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Danforth, Dirt & Sprague 8.20.14 Hr 1

Aug 20, 2014|

Taylor and Dirt talk the Browns making Brian Hoyer their starter. Also discuss an interview Mike Ditka did on the Washington Redskins plus some audio from Oregon Ducks camp.

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It's did it and fourth hearing you're listening to our one of the day and for dirt in -- podcast brought to you by century late. You want fast Internet and a low price. Get it always century -- is -- century link dot com. Teed up to forty megs of Internet at a low bundled monthly rate that won't change free full year visit century -- dot com today. Everybody want -- got a great show lined up bulletin. -- sports -- and -- just served up like Buffalo Wild Wings please don't -- don't offer me anything. I'll tell you what I want with Taylor dance floor take -- six nuggets and throw to move them away. I'm just one before nugget I think I'm trying to watch my calorie intake and eat dirt Johnson now if you could take a Coca-Cola and just go half Coca-Cola half Diet Coke. Been trying to watch my figure don't lose some of the weight and Brendan strength and I'm gonna go with affiliate. Fish sandwich class says that as less calories because it's pitch. And towards third and some brave young ESPN Sports Radio 1080 how much is that there -- -- octave and a month uptrend. Happy hump day listener has -- everybody the middle fingers listening to track that back. After going double doors open that's exactly right here -- I think I think there's as many cameras on us -- all times as there aren't Johnny man's we gotta be careful not to -- act out public eyes everywhere man drones that I. He can't escape the middle finger is no freedom anywhere we go. While the Comcast cameras there probably for all we really got these three Comcast cameras insidious attempt primetime obviously uses -- right right. And I never know when these things are rolling -- a little nervous about what I do in the studio I think that literally all the time icy across what do you what do -- right here it's the cameras can guess there's got to be somebody behind -- these cameras somewhere somewhere sitting at a computer looking into what's going on on this camera -- I'm just picked up my -- revenue and all over the -- and it's not pretty it's not a division went to receive growth -- -- today and I think -- we're so -- -- Being a celebrity and I've been having too much against it being your -- your famous so boo -- but. I was eating a rip city -- sandwich and I could imagine somebody filming me while we were -- dirt that are blocking an eating rich city girl -- to barbecue sauce all over the -- that was a pretty just dumping our mouths locked in back to the studio I get somebody catches you in the act amid active eating. The camera on you 24 sevenths it's terribly amount of things that would come out. And foresee for diamonds and he put topic that easy. That that's not a pretty vision I will say this I'd I'd feel very good that now at two locations in my life I can use the can I get a usual. And I love the fact I've gotten there -- Lloyd -- buffalo into locket there may give me the usual wall boneless wings bull. At their place -- -- we lock up their clinic clan gallant man in the usual. I will say this this was an awesome moment that he even gave me the usual the last time I was there I walked up to the window -- -- -- with the usual. You know what yeah that's just good I'm glad I'm usual got the usual guys have -- that's a good feel they're. Old school you need to mailman and later the usual -- -- -- I know let's break today into next couple days tomorrow's show in Friday's show we are at the year. Wind Coke foods Portland open that's gonna be on a pumpkin ridge which collar really excited for the agonies and dynamite golf being played out at pumpkin ridge will be out there on Thursday and Friday. Here's what's coming up on the show today a lot of buzz continuing with the Washington Redskins name. Girl changed Mike Ditka had some comments on that and it turns out an official from the NFL. Anna has said you know what since 2006. I don't want to be involved and I don't wanna refereed. There -- games sold bring some audio for you hear about fifteen minutes from now at the bottom of the hour. You guys want from Oregon and one for Morgan State that are making some headway in fall camp Royce Freeman for the ducks is -- is guessing over this guy. He is their new rough freshman running back and believe it or not open and watch him. Forty Oregon State Beavers -- position change and he's having a really good false last body of from the coaches and players three from ducks and beavers. At the bottom of the hour the NCAA -- -- the -- their expenses. And how much money each school makes the NFL's has forced to the list of the NFL's most valuable franchises and updated list. The number one team 3.2 billion dollar. Our USC previewed today. Our room. Will be guy doing the patriots as -- a lot to do here in the next couple hours of the show -- jam packed gym packed -- jammed packed and I yesterday -- -- -- was ended up he was traded to the Eagles. Chip Kelly just stockpiling guys. He now has it this -- there's nine former ducks on the Eagles right now it's the most from a single college on -- NFL roster. Dallas has seven from Oklahoma State. Since he has six from Georgia lot of teams have five. But the Eagles and the ducks have the most pairings at nine he's got 21 Chip Kelly does former Hartwell players on their roster. It's kind of funny it is cool when you see this this headline break last night we talked a little bit about it we will when it came across Twitter is just funny the guy continues to want to acquire former -- of what you don't blame me if you're gonna coach somebody in the NFL that's maybe gonna be a back up or maybe get a BS special teams guy. Which is probably what Kenya armed Kenya Barlow beat you might