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Danforth, Dirt & Sprague 8.20.14 Hr 2

Aug 20, 2014|

The guys preview USC as well as the New England Patriots. Also some audio from Oregon State Beavers camp.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Everybody it's -- -- you're listening to our number two with a -- for -- Sprague podcast presented by century late what's fast Internet at a low rice get it all was century link. Go to centrally dot com to get up to forty makes Internet at a low -- monthly rate that won't change for a full year visit century link dot com today. -- -- -- -- -- Dirt yeah. Spray give small all right then towards third and sprayed his served up by Buffalo Wild Wings during and is trying to upstage me out my own radio show every -- seem real enough all right. -- -- Important third. Break on ESPN Sports Radio 1080 of trim just. Did you miss any of our conversation about the Washington Redskins we will take that back now. 2 o'clock hour. As there's been a couple updates to witness wins. Nab and you're an idiot Mike Jerry former NFL referee again like I did and not idiot on the -- please -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm the idiot. I got a mediated out of when you get ahead there you go yeah. I don't know why you -- -- mediated. We can be -- telegram tell idiots together. I don't think DNA here's semi here is maybe. He's an honest guy yeah. It's cold but what we're Austin doesn't know is that the honest duties tooth youths to do things to -- Thicker than what people do -- how to -- considerable one I -- that idiot now I get that radiate back had to apologize for the -- job brand has -- that stadium be back next Monday I sort of Florida's sports topics buildings hit nine Curt Schilling says today that tobacco gave him cancer he said he is mini chewing tobacco habit for thirty years through and that is what caused his cancer he told the story. On WEE -- our sister station in Boston this Maurice -- I do believe without a doubt unquestionably the chewing. -- -- cancer I'm not going to sit appear. From the pedestal and -- a -- chewing synagogue chemo and radiation for seven weeks I came back to my room my family was sitting there at night you know what. This could be so much worse this could be one of my kids I'm the one guy in the family that can handle this from that perspective I never said why me and I never -- Look -- and I've never been huge Curt -- fan but this is you -- respect the hell out of a guy you do I mean -- when you read into what he had to go through in the chemotherapy in the treatments and he had to go through it I wouldn't wish that I -- worst -- sell for him to come out on the other side and thankfully he is cancer free I applaud him for his battle and fighting for this and look it's it's a nasty habit the sport of baseball I'm willing to it to acknowledge that it's been a terrible couple months of PR for the chewing tobacco companies. And rightly so I think there should be more awareness brought up about the issues we hear all the timing antismoking commercials. But very rarely do you ever seen anti chewing commercial so I'm glad that some stuff has been brought up by I quit chewing since all these stories started coming out so. I'm glad they continue to do and in if his story coming on him coming out release this article gets one more person to which you didn't. You hope it's a benefits and if -- Curt Schilling it's all you can hope for but you know look at it to the guy for fight through this he is a strong human being in -- and I hope he continues to it to -- cancer free. Tour's -- sports topics you've got a couple. Baseball stories for you and walls start out effect and with the Chicago Cubs ND San Francisco Giants yesterday yes yes there was glued to his television analyze this game I'll the cubs were winning and as a result home -- and -- not let's not get lost in the details here two to nothing and a little -- up a little shower game a little sprinkle he had downpour -- you haven't seen the video of it is pretty -- and they'll announce an animal that's exactly right the -- ground crew tries to get the -- on the field. They failed miserably in doing so it took them forever to get start on the field by the time they did too late damage was done the infield was flooded -- -- and if they waited for hours 34 minutes they finally it is only forty happenings in. They finally called the game or five innings it goes for a half deck is liberty -- the bottom of the fifth inning by the -- -- two run lead sort of half in the books it was two run lead they call the game at the giants ended up losing and yes after for an happening they. Did in that coupled with the fact that the Dodgers won last night made it an out of area happy 24 hours for giants fans out there -- this is one of those things and whether it's whether it's the giants or not this happened earlier this year to the Rangers they were up in New York there are losing game one nothing in the Yankees. And the same exact thing happened where the wind kind of -- the -- therefore they weren't able to cover the entire field right away. The half the field got flooded latest analysis called into one nothing game and handed the Rangers a loss. Doesn't really mattered the Rangers 'cause they have the worst record in baseball so who cares if people one more win loss in their column. But when your team that's in a pennant chase for the month and hapless in the season this one or two does that mean. The fact that it was humid air that those idiots in Chicago rolling out the -- couldn't cover the entire infield. How hard is that to do really to its harbor all the tar young -- you fold once you -- on folded again. But only covers the entire infield but these morons in Chicago. Decided to not cover the last Saturday and -- their -- flooded it could somebody please explain to me how you could not pick this game up today. There in Chicago for three years -- here baseball and there in Chicago a three game series that was game on their plate again tonight at 8 o'clock or 7 o'clock central standard time. You're telling me you couldn't pick this thing up in the bottom of the fifth inning it alassane. 