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Danforth, Dirt & Sprague 8.20.14 Hr 2

Aug 20, 2014|

Danforth & Dirt revisit the Redskins conversation, take calls and read your texts.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- break here and you're listening now our three of the DM for dirt and -- podcast presented by century -- want fast Internet a low price did it always century -- just go to century Lincoln dot com to get up to forty make Internet. Any -- bundled monthly rate that won't change for a full year. There's a century link dot com today. Let's get. To Allentown and -- Then -- -- and sprayed his served up by buffalo wild ruins -- should be illegal and you cute little basically says that basically says like you know what. We don't think you're Smart enough for an office -- we don't want you look at anybody with Taylor -- forward he's gonna -- now. It's. Get an -- hunched over -- single way. Get hot they have like good -- like -- we want to get the feeling in the eastern Johnson and Michael. The cubicle I was on the pathetic attempt to try to make -- cubicle like a home you don't mean it's always like a stuff animal and there are like a picture mom but it's disappointing night for the why it would simply this is your lawn alive and Brendan spreading those people need to be rescued him walk like -- -- the person in the Q. He walks back out and she. Some sort of human contact. -- conference -- like. Then towards third it's. Spray -- ESPN Sports Radio 1080 program. Yeah. Looking at the beautiful faces injured Johnson third downs and -- well here hello hello finishing strong on the show today. Now aren't wolverines bold -- -- gonna do it again and stamina to get to the finish line myself grabbed claiming it make it happen as you heard enjoys update right there a home and home with -- again. And it Washington now now now. Are we. Question question for you may also announced it will be like you know very lead here they are loaded with him with the BYU didn't know a slight that'll be why you account. A question for you dirt but he epidemic. Do you think -- college football playoffs has created more big time matchups in football that we've heard some of the scheduling Ohio State -- state. Or eating it's always been there and word is more aware of some of these bigger match -- now the Washington and he's in. Are playing keep clinging to their home and home it's. Great question and I can tell you the answer in between what your gut tell -- -- to me we we read the article -- in the week where the Michigan state athletic director -- talked about they knew when they scheduled this nominal with organ they had -- they had a feeling that this was that we were going to be in the playoffs air football. And they knew that straight to schedule was gonna matter now it just happened to set up for organs could be ranked the top five Michigan State's ranked in the top ten so -- -- -- set up as a bigger game than people probably -- expected when it was scheduled. Il I don't know we've seen it yet I don't I'm not sure we've gotten to that point or we see more more teams charge jump on this but. -- it is a fact that teams are more vigilant. And the issue that straight to schedules gonna matter and I mean if you make cards for -- playoff. A look at how state is a great example this from cracks -- goes down you look at their schedule. There's only one team ranked in the top 25 on her schedule and that's Michigan State so. At some point yet you're gonna go out to -- and schedule some tough nonconference opponents are not sure we've gotten that that point yet where you can look around and say hey. Look at Washington American in the future look at Michigan -- in the future but we will get there you're gonna start to see more more these games schedule will get error when there's eight teams in the college football -- happily got eight. That's when you'll start to see people say -- I I disagree man I. Welcome good -- we get to eight it's easier to make it it's easy where you could have a team it's as a they would they lose one game not that great of -- strength of schedule but there's eight spots you know I don't. Yet now there's only four yet take those words out of context tamper on it did my partner success are never got their forget is that we did a segment -- we were seven at 10 PM where UT something. That means Sprague were not paying attention what you're saying whatsoever and you set up an entire segment for like two minutes that Sprague went -- and I went we both talked for like five straight there was nothing to do little guy's entire segment based completely on the opposite direction of what ET yet. Seoul is basically how exciting as my apology that's -- here when we get to eight teams. You're going to see teams be much more willing to schedule tougher opponents. Because they don't care they lose a game or two earlier in the season so that's when you -- I had it right but I disagree with you there I do you don't -- -- stuck schedule tougher what's the point of having a strength is scheduled yet eighteen to get it. If you have a team that goes undefeated with -- -- schedule -- you need to keep -- house stayed -- -- -- eight slots because if there's -- it's like you're guaranteed a spot you -- who cares if that is true that is true and I I understand angle I just look at it right now there's only -- -- to me there's going to be a lot more emphasis on the strength of schedule because there are four teams because you're gonna get those scenarios for you have a lot of one loss teams -- -- two loss team from the SEC even -- there's no that's an easy -- why would you do it for strength of schedule now there's going for. Because there's fewer spots to get into a playoff like if you had a if you had an undefeated team in Ohio State that doesn't play