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Danforth, Dirt & Sprague 8.25.14 Hr 3

Aug 25, 2014|

The trio rehash the news and notes of the day from the NFL and the snubbing of Damian Lillard from Team USA.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Whose ball went over a month as the man and a any -- This smell of football to resume here you -- no sun ran it. Here this is a college kick off we condition of Danforth dirt and -- -- by Ron -- dodge partly in Vancouver's number one brand dealer. College kicked off week on Danforth -- spray -- ESPN Sports Radio dent maybe okay yeah. There is -- the butt kicked -- week we're fired up ready to go got a lot of fun stuff for you playing -- football season a lot of good guests and get audio. A lot of ways to keep -- football coverage here on the station. And so let's tackle some of the stories happening in the far right now we'll start off in the NFL. With Sam Bradford being out for the year. With a torn ACL its act. Now -- situation for the old rams yelled look at what they're going to do next. Johnny -- possibility is most likely going to be their back up on Oregon fans are thinking and maybe markets Mario as a new landing spot. But even though Sam Bradford is out for the year. As -- either ram's being that bad. Because they he was out last year and they did okay for themselves with Kellen Clemens as the back up. They've got a good coach they've got a good defense but they do running backs good running backs some good weapons. They're not gonna be that bad or they can pick up Mario the number has topped by -- But it is a blow -- where you look at that division and go and well the what small chance they might have had basically is out the window -- the. I mean look if you're forty niner -- Seahawks again this is good news I mean look it it's the hardest division in football there's not a whole lot of conversation about that. There are a lot of debate about that I should say -- -- you take away at quarterback one of these teams and yet Shaun Hill starting that's good news if you're niner and CI trampling Saint Louis just got a little bit easier but. That is exactly also to look at the situations where they played a numbered -- should've beaten Seattle lot of money Nike in Saint Louis it was fourteen and nine was the final big and he had a couple chances inside the five yard lining Clemens couldn't quite figured out so. They play team stuff as you mentioned with Kellen Clemens as their quarterback last year and in Saint Louis is one of those teams. -- I look at -- -- conversation to him that there more teams should go with the game manager if you will mean you put Alex Smith honesty what Saint -- look like a guy that moves to change it doesn't turn the football over he makes plays with his feet when he needs to. You have a good running game as you mentioned you have some weapons -- in on the outside you have arguably the best defensive line in the NFL one of the top defense is in the entire NFL. This is a team that's ready one piece away -- one piece is a quarterback and to me. I know if your Reyes and this sucks because Sam Bradford number one overall pick never really panned out. We posted something on FaceBook yesterday and and and somebody -- why would you guys suggest this is the end of the line form. They'll get another shot but for the for all the sense of -- is his career is basically over as a starting quarterback. In this league but to me this can be a good thing for Saint Louis if you come out shot -- let me. Maybe he leaves it is 78 wins maybe I don't quite solid and airports and it may eleventh John -- -- -- forty -- flame -- at a handful here's -- -- -- and finds a way to win a lot of games but that was shot hell am I see this -- a five win team. And if -- Saint Louis as I I wanna lose as many games I can't this year you have the pieces in place you just need to do when Iraq. You do in my that you had the defense yet the run game you need some upgrades at the wide receiver position NT loss and you need to continue to develop and Stedman Bailey. You need to continue to develop but there's pieces there I mean this team is ready to pop as long as you have -- court practically moved changed. And that's why look at the situation you look at the draft class QBs coming in next year. This could be a perfect situation if you're -- it was if you're bad enough that -- -- -- might disagree with me but was shot I think they're bad enough. To find their way to a top five pick if you could do that you can claim a highly of Mario and -- was -- -- even a shot immediately the first round bringing their bad enough for top fives that I mean what was -- record last year with -- they were seven and now there's seven and I would Kellen Clemens in San rafter played a handful of those -- literally on a missile. See here's here's the only problem with the argument or what you're saying and I don't think about. Do you wanna force yourself to take one of these quarterbacks if you're only in love with one nobody like you only like mark right Mario right -- taken number one we know this -- spread only when scenario whoever does fall flat he wanted -- just days ago we need a quarterback. Yet because what's the alternative because people are saying look mark Sanchez's name was floated out there with Philly did look you know he's not to get a whole lot of time manager right there he is a game manager like quarterback but how -- is Mark Sanchez could take it is Mark Sanchez the answer