1 o'clock when he bruise on every single baseball are -- easy Leone crew did a roof and Jason we Hazel -- not guilty to ever have rain delays ever again you'll never have to reschedule. You get everything that I. -- -- -- -- On every single ball -- Reagan put Wrigley under a dome and that is exactly France Telecom Delmon bud Sealy is -- is not my favorite guy but he can win a lot make it when a lot of points on his way out if he decides to rule against this and allows them to finish that game. He's an actor and diets of officially -- had in his notes and that's. Dance imagine if there's not gonna happen they're gonna win the division but imagine if the giants by one they lose the -- have been down to not that easy OK they were right where they want on the there -- if you haven't seen a video it is definitely worth -- -- why it's been posted its hilarious these guys are morons couple other sports stories for -- in our smorgasbord of sports topics in the NFL pre season we've discussed penalties. But there's also another discussion and that is -- point after -- it is the eight extra point kicks from long distance usually 33 yards were missed during the NFL's experiment in the first two weeks and other pre season if your warning you know that is a 94%. Success rate. Job below the regular season rate which is 99 point 6%. So dean blamed -- our body and it's not being bland NFL officiating director at at at said. In the league's near future the PAT case will be moved back Y eight mastered that matters are so what do we just moved back to the fifty make these guys trying to -- sixty -- for the extra point really do we really need to do this. This is like we talked about this yesterday with the rule changes and ESPN's that's info at tweet about the amount of penalties. From this year to last year in the numbers were just astounding how many more penalties have been called this pre season and last. Why continue to tinker. As anybody literally ever complained about the PET I just do people call in the NFL offices and say you know what this is for the waste of time. They make it every single time why do we need -- like. Nowadays the commercials that's what people don't wanna see the camera why is you're still gonna you're still gonna get a commercial accidents -- I like the rule of it and I know this was floated out if you're gonna change it change it like this where you allow a team that you score a touchdown. Automatically seven points you wanna go for too and you choose to go for too that's fine you be trying to DA if you don't get a get six. Do we really need to move the PAT back fifty yards this is predict it's so patronizing when the -- -- stuff. Like all of the things that we've ever discussed on the show and really kind of was like now -- -- Guinness that we felt so stupid when we found out about it. Or when that was brought up to us is we were discussing soccer yet how yet there's not in there's no scoring soccer. And we detectors and point out too as well that's because every goal on soccer's north one. In every touchdowns or sixty you know 678. You could maybe have three -- four touchdowns a game to get three or four goals and -- yet again it's 2114. UB three to do in your -- -- and -- appetizers artists that they say they get -- into a baseball to imagine ever run in baseball was six. 49 yeah baseball again. Yeah I a that it did learn that they blew our mind when they brought that was in line. Did feel stupid about -- -- are still Sox are right but c'mon it it was funny because you don't think about that tennis that I guess I don't get this and if people complain about the PAT that's fine Agassi might keep my happy but. I just told -- got to complain about the darn thing by getting a little more facts on the eight extra point -- -- -- starting -- for the academic -- after we -- and some -- it's about to cut missed his block that's why they mystic about now we we set -- hard -- last night and on punt coverage they had -- Freeman and stutter -- up and coming running dad had a -- punt coverage and punt coverage and of course he's like Friday evening hours but you won't have. -- get everything it actually there was somebody like him everywhere Izod has been brought up a great point about all the extra penalties that are being called right now on the NFL they civil. How much it is easy Cassidy with there being a lot of backups -- there's a lot of guys we all know in the second half of the pre season game at suddenly gets a lot guys. There probably won't have long careers in the NFL you're gonna get a couple copy you're gonna be gone. How many of those penalties or just from guys that don't belong on the field I don't know how to cover a guy I don't know the rules per say potentially so. Other that was an -- point to that's I'm curious to see -- penalties play out in the regular season. Forbes did their annual list of the NFL's most valuable teams the top team came in at 3.2. Billion dollars. Beating that is we'll tell you right after this commercial break on 1080 -- -- Then yeah. Yeah. It's -- honesty. It's really -- Pac twelve commercials days USC got to be fifteen minutes away. Also Steve's -- -- in the wonderful though it's been years sex are cast and anybody -- on -- -- this morning. -- his audio clips as well what USC needs to do to win the -- twelve south. I'm looking for commercial -- I have heard dabbling yet sound as it -- his great creation that is have you heard it. Now he has so we're Sarah listeners and I did -- -- -- probably thirty seconds. It's pretty dead OK it's pretty dead you sell it highlights that Julie Gaffney