anybody all year -- you have a two loss team in the SEC that wins the SEC with them far tougher strength -- I think the risk of losing is much higher than the risk. Of having a strong strength of schedule. With four games -- but why it -- all that Zaid a Washington in Michigan are playing. A home and home series coming up in probably six years or so from now Obama watch and as a player for Oregon State there has really cut it. As a wide receiver or hasn't come visit tidy and he's been moved around a much different places he really is Kevin athletic freak. And they're trying to move him to the deep sense of line. And here's what Obama watch and has to say about the potential this year. Hubble is pushing -- that is so nervous though that latter that I liked to Clinton's I think a lot of guys. Right now we could be scary scary scary -- this. It's evident with the last prices that we've had you know. We -- energy it's just so much fun playing with those guys out there so we'd like to keep keep these Mets who was -- -- season and Terri -- -- Nazis. They're trying to get him to replace play opposite of Dillon wind of course -- Scott Craig nominee tens of -- last -- here's what coach say a mother had to say about -- -- watch them. -- I'm expected to play. Whatever situation it is obviously. He's expected to play. Great passion and great efforts -- but in terms of pass -- that's you know he brings a little bit of speed off that it is perfect. But I'm excited for that but I'm excited to see him just play not at all not at all I mean total since I think Hewlett. I think the only looked learning curve is to get lined up. Other net just cut him loose and coaches from there. -- -- like balloons and play golf that's all flights. To their removal where he's got the speed. So little talk monthly access to let -- of the culture as the Eagles. That's their strategy for over and watch him this year any Wiegert again we've minute coupled. And organs -- time I saw him in person I was blown away he is six foot five he's -- 230 to forty Sissy and stand there and you say who. Hell is act -- and -- why is that more involved how does he not play in on one side of the bar the other he had a leap of seven feet one and a half fixes in the high jump to his athletic -- and we have seen this before where you get offensive guys who just don't cut it for whatever reason. In -- -- find themselves better on the defense of side of the ball different scenario much different but JJ watt. Is a good example of a guy that just the ride once he made that defense is way too we watched hard knock yesterday it's unbelievable to watch JJ watt. Just in practice and what he -- is that the first time and we seemed like you guys had success. Doing this and I hope for over and watch him seek for organ state but he is able to make that switch and he is able to make an impact he's long he's lanky. He's fast he should give defense of guys are offensive guys. Some problems if he's able to Canada as the coach -- Wallace said there you -- right place know what he's doing and not make any kind of major mistakes now and. It and you highlighted varies -- the guy has the ability as the athletic ability look at him as he mentioned 605230. Some pounds that that's an ideal body for defense event in if you could find a way to implement Symbian whenever he wants to -- he's been there a long time the -- you for that name for quite some time -- -- beater -- kind of -- Wait to see the potential was gonna get there and wait and see if he was ever gonna become an impact player. And it got to the point where puritans that you looked -- you said OK he's just he's hasn't picked it up offensively yet we've had seven assists and -- 34 years. Why drops a lot of drops he just wasn't a consistent wide receivers so why continue to force the issue is there another place that we confront on the field. Where he can be a difference maker there's a lot of guys that have got the support Dion Jordan comes to mind young Jordan was recruited in organ. As a tight -- a big tall lanky guy who didn't would level quite -- and upbeat fun I'm. But you beat the -- it turned into a number three overall pick in the NFL draft defense events it if your freak athlete can carry a long way. All the Smith another name that comes to mind tall skinny lanky strong that's got the how does he need to be in the run game is easy get to be a liability in the run game because if -- look it there's a benefit of having a pass rushing guy and Vermont situations you could put in there. And I'm just -- years back and go after quarterback he's going to be very hard to block in those situations. But if you're looking for an every down defensive end there's a concern they're forming because. It's it's an adjustment to go from pass rushing to being a a stall -- on the run game and to -- I'm not quite sure these -- yet. But look if you could -- -- waiting to happen at any semblance of an impact and it's a win win for both side. For sure is -- he's not giving you anything on the offensive side of the ball and he is a source of frustration -- a lot of beaver fans he's the one guy that if you like to -- man. I disappoint -- I thought he was gonna turn into something special of all of the people on the go through them players on the beavers roster you would look at him. And -- and watch him as a guy that it has fallen short of expectation government of two years ago and -- first. -- different kind brought up his name is so this is guiding you should watch let holy smokes that's that's a data can be physical. We don't see him at practice cesium on the sideline is is easier on the body just didn't turn out we now know it and they even have one of these last not on hard knocks secular -- -- -- -- there as a wide receiver from Denmark and they worries -- kind of a freak athlete