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Danforth Dirt & Sprague 8.18.14 Hour 3

Aug 18, 2014|

The guys talk about how Portland fans feel about Seattle sports teams, and the divide that exists...and talk some Fantasy Football as well.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

That's your let the dogs out what to work with the dogs you know crude elected dog. From this. Then for the third and spray his -- up by Buffalo Wild Wings tailor them for supporting. -- -- Capacity it's gonna announce. I don't think there's interest. Well you know they tend to do those jobs to -- ball players. People that are. And he Dirk Johnson that's really not what else beyond. Sports. So I don't know what's the idea that Russia is really a couple. And Brendan spray. That abilities some well let's break that streak and just walking to a building say I want to be an option I would have been told -- Then towards third and spray gun ESPN's Sports Radio 1080 Bob -- Obedience work during the break show here and line where I -- fired up when it is fired up for example on time that it is like let go Monday. It's UCL. That's Seattle -- York -- and at brought. To break his doubts for the entire week we're not a big vacation so as a matter of fact in two years of doing the show combined. We had taken six vacation days and two years yeah but we thought. Gets the -- like aren't we kind of have to sit -- make an astounding we have vacationing you have to take -- -- hang out all week he went camping this week in Iowa if you wanted to see the -- he can't did. Go look at the media show on Twitter it's -- -- you -- -- there's a caption contests I think we get some -- captions on it it. It's a little embarrassing eager up in the inner cities killing our outdoor credibility with that he can't -- it is yeah that's like -- A public park it's a four by four -- come makes fun of me all the time for idea I had a kid and being out of the country and inviting him out to bend but don't we got some things -- you. How great his break when he goes camping if you like to see a -- springs campground. At the media issue on Twitter here's at least I came across this topic the Mariners are relevant for the first time along time you -- the end of August normally they're not an issue. And they're not talking about him. But there it but there on a high extreme hot streak they've got some stars and -- -- -- -- last ten and -- and in possession of wild card spot to two out of -- from Detroit yep exactly it got to know they've got Felix they've got some star how were on that team they've got a new shortstop that's incredible. They've got to Chris Young his pitching very well so they've got guys and reasons. To be talked about -- the Seahawks obviously. I have reasons to talk about and I was in Seattle. Again a couple weeks ago on two different times one for -- concert one for Mariner's game -- -- times we listen to Seattle Sports Radio when -- -- up there. And the fervor with which those guys. Approach there's. Boortz is unbelievable. Because they're winning him because they're having success but people down in Portland. Don't necessarily appreciate. -- Seattle sports are brought up. And they don't appreciate when Seattle sports especially are on TV. And -- four -- to either listen to it on Sports Radio like we talk about -- forced to have don't watch it on Sundays yes when there's no other options available so we -- though. Reason that he says why it is -- you'd dislike or like. Seattle sports you could be different on it but most people. Had some dealings and positively or negatively about the sports scene in Seattle would let that one of the things that I feel has been a huge trend in terms of a lot of people from this area -- becoming more more of a Seattle -- if you will I don't I'm not gonna call everybody bandwagon fan because that's just not true and a lot of people from this area. They're rooting for Seattle teams for quite some time but I think when you lost the Sonics when the Sonics left ecstatic killed them. Out of it was a -- a huge right. -- but there was a semblance of Portland vs Seattle -- got that back with the MLS now. But the MLS this isn't the point of being like the NBA were everybody watches and everybody gets involved I -- know those two teams hate each other and it's a great rivalry. We don't know the ducks and Huskies is one of the best rivalries in the conference the beavers and Huskies do not get along so. There are rivalries built in place but to me when you lose the Sonics in India does that blazers Versa see you know Portman vs Seattle matchup that everybody gets involved in. It kind of it kind of takes away from it a little bit I don't know why for some people all of a sudden there's a lot more Seattle fans around here there are some front runner fans and if you if you if you would disagree with that and you're just crazy I mean. The amount a Seahawks face the post and CRT shirts that I saw after they won a Super Bowl. Was unbelievable -- was like that people but it never talk to me about the NFL before all of a sudden were coming out to -- same goes Seahawks and. You're -- -- is it what you get -- here and you're just a front and the other reason your report. Is because they're going to the Super Bowl but. Ultimately I hate it because we