got no idea now every Alaskan blame Joey -- -- Internet everybody else does it get. The full -- Forbes Forbes but South Florida's throughout the inferno everything. Forbes did their list of the top NFL teams the NFL teams in 2014 and there -- be sold today why these Super Bowl champs are not on this -- Can tell you while you go homer CIA TI yeah I think is symbolized what is suitable only should be worth five billion dollars in Bahrain violence or owner is red -- can optimal ring gives him credibility -- into Wendy's instead the team -- atop the list technically -- more than the Seahawks. -- -- Here are some of the teams value is according to -- exiting in it the values. That they're just doing it based have a revenue projections is a pretty. Basic and simple revenue formula did you do and can basically finance 11. Where you just extend our revenue you discounted back and an interest rate and that's where you did your team value. As soon number ten is the Baltimore Ravens nine stamps to -- 49ers that kind of surprised me that surprises me one point six billion dollars according to rarely says -- San Cisco 49ers horse. I'm curious how much the stadium explain this too because with the new stadium they just built I would assume the -- privately finance and rhetoric I mean isn't that the net value was down. It was resorting to react as you would assume -- be a little higher than -- -- pretty legendary organization but at one point six million snaps and did nothing to laugh and I guess I realize it was only 68000. People the new stadium 68500. Let's -- -- right -- in the sweet -- -- fan bases there's an -- and I haven't looked -- about not torture I've only been -- handful of NFL games I'm gonna look that -- -- -- maybe -- trailing at the. Thieves -- over 70000 right around 70000. To -- bears are Yates. Philadelphia eagles' seventh on this list the New York Jets six. This one's surprise me sham maybe not because it's such a big market Houston Texans are the fifth most valuable franchise in the NFL yet that's weird to me at one point 85 million you do a lot of oil money down there. And -- a big media market. So that they kind of makes sense but he is still I have a hard time and I know they've been in the league for a long time obviously that there are some hard time of the Houston Texans -- -- -- GA -- frantic yet. Hasn't gotten there yet have wondered how long that's gonna take from most fans and at what they've been around -- -- they only have one playoff and all right -- TJ -- -- -- -- -- wins I had a lesson the hard not to he's -- Newman to an end when a playoff game but I'm with you there that it's always been a weird went from -- takes about ten years I'm proud of their with the nationals I've got that point with -- nationals -- games at nationals double team. There -- baseball I guess is they text and been around for. Basically ten year and a little area about ten inning -- mid 2000 they came about that just looking up seating capacities MetLife is the most city 82000 there's only three stadiums and -- over 80018. T Dallas -- in the -- Lot of stadiums in the seventies handful in the sixties and it's that's right I'm hardly an a couple of the fifties -- code is 53 come on tobacco I what does the I would've sworn that it would been a lot more than that I don't know why they're not they're not they don't have. Have these kind of -- that you haven't college towns where you get like that Penn State -- hundred some thousand or Nebraska ninety some thousand the swamp and we are we on the city's ecology is don't build my dad and found yet -- zags. It's a game players argue why would mean that guy in this is different obviously than others are higher price you charge higher prices you make it a little more demand for -- we make -- argument -- -- -- -- the NFL's different in a sport like baseball but. I look at baseball stadiums all atomic Citi Field in New York -- would you build a stadium that you're never gonna be able to so that thing out so maybe they once and demand. Number four on the NFL value for franchises according to Forbes is the New York Giants with the giants three and Washington Redskins at all all. At 2.4 1000000002 point four billion out yet and some people think this is another thing is goal again warm on mound on and it's not been on Israel again. Your -- -- -- there's a financial interest here in -- is that we got and the right saying regardless of the financial impact it's easy to say when your money's not mistaken when your not the one having to. Have money on the line. Regardless of your opinion there at the Washington Redskins at the third and yes 2.4 billion dollars top two teams of value lies in the NFL. Number two the New England Patriots. Two point six billion now so a lot of money title money and number one of course the Dallas Cowboys. That's now not fit tabloids around point two billion dollars in America is going to. Ten billion dollars are you kidding me -- -- been 3.2 billion dollars on that dumpster fire somebody -- is that if the cowboys are still the most dive bomb the -- my -- -- and hopefully you -- depends because they're still out there this is instead we got a couple of text on this too I'm curious we we have to do a lot of research which -- that's I don't wanna give -- more work than we usually like to do. But I'd be curious to go back a look at these prices last year is it about this list every year don't -- and so forth fidelity list every year I would probably -- and before I'm kind of curious as a bunch of people are texting and about the clippers -- said after the sale the clippers I think -- NFL teams market value was probably higher so I am curious how much the clippers only for two billion dollars played into a lot of these these amounts because of the clippers. The -- clippers are two billion dollars it's hard for me to imagine the same Disco forty niners being an easier