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Danforth, Dirt & Sprague 8.27.14 Hr 2

Aug 27, 2014|

Josh Wilcox comes by the studio for a new weekly segment, "Win The Segment." Josh talks about the Ducks, about USC and the Josh Shaw story.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I'm just -- that defense runs. -- I hear -- very gallant says. Now I have found. They don't -- It's time good kick off. Okay. It's. It. This is a college kicked off week additional then for a third and spray lofty by Ron Tonkin -- Portland in Vancouver's number one brand dealer college kids golf -- gone Danforth -- spray and go on ESPN's Sports Radio Jay Nady drove very. Any missing in that interview with a righty Brandon inside Troy itself now it's an eighty the fan I can't take a listen to that. After the show of course because we've got some great quality programming on the right. World record holders as of tonight for fans football draft party you don't get -- yourself not quite yet not yet and tomorrow -- will open the show was road record hole yet that's framed. You know certificates as congratulations we get that big trophy boom goes and -- a 1000001 place -- our fans and toppled world record. You can't you can now -- Q now you just can't do you get the title of world record holder would get that world record holder. For doctor. Already do the world world record holder who wants to be a -- -- record holders are their only doctors aren't saving lives one that's ever likes to medicine doctor I'm talking about like prefer. But he got sore he'll get -- doctorate. Right did your doctor now now isn't that about my -- -- not save lives and doctors. Now -- but the world record. We'll go easy you'll track it sent in order record the other the a lot of doctors my graduating plasma and his -- Iraqi that. -- -- of beauty of these Indian doctor in artists and why it's coming -- -- surgeon you're an art why. -- I guess you know the actor's father as a doctor. He is he really begins got a -- my father as his doctor so -- -- -- -- your dad can help me even you would save your life on the -- come doctor Johnson Barack. Here we go smorgasbord of sports topics in ten minutes old from now. Another owner in sports goes after his superstar just such a stupid strategy. That's ten minutes away but it is time -- -- -- -- yesterday. It's -- for -- you know we do a couple -- you we do you don't have to -- Where there -- a lot for you today listeners this one's for us and this was for us that's involved garnered. Perfect game into the eighth inning yesterday couldn't close it out again until it could it closes he didn't go in and that's actually thought this was -- -- third -- is that actually direct pretty iron gate and take to complete game -- low blow and I want it. That was the couldn't close out one. There are gonna propping -- periods in stocks and -- based well let me just say he got the perfect game Nellie throw one pitch -- -- it was a dominant prepared -- any leads the National League in double digit strikeout games this year I don't know about that he was almost agreed that she is Susan. One frees you -- for us to let you know it was a. It was an awesome performance I love Madison bombarded on a whole lot about him beat you should because he's -- -- got two World Series rings he's -- on to shut outs in the World Series. He's younger he's 24 years old it's only believes he's accomplished as much in his career. I will say this celibate they they did break up the perfect game in the eighth anybody should even gotten here there was a play. I wanna say because we we went off the last and I got home I was worried because I wasn't going to be able to react to it as you're watching it on the DVR is an hour of you know behind what was going on. But it was a play and a fourth adding that there was it was a bang bang play first base and it's kind of sums up Iraqi season they called him out they showed the replay was clearly safe. It would've gotten overturned in a heartbeat but the Rockies for whatever reason didn't feel like challenging the play so I play -- in the the no hitter the perfect game last in the eighth inning. Great outing unfortunately could pull off but we are to have one mistress that's our. For first time listeners that don't know dirt is so obsessed with the Sam is the giants of baseball. That he was DVR every single game and watch it right the first inning and -- pass out you know now it's all three to four hours of that game. And I Hamels threw -- -- last manually watched on the television last almost ruined it man that was close to psychotic live and I don't care about gets in the first 56 innings -- I like perfect game turned it on -- and I forgot the your catching up on the -- It thankfully Danforth agonizing years covered and he said Jack has it vibrant filed by Britney said not read that -- -- that so -- cat around because I knew either and I think you sent that tax and we were in the fourth or fifth inning when you sent it. So I either knew he was gonna throw perfect. Great -- this is cold blooded you Durbin I have to you. On our DVR right now saying it was for you have heard him is verbal -- -- -- for the listener one for us that cut the TV all -- -- And I went out there