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Danforth, Dirt & Sprague 8.27.14 Hr1

Aug 27, 2014|

The guys talk about Josh Gordon's year long suspension, the public image of Russell Wilson & Colin Kaepernick. Ryan Abraham of uscfootball.com joins them at 12:45.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We total effect lunch meat on them them them them them. It's time to do -- the Big -- them. I smell a football is a mere. This is a college kicked off -- -- -- -- Danforth dirt and spray brought to you by Ron -- -- Portland in Vancouver's number one brand dealer college golf week on Danforth dirt and -- on ESPN's Sports Radio -- be okay. Even then. This is the last -- you can refer to us as DN fourth dirty and Sprague and the reason for that is tomorrow. We'll be known as world record holders I did I ordered its regularly when he injured doctorate he can't just call somebody professor anymore got a call out doctor. Yet that's what we're gonna be world record holders tomorrow this is -- A part of our effort and I was allowed in now really views its client. But ultimately I would suck to be really cool Libyan college graduation and be one of the guys it's the Ph.D. and get the W warnings tonight so I'm pretty active tiny little vacuum class reunions at some point and say. Got myself a world record for you fancy football what did you do -- yourself for the last twenty years I noticed travel the world and set world records no big deal. That you are coming to the draft party tonight we're looking forward to it -- -- district Buffalo Wild Wings at 7 o'clock I believe we've got a couple spots open to you if you're still interest just yet these companies opened up. We -- we had a league get backed out today so you are a fantasy -- disinterested in join an -- got a text draft a five -- -- five and you obviously got to make sure everybody can make it tonight for -- 7 o'clock draft but -- last minute if you're still looking to get involved and then go ahead and and sign up -- -- And if you can't be your whole league and your single out there that wants to pair up paying it we gateway -- -- ten. Ten. We'll put you together and make another early we have an executive who is a busy was -- meetings and doing some stuff that's going to be. CNN's -- and headed to the draft tonight but he can't make it. -- -- makes for the start it's going to be a little late as exactly right so the dedication that people are showing just don't just to be involved in the world record the dedication of people are from putting forward. He's sending somebody else in his place. To occupy that position somebody that has never played -- -- a couple -- Could it could work out bad at this particular person. Takes a kick. Her yeah I'm a little worried I really like receiver look this is pretty this is pretty bad ass is plain and simply that you somebody's sending an assistant to come to a draft that that is just awesome that shows the dedication of people are willing to have to have a good fantasy roster and hopefully is there after the first or second brownies and one of our. RP one leagues but there's a lot of pressure on that proxy there -- you screw that up for the first couple rounds that's he might be looking for a new job sometimes -- now is that a fireball offense if she takes. If he's taking it seriously enough to send a proxy to draft for him then yes I would say that's a fire -- offense to screw up this issue -- like a linebacker somehow now -- -- I -- -- I wonder what kind of information he's given her now is -- -- like a stack of papers with rankings is he ranked -- position to see what the big -- in -- -- because here's a diesel because -- the draft order is is randomly determined an hour before the draft so we don't know where his -- going to be we don't know -- could be -- So there can be a whole plethora of players available depending on where his pitches. And no -- to one of the sales woman back in need dump area. She said she's gonna bring a lot of her single friends tonight because perfect place yes you can find singled -- a 6200 single men drinking beer talking football I don't. Good luck to those ladies by the way because we got to single guys on this show and I'm not wanted to exactly and -- going to be shocker in there and gaga lands tonight on line behind her dance -- -- get some elbows and if anybody gets in our way and I we got a good show lined up for you today. So after Josh Gordon he's going to miss the entire 2014. Season the NFL upheld the Cleveland Browns start suspension. Part of the violation of the league's substance abuse policy. The NFL just -- continues to take some hits from from that its fans and media members and everybody alike. Coming is basically saying we've got to be kidding me here. A year is ridiculous he should have had his appeal most people by his appeal would be -- -- back to maybe eight games. Possibly six not a lot of people -- BA year. For the -- substance abuse policy but he let's also note we're sticking with this and they upheld the suspension. And look I don't blame them at all I really don't I -- the people that are coming out today and blaming the NFL and saying this is you know when you you can't smoke weed anymore -- are we doing these kind of suspensions for drug -- and -- Ray Rice on the got two games. Ultimately I understand it doesn't seem little unfair that Ray Rice only got two games yes I get that but these are all different cases they -- the art whatever the NFL does in this situation it's going to be a lose lose. If they cut it down eight games I guarantee there would still be people out there saying while smoking weed is worse and beating rot in beating your wife that -- always get to get that conversation. The players are now making that conversation happened insane while a helmet to helmet hit is worse than what Ray Rice did so that's always going to be a topic of conversation I just I look at Josh