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Danforth, Dirt & Sprague 8.19.14 Hr 1

Aug 19, 2014|

Taylor and Dirt discuss Johnny Manziel's middle finger, the history of the middle finger. OSU QB Braxton Miller out for the season and a SNL tribute to longtime announcer Don Pardo.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Then towards third and sprayed his served up by Buffalo Wild Wings coach yup the -- -- every now you know there's chatter out there. Just chatter. Happens. We've tailored and -- and about a about a aren't. Plus zero point sandy dirt Johnson as the ball got to -- ultimately they go hey batter about a person. But you can get it audio that. What they yelled coach and Brendan Brendan Taylor and that is supposed to apply that later in life -- lawyer. -- -- And then towards -- spray -- ESPN Sports Radio 1080 Beltran I'm thinking that. -- -- Before the festivities going like to make a little mini toast here in any studio you may have heard of the -- towns of one Jelena colander steadier and areas like I heard those -- -- -- -- some good sound and towns of there being he's got some of the gets out of fights got a great set applied to -- we're happy to have mumble our. In that so yeah a little mini shell announcement little mini station has been if you will. -- McCullough will be our producer of moving forward Mike Lynch she did a fantastic job for us. Is going to be moving to nights with Travis so -- Travis will be at nights. From seven to ten and with sports night of sports that's -- Travis immersed -- can help out that show. And now we we get George McCall out of the deal site feel like we were we Mike was great I think we we did well for ourselves and Joey. Look -- when you make a trade you gotta you -- evaluate this -- long term and to me it's a win went to win win for both teams he -- is very few trades out there that are win wins for both -- been such as -- Mike did a great job for -- -- -- where -- at a -- shift up here remember happy to have -- -- could have your man Joseph you are a front running yankees -- half half half. -- Boise -- went out yesterday having you as he was 24 hours get ready to be become our producer he's gonna be on Twitter yesterday because I -- throughout a couple locals Yankee fans in my Seattle rant. And do it and like Debra nap time Anaheim they take exception that is attacks last night as of the relationships rocky a rocky start but. And we amended over it was a tax and I Canada smiley face -- -- -- to -- you put this my face and I knew we were -- on good terms -- tell the people something about yourself that you've never told anybody for your deepest and darkest secrets. I'd like to -- and in every union introduce -- you're -- groups are golden Colorado circle. Zaire Taylor needs help -- about you -- -- a little bit about yourself. -- -- from Portland. -- host a radio show you needed it tells Baghdad it. Like long romantic like some of the what you want to make our way. That's a Joey is on board that we are happy to have him all along years is coming up on the show today Braxton Miller hurt out for the year will discuss the impact that has. On the -- in the landscape of college who -- coming up in about fifteen minutes from now. NFL penalties seem to be a topic of conversation especially after last night's Monday Night Football game man that was an ugly game was it still -- that the bottom of the hour Don Pardo died at the age of 9060 Megan who is Don -- public I guarantee you -- recognizes voice -- more famous voices in all of entertainment. -- the voice of Saturday Night Live he was the initial voice of jeopardy he had been with NBC's is basically before they were a television network. As we're gonna -- some -- his intro is today and also gonna have fun awaits Saturday Night Live skits are gonna play some of the Saturn in that -- -- Some of your most some of them the your favorites. And who is your favorite SNL character of all time 55305. Were to have fun of that today. As well Johnny. Man -- Johnny football -- your favorite -- have mobile public Johnny football on the -- attacks yesterday tired -- fall asleep watching the games the third quarter of he has game is boring we're flipping around at -- and watch some baseball watch a little bit of that -- and -- go back and forth. And we're like. Wait a second wait wait wait did he did he just due to deep. He just flip -- the -- -- -- he's -- of many in many double take we quickly rewind it and boom there was a little free amber coming from John demands animal like hey -- he's gonna make -- a big deal about this is specially with it's nothing against people that are. A lot of older is is that people that people don't like it. Young guys out that -- brash -- and they don't care about their and it we love Colin Collins our favorite show we we listened to him every morning homer we're getting ready for the show we listened to him on our way here but he. He is gone on this this in time -- out rants not not a fan of Johnny -- -- but he basic he went on hold Twitter -- basically based off of the fact that he wears backward tax on the sidelines. And that that's unacceptable to people lots of fun with it and sent -- pictures of basically every quarterback in the NFL. Wearing a backwards -- you're so right there there is a a strong funny W network. That looks and -- a joining -- n.'s Allan and and they just don't like no matter what he does not gonna like him there are reasons to not liked him. And I on the outside of a being anti John -- and sell but somebody somebody arguments are you gonna hear anti -- -- that they just panicky