get there's a lot of attacks are you worried some of them because they've been shut down our throat I mean growing up in this city and in being a Portland sports man. I heated absolutely hated the fact in every Sunday I woke up there was no other option you -- a fox game. USC BS game and every single Sunday it was the Seattle Seahawks on fox and that drove me nuts I'm not a Seahawks and we're not living in Eisenhower clunker as -- -- -- whenever -- which seahawk fans admit you are a clunker for quite some time I -- that in the ninety's every single Sunday or stop watching the Seattle Seahawks and it drove me nuts and an end an Intel we get to the point where we stop and you know trying to. Like this is Seattle act like we have to watch other games is every blazer game on -- Seattle know every Americans on this market. They are a bigger market they are a bigger city I have no problem admitting that it is a little brother syndrome and and I feel picked on and I feel abused and I feel like they've been shut down my -- the entire life. But at some point we got to get away from just blindly supporting him because of the only teams in the region. During years -- that as chairman played the game and made the play of the game backpack when I'm going to happen and it. Hats off to -- it was under it was an unbelievable play it it is a great rivalry it is I love that there's a rivalry there but. Come on Seattle couple other text on this if I'm not a mariner fan whom I supposed to support. I don't. Hasn't had a child and that I could go. Another Texan says X I agree with you guys that is Mumbai in two or root for the northwest team is because their front here. Never really like Seattle their fans are beyond obnoxious born and raised. In Portland. This is another one that you'll get people that are annoyed by an even maybe more so than people that are from Portland like that like Seattle teams. Our table from Portland that like California teams is Texas -- California's three NFL team. Seattle is 700 miles. Already he needs yes have a Seattle's 700 miles from nearest NFL cities -- basically you can either travel to Seattle for a couple hours you gotta go eight to San Francisco. A with that they're still sold out games when they were two and fourteen. The twelfth man truly included the fans as part of the team wells were there when they side with both for the Seahawks were good enough -- and that there. There aren't there were never -- Wagner's. He said -- 49 bandwagon CI fi it's my job is to be a rain until this bandwagon CI -- because give this text -- this is that. They're all horror as many billion Wagoner forty niner fans that are for every I don't I'd like yes but the niners I would say especially Craig in surely you are on to an eighty the fan go ahead. Well -- -- give you pretty much stole my thunder -- a little bit part pointing out all the -- bit. -- you have to have ingredient in order to have rivalries we don't have a football team we don't have a baseball team so we don't -- -- rivalry in. And lame ducks and Huskies got -- -- kind of fell off the map. Out there for a little while. That kind of win away obviously sonic blazers went away we just don't have. The ingredients to to to make great rivalries but that's said. I don't know why but it still irritates the heck out of me when Portland and become Seattle -- liquors and I don't know win. This trend started. It's seems to be growing and yeah is super annoying it -- they are still. The rival now on M and when they come here which slashed her tires -- Yeah. I would hear Gregg thinks of the call -- greatly appreciated Leann and -- he is right and to your point dirt there is Noelle built in rivalry in so there's no rivalry for an MLB team. Then there's going to be in LB coverage added -- the it would be completely different there's an NFL team in and a Major League Baseball team here will be completely different segment that's let. I understand to a certain extent they are the closest -- it is a game like you mentioned you went up to -- a couple of marks the -- easier alike though the mirrors are easier to like yes because their fans are not -- -- that one I haven't been around words -- avoid yes but they -- relevant for a long time I think the Mariners won a World Series you would all of a sudden -- 30% this city walking around in Seattle -- teachers. But look at that there are front running an ad that had to go off that sexy -- before we took the call there are front running fans. For every single team no matter where you go I got that a lot would because what I kind of started coming on the air right after the giants won the World Series a lot of people call me a front running and I'm a giants say because my dad grew up in San Francisco it's not a location thing it's not a you know they hate her there just south and I've been a lot of games it's I grew up a fan because my dad may be watched him when I indicated that I turn into a diehard fan because that is a freedom that you haven't a city. Where there's not a lot of sand base or -- when there's not a whole lot of professional sports teams. That's a freedom that you have is a -- could choose we want to root for curable if -- sonics fan though and you grew up in Portland. I don't know those of the kind of fancy look IDC really come