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Danforth Dirt & Sprague 8.18.14 Hour 1

Aug 18, 2014|

The guys talk Ducks football, Fantasy Football obsession, and some preseason NFL.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And for -- third in Australia is served up by buffalo wild Bruins always said that my son thinks of me of one of his idiot friends -- -- succeeded as of that he wants to go wrong when -- escalator come on board. You most going to a -- general Australian thing today makes -- a future -- from the batty with Taylor dance floor at third as much about a lot of magicians. Dangerous so most people walking and speak words and -- dirt Johnson changed doesn't just it he's. Forged by empowered women like meat and normal -- And eighty from the blind side. The differences between me and her blind side Stanley had a fat and Brendan spray bottle up everybody. Some of those rights as the quarterback of this family mean to protector like going so it -- Just send them almost blind side bush is confused bonds are Muslim or didn't put them. Offensive line -- African Americans have. Danforth durden spray gun ESPN's Sports Radio 1080 Beltran -- I'm nervous. What's happening and it's -- be back -- to have you back -- of Friday without making guys survives he missed yet missing AJ yeah. How to be honest with you about this because I you know then again and having them brought this up yet now this is again we caught you're sweating. -- so you did. Will stop look Sprague took a picture -- -- in the studio on Thursday any kind of threw out there and I was waiting to see -- conceded -- -- -- -- -- between on Thursday wait for the right opportunity yet and I'm driving down a claimants on Friday I got -- service I get down there my phones not working very well and I finally get up like kind of caught up on my -- on Saturday and -- he also re -- it with a fan. About 6000 followers just got to see my sweaty armpits so they think straight appreciate it buddy cop. Sprague is out today if you like to see that picture of dirty and sweaty pits after the show every day after the senator works up quite this way like this is this his physical labor -- it's manual sit here and talk him for three hours is not easy isn't that is very air conditioned in the studio business. Thank you get chills you that I did see somebody tweeted though with the suggestion. And it according to prescription strength -- okay according to -- I have like a medical condition like this is a serious issue I need to go see a doctor about I haven't gotten to that point -- to admit it yet but I I will get there at some point make serious dating life's -- -- at some point them to be sitting there happened -- like running to the bathroom -- my -- every ten minutes it's gonna get ugly. It's quite the thing at the -- show on Twitter brand is Brady is out today soleil back on our show we've got to set FCC monitor that. Follows bring in his brain wherever -- get a -- -- make sure he doesn't say anything that gets us in trouble -- -- -- -- -- Brady takes vacation we like let the SEC now hey you know what yet. Breaks out. Take -- -- -- to you. Yeah go ahead go I'd take a little vacation time we're going to be very family friendly this week we got a new we got a new. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- 830 on Friday so congrats to him he is a huge ducks fans I hope this kid turns out to be a -- How that's -- is -- as a future starting linebacker from Mike round at the sailors. -- -- -- -- on in the show today kind of be running team we like themes on the show. In that we're gonna take your. Best fantasy football names we're gonna tackle a bit more about her fantasy football draft coming up about a week away. In -- a little bit of that at 1230 decent fantasy tips just talk about the role that fancy the balls played. In our sports viewing experience again we'll do so at 1230. The we will be taking your best fantasy football team names as almost like a competition in and of itself to see what you can do I don't we have a lot of fun with that -- read some of those. The route they showed today we're gonna get up to Seattle let's discuss the Mariners and the Seahawks Matt Nicholas. Of seventy and ESPN Seattle and hop on with us at 115. Discuss organs insurance policies they did something at a couple other schools are doing. Where -- guys going to the NFL do that here in about ten minutes from now we have one more weekend left dirt. Of no football. And this is your time as people -- honey do list if you will to yeah everything in yet because football is approaching we got one more weekend without it. Like I know our couches in for a good it's all coming up we got a weapons are -- -- takes a beating. It does in debt and where navigated prepped up here but the last basically the last weekend without them -- -- a couple of having said gentlemen Morgan BM -- gonna put some series imprints I want ballet not that we don't already put imprints on an every weekend but it will be a little more severe as football season starts but I got to ask you -- import since we are roommates. What what's on our honey do list this weekend with