Gordon. And I asked the question when does personal responsibility come into play here wet at at what point does somebody grow up. And stop smoking -- with especially when you know the NFL is targeting -- I mean how many times now is Josh Gordon got in trouble even going back to his days at Baylor where he was kicked out. How many times is this guy got the red slacks and gotten warnings and said hey you need to slowdown he can't do this Haiti is that on he can't do this and did he just continued his -- -- you on the did you whatever I want and that's -- I really don't feel any sympathy form now what I -- preferred an eight game suspension yes I would have preferred an eight game suspension. But if you're the NFL here you have a multiple offender a guy that just puts you the birdie every time you suspend him and says I'm gonna keep -- -- wanna do you. At some point he has to look himself in the mirror and say what's more important. You wanna go the Ricky Williams wrapped I don't blame you -- do what you wanna say look this is a I think I've not been in a football I just wanna go -- -- smoke we'd go to the Ricky Williams saying I won't think any less of you for. But if you wanna be a football player you wanna be that that quote unquote top wide receiver that people think you are in the lead. You have to have personal responsibility look yourself in the mirror and stop smoking -- because you're killing your organization. -- now I want to the next step for Josh Gordon -- the suspensions and upheld it's part of the CBA negotiations in drug violations and how many times you violate -- -- -- be suspended X amount of times. When people bring up the in the Ray Rice incident it's completely ridiculous because that's not in the CB agreement right now that's something that can be. And negotiated in the next turn -- talks but right now it's not so Josh corn gets his violation because is is something the more established. I worry about Josh Gordon for a year. What is Josh Gordon gonna do is he going to be able to find help are people gonna reach out to him and try to keep his life in org this is somebody this goes back to high school with him a lot of people talked about his substance abuse stuff without call with we'd. This started in high school he's been a stud athlete. And we've seen it time and time again whether our own on -- and all our own high schools. Are hearing stories of other high schools. When you worry stud athlete you start and high school level you are treated like royalty nobody will tell you're doing some wrong. That clearly seems to be the case would Josh Gordon heeding the message in high school he -- get -- -- -- Baylor when he had to leave he got drafted the supplemental draft he didn't get it you know -- is splendid two games last year. This is a guy that needs somebody to reach out whether it's -- Jim Brown a mentor like that somebody who's an NFL legend Chris Carter had a series of us are tied his career there needs to reach out to Josh scored and that's right where -- -- it's not about NFL suspending him for a year. That's there's no story there people you now raised only want. That's part of the negotiations the players union agreed to these suspensions to agreed to the punishment for testing positive for drugs. I'm looking -- Josh Cornell the player I love watching that guy play. But when you have a troubled life and we know this from Robin Williams and what he did a couple weeks ago. You need somebody out there to reach out and say what can I do to help you what's a way that we can correct the mistakes and correct the addiction and try to help you break away from this so you can continue your career and continued. Have success there is a double standard here one that I don't necessarily have a problem with -- at one of the reasons we care about Josh -- so much is because he's a good player because he's talented guy. He wasn't a talented guy this wouldn't be as big if he's going to talk to guy he would have been cut release and out of league two years ago you're exactly right along time he's only 23 years old which is amazing to think about Italy 43. And had a level of success that he had in the first couple years in the NFL so yes he's he's very talented he's very successful on the field. But getting us back to a double standard that the NFL has and I don't know so we have a problem with him but it does exist. And so when it doesn't work out that double standard doesn't work out from the player. It has stated he can't cry Fallon sale that boo -- the NFL is is coming down to too harsh on and Josh Horton hears like the double standard exists because. It has benefited him this far as he said he should about illegal long time ago he's lucky it's only you won against it and that's how this story should be viewed. I Anderson like I understand his appeal not being held up and help -- Cleveland's upset about that and even Gordon can say now I thought it would be reduced in most people did. But you -- -- and look at it another way and say I'm lucky that it's only year. Get somebody in my life. Help me out then and he's got to accept a -- responsibility. You come back and leave your 24 years old he got another ten year career as a wide receiver and flourish and be great in the NFL it lights out over 23. He's got to get some help that double standard. Has helped him and he is lucky that it's only a year in that the appeal. That he's not -- the killing happened but he's lucky to still be in the lead. One it's not even guarantee that he'll be back in here now my my hunch would be that Roger Goodell will allow him back like -- just rocketed up zero up this year exactly stays clean for the year he'll be OK but. There's still the process of Roger Goodell he was taken appeal looking into the one year he'll review Josh Gordon and what he -- in the citizen and he was off the field. And he could make the call to say you know what not good enough you're gonna