on -- better than that. -- this sector says. Can Griffey junior's line America and that's very fair that again -- don't think there's anything wrong. With that being the reason your mariner a mariner fans but he did die digging you have to understand. If you Juarez Seattle's worst in -- port lenders don't really like -- As much as tech says there is no fault man until went twenty smoke and exactly I was an epic run that's from quarries India and then no one -- -- he once said. Those McDonald's commercials renting the Seahawks are important and that is regional. And that if you beta McDonald's lately they've got Seahawks stuff all over the place couple more of your text on this and will expand a little bit more. On the relationship between Seattle and Portland. In their sports teams because the Mariners are relevant right now. And of course the Seahawks are relevant right now how much does that bother you as -- Portland sports fan when it's covered here. In the city a little more on this next you're listening to get tortured it's brave or served up by Cindy are about Buffalo Wild Wings and this is to an eightieth. Okay. Did he you dry meals instead. And I. Hey this means I'm get those. -- Event being. And toward third and straight this. Of course things and the relationship between it. The Seattle sports fan in the Portland sports -- Mean this is why this matters. It's because. The Mariners are relevant in the CI just won a Super Bowl. And so there is coverage they gets as before putting it shut down their throats with the Seattle -- that they don't like those two particular teams. And he seems to be as you said dirt and the way you describe it is it's a little brother thing were quick look. What if you're not because there's transplants all over the place and I -- this out of my own personal Twitter account at either radiant fourth there is a map and that -- that would -- think it was USA today. Might in the Wall Street Journal BI site treated -- year any its aid ever since a 19100 they mapped where or guardians were born of the New York Times -- New York Times did this map it's on my Twitter feed if you wanna go do is really really cool. And it's basically that the population of Morgan. And where or guardians were born around people migrated to and why or the makeup of Oregon means is basically what it is and 14%. Right now living in org and were born in California. And close to that mark you've got 10% of people living right now. In Oregon were born in Washington there's only 46%. Of the Oregon population. That was born in organs admits a transplant sting more than half -- -- yes it is a transplant state and you get a lot of different teams we know this when we're do you think we've got -- couple backer bars. That you get you get Steelers you get the patent the patriots to get the Packers -- hours yeah niners. He isn't the bigger teams because you've got translates -- the same way with baseball so when your avoided an NFL team. When your avoid other Major League Baseball team and you've got people that are moving to your state. Over half the people have moved from outside of the state we we a lot of our listeners. Are that way. They bring that seen them with then they're not gonna -- -- may pick up the blazers. Get a lot of people have yet moved here picked -- the blazers that's easy when it comes the NFL in the Major League Baseball it's much more difficult. To adopt the Seahawks or the Mariner's it is when you've got previous teams like you do dirt with the niners in the giant. It reminds me a lot about my brother lives in Charlotte, North Carolina and it reminds me a lot of Charlotte Charlotte to huge transplant city if you ever watch a Panthers -- I was just watching a little bit of that pre season game last night and went to see would be Anthony look like -- Tennessee on the boy Alex Smith look like a little bit. There was so much red and yellow -- -- -- you would be it would it was unbelievable and it looked like almost in chief's home game matches which you get because so many people move from other cities to that plays -- look. Ultimately the point right come from is. NFL team here. So you are free I would say this about fan and you were free to root for every one now if you -- your fate of the Yankees you're from -- -- quite a front -- because that's just a -- it's about the -- grass especially semi -- that in the only thing -- seahawk fan is Laker fan -- wears a Kobe Jersey -- from Portland in January -- -- a Laker game. Your front runner the reason you're rooting for the lakers because a relevant in their good. But you're free you're free to choose whoever you want a free -- your free -- in the free -- -- you -- pick whoever you wanna pick let. Think guys that drive me nuts the fans are driving that's the ones -- tried brag about -- -- regional bragging rights like the Seahawks what is suitable each apple weeds is great for the region. It's not great for the region you can -- people across the country. Seeded Seattle Seahawks won the super wants that's great for the city of Portland can't -- see our fans in Portland for you Portland good for you state of -- now. You connect it with the state of Washington you connect -- with the city is Seattle. Somebody text in -- and alleys -- overlooking the timber sound is rivalry