made an appearance on college football life last year daughter did he still hasn't doesn't its 61 TV September 30. Philly where and it's still on the TV cartoons sayings that are not be erased off RD -- -- as my appearance on national TV and I just like it's done night but I hit a home run it out well armed. He threw the yeah you look like -- -- -- political picture up directly as a straight and when money is being UNC college. And the it was right around Halloween -- we come on and talk about an organ game. And I went on they say they -- you need to send us a picture when you picture put up wire I'm there it's like okay Halloween time you -- -- -- kind of how we ask the exit to an atheist you know how -- -- -- -- how. We gave so I thought -- -- and how we theme aren't they show her studio host was wearing a costume in my defense okay. So I sent this picture I was it was a it was a part that I was and I I would visit to a Halloween parties accountable it would appear -- -- yes he has admitted here's a picture of like how I look at how they account at my -- well or it was for. And yeah. -- going on in India Johnson kind of ducked out. The yeah. There there are two things that -- are that are never going anywhere one is my parents -- national TV in the end there is point nine what's acceptable length of time to hold on to something on your DVR what's -- on the other listeners. What's the furthest thing you have back on your DVR 55 -- Well how are we go about -- the I know you don't pay medium irons bad. Also on the broadcast last night and got a theory on this there's like pregnancy I don't think it's that hard to give -- -- Eight million people can you don't do now know Matt Taylor radiant voice yet I've got that theory is ours and and I -- -- -- also my other theory is it's not like people talk about because this is on the broadcast those nine Madison bomb garner said. -- it did hitting a baseball is the hardest thing to do when sports. And again I'd have to respectfully disagrees let's argue that hitting a baseball 360 dot. Mad it's Nat. Not if you have these -- people physically all it did he's got the ability to hit a baseball. It that's something you -- if you could -- 360 don't you were you were born Paul might yet be born with great eyesight angry you know according to the hardest in the domestic baseball's hardest sport to play but the hardest individual act to do and all the sports I do I. I just I don't know that I can buy that because how many hits are there any year in baseball how many MBA players get it in 95 mile an hour fastball. Round how many baseball players can do with 360 -- and probably government. Not more than that and then the other way around point lets you get lower than I guarantee more baseball players into a 360 dunk then then basketball players could -- denied that there are now much more Michael Jordan the best athlete in the world couldn't get out of double act like a middle 200. Right there's thousands and thousands of baseball people there in baseball players they can do that I don't know there's doubters out there's a reason a lot of them stay in a minor leagues. We can still meet at -- has a lot of guys -- -- Paul are they all the PGA -- or nobody it's way different to be able to make contact. And really -- -- -- -- -- consistently -- in at 360 -- a little too specific it be like more like who can hit a curve ball. So you -- slam dunk you have to just be slam Duncan hit a baseball. Yeah I think it's a liberal or type of hearts individual thing to do to sport one specific dog I mean that's you loony tune there. And they want done -- we come and I still think when you have that many people that are able to hit a baseball but -- then if you -- 360 dunk are not saying it's easy to do. I'm saying so many people let's do it terror that is as -- -- easily as you can 360 dunk are you playing in the NBA. Not necessarily are the people that don't play in the NBA they -- 360 dot casino all the time weekends of the parks you do Brady's -- 36 down there are a lot of the Arabs and are there people in it and I found hour fastballs that just hang out working in -- and an accounting. Now we're talking about professional athletes but -- -- -- not professional athlete can do it is the lawyers they did you know we're not judging this by non professional athletes like that's not the scene -- just doing professional bright but how many can do with 360 that don't play and asked one how many can hit in 9 if I -- that I could find all why do a better example than 360 dot. Throwing a football is not all right this viral fifty yards down the field is yards down in the artist -- -- aren't I I did use some rest and our final and that's -- -- particularly now. I can't agree on that thought comes I'm with you with the ducks eagle there willing union between the -- down I'm way if you. Spiral I draw a spiral not yet but I'm talking about. In an NFL game let you know or -- -- so if -- that -- the quarterback position -- hardest position and all of sports I -- never disagreement out of -- -- playing left field in Haiti is the hardest position and all the sports quarterbacking is the hardest thing to do in sports but when you just talk about a specific act -- shooting