stay away from the NFL longer this can be long there one year suspension. And people looking at the NFL to me it's not the right person to be looking to. I can see yet you send a bad message with some your players in the punishment that you give them and saying OK it's only this amount of time for what you did. But you do get to a point with what -- was saying. Where it needs to be accountability. And taking responsibility for your actions and you start looking in the -- if a kid gets in school suspension the school's gonna do everything it can't correct that kid's behavior if you did you spend a year you get expelled from school. Guess with a -- -- you lost your hands of you and good ratings good luck to your life let your parents let your friends with somebody else take -- you there's only so many things the NFL can do. At some point we need to stop blaming the league and need to start looking at the players that are that they're responsible for their own actions saying what can you do to correct these mistakes. And in the other problem -- your -- could get in I'd I'd like to say I disagree with -- -- urology and get people -- cannot say hey -- week who -- -- is not that big of a deal it's legal in Colorado it's -- Washington is probably need to be legal here in November and ultimately look I understand where you're coming from if you're living your day to day life and you wanna go home after work in -- whatever you whatever you want I don't -- -- -- you -- the privacy of your own home. But when your situation like this -- -- organization is depending on this led the NFL in receiving it in receiving yards last year. He is an absolute stud Josh Gordon is a make or break got for this team and we've been talking about Cleveland for John -- n.'s -- all the wrong reasons this offseason. But you take it off what just happened to Cleveland's chances -- -- you let Sony battery down in that organization wants him Brian -- means now -- definitely -- -- -- -- -- -- that's -- -- -- but at -- -- it's -- -- -- -- I enjoy on the weekends going out having a few Beers with some friends I do I let some steam off on a Friday or Saturday night. But it got to a point where this company came to me it's an eight or you can't do that you more worried about you we don't would you go -- -- to tell you about -- yet and I have to sell. Easy but easy to 45. I would say OK fine you've got it up and do whatever I needed it because I love what I do and I wouldn't wanna let you guys down because of I screwed up that it would be to be a chilling look at just would be to say without me here we are now that we're veterinary medicine now that's now -- -- And that's what that's the that's the personal responsibility that I talk about don't if I'm in that locker room if I'm a Cleveland Browns player right now I reach out to Josh Gordon I say what the hell is your problem man. You route for the entire season we had a chance of maybe when in eight games. May be pushing for a wild card spot -- just went out the window thinks do you when you being in just making stupid decisions -- Abraham is gonna. Join the show two days of inside Detroit got to be at 1245. That conversation wanna get update on the Josh shot. And Arnold want what we call on this story isn't debacle. Is that a sign -- The shot shot gates Josh thank. That's got some serious potential arm growing shank me and meeting killing you try to one up you try to -- manager and was Shawshank redemption -- -- -- -- -- intervention yeah -- -- There is an amazing difference between Colin -- predict and Russell Wilson and that was on full display in a Sports Illustrated cover today. Where are you guys with the image of Colin -- nick mrs. Russell Wilson that's next you're listening. Today a portrait as break served up by B dubs on 1080 the fan. Yeah. This is college kids don't win. And force there and spray rock -- by Brian -- dies on ESPN sports ready to Canadian open. All. That. -- calling you out there seeing tackling too much about golf to talk about quote unquote real sports. How. Well we did that thing -- -- -- little -- -- when you're out spring we have is graphic. When -- -- all their users to list what's. The sport and what's not a sport I heard about this story and see the list and it was bruised pretty seamless cheerleading was pretty far down. You cheerleading by the way there's been on there's a lot of the -- will defend cheerleading to I was doing them. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And we all you played doubles late doubles you lazy when asked her single you really want me going to wisely doubles you only know three spots -- singles and high school teams are you one of the three best tennis players in high school I wasn't on -- -- -- -- is is -- this. Their last. It has brought down there that's not a bear the and I it will matter to. You want to -- the amount of community college first. -- -- -- -- -- and I end up at three story. I apologize tennis guided me to have it. Right Abraham of inside Troy it's 1245 to update us on the Josh shot story saarc spoke to the media earlier today. -- up with previewed take a look at the US the season coming up. Think there's a there's it -- idiot debate and they're always gonna be linked together whether it would it's Colin jeopardy and Russell Wilson for obvious reasons. And the best Sports Illustrated NFL preview was released today with covers. And every single cover has you know in at the division rivals it's cutting is Cutler and Stafford. And there's Matt Ryan and Drew Brees on the air. And then they you've got Colin cabernet in Russell Wilson and in this Sports Illustrated picture which we've all tweeted out to see that the media show on Twitter. Russell Wilson has -- pads on shirt he's got the rim protector. And -- cap predict. As a shirt off easy Elvis tattoos which by the way has been -- far too many times today. I seem like nineteen -- Colin -- an X on my