he's quick he you know they wanted to put a bit of their China but let him play wide receiver. From Denmark timeout draw although ayalon I can't remember what his name was but they they highlighted them last night and on hard knocks. Is that guy admits that guy please falcons he went voices they validated. Boise -- job he went to Idaho Boise and was. Track star -- yet -- that sounds about -- probably him he spoke Dutch yesterday it was pretty impressive that was -- estimates of language a former NFL referee avoided Redskins games because of their name we'll have that story for -- Nestle to bring back some comments from Mike Ditka. Coming up don't go anywhere you're listening to Dan tortured sprayed on 1080 defense. -- Danforth and spray producers don't like buffalo while -- On ESPN's Sports Radio -- so -- means feel they have. -- -- that is -- sooner red skins discussion. We appreciate your tax on this we do you believe we've got some of the more articulates. An educated listeners and all Sports Radio that tends to have been important for in the very educated very Smart city humble Bragg and the sports fans that's is true the sports fans -- educate your snacks it. It's not. Like the east goes three throughout topic is data on a guy and -- not a -- it's not as -- -- where you're talking about cocktail while I have you island you know exactly. Lamar knew was little more sophisticated than that -- 55305. Is taken Regis on the Beaverton Toyota tax line. And your story attack about the -- and rescues and first let me set this up and playing some audio from a Mike Ditka. On a podcast that he did earlier regarding the Redskins rule change. What's all the stake over the Redskins -- there's so much or this incredible. Well at the levels of the world -- world it would it was a it was -- matter reverend out of why should the American Indian yoga was called a rescue what I got a column. Outstanding. This is so stupid -- this appalling. And I hope that order should fight for it never changes because the rescue -- are a -- American football history and should never be anything but the Washington Redskins especially against got to get that out and get that out. As an interview with Michael Richman of Redskins historian dot com Dick had a couple of things to say as well a year ago. But Clinton saying that king says she did it -- -- football. But until -- updated -- but let me. Course I think that that's somebody who they got this was that ain't there it. -- -- -- all these people -- so it. After that I actually it might be it's all the political correct it's in America that's all shipments this does not do that -- now. We're gonna change something bears again we're gonna make your favorite and I went to a that would put the 62. And think about. In you know everybody realize that it is trying to protest you know that you write it to change the name -- -- his. Line about the six Jesus yes. Killed my Arizona and else and one final one from my Dick -- he doesn't mired in a Snyder. I I bar or really I think extradition which has changed by the National Football League it was about Sammy all the all the nicest group. And the Redskins -- Baghdad and you know I didn't think gets. Lombardi did and -- that it had a problem what do well all of these other -- that a problem that name I don't I'm sorry yeah yeah I mean I'm not I'm not generate power when it comes. The -- shoot it. Not complain and eleven Acura says -- Bernard liberals come by the story today -- Terry was an NFL referee for nineteen seasons he's an African American refereed and he said I don't believe this I believe in equality and I don't believe this is equal. And terms of the Redskins name in if you saw my carry you'd recognize immediately -- years. They're zero referees that are in that you look and go that's right glasses -- on in the pac twelve. And hockey Lee is another and Mike Terry if you -- you got absolutely you know that guy is that a lot of big time games. He's one of the best officials as voted by players and coaches and league members. Is very go are very very well respected in the game and he asked in 2006. If he by the -- said look I don't want to. In the my final eight seasons and a 146 games. I don't want to work in Washington Redskins game and of NFL granted him the right to do so as a he has not officiated. A Daniel Snyder Orr in Washington Redskins game that is the stance that he took also Phil -- yesterday. Says he was not going to use the game -- the name during Thursday night football broadcast. They play the audio -- clips it was a very awkward moment there on sports center because he's an ESPN guide. I like Dick guys as as an NFL analyst but he's never mince his words and terms of politics I mentioned the sort of man show but. He had a quote a couple of years back where he wishes DO he would ran for senator something to keep Obama out of office elect. We know where he stands politically and clearly he be made that clear once again. -- his comments about the Washington Redskins and ultimately. -- we need to out of five people boycotting the name this is gonna be a trend that we're gonna see this is a trend it's not gonna go anywhere more more people continue to jump on this and able continue. To use this and whether it's for their own personal good or whether it's for you know that a little PR. Speed and if you will and in terms of some people just -- to associate their name with a positive cause I'm not sure. We as we -- people up earlier talking about this with Phil Simms and saying we don't know exactly what Phil Simms was going through. Ultimately it's if you're gonna come out you're gonna be against the name I want you to come out and tell me why would you cannot tell me why if your Phil Simms. You can play in the NFL for however many years you can be you can be an NFL