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Danforth, Dirt & Sprague 8.19.14 Hr 3

Aug 19, 2014|

More Johnny Manziel, Braxton Miller, and other notes and news from the day.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Basically Georgia the job here is quite simple. Selling bronze. And for the third and spread is served up by Buffalo Wild Wings have you ever sold a woman's line before. No but. I have looked very good rookie forward wouldn't dance -- for the first time I laid eyes on -- Brasilia. I was enthralled search had picked it up in the study that. Thought I like this I don't know what -- you know what level but I know I wanted to be around Brazilians spray and -- comes from the front. He loops in the back what you haven't had a then fourth third and spread Johnny ESPN Sports Radio 1080 you have a remarkable passion for prisoners enough fans yeah. Yeah. We've got a lot in the first two hours and got a lot to live up to in the final -- need to -- -- dirt for writing checks -- -- site for supporting snail -- operated in the postal service of America applicable closes Saturday Night Live and we did discuss some sports in between their. But were rapidly approaching more. Just about a week away from our fantasy football draft party you may have heard us talk about this before I -- a guy like two or three spots left totaled. If you are interested in your -- participating in our fantasy football draft says he'd like to participate you can do so at 55. 305 -- out the Lloyd district Buffalo Wild Wings next Wednesday at 7 PM will probably be out there at five drinking have a good time. As so if you liked him out early you can do so get the draft going at 7 o'clock sentry -- Has some new high speed Internet -- they just announced here what's in the last week phenomenal Internet we've got a chance to you tested out so they're gonna be helping us get all of our laptops in the network did he goes -- no reason or net. I should crash on that -- laurel would brewing is going to be pouring some drinks for us obviously one of our favorite breweries here in the area would love in the tasty Beers we say. -- -- there are one of our favorite breweries here. Let's get them out and have them serve some Beers to some folks and that's what's gonna happen so if you like to be involved in this text drafts -- 55 three's are far everything has approached click. -- that that's weird to say that's a week away yet next next Wednesday were doing this -- district Buffalo Wild Wings and -- you said about all there is to say it's -- be a great time we had our draft out there last year and him it was thought it was funny it's -- some of the India were doing again this year and we got a bunch differently there's going to be a couple hundred people out there other calls -- the whole thing down -- can be great time buffalo -- links were dead does a great job they're great friends of ours over the air. Gergen at the draft can't -- it -- hundred dollars for the gift cards in your draft if for your -- can use throughout. He mentioned century links everybody is gonna have high speed Internet everybody sort their trash right at 7 o'clock so there's no worries. About the Internet connection there in the Laura what was just icing on top it was when -- -- -- Laura wood on top there -- -- they gave us it was six fax after the -- madness and those lasted about four hours on immunity they reach our fridge we drank himself faster than it's great Beers so. What were promptly got some great sponsors on board it's going to be a lot of fonts are coming out and a great time everybody loves doing these kind of events for their fantasy drafts and we we talked about this yesterday on a show where young people texted and said. It with some good Zain I -- fancy Japanese save ten guys last ten years we go to a different city every time we do our draft. I want this event to get to that point is this the first obvious evil we're gonna keep doing this every single year every year it's -- get bigger and better. I want this to be one of those like a ten years from now we want the same group of guys coming out in the same draft every year to -- some -- with us we'll talk some football I'm sure -- -- sports on. With lovely dish -- -- allowances can be great time. We are breaking a world record so if you are a completely -- come out and a break and world record -- is this your ideal world record -- the largest collection of fantasy football draft and one locations of the -- will hold a world record we'll try and break it every year hopefully the word doesn't get -- so that people don't break it but. You'll be in the same category as you symbol let's just say that you were gonna sell music to meet chicks OK you got to chasing a chicken mama world record -- -- you know about that also what other mini station and -- Even heard Joseph we've been heard you heard you done heard a dump her Joey over there you go -- -- used -- -- per day and the only beauty -- -- -- theft. No he's been doing updates for as Joseph is our new producer here on the show us a little -- announce that -- late. Did a fantastic job this is gonna head to the night slot. I would Travis to -- has to be sports that would Travis and Mike's going to be -- doing some stuff -- Travis at night so dad glad to have Joey. On board he will be our producer here moving forward let's coaches and sports topics that we dirt let's do it is Braxton Miller is out for the season this was he had an MRI on his shoulder earlier today. It is his throwing shoulder and it