team to buy in the Los Angeles Clippers. You had this is serious vision if you add the 3.2 -- to time but if you had a and -- change let's say flag -- -- two -- three million dollars are used big -- of that to buy a an NFL team. Two or three billion dollar -- worth that much. Mean. I don't act yes I mean now. At that now. I thought I would not buy a baseball I would -- by something that you can get far cheaper -- by basketball team -- by baseball team idea I would buy it in -- -- that that he's the NFL high is nice. But you're gonna get -- -- it there will be any meaning out in terms of valves you like you can't continue to climb and in value that high and it's it's astronomical now but. I don't know we may be in our lifetime will get to a point where an NFL franchise sells for ten billion dollars from possible if you are able but it this is it's. Anything and we do these Forbes list of how much franchises -- words it's all based off of what people -- not yes and what sorts -- you can say what that was a funny thing about the clippers who is the -- -- two billion Yani Omar's -- is saying somebody zillion dollars on it again you can list your house is in no way you'll say your house for 600000. You sell your house for 600000 dollars that's result of four that's a much it's worse yet one person's going to pay that then that's how much it is worth what people are what people don't do I guess and a good of a job does. As saying is it won't make you your money back right and -- -- which is a whole another conversation but if you're worth annual sixteen billion dollars who cares. If you don't hit -- two billion dollars back right that's. But has since they were divorcing with a talking about worked and what Forbes talking about here. Is if you -- for Jack down revenue how much money each one of these teams is making what is the chances that they did make that money back in. And it's it's assembly. The same to his net worth of revenue for the cowboys last year. 560. Million that must. Being nice to -- Jerry man are you kidding me that guys rolled in -- I'd sell that thing of firing him 3.2 billion dollars if you can get that for the Dallas Cowboys you get out of there. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Sign me up he can meanwhile which went by an NHL team. If you had a billion dollars here's what you can buy you goodbye existing about the yacht Paul Allen's yacht is a 160 million dollars. So that's 10% of your billion. You can take a trip around the world in a luxury jet for an entire year for ten million dollars you can buy your own private jet for forty million. You go buy an island for 75 you know an island is 75 million dollars yes Craig the -- -- island now is for sale at 75 million dollars he has his own golf courts on this I'm -- put -- -- -- -- Israel -- a -- resort actually get there as a show go -- violent game for -- -- an -- if you had a billion dollars -- abide -- -- out -- another 75 million dollars Larry Ellison. Owns a whole -- in Ireland for 300 million dollars a Hawaiian island he needed to change the name of the island -- you name -- after yourself which you needed after someone that does that mean Larry Ellison owns part of the United States and I think that's I don't know what it means he's a giant -- the United States I'm not that you could take a trip to space for a hundred million dollars per seat. I'd probably take a trip to space you go to -- at the space I would much rather go to space for a hundred million Danone and NFL team would you rather go to space for a hundred million or own an island for 75. That's easy island -- space yes I did today out of the basket and anybody can on an island now on that he had a billion dollar fund to -- and it's about college -- did you have one on a Tuesday one -- Wednesday splitting hairs here that in the values of NFL franchises Dallas cowboys' top this -- real quick. Patriots do Redskins three giants four. Texans five -- six Eagles seven than -- does the bears the niners in the ravens. And let's find out where the the Packers this this that somebody tech cities and I'm a bears fan I'm surprised the Packers on on that loose Packers are thirteen thirteenth how much -- they -- One point three once that's in the packers' only made three -- only -- 300 million -- -- for the packer yeah yeah now only at the Steelers are fourteenth. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's and quotes from saarc this morning on Colin. About what USC has to -- to be competitive. This year in the -- all that's next to preview the patriots of 145 here is Joseph in -- was sports. Dan towards third and Sprague is served up by Buffalo Wild Wings on ESPN's Sports Radio 1080 welfare and. I would government didn't concert concert -- on third down to navigate uncommitted attempted to solve all out that I do. I'll you know this all out one of the the secret is not a big secret I do think it's the right thing to do that's how right or wrong to let all wrong I'm right. He is a little song I. Imagine why I'm saying you know little or no don't learn. And couldn't. -- into JFK. Moment. Don't you know. Live reliably every game one -- we're doing our pac twelve and compare notes. Snapped like DuPont that's -- song stuck in your address today they needed to jam jam you happy. Mean this is the one against second people's sense I want current endless list. They just randomly Super Mario Brothers theme song in this Wesley those of the two things in his apartment I had occasion in -- start was and it doesn't -- EE and -- Well let's -- USC shall we -- and tomorrow will be UCLA pending Friday might the. Arizona State in the next week. A leading up to -- out of college football we'll do stand bird Oregon Oregon State Washington Washington State doesn't from the better. Commercials that we got produced got to be a fun week -- -- -- commercials on me commercially got to get -- here