broadcaster for how many years you can call. Countless number of Washington Redskins games used a name like it's no big deal and then all of a sudden you're just not to username I wanna know why you made that switch is it. He just now have a at a wake up calls and all of a sudden something went off in your -- he said it's a racist name -- -- wanna use it anymore because that's the only problem that I have here is I feel like Phil -- it may be it's unfair to fill Sanjay could very well be. I feel like he's being opportunistic I do because I don't understand and that both of us are on record as we believe the name should change at some point they should change the name of the Redskins. Because people find it offensive and it should no longer be used and and I agree with people that fight for that cause is just funny to me for people that. Have been around the league for a long time all of a sudden coming out to it and maybe we're just we're just a little more skeptical than most people out there but when you just now for your name behind an issue. I I I I wanna believe in good intentions but sometimes it's hard to. Taking your calls and text on his five up 325 -- need to be written to protect -- 5530 piled onto the phones K in Portland Euro on the show. Thank you for -- are. I appreciate you guys as they're really important issue and I am not a compromise because it. Number once and it looked into the same guard Richard every tracked it for Ricky Williams so he's not the smartest individuals. And he's -- to collect my grandfather were flashed Donald Sterling does become at -- -- about sixty. Which meant that we went through this in the sixties so everybody's lined up. Sectors were huge important era and the changing of our country whether or -- they are -- pitched in so we needed district you have the country. The back to the issue of Redskins. -- a lot of words. That we've used. Over the course of time that we've come to realize that there are no longer acceptable like that harm their. People used to use pro homosexual we no longer use that and nobody is scratching out why -- no longer use network. -- -- It's very clear that it's an offensive term. You -- native Americans -- tell you. That we look at this is an offensive term and it's strange. That somebody that's not. A minority of that group to tell somebody else could they're not edit an offensive term like we -- somebody. Actually urged that the swaps occurred not offensive or like me being African America at some might only get the armed. Suitable is an offensive -- somebody's agent put it looks to look out while. I do we get you we -- new yeah I appreciate the the offensive names that we're used and that you're on the -- probably hear that. -- DT TK's point. What what he's basically saying is that you weeks he would use offensive names in this and we understand. And we agree with that we've we do we agree with that particular. Part of it. Adding -- where you advance the conversation is what you want people to do about it. And this is the issue date yet to your point dirt. Where in this isn't this indicate this is of a fundamental thing that happens in our society is that there are people that take up causes. That are popular and they are easy and that is not -- -- a difficult highs to get behind it doesn't make because you as a worthy. It doesn't mean that it's any less known as the US merit to it. But it does there are you have to decipher. It and figure out for yourself and this is in your own personal decision of who you think really means what they say. Who really wants change to come out of this or who is using it as a positive political. -- you have to just say you have to pay you have to decide that for yourself. Our personal after all the information that we seen all the articles we read. And then the people we talked to on this issue. There are certain people that we believed to be opportunistic. And we believe there are certain people that are genuine in their thinking we had a -- point out earlier. -- you really are and be concerned with some of the ways that native Americans have been treated in this country. -- -- there are plenty of avenues for you to go down in and to help out native Americans but still sends. Hasn't and and probably won't do that. And so that's the issue where we talk about authenticity that means the most in a debate like -- -- does and we as somebody -- -- earlier basically saying the the amount of energy in time and money that's being spent to to change its name I mean think about what all this good could do for the native American community and to me that's right always stood on this issue and where I've always stood whenever people bring up native American or other names too but there are other names to an -- I don't wanna delve into that conversation a -- least go to black Cox -- -- -- -- look at the Indians are worried you know that there are a whole host names out that he could start to look at -- attention to and say was that one -- of this -- defensive -- Ultimately I don't want this to be conversation about whether or not the name redskin is offensive because I made it absolutely is offensive I'm not native American so I can't tell people. What they should or should not find offensive but if I were native American I'm sure I would find it offensive I would want to -- the name to change. Alternately -- The problem I have with this is once the name is changed and what. We go through all this after we go through all this time we spent all this might need change -- name which I believe he should be changed. Then what are we all gonna continue to care about native Americans are really continue to fight for their rights -- me continue to get them out of poverty. You look at the social economical facts of what native Americans are living in in our country today