just I think I got a couple more giants gave to me is that it that's -- this Saturday Sunday giants an -- at the the director cut off its football season I don't care during the next race does not matter we probably need to hire a cleaning crew because that I did last time we -- our house for the weekend that's beats the Indian growth. We welcome Seattle's welcome to fruit flies back on and we announced the fruit flies and while the exact yes fruit flies at that. They are coming out watch some football with -- so why did you on the show today we'll start here though the power index free espionage evident paying attention to any college football. It's pretty cold there started to ESPN as a web -- starting to embrace more and more statistics and odds and betting. And he seen arise obviously fancy couple has a lot to do with that but recently a bowl Oregon in Oregon State they did some wind probabilities for each school. On the chance they think that the ducks have. To win each of their gains of good espn.com. We'll discuss the ducks and the beavers were taking a look at the ducks here's who they have. With with Oregon and -- of about this a little under two weeks away from the college football season getting going -- to have the -- adding 90% chance of winning. Against Michigan State which is unbelievable yes Washington State is higher than that so they've or lower nets they've got a better chance of beating Michigan State there but then they do Washington State. At Washington state of course if you. Look in and some of the pre season polls UCLA on this list the only -- 57%. Chance. A beating UCLA according to ESPN power -- but they are favored in every single one of their games this year which it shouldn't come as a surprise. For the ducks but I just continue to be. Blown away dirt and by the fact that Michigan State is getting absolutely no credit. The against the ducks not none whatsoever in Canada's power index -- the ducks have a 90% chance according to ESPN of beating them. And that continues again to amaze me and nobody is -- -- -- any kind of credit at all. No I don't get it either I mean you you look at Michigan State you look at Washington State in India you don't want openly -- just not economic cougars we we have nothing bad to say about them in and leeches and a great job at turning that program around but to say that organ has a better chance of beating Michigan State in eighty Washington State does it just doesn't add up to me now. People are really hot organ this year we some come out number three in the eight people in and somebody to get out over the weekend. Indian run basically a college football simulator some look at couple thousand times. And the predictor had them losing to Florida State and in college football championship some people are clearly looking and organ. And say that area there -- national title contender of people are expected them to make a run. As a college football playoff but it will wind when you face Michigan State week two the -- they just won the Big Ten championship they just won the Rose Bowl. Lot of cuts coming back a lot love I mean you look at the track record of quarterbacks they've had -- the last couple years at Michigan State. They're -- performing very well the NFL lawyers got a chance of when that job in Cleveland tonight -- Monday Night Football so. There's a lot of the quarterbacks are come through their car took his right there with the best of them. I know what's at -- stadium and that's the easy angle disabled there's the -- that's why you put them at a 90% -- -- chance of beating Michigan State. But to -- did not give them the respect they deserve they only lost one regular season game last year and they beat a Stanford team that first off nobody gave them a chance in beating. And set it up to Stanford team -- beat organ back to back tears they have the size they have the strength. We talk all the time about how does organ handle that beef up front you lose a -- Tyler Johnstone for the entire year offensive line -- we know that's going to be a big blow for -- so. Even after that injury goes down you put it at a 90% chance to beat Michigan State I would I don't understand how people look. At at the spartans and say that that's a 90% guaranteed win for organ and has made sense to me. Makes sense to me either. They have an 81% chance for the ducks to win again these are all this kind of hypothetical power index is when you look at them in terms of the chances that Oregon wins it and looking at the ducks this season. And what they have the opportunity to do. It is a season that we continue to evaluate as we continued it says look at him and what they can do in the potential and any I don't see any other way. Where it's a successful season if they don't make the college football playoff. All the projections all the schedules the way the schedule sets up the conferences and I know were about a couple weeks away from them getting going and we'll talk more about them. As we progressed then there's -- I don't see any way. Where you can label this a successful season for the docs based off -- bodies when probabilities based southern everything