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Danforth Dirt & Sprague 8 18 14 Hour 2

Aug 18, 2014|

The guys do their Smorgasbord, interview Matt Mikolas from Sports Radio KJR in Seattle, and preview Arizona Football and the Miami Dolphins.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I would like to extend to you an invitation to the passport. Excuse me the part that gets. With cancer and part of Japan's then fourth third and spray just served up by buffalo wild winds up introduces a tuxedo future. This -- like I want to be formal. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Collide with the -- eagle's wings. This thing and leave locals for Leonard Skinner would block that Angel playing. Well rove and -- hammered the Danforth dirt and spray gun ESPN's Sports Radio jet maybe like this is me. -- -- Over fast break today we -- earlier the FCC can take a vacation as well. We did. To -- outspoken now. Does look at. He likes to sing in the office he likes to -- his very vocal in the office he deaths Brady is a valuable asset to us because -- And we are we are introvert so we are the elected to -- I don't like people not very conversational. Yes break whenever we get in a conversation we go to a group event like look we can put on if we can put out basal type people one -- we like we do enjoy it got to do about it. But there are times where it gets to a point where parents break they were behind your back side Craig Biggio and his somebody when -- -- and -- adamant for associate thanks and Darius to the promised land that's. Like he's saying yes it's hit it today opera for a about the kiss rockets rockets rock is see what happens that I need to I did yeah I was the first one -- ever needed to dump button on this show I forgot about that day that is today. Yeah Abbott is smorgasbord of sports topics fifteen minutes from now Matt Nicholas of KJ are in Seattle hop on to discuss the Seahawks in the pre season thus far. Also the many errors aren't quite the hot streak here where where is this offense coming from and that's on the Mariners are halfway irrelevant so we'll spend a little bit of time talking about him. Let's tell the back and got our work here -- we -- relevant they're kind of in contention again as kind of near their games on sports and I get in like 151000 people in Niger I'll act -- probably segment on America it is fun though it is fun to watch the Seattle marriage we joke but it is it is he has been thought I wanted to game that we still has been fun to watch them. Russell back to Matt Nicholas here about fifteen minutes from now KJ are up in Seattle I sort of Florida sports topics. And we will start with the Cleveland Cavaliers signing Shawn Marion the rich continue to get richer is just another person LeBron James. Adds to the repertoire. -- and Shawn Marion is a good player yet and he serviceable he's a veteran wants another ring the veteran leader that's exactly right there attack but and like -- must be nice to be LeBron James to be able to go to a place and say all right. Everybody come to me and that's exactly which -- getting with academy Kevin love -- -- -- at supporting cast there. I don't see any way how they lose the east this year and whether or not they can get through San Antonio. Different story Shawn Marion being signed over the weekend just continues to big help while LeBron in his quest for another -- -- It when it's ready showing you is is why he went home I mean it if you ask LeBron james' at last four years would you have rather gone on that run in Cleveland Oregon have run in Miami and I'm sure he'd absolutely CIA I'd wanna do it in my home to -- -- you saw how emotional is -- was. And how big of a -- going homeless for him and we all know how important Cleveland is four and to -- -- it what it needed was he needed to go -- prove that he could win because he couldn't do this when he was originally Cleveland -- people -- go play with no they would now whether that was a you know 5050 split on the GM in any -- not being able to not convince guys or the Brian James is not having arena -- and look at me I'm sure there was some back and forth there in terms of it wasn't just guys not wanting to go to Cleveland. I'm sure the organization had a little bit to do with it but now he shows the power that he has and this is why. When he made that decision it had to be so easy for Miami stadium Miami look you're gonna get a lot of talent around -- -- route. But they were gonna be strapped financially there was only a certain amount -- lose -- they could make all three of them would have had to restructure their deals to bring in new names. I go to Cleveland you sign a simple two year deal he already got Kevin Love getting Shawn Marion in the pieces that he's been able to convince to come to Cleveland. It's unbelievable that he said they're the clear cut for -- to win the Eastern Conference I mean you could throw a Chicago and there but that's all predicated on Derrick Rose staying healthy which is a huge question mark. As we know over the last two seasons and this is why. These guys signing -- shows how easy of a decision that was LeBron James CD gets to go home. And he's now on a clear cut title contender any better team the long term like absolutely the young pieces on a team -- better the Miami. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And they bring in some veteran guys Ray Allen still hasn't made a decision on where he's going to land and it on the roster. Structure of the space exactly for the -- -- -- of what Ray Allen could do but he could potentially go back there as well. There is I mean it's just again it's a case of the rich getting richer Shawn Marion signs with the cavaliers over the weekend smorgasbord of sports topics. The eight people like it seems like they're all on top Apple's -- -- like worth the crop just poll after poll Carnegie -- easier -- has -- -- rights involved AP top 25. Also released yesterday come now Florida State number one their consensus that in every single -- across the country. Number two was Alabama three is organ for his Oklahoma. Five his Ohio State again UC laid out at seven Michigan State at eight couple other pac twelve schools checking in Stanford is an eleven. USC fifteen. Arizona State nineteen so good rappers inning you keep pac twelve and in the 25 and he people. Is Washington not sure what that's based south of the fact that I -- any thing but Washington is Dwight does a good representation fitted for the pac twelve -- is third. And it pretty much played out at least the people did the way we expected to. And another another call for editor. Net appalled at talk about it it's very similar did to the coaches poll that was release stick a couple of weeks back and that was the first -- got a glimpse -- into me this seems a little more accurate you know and you look at organ and as a top five team in the country this is why we were kind of scratching our head when that Sports Illustrated poll came out. And they had organ dates and had Michigan State and UCLA had a Morgan it just did make a whole lot of sense to me that's one. Since a little more accurate in terms of where you should be heading into the season the -- people. As a little more input implication and then the coaches gonna kinda gives you better snapshot because you know spread out these programs is better as good as anybody he always talks about that coaches' poll. No coach actually fills up poll is not like head coaches sit around week in and week out and say where should I put that now. It's -- in this idea Fujian you know and a graduate assistant they find somebody to fill up -- so. It's not a good deal good give and take on where everybody thinks every team should be slotted. What this poll does show you -- in the NBA people like Saint Paul it's getting annoying I'm sorry but there -- six pac twelve teams in that that's impressive to me when you have half a half of your conference in ranked in the top 25 I know it's pre season a lot has to play out -- in state did receive a couple of votes so. Yes seventeen -- basically on the brink of being in the top 25. It shows where the conference as an investment a major story on our show the last couple weeks I believe the SEC led all conferences with eight -- any teams in the -- was second with six point -- -- eight and six between those two conference -- yellow -- Ornstein of the 25 for the -- told the SEC now goes on down from -- -- couple Big Ten a couple of big twelve -- CC obviously but. That -- it just shows you where this conference is that right now and to be that it's it's really exciting it's one of the most exciting years coming up in the pac twelve. We talked about the quarterback play you're not only in the -- in the state but around -- conference and he. I've not been this this site to this called for a -- total policies in quite some time because there's so many different ways you can see played out in sixteen to the top 25 shows how deep that is. I would agree with you -- we're gonna continue our commercials are packed roll commercials with Arizona at the bottom of the hour one final story in the smorgasbord. The tigers' season at the Detroit Tigers that is. Has been kind of funny he would tailspin if you -- it's not being going well for them. Friday night last Friday they decided they wanted to do something nice for Miguel Cabrera is in VP of the -- our MVP of their the American League last year they had a Bobble headed in the Bobble head back they have and I holding his -- nationally basically. Award yes and on this award it says National League. In the key on the bobbled 101000 Bobble heads -- you a problem. The tigers are in the American League yeah he was not the MVP of the National League. He was the MVP of the American League. Slight oversight on the tigers are just this huge now is this worse than that in the Rockies giving away Tulowitzki shirts misspelling Tulowitzki. And I know -- I say that one's worse you -- to work because he's your franchise I mean to Lewinsky you dispel I don't it's a complicated named his spell like national among national -- nationally I wonder if this was they like the Bobble -- company just screwed it up for this -- -- accompanying note -- he used to play in the nationally and a lot of the former -- used to be a national -- -- how -- -- The buzz not the bobbled company in China's don't you know life back at what a mess at these guys. I don't know anything about baseball but I'm gonna put in I'm gonna have yeah well they probably went to a pediatrician and has always drafted by the Marlins. The national media and they put nationally got at -- this is pretty bad if you're the tigers you mention how they've been kind entails spending. It is funny and I don't I don't not editorial local here -- but. Did you teams to make big moves at the deadline and everybody looked and said wow