a basketball hitting a golf ball throw the bowling ball -- lobbying of -- volleyball whatever individual action sports hitting -- baseball's hardest. A ground ball around back that spins coming at you ninety miles an hour break -- can't be that hard if everybody in your league does. But there's not one person in Major League Baseball it can't get it. There's guys that are built under five feet Harvick hit 360 Don Johnson computers negotiate that. That's but they stuck the way he was born. That has nothing to do with an athletic ability. Right I can't dunk a basket -- is -- as a -- to -- in order to do and how difficult this is short and to -- that. The conversation that this is turning into a fascinating. And I just sitting here again you can't have -- people are physically incapable of doing that's why it stops you know it's not as. -- they're adding I would say. -- I dunk a basketball my senior year high school. I went to the batting cages -- -- -- rules and I couldn't hit ninety miles an hour on the cage machine that's -- -- insane is this a conversation. Dynamited out doesn't mind bending of the university need that and I that was one that was dirt segment not -- -- -- Surprisingly took you he would bring his break baseball players aren't happening though that's not exactly what you did not -- I have to see us here senate floor that cannot do hasn't changed oracle can -- to talk about. That's are they it is because the guy I was -- seven foot two okay. Sorry I was -- 72 legged dog the basketball also again how to Zealand and the -- CNN. Batter's box and yeah that's Gilda is like a serial mouse and I flexibility it's not it's my -- they're -- -- 95 for sure that's why 300 is a good batting average. Your only eating it like yes and you think -- a deal it every time it. Mean. It them. Now you are still a good place on this Tyler back after this on the net. This -- college kicked off we got Denver for a third and spray rusty by Ron Tonkin -- -- on ESPN's Sports Radio Jay Nady both Israel. It's -- Kevin Love story here in just a second where his honor came out and trashed him but we are. Enjoying this text conversation about what is the most difficult thing to do this and all of professional sports. We gotta keep this professional. On a professional level driving in NASCAR. NASCAR can be up there but I don't know what's the most difficult thing to say I -- so funny her 305. I want to turn right -- -- This is daunting is easy if you're tall that you batting has to be learned thank you if you're one of the best in the world. You still sense you still fail seven out of ten times. Here's the thing if you read the book that we eve -- About promoted sports team sports team anyway this -- -- Gina and I had seen David Epstein -- builds over six foot six you can dunk a basketball -- it is. That baseball does not us it's it's your your hand eye coordination doesn't have a lot to do with how -- -- -- -- you're going to be that -- -- -- feet. Yes there's -- Mary is a very good book it is a very good but the main indicator hand eye coordination has nothing to do with hitting a baseball OK no it is. Boundaries is not continue and continue is eyesight that's what's gonna be your main ability on how good as a hitter you mark. It's has nothing to do -- hand eye coordination. Nat necessarily now hand eye coordination eye hand coordination. Hand eye coordination eyesight is nice I have -- with hand eye coordination. And well from this point here it's where does the name of it but you can reach out and grab something without having to see it that's. And they call it -- night it should be called -- Cornet and year out not by now whatsoever you're not buying it now I'm not buying that would just say that can't ordination as -- doesn't believe in science is analogous to hand eye coordination that you guys -- it's been president riled up on. Our eyes on another thought -- to say and I -- your I was actually laughing with you their personally because Murdoch makes its way you -- it didn't get into ribbons and it likely that makes no sense. I have good eyesight and hand eye coordination who cares any any any school or not -- I -- I just -- and I -- -- is that's the main. Indicator of how you -- baseball is ice. Yeah and and I am I don't disagree -- the -- and there so all that to say is that don't act like there's not physical skills. That. Are naturally given to baseball players to say. An NBA players called their for the conduct is like saying somebody who has great eyesight in baseball and is physically built -- doesn't have an intimate view. Would have made it different argument about dunking a basketball I save them kicking a field goal. Kicking if you Google yet there's not a whole lot of guys say it's there it's beats getting really loved it and Baylor Texas and what you think the hardest thing to do in sports is about not talking -- has to be the toughest position in all the sports as a quarterback in the NFL it's it's very hard to find one. There's more to maybe is starting pitcher against goaltender in hockey there in the conversation but to -- playing quarterback in the NFL's hardest thing to do that. When you talk about individual acts of 360 dunk is where you lose me because