that we discussed in zine when their talent coming back. That you label this season a success any other way with them not making the college football player. The -- the other way I would say is maybe got a two loss team that that wins the pac twelve and they just don't get an invite to the college football playoff but I would mean -- -- -- last year -- and we got into it a lot wood -- fans last season when they lost two games and we were kind of of the new school thinking of saying look that's a disappointing year you know you can't continue to go back 23 thirty years in the past. And say hey in 1987 would kill for ten and two year yet -- perspective I understand that argument comes from my view. But when you go to four straight BCS games to me it's it's it's not outrageous to college -- two season disappointment and that's basically what it was. Because that he would not -- and Arizona last year you're playing and ended in a BCS game more than likely -- the fractal championship game people would like your chances to win that one so. The way this season and it lasted this is really a big year for mark -- it's your two and he got lucky to get some of those guys back we talked about that Lamar -- decided to come back this year. That was a big boost for them I mean imagine what we would be saying about this program going into this year without Marcus Mario and if you had a question market the quarterback position. Basically had a you know competition all fall camp trying to find that new starting quarterback. The conversation would have been completely different but when you have this much talent on his team when you get across who'd come back. In -- Mario did come back and you get -- to come back I know there's -- -- injury on the outside. Royce Freeman all the reports about him at the running back position I've just been tremendous coming out of fall camp so there is the talent on this team -- in India in the veteran leadership on this team. To easily have them in competition for a college football player opera to schedule sets up nicely with Michigan State it's a big nonconference game that you get -- at home to get Stanford back at home. Release the only absolute difficult road game you have is that UCLA to keep it clear that hurdle Utah Oregon State beat these -- gives you should be able to windy get the other two big ones at home. Everything is set up for organ this year I'm with the idea if you're not in contention if you're not a top five or -- team at the end of the year it's got to be disappoint. It we'll take a look back at the NFL week in four pre season also Monday Night Football tonight we'll take a look at that game. Discuss the role of fantasy football this year and where were rat as fans. With the UC football of course our draft coming up breaking new world record here next week on the 27 so we'll discuss that at 1230. But coming up next there's insurance policies for guys in college football courts you know this. Who decide not to go to the NFL. But there is a massive change that is taking place -- organ ducks are leading the way in this. Should they be one that for you know after listening to -- portrait is break or miss since break today. On 1080 to. Don't. Then towards dirt and sprained his served up by Buffalo Wild Wings on ESPN's Sports Radio 1080 -- fans and. My hotel. I don't even -- don't particularly the NFL weekend for pre season is restarting a lot more starters playing a ramping -- as those that might play three quarters this weekend -- the ball tonight in the Cleveland Browns intrigue continues as stunning and -- -- -- -- nice -- sit and watch that bad -- missed his first pre season game and -- -- -- down have about four yards -- completion I'm looking forward to feel like India now -- I'm on -- nine and -- -- -- so I can't -- to -- flames -- does not succeed in themselves. Forgets and your tax and the beavers into it it's excited but by threes are five some of the best fantasy football names you discuss the role fancy football this year and sports how it shapes how we wanted. And -- did -- some of these because they're pretty good so we'll read some of those at the bottom of the he started to adopt some of the things from our lifestyle which we appreciate loss on top -- -- some time. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We will during the commercial break your index did something over the weekend and decided to make a decision that could finally change and other other schools are doing this but it -- -- really changed. The way that athletes approach college vs the NFL decision what they have done is that there are -- organ that football players that I have insurance policies. Before going pro they are markets Mario you collect braille move around his prostitute senator and lineman Eric Armstead. And so what what's that residency when he asks the other -- make sense that the arms said they were right it's there it's likely plan that he moved left tackle yet now okay -- site so the the here's some of the other schools that have done this Florida State Texas sane man in Wisconsin. So go the way this works is that there's an NCAA funded student assistant