is a season ending injuries of the Ohio State Buckeyes will turn to a freshman quarterback nobody knows anything about it every scrambling trying to find out of its details. As they can but it does pretty serious dent in the college football playoff hopes of the but -- She did watching highlights what did you -- -- -- -- -- say that it did and freshen up on his is a lead eleven clips JT bear it out there is in the negative that you quarterback for Ohio saint look at Ohio State is an easy target to make fun of I enjoy making fun while stated I'm not a huge fan of Ohio State. But I will say this he got a feel for their fans go through this made. Last year you Euro -- away from playing and in the national championship game and you lose Big Ten championship. You lose the bowl game he Orange Bowl against Clemson and now you're facing a season and I you're starting quarterback has not a good couple months. But Urban Meyer president talented and in the coverage there in Columbus where they're gonna be able to win ten games I would be shocked even without. Braxton Miller they -- anything worse intended to the only the only ranked team they play as of now these are pre season rankings. The only ranked team on their scheduling year's Michigan State -- get into November mean they go through. August September October without playing a ranked team league Virginia Tech nonconference. Let this team should still go attendant two this season they're going to be just fine and it shows you how easy Big Ten Conference is if that happens. Because imagine this conversation surrounding one of the local schools here and you take -- and off Morgan State. What -- he's gonna look leggings that he's an artist Mario an awful -- what's -- there's people it's even with Mario and organ might lose three games this year you take him off that elected it may be a 500 C -- up and down listen -- he's -- teams. And it shows how deep the conference is at the same conversation just does not exist in the Big Ten where. If you're able to lose Braxton Miller they had -- guy last year who was it was a great backup quarterback he carried the torch just fine for a number of weeks in a great couple weeks Brooks -- school records it's an individual games. It just shows you know that that conference is easy enough to get through with a back -- quarterback if you have as much talent around U's Ohio State does they're gonna be just fine but. Good news locally because they're out of the college football playoff mix is no way to go undefeated with a freshman quarterback if they lose one game they're done in the -- Football playoff if you -- to say. What is the most hated your most disliked team outside of pac twelve play. It would be Ohio State for me per share for sure I add another there's team that ideas like more in the entire country than Ohio State so. I'm not that sympathetic. Towards Ohio State at all yet but is that losing your quarterback is is rough like I would much rather them. Had Braxton Miller lose again in them Jim did you create that to -- them miss out on the -- I got out in all areas to me. If they would've gone all the way thinking they're gonna be in the Kosovo clap and miss out on the -- Atlanta athletic big thing if you're asked the average the export Linder. Or the average college football fan who their most disliked team. Outside of the pac twelve is -- RBIs to Iraq or any other team. -- is that maybe Alabama would be -- that you know everybody did to bring up -- and they kind of mock duck fans last year locally outside the conference it's got to -- I mean there's also the -- there with Oregon when they lose they lost the -- -- I was the first Chip Kelly -- they lost Ohio State so. I I would say I would probably say it's Ohio State or Alabama I can't even get a teams it would jump in that conversation yet -- their -- disk like it's hard. -- maybe he had I don't know I I've kind of -- -- there's some SEC schools can rotate but it just feels like Ohio State Notre Dame maybe this is one that -- a likely candidate is some of those established teams have been around along multiple teams but the Ohio State seems to be the one the creeps up for me is when most -- teams -- you arts. -- so right here when he talked about the impact. Of quarterbacks in college or maybe were downplaying the impact -- because the you know maybe Ohio State escalate for that means this freshman is that battle player I just it's it's hard for me to see them winning weightless in ten games. Because of how much talent they have on their roster because they are better than anybody talent lies in the Big Ten. In Michigan State's the only one the only game that you look at from the outs NC and that's again they could be losing. -- brother takes me earlier is they're gonna lose to navy in the opener I love that I love to see it lose to navy be fantastic but. I just don't see it happen yet exist with Urban Meyer in the recruiting he's he's like they've got way too much talent. That's not be able to look at the data to have great quarterback where they consistent quarterback play last year. But it wasn't phenomenal quarterback it's like wow. While it's Notre Dame man is it Notre Dame no we're not everybody's nice and close is -- the -- we got one Ohio State we got one Oklahoma. Abby at one Penn State's a couple of cameras but for the most part it is Notre Dame people hate -- at least favorite. Team outside of pac twelve outside of that its traditional rivalry units outside a -- on your least favorite team every couple these tax