as look at somebody you're used to the first thing about it in my mind here when history went down as what does it mean for Chris Paul has Chris -- was kind of back up running back he got it was get some carries and this ad does not very encouraging sign for him and in the only reason they have to give up a draft pick in this case I believe. Is if he's on the roster through the first four weeks of the season so -- Philadelphia you give up a seventh round take you get Kenyatta bar. He wasn't get a whole lot of touches -- a whole lot of playing time and Carolina so. It seems to be a win win situation from both teams it is funny though when you when you read across 'cause it's not just -- players and he goes out gets. He also has 21 former pac ten or slash -- players on his team so he clearly likes and what -- guys city scene ecology guys he's had a chance to coach and I don't really believe that there's a comfortable factor there and why not -- get a guy you know what he can bring to the table go. The saints and Brandon -- being there and -- bird being aren't. Different NFL rosters and almost used to be like that last year with the Panthers. And even the last I don't know what 45 years a lot of or former Oregon Ducks rolled through the Carolina Panthers. And now you got that with the filling up the eagle so it is kind of a natural tie in. We talk about teams you could root for. In the NFL look we're gonna spend about probably four minutes on this the entire show we got a lot of gets up on the show today -- four minutes we've promised starting that disclaimer like that starting now starts here at stoplights here you ready for -- -- -- name four minutes yet we'll use our -- He deserves it. Brian Hoyer is going to start for the Cleveland Browns and this year pointer early -- yesterday about joining hands -- Because Brian Hoyer was given the starting job now is -- win everybody liked your point yesterday. Today's says all of this is why John and his -- 'cause he's a party you're a beat writer for Cleveland Browns. Said the same thing in this jobless it is didn't take it's seriously all the things that people use a giant in cells and now the starting job -- not is. There are looking to what he has to do to retain that or did that job easy and it is basically an irrelevant franchise a franchise has not to begin this year but that is the power in the intrigue. But -- -- brings but again back to your point of this is one of the reasons why you might not want to put yourself in that position instead of looking on the field and saying he was just out laid. People don't do that they're gonna look for another excuse and that excuse is that he partied too much and didn't take it seriously enough that's why Brian Hoyer was named starter. Unlike -- -- we are talking about this yesterday somebody to accident and said who cares what the media says who cares what the story line surrounding Johnny -- -- is as long as he knows he -- played -- next on the field that's all that should matter and if that's his thought process that's fine. Much -- -- that I was trying to make you just touch on his -- why open yourself up to back kind of criticism because. At some point we do things are gonna break bat for Johnny -- -- he's played pretty bad in the pre season he was DC in the first game melodic checked downs. Andy -- he played terribly on Monday Night Football that was an ugly game to watch both him and lawyer. We're just awful and it took him this long to name a starter because he couldn't do with the next day at the end of wait until this morning. And they finally settled on lawyer to be is the right call I don't understand why joining -- and so should come out start week one. Unless you're in a position where you're trying to cause a little media stir and you're trying to put a few more -- indices. Maybe a little bit more excitement from your fan base -- you know that's not the smartest move football wise but I would understand if they did that. Brian Hoyer to music that can come in and be capable quarterback. They have played very tough start to the regular season that's the one thing -- to keep in mind the first couple opponents -- -- it's not going to be easy for them a lot of people. Our look at a giant answer I'll start by week's five does it could be Olin three with a bye week. But to -- lawyer is a guy you wanna get in there haven't start the season not let -- gives a stay on the sideline if he's got to pay out if he's gonna be a successful quarterback in NFL. Give him a couple of weeks to get his feet under there's no need to thrusting guy there because you mentioned import. They're not going to be an apple and the playoffs -- the Cleveland Browns are not competing for a playoff spot this season so there's no -- thrown in the lineup you might as well let him get a couple of games get his feet under and and see what you do -- if -- comes out is just a dumpster fire you start with three. No big -- you -- -- -- -- week five the fans are gonna be -- to watching the ratings are gonna be great Jersey sales are going to be through the group is thrown in half way through this season and it is their plan all along this absolutely was their plan all -- neighbor may be waiting to see if he came out dominated in the pre season because of bands that came out was just -- it in the pre season and you say OK maybe should start week one but. This is the Smart move let what you're doing the cop down the media buzz for a couple weeks later guys focus on football and it's it's a dumpster fire a couple of weeks and you put Maine's island. -- yet says it's -- it's a plan that was orchestrated from the very beginning. In the media is run with that in a lot of the ESPN personalities are pretty upset Mike will -- -- one of them. On partly in arrived yesterday was this upset with with how things are going in the coverage of it. And it will die down now that he has Brian Hoyer has been officially named the starter for the Cleveland -- little pick right back up. -- -- winds are changing -- weeks given a couple of weeks this will be back in the headlines right at the bottom of the hour we'll head to camps for the ducks in the beavers gets an ideal -- mark health Fritz Marcus Mario what do. I say Amal Lou I think coach the line coach. As album watch him as a defense and in it now so a lot of audio coming for you at the bottom of the hour from all ducks and beavers can't. But there's a kind of a swelling got a groundswell of support to boycott the Redskins name in the media and from key. NFL personnel while that for you next -- listening to -- -- tortured its break served up I'd be dubs on -- eighty the fan. Danforth -- spray deserve dubbed by Buffalo Wild Wings on ESPN's Sports Radio 1080 -- so friends. -- No Brennan's break today for the rest of the week -- -- Danforth and -- here you'll hear under the commercial breaks though he's very solid -- is an icon Manny he's it is a mobile Izzy comes and when he's on vacation record commercial breaks that's not much demand there is from Raymond -- out there is a. Busy this mobile that Brandon Sprague at the bottom of the hour fifteen minutes away. Won't take you to organ in Oregon State camp with some audio of guys making huge impact on bowl teams that'll be probably again at the bottom of the hour. As a Mike Dick. Half half half half a set this up shall we. Mike -- had some pretty strong comments -- dead on the Washington Redskins. And let's just play diesel -- the segment. What's all the stake over the Redskins band there's so much or is it credible. Well at the levels of the world -- this world it was it was a it was sad matter reverend out of I'll fly the American Indian yeah those caught a rescue what do got a column. Outstanding. This is so stupid -- this appalling. And I hope that order you fight for it never changes because the rescue -- are a -- American football history and should never be anything but the Washington Redskins special it is got to get that out -- -- that out. I was Mike -- with Michael -- of Redskins historian -- Tommy goes on to say this. But Clinton saying that can't -- -- it did it get any football. But I had no stopping -- let me. -- something that that's somebody who -- -- guess was that ain't there it. -- -- All these people -- so it. Actually I actually it might be it's all the political correct it's in America that saw -- shipments this step not to do with anything else. We're gonna change something because we can't we're gonna make -- pay -- and I went -- that would put the 62. I think about having an you know everybody lined up that this is trying to protest you know that -- -- -- changed the name -- -- I was so -- in the sixties remember those days all of -- -- sixty or the or her step that. He had this to say finally about Daniel Snyder. I I bar or really I think extradition which has changed by the National Football League. It was about seven involve all the guys this group for the Redskins -- Baghdad and you know I didn't think -- step. Lombardi -- as hell that it had a problem or no well all these other general problem that name I don't I'm sorry yeah yeah I mean I'm not I'm not generate power when it comes. The liberal civil complaint about it we say. -- Or create he left -- -- it is an Obama man. You know hard it was from my ticket to be a middle aged white -- white -- on up and playing his team is playing football plays like you are that was as -- tough -- that you are active -- he surprise -- to go out there proteins -- -- and did he dealt with is she a statistic that come on -- got like Dick ideal -- now. They guys never -- his political views and that's fine in this country your free to believe whatever you want to we're not here to talk about his political views. Blots the comments that he made in just the quality of that audio made him sound like an old man. Like an area that is losing his mind and it ages it's not going to be good Dick. There are plenty of people that feel the same way he does that is articulated in a little better. Better fashion I would say this starts I think a better fan but I do appreciate the honesty and here's one of the reasons. Here's one of the reasons why obviously does matters is there's a couple other people prominent people that have said they're not going to say it this year. On broadcast the other one that it would today might -- Was an NFL referee for nineteen seasons of DC have you seen his pictures and African American are preview seen his picture you would recognize and instantly he's got a very recognizable. A face there's certain there's a certain number of guys that are NFL hot -- is another one. Where you eagle oh yes that's right that's that's that raft you know glass is -- in the pac twelve team get -- he said all the way back until 2000. Back since since 2006. He said the league respectfully honored my request not to officiate Washington. It happened sometime after I refereed their playoff game in 2006. For almost all of the eight seasons and a 140 sixteens of his career. He. Were he and at a hockey they were named some of the best officials in the game in 2008 yep but he basically said the NFL I am not. Going to refereed. The Washington Redskins games Phil sands this and as the days goes and I'm not going to use. They're name on a Thursday night broadcast when we broadcast for CBS. This is a continuing trend where we've seen this in the country right now protest -- one of the ways that you can get something done and get some change implemented. And I am curious from our listeners in the Beaverton to its outside of 55305. What do you think of people that are boycotting this either in the media like Phil Simms or in the NFL like actual officials what do you think of people boycotting. And taking a stand on this particular issue 55305. -- -- luggage and we talked a little bit about this for the show it's all about consistency from me in India official they came out and did this I