crack up because it's it's basically ageism. It is -- and that's like it's unfortunate because there are other guys that are are brash Christine knows exactly what he's doing. And he's never going to change and this is the thing I don't understand about him and I know people are as fatigued by him especially if you watch the game last night. Sports there before the game had a ticker and retreated Alec. Four of the five in the army and Zell sent on the bottom scroll it was man's -- on the sunscreen gruden entry door talking about him. And so he you're going to get to -- -- but throughout this entire process even back in -- college what are we asked our athletes be consistent right. The be yourself and be consistent and then when they are. We got none -- that's not good enough because it doesn't fit into -- -- -- like his consistent no yeah exactly we don't like the fact that it makes -- that we what happens I'll be honest be yourself and then when they are. And they did and they do something like -- Flip off the Redskins I'm glad I that was hilarious -- money. -- makes the game better I there's more intrigue you could decide diamonds don't think he's bad for the team whatever but it is good for the sport there is intrigue there. And I don't know how many times we have to have this conversation we're -- man's -- being himself. We clearly know who he is at this point in time. And people don't like doubt about which again is fine. But we -- we demand -- -- -- time and then when they do and they don't fit what we think an athlete should be the typical role model Brady whatever. Then we've got a problem. Look I 100% agreement that I really honestly do because there's a lot of times of people make these arguments march Lara has been a guy on sports general morning basically ranting about what immediate -- in Zell is it. I'm not gonna ability that that claimed that I'll always bring up when Johnny -- Al comes up on our show on in it's been a number of times whether it was. The pictures being released in him party in Las Vegas -- rolled up dollar bills are hot chicks on his arms it with we we've all seen the pictures of we've all had to do this segment of why is he doing this other quarterbacks don't do this around the league it's ridiculous that -- 27 years old he's a young kid he's he's a rookie in the NFL he's worth lots of money. And he's going out thirties -- his life and and I completely under so I understand that side of the argument. But it's like I always say when it comes up is why. Why Johnny -- a wide you need to go out and do this because ultimately what it's gonna come down to -- man Zell. Is if he fails at the National Football League and if he flames out you know -- imagine he turns in a quote poised career in the guys nonexistent in this league in two to three years. Imagine the backlash in the heat -- he's -- get because everybody's -- point to little stupid things like -- that is and say this is it this I don't think he cares and maybe he does admit he does it may -- he's willing to take -- kind of punishment but you know those people are -- -- be out there because everybody -- to -- demands on you say he's a distraction the he's got this big ego was -- get a signal locker room. And it sounds like according to Ryan Clark some of the stuff they're yell and -- on the sideline is -- this isn't college you can't get away with the same stuff I mean they were going out of. It if he doesn't pan out it's all it's gonna be that's all the backlash if he's gonna get everybody's gonna say eight. Maybe should've spent less time in Vegas party would chicks mediation to study the playbook because ultimately. Whether it's fair -- not to him I don't know what these kind of things happened with Angela may be Angela has flipped off the sideline before. Maybe he takes pictures with hot chicks and basing those parties you know when he -- his signing deal and when he was a rookie I don't know the bigger picture just don't exist. But those guys don't have that kind of stuff out there and therefore if a topic like a Blaine Gabbert fails in the National Football League. You don't look at it and say hey we didn't take it seriously enough you didn't come into the NFL ready to play on day one. The Enzo always opens himself up for this kind of criticism and that's the only thing I don't understand. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And it's the same point that I try to make that Michael Sam occasionally. Once you get established in the league what's -- establish -- as a quarterback any NFL you can get away with all the stuff I mean it's -- and Zell who becomes -- starting quarterback for the browns this year. He leads up to the playoffs and all of a sudden they are a legitimate Super Bowl contender because of his play on the field. You go party in Vegas to take pictures and projects nobody's gonna care. But it's always succeed in the NFL everybody has been appointed these little tiny glimpse on the radar as a -- that's why didn't work out that's why you're sucking in in not to mention he played absolutely atrocious last -- he did. Played church is I just a -- and then we can use basically we pick and choose which -- as we get passes do we pick and choose which guys were going to go after. And a lot of this is ESPN's creation. And -- -- -- got to know that the united go back to you there's all all the years certain if it's your personality. You can hide your personality. -- for a little bit behind certain things and there are athletes aren't there things you do smarter than this though. Guy like is that you have his first night I think -- -- I honestly think when he gets his testosterone going he's out on the field and he's and he's revved up. That's who he is and then -- especially in because you could control it's like tiger but when tigers on the golf course. He's in the moment any swearing in -- throwing things in and the cameras -- a silly -- all that stuff but when tiger's in a controlled interview. He's he's a robot any so he can control the message when he's like a tiny camera. But when you get in the actual like competitive -- yeah you think your being your true personality shines but I do agree -- on the Vegas stuff. But just overall I just -- whatever he -- a middle finger yet he didn't play all that way I mean I didn't play very good -- one good drive yesterday. Actually beat this storyline coming out today should have been how badly he played last night instead it says it and the reason why I say it's a distraction is. What's been the head story on -- if you turn on ESP and whether it's radio whether it's deviated any point in time in the last 24 hours what's conversation been about. What -- -- did the flip off the side that's the entire conversation he had to answer questions about it after the game last night Patton had the answer questions about it. I'm sure Hoyer was asked a couple of questions about it it is it becomes a story line in its own when you're trying to win as starting job in the NFL. Of course Andrew Luck this Texas says. Has those pictures the ladies love the -- after -- that they did I like regular history of the middle finger I would love a history lesson on the middle finger the middle finger dates back to when he 500 years dirt when he 500 it was first seen in a play by -- stuff and he sent. -- out right so basically what it is is a salad aggressive civil -- used by prime mates easy Brandon Sprague she ace packets -- yet except. It's a used it your enemy oral wild animal the united is belittling him you or making him New York in -- -- So it is basically. A symbol for her. Early he. Yes yes -- got -- -- got the gist of what the middle finger lord knows I picked it up what -- putting down dated him for its and we got to you on the show today I don't out Dirk is a do you live with him but he has now. And behavior last night that is a little suspect and I know that's probably not the outer most opportunities fifth but we'll discuss that -- sometime during the showed today -- -- -- new producer from here on out we're excited to have him on board. In will be back as we discuss the injury of Braxton Miller out for the year what kind of impact will they have. On teens locally. And also the cultural plant we'll discuss that next you're listening to their -- Curtis Drake served up -- beat up on 1080 the fan. Lou Dobbs who. -- And -- eastern ends Brandon served up by buffalo wild Lawrence on ESPN's Sports Radio 1080. -- -- Just for clarification. Dirt just mailed a letter yesterday that -- -- and we'll discuss the latest. Yes and it and yes our catch is very big -- when we're sitting on the couch watching TV why there's a buffer there is it's much like when you're going to allay public restroom when you're going in the year don't you know. You gotta have the buffer you're going -- stand right next to guys -- it is there is evil -- proceed to three seek out to only two of us have worked perfectly. Picturing a lesson -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- it's actually being back in one of those big feedback and jump in the middle and outside yet they go. A lot of it penalties in the NFL and it doesn't look like you. Going to go away anytime soon. That at the bottom of the -- Ohio State quarterback Braxton Miller is out for the season after sustaining a right shoulder injury during Monday's practice yen MRI. On his throwing shoulder earlier today. And it will be a season ending injuries so you've got Wisconsin playing LSU you've got Michigan State playing or again. And those two teams end up faltering at -- kind of level. In Ohio State just kind of goes through and maybe loses -- -- to the Big Ten. Could be the odd team out this year in terms of the college football playoff a lot of projections had Oklahoma. Florida State Graham and then that maybe Ohio State or Oregon those kind of that. The teams that people are projected for the college football player at this yeah absolutely great news for the -- Because the Big Ten and Ohio State's schedule has his schedule is TE air rubble and so they've got enough talent. And I'm never gonna -- Armin -- they've got out of town where they can probably when a lot of the games without Braxton Miller. But I don't see anyway that a college football committee would put a team without a Braxton Ohio State team without Braxton Miller. In that that college football Plavix I don't see it happening at all the guy if you're a fan. Of the pac twelve that's a great great news for you because most likely to pac twelve winner should move on to the college football player it's great. It was a really isn't like the eggs in Ohio State can have it there easy needed to pick on -- to make fun of I do genuinely feel bad for their fans because I can't imagine -- GE dot about a Braxton Mallory is one of the best quarterbacks in the country and you put this in the shoes of say an organ where you lose a Marcus Mario and a two week two for the season starts. What's your feeling like that that's got to -- about a pretty big kick to the -- bullets there and hard to get over but to it when you look at it this from a practical perspective it's absolutely huge I mean Braxton Miller went down last year but they had Kenny -- incumbent and salinity was great to -- people even made the argument. There should be a quarterback controversy there he played so well. You don't have that this year I believe they have a number of freshmen or redshirt freshman is in his JT Barnett are buried his his name so. It's a -- it's unproven it's got -- nobody seen he her disease yell -- high school is from when I've heard nobody seen him play obviously but when you talk about Ohio State's schedule. Now this is just they stop the AP pre season polls so this can look at you know drastically different after the season. There's one ranked team on their schedule -- one out of the twelve it and it's Michigan State they play at Michigan State Saturday November 8. Other than that they literally played nobody Virginia Tech is a bit of a tough -- non conference game that's in week two. But you mentioned at Ohio State has enough talent they're gonna win they're gonna rattle off a lot of these wins and a lot of that has to do with how easy either schedule is and how easy to Big Ten is it to be this is good. Now with the pac twelve but it's good for college football as well because -- Ultimately a Big Ten champion does not deserve to be in the college football -- night in and they don't now. It sounds a little contradictory because Michigan State did beat Stanford last year they did it -- was again not a whole lot of people pick them to win. And they were the Big Ten champion so you don't wanna completely knocked the conference because they're best technically be our best last year. In terms of the Rose Bowl but. Alternately when you don't play anybody should be rewarded for this now Michigan State finds a way to be organ and they've -- a way to rattle off one loss or undefeated season an -- Absolutely by all means. Slot them in the caught the -- playoff they deserve it but when -- Ohio State you you you don't -- rewarded team for not playing anybody else sees an entity that's the bigger point here and it's good to show how easy to schedule is because of -- able to go eleven and one without Braxton Miller and and a freshman quarterback. That's never played down in college football it's gonna show you how simply easy the Big Ten is. They have a lot of talent her remarks -- great recruiter but. Ultimately if they're eleven and one without Braxton Miller shows how easy it is his base leading cakewalk through the Big Ten. It is searchers and is also litmus test of where your -- with the Big Ten because if any of the pac twelve quarterbacks any of the contending quarterbacks you do estimated it would hardly do it to Mario and what do those who wins -- -- -- look like not a chance I would say the -- Out of all three of those schools obviously had a mean the beavers rely heavily on -- man in me and UCLA maybe could be OK the ducks are probably beat them. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- A big time quarterback goes down you don't stand a chance and you're right you're that would be an indictment and it will be an indictment. If Ohio State is able to go through and and still win without. Braxton Miller but. They had him out some of the last year to and they were able to do they were able to be fine and they were fine Intel obviously the gaming is Michigan State in the big Big Ten title game. But it is a case of -- of Ohio State. Not like it's funny to me that Urban Meyer hasn't been able to and maybe he's got a guy coming in the -- but he isn't -- pretty big time quarterback. That your confident going in -- freshman or sophomore year that is ready to go now. Look did well what Florida State was able to do it seem as Winston and Johnny -- -- all the quarterbacks across the country. That you see young quarterbacks come and make an impact right away especially in the kind of system that Urban Meyer runs and and again. Not a lot of people know about their new quarterback coming into he may be that guy. But there hasn't been a lot of hype around at their new quarterback and it's -- -- goes to show you how lucky we are. Again in the state of war again to have the high level quarterback play -- you that we've got Natalie there but the pac twelve but it does kind of as a as a fan of those two schools you don't. Man it is so fragile. The line between being a good -- season and just a disappointing season. And it's just like that away from your quarterback being hurt and look no further than last year against when Marcus Mario -- window -- look. What that did -- -- there's nobody was banged up and that was that was never the same yeah. It wasn't needed and even if you would elect from -- respected you go back to -- -- what was your 2007 when Dennis Dixon went down and that was a team that looked like they were gonna be heading for a national championship game. His knee buckles against Arizona State in Arizona and the season was over. You're able to come back and and assemble but -- they can either erodes your season away in and that's the point you know somebody to accident you're crazy if you think Ohio State goes undefeated they're not gonna make a playoff. That's not over sable were saying is their chances are -- going undefeated have gone under it now if you have a one loss Ohio State team. I don't believe that they would get it now in the past to Braxton Miller was healthy and I believe they absolutely would get that not because look. It's -- say it's Urban Meyer but without that marquee quarterback. This is a guy that nobody knows about this new freshman quarterback nobody's ever seen him play. And who knows maybe is able to fill and Kenny Guyton did it last year I memorable