next. Also a lot of flags being thrown in the NFL has let -- impact the season one of the VPs of officiating. Has an idea why that for you next on -- you think. So. -- And then towards third and -- deserved by Buffalo Wild Wings -- -- -- Sports Radio 1080 Beltran. So -- the media is sometimes there. Talking about there's not a lot site about -- spores are having me and sells one of them which we'll discuss in the bottom of the hours of free hurt out there right -- -- there's there's plenty of time about the free bird but a black Braxton Miller and I every unsympathetic and it never nice -- Good to root for people to. Didn't hurt root for injuries over there. Aren't yet but the more people texting and the more I realize it. Who cares it's Ohio State the horror like the Morley does this segment the more in my mind I've realized that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They're always ranked by everybody holy Sony's terribly this year though they underwrite how bad boys -- do people remember I know it's not that long ago that national championship game the Notre Dame Alabama games every two years ago -- they have a -- longer that -- -- people thought Notre Dame actually had a chance -- anti -- out -- goes tackle in his fake girlfriend come on and why didn't he played Oklahoma what is it about -- president discuss -- and loops is not registered good having you go back you go that's a long long time Oklahoma that's the one thing all these schools haven't comedies are good. 47 years. That's -- I -- -- Oklahoma this down -- -- a big game do you hate Michigan though when Michigan's and a hard team to dislike yes that's true that's true there's not Florida's. It's a hard team to dislike the Florida's south -- don't people like those schools USC's probably in the USC well -- -- Tempted to outside of the pac twelve and if you are talking to people outside the actual looking at the back told it will be USC night club night and yet a lot of that has to do with the -- -- up. -- little Google pull their little sample size of who people lady Aggies and the more we get that save and at that I wonder people actually care. About Braxton Miller in Ohio State that are of the people do but it does affect the landscape. And potential that other teams because we've got five major conferences you've got four spots. Logic would dictate without Braxton Miller the Big Ten. Is gonna struggle to get that fourth and final spot so it should be if everything goes according to plan the pac twelve the big twelve the ACC. And in the SEC could change obviously but the Big Ten doesn't look that -- this year and Ohio states can't get a good performance from their freshman quarterback. If they want that to change. In the NFL last night and like has been going on for quite some time now is not a new phenomenon in the pre season battery bird free but it lies in hate awards show last night and we'll discuss starting in -- has -- But there's a lot of penalties and we need -- lot of penalties a lot of flags being thrown the joke that was made on Twitter yesterday everybody stole it for their own joke. Was that people they're gonna have to get Tommy John surgery for how many flags that the officials are thrown back at. Beam radio is the NFL VP of officiating he said this quote we're not going to change how were calling the gains once the regular season starts they're going to be consistent. And this is illegal contact penalties that are down the field combined being gamble Leno -- yes. The -- and going and beat out Brian Dana grape brandy now it's. I have been a proponent I've actually been in favor of the NFL on the rule changes they're making me -- -- finally they finally lost they did this is a long and yes the watching pre season games. Has finally tipped me to decide what I say this is not how football should be played on the defense of side of the ball. And I was again I was with the NFL are right he can't hit defenses plays he can't hit him on the head yeah yeah you gotta you can't -- quarterbacks all that stuff I'm okay with those rules being made. Because I understand the necessity and to have quarterbacks to brand your -- And I understand that having. Big time wide receivers out -- your brain in her offense. And that's what drives the NFL in a lot of cases. That being said. There is flags -- just a joke it really is a joke and it's ruining. Not -- ruining maybe a little strong it's. Making my sports enjoyment of my football enjoyment of watching the game -- diminished a lot watching is how many times penalties after. Passes the is it ruins it it it does you know last night I watch we watch bits and pieces that game that the dead the Redskins and browns game might mainly because it when it is he -- hands on and pundits see them public workers has complained that looked. When you have that many penalties are old and and it's that just sluggish that's stopping gullible football game it makes it hard to watch it does now it's not gonna get to the point work. He starts he just start to see the ratings drop the ratings are gonna go anywhere they're gonna continue to grow because they do every single year in the NFL matches the way it is and tell. Of catastrophic events can happen and in some minor penalties like that are not gonna turn enough fans away. To have a huge difference and NFL knows that and and that's the hardest part about this is that the NFL knows how powerful they are they know how strong they are they know how good the ratings are. And they know that they can get away with