there's guys to just run around and can 360 dunk but can't play basketball to save their life. And that's why look at something that is you're born with the ability to do that add text -- -- that in if you can dunk you're born with that ability I. Didn't choose to not be able to dunk a basketball. That doesn't make it any harder that's just a fact of life -- I was born under six feet tall and I haven't two -- three foot vertical like can't dunk a basketball is nothing I can do sound with the union Robinson. That's mr. Robinson could stand up there are some things that we have somebody Texas in I got to find it now. Batting has to be learned there's elements somebody basically sense about you know goaltending hockey -- as far as an individual act I agree with that goaltending in hockey returning his serve in tennis is. Seven years -- goaltending in hockey -- 50% disagree with as being something that's hard. Why -- amazing restaurant. Well I think there's a lot of luck involved I think you have your -- your broad two words -- has six snake eating naymick tonic and quick and you can name a time great goalies. Why a lot of guys out there just weren't pads and there about 510 and they're taking up most of the gold despite put their body there. I think there's a little bit alike involved in that you what do you think is the hardest thing to do in sports and look this is my main component to save that. There's not inherent physical advantages. In baseball there for sure it is you have to. Have a legit I say that's why some guys are better switch hitters because they have a right dominant -- left arm and right to same thing as golf yet because I was that way for golf for a -- time might. Putt and try to putt left handed because my eyes and the dominant I. The trying to help from up there and -- The whole thing. We get a great text directly daddies are saying eyesight is the main component to hitting a baseball's like saying having feeders to hold a bad as the main composed. I'm gonna buy this article for you I know you're on his great read the book I did his fingers that's I just think you this way whenever they get it has at -- -- maybe the better phrases reaction times can they tell us. This you have to have yes -- tested reaction times and Albert Pujols doesn't -- -- -- is that better hand eye coordination. Or reaction time than the average person -- he doesn't and they tested the majority of major league baseball players and in this book he said. They don't major league baseball players don't have anything that stands out. For -- reactions standpoint. That's any different than any average person. What they excel -- and the difference between them and the average person. Is -- ability to -- up the baseball yet early on really early and the read and what they showed was they had -- things yes it's awful easy to admit and they couldn't -- defense usually pitching sixty miles and now Korea and the reason for that was because they weren't able. The today's -- to her style warnings style and they hadn't seen it councillor Adam practice that they capture they would figure out how it went that was. That point -- -- how they reasons the greatest in her pool most of the time. As the study example in talking about. How he he bit yes so many at -- -- growing up baseball -- that he gets to a point where you can see a hand in how autonomy and reads the tricky reads it it's at least we have them think about I just had nothing to do it re Jackson time it has to do with. All Ryan says he obviously yet and with things she comes in he has no idea what to do. -- yet cannot bite and I know I'm really not buying that whatsoever reaction time is is important basement I was not -- abided that's that's it's it's a con. Create study I'm not saying that you can't take us on the guy in you throw in ten soft balls he's never gonna -- -- -- easy it you know it. His memory in his ability to pick it up is far more exceptional than everybody else because everybody grows up playing baseball RT ball. But only certain -- continue to -- have success like a big league based on what that was their point and I don't disagree with that whatsoever that doesn't that doesn't change the argument for me that that this is not -- I'm not trying to change -- yeah telling what the book was -- -- that that makes little more sentencing hand eye coordination has nothing to do with it but all familiar there's nothing anybody can -- don't change my mind is hitting -- baseball's part I still think field -- taking is a sneaky good one. Because no -- ABC you're let me let me throw this to not a you can hit and -- let me throw this do you go OK I give him the three of us we go out and I give you a month and a half I did just six weeks ago I practiced kicking field as you do nothing every -- the kicking field goals and I give -- six weeks. To go out there and go to the batting cages and learn how to hit and I throw you when an NFL gave me take a thirty yard field more I throw you into a baseball game to here are gonna -- straight. -- our life -- -- based usually throw a curve or whenever a Major League Baseball pitcher or kicking a thirty. Our field goal and whether inclement has a big deal of it existing -- would you like your chances