Braxton Miller got hurt everybody kind of looked that situation said. It was gonna fill -- was gonna be we haven't seen a whole lot of Kenny -- that he put up record that he was breaking records in certain games. And as I mentioned they were talking about quarterback controversy I just don't see that happening with a redshirt freshman quarterback. But to be you know that the main point of focus on here is is right it highlights how strong the pac twelve is it really does now. -- ousted as talent elsewhere it's not just at the quarterback position in Braxton Miller rushed for a thousand yards Lester is well. But to me you could do this in almost every single program -- another pac twelve work it's not just the school's here like you mentioned we have such strong quarterbacks in the state of -- but you go to onto an Arizona State. Ticket Taylor Keller it would take ticket Taylor Kelly away uses studies a great quarterback on -- chancellor of Washington State. In your racing at least 23 wins -- that -- into the you just you can't do that with the Ohio State. They're national championship hopes -- or more than likely out the window here. But it's not detrimental to the point that you're looking at and say hey that's a 75 season now because Braxton -- done for the year. Detectives that you're seriously telling me that applies to goes undefeated they would get left out there's no way that would happen. And I say they get left out if they go undefeated and I just don't see them -- win a lot of -- But I don't see them going undefeated with the current roster and I do think if you got Braxton Miller out and Ohio State is winning ugly. In a week Big Ten like last year nobody wanted to put Ohio State in -- they would have got destroyed by Auburn. Or Florida that's it everybody forgets last year they found a way through Michigan State it would have been a Florida State Ohio -- -- -- Jim -- a -- out of -- a bloodbath yeah -- would ran all over of course they would have destroyed and so -- yeah I'm telling if you got another of three a Florida State you know looks somewhat like they did last year. A good damage team. And Oregon -- team with one loss. And you've got -- eight Oklahoma with a loss. You're tell me that you're gonna put a week Ohio State in -- never any of those force. Rules are the only team for the Big Ten and that that now has a chance to make the cost of a playoff as Michigan State and they have to get through organ if they don't be organ their chances more than likely that the window as well but -- how states done. I agree -- -- dirt the NFL has penalties on top of penalties on top penalties. And it showed again. Last night or is this what were in store for for the entire season and if so what can be done about it that's next -- Joey was sports and then towards third and sprayed his served up by Buffalo Wild Wings on ESPN's Sports Radio 1080 welfare and it's nice. How can we expect to teach children to learn how to read. If they can't even think inside the building. We will reminisce about some of the best Saturday Night Live skits -- -- Saturday Night Live personalities. Here in fifteen minutes and you can you do that as voice. Little -- -- old that's pretty good they're not bad right yeah now that's pretty get good at math as I pulled that one out right there for the lead I don't know Don -- he was 96 years old passed away yesterday in his home and Arizona. Chris Farley. As dirt I have -- happier go to -- on the right track now now when instead of the chewing one. -- -- you don't like -- you we want that one's way better than him. And Ericsson managed down asset to society -- address and -- Ready man of many -- -- yesterday in there the Cleveland and Washington game their continued to be penalties. And is isn't flag like you or make any other -- -- Tommy John surgery because they're thrown the flags too much that jokes been gone around a lot. Via satellite -- frequently dean -- -- which is just an incredible and it's just phenomenal name he's the NFL VP of officiating -- told Monday Morning Quarterback and Peter case and we're not going to change our calling the game of course not once the regular season starts in what the issue is is that there's illegal contact penalties. Exists is it's a defense it's another rule 'cause I've been hesitant to say that's like defense -- have to adapt. EU this might be go on time more I say are right on enough is enough like I I understand -- it hit guys above their head and he -- defense of receiver I'm not a huge fan of those calls but. Whatever I understand you're trying to clean up to game a little -- you wanna avoid some of the concussions that have plagued your sport. No contact by DBs down the field like -- it's it's like it's exactly like basketball and football needs to take a page out of basketball's book and -- -- -- not perfect. But -- consider what you want from good officials in basketball is. It's consistency exactly you're gonna let him play. Let imply if you're going to caller really tight game -- tight game throughout. And so it olds I guess this'll be consistent but they NFL continues to change rules. About how the game is played and at some point you're just sitting back as a fan the F down going. Why every year do we need to change what's a perfect sport. Yeah everybody loves the NFL the ratings are through the roof everybody's gonna continue to watch it yet they continue to tinker and -- if you listen Jolie's updates today as well he's talking about how they're looking at officially moving to create team back to evidence fifteen yard line and make some thirty yard field