thought he handled it might Kerrey's name I thought he handled it -- about as well as you cut now ultimately if you -- boycott anything Washington Redskins. I don't have a problem with that at all I don't need an offend some people I understand why defends him I'm not a native Americans I can't I can't speak to how offensive some people may or may not find it. We are both on I think all three of us on the -- -- on record that it's a point -- should probably change at some point. -- get there with a Washington Redskins will get enough backlash there will be enough that these people boycotting. They eventually enable more than likely change that the biggest problem that we have with this and to me this is a team that always runs throughout our shows whether it's charity work whether it's little little appearances weathered its its people hopping on. Eight bandwagon fur for good PR basically yet when Mike -- came out did this in 2006. I have no problem if you handle it that way he handled it behind the scenes he didn't call the press conference that wasn't in the media. He went to the NFL he went to Roger Goodell and he -- it looked me and I don't wanna -- their games I find it offensive. I don't wanna be apart that I don't -- represented Washington Redskins please take me off their games. And the NFL -- it wasn't a big -- the story just now broke because he retired -- however many years later he's organize like an analyst and that's -- were meant as an analyst now it in now the news comes -- that's fine with -- he would cannot do like that that's fine if you're still -- -- -- say their name on the broadcast need -- when he -- the Redskins teams that's fine I don't really have an issue with that but you need to come -- at a press conference into an interview about how you're not gonna -- Washington Redskins. That's the stuff that always bothers me throughout this -- -- -- urges too many opportunistic people in this country. That looks for a way to lock themselves on with the cost that has a lot of positive PR right now there's a lot of people in this country. That look at the Redskins Indian Snyder is racist and deepening that should be changed and I agree with most I agree for the most part with them. But would you destroy yourself behind that so you know what you're right -- -- practicing Redskins anymore why reducing redskins' ten years ago but what all of a sudden clicked in your head. That now it's an offensive -- -- -- a racist name what you were saying it the last ten years when you're on the broadcast those -- is that not matter to me it reminds me exactly the Donald Sterling stopped. And this is what drove me so nuts about Donald Sterling was Donald throwing it actually -- races in his life he had racist practices. Re yet to settle out of beyond words -- worst -- yet to settle out of court for discriminatory practices -- he was discriminating against African Americans and Hispanics lived in his apartment complexes. But nobody in the NBA nobody besides are basically the money Jones in the media raise an idea but then as soon as a tape -- illegally recorded illegally released. All of a sudden there's this outrage of how did you like it came out of nowhere the name Redskins is then they're like Dick has said for a very long time and it's hard for me to look at somebody that just now throws our name behind the cost is anything but opportunistic. Yet I wondered to -- it if you could take a stand for certain things and I have no problem. Taking stands and having opinions on and on certain issues and but it'll be like. Hewlett I think still sends is overestimating his importance it in this salaries they're -- -- like it if you say come out as saying we're not going to backers say the name Redskins. You honestly think it's Daniel Snyder cares if Phil sands you use the word -- and I came here as a matter if ESPN. Makes a statement that says we will no longer use your name we will not cover your team will push it up and down every radio station in the country every Stevie affiliate new mandate it we won't use it. Then you've got some power there and -- you've got a reason for them to say. OK but it tells you hit him in the pocket books or Intel you legally force him to change his name which is going to be very difficult to do legally. Although congress has tried they took their patents away. Like everything is going against Daniel Snyder and he refuses to move. It's clear at this point that not saying his name. Is not going to or not saying the name on a broadcast via means absolutely Jack squat. To Daniels that he doesn't care what you heard all what could matter. Is like might carry the official for nineteen years if you have people that say I'm not gonna work and I refuse to work or participate. -- there won't be enough of those people to come together and it's. It's unfortunate. But it's an issue that if you are parole changing the name and there's just not any kind of -- to organize or to get together and to board's action. To change until that happens. And then it's him the kind of moot point. It absolutely is in years are right dance dietary. And he's digging his heels and and I don't blame the guy -- DB wants to keep the name of his franchise he owns the franchise. It's the name of the team it's been the name of the team since they -- they came about I don't really generally have a problem with. In trying to dig in there but you're so right that the league little guys like Phil -- -- not gonna make that big of a -- -- like Phil -- as the color analyst there's no way -- is offended by now there's no -- at all and ultimately you know -- -- is in whatever he wants and -- just goes along the same lines -- what I was trying to say is c'mon Phil -- like you've been using this name for the last fifteen years now all of a sudden it's offensive you know it's. It's as if it bothers me when people jump on these kind of bandwagon because they know what's gonna get good PR you know people are