look at the arms race between the tigers NBA's. You never reclaim pretty any good baseball right now BA's of lost five in a -- they're not tied -- AL west. And the tigers are four and six of their last ten they're now out of first place in the central and that was division. If you told me when they -- made that move for David Price they would find themselves in second place a couple of weeks later. I'd laugh affected say no way look -- at the royal circles story rock Koppel on form they've been the playoffs and thirty years I'm Chirac will be excited. But I don't expect them to go -- when the division may be content for a wild card spot then you add Detroit just last two out of three of the Mariners. The radical wild card spot and I mean that team is in free -- right now and in in the Miguel Cabrera thing is just some a blip on the radar for them. Also Little League World Series if you haven't seen the video now. And we had a couple Korean baseball players spot they hit a home run outing when he give these guys justice to mention money here flipped their bats and then. Only problem was they didn't you know yes same team when it went left -- one hit wonder right fielder thought they were we -- -- through their bad about fifteen feet in the air electing a home run. And it fell short -- out what's happening to baseball man it's America's pastime VP if we show little respect for the game you really need -- flip your back ten feet a year FT a fly ball. I don't know that she did and I don't. Those senses like a 120 feet to go it's not like you're he's one. Is that it's a 400 foot as the center field what are 398 a Little League ball is traveling if you do the math now on 92 miles an hour sexy 120 miles an hour equivalents again they can do they get around I got -- speed down it's unbelievable. Big stories and would. -- -- Matt Nicholas of TJ operate in Seattle that's easy go -- back. They were still here hot sun with us next Arizona preview with their commercial at the bottom of the hour. You're listening to -- force there it is brakes -- is out onto an eighty defeat. Straight news service it's a little while rooms and ESPN Sports Radio -- okay. Currently. Welcome back to Danforth dirt and -- spring is that this is this dirt and I -- to our bunny outfits and KJ are in Seattle he -- -- on the back and forth and on Twitter quite a bit. Matt Nicholas of KJR. I'm Matt thanks for joining us here on the show let's talk the about going on in Seattle right now starting with the Mariners Neitzel series with the tigers over the weekend. It and we got a tech medicine our show about the -- the level on the passion towards the Mariners where do you think it is from fans based on your show this morning. Of where they're at right now with this team. Well I mean it's blowing out slowly you know people are. I mean there. Peter I haven't exactly -- in the arbiter -- that. Over the past decade -- in the crap out I mean Batman yeah it play out. Over all. The longer -- bit. -- You know this early but -- -- -- that your ordered -- eternity numbered around. I need a thirty. And the current lieutenant and people are starting to believe that there would treat me when -- come back all. Our next week and -- among prior here at home and proud you are gonna shock and other aren't -- an epic early. And all work turner at all does -- look at old games left on the schedule. Of play out. Met when you look at this team -- the biggest concern all year and in the biggest talking point around them has been the struggles the offense they have -- able to score runs all year we know they've given up the fewest runs in the American -- in all of baseball that is. But recently that did the offense is kind of come out and no -- had a great series over the weekend in Detroit. We some put up some good runs against Toronto and Chicago as well where is this offense is surplus come in front. Yeah at -- -- -- you don't expect. The manner to have that kind of up and assert that they so on the -- speakers. But army act very particular and credit you know he made a couple of -- he'd -- Kendrick -- got -- a -- voted that straight. And they'll -- an -- act and north via any clip ever -- the Denorfia you know our position that I happened to Jack. That actually cherry pick up a wallop of apple you know -- that line but I'm not ignore the other every EU -- great value. It keep it well -- pitcher. And -- jacks and get -- there and I. Spot in the lead -- high speed and Europe but where they are actually very well well. Well well. It's just it that got guys now. In the air. And beyond L like we're. I immediately got to align -- you know period act and back -- order to exactly. Do you guys. You've got guys that are keeping it alive under -- under -- and -- ought not. Well. -- Nicholas is our guest at least ninety -- in Seattle talk about the Seattle Mariners and their recent run. A successful yet as you pointed out in never really knows the struggles they've had. What are you attributes that I guess the success this year to the most is -- to know is it a solid rotation where do you point to and say. That's the reason the Mariners are in this wildcard content in in the wild -- -- start today moving down the stretch what do you credit that to the most. I got -- pitching staff I -- that area pet project that baseball. Top to bottom he talked about Eric H and -- -- you'll -- Mark -- younger rejuvenation is courier and nobody expected to be