stuff like that shouldn't complain all you while we could sit here and say okay dominant this is ruling mean watching game having these downfield penalties and getting first downs for basically no freezing -- and throwing 2530 penalties every single game. It's gonna -- and that's find your back and turn it off you know would we can complain all we want but until we turn to drop the NFL knows they can get away with this kind of stuff. Ultimately it if it gets to a point where it it is very hard to watch though it is because you know I was -- -- copy -- earlier today. And he had believes that -- back to Redskins games last year and there is about you know 910 on average penalties per Redskins game last night there was over twenty -- -- -- pre season games you look at. There's over 25 some penalties every single game that does this stop and go nature of it. I don't understand why more people don't complain about this we get this all the tribal baseball as a baseball fan I'd be here all the time is forced to slow it's too sluggish is too much downtime too much time between pages in between at bats. I get it I understand the arguments compromise do. But why we -- to -- argument for football there was a study that was done. That there is actually more in game tied in in baseball and prison football but when the -- these guys in the bat balls and play. There was more time played during a baseball game that there is like twenty minutes to like sixteen minutes yes it is it is and that nobody complains about this of football and ultimately I hope we get to the point where people do because I'm with -- -- look at the concussion stuff you look at the helmet to helmet hits. The NFL's gone too far my opinion but I understand you got to protect the launcher and -- long jet epicenter superstar you gotta protect your players you got to protect the people that are playing your sport I get it completely and now I'm not not on board with all of them but I understand where they're coming from. These kind of little sticky tacky or hold the Jersey your ball but he got fifty yards downfield he's gonna throw a flag given automatic first down. Dole is the kind of penalties you look at you seem really is that really necessary to do the same thing now enjoys -- -- -- updates all -- with the extra points. They're doing that now they would move the -- it was back to fifteen yards and really why. Why we need to go the extra point back fifty yards as anybody with the ever care about a PAT if anything now it goes touchdown commercial PAT commercial kick off. I usually leave the room after a touchdown scored -- article yet that -- bathroom I don't want -- I don't get the article gravel Laura wood beer out of the fridge Hannity good to go. Now you wanna move -- -- -- -- more stop tinkering with the dark game your number one you know one for reason there's no need. Fix it -- Dexter says you guys act like the defense of backs are not going to make adjustments as the B Argentine attack -- 55305. And a but they will make you guessed -- there's no doubt that they're in the deep into backs are going to make adjustments but it's. There's a reason that they're doing and in the first place is because it gives them an advantage. And it helps them at least try to stop guys if you can't touch or even try to. Making efforts -- Hold guys down the field I'm not collect talking about grabbing under the Jersey of holding. I'm just talking about a little forearm here there a little just a little grab at some point in the row when the officials not looking to slow Calvin Johnson down. Or Julio Jones yeah. You know stand a chance against who you know he's on at all if it gets -- -- gets -- if you get to as -- on the ball 4050 times. It's a pass happy league we all know that and in the -- teams are doing this thing Jim Kelly seven his guys he's tennis balls in their hands and I grabbed him bumping guys. The Redskins I heard on the Monday night telecast last night whether. -- their TVs were boxing gloves and practice so there's clearly guys are gonna do this but you know I did you get a conversation yes they -- in it was interesting to me because. This to me is all predicated and it's all basis as a feather in the cap and you're Seahawks fan. Because to me that's for all this comes from you watch the Seahawks in the Broncos -- the Super Bowl they absolutely dominated that game. And what of the Seahawks do with the -- physical defense about the physical secondary guys like Thomas chancellor Richard Sherman to get up in your face they bump -- Because they're Smart enough to know that the officials not to throw a flag every single play you can't do it. So now you're starting get more more of them thrown. But ultimately if you pass interference enough times is a good outweighed the couple apparently you gonna get every single game. It is Seattle's case the answer was yes the last time we saw on these roll over changes. Was in 2004 because the patriots defensive backs were doing the same exact thing the colts and it in Peyton Manning of the colts he threw four picks in an AFC title game. In the colts went to the NFL -- Nazi's they so well all our guys can't get off the ball they're getting grabbed 2030 yards on the -- we can't complete process. This is unfair the NFL changes the rules and then their offense slowly start to build up again now we seen a new defense with physical befits -- backs. Go after guys and -- the NFL doesn't like this I -- I'd have to make these guys are just like his does it make -- He says I agree 