to do better wreck hitting a ball. If you're gonna give -- thirty yards dirt out. You put me on the right hash -- there's no better athletes in baseball player on the island like how to do with god has nothing to do you similar harder kickers you said what's harder talking about -- man I'd rather are not athletes retire and -- kicker I'd rather face -- baseball player cannot discuss throw that out there really early and I might get life. I take that ball in the rain and on the right hash tag with guys coming at me now I think -- right -- -- amateurs can't EU or. Your guy or your judge of how difficult something is -- Think it's hitting is integral to be with little images like shooting is to basketball if it was so tough. There would be one he deems -- -- -- -- on myself are going to be you know. How good their -- -- -- where you fantastic I apologize to listeners out there for these two idiots that I can work with every day. Come on and easy world record immediately I thought yeah it lets you know what you're getting yet you're you're acting like I just to would you -- -- Barack these days away -- I don't think that's not not going there but kicking around for me personal Alex admits getting to a Super Bowl. -- -- They crack me up all right Josh Wilcox in studio next for our windows segment segment. Wind segment segment when the segments and here's -- with. Then towards third and spread -- served up by Buffalo Wild Wings on ESPN's Sports Radio 1080 Beltran. Be up our -- and they got all this back up athletic ability and you probably under the best college football team in the land but two years. And you're also gonna walk out of here with a degree from the University of Notre Dame in this lifetime. I'm glad to prove nothing to nobody except yourself and at the what you've gone through if you haven't done that bind now. It ain't -- never happen. All right every Wednesday at 130. We're gonna have buzz segment that our bonds called win the second. Yet when it's lithium in the game but it's when the segment US WA TM WH you know I -- yeah well. What. Like Danielle and Whitney minority education in then -- it is our. Football insider Josh Wilcox CEOs to show what dusty it's called the football show on Thursdays from 78. And covering the ducks in the beavers for us. -- we I had right Abraham on earlier for Josh shot obviously got ties to USC was your brother but if you -- player. And this kid can of the Josh if you're Josh are you are in that position or close on the team. How would you kind of be handling that situation right now why. Right now as you look at it in I mean it's all subjective in night I'm not gonna read everything on Twitter and believe in Milan. You know the coaches took this kid who had high character and I haven't heard one bad thing about him ever. I actually talked to a guy who's -- -- -- -- today and same thing was like Kate his character so give what's going on down there and then. You look at sought after his teammate you probably surprised by this whole thing but the problem is a problem because yeah I understand you get your -- -- Fresno. But all the coaches this -- -- -- wanna get their game and anyone get ready go on to the players want to play. So all this and you're -- LA. Deposits are certainly he's yeah yeah you know yesterday. Coaches are preparing they walked downstairs and it's inside edition Shellee Smith did his game and he thought patterns and Monday -- playing Fresno state. So the story that it become -- -- it's kind of believable. Was first -- -- guy jumps up and executed now it's unbelievable it's not true and -- that's only as early it's sad either way it's Saturday if he had a lie. It if you like today coached anyone believe a guy that's what you are lighting guy went to twice. This slippery -- 00 credibility if there's been like to watch it twice -- the money you know that how much -- ever exactly and then if if it's. Turns out to be true it's sad that the character assassination -- social. When that's that's kind of -- Els wanted to as -- -- -- or you know I was in the NFL career. How crazy is it to you look at as a former -- when you look at and you say we've reached a point. Where a kid any just sprained his ankle is my biggest problem and it's just a sprain I was gonna be out probably two games he'll be back. But instead we can't just let a story does whatever he lied lied we have to dig through every single thing that we hear from athletes and almost is like we've reached a point. Whereupon an athlete I had no idea why people don't wanna talk to me anymore because all they want they wanna get the -- and they wanna gain publicity for themselves absolutely I talked to about a -- teammates -- -- was appear from a similar Wilcox -- a little -- I would not play right now yeah I thought I love the sport I love everything about it but on the other stuff and. What you should expect this but you don't dictate they be ready for this is it if it now and you -- eighteen or nineteen is ready for obvious for 22021. You know north -- forty and still not ready for yeah thank you really look at that well they should know initiative that's really. You want to you've been in that spot for yourself hughes' and I -- -- -- been -- that hasn't let