where. If not here to Pakistan back to -- -- -- left up already well -- out here. But it -- shoulder injury -- there are patient and inevitable and it's been. -- the world and while opera ball what is quote you know arm that -- and murdered and it. And out -- Baptist or -- they are these -- -- the kind of the kind of change it everybody hopes they reveal that. We get when you look at that team in -- talk about the pitching staff the other big note has been Robinson can know in India could make an easy argument that either via both canal and Felix Hernandez should be MVP candidates. What would you -- it could -- offseason did you see him having this type of impact and the home run numbers are down he's not playing in that short -- Yankee Stadium anymore but did you believe that he could have this big of an impact on this team. Well army to bring in a rational and other note on it in any ballpark and a question. They're expecting thirty. By the -- out but we are expected you know and our numbers to vote. Come down a -- there. You know we didn't expect -- to know that that they've got opener -- leadership. You know he he Kara thank OK I arch street in -- forty million dollars in economy -- -- Madonna. That I felt that he. You know on the pop out but not least he -- young guys work -- Eat it's really -- great leadership roll up and you can edit your current a lot out. He played a large part -- You see tax and had a good pre season that he has coming under Stephen bass up how they played against the chargers. Editors from a fan's perfect because we have Seahawks fans -- Portland -- to listen to us but nothing like what you guys have obviously up in Seattle every morning -- show. What are the expectations. Based out like have they shifted based often what means -- scene in the pre season. Are -- a picture bigger topic is expectation. Yup and it is very I reduced. And at least make it not as simple or leave it. They haven't really taking. Any steps back or. You know potential they get on the -- lying and gotten. You guys that are here other election everybody. But it's -- starters here earning double order starter. Are sent and they -- -- the return for our picked up an absolute. People and -- it. -- not hurt and that second greet you can't get it -- -- although they don't -- -- you're out there. -- cannot say they're so dynamic and you know Ichiro. Where were being knocked it right or 88 and an -- -- export out. There's so much speed out there all all -- audit found somebody that they can achieve. We will one of the biggest story lines we saw this offseason with Seattle was a Michael Robinson came out made the comments about behind him being somewhat worried of a lack of veteran leadership in that locker room. Would lose and a couple of guys in the offseason it is that a realistic inserted in your point or does winning a suitable kind of take away the need for those veterans in the locker room. Well I mean it's not that have. You know they pay. That I've been triggered. It to narrow narrow target is better for CP CE. In the leaders will dilute our director Evan Williams. I'm all grown so you guys they stepped into the oral book -- they. -- Are trying to even though you're. Gonna have you step in the boat rolls. It's just a product people don't feel. I don't like that -- product. And so well. Matt Nicholas is our guest KJ are up in Seattle you can follow him on Twitter at slick -- twelve he's a good follow frost Seattle stuffed in a little bit of Portland trailblazers as well he is a blazer grand. Matt takes -- for the time helping us with the Mariners in the C docs. They look at you beat back on home back or. Absolutely he has the I think again for the time he. The talked a lot of good stuff about the Mariners into the -- taxes and trying to collect -- -- there. He's so I that was an unprofessional come back in radio geez Louise -- it I was trying to read one of our key ones tweet us trying to find it here a -- yeah he wants to just asking is an -- -- bids of Portland radio show we're talking about the Seattle -- it does create a dynamic one that I've always been interest and in between Portland sports fans and Seattle's and Seattle teams I -- Seattle. I think a lot of people do but. They've got some successful things going on right now in that city right right and you do have is there's no baseball team -- there's no football team here in for pro on the professional ranks Lindsay you get the contingent of fans that. Golan and become fans and there has become fans of the Seahawks and it's always a weird dynamic it's easily solved by Portland getting -- team yet figured out. But until they do is is cattle latching on process where you want to experience the NFL you wanna experienced Major League Baseball that's where you go for. This is it is it and it's sad that happens like that and a beautiful city like Portland but I have bulls say -- I've always -- that in my entire life and it's really created -- a little brother scenario for me with this city is Seattle and being from Portland growing up in this city living in this city -- obvious you know doing radio in this city. You look at his city like Seattle and in it you. NFL team in a Major League Baseball team we are now we can hold it in the blazers over their head but. The one thing that always drove me nuts with with local -- a local fans hop -- -- to see -- hop on with the Mariners. Don't do it just because it's a northwest