goal. Because god forbid we we kicked in just a regular PAT and everybody's everybody's goes crazy because they're -- 99% of up. It doesn't make any sense Libyan and I was isn't as BP uterus so a little bit earlier before we came on and he -- did a little bit of research and militant innocent games last year in terms of the Redskins and how many penalties were in those games. And it was about ten or eleven penalties and most of their games last year and you look at most of the games in the pre season. In your target about penalties in the twenties and thirties and I decide I'm with Indian fourth I don't understand why the NFL always finds a need to -- now. When you talk about that -- helmet to helmet collision rules are not more but a 100% -- But I understand what you're trying to do long term wise it's exactly what DN FL needs they need to make the game safer they need to show people that they're making a commitment to making the game safer so ultimately look. I don't I don't agree with a lot of abide niners got screwed in New Orleans last year because of one of those calls but hey that's fine I understand ice I understand the message I understand what you're trying to do. What does this accomplish I mean really what does this accomplished -- last time we -- kind of a rule change like this. I believe the year was in 2004. It was the calls that went after this they wanted the rule change because the patriots DBs are physical they were grabbing guys are holding guys a Republican guys downfield. In Peyton Manning threw four picks and an AFC title game of the colts went to the NFL the offseason. They say lighten up a little bit you got to let our receivers running to me that's exactly what's happened this year where. This is the waste Seattle's defense played this they shut down Denver last year when the most prolific offenses we've ever seen in the history of the NFL. They shut him down because they get physical they play physical -- -- of the whole OJ they grab yet. And they are Smart enough to know. That you're not gonna throw a flag every single play the folks can't get away with that he can't call a pass interference every single play. So you hold you say hey maybe there's apparently about 1050% of the time will live with that that's okay we're really get away with that the rest attack that you're not going to be able to complete a pass. Now somebody is complaining about the CIA -- pushing it to this new level that. Nobody is on board with this nobody wants it watches and I don't understand how the NFL always escapes the blame. And having such it's a slow down productivity -- there was a study that was done we did a segment on this a long time ago. Where when you actually break down Major League Baseball in the NFL there is more any game action as and when the ball's in play and in a play's going on. In baseball that there is an NFL but you just you don't think about that kind of study nothing about the huddles in the timeouts and the penalties in the reviews. But this is what the NFL is turning into an -- -- people want for our games by all means you're gonna make more TV money you're gonna charge more for commercials. I just I don't I don't see anybody going out and complaining about this from a fans perspective and that's why don't understand why the NFL fuels need to do. Here's the beauty of what the NFL has though than most other networks don't is that yes if you sit down watch a medium Monday night game on Thursday night game -- Sunday night the ball game. When there's no other options those penalties are going to drive you crazy but if you watch the traditional 10 AM. And one in games and you've got the red zone channel you're not going to experience those penalties younger and -- -- flags because. The viewing experience for you will be different because is taking you to the action. And that's something that football kind of escaped from. As a couple games are long too nobody complains about calling -- -- -- -- for our football game nobody -- absolutely it's you could have really and the downtime if you actually -- total football game there's a ton of downtime. In between titles and not as much anymore because you've got an up tempo teams and that's made to -- more enjoyable but the traditional. Huddle it up take it in 20/20 five associates are on national TBD up for five minute commercial that between two it adds up fast and end. Penalties and throwing flags. In an attempt to kind of clean the game up is is going to dried out even more it's gonna make the games longer. This is why people -- baseballs or people saving a baseball because it's too long and and I don't know I didn't look I don't know anybody that's gonna come out and say. Yet you know what I'm in favor of the death about a half throwing more penalties right club -- -- -- cleanup that suffered -- clear up the game. But if -- you got a team that's built and predicated on the offense yeah like the New Orleans Saints like to Denver Broncos I would even say to an extent like the New England Patriots. And you've got it seemed that you running to that has a dominant defense at least in this NFL that we see now. Eight dominant defense that is physical. Will shut down those offenses and that's just the way it's gone in the NFL. You rarely have you seen at least in last will be years again with San Francisco and Audi and there'll Baltimore's defense is in their yep -- that you've seen. Maybe the patriots DR Stewart seems a couple years ago that -- seen them be able to shut down prolific offenses and the NFL knows that offense is what people wanna -- And they're doing everything