button that -- what they'll use for that is if they got like an emergency surgery or something they've got to pay out of that maybe fly a family member out. It's essentially a slush fund. For the schools to pay -- -- the active to basically paid athlete since extreme situations for family members rather thanks so. Marcus Mario and -- says policies more than five million dollars to the premiums for those insurance cost Oregon around 50008. The ball -- and organ and a health parts of the payments are something the ducks have wanted to do in previous years only be told it would be an NCAA violation -- -- -- this summer that it was in fact the legal. And they wanted to cover athletes and this is a situation where it doesn't happen as much haven't weighed more in college basketball. But it does happen sometimes in the NFL where you had an a record number of underclassmen. Even last year yeah for the NFL -- cloudy -- on -- easy example of this he has been a monster. In the freezing his highlights in the pre season are on -- believe it's like it's almost like the bowl game against Michigan where he says yeah blowing off the -- so questions about yes Oder in his work -- -- those throughout the window and all looking back he had a hernia surgeries and he's healthy now finally but also he -- he got to look at Geneva on cloudy last year and say. That -- I was going about 5060%. Because you wanna get hurt -- with insurance policies you can't get hurt. This is a game changer because you can have schools saying -- come back and stay you're not going to lose out financially. And that is the primary motivate her for guys leaving for the NFL obviously in the not to get the money right away but they know the money is guaranteed and you need to know the money is guaranteed. And you don't have to pay out of pocket expenses it makes it that much easier and if money is your primary factor. You can't forked out 60000 dollars for an insurance policy you know if if your parents can't afford or you can afford it right. Which is the case for a lot of college athletes so I'd like the fact that this exists and it should almost be allowed no matter what the issue that's come out of the slush fund. This is another thing the incidentally can do any positive direction. To change a sports landscape to say schools should pay for guys that go to the NFL. And pay for their insurance policy it's so funny. -- -- the NCA draws the line in terms of the payments at the allow India payments and they don't allow like apparently this is just completely fine don't worry you're you're paying a 50000 dollar insurance feet. Oh yeah that's no big deal we're gonna go ahead and allowed back to it and it's always been a question mark for me because this has happened -- for him for years now. -- heard about guys taking out these these these insurance is on themselves which makes complete sense you wanna make sure the U. Have some sort of financial backdrop of something goes wrong which we've seen happen before when guys come back for his senior year. Whether it's a bad -- electoral map Barkley or Sam Bradford who wasn't penalized too much but he came back and he got her the first game against BYU so. There is a risk involved in coming back and I was always curious how guys were able to pay for this was an agent stepping in. Where they taking out alone I mean how are they going about paying for this because a lot of these guys. Don't come from a lot of Stanley money and I never understood where it came from I have no problem when we went to school stepping in and paying this amount of money I really don't because ultimately. Like you mentioned last year we had the the -- record number of underclassmen jumped to the NFL which is not good it's not good for the college game. And it's not good for the NFL game and we've seen guys here locally. They -- Thomas says is an example that comes to mind for media guide it left school early. He should of laughter of the because now -- -- as he's playing in the arena league and he was a guy that you know potentially thought he had a chance to make it in the NFL. There are guys that see the writing on the wall they need to make money and I don't blame at eagle for three years ecology wanna go get a paycheck that's completely fine by me. You wanna go get that paycheck but it's not always they are ultimately and that's the problem -- -- facing here. Where you're gonna get your occasional -- guys that are ready to go a year early but those guys are so few and far between. And every every him -- years you get any dream Peterson becomes about you'll get a -- that comes about a guy. You look at as a freshman even in college and say he could be playing in the NFL right now but guys like that are so few and far between. And when you're having a record number of players jumper early for the NFL. It's bad because how many of those guys went undrafted having Terrance Mitchell another name only from Morgan decided to leave a year early where did he -- even sure where he ended up I know he went undrafted so. There are guys to take these risks and take these jumps to go to the pros because they want that paycheck but instead