thing that bothers me Amy Seattle does not have an NBA team anymore I know it's a different scenario because they did have an NBA team and they lost them. But where was the blazer fever in Seattle the blazers are making their playoff and it didn't exist that don't support any of our local teams and that's why I always look at a lot of people did say ever reform -- from Seattle and -- the northwest. I eight Seattle -- I do I I have a little brother syndrome I I absolutely do. And I root against every single one of their teeth but as you mentioned they're all playing well right now so you can't ignore the fact that they're having some success has exactly how -- -- -- Huskies -- battle there yeah. We take dating. Joy a we'd put the finishing touches on some are packed -- commercials over the weekend I will say. My what the Washington want to Washington -- be crying I was laughing so hard yes -- like that's not an over exaggeration I could not stop uncontrollable laughter so I did that over the weekend journalists into its we've been doing these we've got a couple of them and in the books. With Arizona in I think you know is right Colorado and Utah we did last week's we're gonna fight this week five next week. Previewing all pac twelve schools leading up to opening kick up we will do Arizona next play that commercial and discuss Arizona football you're listening to -- -- for -- -- break. -- towards third and spread is served up by Buffalo Wild Wings on ESPN's Sports Radio 1080 welfare and all of. One I called first my call I'd Gideon nobody -- not so literature based. Number two leader and very cycle version of big stupid I think the nice. And very critical. I'd like to revisit this. At the top of the hour. -- Seattle's. And Portland and yeah there's say there's a the fans and I would say a lot of people Portland. I don't really care for Seattle on them now now look ultimately I give up little strong mean in that last segment if you root for Kansas north -- team that's fine but don't walk around. Clinton being from Portland bragging about Seattle sports c'mon -- better at that out of you -- -- -- So here's what we've done it. Well done twice so what every day at 130 and we're doing these clear that their kind of goofy they're supposed to be away for us to get into. Signatory -- and I every single pac twelve school we're gonna be doing every single school leading up. Two college football take us that next week. Or do you stay inferred -- in Oregon State Washington Washington -- those would be all fight team's next week those of the five best ones that we've done. The ones we feel the best about. And hopefully you'll laugh at those. We -- the other ones we kind of word goofy where we are silly and just waited again to get into it so -- this is a brain and -- creation. Here's our Arizona football commercial talk about the watch cancers. Hello this is legal spur on the brink Arizona athletic department are you okay. No I was lying in bed and then I heard a loud noise is coming from the -- record setter I think. OK okay it's alright our sensors actually Telus you came from the football stadium the team has a game today. We have a football team I know were trying to compete in something other than basketball. I'm glad we've got that figured out. Would you like -- contact the authorities are you okay. I'm I'm fine now thank you for your health. Call 804206969. For on the brink of Arizona security now for just fifteen dollars pay off for state of the art protection from any unknown athletic success -- it's a 24 hour monitoring system and if you call now you can get home installations for free that's a 180 dollar value for free that's 800. 4206969. On the brink of Arizona peace of mind for wildcats fans that don't know about any other sports other than basketball. Brand is great arena tonight there backpack app -- the FCC back well done well done well done it every day at 130 and then we'll we'll put all those together and post them online. -- -- initially the policy because they have. At least last year obviously there are signature win was he is the organ dots don't Arizona in the dust for whatever reason every time they. Seem to go down there dating back to their markets no the solar game excuse me where they had to take over time to do to beat. Arizona Nevada and Arizona you go back for the man -- -- Dennis Dixon and Harrington was hit late in the game Kellen Clemens got hurt in the game down there Dennis Dixon obviously -- Heisman polls went up and inflames Arizona has not been a from the place the next besides -- -- -- -- they won in overtime Rich Rod is a guy where he had. Proven success in West Virginia it's terrible tenure in Michigan in -- I would say in. Averaged. An average job so far in air is really yeah I would say average -- other pumping in a lot of money into their new facilities and they're changing and changing a lot of things done their new change of culture. Matt Scott wasn't has said he is. Titan quarterback that you want the mascot was a good quarterback uses serviceable quarterback he's obviously moved on. Into the NFL -- they've got that position to fill but yet and I think I would describe. His tenure thus far as average at a they have to have a talent as Arizona State. But Arizona State has had much more success. -- Arizona. With similar another not exactly same but similar height. Offenses and philosophy. -- you don't look at Rich Rodriguez to me is a guy