it's sad it's terrible. Gordon wouldn't go to an Indian reservation did you see the lights out that they live it's not very good most of them are living a -- under the poverty line. Yet we don't release seem to care about any of that kind of stuff and that's the issue that I have with -- it's great I'm glad people are raising this cause. I'm glad the people are bringing attention to it but ultimately if we change the name then what that's always my question for people in your activists say the name Redskins Ellison's that's fine. You look at navy -- okay that say they insider changes the name tomorrow. Then what are we still -- care about native American issues or does this would just go away we just -- not say hey we want native Americans now have everything they want because there's no longer a team name redskin in this country. -- might -- is a former NFL referee for nineteen years he said he was not going to -- did not. S each year Redskins games because of this name issue so if you start to get a groundswell of support in this is the top part. And this world take the conversation up next is you do need support. On this issue of it's something that your passionate about it but. Yet again that there has to be a separation of people that truly believe. And and how you go about getting change if that's what you're after. And those thereafter positive PR picking up their next elicited a day at fort Terrance Gregg served up by -- -- Sprague is out stake here is Joseph we was sports center. Dan towards third and -- is served up by Buffalo Wild Wings on ESPN's Sports Radio 1080 welfare and this is as a -- and I've never heard this so. But to listen to dance form. There -- great. Job. Movies are. Middle mourns the mind seeing arrives at 66. Waiting to 45. For all children in America here they're. And may your ability your texts. On Washington Redskins in the name team in the business. But we want your feedback on this we really do because. That good conversations and don't look here's the -- season which are having if you're just joining us. Team and longtime NFL nobody else. Oh -- -- might scary. Said that he did not. Officiate Washington Redskins games because he's found the names to be offensive and he's an African American official and he said he wants equality. And that he didn't believe in the name. -- -- -- -- -- to change things through his actions he went to the NFL aunts and I'm not gonna do this anymore in the NFL said fine that's fine by as you want officiate their games the next seven years and he's just recently retired and I don't I don't know I don't know the answer to this but. There is -- there's a certain switch that gets full lipped when it becomes popular. To have a certain opinion in society and it's not just this. But there are I think the best example of this is may be gay marriage where in the media. There is and his homosexuality in general I think in the media there was a time where. If you said some thing and roll. -- homosexuality. That you were gonna get crushed by a lot of -- listeners but they're as slowly but surely there's a point that we evolve as a people where now you get to a point where if you do say something on the other side. Then you're going to get destroyed for your opinion. And so there's always a time war becomes popular T seen or believe a certain way and we're starting to get there with the Washington Redskins. Where. If somebody comes out and says as somebody says. Like Mike -- like Mike did his comments are being taken and he said the many terrible way he did not articulate his point well. But people are making fun of my ticket today on a national stage because of because of what he said and how he said it -- very antiquated I guess the question becomes how do you enact change. On a larger scale with the Washington Redskins. Without the perception or without the thinking that you were being opportunistic and hopping on what is becoming popular opinion and a popular way of speaking. Because you believe it's going to enhance you win some sort of way. Right right and I -- -- two -- are doing both of these two -- are spot on an angry with -- completely in the Allen says we focus on war not the road and I think people want a topic did not act it's not just about changing the name. It's about helping the people the name should change and I agree with that most people agreed that the name should change but what exactly were gonna do to help people and that was backed up by Texas -- The name Redskins is -- the most pressing issue facing native Americans. But it may be the easiest to change it to me that's that the ultimate problem I have is if we JJ that's great if there are people out -- that fight if there are. Ten people in this country that find that name offensive and to be should be changed because we shouldn't have a name the people find offensive. A part of this country they are a native Americans are part of this country and they find that name offensive then I'm all for changing it is just. Ultimately in -- you hit it there is -- what what's the next step after that I do people genuinely care and I hate to bring this up because. It's been a great cause it's been a great cause they made tons of money twenty to seven million dollars. But there are some people out there a very small minority that I look at what the deal less ice bucket challenge where there are some people I know on my -- -- page not calling anybody out. But there are friends of mine that I know that don't care about any elastic never spent today in her life thinking about -- alas it didn't donate a single penny they put a video of themselves dumping ice water over -- had just getting -- -- -- It to be I don't like that that's not genuine -- and that's the problem I have here we -- at a charity event last year for a local sports