in the example that I use and I know they're not quite as bad as this team. But the example I use is Indianapolis look what apple -- Indianapolis they lose Peyton -- for a year. They sucked up they started Kerry Collins who is just absolutely atrocious may have been -- one overall pick -- -- and -- -- who look it was a once in A lifetime prospect but he panned out. Two years in the did you elect in the -- you -- -- Indianapolis he made the playoffs both he. The -- would just look at Saint Louis in what they're doing right now and there's no secret to especially in this division and throughout the league people are looking at San Francisco and Seattle and they say this is how you win championships is is how you get to championships. You have a dominant defense. You have good skill players and you need a quarterback who's not gonna turn the ball or did you just Russell Wilson but yet that would that's where I was kind of thinking in terms in my line of thinking was if you can't get a markets Mario and who you might like the most. He goes from one you have the fifth pick and you're thinking about free agents. Is it so -- -- -- -- Mark Sanchez if he can be a good game manager and saying -- can't win depends on what to give up forum and that's what that's what -- thing you know as you have to force yourself to take one of these young quarterback if you can go find the quote -- game manager. They guys who come and implement the system be OK when -- -- when you have a a running back in XTC team on processing good weapon at any Britain might revive his career there. And you still had your dominant defense that you build upon. You might not -- to go get a franchise like quarterback. To still win a championship or make the playoffs in the in the -- I would agree with you except for the division they play and that's let's see how long is the window and alas for San Cisco -- they have -- guys are getting -- I think they're gonna decline this year little bit. Seattle they got some free agents next yearly annual pace so many of them was that more evidence they should go out and get young quarterback the you can build around more with your defense can stay intact although I see exactly and I I didn't. I do it -- to mean if you think it became manager on this team that's exactly what -- need I just don't believe Mark Sanchez is that guy and that's why look at that -- I say okay. You can go get a Mark Sanchez -- here what does that lead you to you know you go seven and nine again may be a mate -- the Mark Sanchez best case scenario may -- make the playoffs in the NFC Nate Nate you're not going to be higher than -- in the NFC west maybe you finish ahead of Arizona. If you catch a lucky streak but I just don't see that happening and that's let it not be in announcing the need eagle get this big time game changing quarterback to win. I'm just saying that's the answer for Saint Louis is to get went through the draft now it's a top five -- a top five pick. But even look at means shopping and it is getting different reports people look at some -- and say he might be a late first tropic maybe even a second round and mobile quarterback in this division -- you yeah. And legal -- I see that but if there's there's such a deep QB class this year that's why look at Saint Louis and I say you take your lumps you start Sean Healy you don't make a drastic decision to go get Mark Sanchez. And you see how things shake out next year and -- Before Kurt Warner was starting quarterback how many teams that he played for in the NFL. You mean he's a once in -- -- -- generation of high hill rekindle the flame you did Danny could bring back the glory Cam -- also the injury front for cornerbacks. Won't play in the Panthers pre season finale there is a possibility. He could miss the first week of the regular season. He was diagnosed with a hairline fracture of his ribs in the first game is at Tampa Bay on September 7 but he is week to week. They'll probably end up starting but again -- airline fractured ribs and you don't wanna see editor Tim Noonan got it has been known to take some hits in his tenure at the quarterback. Position player and we just got done talking about his offseason ankle surgery and how he said he you felt the healthiest he's felt on that ankle since college and he's running pain free -- yet in Adrian before even here we want. If your entertain it's good news he's looking at being able to play that first read this season but. This is always a running the risk when you have a quarterback that's mobile quarterback it's gonna take a lot of shots may be offensive line it's not quite as strong as it should be. He's getting hit a -- is gonna get banged up a lot thankfully he is what six foot 4240. Pounds he can take a pounding a little bit better than RG three can. See this is one of the reasons that when you're looking into divisions therein I don't expect Carolina to have the same season they had last year if he's one of the guys and he's the guy on offense asked to lead you. He settled more hits when you don't have a target like Steve Smith Kelvin Benjamin can be great and he might be fantastic. -- physically he looks the part. But if you don't have somebody like a Steve Smith where you can throw out to watch him do damage and DeAngelo Williams and John Stewart. Arm the other banged up they're not playing. You're relying solely on Cam Newton how many does he get it taken a windy to a point where he's like I can't play this week and then where he had