who got absolutely screwed -- Michigan you know eking into a situation where he had a pro style offense -- pro style personnel. Any try to implement his offense and it just if either gonna do that he got given the time to grow when he wasn't given enough time there Michigan is a hard spot to say hey you know give me 34 years to put a winning program back together. It just takes about a get there and he didn't give give enough time to do and I thought when Arizona hired him it was an absolute to -- -- was a great hire for them. -- a perfect fit his offense is done well so far they surprise a lot of people I mean seven in five is a good year for Arizona and they came out you know. But when you go seven and five it'd be any big time programs other than organ they beat most of teams that they were supposed do. But what he's done -- the quarterback position I mean you mentioned his job their BJ -- was a guy. I mean he was basically in the solely I mean -- they they were identical guys who was a running back playing quarterback he was a lefty kind of -- funky but he found a way to piece it together and be organ. The other Big Ten teams that played you look at Panetta schedule last year Washington they lost USC they lost UCLA they lost. -- Arizona State so a lot of the other heavy hitters in the conference. They were enabled -- to contend with but some of them were close and nearly lost by a touchdown at USC they were that give away from start out the year foreign want to be up to a great start last season so to me. He is he's exceeded expectations so far used it -- talked about the the influx of money they put into that program and the renovations going. The new facilities going in down there in Arizona he is absolutely on the turnaround. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He's got some guys he's got to replace but you look at -- -- south and I've said this all all offseason and on -- did it to continue to say it other -- you silly to me it's -- -- -- question -- not even USC not even USC for -- not -- Arizona State for -- not passing Arizona can compete and they're -- -- beat -- but -- and the team that has a lot of talent to -- in the south UCLA's a clear -- front -- and they deserve to -- some other top ten pick. And every pre season poll out there but to me the rest of those guys rob jumbled together now we don't know where's all his new starting quarterback's going to be in terms of how good is he going to be an easy get a degree and be able to replace banker right away. But to meet with Rich Rodriguez and the job that he does it's it's easy to to put up points and it's easy to win games when you run that style of offense. That's right look at them as a team a lot like a Baylor and a lot like organ we talked about this in terms of philosophy college football work if you run that -- offense you're going to be most teams you play you're gonna beat the teams. But you're better than they and in it you just simply look at their schedule coming up this season it's not like they got a -- -- pre season. UN obese in you TSA didn't about it that's your pre season schedule right there you get to avoid Stamford on this year's slate so there are some winnable games on their schedule and I expected to be right around that seven and 584 category once again just like they were last year. Armor make it voted to anchor last year when no beaded anchor when he came out as like -- who's who's that guy and then. Iowa turns out he had a pretty decent season in a Prius Enron like there's no way that got a camera when they beat the docs is like really that's like that's what's happening here. Now with the organ -- in Arizona but you look at -- on -- schedule. And it it's favorable for them I'm not gonna read off the names here but it is a favorable schedule the toughest game they have -- got at pouring in. At UCLA's of those two losses but outside of that. That every big game that they have they hopes and so there's some of their away gains aren't that difficult so it does set up this year at least for Arizona fans. Where you say Daryn this is kind of the year that we hope that we can. Can get above that 500 or just below 500 record and making a push into what you described dirt as a wide open pac twelve south. Because it is true I mean it is just a matter of time for that. It after the the as a Rich Rodriguez you look at that their recruiting -- he's putting together -- solid and I hate to do this is going week by week -- -- win -- loss but you look at -- these weeks you're gonna start three -- only non conference. He got talent home there's a 40 start the next two weeks or in USC probably losses in both those games you still foreign to. Washington State is -- that they can when you mention UCLA there's three losses on and then you got Colorado and Utah there's possibly that this is a team that could easily get to seven wins again and as you mention. Being eleventh and rushing yards 264 yards a game is impressive. A lot of added to a team carries you know 17100 yards and seventeen touchdowns which is impressive but. You run that style of offense it's a system -- a lot of these systems you can plug a guy in and it doesn't matter how talented they are they'll find -- back technical for a thousand yards. Absolutely don't agree with you so every day this week and next. A from one that 130 we're gonna do a pac twelve school at the kind of a spoof commercial. Is trying to have some