idiom alas it's the best in the league look. I don't I don't wanna overlook that at all because I have I have been to a -- to gay before I'd never been to a temperature and I've been to a Saturday before. Those fancy each and I've never been at the -- game. In the entire gift for about 2030 minutes before the game all the -- that was being louder being better fan support and that's all they did -- love that. I'd love the passion that exists between the Huskies in the dots it's up on robbery it's -- get involved with. We went up there last year in the game and you see the fans and there's trash talking a ball. It is a great timing to -- you would overlook rivalries like that the -- -- isn't that the point of the -- sports and that's the only point I'm trying to make -- it's not to the point of the blazers vs the Sonics it's a great -- and I acted both the sound of -- in the -- chance for keeping a rivalry alive he would -- for one of those teams that's fine. But don't claim it is a regional thing like it's good for Portland to Seattle teams are gonna. -- attacks on this of the B Argentine attacks line of 55305. Yours are welcomed their eyes as I agree to see -- contingency specifically. Is obnoxious I -- the Sonics an important -- Texas says. Because of dairy Gary -- my dad went to Morgan State. Lazard didn't have guys my parents' light on all Portland fans to stop riding the coattails of Seattle's success that's from that. The vortex on this most frustrating thing people can come out of this -- out of the woodwork adheres said -- And trash talk like they benefit and the entire -- -- and that's the issue and we discussed this. A last week with and some of the Ferguson things we discussed is that. The the biggest issue that you have is that you could have small contingent of people. -- the entire fan you absolutely can't so but. But it is it's more than a smaller contingent if you've been out in just out about Portland it's more than a small continues snapshot of this city five years yet so Miami -- passengers UC now compared to five years ago that's exactly right and so he EU look at. What you look it's just a simple fact of the matter trying to figure out articulate is the best way to Canada come across is insensitive but. People are desperate to be involved. With winning yeah. And and they light them -- feeling that's associated you haven't done a whole lot of winning in this city with winning exactly and so there's that natural inclination where you wanna be associated with the winner and if there's a winner in front of -- It is and their close in proximity yes you're going to -- shots I don't necessarily blame people to become Seattle sports fans but I do understand. Where the just the fatigue comes from when you evaluate the the dynamic between Portland sports fan and Seattle sports fan. Because of the transplants. That common that -- year for Morgan. Yet -- -- right in it's almost I look at it differently between the Mariners and the Seahawks you know -- -- for the Mariners I do I don't root for a but I don't have a team in the American League admitted it's kind of cool to see him because I know somebody die hard mariner fans that have been mariner fans for such a long time and -- your diehard Mayer -- at this point you went to last ten to twelve years. Of what they've gone through that Johnson can execute just get is a great W fall -- -- -- all his -- you see the ups and downs and he goes through when you see how little some of those points in the season can be. Just because there hasn't been a whole lot of success up there but it's so funny when you look at the Seahawks fans it's not gonna guess what I am a forty niner fan I love the rattle recently -- -- I get butter every time somebody brings up -- -- 49ers and says sending negative about a. It's a great -- I really do love it and I have a lot of friends that have been Seahawks fans I just once it's a granite falls has weakened one of the dispensaries are diehard Seahawks and he has been his whole life he grew up in Portland. Aegis has been a seahawk fan because they're close team he -- -- he doesn't claim regional bragging rights so it's a fun rivalry I absolutely love it. But did the new fans in it again you're gonna get this anytime you win a championship anytime and he ducks -- -- just are a great example -- I mean you go back twenty years in this city in this state how many more ducks fans are -- -- winning -- fans it -- it it it breeds and an eagle -- may have based. Because you have a lot of guys that don't know what it's like and there's a lot of dot fans out there. And I'm sorry I think I gotta say this I went to the University of -- there are a lot of duck fans out there that don't know anything else that BCS bulls like they think they see it or not going to BCS game. And that they get outrage outrage what does all. You've got to realize where the programs come from he gotta realize where you and you got to realize where you were twenty years ago -- kind of the progression of the program. It's not you know Latin roles -- every single season that's not the way the program has been so. Winning breeds in -- in an egotistical spam base it just sucks when it's in your city need to shut down your throat in your city because this is in Seattle. Yet we got -- got more