Twitter time you're -- you tweet specifically in the Indian for you and he's got his pads on so. -- -- And I think the question is where is Colin -- Nick's image right now. Two NFL fans compared to Russell Wilson and where are you with like with the image of Holland happening right now 55305. The -- to detect this is -- conversation to have a kind of fired us up a little bit obviously Danforth is he likes the -- -- likes to -- the forty -- bear little BBA's -- -- CI cat today and -- and asked him who who addresses the media will because meander like the -- and I -- no -- mean that we're a great city where you can take any -- you wind. And right now C docs are the favorite amongst a lot of people because they just on this who rule they've had success. But the quarterback conversation is interesting because there seems to be this idea. That a quarterback pass to be a certain way. Handle himself a certain way otherwise he's not capable leading eighteen Howard did this forever he's honest he's only -- of quarterbacks can't Wear backwards hat yet got an -- -- I absolutely disagree with how old that -- the view and the fundamental belief system is with a quarterback and how they act and dress. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- A 64 guy white black whatever is races. He has to Wear a tie he has to speak properly his hair has to be calmed a certain way and I I don't understand if the guy is good. Who gives a crap what he looks like -- critics had success in the two years and he's been a starting quarterback. Who cares that he has tattoos and wears a backwards that. I don't like to backwards -- look but it works for him and that's who he is that's the personality of a player everybody else on the team it's a personality except a quarterback. Look I I need we've had this conversation a lot to the tenure of the show we have had a lot of calling Kapanen vs Russell Wilson debates mainly centered around. Discount the stereotypes that exist for both guys you know and I remember we talked about this going in the last season where. You can't happen it was cut out to a lot of interviews -- it was the year after he was in the Super -- the offseason after -- loss of the ravens and he was a big deal he was doing interviews all sorts of articles about and he was a featured guy the entire offseason. And we -- the conversation and you look at Colin cap credit and you look at a guy who it seems like he was out all offseason have a good time enjoying his status. And what did you think about Russell Wilson you thought that's a guy that spent the entire offseason sitting at a film room going over what defense is -- you wouldn't. Adjustments that he can make him -- he can improve whether that's fair or not that's this is stereotype that exists around these two guys and we always talk on the show about stereotypes about certain quarterbacks in -- cabinet. Patsy that stereotype and I've got -- him occasionally. For somebody attire that he's warning about him was at the -- was yes -- -- was the last one he we're like skin tight leather pants and backward -- And then Russell Wilson goes up there and he's got a nice classy look ensued on. You're taught and get a kidney class it up just a little bit so 95%. Of the time I agree with you media for their on the same side this -- property leads to more he just needs to be more vigilant about his image of what people think about whether it's fair or not. He has to deal with that Russell Wilson does not have to do attack. But in terms of the Sports Illustrated with his shirt being off. I could care less I really could if I got a six back -- a body like that I would walk around seven days a week twice on Sunday I would never put assured you can meet that guy is caught. It -- this Sports Illustrated people looked at him and say hey we want you to be shirtless on the cover is that gonna be bad for his image -- -- all the other quarterbacks wearing shirts yes. But can't cap critic is a lot more cut and those other guys -- Well somebody calling McConaughey hey of the NFL it was -- usually do as pretty as you can't take that away from him that any everybody fights an image one way or the other. -- fighting image that we get painted a certain way and it drives us crazy him. But there is any and everybody has his fair or not where you get stereotyped and you get you get labeled and this happens all across sports. The brought his label does not clutch. Whether that's fair or not. I think that's a whole other debate. However there are things that are within Colin -- X control if he cares if you see this cover and and I'm not making a huge deal and I just know that. The good people that run these magazines and take these photos know exactly what they're doing and they're trying to compare and contrast. The difference in these two quarterbacks that is why. They're doing the free to cover magazine the way they aren't there trying to show Colin tapper neck and Russell Wilson Russell -- that's right. Ryan joked about it last night on your -- they took his picture and he was he's on a cover of one of these Sports Illustrated as well and somebody asked him why -- you take your shirt off like cap predicted he says have you seen that guy I've not in the CG IU. I am with you 100% Sprague. I don't care personally but I do know that there are a lot of forty niner fans not a lot but I do know there's a lot of NFL fans and perhaps a a contingent of forty niner fans who would like him. To behave a certain way. And whether caught tampering wants to conform to -- denominations had this conversation. And he was last year the year before when he was showing a press conferences with the backwards hat which again I'm not a fan of also I don't care. But they had a conversation down in the Bay Area themselves yet and is it because. Because it goes back to the the end -- thing that we talked about like you can party you could do all you want you can do that