beavers are gonna win by thirty. Plus and and also I think this is a time like we just talked about Mike Reilly's getting used to establish the run. Which I'm sure he wanted to do against eastern Washington. Then the game happened and it was like we better within this -- in eastern stop the run and then look at the scoreboard says Vernon adams' ridiculous a gash on her -- need to win this which didn't end up happening but against Portland State. Beavers are gonna establish the run early on they're gonna win by thirty plus final score prediction. I'm going to Oregon State Purdue and score pretty good score prediction I now I like this prediction stats. I'll -- it makes me think I can see the future when OK when I nominee be around 60% of the time. Oregon State 48. Portland State seventeen. How many go 52. To seven. I really think they're gonna score me one time running -- to be a touchdown. Armor Portland State came -- state he was 45 years ago. The very first play organs it was only their three yard line Shaun king and -- this -- when Shawn Camp who was there. First play of the game. Bond James Roger's like an 85 ER yeah I remember that first play I think that's the kind of gamer and leasing on Saturday I got up and last year I know going into the Easter washing game there was they didn't really have a lot of contact practices. No they had none -- believe in not tackling Riley wanna tackle because they were so beat up on the offensive line and the defense of line. 81 -- -- guys getting even more hurt and this year correct me I'm wrong but they've been tackling quite a bit almost as much as they ever have wonder Mike Riley -- scrimmage and then they were -- another -- -- I think the -- clean up canceling but they have -- more contact this year and I think and I think we're gonna see that on Saturday that's a week yes excuse -- -- people -- a little -- There -- -- practice tackling they were ready. You don't forget data tackle I don't care because I didn't that we don't forget that attack they. You heard division and that's all I don't need to practice a lay ups before they do blade -- man they always know. Well I think that about does a here -- did that mean that's all I got a ways they're writing gin -- did you wanna get TO. I of I don't know what's what's a record went to improve predictions for the season and let's get into this why not why not he's outside we at a time and you're looking around like is things got and and I'm having fun. And he cast -- in a -- Season predictions season predictions. Record wise. -- -- -- going to be for this year I think -- have a good year -- floor with nine. They're gonna lose a couple close -- is in good teams. The probably have one stinker in there and Washington State to be sneaky good game for the -- to win. But ultimately the schedules not easy. But I do think they're gonna redeem the loss to Washington destroying velocity at the Washington. And now I CAA wins I'm a little optimistic problem one I should be. But I look at factors. John Garrett seems pumped to be have this job and had his opportunity. There's just different vibe -- there's kind of a redemption feel within this team my clashes like when they had the 93 season they're coming up the 39 season. It was screw this man nobody's given us a chance account -- -- their picked fourth in the pre season media polls in the conference in the north division. I associate forfeit his program or having -- in their offensive core. Me -- that's the first time always he's gotten some new some new blood -- at offensive cornea defense according to head coach in a while that's the first time that kind of shaken things up in awhile and I think bringing him in. In man in senior season is is huge for Sean -- and -- and her. You know in a conference has the best by far the best quarterbacking corps in the nation. John Manning is. Arguably the best course for actively operates and and I I'm is stuck because -- sounds really good. Nine in three sounds really good. -- gonna -- seven and final minute temper my expecting I think you're gonna go way optimistic be -- -- -- -- or should be 93 or turn into you know we -- as -- you're gonna -- seven 75 average for the last price ten years I think is is record on average it's seven and five. And you would last four seasons on average with my rallying -- act AR about a 500 team I'm gonna go seven and five but I'm hoping that that's a reverse jinx. Hoping for better than crying 00 absolutely yeah I'm hope I'm IDC united three because. This sport football is so quarterback dominated right now Alan and Sean Manning is such a good quarterback. I think I can easily change it to nine and even though it's four -- states. But if we see. Bellini come out have a huge game actually forget that if we see Emily Gilmore amount out of the game -- amount Dockery were all the satellite OK we've got weapons Oregon