as a franchise. Damian Miller was cut from team USA how do you feel about it as a blazer fan. We tackle that right after this on to anything. This is politics don't we -- -- for -- audience right. -- by Ron Tonkin who died on ESPN sports -- an idea -- hopefully. -- -- -- Lot my kids and got a v.s on the streets of -- -- doing -- -- you -- Damian Miller was left out and teen US AUS. Hunt against would you say that's fair to say -- people that may even seen the final twelve point guards including Derrick Rose -- Korean tire year. The Millard and I and I think really got snubbed a little bit here if friendship and loyalty to place of who has the better player I personally think Willard. Has accomplished more and is a better player overall. And carrier -- shots fired lawyers she's lowered weeded out some more wood to throw on the fly and it's Brad and I if you're a that fire -- paraphrasing an airstrip on the bottom teams is still would last. One ain't it lasts into the playoffs in game six and easy series -- -- point nine right to feel like you sorry you gonna carried play this summer lot of blazer fans are saying good that it wanted to make it -- I wanted him to get rest but again -- really -- and arrest and -- the still don't play well practice just -- gonna put our -- I'm glad -- the rest if he makes it known they're saying all right this is awesome popular why -- -- -- -- -- and he's -- -- need rest right now me. -- he's been in the league for a year now. I see I disagree man they got different six guys that the top five in the NBA in minutes played his first two years he's carried it up pretty heavy burden so far his tenure with the blazers look. You're so right that it's not just rest it's not like he's not gonna pick up a basketball and stay up as -- for next handful minds. He's gonna continue to play just that this -- that chance I guess of the injury is now out of sight out of mind it doesn't mean it can't happen in Greg Oden -- -- -- up at like a 24 hour fitness or wherever it was a local gym meet and he hurt his -- Adams there's still risk their obvious he would Damian Miller but ultimately if your blazer fan this is not that big of a deal it is and I didn't wanna watch -- championships in the first place. And now I have my eggs usually get out -- -- lives in -- man I'm all season now chairman general Jim. A little hoops in their starts then Halloween -- -- pumped up this easily ended doesn't surprise me -- you. You gotta follow the practice reports you follow NBA guys who were watching this thing closely. A lot of people thought -- should have -- but ultimately when you're looking at relationships. -- -- review mentioned coach came carrier during the connection -- there pummeling brother. Relationships are always what gonna get you farther ahead in life we know this personally great relationships will get you further than you can imagine but looking at those two guys. You can think higher -- a lesser player than gaming that's fine but -- I wouldn't go as far to say is snub. This carrier ring has been a great -- since -- -- the league like Willard rookie of the year all star he's done a time now Cleveland's loaded they got LeBron got Kevin Love. See you're gonna seek high re in the playoffs and see what he can do game means at least proved as much when he was in the moment an opportunity to win the game. But when you're looking at these two players they're right they're neck and neck I don't have a problem with -- making over game there is a part of me that like -- getting a little more rest. Just because you look at the schedule is getting a grueling you're gonna play ninety plus games again yep -- like he did last year I'm OK with this it's frustrating but you look at the future. Daimler will be on teen USA that is a priority one situation framing his career he wants to win a gold medal he will continue to evolve and progress to the point where -- have no choice but to put them on. Yet the only issue I have that a little bit is that if you play in international playing did he experience that you show what you can do. On an international level and international competition when the Olympic Committee comes around in and you make a decision on who's gonna make the Olympic team. He I don't know that he has shot a silly if LeBron plays and all the superstars that. They you know who's -- of Olympic guys 89 to glance but two years after that mean you'll be in the prime of his career at some retirees is Amy is in basically so they're not -- he's always gets to beating -- -- -- -- -- fraternity and depends on their presence -- a lot of committees. Is this seemed like a perfect opportunity would Derrick Rose being injured. And carrier being and he's going to have a great year with LeBron and -- largest Dillard has a better Reza made thus far and has done more in his career. And -- Irving has I just not the ruler should have denied. I am glad however the we have a new cliche to use. I was getting a little tired chip on the shoulder on now we're throwing wood on the fire now margins on the shoulder flotilla raid on the fire here is -- you don't just the role would on a fire you have to build the TP needs oxygen and instantly camping. Yet at the TPD and fourth ATP -- ability he got -- your wood in the triangle liking getting going to the flames -- oxygen -- in the and you can throw Woodruff. Get to anything extraordinary to see that. Given REI endorsement in a way and that they -- of the public parks can last out here is a -- I