you know I had the same time that's the world we live NC got to kind of give and take go with it and that's what you know that turns into a story but I'm sure they're ready to play presence. Well let's shift gears organ and we we've heard all offseason Royce Freeman Royce Freeman adds that the main story that we feared out of her at a camp and you look at this this triple headed monster in the backfield Dorgan is something needs to be one of the best running back just. Ian triplets that we see in a long time down there this Kagan be the real deal absolutely I'm -- and I've seen with my own eyes on. Yeah okay -- will blow the lid off of that but yet it if you played there you go through a process to get it -- coaches invite you to practice to probably gonna go up. I took full advantage of that and watch this kid in Mumbai and everything was in that everybody -- when Gary Campbell comes out and doesn't. On you know top -- about a guy in completely praises impact is on the dirt Campbell's one a -- and -- -- Gary Campbell and we coaches this I say Royce Freeman and give me. One word combined in the kids out there and we can we cannot talk about stats are victims of those things. His character that was away with the football player worried about this team there's a great article. And it might have been Jason quick and I think it was he wrote an article was about it how he praises. Is his family religion yeah teammates obviously first and himself and that's that's unheard of in this age of five star it's all about me. This kid wants to wanted to be in -- conduct. And he's been there and everything you ask and don't forget I mean you got a special teams and from what I've heard and what I saw a little bit -- he loves special teams on it sounds like him in the last guy just Wilcox joining us here in the last sounds like the last time the -- we heard -- about was marks Mario -- got at the same hype around it. -- -- -- glad to report when you tell you yes guys you had hit. When he got in the system yeah. Right yeah because when he came in -- -- he's a 123 -- quarterback that's what everybody does -- restart do you have for SARS is not going to be very good knowing what you offer you know what. Stars go away when you step on campus -- I don't give a crap. If he's a 50103. If you can play for the university or did he can play for the University of Oregon. But yeah I Mario does think I think it was Joey Harrington yeah that's a registered. Everybody got a problem yes -- a Mario you -- see Mario it. Royce Freeman a book baskets he's I saw him yeah physically he passes the physical -- what does -- remind you of Jonathan Stewart. -- time for the Johns well I mean you know fantastic and it's very it's an incredible -- you know I don't think it's tall I didn't see really much breakaway speed physically -- -- feels as teachers and I'm not talk about medium you just hit I think you have you -- -- -- Marshall Mario do we know humble he is but is the situation with if he can do things the right way the first couple weeks and live up to all of that we've heard. He kind of emerges -- the feature back to -- you find other ways user you'd think -- generally gonna use a three headed -- well I mean you you have that many weapons the backfield and use of you know bright and so indeed have to get as many hits the take away hits from guys that you guys in the back field. You know what you do also what -- gross talking about who they can throw to. Given mobile cornerback if three guys in the backfield can actually catch about the fact that doesn't that put a mismatch on linebacker trying to. When you're always creating mismatches -- its office put him in space -- one vs -- will linebacker. It's gonna cover Royce Freeman -- Obama's diner food or Marshall out of the backfield. I think that everyday wouldn't yeah absolutely you got says South Dakota this weekend obviously going to be able lots to be a -- probably early. But when you watch a game like this against South Dakota I know there's a lot of young guys in the two deep we saw that was released yesterday. What do you what do you look for that you look for the young guys to step up BC of the reserves -- playing in the second half we keep an -- for -- gimmick as we -- is going to be -- -- teams is the first one because that's gonna carry some war I mean you know there are -- -- -- -- I think maybe one of the most important refreshed and people laughed a -- -- can't -- as a punt team as the most important special team. And if your plate -- against Stanford UCLA is not ready to go. You got your press room there what's gonna happen in their Stevie thought -- special teams so important. Absolutely see these guys play see how the energy is they treaty we have fundamental good football. It is scored she -- you're -- three should win this football advocate out there don't get anybody hurt and receiver wise I wanna see who the receipt restarted the running good routes and not so much if you have a great pass. Can't DeVon -- be that -- to -- him go -- great track speed does that equate to great football speeding getting up the line of scrimmage when everybody else and just welcome to our guests are so you tweet this out of our hard knocks last night because