team and activists say which team. And there was a situation where a player came in that was his big charity event he was there for about thirty minutes they snapped a couple pictures he left. Everybody acted -- did you see these stories -- next they all this guy does this great Syrian. He didn't care you care about the jury that it was a PR stunt to get good publicity on your side and ultimately. I I I am I'm starting to change because it might be unfair to put these words and sources they might if I'm sitting here I don't know what is going through Phil -- as head. But to -- I'll just always skeptical and things like this come up because I question do you really genuinely care. About native American people in this country or you coming out and saying something because of what you said the import it's a politically correct thing to -- -- And it and in -- appoints the sound and -- it is a fair criticism of what we're saying. There's -- wind did not using an offensive term mean that you have to join -- charity or take up the cots. And that I I think that is a fair criticism of what we are saying is it just because you decide not to do that. Doesn't mean that you have to take up their own right does it all and that's and that maybe ask not what we're -- him and women -- articulating it. As well. But added -- larger point in this is. They're in every single cause that you have there's going to be popularity. And there's going to be and ways to take advantage of a certain thing and it makes us feel good about it and and that's all well and good but. What were after dirt in this if you really believe this is offensive and you really believe that is something that you shouldn't say on a broadcast. Go further than that and articulate why and try and make a difference isn't saying not simply something that I'm I'm not going to -- up. -- decent racers bring some facts where where does the name redskin come from we we did we talked about that when this issue first came up when the when the court sided against the Washington Redskins however many weeks ago that was. And you go back look at the look at the Genesis of the name talk about why it is offensive maybe talk about some native American groups that have come out and said the name is offensive to them. In recent statistics that's all I'm asking for is just cannot -- resurgent let. I am taking this too far in saying that he you know if you're if you're against a name -- that means you have to join a native American charity I don't mean to be saying battle I'm just saying is. You could always cents a 88 facet of genuineness are not like when you look at somebody or somebody say something are they being genuine or not and there are certain times. -- signal that guy's not genuine there's certain times I look at the refereed. And I say that I was probably genuine what he thought he we didn't do it for publicity stunt he didn't want the attention you give one an article read about him. He saw that he thought it was offensive anyone about changing it by going to the NFL on saying I'm not gonna refereed games anymore. Again maybe it's unfair to say this about Phil Simms but there's always that ascent of are you doing this to benefit your own good and that's what drives me nuts about most charities in this kind. -- -- and here's what you're saying there is kind of altruistic but -- do you. And the again this is hard to decipher -- going to have to make a decision on your own -- if you're still Sims why not just do it. Why do you have to tell people you're doing it. And that's. And that's where the awareness comes in that's where there's a lot of factors at play into it but as a -- we have a hard time. With people who say I'm gonna go do something great for somebody all by the way I'm gonna tell yet how great. I'm doing for this particular person just Hewitt because that's the right thing to do you don't have to tell everybody. That hey look at me I'm -- I'm donating his or hey look at me here's what I'm doing acted to make this better. It's a product a prime example this -- -- this was a huge hot button issue last year during the football season member of the NFL with the breast cancer awareness -- -- month remember how great everybody looked at that is why this is great everybody's aren't peak. Their cell and all these jerseys are raising this awareness you know that you're getting our female viewers. It was a great month -- a PR for the NFL and then an article comes out that says activity exact figure of the top my head. But they donated something like less than 1% of the profit that they made it off and all that all that sale. They donated less than 1% of that to breast cancer and you look at -- do you really care about breast cancer. Or were you doing that to get more females to watching game were you doing that -- -- kids at lower levels to start wearing pink so you could sell more gear is an organization. Andy's the kind of things that we look at him unfortunately in today's society we earn a spot where there's a lot of people they take advantage of situations like that we shouldn't be taking advantage of breast cancer. We should be taking advantage of of the status of native Americans in the country but those people do exist. The way that -- going to if you really do believe that this name and need to be changed and that's where you fall on this argument Mike Terry the referee is the way did she go about doing it. And you get employees is say I am not going to work. And that particular game if you're still seems he went to stand don't call the game. Don't call the game and give -- that's if it truly matters to you that that changes and then then you could there's certain stances you can take. Add it to make that happen but it is clear we read out the values earlier in the show of the Washington Redskins