now colleges can look at a player and say hey. You go ahead he come back for your senior year you come back for your junior year you Richard junior year whatever it may be it will help apple get your insurance policy in case something goes wrong -- pay a little bit more. And it's only gonna benefit the college game guys that are rated Google early after three years of being on a high school they're gonna go and they're gonna be just fine. They're going to be top ten picks are going to be first round picks there's no fear for them. But there's a lot of guys that leave an early and it's just not paying off and it's -- both the college game and yet. Felt the difficulty here is kind of discerning which guys you give it to and which guy is you don't -- how much money you have to dole out right and that's easily give you were to ensure a guy. Like you'd have to say you've got to go to the draft evaluation. And be guaranteed to be picked in the top 45 you'd have to do something like that because. You couldn't have guys say are now pay my insurance premium. And then going drafted. It is why you needed this is -- -- different -- different now pool of money as well because they're there should be more money it should -- be limited is a handful of guys and every single roster but you are right. You have to prove that you have some value in the and a -- -- is a good example of this coming -- is coming up here he is rhythm. Vaulted up draft boards. Annie is a guy that could have points to the NFL last of the quarterback class is here. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- John man in this year is going to help out the beavers obviously. It to a point dates yet -- like understated like if he were to go to the NFL. It would be age from rough transition this year for the beavers and as he is which on many people are projecting you know six and 675. Eaten for maybe. And I doubt that's a pretty good year for the -- but if you don't return John -- like there's financial incentive absolutely succeeds daytime NFL guys from leaving we just talked about that authority to -- yes exact same thing there is financial incentives for schools. To keep -- of a year you tell me that shot man is not gonna be worth 50000 dollars of keeping him that we wouldn't doubt Georgia sales ticket sales revenue -- -- you being a winning program yet in terms of you being relevant and his Heisman and everything else that he brings organ has decided to pay insurance premiums for four of its NFL guys. And a couple other schools are doing this as well Texas sane in Florida State Wisconsin who they're all doing this of the four guys are Mario you select -- Opera's cross two and Eric arms says of those of the four guys but I'm with you dared the for colleges to do is because the revenue of keeping Marchionne and keeping you -- all those guys keeping them is far outweighs the potential them leaving for the and a. It after the guys in this just in flat out shows how hypocritical the NCA it is I mean you mentioned this is 50000 dollars you're paying for these insurance policy -- its 50000 dollars per player they're all about five million dollar insurance policies. But that's okay to pay why is that okay for university and -- because when this is also that he do in the future is. If you have guys -- say -- OK I don't need to take out a loan or I don't need to hit up an agent to pay this in the future or find another way to cover this expense the school's gonna do it. -- could be more willing to come back you're paying him basically 50000 dollars to play football this year. In the NCAA just says that's no big deal whatever it's an insurance policy that's 50000 dollars it's not coming out of somebody else pocket that you're covering for them that they -- had to find a way to pay what we've. Without your how exactly it's -- itself funny how they pick and choose their battles this is a battle though. That is Smart and there's like up and -- school that are doing this but it would be it's going to be a train and should be something that's made universal. Across all of college athletics. -- the role of fantasy football in sports now we'll take some of your best team names. In that discuss our upcoming draft you got -- turn as Greg served up by B dubs. -- towards -- and sprayed -- served up by Buffalo Wild Wings on ESPN Sports Radio 1080 so fair and fire safety week is right around the corner and here -- few important -- my wanna listen to -- your kids -- newspapers bedtime sounds like a good idea keeps them warm. But guess what. Best of flammable. Today we've all run around with an empty milk jugs full of gasoline and -- -- in open field but make sure there's a pair closed by. Live yeah me and control. Okay. You know. Our if you're ever -- stadium in any of the music that we play on the show we traded -- Spotify playlist so you can find any and all music that we plan to show. -- -- -- -- At the media show will also follow you back with our -- of your exit in the music. We -- on our Spotify -- we'll update data out once we should ever have any suggestions zero is open for somebody sweetest sweetest letter earlier -- in the mix so assessment