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Aug 27, 2014|

Ryan Abraham, founder and publisher of uscfootball.com, updates the guys on the Josh Shaw story. He also previews the USC team vs. Fresno St.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Stuff. This is college can we've gotten important audience broke. Rusty I want to die on ESPN Sports Radio Tiffany hello there. Welcome back in court during his break here NE SPN's Sports Radio 1080 the fan before to the airwaves yesterday that Josh shot story down in. Southern California -- have a strange twist right as we're taking the air that maybe there -- story he told about saving his nephew wasn't exactly true. And there's been this -- speculation here in the last 24 hours or so to help us with this story is Ryan Abraham act inside Troy on Twitter he's the owner and publisher. A USC football dot com is great -- covering. USC Ryan thanks so much for joining the program here again so this morning saarc talked to the media -- any updates on the Josh shot story. Yet not really good fortune that we thought we Mike -- -- resolution ordering epic kind of got their story during a telescoping but he ship are still in a holding pattern right now -- -- his words. That there any provision they get they're trying to gather as much a provision that camp they're putting up to. Proper campus authorities that he doesn't have enough that they wanted to try to talk all about. All that and how they want -- to be a distraction but all the media there's productivity due to members of the media. Cameras everywhere the biggest reached even here are never prologue car. -- to the Pete Carroll there's growing talk about Josh aren't really just wanted to talk about the current football and present day. Brian there's a real man anti -- fake girlfriend vibe to this story because of so many different you know store outlets reporting different things. What kind of kid is Josh job before there's -- kind of kid was -- -- do when you know kind of that those views of him by his teammates and coaches before this happened. Got to commit such a comparison there are great there is a great kid is one of my paper where the cover on the street and -- Tribe of adversity you've been a leader on -- -- to transfered from Florida -- five year. He's been -- or that are different at that corner. Under current potential Richard -- and by the team. And it got a prelude to got a kick so they don't freshman become occupants under Lang. Just everyone noted that all around good guy to about why the -- so only owe it to Robert puppet. Like Josh all would do about it question about it. What kind of you know putting into -- -- what's going on here we have ever hear -- him yet but. It's weird because it's Alec isn't a bad apple can you just wanna hurt -- -- -- well personality their logic like that. That's quite a bit lower interest. Brian Abraham joining -- he's the owner and publisher of USC football dot com on Twitter at inside Detroit right that this might be a little bit of an unfair question but that this is kind of a rocky start for cease our keys and down there at USC and and I don't know how else he would have handled this but when you realize just kind of how he's got about another handing it over to the campus PD. How would you say he's handled this this controversy so far. -- on -- SharePoint that we talked to athletic director I didn't know about the other day for the Joshua -- said he. Done all these easy drag on a quote you -- correctly -- talk a -- -- -- Dealing with the media. Handled everything that a lot on my personal. Well done a great job this is really the first count -- out. I got to stay with their accurate at -- because at that -- -- -- games that started the first in the US because tortured. I don't know it it's what we get all the preparation I'll be able to pal you better how -- can't put. He went about future right now but. They're literally all the -- back and in my opinion it is better to get rid of it now -- -- -- -- that's okay. Here's what that would happen that we know we're gonna move -- prepared talk about football they're really just try to keep them under wraps because of that would stand little wanted to respond arguably the tactic that's about the right now but it's hard to tell right now how we can't know until we realize what actually happened. Yes speaking of what actually did happen base of the people that you talked to and kind of and just your general sense about the story do you believe. The initial story that was told about saving his nephew from drowning. Yeah I mean I don't really believe that in its entirety and -- talked a lot of different people about that I got word of that somewhat gone down Wednesday night and we we saw. Cardboard cut out. Brokerage wide open it was a story that was brokered by the university of course that's outfit. A little bit more -- now they're trying to beat PR people trying to -- journalist it's chipped it quite sit right with me get all the people that I talk Hewitt. The fact that perks that you are going to be a -- bill unchartered. To meet you are unlikely that one App Store web or on campus altered the habit of modern -- thirty pop go -- -- while the way. I regret I'm pretty direct military backed -- bill. Part of happen attempt earlier adopters that it is unlikely -- not happened so I'm hearing about that but that you referred. There -- things that -- district and that you're a it's a portrait of the -- where that happened but -- happened earlier in the week. I don't pick up lunch -- our original there's at least one part of the sport that I'm really not believe right now. The locker Q how it is the story it was more the -- by. -- -- -- There's been so much stuff on social media specially