text on this some huge duck fans who I would never. High five the Seahawks and most likely be -- fighting a husky fan and that is the funny thing. Is that wean you go between the two. Between. College random in the pro -- and it's unique dynamic in the northwest. Because you've got this you've got the ducks as a -- two points out and then you've got the Huskies and then you got seahawk fans are you could have. Commonality with the -- those and you eight husky fans but you're sitting next on the the CI gaming you're cheering for the same team. Different dynamic -- though but your heating ones one fan base for what they represented. And then you become that fan. When you put on AC doctors' union a blanket statement there but it is. The dynamic between Seattle and Portland is one where it becomes more there's more tension. Every year. As this kind of progress is without -- and having another team didn't win the success that they've experienced and I do think there is fatigue. Associated with Portland sports fans -- say I'm not because I don't we talk about the Seahawks. Wall gave it a handful of those please enough I'm tired of the CR CF or -- not as much. But it is it is there is a fatigue factor into ignore that would just be wrong. It would be an ultimately -- of the main thing that I always try to point out in this rivalry in terms of when you talk about reality talk about Portland. How many people in Seattle blindly support the blazers because it's the only regional NBA team and again I know what's different case because they had the Sonics this sonics left. But did you see a big rally for the blazers and Seattle when they beat the rockets in the first round of the playoffs and Damian Miller hit that unbelievable game winning shot. How many people and see out of and that's I say look at their city and there in the people that live in that city are not gonna blindly support our team when they don't have that professional sport and why do we do the same thing for them. Is seeing here you're exactly right there because they don't support the blazers and that's a median of story they can they don't support the blazers college teams are different because it serves a purpose. There's no excuse for somebody that grew up in Portland. To become and -- she went to school there. Nobody is organically becoming a husky -- is now happening now at least you've got parents ties there yes you got relatives or you went to school -- other than that nobody importance you know what I'd love to be -- watch nest as an -- and get out exactly do you got you've got there's a dealer yes exactly -- got options. But you don't have options when it comes to baseball. In the NFL. I I like that I really feel like I like the more I think about it is because it's it's a situation that we ball come Christ -- one point or another where we go. I don't like them or I don't and there's really no middle ground on how you feel about the situation in towards Seattle sports. It is -- of the Tennessee football next take your best fantasy football team names. At 55305. Also the growth of fancy football where is it going from here we'll discuss that next. Dan towards third and sprayed his served up by Buffalo Wild Wings on ESPN's Sports Radio 1080 of prayer and. You wanna talk let pocketed about a million and a half of the my mom always said it live with the lack of box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get a. One way -- another -- gravitating towards Seattle sports. And -- yeah homer all right guys got back on after who I thought you. Seen a Portland yeah you know I didn't I like to myself I want unanimous decision -- -- -- lower tip. This good since it's before yeah that's perfect union standing everybody's is coming through loud and clear perfect don't ever change and I -- -- I don't ever change. Fantasy football team names are welcome at 55305. -- that would throw this out today because it's almost. A competition every single year for people who can come up -- the most creative fancy football name and it is slowly evolved as most means when guys do. Eighty something sexual and that's typically you don't -- -- these key names that is yes though there are whole areas. CD's is one that we're getting a lot of and it's missing like -- down -- that -- -- any idea again and it's not there actually my initials are very proud of that it's a is that your immediate is stark reality TV war yeah he's good it's like it's a sports nickname TD what's at TD. OK I I don't they we -- -- TD night and Travis McCall himself that does he forgot -- customers is also a TD. I think he signs this tax on the test versions TD I think we need -- battle Royale for who the real TD is -- now on the TD you know this is my middle name -- -- Had you can't go attack that's tabs the tadpole. And that's what my nickname was grownup tadpole tab fully -- -- my initials were to ask what you want now it's man I'm sorry. You're you're emotionally scarred I -- here -- had. And I'll talk a tad bit too fair -- -- you apparently -- Tatis has slowed me down from talk in a tad too fast he. If you best -- except north elect our whole -- -- temple and -- -- value. A little about asking year -- it's easy persons are pretty funny -- bad. Can I write stories and the easier it. Let me just frankly about say