is USC from one brain and sprint. We know like most you've been craving that feeling of rich and proud tradition well we bring do you USC football. The newest FDA approved treatment for feeling like a Southern California. -- who believes their purchase Jersey. Bar fighting and -- cheek with the reasons the trojans won almost ten years ago USC is the ultimate treatment drug to help restore that -- genius you in your partner have been longing to return. For years doctors had been searching for the missing ingredient to bring USC in the marketplace but we finally figured it out. With no kids and added USC has suddenly -- hopes and dreams back. When cheering for USC be mindful of the side effects which include eagle entitlement self worth feeling that's the turkeys and -- good coach accepting legal benefits -- work or from the -- life. -- constipation nightmares -- young's sudden panic attacks. Cleaning -- the team's championships feeling is if you come from the inner city Justin Wilcox licking his lips and unrealistic expectations USC football an incredible amount and Wagoner is looking at year. Unless the team doesn't win the national championship. Fight on. Well done brands re brand has really done bring in the next guy's got a league is bringing Iraqis. Well it's. I forgot about that -- look back slick in the lips I forgot about them that. Here washing we did they ever did a Washington -- where we said we basically were it was kind of an oriental type thing you know we said. Marcus Mario and your state known for Apple's Marcus Mario and has two of them Mike. How do you like those acting like those apples we did this whole thing like marks Mario sub nuclear winner in quite some like -- But it every week is what we went to game Justin Wilcox is always if you watch he's always licking his allegedly -- yes and so we had some fun -- that -- in dance and that's why I was a reference to there saarc was on column this morning. And nice pretty -- team players. I think he's a great fit quite optical you know he was if you look at this site schoolchildren are recruited really -- coming out of high school. He was shot -- and using Garrett threw the ball oblige you but. Athletic -- factor that that may place in -- You mentioned is his basketball background -- don't make quick decisions throw the ball throw the ball accurately out of pocket quite land on the move. I think it's straight now. He's ultra competitive he's got unbelievable respect from teammates. He had a great second half of the season last year obviously culminating that with with MVP of the ballgame against Fresno. I was course SR talk about Cody Kessler the quarterback this year did get the starting not -- and we watched him last year against organ state lives he was. He was an impressive guy that he was much better than -- -- -- it looks like a prototypical. Pro -- USC quarterback is that for years yes and -- he'd like he did have weapons last year to approach to we -- they get offensive -- but you're gonna get that every time with USC you're gonna give good offensive line you're gonna get five star. By Astaro lining here he has some weapons on the outside -- you're going to be able authorities are -- just 21 years old. And trying to vault himself and yet -- conversation of quarterbacks. And ended the depth of quarterbacks. In the pac twelve right now he's not a name that gets brought up all that option but he does have the ability especially the USC's schedule this year and how things lineup. To -- to vault himself and that'll lead conversation. In pac twelve quarterbacks. -- that he does he -- an -- you look around the conference and -- -- the quarterbacks -- I think you're right that if he was playing another conference at me look at just the SEC for example where there's only one -- and it started more than fifteen games I believe -- returning as -- quarterback in the SEC so. There's so much there's so much touted the quarterback position that it got to -- tests or does -- -- -- school which under -- he doesn't when he touched on seven interceptions for a last year. 65% of his passes he completed so go to -- -- had a good -- a year Max what it just wasn't the answer down there. That didn't work out for very long situations ought to put Cody Kessler and again the experience last year. Was good for USC moving forward they always have the horses to run with everybody in the conference they always have the talent. The big question mark the last couple years is always depth I mean when you go through that that period that they did. Where you have a restricted number of scholarships you can handout that's the question mark is do you have the depth. To go out there and compete if somebody goes down it and they have they have dealt with the injury bug so foreign folk can't there's a handful of prominent players on their team. That have been down for the year gone down for the year gone down for considerable amount of times. And that's the only question mark and I have about USC -- it's because last year they showed me a lot under read or drawn towards the end of the season where. They went from a laughingstock. To a team that out physical in outmanned Stamford and that's -- it's not easy to do Michigan State was really the only other team to do that last year so. It shows you the USC can compete with the best of the basses. Do they have the talent and depth to stay healthy if they don't stay healthy to have those guys can step in and fill those roles. And get all the kidney avoid those slip up games even matter Pete -- they always found a way to lose one of those big time games Morgan State fans that know that -- anybody when they came to Corvallis twice and lost. They were kept out of a lot of national championship games -- they could finally when that one ball game. New coaching staff I really am excited to watch USC this year there's a lot of question marks but