was in the middle of nowhere by the way I did in middle and -- to park here is Damione Lewis. What we have here is the MBA that I -- seek cover I'm so I. So blessed in this position. -- think what you exports making it covered. -- was bailout TARP covered a lot of our work. -- -- It was unknown -- this team he's on Skype interview you know let's accidents on lineman Damien Miller on the cover of NBA live fifteen which I think -- for the play by acts we've been having fun at the expense of -- for -- team -- and the Nintendo stations and have this trial of video game guy again and apparently this is not to the great video game this is the sub par video game but apparently it's not the -- did you Amazon have NBA game it's also not the first TrailBlazer to be on -- and cover -- -- They initially established and I. The way totally did I woke up this morning I saw on the news on Twitter so obviously they can't go and look I don't I don't not to begin middle and be lie vs two -- debate but. It's pretty cool blazers out there it's a good recognition for him. And that we talk about as early in the show we -- these taxable Terry Porter was on a game there was an NBA game that was bulls vs blazers get grant general it was not a -- -- -- -- -- not the only brand -- seats that's apparently was on the cover the game look at ten or -- years ago was well he was tumbling out. I thought it was ablaze when it happened somebody text that is it was on the cover of a sudden Fox's Douglas Steve Smith sees it yet wearing -- -- USA -- I'll come online -- -- he was -- -- last year was a blazer when it was taken I feel I feel -- guys I really -- I really excited video game covers in general. Here now here's a fan I care for sure this is a big recognition only congressman you alone I don't like -- It's good recognition why is second to the a lot. Let her tell it I want is exactly how blazer on every video game store in America is that not a big deal. Not a it's a sanctuary game is that -- as a matter the second -- games next the first -- game -- see it occasionally he's -- segment that's a pretty big deal -- a -- -- forever and -- him -- really well that's -- -- -- about -- -- suppressed the does Joey on that video game. I do not want to mountain. You rest your case I really you have to your abiding you relieving his ankle you have to buy it now and I spent -- six and now I don't have sixty dollars now but. No I'm not gonna buy it it for a game I'm never gonna play well outright for -- of cover of that. Legit question I'm not using this is my opinion I did anyone know what you guys think about this. Any tension whatsoever. In that blazers locker room with what Damian Miller is offseason has been no way there is something to markets in -- and the rest of that team's Batum magnesia it's -- where I don't believe there is any ego. You -- is targeting and on and off the record -- in interviews he is one of the most level headed young players I think is in the league. You look at what LaMarcus have been able to accomplish thus far he turned down playing in the world can be said no I don't wanna DS -- gone and -- you look at that I mean yes he got a hundred million dollar deal LaMarcus didn't. No animosity whatsoever it's a very different feel the wind brainer Roy was kind of coming up with LaMarcus and getting always -- and LaMarcus -- wasn't quite in the spotlight. -- to -- that's exactly it is that when you had that is this situation with him and Roy Moore looked at this is -- conversation I have these guys have egos have never known -- -- you know watch a professional athlete or heard heard an interview with the professional athlete you know these guys have egos. But the difference with the right one was is that Roy was the only one getting attention and stuff like LaMarcus doesn't get attention now he's established as. In the conversation is one of the best power forwards in the NBA -- but three time all star. He was the absolute beast in the first round of the playoffs against Houston and a -- -- -- game winner but without those first two games in Houston you don't win that series so. The markets as well thought -- he's he's finally shed that label -- -- we don't look at in a soft anymore he's a perennial all star -- that's a difference when when you had a conversation with -- they were coming up at the same age and nobody mentioned LaMarcus -- it was all Brandon -- now that -- -- established to me this -- an issue. All yet -- -- is an issue either it is nice to have a Portland TrailBlazer. That is able to go out and garner this kind of attention and he's going to continue in his brand is going to build an old -- -- -- -- Derrick Rose continues to go down the career path of injuries. And he does got to replace him right who's the next player line I would believe -- beating Mueller. Is there a video game cover curse though. No opera who now enough troops -- not now okay that's good track record for that unless some video game nerds done some examples. Yeah its gay and you're calling out all right -- all gotten nerds male world nerds for something there's nothing wrong with acting. Embrace your nerd I was of camping or this weekend you. She's. Hearts Qyntel Woods is on the act experienced Jolie with sports. Then towards third and sprayed his served up by Buffalo Wild Wings on ESPN's Sports Radio 1080 welfare and that got to look. That day -- can don't couldn't didn't that guy in moving it moon. That. A move ahead -- go oh good. Do you get up and serious