of the everybody's -- the -- I sort taking -- -- football name is organs and get a hundred frankly is out does. Best as possible after like that's the trend -- fantasy is for sure whether it's baseball whether it's basketball there's football you -- you go dirty and it's funny to go Gary fantasy -- -- you asked the question all the tax permanent doesn't I don't know you can't read these aren't -- -- that is no I do this so we're gonna try our best to you yet but -- look there's some fantastic ones -- -- we didn't go and get away with that. Couple of them just -- water rose from north plains Adam -- not north plains atom is in our league and he says that -- is qualification is because that's how easy it is forming well you got seemed import -- Spragan -- is not gonna be an easier and we've got as a man -- -- beat by a ray is again one dozen. Couple other -- to -- And I think we've made it's a clever though like Brandon cooks math. How bad pretty creative passed Gordon -- -- Gordon popularity go holes compared to you to death and we're getting we're getting some good fan is C tested positive is one gallon we got a -- vaunted strength in the rose gardeners. I did Chad and I exactly he's up a little busy I can read these but. Fantasy football is right around the corner so you may -- had your draft and is becoming more and more prevalent it already is prevalent. And you know it is because especially win like my and my mom bless her -- old old woman that she is if you is -- -- not Havel is apply now is playing fantasy football like you've got she's played football yes -- fancy football so this is -- that's -- -- that's exactly right so you're starting to see more and more liked what it becomes mainstream million RT kinda has been to that point but. I really do wonder what's the appeal now because the first is kind of knew it was fun. Think what's the appeal of fantasy football now for people because. A lot of it is the camaraderie. But I think there's a huge gambling components of closer headed -- shorter period -- of it started off that way you -- it's it's just it's become another way for people to bet money. On sports outside of the actual bidding on the sport yet for sure is I mean I don't know. Too many people that play fantasy football or fantasy sports in general without a dollar figure on the line in every time we throw actors were still taken people that wanna play. And most people -- -- say -- -- -- to be a part of the league in in almost every single tax and says how much. How much you guys charges -- shows you the people are clearly you know charging money for this not blame and it's fun to view the main draw for me though is it's it's a backdrop. If your favorite team is having a bad year gives you something else to root for gives you something -- -- look forward to because everybody has those years for your teams out of contention in most people do have their favorite teams. But you know say the niners are down this year Digisette -- reports OK gonna go watch this guy this guy and this guy play I can watch a number of different games on a Sunday. They keep track -- how my fantasy guys are doing but. The other thing up and I'm curious what the NFL would say about this but we hear this a lot of the text machine as well. Where people say you know you you throw out there he was your favorite NFL team there's a lot of people now that say whoever's on my fantasy team. There's a lot of people maybe that's just unique to this region because we don't have an NFL team here. But there's a lot of people out and just simply root for the guys on their team they don't have a strong you know a -- to one individual franchise -- I agree with you about finding other things to watch in the NFL I'm not -- it's just about. When your team isn't playing well. Just in general your team's not playing every single game on this cruise ship so -- -- early game and you wanna watch -- -- -- -- -- junior watching red zone like I have back I think I scored a touchdown. It makes the whole Sunday experience better not just watching your one team player which is still huge obviously. But when you can watch every single game and pick out one player either on the other team or on your team. It makes every game's important and since it's only one day we -- makes about much easier. He had agreed to there might where it's that that's kind of the appeal and it will continue to be appeal is trying to find ways and this is. What if -- -- probably better than anybody it's exclusive it's not that often although it's becoming more more prevalent Thursday games in Saturday games and when the controversies over the Sunday and Monday. -- you're getting a lot of NFL gains and it's obviously for team it's once a week so that that is a huge drop but the more you can add some kind of the ancillary. -- like the more PC you can add outside of the actual game itself for the better and more addicted you're going to be come to that product if and that's this is of the about -- and baseball haven't quite captured they doing their own respective ways but this is where football comes in more than those other two sports. Is most people know over