the reason is so exciting is because every single year the other tout the horses to run with every team in the proper. Absolutely they do dirt and something that as one member we don't we discuss is on the schedule was announced but Stanford and USC faceoff in week two. I UTF -- and it comes just aren't right right away so that that's the match up I don't I would never. Forget two years ago when they were they -- they were pre season number one and a lot that was your people looked at Stamford without -- lockout in -- play. They went into Stanford I believe it was weak too as well and Stanford beat him and it was a it was a shocker you couldn't believe that happened. So outside of that they opened up with Fresno state and -- they go right at Stanford to the winner. Stanford could be on the outside looking in right away. If you lose that be great for docking and Bieber fans obviously it's different ends up losing idea to probably be actually calling for USC if you were a duck or beaver fan. In that particular game and then weeks for. They've got the beavers at home followed by Arizona State at home late into the year the good -- with -- USC this year is they don't get the ducks on their schedule. They do in with UCLA and Notre Dame and that's at UCLA's of that team could go a long way in deciding what takes place in the pac twelve championship. That is Saturday November 22 got to be a fun game to watch your saarc on what they're going to be great at this year. We're -- run the football on offense and we're committed to running the football. And we're gonna stop the run on defense I think big game of football starts right there with -- in the and I know -- In this -- -- roll the ball all over the field all that at the end result is the teams that win championships. Have the ability to run the football and have the ability to stop the run on defense and I really believe that we can do that. Those head coach Steve Turkey and in the USC earlier on Colin. I find -- passing dirt the dynamic of the pac twelve is different than any other conference because you've got Morgan State Stanford and USC. All gonna run similar type systems. DC got three teams that are very very similar in their approach and the new and different in different ways obviously but then you've got or again. And Washington stayed yeah Arizona and Arizona and UCLA lot of open looks lot of different looks there are similar principles the different looks. So you do have kind of opposite sides. A different teams that you face. In in the pac twelve. Yes of the -- and when you -- schedule wise I'm curious how quickly got offense can -- because -- -- I've -- -- -- into what Steve's sake Jim -- -- -- offensively down there this season and you know when you go back and you look at what he ran at Washington he started to turn into a spread offense I mean you go back to watch tape of Washington last year. They looked identical to programs like Gordon have been in quite Brennan as much zone read maybe -- some of the teams did that. It was a spread about them mobile quarterback can keep price it was an up tempo quick attacking offense they have one of the better offenses in the country last year but. Not translate that into USC team that has been built to run a pro style offense they've been built to run. As you mentioning offense like at Oregon State offense like a Stamford that's an NFL style of offense and in I don't know house -- is going to be able to come in and involved I think quickly because. The comments he's made about this year's offense is that he wants to keep -- up temple principles. That he started to implement -- Washington's -- toward the end of his tenure there. But he wants to keep -- pro style Abbas had so. You're you might be seeing a very weird hybrid off and -- this year where it's an up tempo that looks like -- him -- -- Washington is when you mention Arizona State where there on the ball quickly. But their running an offense like a Stamford order order -- state where they're gonna up Gergen up temple -- but they're they're gonna go to the tight ends a fullback and they're gonna probable down your throat so. I really curious to see how quickly that those players on -- able to take out on because you mentioned this stamp for game in week two. If USC gets through Stanford and what's -- -- from week to its going to be a tough game defensively Stanford is hard on everybody. But if you get through Stamford and you look at the rest of that schedule you read out to get Oregon State Arizona State. Both of those games are in Los Angeles after that airs on a Colorado Utah Washington State -- They basically -- the last two weeks of the season if they get through stamper USC's team that could be in the conversation for national championship you got UCLA and Notre Dame at the end of the season. Those will be easy wins UCLA on the road technically on -- road in Los Angeles but. This schedule sets up very nicely just a question of can you pick up the new defense of offensive schemes quick enough to get to a Stanford only two. -- a will be a good testimony and force Steve saarc seizure and and a look and evaluate him as a coach because there's yet there was a lot of built -- excuses. That he EU they're less and other fans -- Eagles were a dumpster fire in Washington I understand that and out of the joke is saarc is Latin percent and five -- need to do that. And he was so beaten down by the ducks and losing to spread offense is him being embarrassed by them. They he abandoned his coaching philosophy and said I'm going to make some serious changes in the Morgan it is and see different things and I as well. Nowadays that the USC he's got some of the horses that he wants to and now he's back to believing in his particular. I've been consistent -- saying -- here's how we're going to have to played as -- here's -- going to do it. I do. Saarc is good for the pac twelve