fun with it and then at 145. Will be doing it paid an NFL teams of this NFL team this weekly preview the FC. Necks -- up the AFC will start off in the east with the Miami Dolphins won docked in particular. Having some success. Down in Miami that's for you next also at the top of the hour. They discuss why Portland fans hate Seattle sports and if you do like Seattle sports why how come why are you rooting. For those teams that at the top of the hour you're listening to get tortured and -- -- break this week. On 1080 different. -- -- home hall. Cruise in June the in June moon and that is one -- -- -- song and -- -- inspiration -- sir I don't buy -- Obama while doing Moses and ESPN's Sports Radio 1080 welfare and little. You wanna be tuned in at the time of the hour. Adds 2 o'clock. For our conversation regarding Seattle sports and for islanders this all stems from we did an interview isn't an easy. Allen was -- -- that we know of -- -- you know a lot of Seattle media personalities you just ran -- of the variety of reasons but we know a lot of media personalities of -- and we had a whatever he wants to access. And it was is not as we appreciate your honesty like Adam I don't care about out of it doesn't matter how the marriage didn't know it doesn't matter how did this youngster doing these days after show talking about Seattle eyes and a -- Yeah -- -- right -- bad kick in Davenport has been a little more time talking about road -- to a -- I am curious I want to hear from Portland Seattle supporter they got it looks at that says look at a team in the region out what your Mac got to also what are -- for the guidance with me and says -- Seattle and watch yet what why both sides if because there's obviously a reason there. As for why people love them or white people of Seattle in the sports there's obvious the reason why people hate NN attacks are brought a good point that bull again talk about a top the hour. Is that it's not only that. But there's also people like humans break. Who like California sports yet and there are no reasons for that they're lucky -- lot John latch on to California teams. And and that's a byproduct of not having teams here more than again we'll discuss that more to a driver that import of that conversation. Every day 130 is gonna be a college football preview every day 145 will be in NFO previous caviar half hour block of previous. And we've done the entire NFC's -- start in the AFC today. We'll start in the AFC east with the Miami Dolphins Dion Jordan former duck. Suspended for the first four games of the season for performance and answers he's not going to be able to participate in gains was a regular season starts. But he has a -- accounts a great great. Kind of can't hear it is ready to go he looks great he's been much better in the -- and and run and he's continued to be good in the past game. But he is a guy that as a third overall heck he's even ducks fans kind of went. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yes I mean that's it and you look at it lasted you rate -- it and we talked about strong divisions bad divisions. The AFC east look at the patriots and and and three other teams and nobody really cares about in the jets. The but the bills in the dolphins are not going to be able to compete for a division crown this year they're just not until Tom Brady retires the patriots have to find another answer quarterback. New England's gonna sit atop the division that's just the way it's always going to be. You look at what they did this offseason no other offensive line was just atrocious roster they couldn't protect and help. And that's what you cattle look at him in and people are down on him after two years down -- did the right word but. Maybe he's been attacked -- supporting after two years the offensive line has not helped him out a whole lot and the running game hasn't been quite what people expected to tune -- third your guy Lamar Miller people expect big things out of him. He kind of showed some flashes last year again didn't get a whole lot of help from the offensive line. Any here remember the whole the whole locker room -- -- whatever he wanted to call -- within cot mile Jonathan Martin I mean that was the main storyline surrounding this team last year the fact they were able to survive I rallied -- don't hate me anyway. What that was the shocker to me that they survived that incident when it Nate Nate entire Beatles -- Jonathan Martin's now in San Francisco. You lost Chris -- defense aback but they've really address the offensive line in the offseason the attitude towards CB three new offensive -- It and it went out got no shot Moreno who did great here in Denver last year and -- pass happy offense Seattle for a thousand yards and ten touchdowns. And that's -- we didn't get a whole lot of carries but. In a 200 some of those yards came in one game seek nearly look at him and say he's going to be huge difference maker especially considering the fact that he was he's been a little banged up in the offseason. They got a new offensive coordinator does a lot of new -- in Miami this year. I'm just not quite sure as you mentioned in fourth that you could look at it kind of Joseph Philbin and say he is the answer -- head coach not much you can do that would ranked in Italy either. It's always unfair because you don't -- labeled a guy after one or two years and say OK he is a failure he's going to be a success as a coach or