renders we've got a lot we're gonna have a guy on from Vegas this year Dave Barr to. So a lot of people know the betting lines the over under is the FTSE just another component. That allows people to do that and also because I played database of first time this year new engineer John I love it yet because it makes me it forces me to pay attention to what's actually going on. More so and -- you're gonna get that more with college or with these baucus it's a longer season I pay more attention in this adding that's the overall sense to your point Mike. Is people start to pay more attention and the more knowledgeable you are about a sport. The more involved you're going to be with that particular. Absolutely -- -- -- the and that's ago when they honey sorry I got to watch the I gotta watch this game I got a quarterback going to Sunday night we got to sit down and watch his game so. It's another good excuse but it is funny how. It it'll draw more people in the sport and I'm not sure it's kind of a chicken NBA thing work. We talk all the time about the NFL blowing up and becoming this just huge dominated institution that it is now and our country. They -- the ball in my opinion played a huge role in that but I just I would be curious to go back and look at. Would -- fantasy football became as big as it was was it because the NFL is so big. Because you mentioned it -- people play fantasy basketball they play fantasy baseball I don't do you basketball that you play fantasy baseball. But it doesn't seem to have the same impact of football you clearly don't have as many people. Excited about a fantasy you know baseball draft her fantasy basketball draft I would be curious to see the chicken and -- the so it's not just fancy there's more components are. Absolutely there's work towards. I think the once a week thing is the biggest thing that makes the NFL that much better because every other sport you gotta pay attention. Baseball every day NBA. Probably every day depending on who's playing what what -- -- with the NHL all that once a week is easy. You -- at some players during the week if you got an injury you'd change your line up in your -- to go to watch on Sunday. That makes it really really convenient that's why everybody kind of does because even. Like Taylor's mom you know it just -- once a day to my mother out of this might yet he keeps his idea now that I thought she -- Saturday yeah she's single line -- yes if yes do you almost all weeklong look exactly you mentioned working robbery to me keeps friendships with like college -- -- does I believe -- -- -- friend that went to -- with him across -- -- from -- now. We keep in touch based on fantasy football -- Really it's funny how it brings people together and a lot of people play in the same league of street it is -- people play -- -- -- every year seat at the same group of guys you're in and year out you know OK it's that time to Google has always been with -- transition happens like. I remember this happened with not so much FaceBook but it definitely happen with Twitter it definitely happened with fancy football where you view it as. Akamai and I'm never getting on Twitter that's for that's for young kids I'm never doing it never doing it. And then you sign up for Twitter and -- Not too bad it's a new source for yeah exactly and it turns out to be very very valuable in the -- with fancy football. Is like are at their -- that an employee of for a long time to get Iran releases chris' text data I don't gamble I don't see you out of fantasy sports never played -- that changed exactly and so that's why you get. You get into that plated forever but then you also get people to come meaning go. Am not gonna play fancy the -- for nerds it's for geeks whatever. What you wanna put fancy the ball down usual once it becomes popular and what's becomes mainstream. Huge ego -- I got that would movies sometimes that all watch the guardians of the galaxy was again for example is where I watched the trailer I went to zero to -- that I want seven guided out of the wedding pressures. I of that movie looks yet stupid they handle -- story line not gonna lie yes yeah hang over allowed guys go to Vegas and get drunk -- flip while wow what a novel concept that's pretty creative and then once -- starts become popular -- what am I missing out on here. I need I probably need to take a look at this and figure out what I'm missing. And that's what happened with -- the ball so reiterate a couple more of your fancy football -- names here 55 threes are up either some good ones and trying to clean them up as fast as possible. If you are -- did. It participating in our fantasy football draft its next Wednesday's a time is running out. We have a couple spots left its August 27. And -- at -- district Buffalo Wild -- is brought to -- we're gonna have -- leaked out there. They've got -- in new high speed Internet. It's a one gay Internet it's freaking awesome we had a chance to try it out yeah -- -- he's going to be out there's there's no worries about your Internet crashing on us to be concerned people. Mean when they go out on wireless connections that won't be a problem also moral