I find an unlikable he is very likable for me even graduate is a Washington as. Don't like to -- now watch what I I will be good for the fact while he will. He -- look he's a good Cogent and you can say what you want we pulled a lot of funny him when he was at Washington because he -- the 75 basically every single season. You do acted on to fact they were -- eleven before he got their sort of turn that program around Washington. To a Lotta peoples are sleeping giant to turn them around -- -- seven and five that's a good progress he just couldn't get over that next step in that's the step that that that's why this is so interesting. Is because that's the steps the USC now needs to take where Lane Kiffin. Got the map of the sanctions he got them they were relevant program that won ten games to a the last three years. They have that talent but can't they take that except to get back to where they were under Pete Carroll because we haven't seen them be able to make that step on a new coaches so. Going to be fascinating to watch it and I did lose a lot of respect for -- I've said this before on the show. With the way he left Washington idea I mean do and an interview in the morning and saying. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- To thousands of people there are listening to that interview that wanted to hear him say he was estate. He told -- -- disabled two hours later he was gonna lose a lot of respect for guys like that I could figure where would you put them in the pac twelve south look UCLA's the front runner you know everybody's pick I'm not quite as proud everybody on UCLA's everybody else's but USC is its one anyone be for me the -- of south. I would agree -- that the actual self will come down that game against UCLA the winner of that will win. The pack -- out -- does that UCLA this year we preview the AFC east we've done two team target over the patriots next. We'll pick up our Washington Redskins conversation. At the top of the hour you're listening to -- turns break served up IB dubs on tanning if yeah. Third and spray just served up by buffalo wild wind. Spot on ESPN's Sports Radio 1080 Beltran. I've rated Sprague is MIA today in the rest of the week he'll be back on Monday's finish some quality time with his family much needed the three of us -- six vacation days in two years that we -- the Aggies get some money and -- are. These -- vacations great it was a wedding to Hawaii and its -- -- about over two years -- -- the -- needed some time -- -- recharged the batteries I'll never -- that was our first show that we ever did yeah Sprague was getting married it was called the last call we came -- after prime time for seven -- -- -- is -- -- and we just felt that -- felt terrible about the -- data -- and -- very well at all we thought our careers are over we're not going anywhere so -- Brady's wedding night. And we test him like here we are so sorry we screw this were you ever get a gig is at the time it was like a -- once once in awhile felon so -- So sorry man we messed it up for you and we're never getting a shot at it enjoy your wedding night. It called us on his wedding night did what happened what -- you got screwed it up those -- out there and I ordered a pizza -- We -- out of their way of coping. Went into the studio and listen to the show for a couple hours and can't of that and undoubtedly is cannot break even if that's passable impassable exactly easily ruined brand is -- wedding night in Hawaii he is off. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- AFC east time we done the dolphins and the jets had focused on the patriots in what they're doing this year. In the patriots are eighteen to think that they are a dynasty there's no doubt about it but a dynasty. That has come up short. Many many times yes and people points and they have so let's fight IE asks what match point -- They've been on the verge any -- heart is a fan to complain the when your team continually gets there but it is there is a frustration factor for sure -- you know that you've been so successful but she can't punctuated with any kind of Super Bowl rings. In a very very long time. Well look -- and a lot of that the is hyper you know IE you get kind of Nancy if you're patriots fan because of Tom Brady and the fact that you know he only has camp for the years left the guys getting -- to the end of his ten year and you're not quite sure how many a leap years you get out of and it's the same thing you look at a lot of Broncos fans it's our last -- may be thought that was their last chance let. The Broncos will be five days to the patriots will continue to be fine but those guys are coming to the end of their road and probably more shots -- to begin that is Super -- -- that they key concern there because those are two of the best quarterbacks of all time. -- Tom Brady and the patriots it's it's always interesting to look at damage to preview them because they're gonna win the AFC east that there's no debate about that. The question of the patriots and as you mentioned in for -- they don't have those expectations it's not like hey let's try and win the division it's a hey let's make it to the suitable they've lost him back to back. AFC's championship games of the -- two years ago last year they lost the Broncos so. Our activities for three years -- when they they want -- what's the Super Bowl and and they lost to back magazines out games and they've been right there on the break. India do you look at some of the people that left in the offseason the Gharib -- it was a good short down back for them of the third down back Aqib Talib is now gone Brandon Spikes a linebackers gone. But they did have some improvements they did especially the defense to back position -- -- you lose to leave which will be tough to replace. But you glad you get -- Revis who's never gonna be back to level that he was at a couple years ago. But