100%. With this tax I think it's very well put the worst part this -- says is DB coaches. And defense of Korean leaders know the fans are getting frustrated. And thus still coaching their players to be more physical. They know the wrestle stop calling it eventually there's no way the you know fell. Is going to continue throwing flags despite what they say and I -- -- I agree that one under present it sounds good in theory for dean blame -- to come out and say. -- what we're gonna call this the same way if we get two weeks seven or eight of the regular season and you've got 2428. Flags in the game -- I promise you you're going to see some changes that's just. The way he is going to be we had a good time making fun of dirt. For writing a physical -- we might poke fun at his expense a little bit more next man also Johnny Denzel flips the bird. And that's nineties that's in the like I mail that tees and listen the next segment it's going to be got a half here's Joey was foreseen. Then towards third and spread is served up by Buffalo Wild Wings on ESPN's Sports Radio 1080 welfare and. Plus I'm no they look at me I'm not big -- small -- that -- critics -- needs aren't being I'm still eighteen. I -- because among -- me. -- -- -- And their commercial break -- -- -- years of flavored water. I look like I usually drink flavored water during the show -- have flavored water endorsement from a free agent in the flavored water. Markets are. Hi I'm looking to settle in on a flavored water brand not want to throw this -- has that been ruthlessly attacks. From nonstop from start finish -- -- -- today we'll never see it's -- let's set this up real quick for you to join hands down. Allow me to sit this -- KQ well you go for it yesterday were back in the dump which usually caller area where we Pratt because promotions people to throw bunch of garbage back there basically. In so we called the dump. And we're back in the -- an icy -- writing a check hasn't one of its you know the middle of the month when ordered Genentech for -- -- -- puts it puts in an envelope. And he has Amy and -- either we ST NC where in the opposite Maria yes front. You know tackle the what you mingling dirt all all I've got a got to credit card bill -- a mailing a check to them. Second your mailing -- -- card -- top male and a credit card and so that's sparked a bunch of jokes and yet support you which side they were funny -- a bunch of salesmen came up to be made fun of me in the hallways because of course Danforth knows that this is a pretty novel concept that nobody does -- so -- -- goes and watch her and asked everybody around the office is salesman do you mail checks no. Dirt -- to make fun of it that's exactly what -- Did -- did Tim Taylor died and at five the wolf he comes stroll novel might be mailed -- don't look at a video mail checks -- I think that -- -- -- -- -- for our -- I wanna throw this one stipulation in there before we continue with the mailed check jock. Then I've been drinking flavored water on the show for a couple of weeks now we got this little -- marketplace it was a work in a dance off my game could give a pre show Red Bull. But they had this very -- that I love it's not defeat a very water I drink it every day during the show. I've been made fun of for drinking apple like for drinking flavored water and now you're on board of flavored water and that's a little hypocrite him fourth through that I try to -- Try to just MLB's third flavored waters seemed like good alternative to soda welcomed the flavored water team they just know you're slotted behind me in the catch a line of free agents that are looking for flavor waters sponsors okay that's I take number one building and that. But let me also add this in terms of the the snail mail stuff. Is it is it really that bad -- is no -- I hit some solidarity here there is a handful of people that Texan in earlier that they mail their checks continually. And I appreciate the support they showed me to meet it look I'm supporting the economy right the Postal Service they need jobs we need people to deliver mail. He has played at that as I can. It sounds kind of can't -- cruel as another -- but. Whenever I get like a bill online and it says would you like to go -- goalless and paperless. With -- meaningless -- -- go paperless and is gonna go on paper then the company gives you like an explanation of why seed in the environment that isn't that they did you yeah yeah. Occasionally like this is not one of my finer moments now. No I'm not gonna see you money insert how many. -- -- mean it's a burned out entries -- and a paper statements that -- yes so that they have to put in the words of -- the envelope is a job be grateful that they have claims for us. -- fees. I think happens it will come on man I I do it out of spite I'm not proud of it but I have collect. No I will not say accuracy and it's. To my email your gonna what is a more accurate amount that they hear it a step though -- gonna support our economy you're gonna pay the postage on that. I will get it I will the -- away. Now recycle excuse me. And I'll go pay my -- online rather deal with the hassle of receiving bank statements every month and having to deal with all that paper do when I'm on Bosnia and I go -- I will. I would make it more difficult on myself. -- approval points. And then to make it easier on myself and given up that's that's is again and again. Yeah if you're at SF now McCauley is an environment guy he rides his bike to work mostly drove -- today eyesight -- doesn't mean