this you -- men and their absolutely hilarious and we appreciated they're just not quite readable on air -- track will we enjoy them. We do my -- at 05 but we have seen our -- to -- draft coming up next Wednesday what to tell you little more than details here a second. But there hasn't been a wry legged out arrives for a long time but. I remember I use of approach fancy football one point or another and say this is the dumbest thing I've ever heard of the name kills that fantasy the -- you rate have a real football. I don't -- a fantasy you know all that stupid things people say when they don't understand what's actually taking place. It's the same thing with movies same thing -- music -- god. That song is stupid yet and then two months later he can't stop singing -- can't get let you know that you guys did this would meet with that with fantasy baseball yes you would -- -- -- there we don't wanna play don't be apartments in OK come on you'll likely you'll enjoy it now you're hooked you're broke and and I don't there are a couple of different reasons why people like this while people like fancy football so much. There are it is just the perfect storm of being involved. And having camaraderie. Between other people that to me like of all the things we discuss on white fancy football. Has become so big and so popular. The camaraderie is at the very core of it of being able to trash talk with -- bodies are being able to invest some money in the gambling aspect. And it's just a beast that's never going to be stopped and she can continue to go and go ago. It absolutely is in and it's funny to me just kind of how big it's got it in -- blew us away we kind of did the you know we talked earlier in the show about this we were amazed at how much reaction we got about fantasy football and an army of Mike to the football Sunday show last Tempe police attacks in the whole segment questions and questions and I just don't get because I'm not that big of a fantasy football guy but it's amazing how much power. That it really does have an intermediate the ultimate angle there is no reason why I love the most is what. If your team is having a down year or so your team is having an off week or a buyer. Whatever your your teams out of contention towards the end of the season. It gives you seven also look forward to in the new tie in the fact that you're talking about input with the camaraderie and a Wii and RJ and -- Texan in earlier and said. He's been in a fantasy -- for the last ten years at the same group of guys every single year they fly to a different city. They have a draft I -- a couple of buddies in college should do that every year little they'll go to the beach or they'll go to band other go Google certain places and had a fantasy draft there every single year the planet around a different event. That we hope our fantasy draft it's that point for here long enough a glimmer here we we continue to grow that thing every year it be fun to have people come out every single year into their fantasy draft there but. It is amazing really when you look at just how powerful fantasy football's become because. Everybody plays that they really doing -- you start to see more females play I have I have a female cousin that's in her mid twenties she loves fantasy football she plays it every year in India said Daniel looked really. -- -- your claim they use it it's cool I love -- they're getting warm bubble top are loaded they're becoming ever bigger fans of football it -- is amazing how big it's actually gotten. Yet it's I don't what it whatsoever that we do we just. -- this about what's gonna potentially stop. Org get in the way of fancy football and I could see a lot of different things for you know what's wrong with baseball what needs to be fix there. A basketball football you've got all these things concussions -- not that. Could hurt the sport football I don't see why. Ever gets in the way -- Tennessee football and people's passion for maybe fatigue at some point. I just don't see I don't see that there's anything out there that would get in the way of fancy football continuing on this the dominating pass. That it's on right now yeah I don't see anything that would slow it down potentially. Many might know enough not might I love this stick and -- -- -- and their team name -- that Martin's morale. Pretty good as the guy like that is and it's bragging rights US story over the weekend where a guy. Who Lawson Matthew Berry does some of these some of the bets that people lose and didn't see them all. And there was a guy that -- fancy the -- had decree re create prince fielder's. ESP in the magna analysts LA it was malaria and he's a bigger guys are -- guy any of that too -- he's overweight and he had to do these rock creek in either read these images of Prince Fielder and some of these -- board positions I think -- -- connects people get with fantasy football is up again at another level. How the -- could ever make -- outside of money. But I'd be curious what your czar. As listeners -- viewers have any crazy best that you make would love to read those on the year as well you know region. Our league that I that I mean is superficial now we have a league constitution which is kind of crazy. And there's like -- -- constitution ya why I. That's intends I don't