they Keyon and continue to make an effort to trying get offenses -- to be able to have an easy -- thing. -- to beat it that's one of those conversations it's fascinating for me to have it is in terms of that offense -- what rules that's what everybody wants to see because look I'm a baseball fan. And everybody always makes an argument about baseball people want to see home run -- when you see it's who won. Pictures tool where a guy throws eight innings and strikes out ten that you don't want to see that but I've never understood that argument because it ultimately. At the end of the day we don't you wanna get out there at a reasonable time I mean you really want a football game it's gonna drag on I mean it was when you look at now the the amount of time in between penalties. The amount of time between commercials and you were at the point out we go touchdown commercial PAT come dole is our -- our commercial. 27 minutes to get through. You're just gonna continue to drag it out I don't understand maybe it's a fantasy football thing our residents who talking about this little -- yesterday. Maybe that's -- there that people want more fantasy football points that's why they -- more point and I don't buy that ultimately -- and then maybe people disagreed if you do let me know I would rather watch a game that's 14212170. That's fine by me I don't need a game it's 4942. Because -- adding on an extra 45 minutes of time there and ultimately on a Saturday or Sunday when a bounce around like he -- from game to game you wanna be able to get a lot of different games and when -- have a these six drag out an extra hour because the penalties in the TV timeouts and because of how dominant the offices are becoming. Because of the new rules put in by the NFL I I just completely disagree with those people to make that argument and say. Offense is what rules give me a good defense of game I'm completely fine with. The two other major sports and based on basketball bolt have subjective calls that are basically inherent to the game might. Do you have to be able call a strike for a ball in baseball and you've got to strike zone but every arm has there own. Zone and they got away that they call particular game. That that matters. If you have basketball you know certain officials are gonna call it deems certain ways yeah. You don't you know our guys are -- certain calls yes you don't Knoll in the NFL. What you're getting week in and week out you think you know. And then you see some of the pass interference in there's no way even with these penalties that they're going to be able to call. If I Pete Carroll -- where some of the other -- job Harbaugh -- either Jim or John. I would say do exactly what we're doing on the defensive side of things. And they called forty penalties against us. Then so be it -- it NFL's gonna look back here after all we're not a doubt we're not adapting I would not adapt to this Reuters sounds stupid. If you're an NFL team that you may cost yourself wins because of this button over time. That will it will work in your favored despite how much they wanted to. Fly absolutely will and and I make disabling you bring up a basketball and in terms of the way it's officiated -- make the same argument would you rather watch a game that. You'd -- -- easy to get 218 points or game where you struggle to get to ninety because of how good the defense is and how hard it's a score that's. It's like the US open argument I mean would you rather watch a PGA championship with a guy 21 under par eagle birdie every hole like there's not until it. Which -- watching USW playing in the toughest course in the world struggling to get birdies -- -- test you every single time down the field. It look I I agree apartment NFL coach of our Seattle -- Pete Carroll I want these coaches it has physical defensive backs. I do the same exact -- -- -- we've heard some stories having chip Kelly's McGinest guys practiced with tennis balls in their hands so they can't grab and can't hold -- I think there was a story last and a Monday Night Football the Redskins are having their DB's were boxing gloves they can't rabbit hole. To look at certain that certainly there are guys that are taking advantage of this and they're trying to teach their defense -- backs but. -- with the I'd make the NFL hall thirty some pass interference plays every single game because. That's could be the story right going into Monday its activity will -- Seattle -- twenty pass interference penalties. Or twenty downfield whatever penalties it's gonna be how can the NFL continue to call this many penalties because it looks stupid. Right in the NFL doesn't they don't want that they don't want that during the regular season there's no way Don Pardo died at the age of 96. He is the voice of Saturday Night Live has allowed some of or remind you what his voice sounds like play some of our favorite Saturday in that light skits. And who do you think is the best Saturday at life personality. A longtime -- and -- that next 55305. -- the -- into it attacks ninth you're listening to get tortured its brakes brake is Alex. Haven't said that 45 minutes into the she largest. Using him not being -- now we forgot about he's come back at him Sprague is out onto an eighty the -- And for experience Brandon deserved dumped by buffalo while doing this on ESPN Sports Radio 1080 so yeah. Film the girl smartest -- at the time of the hour. Alex Crawford news filled in for us last week but he didn't together to get -- college. Football -- is -- 130 two Q when you hear that. That day in California it is fantastic. It is it is -- 130 