environment -- About army guy but your ride your bike you know you're you're with the policy your hip hip but the scene. Of all the things about a lack of -- may indeed shore -- -- -- with another guy. Institution. Couch and is an attacker Wednesday if I was on day I was at a who fest over the weekend and then I did you do that. I didn't I went to Indiana can tell you this dirt -- now and haven't been under sixty bracket now. -- -- Maybe next year really had to go there really in under sixty bracket first I'm not buying and there was an under -- -- there. -- -- -- I -- cannot miss I may well I'm what does this -- commodities Disneyland yet be over four foot to right right to Amish shooting under Sears could locate finally there's there's six bracket I'm entering that thing next I'm gonna dominate. The lead over 250 pound Ragheb Iran and America. I yesterday on Monday Night Football -- and -- we're watching in the the about the camera flipped -- the Redskins Siad Barre -- secondly did he really just do that. Indenture and every wound it they're ticked nature tweeted out. Like like this he is who he is and Hudson and bring in terrible statement but he why are we surprised and continue to be surprised. -- what -- in Zell is doing we ask for athletes to be consistent. And he is consistent that's who he is that's his personality the browns knew that in their draft evaluations. Then people that -- played with him in college football know that. Jhonny Gonzales not changing and he's not surprising anyone. And this is hardly a jester that people should. Be worried about or concerned about all I wanna know is can't -- and they'll play football and help the Cleveland Browns win. And looking -- his performance right now it doesn't look like he's going to help them much this year. -- one good drive in that game but we're continuing to focus on what he's doing. Off the field and on the showing up weighed in and all this other stuff is he a great leader know he'll never be a great leader. But he is and es that you should be no surprise and what you're getting with Johnny man's well. Now there shouldn't be at this point to and a lot of this criticism it's always funny to me because of giant ends -- goes out wins he's successful. And he turns into a good quarterback in this league the criticisms gonna evaporate immediately I mean if if he was doing this out say he has an RG three -- rookie year. And then he's seen in Vegas with the pictures and the admirals and he's doing the flip on the open office sideline. What's the converse is completely different but. That's exactly why look at NIC just why why I mean it's at the end of the day it's not a big issue he flip top assignment it's funny. Brian Orakpo said they were cracking up on the sideline they were poking fun and John -- you know the entire game. -- thing I said about the biggest of his -- that big of a deal he's in Vegas -- hot chicks around him now it's not and all the guys when he senators -- he's got a lot of money in his bank account. And the argument people make that tape I was his age and I had that amount of money I would be doing the same thing I agree with I have no problem people making that argument. But every time this kind of stuff comes up and joining me and so I always just ask the question why. Why do you bring this kind of criticism on yourself why you open yourself up for this kind of conversation. Does it is they're smarter way he'd go to Vegas you really need to be outside taken photos can you find a different way to party. When your flip top assignment really it's mine and -- football you know every single camera. In that stadium is going to be on you the entire game with -- in the game or you're out of the game they're gonna be following your every single move. You really think you're getting get away with flipping off the Redskins sideline. Ultimately it's not that big of a deal but the problem John -- and -- faces right now is if he doesn't pan out if he turns into a Colt McCoy for example in the guys out of the league in 23 years wreaking even hang on as a backup quarterback. This is the kind of -- the people are gonna play whether it's fair or not this is to stop the people are gonna point to this tape may demand so should've taken more seriously maybe he should have been more focused. I'm getting to starting gig in flipping off the Redskins sideline maybe he should've been more focused on studying his playbook they going to Vegas and taking pictures dot checks. I don't I don't believe those arguments but you're opening yourself that criticism and that's I don't understand why do we CES. Ian dot com NE SP in the magazine did -- -- it's an informal survey but the asked. 100 over 100 players in the NFL anonymously whether or not dating Johnny -- Zell. We'll be. Successful in the NFL and so they of those players they asked 69%. Said the -- -- -- succeed. In the NFL and so and then they also asked. Some coaches as well and some analysts and they also overwhelmingly agreed that Johnny -- -- will be successful as a quarterback. In the NF. But I got more power to you if you -- believe I just don't see it to me this -- -- -- the problem because I was looking forward to coming on today. And talking about how disappointing was I think that was a game gentlemen does a lot of power and I'll give him credit for having that power. He drew me into watching Monday night pre season game enjoy the reason I saw Bershard there's no way your watch now I know we were sit around we were saying it. -- -- -- -- can do we turn