you get a semblance of what he was that that's a good pick up -- Brandon Browner did deal seahawk defense -- back. He has served a four game suspension to start the season but those two guys should serve as a pretty darn good secondary for me -- -- Patrick Chung as well. Who's coming back to New England so. Ultimately it's is -- Tom Brady have enough weapons to get you there that's the question I have about them every single season Rob Gronkowski goes down. You're screwed you're screwed offensively gambling on the situation there Hernandez if you lose Gradkowski again. Who is always has health concerns and to me that's the big issue you don't have enough offensive weapons to get you there the run game quite not as dominant as you would want it to be. But whenever you have Tom Brady you're in the next year in the conversation I make the argument all the time of the top four quarterbacks the NFL -- Brees Rodgers Brady or Manning. It doesn't matter what team Iran doesn't matter what weapons you get a member of the conversation last you about their wide receivers in that anybody and gronkowski -- that's another key addition Deborah Cassie got hurt you add him back but he didn't have broadcaster -- -- Wes Welker in the offseason he has nobody to throw cute -- eagle twelve and -- UN BA season you lose in the AFC championship game so. Tom Brady's good enough to get to -- but you have to have weapons ultimately if you wanna win a Super Bowl and gronkowski is the main guy of those weapons. Danny Amendola was underwhelming Julian gentleman's their -- is it they've always won this way it's not like they're winning any got a new way. I started funny at the pages of the one time you went out and got a big play wide receiver. You had arguably the best offense in the history of the united go out and let us teams in the history -- the NFL you ran into the giants. Who will be needed to be in the Super Bowl yeah yeah what time you went out and got talent. And look what you did -- -- and able to replicate that. It or duplicate that in any kind of way they also had Darrelle Revis there as well -- as you point out. So yet the patriots -- team -- you look at at what they've got this year. And it's a situation where they got destroyed by -- Peyton Manning's surgically just picked it apart last year they did not have the defense of backstage hang. With the weapons of the Denver Broncos did they were also surprisingly successful in the run game lists as weird and it is it is a little deceiving though when you've got a quarterback of the remaining and the Brady's stat for you -- when Payton left Indianapolis for a couple years you don't realize. Maybe how bad the team actually is because those guys mask a lot of the a lot of the inefficiencies and -- -- inadequacies that teams have Brady Manning Brees and Rodgers are able to him. To mask some of -- as a you don't really get a clear picture of how good or bad the roster is. I -- obviously as you said they're going to win. The AFC east. I still don't like them going to the Super -- may be getting back the AC championship again now and are they better than Denver no healthy image you know that those rosters are healthy and they're not they're not they didn't make enough improvements in the offseason to beat Denver maybe if they've got home field advantage and you've got some weather issues. Then maybe -- even then I don't like them to beat Denver in in the AFC champion. -- and especially with these new rules ever seen and everybody's content we talked about on the show yesterday since the new Peyton Manning or were Peyton Manning when he was with Indianapolis he lost the patriots in the AFC championship game they implemented new rules of what the secondary can do you. Now they're doing the same thing Peyton Manning is shut down in the Super Bowl is new Peyton Manning rule out there -- can't grab and prodded wide receivers down the field. You're gonna start to get -- Ford alternately you have to be able to run the football to when when is suitable and and and just looking at their numbers from the AC GA pitch a game I just pulled up that that box score. Shane Vereen was their leading -- for carries 34 yards they rushed for 64 yards as the team leader wants five carries 600. They have much different -- in -- five Kerry seventeen -- that could run the ball against Denver and Tom Brady was tackle Andre was sacked a lot they pressured him he was 2438. So anti Reagan played terrible -- you know -- -- in position to contend for that ball game -- lost by ten points of the final score within 2660 was the final. So your defense of the -- OK you gave up a lot of passing cars to Peyton Manning but. You have to be able to run the football ultimately if gronkowski sell the though they will be in the AFC championship game they will I just don't see anybody else near Seton. In the north the Steelers of the ravens and eat you know I just I don't see anybody that's good enough to beat them despised even in the south is terrible division. To -- subjected to -- should once again be New England vs Denver. We're on the same page they're doing the vs Denver in the championship AFC championship game when Denver going on to the super -- leaves you vulnerable we have we'll take a look at the Buffalo Bills tomorrow -- final scene at circles the -- eighties at Buffalo Bills there is no way to. There's no way to sugarcoat the preview for the Buffalo Bills except for tune in no matter what you're doing tomorrow. At 145. We take a look at -- and watch him. And a for the Oregon State Beavers he's making a position change who will hear from some of the coaches as well as open and watch him on what he's looking forward to the position change. Also hear from Don -- On the ducks' defense of backs that is next US in their portrait as brakes brake is out today on 1080 defense.

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