out there looking at Phil Simms right -- wow look at sales since man. He stand up to the Washington Redskins he's standing up to Daniel Snyder. And ultimately I don't know what's changed like -- what was the tipping point that made this the hotbed issue that is now. And there's been a lot of lawsuits that have gone on recently but there are some people that have come out of the woodwork against the name of the Washington Redskins added that the -- been there for twenty some years and he had never. Problem with Malcolm collateral wrote a pretty good book I like not a lot of laws and author but it's the tipping point. And it talks about team where you get things have become popular or you get some sort of change. And how that kind of comes about and after work or close there are with the Washington Redskins name changed it all comes back to you. If if you believe this is a cause you believe in and you're late to the party. Then you've got to explain all right so maybe I didn't know before I was ignorant I was naive if that's how you believe is that's what you believed. And say okay now all eyes are opened up. Now I see what I was doing but that's not the case at least with Phil -- a find it very disingenuous in this is. Are kind of the the philosophy on our I think our show are like life in general -- like you've got to be genuine with who you are busy person and what you stand for. And it's you come across is disingenuous like Phil Simms and like of other. But other people if you view this is an opportunistic. Platform then that's going to hurt your -- like there's a lot of protests and I can get political but there's -- there's protests that happened in the United States. Where. Is that people find it to be opportunistic and it actually diminishes the value of what those people protest -- are really trying to get after -- because other people view it as a way to. Further there agenda vs the actual agenda that was it at the very positive in the first. -- the and that we have this tax -- man in and I wanna what are you real -- I find the Redskins name to be very -- -- half native and I think it's absolutely ridiculous we don't have. And they're you know racist slurs that with team names and we just say oh it's an American tradition no it's not big it's just don't want to change their name because of this money and the apparel already made it look. It is clear I'm on record as saying I think the name should be changed at some point I don't think you need to do it right away but. Will get there that they will be changed ultimately that the point that we're trying to make -- this is not the debates in the. This is not his segment about whether or not the Washington Redskins should or should not keep their name. It's about people jumping on board and being opportunist. It's picking up their journalists picking up there on the other side of the break as I agree with you 100% and will do -- the break we'll push our senate back. To 1245 take a look at the ducks and the beavers can't hear is Joey was sports and. Dan towards third and sprayed his served up by Buffalo Wild Wings on ESPN's Sports Radio 1080 of -- -- porn don't get chills that I have been channel line with its. All day. -- -- contract because cage fighter since we're used to review of the worst reflexes of all time. I mean only want that come out here and see what happens in the. Okay. -- and again it's extend best and only makes it clear under he set of the quarter the commercial break we're just guessing. Still Sam said. That he was not going to use the name during broadcast Mike -- a nineteen year NFL officially is an African American. Gentleman said he believes in equality. And it is his personal beliefs that he did not that he does not believe that name. That create equality. And so he said he at ever since 2006. He said he did not want to referee. A game in -- was voted many times as one of the best officials and not the best official -- official. In all of the NFL's as one of your best officials in the NFL is not willing to participate in your games and broadcasters are saying. We're not going to. Use the name but it makes -- question of why first of all how do we get wire -- there -- they have that opinion now and Mike -- a little different but I -- had an impact. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But this is something that we that we believe in where you know I may -- mean you urges more cynical -- the rest of people out there has read this all the time we did -- a member -- a while back when there was a local sports team I'm -- a minimum. That was doing a lot of charity work in we said like. If you really want to do to charity work if you really wanna make a difference in the community and why are you inviting 6000 TV cameras to come following you around a -- on -- you but it is certainly good for the community I pat you on the back it's great -- make -- difference. But why -- need to be this big media storm in -- it's it smells to last. Like you're looking for a PR opportunity and that's the point they were trying to make here is that when more more people cannot do this kind of stuff now. All of a sudden. Out of the blue phils and has been on this -- for a very long time he played against the Redskins in his career he's called Redskins games it just it just smells funny to me that's all we're trying to say. College text on this wanna read 'cause they are get a ones the First Act on the -- into my attacks and says I feel the Redskins shouldn't have to change their name just because. Of all the public outcry will -- for the team name being called the Redskins. I can only speak for myself I didn't have any negative are racist connotations when someone spoke of the team my only association was a football team. Now with all the media attention people that don't give it a second thought before are some -- -- allow noticed voices against it it seems. Hypocritical and I that's kind of the fundamental basis of our