State's got weapons. War and would start running to volley OK okay the -- the -- and score they're not they're not missing cuts to see that against -- -- -- -- -- state absolutely you're coming from I think -- San Diego State Hawaii in Portland State being you know I Love -- Actual schools especially Oregon State scheduled big time out of conference opponents. But this year it's a very good in Oregon State is going to be traveling to Michigan or Ohio State because we gonna go to a game. I'm planning on the I wanna go -- doing a road trip. Who who I don't know we I don't know we are you telling me you always do things easier daddy no no we'll do may -- -- it'll be you mean my dad's. -- mayor that wants that we will locker still I'd be down I'm going to the Michigan and Ohio State amounted I'm going to I'm going to both I want I've I've I would grew up a Michigan fan Charles Woodson -- Ann -- -- how a game in the big he's got to go to the big house and in the -- -- I hate Ohio State put Pete -- horseshoe where he didn't mean. I'm for sure gonna go to about the as a college football -- a sewer it's it's. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That's -- that was the year UT went on -- one GMT -- -- I am day and blew them out the final score but it was like a close first asked the crowd was still anywhere so it was it was pretty angry I get some goosebumps here just in that -- is pretty unreal that. This just moving in your hands now to I'm mad as thrilled as a weird studio live -- -- but let's agree right now on air to. Go to the Michigan game. Well -- I don't yet we don't need to do on -- I'm going to dementieva -- making a -- OK with the so people listen this illegal -- they have to be we're cutting our fingers open erupt in the blood together this is a -- don't go to the Michigan game I'll quit my job. And if I don't go to Michigan game. -- -- -- of legacy and outlining on line why don't have I gallon I am only a part time in full. A similar and I say I quit my job it's like -- OK okay. Maybe get a UPS he can work a few more hours man but all all think is something to do but -- yeah like I like it brand -- I just. I say seven and 5 because I am always optimistic beaver fan. And I now that pretty tiny -- this year I need to temper my expectations because last year I was saying. On 93 repeat easily I got down to are -- easy easily -- just tired being let down okay I'm tired of being what town did you really say 93 last year easily. I believe so -- chaos -- wearing it or his teacher and -- -- that's what's funny about it all yours is the ultimate beaver and I like him and I like the optimism. I'm proud actually became more of an organ state pain and after I went to school then when I was in school -- is that weird is a -- like I I actually see them about being alone like I am proud because I met my wife there. I made my child there which is -- to tell people I enjoyed my time to time friends -- good time. But like I became more a fan. After I graduated from announced I see -- you mean because I was always. OS you stand in Southern California surrounded Bally's USC fans he was I loved being that guy that would kind of agitator who then I got to LSU. In their ways and people were questioning my OSU. Fan hood because of how big a fans they were kind of at first I was like OK I'm a fan but I didn't kind of pushed away by these other fans -- -- It was kind of when you're in that sea of Orange light look at you don't have to do anything to be a fan and you leave. And in jeeps and stand out a little bit where you can do wanna wrapping your city we're -- we're ballas -- -- he had we're sort of by ducks fans were surrounded by. Various schools fans and so it got -- the got a regular every ourselves. I think I think that about does it here for the first edition of the bizcast. Brand and once you tell our listeners ridiculous -- show weekly in a little you know tell myself it's well I hope they know me by now they don't temple -- -- very good job paint colors you conceived -- -- pale when you don't know who you -- ally I am one. Third of the year as the triangle in -- -- dirt and -- it's a weekly show Monday through Fridays at noon to 3 PM. Onto anything and we have our new -- he can listen in on the tune in radio it's a great thing we have a ton of fun on the show. We obviously -- a lot of sports blazers ducks and beavers. Yes just grinding your ten -- and follow me on Twitter have -- spring. Brandon thanks for coming on will will be back next week follow me on Twitter I'm Alex Crawford dance at doctor cross DR underscore CO RAW asked. Get into great tour argument about the -- Josh shot thing with a guy in San Antonio pretty great on their butt out. Give me a follow and thank you so much for listening to the first edition of the bizcast -- back next week.

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