that you can do you NB -- Lauren but at some point. There is a reflection of your personality yourself that reflects on everybody and the team will pick it up -- next read a couple of your tax on this the Beaverton toward its acts like. At 55305. Right Abraham of inside Troy Hassan of those at 1245. Here is Joseph -- was sports. -- towards dirt and -- is served up by Buffalo Wild Wings on ESPN's Sports Radio two and eighty of where -- mr. environmental also are a hunter. Senators are saying nomination I hunt quail Jeremy. There overpopulated in this region and decimating the global population got. All of that. Not nearly as much as I do with via. -- they have -- or just your general point of view towards everybody let's go kill two birds on site. Right Abraham inside Troy runs USC football dot com. Great great -- reporter down in LA. How -- those in fifteen minutes to try and explain what is happening with Josh. And the USC football program. What are -- that fifteen minutes and I want to read a couple of your text regarding college happening in Russell Wilson. And that look at I don't know that it's. Well let's reasonably stacks so basically what happened was Sports Illustrated came out with their regional covers. And -- capita was the only quarterback of the eight that had his shirt off and he's right next to Russell Wilson. And he did it on purpose what Scioscia knows exactly what they're doing. And he continues to fight in image battle whether it's fair or not -- to the three of us are in agreement we don't have a problem with his image whatsoever. But there is a contingent of people that do messenger contact pretty yeah aren't the 49ers and call on jeopardy gotta ask yourself. What's my strategy here it's in here a couple of text. It's the type laws that wears suits all day they have the problem make the comments that's the way they dress. So they want everyone else to dress that I could care less how celebrity dresses can tell us how celebrity dresses as long as they don't do an interview. And naked -- careless. Otherwise who cares -- -- says he likes there's not a house that the towns and but yet. Like it or not the NFL has a problem with behavior of their players we see that all off season. And the -- did out of their own way the list goes on and on a non as the dark side of the leak. Did you dress like a person who was stereo typically associated with -- being in trouble. Then you're going to get -- -- how does attorneys dress according to a stereotype. Most people would probably say African Americans -- your referencing just African Americans in trouble then that's that's the problem that's part of the problem with the image. Concept in how people view that position that's why don't have a problem because I'm not gonna look at somebody and say he's worn backwards had a big chain and they -- That's a thug get some -- gets in trouble because that's a stereotype that is a stereotype that exists in the league and with fans in. And executives. But again that's not something we should be viewing somebody asked and making that judgment if they haven't been in -- the investigation but clearly nothing happened because nothing came of it. We'll look -- ultimately I think the Sports Illustrated cover is a -- point is just a shirtless picture and it's not -- -- -- much of a fuss but these stereotypes clearly do exist and be just Talladega read Texans like -- -- that I do think -- the picture is a -- as a basically -- I'm. It encapsulation of that stereotype seeing it I disagree with you there I agree with -- 99% on everything that Colin Powell and why why take a picture like -- sneak -- Sports Illustrated asked him to do it. Why do sports -- asking because he's cut in -- ripped it has nothing do with his image has nothing to do with his tattoos it has instantly -- all quarterbacks -- I'm sorry they're just they don't look like Colin Colin cap next. Looks like a tight end are you kidding me look at the guy without -- TE is -- be cut and unbelievably ripped it has nothing to do his image or is tattooed in my opinion on people can disagree with that all they want. Contact pretty -- ask himself the question do I care. Do I care what people think about me it's a -- take that we've had this conversation -- joining -- and sell because I said. If you Johnny -- sell it in you're going on your party your take pictures in Vegas you do and all the stuff look at number on the sideline. If you're doing that you get cut you don't -- out the NFL there will be people that say. The reason he didn't banana eating take it seriously enough income cap critics can get the same thing if he is -- going down in his career couple injuries things don't turn out quite as well as he wants him to. There will be people that point to his just a stereotype that surrounds him and say that's why he doesn't eggs that's what you didn't succeed. But he just ask himself if you -- to -- doesn't care he was just to say this is me. I don't care what people think and that's five more power to yet know he will not win the haters over -- woods is suitable. It's the same thing with Eli Manning we talk about these stereotypes of an actual attack Eli Manning was a guy was clutch he could lead a team he wasn't vocal enough happened that day was apathetic you look lethargic he never smiled and what -- He all these negative things rolling around in the boom he beats the seventy you know patriots and what is everybody's -- What great leader -- mainly that I you know as he gets -- gathering to three years later and all of a sudden Eli Manning is in this class and the conversation is one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL. Intel current -- predict what incidents that he beats Russell Wilson and a big game that's always gonna exist for me just always well. I think it because. Cap -- -- in most -- our side by side that's where some of the comparisons are John because I think Wilson is on