analysis now you -- Nancy and it is possible to say. If it's if this is kind of your -- says look I was nineties I was ignorant before I'd been educated on the issue and now I have a different opinion. If that's the way the year that you come off on this and that's you say look I I was wrong I was I had a lot of people have been like that. Whether again whether or not you believe it or not I think a lot -- -- like that wins -- married chief or president of the United States it was originally when he was elected against gay marriage and and at some point -- -- to injury it was for gay marriage a year perfectly -- year perfectly entitled to change your opinion on how you view the Redskins name change in your perfectly entitled. To -- and give that opinion. There are there is a feeling -- humans are really get it did his perception of of other people their motivations you don't necessarily know Phil -- motivation here but. But -- humans are. Pretty good for the most part that we are as a people as perceiving. Authenticity. And there are certain times where you view it as RA that's I think Mike -- Official very authentic there're other times and you look at guys go no that's not authentic that's opportunist yeah there is a huge difference. There wraps at the as -- -- ultimately the everybody's free to have their opinions evolve and have their opinions change of somebody going at -- on the text machine saying were ignorant Google basically going of what you just said infant because. We don't know Phil Simms and we don't know what caused him to do it but to me that there is a genuine factor their work. If he sat down and gave an interview and said look I looked at the original term of the Redskins IE I talked to a handful native Americans I now understand it's derogatory term. I was racist for using it in the past I shouldn't have done it my colleague should not do it and calling games and we should push to have this thing -- then I look at that I say while the guy sat down. He did his work he did his homework he found out within the meaning behind the name -- he found out that it's a racist derogatory term. It is no longer could use it I would respect a guy like that. But ultimately when you just come out say it'll icann has got a fence about probably shouldn't use it that's about it I it's it's very hard for me to. To go there -- -- -- a genuine and those spots and I hate to draw this up because. It's raised a lot of money I think than the numbers 2223 million dollars now but. This is kind of the way I feel about some people Bol I hit a small minority of people. With EA LS cup where there are a lot of people that I know that our religious friends of me on FaceBook. That I guarantee you they don't know anything about -- as they still don't know anything about -- as they probably couldn't tell you what the diseases. They did donate a single penny to any sort of charity didn't do anything to change anything. What they did was they dumped a bucket of water on their head because they wanted to get FaceBook likes it again may be gorgeous cynical. But when I see people like I know there are some people opted to do it that are genuine that they wanna donate money they wanna make a difference and that's great we need those kind of people in this society but ultimately. If you're refusing to acknowledge the fact that there are people opted to do this when it's an opportunistic thing that you're you're missing a small minority of people. Are gonna head out to the phones Chris insane you are -- 1080 defend go ahead. I I can't completely -- opportunistic. In the club here or urged. You can't I every kid actor at work at these the American right now easily and they -- poverty area. I -- and yet there it's something want to jump on art. Why don't we did in an uproar about multimillion dollar contracts that are being done with the casinos -- insult or. I'm telling you right now you. Tribal leaders and corruption that at the top of it had been tried. Most -- that people. That are in the tribe are living in less than opera. Western opera and the tribal leaders I -- house a lot. OK it was 750000. Dollars were getting upset about are a machine that is barely. Around sensed since then burst out of Washington even. I mean it's still -- want -- hop on board would costs were anybody want hop on board with a cost let's focus on the fact that it. -- by 8% of the native American population. Lives in less. And Albert -- I agree with you so much Chris thank you for the call and and this is again this is the cynicism. I think it you -- classified as to wait because IIEUR. Director that I think both you and -- cynical. Because of how much. Especially did that this is a technology thing is is a media thing especially with how quickly people jump on certain causes in certain issues that. Turn out to be not only that 'cause I ever ever just have the -- dose of coney videos from. Couple years ago that that was a huge widespread. Video and then the more the sort of the -- is our -- has stagnated -- you know of him playing -- himself -- -- -- -- -- it's not to say that you can't change your opinion on certain things but there does have to be especially at the Washington Redskins there's got to be an awareness by people and I would -- again I I give credit to -- by the -- super sophisticated. In their thinking towards this that you have to discern people that are legitimate them and how they view this particular cars and you've got to be able to discern people that are. Opportunistic in looking for positive PR and -- the -- keyboard good it did deciphering the difference there. The after the -- and I love what back -- said because where we all miss the boat here and again it on record I believe the name should eventually be change animals from the Redskins to something else but. What that caller said and that is absolutely true and this is the main thing that always drives me nuts whenever the storyline comes up -- look. There