and Ali wanted to watch a couple series and wanted to see a public workers look so we sat down to watch a little bit negate the guy has a lot of power but. We should be sitting here talking about how terrible he played less heat looked atrocious he looked like he'd want to drive it one good drive of the guys I just to me this early on -- I'm not -- securities applause tonight securities -- pay an -- starter. I just don't see I don't see him fitting in that offensive with all these antics on the -- just becomes a continual distraction. That the team in himself always have to do with something new coming up -- join hands out. Also all out of last night Robert Griffin the third I I if I were like I know that organization -- leveraged collide in and been able to put a lot of investment in Robert Griffin the third. But Kirk cousins a better quarterback -- easier to Staten and I love Kirk cousins and Robert -- in the thirties has an ability we played earlier one of our reports. An ideal clip for he just doesn't slide -- three hits yesterday and he's is not capable of sliding Peter King earlier on Colin. This morning said it IT tech had a slide theater and get some national players over there. As a Washington Nationals and teach him how to slide Lleyton he's got to figure out how to protect himself. Just watching Robert Griffin the third and watching Kirk cousins yesterday there and they'll never make that change unless there's an injury at least this year now. And that division and -- look and -- to be very good that divisions not very good. So maybe Jim -- you have to give Robert given the third at least one more year but watching that pre season game last night. It it it's the NFL eventually you're gonna have to go with who's better in Kirk cousins is a much better player if you're not going to play Kirk cousins. Trade him yet and get some value because he's a valuable. Do him -- -- as -- as -- guys ready to be a starter right now he -- -- one bad interception last night he did though just when you watch him run the offense -- -- against backed up some market is -- your -- but the guy does have a track record in terms to -- played as a rookie when RG three -- He got them a little bit of playing time last year because they were so bad. -- guys capable of being a starting quarterback and and and hopefully Washington realize that at some point. But like you mentioned RG three sells the jerseys RG three puts butts in the seats it's the same dilemma that Cleveland's going through which our demands are right now -- and ends up you start him. They'll be excitement around your team -- giant fans -- sits on the bench REE there's not going to be quite as much of a demand your TV ratings are gonna go down. There is a drop their for certain guys that remains on RG three even though they might not be the best option for their respective team we've got an update on call light -- low with the Green Bay Packers will give that to you next in wrap up the show you're listening to -- -- -- -- spring is we key is out. On -- need to -- them. Now. I know you can let -- know. Your friends for him to answer them -- buffalo while doing. As sports radio and maybe. -- -- is on -- -- air left. He has been waived by the Green Bay Packers but it is a little different so he can clear waivers. And Eddie does layer and we'll spend the rest of what what it in his rookie season on the packers' injured reserve list. It doesn't eliminate any chance that he will play this season however. The Packers have expressed -- higher than they would like to keep him around wow and they would like to use him as an injured reserve spots and it is pretty rare that a team will claim an injured player. Yeah and the patriots did it would Jake Ballard when the giants try to put him on waivers -- Of course the freaking patriots did -- -- -- find a way to -- that Blair -- tore his medial collateral and post cereal collateral ligaments in his right -- On August 2 in the packers' family night practice called a liar -- Is -- in obvious that we knew that but the updates today is that the Packers are gonna put him on waivers if he clears them. The Packers still wanna keep him on injured reserve for the entire season that's. Encouraging news if you're Carl Larry that is what we talked to somebody who knows tablet was on the inside a little bit there -- said he. He's been one of those -- fractures for all of us kind of wait and see if he was -- pan out because. We all know we as a physical tools that guy can step in -- stud tight and he's strong he's fast CDs got great Nancy -- that he could -- city in and out offensive to see -- not perform very well and then he gets -- on top of that he's done for the year and now they wanna keep them that's an encouraging sign -- layer or the day he made somewhat of an impact. And they see their being some potential there they comport with font term. Couple other things and the sports headlines today this one is you got to know the impact of this particular guy in his name should be familiar to you it's Dick -- if you are Fannie MBA or if you're a fan of the Portland trailblazers who obviously Dick -- Dick -- retired -- -- he was a referee for 39. Years it's incredible he is 74 years old he'll be remembered as the league's officiating Iron Man basically. He's correct is the get this dirty he's refereed a record 2635. Consecutive. Regular season games now from December 2 1975. When his debut. All the way up into the conclusion of last season the previous record was 2100. He smashed that. And