they had. At the start of it. Just eight is an update just -- -- -- in the specialty area to tell nothing NSA story of the worst timing. He'd shoot out with the worst you've ever denies that he wore a rich Brooks made Iowa. And I mean I had a cup from Ditka but he spit -- and cigars yet but bombs in their. I coach Brooks who watches those teams I was on my team and I got. Destroyed by guy the islanders take you farther back I literally was sitting in my chaired by the end -- -- I was almost completely slid down. And I think yeah yeah yeah oh yeah having or not it's like our. And find them -- bind I'm like I'm -- I'm horrible you know the whole media group as you just like stopped the plane hit it also -- he'd ever seen a guy chewed out. Little boy -- Dick hats and fiery ones. English -- cry. Close to it come on their -- -- -- oh yeah I mean you don't wanna be -- that player coach and but yeah IE Brooks had a couple I mean there's guys that course now. The only guy -- know you know what was mean that absolutely yeah those things are for real and as I can can equate it to that's the business experience of playing in the NFL or pulling out. We did this the same right before you got and people detectors you wanna know. And maybe you have an easy answer here because you've played football we give you five months to train we just go to batting cage hit ninety mile an hour fastballs. Or you have 65 months did to keep a thirty yard field goal your foot -- a live game situation in the MLB in the NFL. What would you rather if you kick a thirty yard field wanna game I'd rather kick if you didn't face a fastball absolutely -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Stay at 130 just going to be joining us on some of the bigger weeks next week we'll have an in studio here for a half an hour he's going to be on all the shows his or football insider great stuff just. Thank you for joining us we'll see you -- next we'll see other couple looked at seven. On Thursday we'll see you next week here on the show at 130 looking ahead to Michigan State so what they -- -- enjoyed it always may keep up the good work guys we will see you at 130 next week next Wednesday at 130 all right Kevin Love and his owner his former owner went after him. Why do owners continue to do these. To their former -- to discuss that next you're listening to get tortured -- served up by. The -- threatened at all. Vince is college kicked off week -- Danforth dirt and Sprague brought to you by Ron -- diets on ESPN's Sports Radio to an -- vote. Everybody. Any missing in our interview when it's. Or conversation that wasn't really in his conversation with Josh Wilcox -- football insider. It's a -- to standup comedy in every Wednesday at 133 could find doctors are winning the segments. Segments. So we're going to be editing that every day you know 13. And. The election gets the points it would be something to preview. Yes is how could say it when you want us to get from Matt you again but next week I'm looking forward to that Michigan State it'll be fun I was gonna ask him like his feelings doesn't. We all root for the northwest teams we're gonna reinstate I want to ask his feelings of the duck fan what are your expectations. We can just do that after South Dakota -- -- -- -- and now you also for the Oregon State Beavers Alexander Crawford and Brandon sprayed will be doing -- hi -- Paulo. You know. Doing a pot to a firm I was getting handed the -- this year -- -- -- last year and he wanted to do it means I tournament would February beaver fan act done. And -- Yeah. An entity -- and Twitter handles where they'll tweet up that -- -- in your beer can get stuff from both those guys they're really close to the program know a lot. About Oregon State are they bring him back more chainsaw this year I don't think they're doing the more chainsaw guy. Picture I think that -- the council that -- and -- and -- if you like this is a system -- -- idea that goodness they have -- new song that we -- do we need to come up with -- thanks -- dollar question and I'll tell you what you -- find out on Saturday you're gonna find out today when -- to -- up by Afghan. Cool looking at -- Wow Minnesota team that's been -- early -- -- in my -- out of a little in Canada at a fast lap was commenting on my entire earlier today and I used to admire -- always instead you looked in -- obvious grab this morning and ecology is scrappy kind of three and it just immediately under the bus that was the first thing he says he walks -- he always comes back to the more he's got a couple copy it boys radio days -- hasn't gone. First thing that has not not a hey how's it going is who dresses. The let loans to low coming in -- sorry I had to. Trouble sleeping lately so glad I did not look at it no answer zoo is that you shaved -- -- you've missed a little spot. Birds I tried to do with Stanford commercials morning and fell flat at all and I I supported -- -- worth and I know when you're having a rough days and trying to poke too much. Stanford -- was pretty -- here. Minnesota Timberwolves owner Glen Taylor. On ten a month. The only thing that lives they'll have a question mark about it will be as hell and I -- and that -- and I know that concerns in