are native Americans out there there are people out and have find the -- offensive but that's why I believe the name should be changed. But after you change the name what are you -- do for the people because what he said is absolutely correct you go look at the socio economical Faxon native Americans living in this country. The majority of them live under poverty the majority of them are struggling day today I was just on -- Klamath Falls last week I go down every single year to visit mile high school football coach. He is now a coach on an Indian reservation down in southern mortgage he coaches a football team mostly native American kids. Did you hear the stories he tells you sit there and you hear all the facts and about how rough a lot of these kids' lives are. That's the point we're trying to make here this name is so offensive and you really wanna go above and beyond and help native Americans from not feeling and Justin and not feeling. You're not welcome in this country knew what to do whatever you can't help them. You go more than just saying you're not gonna say the word redskin because ultimately you're -- you're gonna keep a couple of people happy by not using it but you need to take a step -- if you really care that. Much and it's it will continue to -- it does will continue to be a storyline because -- more. That people take stands more more broadcasters more people in the media you'll hear interviews on the other side that we played Mike Ditka audio for you. Earlier and you'll get more people and it has become more polarizing more polarizing. But the one thing is obvious out of all this after all that conversation that we had in a sense that change so you could not say the name all you want. You can try to force his -- and all you want. And tell legally he has to change his name or -- there's so much financial pressure. That -- -- name is not going to happen I appreciate what might -- did I really view that is the way you go about doing it and -- might carry the former official. Who said no since 2006 I'm not going to do that he's African American as I believe in equality this is not a quality. In this name if he wants to be a spokesperson fort. I am all for that and because his actions have proven. That it is an issue that means something to him. And if you wanna get changed with the league and officials and players that's another way did you can do have a little more on this. Later in the -- wanna get you updated on some things going on in Oregon Ducks. Oregon State Beavers camp we'll do that next you're listening to -- portrait as bright as bright today on tin eighty the fan. Yeah my. -- -- Yeah. And for a third and sprained his serve I've buffalo while doing drugs on ESPN's sports radio and B yeah. I do enjoy those conversations and we do -- -- show. About the Washington Redskins name change and some of the opportunistic. What do we -- is opportunistic people popping on. Look and I won it one quick comment on this -- on somebody said nothing's ever gonna change of everybody's silent and they look I know we can save -- now nobody's you're saying B -- and I agree with that have been -- people come out like -- sentencing when activists say the word then and -- ultimately a change from it will take place like you mentioned with the SP and say we're not telling everybody to be silent noticing you when it cannot change your views that's -- just -- -- educated on what's actually going on. Yet end in tests are also brought up the Mike Florio is doing the same thing. Because a couple of a different Indian organizations that we that we know this we read the story. Came out and basically said why it's offensive so they read it. And and they changed their opinion on -- we're not saying you can't do that but it just the weighted Phil Simms and kind of the haze I guess and ends his track record. It we've viewing it as an authentic and opportunistic and we -- with a lot of different. I teases and causes and so that's one that will continue to beat them to be looked at moving -- -- will do the little bit more on the Washington Redskins name change. At a later in the show right in the mood a little probably -- 250 yeah in the -- little bit -- -- products out some fun socks and ducks and beavers can't shall we let's start anew with the ducks the most impressive guy -- camp so far has been Royce Freeman and they are just guessing. They being coaches and players here's mark -- efforts discussing Royce Freeman the running back. He's had some great days and he -- some days where you look like a freshman and that he's been competitive he's been exceptional special teams and and just. He's another -- got to be this is a quiet just worker grander team. Running backs coach Campbell on Royce -- as well. He's he's doing a great job horses and he's young he's still learning. So I think toward the in the campaign he can slow down the bidders for. As his physical performance just because. He's he's got such a mental load right now but I think he's going to be announced and players force and in the very near future. Mario and -- of this statement as well yeah I mean he's he's he's done a good job as an offense. For a young guy. Six that can. Pick up on on key concepts and really and functions well with. I mean athletic aside I mean he's he's a good. And Mario compared to this former. Examples that here he. Is devoted to do your job and I know a lot of it works in. Worst that -- He's -- -- back that it was -- and protect him pass protections and he's and a great novels you know being inside zone and you know is -- you really are hostages agree that. A lot of people high on -- doing a lot of people they said he is Gary -- by submitting it to cut he said after. After basically last year where Thomas Tyner was is aware Royce Freeman is this year. Byron -- going to be the starter at running back but a lot of people high -- on any six foot 230 pounds explosive these fast. And he is the one guy coming out of