bitch curtain what it. Discussing the difference between geeks and nerds. No we -- came up. And -- -- resolution unless -- was me I don't think there's a big difference -- -- out here you're here is -- now societies and dirtier and -- -- are -- Not to run Libyan -- to your nurse right. Keeping the heat get out on something not please give -- burden nerds and geeks see it I think you need job lined there. Thank you guys are peaks what's the difference between a guy who's obsessed with. Astronomy and a guy who's that says we -- not -- not -- -- nerd is a well -- nerd -- has a few nerves personality and dork. And now he's not yet know I don't wanna go door that you guys are geeks first superhero movies you love superhero movies right. No I wouldn't call -- nerve deluge of superhero okay I'm more of. I think I'd -- warmer nerd and I would be geek because -- my fascination for you were a nerd slash G for baseball. I think the difference of the two is Steve explains how excited you are about something where Isner talk about the volume. The death scene you're already explained the interest level to -- high here because you know so much about eight. According this particular web site to term geek has become associated with someone who has a vested interest in one particular thing and knows it on an expert level can an inert pool. And that's basically what I nerves -- into -- -- with academics such as math and science ignited as a result when she says they enjoy it deems it Stan. -- -- -- -- And he probably get there are hybrids and exit is that it's -- and he said there are hybrids and of geeks and nerds over the weekend it and Michael Sam tackled Johnny and Zell and somehow. On the Twitter verse in the social media as fears still survived and made it through the weekend he always crash. At the money -- it didn't have blamed my -- I've missed tonight I was out. Enjoying myself Saturday night I lamenting yeah I was up fifteen around town moms and I woke up on on stuff. Break I logo on Sunday and I looked across -- -- others that I -- it looks. Did clinics -- its -- -- a nerd in mom's. Also over the weekend pass that in the NFL special okay. DJ swearing here. Take out Wes Welker game -- contention in hard knocks altering its nuclear dominant DG now. The actual player there for the Houston Texans during hard knocks last week. The falcons of the Texans practice and he was. He was pretty brutally -- -- a lot of trash to Matt Ryan and he took out Wes Welker he's physical player he talks allotted to -- trying to be like a little mini Richard Sherman. He is so Peyton Manning got in his face after he threw a touchdown pass on him in Peyton Manning said at a fuel ears -- painted -- Concern about worst -- like you know the girl actually seen him come -- -- game so. Potential -- you have had your woes are sure that your typical for a while also is concerned about him where I'm from fifteen yards and five -- -- what you have to make your virtual -- right so. Did you think yeah. Yeah seconds hello -- -- -- you -- to determine who aren't so. So who's I can't it's going to be Kelly it's. A fax us appreciate it yeah reluctant to do look usual. Improvement in the outlook they've Manning I got a man on a geek from Peyton Manning I am after the game is Granger said of course what -- these sources say he says that is a hall of fame quarterback I respect him and that was all he had to say and I'm gonna. So yeah you should probably. And probably relax -- -- don't want Peyton Manning in targeting you -- -- -- no Larry when the Broncos -- now that's the last guy you wanna take up a third touchdown pass second touchdown pass right over your head and rub it in the entire game Wes Welker taking nasty hit and there is the potential a lot of people are suggesting and asking. That he should read tiger -- fox the head coach said that he is in good spirits. And hopefully he will return at some point this year but who knows how to win that is. And well we'll see what was welcomed this is his third concussion in ten months so. Not a not a good time for west while green he does there's a legit conversation that he has to have. About his future in the NFL. It there is having three contestants in ten months that's not it's not good and you hate to see one of these say it's happened in a pre season game you know we we can have a conversation earlier about cornerbacks and quarterbacks getting hurt pre season games and you know what kind of -- which you should we scale this back a little banners dirty way to keep these guys safer and unfortunately. These hits are just a part of the game they are but it DJ's defense I did not see that as a dirty hit -- lead with a shoulder. He union just -- it was an awkward contact there and this is a problem that you're gonna happen moving forward in the NFL with so much awareness about the concussion issue we all know what's going on and I've even reached a point -- a fan where if I see one of these big hits used to jump out of my chair high -- some guys to be pumped up and say did you see that that was an awesome hit. I don't do more I really don't when I see a big hit a football game now or even -- hockey game when you see one of those things happened to you cringe a little bit you hope that the guys OK because you know the risks that are involved. And you know kind of what the repercussions can be long term and Wes Welker I really hope his career does not -- on a concussion he says as you mentioned that the fox over he's high is