look trust me I play like -- -- -- number one if I look at it -- is no excuses and number two and -- it I don't care to look at him yeah other people -- are handling it but we did have a vote on what would be the punishment if you finished in last place in the league every single year it's gonna road team is gonna change for this year you gotta like. A T shirts can be made up by the winner and you have to Wear it around for elected next week or something like Matsuzaka to -- That's that's what you get if you lose the league but. There's a reconstitute its U serious that is serious and -- like on the outskirts like you guys make decisions I'll just play it certainly say. Analogue it by quoting here concerts. And indeed the intercom people are doing and their fantasy football draft that I saw the price tag that. Easy fellas I am not forking -- back panicked -- Stiller doing here at the state of slower roll -- here hockey on what you about a month's salary to play fantasy -- nobody knows yet is it people's been an inordinate amount of money about TD 82 we work with -- Diddy is an -- that's that's a -- -- it -- cats there's not that I could -- get down in -- are we going to be T did you can be tough -- It's not bad tough daddy -- -- -- nickname -- one time and we that would GM's fourth wasn't MacPhail he had Jim's just text that wouldn't stick around quote why didn't really work. I so we need to have a battle Royale for the real for the bragging rights -- TD. His TD is a great TD was it to test its in its short to active yes it CD yes all of a lot to got away or traps and I -- -- -- mono we monitored throughout Davis was also TDs. Combine it. But at a -- yet John Allen. -- -- this -- next -- at -- during its ranks -- of IV does on the thing. And character -- it's just served up by local alone Americans and ESPN's sports. -- -- -- -- Can you teach you in the fantasy name busta cap yeah yes not bad not bad at all you can't attack yeah. Perhaps a nickname TE 113 to put that -- dog. You don't -- okay it's T dog you county dollars. They -- out on the -- the dog days of my life a little bit of dot com yeah between seven in a -- here. They used to say that wherever he went. -- got. -- -- doing ahead hello -- and afternoon going to give you is well is that we communicate here in the activists. And said yep big -- I doubt I'll never forget one day he blocked that does suit before you show and a good job big dog. It just -- -- collector who is who is skin disease. Working years you know organizations and now patient anatomy my body was like arts kids are allowed to turn out to not be swipe -- sadly that's right and had two kids. If you are -- did we just discussed fantasy football period -- seeing is that it's getting down to crunch time here. Pre season starting that this couple weeks -- couple weeks away from the NFL season those crunch time for fantasy football if you would like to participate. And our fantasy football draft you can do so by texting draft. To 55305. Years and he tells on it is going to be next Wednesday August 27. Out of Lloyd district buffalo -- that is our home away from home would love those guys. In -- -- forty get out there do we do it and we did fancy -- -- draft last year literally just for show Lester a lot of fun but it's just ten of our most loyal listeners now -- opening it up more breaking a world record century link will be out there. You've heard some spots today. They have a brand new Internet service it is extremely fast the no problems out and be -- century link is out there -- -- up. With fast Internet. And Laura wood brewing company will be up there as well Serena so Laura wrote love me some laurel would brew and so it's going to be a great time dear. Sports got some weighing insist that at its size out of order but is still work is here to be everything. It is it is it's going to be a great time as you -- we had our draft out there last year it was a lot of fun it really was we got a chance to meeting and get to know a couple of -- lines of we trash talk with -- the entire season. We got a couple of for individuals and Harley street in Texas and let us know -- I wanna join your league guys in my mortgage involved in that way. And then there's only a couple of spots left I think were were were basically almost full of leaks and inside Jesse's got a text draft a five factor of five and able -- via text back. With a link to go register attending the fanned out comedies I nearly got. And it breaks out -- -- shut down the entire Buffalo, Wyoming -- district for us that evening it's going to be nobody but us -- to be hanging out. A bunch of different leagues in there as you mentioned -- and had a high speed Internet so. It's gonna be a lot of -- to get a chance -- draft -- you know hundred dollar for the gift cards from Buffalo Wild Wings game meets leather key ones can take it to trash talk a little bit in coming -- what does have some Beers. Or will double or we got some of their -- at that the fan madness about it was great to give this couple's six back so. It's can be related times next Wednesday 7 o'clock in coming out party with as a refund again that is drafts to 55305. Couple news and notes before we get out here. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I started story -- I really am and -- roller coasters that man so right hated it would exit Texas A&M and I kind of felt bad form. For some of the negative publicity I'm ride back to that point hate images that the coverage is nonstop. Of other stories for you -- announced late Friday that it would reimburse the families of quarterback Marcus Mario at a corner eat they -- trail new. Sent -- -- -- -- Crosslin lineman Eric Armstead further out of pocket. Expenses related to the insurance policies that they purchased under the NCAA is exceptional student athlete disability insurance -- a really long -- with. It -- a couple other schools are leading the way on this Florida State Texas CNN in Wisconsin organ is now the fourth school to do it it's out of the student assistance fund. And there's a cap on that fund. Or -- -- insurance policies 50000 dollars the premium on that and it pays out more than five million dollars -- not able go to the NFL. It is they should be standard should be commonplace throughout. All of college athletics and what it insurers moving forward. There shouldn't be a fund it they should just be able to do it it shouldn't come out of the pool. But this insures that you get guys back. That matter to college football Marcus Mario at a is a huge asset to college football league is huge asset to the organ -- and you wanna do everything you can't keep him. In college in the way to do that is to ensure that he doesn't lose any money going to the NFL this is a no brainer decision. And a part of the NCAA in colleges should really start to make. Again common place in college -- This is just to me it shows how hypocritical the NCAA is selling its -- -- -- guys 50000 dollar insurance policy that we can't give the election money on the side complaining guided selling a lot of jerseys and putting butts in the seats and I just I don't get more this ruling comes from but I'm with -- it's great for the college game we record number -- guys leave early for the NFL last year. And allow those guys don't pay out -- me just use a couple of local name's Darren Thomas left early how'd that work -- Terrance Mitchell left -- how'd that work for himself. If -- subway you can give a financial the only indication to bring him back -- if a financial boost for these guys to get him back because that did the main thing that people this year is that. It if the schools are going I'm paying these insurance policies house and they hate that's always a question I've had about these and maybe I'm just not as educated as I should be on this topic but. I'm assuming maybe a future -- sensitive -- -- -- they have family money they compared to -- alone and moral and take out a loan against it that there's different ways to pay for about what you're doing is you're saving a burden of 50000 dollars -- Marcus -- -- -- and and and and basically what you're doing -- Japan markets -- a 50000 dollars to come back and play this year so look. It's good for the college game I don't want guys leaving early there's a few guys occasionally you get a -- he'll get -- -- Peterson. It's ready to go early but so those guys are so few and far between. As you mentioned how different -- the conversation be about the -- ducks this year if Marcus -- it had left for the NFL as everybody -- he's been worried about his pay because he's worried about getting -- great about this he could afford insurance policy does have a lot of family money how did the conversation around his team to be so different instead your top five pre season ranked team. Everybody expects you to be in contention for a college football -- so. The implications are they are you just I love the schools are allowed to do this is just fine comedian did the NCAA allows this but -- -- -- won't allow other forms of pay. -- and I hope it becomes more common place again as we move forward here in college athletics. On the show today if you missed any of that we did discuss the relationship between Portland. In Seattle sports fans and and how Portland person from more than arrives at their faith in them. With teams that -- with leaves that aren't here. In this city because we have the Mariners having success right now -- got to see oxman. I've been getting started and having to get pre season so far obviously they're Super Bowl win matters we talk about people jumping on. That bandwagon did you miss any of that we podcast our show fellow itself at war -- podcast TD TDS Twitter page will follow you back to follow us on Twitter. Has been our tweets like the last three weeks we've. Had to account is such -- desperate and they usually get beyond that I can follow us if you like to show in a screenwriter fully back -- though Garcia and donating to follow our centers sales pitch and I got out and also be up -- the thing in dot com if you are. Interested in any of our podcast couple other things here or we'll -- before Miguel. If you want any of our music for our show we also created a Spotify playlist -- look at that has all of our music. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Check out my -- is podcast last minute with links on his Twitter account Mike Lynch. 27 as well Greg is doubts even listening to -- Fortier has great served up by -- -- on -- -- to. OK guys. -- big also her right. -- -- --

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