one side of the spectrum -- -- on the other. And Wilson is that. He's the epitome of a leader he's well spoken he speaks highly of his teammates he's willing to take the blame for the mistakes of the teammates. -- -- doesn't do those things but Wilson is just he's put himself in a leadership position. And yet your -- I think there is a natural. Any inclination. For fans and media to have a good vs evil -- -- that's not -- -- even -- and as I know it's not -- cast our ballot of course this there's an -- but -- -- this is that is the absolute 100% true that is what -- it looks -- the two guys it's -- it may -- it is true I don't know college had to say last year when he threw the pick -- Malcolm Smith -- -- -- it. All make that throw every time that's on me he didn't blame Michael Crabtree was whoever I have watched -- play probably fifty times. Michael Crabtree put himself when he terrible position and had a chance to at least go up with Richard Sherman. Any game and it's almost half inches higher and -- captain herself on the sword -- is an -- -- making about when -- going at you but people that have that thought and that's the difference between because that's a real thing. That's -- ladies -- -- these stupid opinion because if you listen any press conferences with both of them out for me tablet to -- just as much responsibility as Russell Wilson does. It also shows in the -- remember when this stuff broke about Colin cap predicted Miami eighties in the in the hotel room with a girl that was passed out what was the first stop the pop and everybody's mind he raped her he was a -- there's stories cannot -- it -- a girl in Miami. Everybody freaks I don't know contractor it's going to jail what's gonna happen here. And that's not just not simply be the case these are the kind of things it principles and has the stereotype about him that he's a good Christian he's a good teammate does all this up. Nobody focuses on the divorce nobody focuses on any of his flaws but we look at contact critics because of what viewers and that's why I say it's up to him. Because in -- changes that it makes it it's completely unfair it can't happen. But until he changes that image she's always been open open himself up for -- is that up to him or is that up to us is a society of Ghana Catholic starts walking around in suits and ties and you never hear any sort of offseason stuff with him regarding in -- anything in general -- to be over at the course of one or two years is something. How much is that helping Cam Newton he wears a suit every game -- PG helps the -- I think yeah it was Cam Newton is indeed now I think canyons it reputations as he got in Lee was terrible the first year to. He's done a lot to improve his image with the play sixty I don't think people look at him as a demon but not as much as they did I think the first year of the cam knew it was -- aliens of any texting in saying don't compare him to Johnny -- so -- -- comparing them. Might there accomplishments on the field war saying is that it's -- you you represented organization. And he is the larger point here and if Colin tapper nick let it whether or not stereo types are fairway and and -- it's a very very hard to change people's perception. OEU and once your label they certainly we know this firsthand when people label you something is very very hard to escape that and you've got to work extremely hard. Two to overcome that and rise above that. And so there's there's stereotypes for minorities or stereotypes for women their stereotype for. Every different category you wanna put on somebody at some point there's a stereotype or something that existed you have to rise of -- There's also you can pick and choose where you want to. Basically fight your battles and I don't know the clothing is a battle that I would necessarily want to take up I was calling capita. There's the tattoos is something that means a lot to him there's. A lot of professional athletes that have got -- actually first tattoos and I I -- but that's something that I. I would take a stand on -- a Nell I am going to you have to -- to use that's who like him. Clothing is something that I to me personally I would not to keep personal stand. On how I presented myself and that's just me personally -- representing an organization. The NBA had this for a long long time. Where they said guys we've got a class and up and there was a reason for that because they were fighting an image problem wasn't fair. But they wore and they came out of that well because of how they had their players dressed it doesn't take a lot to look nice when your -- multimillion. No it doesn't at all. And and I think the NBA is a good example to use there because they have they've they've escaped that not not for everybody because there's always going to be people to look at the NBA and say these guys are thugs and whatever but. To be what would it when you started to take out a way you start to have suited you start to Wear that kind of stuff day in day out to games that's the kind of set the EC before game. And that's a big impact over the over the length of time. Yeah adds I just let -- and look it's not all it's not completely compare herbal but I do look at things now with people twenties young thirty -- nowadays with text stuff. Tech startup company owners Wear what they Wear crappy T shirts and wrinkled jeans nobody says a word you're the face of a company. And nobody says -- your appraisal franchise suddenly you have to you have to uphold a certain image -- We -- -- and -- backward -- stuff that you -- Israeli Cabinet -- -- hours ago and on that -- now for for a while because he said you know hall of fame you know only is it a coincidence that it also stands -- -- -- for -- idea and people would ask him and you can go look there is a picture of every single quarterback in the national -- won a Super -- with -- -- that's one consumable with their hat on backwards every -- want you name -- writer's hat on backwards Peyton -- how backwards Tom -- hat on backwards. Those are the kind of arguments and I just look at -- it really. We're focusing a look at election year where you cap backwards that means you're not a leader are you kidding me we're -- -- we get to this point. The -- did their dirt -- you'd like to see that photo of the covers we treated not at the as well right Abraham of inside try out some at this next to help us and cover not -- some of this Josh shot story. From yesterday -- Steve Turkey can speak this morning we'll talk to him next -- that he had tortured sprayed onto an eighty the fan back after this. The stuff. This is college and -- we've gotten for a third and -- Rusty I'm I'm talking -- audience and the sports -- -- and eighty program. Welcome back in court -- it's great journey SPN's Sports Radio 1080 the fan before to the airwaves yesterday -- Josh guy story down in. Southern California -- have a strange twist right as we're taking the air that. Maybe there -- story he told about saving his nephew wasn't exactly true. And there's been -- speculation here in the last 24 hours or so to help us with this story is right Abraham act inside Troy on Twitter he's the owner and publisher. A USC football dot com is graded covering. USC Ryan thanks so much for joining the program here again so this morning saarc talked to the media -- any updates on the Josh shot story. Yet not really were fortunate we thought we might get some resolution this morning they kind of got their story straight repellent -- Banesha they're still in a holding pattern right now -- -- his words. Any preparation they get they're trying to gather as much a provision that camp they're putting up to -- proper campus authorities that he doesn't have an -- they wanted to try to talk all about. All and and Howell nobody wanted to be distracted by all the media their productivity 5060 members of the media. Over the camera everywhere biggest reached -- here are never prologue time. Part of the picture -- there's growing talk about Josh aren't really just one of the talk about the current football and present day. Ryan there's a real man anti -- fake girlfriend vibe to this story because of so many different you know store outlets reporting different things. What kind of kid is Josh job before it is a kind of kid was -- to talk to you in you know kind of that those views of him by his teammates and coaches before this happened. Epic that Matt Kutcher -- birds are great parent he is a great -- and in my paper -- the cover on the GB federal. 101. You'd been a leader on the future or Florida five beer. You're gonna -- -- are different the current quarter. Undercurrent that such as -- go to -- a different team. And it -- were already got a kick to open jumped freshmen become occupants under Lang. Just everyone noted that all around good guy so that's why the story was that all the -- it just probably a topic. Like Josh all the do about it question about that. What kind of you know putting into -- what's on that we have ever hear from him yet but. It's weird because -- -- that it a bad apple can you just one other X one of those personality that -- brought -- -- that that's quite a bit lower interest. Brian Abraham joining -- he's the owner and publisher of USC football dot com on Twitter at inside Detroit right that this might be a little bit of an unfair question but that this is kind of a rocky start for cease our keys and down there at USC and and I don't know how -- he would have handled this but when you realize just kind of how he's got about another handing it over to the campus PD. How would you say he's handled this this controversy so far. Antarctica to SharePoint that we talked to athletic director I didn't know about the other day -- the for the jump -- -- that are done all he drank on a quote he correctly Huckabee alumni are. Dealing with the media handled everything that a lot on monitors though. Well done a great job which is really the first kind of pick up. I got -- there -- -- you're at it because it's albeit slower game started the first in the US because -- I don't know what it once we get albeit -- did you appeal the top of your better probably can't go to -- The -- future right now but. They're literally all the equipment back and in my opinion -- -- better -- get just get rid of it now did you pick up. -- what what what happened that we know credible opera or talk about football they're really just try to keep them under wraps because of at the standard wanted to respond. Negatively about I think that's really not the right now but it's hard to tell right now how -- -- -- until we realize what actually. Yes speaking of what actually did happen base of the people that you talked to in kind of and just your general sense about the story do you believe. The initial story that was told about saving his nephew from drowning. Yeah I mean I don't really believe that in its entirety and I've talked a lot of different people about that I got word of that somewhat gone -- -- big article in which our. Board. Broke wide open it would story that was brokered by the university and restrict its rapid. A little bit more bored now where they're trying to beat PR people trying to be journalist it just didn't quite sit right with me get all the people that I talked cured. The fact that perks that you -- going to be a pop on chartered. To meet you very unlikely to want App Store web or on campus altered. The -- modern art thirty -- go to our while the way I prefer that perhaps direct military backed off bill. Part of happen attempt earlier after that it just a likelier happened so I'm hearing about that -- that you referred. They're saying that it's fair and accurate it's -- -- the store where that happened but it happened earlier in the week. I don't pick -- unchartered Nigel there's at least one part of the sport that I'm really not believe