high spirits so he's open to be back at some point this season. But three concussions and a ten months fan I know I put myself and he issues that would make me look at mile long term life and say OK I need to make sure I'm set up for -- After the ball is this something that I want it is this a road I want to go down again. You know we get a lot of talking about the nature of by the sporting NASCAR when the Tony Stewart incident happened and he will talk about the repercussions that that's sport and adapting after what took place on main lower division race. You look at the NFL right now on the airs at such an interesting point with. Lawsuits being handed out or people having concerns about kids in where you target somebody on the defense this side of the ball. How do you 92 point is a league. Where you're looking at somebody like Wes Welker who has three concussions in ten months and you don't say are we have to take accountability for our only -- shield and we have to do something about this whether that's. Setting a limit saying 56 whatever whatever number you wanna put it out where player gets X amount of concussions. And -- there has to sit out four and very extended amount of time or is -- and -- you have to protect yourself now you're at a point where. Former players have put themselves in harm's way. So much. That they will they will do whatever it takes and then they will come back and they will -- and blame you and try to get money from you. Because they're in position where they don't have as much money they see a much money your polling in. I would expect the NFL at some point whether it's Wes Welker or somebody else or something else to start looking at this and saying. What can we do to prevent all these athletes from coming in getting Dessens coming in back from the concussion injury and getting hurt again. And not being able to sewage you have to look at this is a league and establish what you can do to correct the mistakes of having -- people out there and not be a 100%. Because it will come back on whether that's Wes Welker or someone else it will we've forty -- with a lawsuit. I've become more and more to your points break sympathetic towards the NFL and what they're trying to do. To protect guys I'm not a sympathetic. On some of the penalties that we've seen -- amended the penalties -- corners -- wide receivers but I am sympathetic towards them trying to get rid of and a helmet to helmet hits in the NFL or going in and targeting a guy over the middle in your what you can say all you want. That it's that football has been was a five and is not the same as he used to be but it's also not the same as it used to be in terms of awareness to you it's. You're a player or any NFL's almost protecting the players in the brain and from themselves because if you're a player like Wes Welker and you can't pass concussion protocol. And you'd have cost it can cost you millions of dollars in non guaranteed contract if -- player and an offensive guy you can get -- wanna be out there all you want. But it the concussion protocol dictates that that your not. Cleared in the doctors won't clear you -- play the and you find yourself in a position where your career could be jeopardized because a guy. -- dirty hit on you. Now again as you've said dirt maybe not a dirty hit it needs a little bit of a debate. -- -- based off what I've seen from DJ swearing her in you couldn't he'll probably be disciplined for it. But a union hit him helmet to helmet you know -- but there's a lot of there's a lot of -- that happens like down though. Where guys don't hit helmet to helmet but they still go up top -- it. But here's the probably get a run into it and I am not gonna -- -- -- -- was a vacation a football argument I'm not because those guys you bother me at times and make that argument of what's the alternative here I mean you're asking these these they had as something that's a reactionary -- it's reactionary. And somebody said -- Manning led a lot of over the middle of what you what you should -- Manny should deserve a little bit of blame here as well but if US defense of backs that is such a hard position I know it's hard -- you -- Have to do with them but what I mean yeah so the alternative is yet so there's nothing. And you have every saying you have offensive stars weekend and I'm not. I'm not saying the F -- should do nothing the NFL is Donald -- they have to be happy got penalties involved to get suspensions involving got fines involved but they have they have gone it they've taken a lot of steps to try to get this at bat of the game. What I'm saying is ultimately no matter how many rules you put in place these kind of hits will always exist in -- hasn't really not that anatomy it now. No I'm sorry this night -- with his arm because he's right there would you guys say though that helmet to helmet -- -- T -- And yeah an ACL tears of increased the and a I -- -- that -- today you wanna say OK these guys are still go to pipe that's an excellent you don't allow legal high -- start diving at the knees and that is a career a lot quicker than a concussion like when Tara niece. -- in -- problems not with defense now it's two point where you have to look at offensive players that even if you tackle got the right way your head hitting the ground or hitting and even other play around you you have the -- licking an offensive players and you have to say. Guy you've had three concussions in ten months you're either gonna sit out a year and a half