at a camp that I can't wait to watch this year for the ducks. You always get these kind of reports coming out of fall camp I remember you wasn't just can't that was kind of his entire redshirt freshman year but I -- -- your -- -- a lot of reports about the Michael James is as little quick guy from Texas he's blown everybody away in practice and nimble museum on the field and a lot of people side coming because you follow along the practice reports and unfortunately this is one of the bad things about organ closing their practice. As we all love to get a chance to see some highlights to see what he's doing against the organ defense -- and I could get that chance until they play. South Dakota and in about a week and a half from now but this is exciting if you're a duck fan and you look at the running back for the it's on this team right now. -- a guy that you know look what we're not quite as -- on him as some people are he is a good consistent running back. -- they have a whole lot of negatives to say about him other than the fact it is not his fault but he's just not a game changer mine mine Mikey some of the vaccine you've had in the past but. You combine Marshall and tighter tighter at a Goodyear last -- 711 yards nine touchdowns average over six yards to -- so he got off to a bit of a shaky start but by mid season dumbest -- it would it was a huge impact player on that offense. And then you try to get like Freeman that's a three headed monster that ballot that would have a lot of defense is scared throughout the pac twelve. It is great you lose the -- Thomas in the offseason you're kind of questioning how are you gonna pick up his production through the run game. His is explosiveness and he got -- -- -- maybe you know -- that big play ability -- they can be a guy between the tackles. All three of these guys give you something a little bit different than the other one and that's the encouraging part about it. As you heard Mario their -- kind of like a league era -- a -- when the deer blood in the Michael. They use the political kind of thunder and lightning combination -- you know the Michael -- in the small quick guy. You have the garabedian the powerhouse -- around between the tackles and especially in goal line situations. That is a huge benefit for this offense to happen that's not even mentioning the fact. The markets -- notice when your best rushers as well also there's a forehead and rushing attack for organ this year. And to me that's why there's not gonna be a whole Lotta loss on that offense is because you lose Braylon out as some people are scared about the wide receiver position I understand that. But the running games can be better than it was last -- it could be the best that we've seen it -- in quite some time down there in Oregon. -- is can it can be fun because you see a lot of times says it actual words you get. Quality players and it's tough to re load. Argued that the US the end of stable of backs that they had and they -- great backs but never to the level. Like Reggie Bush -- you have an amateur play granny is on best console there's not time yet has yet stepped replace but but you still you had. And and this is even look at that -- state and the stable of backs and their -- status had time after time after time and then you get a couple of years react how we don't have a couple of down years they dominant it's. It's gonna be dagger island right now -- -- -- -- -- he's don't know what those guys are gonna be the backs that's a luxury that the ducks have. With that especially this year I am not that I am Byron Marshall. I just didn't I didn't really like him as a back last year I hope he's improved I would much rather see Thomas Tyner. And -- screaming get a lot of the touches this year I appreciate -- Marshall I do. But he -- not a dominant back he's a good back and he's he's a really good running back he's not the kind of dominant back. That I think Thomas -- can be and that Royce Freeman could be based off of all the comments and what we've seen from some of the spring stuff in the fall practices. That Royce Freeman should be getting some carries very very very very soon in his -- that. Luggage that this is say it's a great problem to have when you have three guys that can play and that are capable and Marshall was a thousand yard rusher last year the if you want him to be your main feature back again this year. I guarantee goes over a thousand yards again it's a lot of it's a product that offense where they can just turn around a thousand yard rusher after a thousand yard rusher but. When you when you combine this system with a special back which we both believe Thomas diner and now Royce Freeman to be that's where you get that special team that's for you get -- Heisman conversation. Around a -- like -- Michael James because it was a combination of both it's a great system. You get a great back in there it's very hard to stop but when you have a three headed monster it's a it's a good problem because marshall's got it's capable of doing it. And ultimately by the end of the season and you could take a handful of Kerry's office some of these guys that's great you get to week 91011 in the season maybe you're competing for a pactel championship. Are you gotta go -- team in the back to a championship to have three guys -- Have Italy just insert X amount or less carries on the season because they're so deep a deposition. That's a huge benefits of the off its huge benefit for those guys Steve fresh late in the season. Another switch on Oregon State race which had positions for album watch we'll discuss -- 115 our smorgasbord. Of sports topics is coming up next Curt Schilling. Has had mouth cancer and he had this to blame -- -- that next also the grounds keeping issue in Costa team a baseball game. What are what team that was got to go there I don't ISI about doing -- at a very Florida sports optics is next in the.

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