right now. A locker Q how they get that story that was more gathered by it it's surged. So. There's been so much stuff on social media specially Twitter following this story appeared Oregon and I believe it was unit said at the LAPD your -- the police. Said they weren't really gonna release sustain what's next in what are we waiting for now to where. This story progresses we find out either he was lying or he was somewhat telling -- the mean there's so many makes things other what are we waiting for next. Trouble ready for surgery and to put that Tibet and not happened yet as far as the -- -- we gonna get separate from Levittown -- Eckerd and internal it confidential sources I talked to -- what -- such public report filed. Archer we're gonna during their authority their -- it's gonna come down to. US Josh Shaw or kind of getting there you know that tablet we have to hear from someone in the family more about that someone had the bigger the stricter -- they -- Q what he's been there. Our department is incidental. -- that would -- the party. How'd that come you know come about how to really -- -- help -- I think -- -- get all the people together. About what Astoria and commodity I -- predicting a couple of orders are -- US should. Right Abraham is our guest at inside Troy onto her phenomenal job covering USC it's USC football dot com is the owner and publisher of that. As well some of these like how does this affect I guess for -- what what kind of timeline are we looking at. Do you think to trying to have this wrapped up on saarc sand and how is that in the impact the first game of the season. -- I mean that's activated wrap up today don't -- notably Carter tried -- -- at -- you are really thought it was going to be Cabrera they wanna try to focus on. The games under our belt there's not more media availability for aka the extra perceives Turkey Demirel to borrow more to talk anymore player. They limited the player Republican -- all be proud today. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They've changed their -- about a little bit what would you circuited that tomorrow but after that you know they've been that will probably not gonna get treatment. Until Saturday that -- on the she'll have been either a sure you're seeing here are starting quarterback. A player you are not state that brought hope all over the field. Like that it does have an impact or that you might -- -- that urgent freshman record door ajar or epic comment that -- -- And get more playing time that he would how would that. I guess is is generally day A week question is a media some and as yet. How the heck did we go 56 months without ever sniffing anything about me anti touting a fake girlfriend that died. But we found out this story in two days. Yeah lobbying I think the difference here at Notre Dame that we know that government media treated that you talked -- haven't you you -- secretary told that story all the all the girlfriend that people are out. Or on our own game there are -- -- that particular about the immediate. Any idea what blogger Hewitt -- Release. That Shatner. -- -- occasion that quote Josh are the what happened and maybe you're about to be here and I think. The fact that you're -- -- you know he's out there and it took an off campus that -- -- gonna miss. About time I think people -- different about. But because that's what I did what -- your story. The traditional without -- good night. Upper lodge or yeah sure I mean. -- -- going to be my object they were gonna be a picnic you'll story about -- on the Euro that it turned a dual while Bob you're good at worst they'll. Yet I think it's different from the met -- could this actually came from the university. Ryan let's shift gears a little bit and talk about the on field product as you mentioned they are starting against Fresno state this weekend in new coaching staff -- down there in LA what what's it what's the conversation where the expectations around this team I mean -- -- revenue coaching staff but. UCLA's just getting love from everybody around the country people talking about them as -- caught the -- playoff team and -- only Heisman candidacy what what what are the expectations around USC this year with the new staff. I don't normally would and figured tapper but the really the expectations are very hard partly because -- or drop a popular figure. While not a great run last geologic that you are well could be helped out by Stanford -- What -- -- -- retired or where and when you went out hired somebody else -- a lot of the expectation going to be hot you're able to win ten games with read what has coach last year it only went 80 after all received income you don't want to coach. I going to be a lot of pressure on their pressure their expectations that you're here are pretty by public organ donor program like that. You want that you'll read -- -- of the matter what the coaching situation that I -- the shape here so it's going to be up on -- that pressure now. To regain their pressure what Josh got to do so he got to keep -- he'd poker that a lot of structure corruption. Brian Abraham of inside at inside Troy on Twitter he's the owner and publisher of USC football dot com check him out on Twitter is a great politic on his website as well. For all things USC did a really good recap of what. They kind of an update on the Josh shot story helping us understand it here as well Ryan thanks so much for the time we appreciate it. Is get -- like granny grammys you go to for US years we've had him on the show a couple of times and and let a lot of those guys are yes they've gotten they've. They run their blogs and they know where their bread is a buttered if you will but he -- doesn't really get information on Josh on it doesn't sound like targeting any kind of resolution. Any time soon on that story. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

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