or you have to retire you have -- to start protecting your league it's not defense anymore. I really do believe the defense is done a good job of adapting and changing because of the ACL injuries and other -- right lower. But there's nothing else you can do defensively now where you say all right guys you need to change they have changed the author of the guys still out there hurt and they did it again the. Even more right right right that's exactly what's gonna happen and we had somebody bring up a break point in the Texas and that I didn't think ever there because you're dealing with this and other sports right now to and I hate to bring about is an MP -- could care less that he's gonna bring up the giants for example work. They have two guys went -- and -- concussions a backup catcher in their first baseman Brandon belt. And the protocols that they've had to go through to get back on the field it's ridiculous this is baseball we're talking this is a non contact. Baseball sport in the protocols that they've had gone through to get back on the field it's ridiculous and then you look at a lot of these guys in the NFL -- seems to be easier where there's as a helmet to helmet hit a guy's back played two weeks later in the kind of scratch and -- why is that. Is that they brought has put up on attacks machine earlier this is -- not guarantee contract -- these guys do not have guaranty contracts of the guy has long term health issues dirty rattles off a couple of concussions in ten months. What does the -- care you cut him and that's it we just talked about that was Sam Bradford earlier they're probably gonna cut into the not to pay sixty million dollars. Where is it a sport like baseball you got a guy on the hook for ten million dollars over the next two years he can't get out -- that you wanna make sure that he's healthy for the link to back contract. Well yet and then I think racquet down on this is. There the former players and everybody is gonna -- the NFL -- concussions can catch and it's your fault it's your ball vehicles is okay. If you want to be our fault that's your prerogative. Good luck -- being on the field -- collecting on the field that you get in an adequate to me is not get a house followed me more than I know -- we have hit a -- now where everybody knows about this is not a secret you get to -- -- Foster came on an interview last year it's I don't exactly what I'm putting myself through these guys know he's -- -- Ron Amadon -- -- -- I don't know it's not about guys in the -- that relied too by the league about what was gonna happen if you had a concussion quickly if you were Wes -- what would you view. I sit out for years and and NASCAR Broncos. You know cut me it's easy for me using your instinct -- I'm not him. But I'd like to sit out a year and see where -- physically by still -- very susceptible to dozens at that point. I probably retire but again that's a little hot easier to say in being the guy who's you know trying to collect a paycheck. More more stacked his money to actually go out there and -- if I'm looking at retirement and I already had that thought process going in my hand I sit out the entire regular season -- you cross your fingers if you -- a plague and you people Percy Harvey you cross your fingers that you're healthy for the playoffs and you trying -- now that run because this is kind of one of those last year's for the Broncos window. Former dolphin -- in cog -- dole makes a trip to eighteen today the vikings named their starting quarterback. Suspensions could be coming for bell embarked on the Steelers. In Joseph -- things there should be a quarterback change. In the NFL in this particular team lot of NFL news and notes three point -- -- coming up next to listen to Dan -- is Greg served up by B -- on to an eighty the fan. And you don't really know. This is college kicked off week gunned down 43 inspiration the rock you by Ron Tonkin died Saudi ESPN's Sports Radio virginity both men. -- -- Break entering the -- sweepstakes. And I'm more of -- Mary with a child I think this is just a year us -- in Las Vegas event. Mean there was a at amplitude last week when -- the week before when I was out right where I went on vacation season I was trying to get her to follow this show -- yeah so yeah. And it took forever you kind of joking back and forth why shouldn't they are likely caller out on the air we we caller on the air and this is Friday when you are gone yet a three run and yeah of course playing as soon as I started talking to about follows on Twitter Danforth starting get more more annual or more starting at her -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The vikings plan on starting at Matt Cassel at quarterback -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- about this attractive young co worker daily. -- since he wasn't Minnesota Vikings coach Mike Skinner said Matt Cassel gets the nod over -- bridge viral rapid fire it's -- -- -- topics. Really surprising kind of a trained at least and -- couple different teams. A starting out they -- seeing how it goes and then maybe inserting a rookie got a when Johnny man's elegantly portals both of those guys. Probably not gonna start week one -- goes in Minnesota which Teddy Bridgewater you know you look at the size and everything's there over six over 61. I grew up in a really rugged part of the state I don't know why only would it be attracted to him for. He went to -- nice school he's taller than her he's taller than her you -- your story is right -- age demographic even been -- error -- that your story financially stable I go to new business -- got his -- had delivered his mom graduated in three years cy -- you Vancouver hood scoops on the river lives and I lost. And a couple low blows back to back for dirt and we take the air on Monday. There was a a six foot and under whom. The law. Yeah. -- that was brand wow I thought. Well here they have a big deal now and you know I that is ridiculous -- I got to be above my night. Which is five look I look I -- perfectly -- throwing money and out of the race I feel my name out of the race lasts only so you're perfectly fine with and I don't know. -- it's not -- It's -- good eagle you wouldn't you don't like short people let's find your hiatus I'm OK with that he's not a mom in her face. Like that was a personal attack him I don't I feel personally attacked right now by Joseph dies in also said he critics I don't know why we're gloss -- over the -- were you meet the physical and everything requirements made some football -- maritime. We're talking strategy though we are -- x.s and a blue eyes and and thinks. Nick Kirk cousins is start over RG three. Look I've always been high on co workers I love me some characters he's played great priests were falling apart and we got like four minutes of hold it together -- is you know the and it got that in the view that's right there with a ten. To them on fire let Kirk cousins played great the -- in the pre season I always thought you should be starting quarterback RG three is injury prone he did not have a good pre season and I have no problem until ties cannot say this regular it's mile to a column was written. Saint -- Kirk cousins a little over hyped but he people are to rely on him yeah I am look at. Maybe if you wanna make that argument but to me right now if you had to start one of those two guys who would you pick -- I would take Kirk -- not based off of their rookie years not based off of last year but just based off of if that was -- -- guys that said if it was a quarterback competition who would you go with. Based off of the way they play the pre season and to me it's a clear cut answer. Kirk -- the frustrating part -- that dirt is how many people when they're playing well you say that's the pre season you can investing anything in that. And then if somebody struggling the -- are an example of this our entire offense has struggled people wanna point eight doing say -- you should be worried he's got this guy you should move these pieces. That's the problem of the NFL pre season. We are so hyped and pumped up for the regular season that we we we look at everything in the pre season if they do well. Act it just pre season doesn't matter was -- you week one they're struggling all my gosh we should cut somebody they can't score points. This is where you don't freak out does argue it's really great he hasn't looked great but let's wait -- week 123 and four. Before you make an assessment that Kirk cousins should start over guy who led the team to the -- post season piano last year and I last year and lead and playing on a bomb mean Al -- now I edit. -- seven to appoint the -- trade for Kirk cousins I see on board but that it be as Smart trade for them. Also in the NFL -- in cotton need though is visiting the Tampa Bay Buccaneers former Miami dolphin. I am surprised he hasn't found a landing spot yet -- might just take an injury many NFL for him to find a spot it is the first team that he has actually met with. -- the CI might have taken its hits on him they've got a strong enough locker room is strong enough presence the that wouldn't really matter for them they kind of and they bring some of that stuff on the Seahawks do any good way. And what do you he should land somewhere Jonathan Martin has been today was his first meeting with the team. In Tampa Bay BA like he's got one of those personalities I'm surprised he hasn't found a way your heart yet you know and I mean he's one of those guys that -- -- -- for stocks do you really pay attention and you understand and I'm surprised like some really hasn't noticed instead. This meet. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The -- yeah I had a -- a great place to be a -- lose lose situation. -- reached a point -- my attention span were started to focus and think of strand he's seeded team unity and for the her together. Where you are and multiple bosses not to -- -- in my -- we reminisced last week remember this segment that we did Edward M fourteen something in the UN often a completely different engine on a completely different subject he talked for 45 minute I do not remember midnight rap is that enough based off what could you and -- -- fascinating -- -- -- -- -- -- it was a bad day in and that was fun. I got to know dating coworkers policies home tech and we don't work with over yet DeShea. I don't know what that show was. It was -- it was a show. It's college football kicked -- -- and somebody said I've -- -- being beautiful kids and -- The things that -- sick with. I angle as far we're not going there. Barack topologies -- These two clowns -- -- -- compliments man yeah that's a great compliment your offspring still look good. Follow us on Twitter act. The ED DES show they'll be tell. Creates an -- We're back tomorrow even listening to in -- during his break Leo we're back on -- eighty to think. Hey guys. Little -- also interact. Well -- later.

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