and the third most valuable franchise cowboys won the major to two. They're worth over two billion dollars so until you really hit Daniel -- proven he does not care. And so until you get guys like my carry any and refereed and you hit him in the pocketbooks and you get sponsors. As you said earlier in the show dirt and look at what happened with the clippers and Donald Sterling that was a situation where it was op it was. In people's it made people look better come out and say god how dare you Donald Sterling how dare you say it is. And he had them NBA players all over the place saying that all where were you. Before at that idea to do well because it was president ever it was well known that the guy was a racist. So you see situations like that Donald Sterling in their all over the place but if you really want the Redskins seemed to be changed take the route of the story came out today with Mike -- and you know a -- That said no thanks that's the way you that's the way you go about. And luggage and Jay -- Texas and a M I agree with -- says bandwagon is a key part of any cause so Watson saying this to make him way more different than you know 101000 people researching and then let. Ultimately that's the sense that it's a sad fact of our society but it's true it is true bandwagon is a key 'cause it's a key part of any issue where at some point you're gonna need people us are jumping on that bandwagon if you -- different to be made -- Maybe Phil Simms has a powerful local -- where he comes out and says something like this and says an activist say they may be that has sapped much of a powerful influence where they ultimately do -- change the name. I am I limited to meet little pie in the sky that would like to think it could happen you need people to jump on the bandwagon is just it's it's always hard for us to see people that just aren't genuine about whether their thoughts and feeling. Yeah I think that's yet and that's summed up well when we discuss this issue and it's an issue. That there's a couple of different ones that run throughout in this one will be continue to be CBS again and use the logo. They're getting continues the name Redskins as we'll see what the major networks like if you want change the major networks is where it's going to come from. If you look at him blowing -- changed somebody just exodus in harmonies people will have the stones to say if they will not watch NFL exactly get into the and -- -- if you want change. I'm never I'm not gonna watch NFL to gave to the game changer I'm not gonna watch or read it really if -- so my name is changed yet but it doesn't and so that's that's floor rat. With that particular issue will close up this showed next to to a -- and things going on in sports that we didn't get to today. And stick around you're -- Indian portrait of spring served up by B dubs opportunity to. -- -- -- -- And towards an inspiration to -- you don't play Buffalo Wild Wings on it again sports review duties of one final notes about his Washington Redskins discussion of this texas' who cares why somebody does something right thing as long as they do something right it doesn't matter. As long as they're helping you can be for selfish reasons they're helping the cops. I agree to a point I agree to a point that as long as the -- is being benefited. That it that it does. That's what the motivations have to play motive and that. It at some level motivations have to play into why you're helping the -- and that's exactly what I said about the -- last ovary look at there are people that probably don't care about -- -- -- don't know anything about it they just did a video did -- do a video and get likes on FaceBook but how much money is that thing generated again ranked 22 million dollars were at last -- did that total at this point was one or two million dollars so. They've they've raised an action to 47 million dollars based company's video so ultimately look at it's a good thing and it helps that I agree with that texture. Yes CES if it does help and it is an official and of course but there are times where you got to be skeptical about motivations. And and the root cause. Of that I -- those stories in sports today the incidentally you know the report that said. Athletic expenses are rapidly increasing while revenues increasing. Just not as much and here's what the incidentally study said. Debt fees and expenses have increased by a ten point 6%. While revenue has only gone up 3% so they said twenty schools. Are making -- In all of college football. To the average loss among the five highest resource conference as you know who those are. Was 2.3 million dollars much higher on the higher side of things with FBS schools. The highest loss last year was seventeen point six million dollars yeah I easy Italy is getting out on the offensive and they're saying yes. First some of the top schools we talk about the rich getting richer for some of the top schools. Absolutely they are making money Texas was -- -- the most money last year that the but there are tons of schools that you're going to really need because they are losing money. And -- this city is it -- coming out on the offensive and saying. The expenses that we have beaten to take care of college players it's about a 100000 dollars per athlete. And -- to -- like you can change this but you've got to understand that there's a lot of schools that are not going to be able to you. Keep up and be able to pay players and they're going to have to go to a different division. Where there's different rules in place that's a Smart play. By the NCA -- really isn't it reminds me a lot of that Merrill we had them blazer president Chris McGowan and studio and -- we talked him about the ticket prices 'cause we heard from a lot of fans about the ticket prices and people saying I'm not gonna games