Twitter following this story appeared organ and I believe it was unit said at the LAPD your than the police. Said they weren't really gonna release sustain -- what's next in what are we waiting for now aware. This story progresses we find out either he was lying or he was somewhat telling -- the mean there's so many makes things other what are we waiting for next. That we were trying to ready for future you don't have to put that Tibet and not happened yet. Aren't the bleached so we gonna get epic for Mehmet -- -- -- and what internal confidential sources I talked -- -- -- such public report or file. -- archer we're gonna during the authorities there -- so it's really gonna come down to US Josh Shaw and we're kind of getting better you know that tablet we have here problem. So what about family more about that someone had a -- at the center but they -- Q what -- been there. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I think it's -- get all the people together about what the story here and I'd let us now I don't predict -- a couple of voters are now. The US should. Right Abraham is our guest at inside Troy onto -- phenomenal job covering US -- USC football dot com is the owner and publisher of that. As well somebody like how does this affect I guess first -- -- what kind of timeline are we looking at. Do you think to trying to have this wrapped up on saarc sand and has that in impact the first game of the season. Yeah I mean that's activated wrap up today doesn't lead you to believe they're trying to do it anytime -- I really thought it was going to be not -- they wanna try to focus on. The game under our belt there's no more media availability aka the extra perceives Turkey Demirel. All morning talk anymore players they limited the player Republicans talked the whole -- yesterday. Well adapted to talk to her out until they change their kind of a little bit what it would do -- that tomorrow but after that you know they've been -- Will probably market to get treatment. Until Saturday and affecting on the she'll have been either a -- you're seeing your your starting quarterback. Play -- -- -- at that brought hope all over the field. Like that it does have an impact garbage you might -- them. An -- -- freshman -- door ajar or epic -- into action. Get more playing time but it would now where shall -- I guess is is generally day A week question is a media some and as yet. How the heck did we go 56 months without ever sniffing anything about me anti touting a fake girlfriend that died. But we found out this story in two days. Yeah -- mean I think the difference here at Notre Dame that. Oh that's government media treated that you -- haven't you -- you know secretary told the story -- all we're all grown rabbit people are out. All of sport on our own game there are kind of -- that particular about the media didn't have any idea what blogger Hewitt he. Release. That Shatner in the -- on -- the court Josh are the what happened and a great opportunity here I think. Actress or actor turned Turkey out there and to top it off campus that -- faculty gonna miss. About time I think people are given about. But because that's what tied it with -- your story. And you're a traditional -- up here at midnight. There -- a large Gloria sure. There's going to be my object it was going to be a big thank you a story about Jorge Arturo. That turned into wallets or Bob you're good at worst they'll. Yet I think it's different from the -- I took a -- actually came from the university. Ryan let's shift gears a little bit and talk about the on field product as you mentioned they are starting against Fresno state this weekend in new coaching staff -- down there in LA -- -- what's it what's the conversation -- the expectations around this team I -- -- -- -- coaching -- -- UCLA's just getting love from everybody around the country and people talking about them as -- caught the -- playoff team and -- only Heisman candidacy what what what are the expectations around USC this year with the new staff down their. I don't normally with -- -- -- that particularly tapper but the really the expectations are very -- partly because outdoor -- that popular in -- Why not a great run about geologic that you are well would be helped out by Stanford game. People wanted to protect Arctic where when you went out hire somebody else whoever -- Yet actors are going to be hot you're able to win a game -- head coach last year -- went eight and now after all received income you don't want to coach. I -- a lot of pressure that their pressure their expectations that you're here are revived public organ donor program like that. You wanna you wanna win right out of the matter what the coaching situation are the cherry pick here so it's going to be tough on him that structure now. It would have that pressure look at Josh got to sell it got to keep it he'd spoken to that a lot of structure. Brian Abraham of inside at inside Troy on Twitter he's the owner and publisher of USC football dot com check him out on Twitter is a great politic on his website as well. For all things USC did a really good recap of what. They kind of an update on the Josh shot story helping us understand it here as well Ryan thanks so much for the time we appreciate it. It. Is get -- like granny grammys -- you going to for US years we've had him on the show a couple of times and and let a lot of those guys are yes they've gotten they've. They run their blogs and they know where their bread is a buttered if you will but he -- doesn't really get information on Josh on it doesn't sound like they're gonna unique kind of resolution. Anytime soon on that story. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

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