is when will air that. Don Pardo was 96 years old and so you may know that name that he was introduced to television viewers. That is America's biggest stars and Saturday Night Live he was. On the show from the very first episode in October 1975. -- the introductions. For 38 seasons imagine the names the names he was able to coddle the big champions league came through from -- -- Saturday Night Live to now incredible isn't it. So here is and his voice. And kind of what he sounds like I think his voice is pretty iconic business like -- think it's. Is one that people people know -- at. Classic noise and glass that was a pretty good impersonation -- This onto it will thing all I loved the song to design in the background I'm I'm a big Saturday Night Live guy I've always enjoyed the weirdest guess. Before the show and we got there are a lot of -- the suits involved in this is well discussing our favorite Saturday that lives characters and their favorite senator and I sketches we're gonna play double of our favorites. Here in a second love yours to be restored it's a sign of 55305. Antenna had a couple of wild moments in my life for a look around and yeah that's donor like cool like he's thinking what do I get an -- -- vibe but. The couple that I've been to the redwoods believe it or not was one of them. What are -- to New York. They is standing at though where the world trade -- war and seen the memorial be built it was right on how Wall Street time it was during the like Occupy Wall Street -- seeing like. The massive scale of the destruction. -- that was kind of allow moment for me and believe it or not from like entertainment perspective the other wow moment for me was walking into the Saturday Night Live set. And being able to watch. It is pretty incredible pretty amazing to like it's a wild history. That is in that place in the same thing I would -- part of who'd who died is that just the history that he's that guy is seen that and that's a place. In that building so here are some of the -- that we narrowed down. To some of our favorites this of course has the right up there -- Or -- all. Yeah I didn't know. Previous games being. Christina card I didn't we will have. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And. Job and -- need. Yeah yeah. I'm not mad. If there's definitely. That of course to get on this one now happily forgets. Blues are no blue security alert -- That. It doesn't work for me she she she didn't like it. Are seeing it. -- -- -- -- Doesn't want to -- Advantages it. It's -- kind of rock legend -- yeah -- -- -- -- it could have Dickinson wants more capital we should probably give -- Today. And not you are right now being selfish. The last time I checked we don't have a whole lot of songs that featured the -- -- got a book about it and it. Much so yeah. -- service. And it's. And the only prescription. Is small cabin. We are excited about our favorite characters is our favorite personalities I should say and of all the great ones and I mean all the great ones I just have a hard time finding anybody better. On Saturday night live at least. It Will Ferrell who he was other furlongs -- the only one that I like better than Will Ferrell and that's very hard to find it was Chris Farley Chris Farley was mile time -- I loved all the -- he did I think a lot of people had his you know van down by a river as the yeah yeah. I am first and I live in there undone but I know this polluted more then -- cow bell. Did you -- -- on line now as you go out yeah. It's not going around -- acts. Tell those who have. Road -- not eating -- steady diet big government she's. Ever expect young and you and I actually now -- -- -- -- -- Can't -- real good. Does that bill Shakespeare or. Actually Matt Alan and I have encouraged Brian in his right. -- I wish you could you shut your days. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It is unbelievable what if you're just joining us are wondering why were discussing this Don Pardo. Of Saturday Night Live and he was also he start out as the voice of jeopardy. In the price is right he was with NBC uniforms actual television network back when it was a radio -- he died in 96 he was. Again yet starting in the seventies is when he started announcing from the very first episode he was born. In 1918. The things that diocese he was with the NBC his first radio job 1938. I incredible -- -- to play one more of these sketch is one of our favorites if you've got kids in the car. I'd just to let you know it's probably not age appropriate at that I wanna -- -- a little warning here. This is an Alec Baldwin -- it's hilarious we enjoy yet. But this is not the most family friendly of sketches and just give you a heads up I hate to to lead to turn the radio down at at this is 38. Seconds 38 secretary. Now to -- pronounce your name correctly. He sure did Pete beach -- Will there are lots of great treats this time of the year zucchini bread fruit cake but the thing that I most like to bring down this time of the year in my balls flew over its season seedings have balls terrific taste. Popcorn balls -- balls stumbles even when I can't help but notice Pique your balls are little misshapen. Because I'm rested them -- Huntsville tomorrow. They're made no secret cash waiting family recipe. Knowing can resist much but he -- Allen got a huge last serious sin -- SNL characters and sketches 55305. -- the smorgasbord of sports topics. The Minnesota Vikings have settled with Chris Kluwe we will give you some details on that next elicited their -- break in the thing.

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