because it's too expensive and so you can you sit down and you talk with them. It is our lord of the fact that they're losing money every single season so. And fortunately there are some people you're gonna push out when you raise ticket prices but ultimately you need to make money it's a business and. This is a very Smart play by the NCAA say all right look we're heading this direction you want us to pay our athletes look how many actual programs. Early are making money it's it's a very small number now. I'm sure that some of these books are cooked a little bit I'm sure there there is as maybe some facts are doubting us some clever accounting that's involved because I would be shocked if only twenty division one football teams. Our action the you know raising a profit every single season but. It does highlight the fact that maybe there's not quite enough money to go around because everybody wants players to get paid we just don't know where all that money's gonna come from. There is no sport according to this study that falls on the positive side of the scale outside of basketball or football. When -- -- -- expenses from revenue the average deficit. For a baseball team in America is super colleges is 733000. Dollars. The average ice hockey program which is being in a lot of seats outside of the ones that -- is 5111000. Dollar -- go on down the line. Of schools and programs that are losing money and it's not anything new that. Football and bass -- revenue generators but there is point to look and look at the support that this is getting for that you have to prop up the other sports. And the average student fees last year -- they said and went from 63000. Dollars in 2004. It's now a hundred in 9000. In 2013 is a just in a matter of ten years less than ten years. -- you've gone from 63000. To a hundred -- 9000 -- how much it cost for the average athlete in the FBS sports. Happening gotta pay -- -- pay about top banana yellow little -- not enough that's not a value give me a piece of five Teradata money hand over FS I think I get this type into a couple other stories today in sports Brian Hoyer has been named the starter for the Cleveland Browns on the -- million of hatred towards joining hands on this intensifies didn't take it serious didn't put in the work. But this is the Brown's plan all along -- that easy right they wanted to see what diamonds token deal but. They knew in their mind of Brian Hoyer was going to be starter from one the first -- and can't. But they just they had to have the competition and fortunately the media kind of got in the way of that competition. Yes it did we've been focusing so much and who the host this party cornerback who's going to be for the browns and and they I have heard earlier on the radio today or somebody played a clip the Mike will bomb PTI -- why. Why are we talking about this data as those -- and I don't believes gonna pan out the NFL according to a lot of our listeners it's extend the majority of them don't believe he's gonna pan out the NFL. Why are we continuing to focus day in day out on on a quarterback job -- this is that now the backup quarterback for the Cleveland Browns. And this is why certain guys like Johnny -- -- get the labels a distraction. How can anybody tell me this is not been a distraction for the Cleveland Browns are you kidding me all the press conferences they call all the questions they've had the answer about Johnny -- Al. This if if they didn't if -- the browns did not draft -- -- -- How many times do we talk Cleveland Browns for how many times is clean number zero all come up on national radio and last you borrow it doesn't come up at all may be an -- I can't preview maybe for a joke yet ready for a JoAnne is -- -- Hey at least you're not Brian lawyer you know maybe we get to our AFC north preview time were tactically browns football then we bring them up but it's not a conversation so. I'm glad this is gonna go away for awhile a hole in for Brian Hoyer to play well because I don't want this story line to command. As I guarantee this'll be it Tim Tebow situation if they come out struggled got a tough start of the season. If he comes out he starts only three in the get a bye week you're gonna start to your demands -- chance I guarantee just like T boat Tivo like they did Kyle Orton didn't in that Denver. They get a little pick me up story here -- way out shortly after army Jim Kelly gets a clean bill of health his doctors say they found no evidence of remaining cancer very -- follow up screening today. That was a touching moment when he was at the the hall of fame induction speech and that it it was a touching moment good for him different Jim Kelly Hampshire he's been through hell -- reevaluated in the next couple weeks to determine if further treatment is necessary said they still need prayers. You underwent several rounds I've received chemotherapy and radiation. And he had a three month the waiting period ended today said no his doctor said no evidence shows any sign his at bats man -- -- -- he's -- for Jim Kelly and Curt Schilling as a tough battles we all know people who have gone through cancer so. That's up to those guys and I will say this we've been corrected text machine. Josh Gordon's been getting high all season so we would have talked about the browns a little bit -- that's an aspect that I hopefully. Ready to go to nicely giants don't lose another game the need to bring up those bad memories if you miss city of our show check it out acted. DD BS show which is where we will tweeted from. Out the -- foods Portland open tomorrow for the web dot contour looking forward that's. Brady is out even listening to the airport there is -- served up I'd be -- on today with. Hey guys we'll -- also -- right. Well -- later.

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