he's a cal Ripken of the fish he is he not missed a game since 1975. Also kissed Charles Barkley that's right that's right get college he did it. Pass cal Ripken's famous Iron Man streak out on 2006. It's Atlantic guys thirty fish -- like. Stick to Dick -- -- -- Nevada that -- all marrying non big event about not -- but let's not give treaties that we would give cal Ripken junior it is -- about how -- basketball that guy -- seen in 1975 now -- -- mr. -- it blows -- -- the guys seen a lot of players he's seen different generations -- -- think about how big the NBA is all the years he's been -- on from 1975 now. It is fascinating to think about -- knees let those recognizable faces whenever you got him for a -- he needs it that the value aegis you know you don't look you know the field. I -- my -- like Dick -- all that much yet it out Foreman him in Nevada had a beef I had my eyes as a means of a lot of fish. It's probably fair. Though Dick van retiring today he 39 years and years has seen some bass was before bird and magic entered the league. It's all the way up until now I would love to -- that guy's brain. On just basketball in general and who wish he says the shift it ever did it in a Dick -- interview on the show in the income join us. Cheryl Beckett does an eighty's he enjoyed your point it was the all star game when it. But that it was 67 years old you know Charles ran up and on the court he rates at a race yet Charles try to race him did he run backwards and fall down even let me again it's like eighty centimeters -- yes is smoked and generates -- Yes -- -- a better retiring today also in sports today. The Minnesota Vikings have reached an agreement was Chris Kluwe -- to avoid a lawsuit I here's what the vikings are gonna have to deal. They are going to donate to rights and have to this is part of the settlement. They're gonna contribute a 100000 dollars to charities that support lesbian gay bisexual and transgender constant. -- additional contributions to five LG BT friendly charities over the next five years the teams -- also enhanced sensitivity training. That is already required throughout the organizations after all of that. And Chris -- and everything is going on and who and that's what took place that they are either going to suspended their special teams coordinator Mike Pfeiffer for three -- 45 freezes. And elect I'm glad this is -- that we don't have to talk about ultimately it's good. It's good they're going to be donating some money and is -- to a good cause of good for the Minnesota Vikings on this glad this is one of those stories that he got to continue to talk about I guarantee. What did demand was the Penn State staff that he did this and does he jokes Cigna Chris clearly made that made him an absolute hypocrite and it looked like -- got to come out and you're sitting here and fighting for one cousin saying some of the stuff and his team said -- the team released some of the comments that you were making. He can't throw a stone and glass house he learned that quickly so I'm glad this is something we don't have to talk about anymore. One other story for you before we get going here we discussed this earlier in the show but Don Pardo and that name might -- all -- panel that's exactly right that is -- voice he was the boys and longtime announcer. For Saturday Night Live -- again was there before. The show started as the first episode aired in October of 1975. He was 96. Years -- we put together some cuts of some of our favorites. SNL skits in this one's got to be up there are data car. And and and it. If I didn't. You know. And I am. Yeah. Yeah I didn't. -- and drive they -- reason cal bills Gloria yeah. Yeah. Favorite SNL skit fired by threes in a killer for me. I walked out -- negativity -- -- -- -- Here the rock legends. Well hey beat it in Dickinson what more capital we should probably give him more Calvin today. Involved you are right now being selfish but the last time I checked we don't have a whole lot of songs that feature of the Calvin. -- -- -- He's doing much so with the service. -- guess what. I got people up and the only prescription people let me tell. He's still today -- I. Amanda divine -- a die hard like I -- that show programming by the way can I throw that out there that be pretty easy to please do -- the whole show SNL skits like that I was he's Williams and I was pretty easy either you are probably gets you there -- a -- that we didn't get to. Her -- and 35 years old I am -- the worst and then -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Now a lot that we can be -- part of voice of Saturn that line passed away at the age of 96. We -- -- show here in studio tomorrow Thursday and Friday organ at the wind chill foods Portland open if you like to get tickets. And on over the web -- -- will be out doing live shows us in prime time. On Thursday and Friday no brain -- break this week if he'd like to security of our show you missed it we've got a podcast every single day that we we -- asked the media show. On Twitter. Absolutely funny but yet the legal but Thursday Friday that I will be hanging out how -- moral and I can't -- -- first day nice work Jolie -- Thursday -- canisters to catch -- he's -- the show before but it's good to have officially on board right even listening to the best show noon to three in the history of radio stands for Curtis -- served up -- -- We can't of course -- and seriously on T in eighty different. Hey guys. -- -- -- -- -- Well -- later.

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