Cleveland's. Does he keep yourself because this guy until well by the contract I'm thinking about. That's so that's a big contract and a guy that had some. Panthers this. He continues at the tee shot. I think guys around a couple of guys that awful good and I'm not saying that Kevin isn't good but I think. Where maybe he got away with some stuff not playing defense and our team. I'm not sure that I think I'll let -- work in Cleveland side I would guess that they're gonna ask him of playing hard defense and -- -- NBC's -- -- That's not be nice little jab at the and -- by the waist up front. And he concludes his little rant witness. I questioned -- That this is going to be the best deal for him because I think he's going to be that type of player -- -- I don't think he's going to be a lot of credit if they do really well. I think you'll get the blame if they don't go anywhere. Minnesota Timberwolves owner Glen Taylor you've got to be cute animal lovers why didn't quit worrying about me focus on your own team. That's and that's a perfect thing to say you're Kevin let it we're not I don't owners continue to do I mean I I owners in -- Snyder -- you have some jackass on Gilbert did this after -- -- as -- -- an -- he let this is a little different though and I'm not really sure what you have to be bitter about if you're Minnesota this is a perfect scenario. -- -- another superstar that is gotten this hall and returned to his left Carmelo Anthony know Dwight Howard no LeBron James and he Regina Cleveland now. All these big time superstars a jump from team to team -- happened last couple years. You didn't get this kind of return you've just got the number one pick and gotten a lot of people look at and say that's a can't miss products may -- it's gonna turn into a top NBA player and a couple years of age you wigand's. What do you have -- -- Thaddeus Young don't forget about Thaddeus Young is up. What you have to be bitter about your I don't understand where this is coming this makes you look like you were just an old bitter idiot I don't know what he's so upset. Well when you're when -- hundred millionaire your billionaire dirt you go to your whole life not used to -- -- don't get a lot of -- there people are saying EST a lot when you get a superstar players says. Screw your franchise in your city I want out you're not going to. Some of these guys they don't take it the right way I like some of the things he touched on there not the right time to say those things. But he comes off as a and you hired former or don't mean columnist David -- to be your GM for five years and he drafted Jonny Flynn. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- IE I understand frustration I've been there everybody's been there where you just one of them that your old employer you -- him little piece of your mind or somebody that you think. Maybe did you wrong in some sort of -- you wanna give them the peace in your mind. You gotta be better I mean this is there's no other way to say just got to be better you got to rise above you're the owner there the player. Rise above and I always say this the best form of trash talk or revenge. Is scoreboard yet and if Kevin Love did you at the scoreboard. It's did what he -- sent over there and not on our way they are plenty of examples of. And as -- that guy went to four straight is yet to -- -- hang knickers down you know had three of the four number one overall picks during his tenure Miami you look like Canadian seeds any it to mean this is an exciting opportunity for Minnesota it sounds stupid to say that he's a lose some like Kevin Love. For sure Wiggins becomes Kevin Durant -- some people really do believe he has an ability. If he does you look at eagle I got a better player than to have eleven -- and you and I had to -- this year know when you gotta -- can carry a team I mean Kevin public power -- we talk about this all the time at the markets -- look at -- game he's gonna be a great -- LeBron James can be good -- Cleveland. But it you know three headed monster fuel in Cleveland. Powerful words can't carry -- -- Italy April by the way too easy he's injury we'll delete his wrists hurt he's got foul trouble the Reyes is saying Michael an accent that's. Hispanic. -- you as your shark now highlighting bacon and football. Oh yeah oh yeah I mean am I do I miss that -- still more difficult to kick a field goal each. Tina -- that was a -- person -- he likes football. He played football that was that wasn't very well set up quite -- -- it was a perfectly senate probably practiced taking -- else feel this is. -- he's used. Thirty yards -- let me -- available for. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I I why won't practice at all and I will -- in the -- -- hit 195 mile an hour fastball how you -- try to give you one you get don't want ditch know how many chances I get to kick the committee if you want. -- -- is that of course I'll make one you give me ask you alerts you may find out there for five hours ticket and get -- five -- -- guy is 95 or without ninety's I nicely writing policies but I hit ninety pretty easily. Final hour of the radio program is now. -- Back after this on the standardized.

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