quarterback. A recent activity but after two years you look at both those guys and just a question mark surrounding them. When you're in a division when the England does it is anybody gonna pick Miami when that division no of course not is anybody gonna -- them to make the playoffs potentially I guess maybe. Sneaking in as a wildcard spot ask don't shocked I would absolutely shocked if they were any better than the eight -- they were last year. -- -- so fresh treating as a fan base to know going in that even -- even the rams this year. Have a little bit of hope that they can maybe sneak in the wild card is not much -- but there's at least hope even though you've got to see -- niners. In your business is slim hope but yeah I guess it exists you know that there is almost zero chance that their Miami is going to finish ahead of the patriot they just every single year you know yeah. That you're fighting for a wildcard spot that you're not gonna win that division. And even the jets as bad as they've been in they've kind of been that little sketchy in -- -- we'll talk about them as well. But even the jets in their quarterback problems and everything they've got going on that's not an easy out for Miami at least not -- the bills -- and proved too so that's not an easy out there. -- they're just going into -- sees as a fan base knowing that the patriots are finished first. Got to be demoralizing you've seen that. But there's a lot of stuff to do Miami I visited there last fall it that there is a pilot study UNN they don't care isn't it really is embarrassing. But you think Jackson -- Jackson look it's a bad -- for. How many fans have to -- and rightfully so Miami's just as bad. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- At Miami's gadgets to the united attendance problem down there is nobody ever talks about it and part of the reason is because they know. You again they're not they don't have a shot at winning the division. And especially without a top fifteen quarterback in the top fifteen coach you wouldn't put either of them in that category. You're left with an uphill battle I -- Miami finishing a lot like last year the reports eight -- it's a good. Little sees and I guess -- and got some moments of hope in there but overall the end of the day they're not finishing ahead of doing. Now they're just not do it and you look at the play -- potential -- Manning everybody's in agreement in new England's gonna finally win that division and you look up and down the -- the AF CME. This might sound a little crazy but I wouldn't be shocked if any of the four teams in the north made the playoffs in terms as Cincinnati Pittsburgh Baltimore Cleveland a -- all four of those teams that winning that division. Or finding a way and while the AFC south is yet the division you look at say OK that's just as much of this new loser is the -- You got Indianapolis and basically everybody yells but then you look at the west and there's three teams in the west. Denver more than likely get a win that division but he got Kansas City and San Diego were both wild card contenders so. That's what makes this so -- -- only got two wildcard spots and I just I don't see them beating out one of the teams from the north -- one of the teams in the west to make it. -- it's fun to watch the progress it's fun to see attaining -- can do -- girlfriend has spoken hot he mentioned Dion Jordan he's a guy locally that we can. Hello I think I haven't I Odyssey -- pans -- he's obviously gonna be suspended the first four games. Easy gamble got busy ever gonna be in the it in the position of being an every down defense of venue reminds me a lot of an -- and Smith and pass situations and I believe -- reminds me a lot of -- Smith like that I'll never forget when justice Smith got -- a couple of years ago for the niners it was a game in Seattle and the regular season and they ran it all the Smith every single play he couldn't do any about it he was he's a tall skinny defense event great pass rushing situations like you mentioned. But you can you can use that to your advantage in the run game in as Dion Jordan ever gonna get to that point. Where he can be that standup defense of -- and stop the run and it be -- -- in and pass rush as well so there there are certain things to watch with this team but everybody seems to be an agreement that. 798 point 88 -- probably the best case scenario for this team. Every day 145 we'll preview -- team from the AFC leading up to the NFL playoffs or NFL started in at the rather. If you're looking for a preview of the AFC we'll do that everyday at 145 pac twelve every day at 130 I can't wait I really -- Excited about our next conversation and it is why. Do you hate Seattle's -- -- aura. If -- Seattle fan and you live in Portland. What is it about Seattle that made you adopt either the Seahawks for the Mariners because the Mariners are in the wild card that would start today. So that's going to be a topic of conversation. And the Seahawks are getting their Super Bowl. Are repeat season underway trying to repeat. As several champions your tax and they've been very good at 55 degrees there'll Bible read some of them next and talk a little bit more about -- relationship between Portland. In Seattle sports stick around don't go anywhere it'll be -- that you're listening to dig for dirt and spread served up by beat -- break today on -- to defend.

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