would brewing company going to be serving up. Some Bruschi is we have a couple they were -- A couple different events and we've done and their Beers so delicious -- -- -- great guys that they gave us is six back away talented that those did not last too long in the apartment did not know and and so yes they will be out there pouring some Beers he got fancy football draft kids at three of us are going to be out there. Interacting we'll get to meet you say hello have some fun. Have you happy league. And you're -- -- last minute we don't really know we're gonna hold this text draft to 5530. Fighting and that's draft. To 55305. Will -- you back about backing go sign up. On our website it's pretty easy to sign up yeah but if you wanna be involved in our DN ACP one lead we just got a couple of spots left. And use less yachts text raptors let us know you wanna be involves seeing your name and email and we'll include you in that as well. It's gonna be a great time early is we held our draft out their last unique you've heard us talk about this for quite some time now that little pumped about it we had our draft or last year. It was a great time we got them to meet a couple of RP winds in and it was really fun to get the draft did -- get a hundred dollars for the give cards to Buffalo Wild Wings as you mentioned sent -- set up some great Internet -- there's going to be a couple hundred people out there doing their drafts at the same time so it's going to be a big demanded and they're gonna come through big for us it's going to be fun to get some more will be here as you mentioned. And it's just think it's a good job I mean if you've never had a draft in person with your -- you -- it's a whole another avenue that you need to go down because I Intel last year I had only -- -- -- -- -- -- get the chat -- kind of in any talks smack back and forth which is fun but when you get to do it in person in -- kind of talked and -- as a draft goes on you can make fun of people for certain -- That's such a fun dynamic to it really doesn't it we're getting a whole placed -- taken everybody out -- force at the late edition buffalo while he's so it's just gonna be SO coming out it's going to be a fun time. The enemy does sit and again if you wanna be -- one of our he want leagues we got about 45 slots left. For our league -- this attacks similar chino -- Disney dream almost signing up to one of our. Well again that is draft 25530. By take a week look at the weekend from the NFL some story lines developing out of there. Including the San Francisco our city Santa Clara 49ers. Easy easy. And we can simply want to. We can be -- Because of friends don't. No it's -- Saying we can. There's been some -- is certainly they'll -- buffalo wild -- -- on the list and Sports Radio maybe okay. I'm continue to be amazed at the beast that is fantasy football blows me away and it's -- do a lot of what we think are pretty good Sports Radio topics. Haven't seen as a football is one that's on a whole another level. When we talked fantasy football it's just people love. Fancy football they love to talk about it in their daily lives and then it makes them feel a part of a bunch of different things any kids of their connection -- average person's connection to the NFL and it really is. It blows me away how hot there it has become and the beast that is basically what we love doing it. And that we kind of like to for a long time -- this is the more mainstream it becomes. The more again when you visit people when you talk with people a lot of their conversations are affected surrounding -- an -- -- if your guy yeah yeah you needed I. I was in Trader Joe's yesterday -- getting groceries. And it. Early the early morning hours or Saturday I was picking up something and and the two guys that we're checking that the guys we're check out -- gas. We're back and forth checking out groceries talking about their mock draft yet and I just smiled and laughed as an -- lap that's been a lot a giraffe or. As a little too extreme for me I don't think I've ever gone on the road of doing a mock -- yourself right it would I have so many people in my life that I'll see whether it's old friends whether it's cousins whether it's family friends whatever the case may be that. I there're so many guys and I noted that as they're going to conversation I KG you wanna know who's on my fantasy -- -- -- -- who like Dracula. It did the aunt -- monster that it's blown up into being in it it as you said we're fantasy football guys we enjoy it. But not quite this is extremist some people out there it's amazing how big it's got over the last couple years. Do you love the passion that people have for it in the NFL over the weekend for pre season action the 49ers. Defense takes a hit as Antawn but stay -- left Sunday's game early. Against the Denver Broncos with a concussion did not return to the game don't know how long he will officially be out that the niners -- and injury problems couple holdouts and they were shut out against the Denver Broncos 34 to nothing opening up their new stadium we really did you. Credit profile. You don't hear about to say here is now we don't know and -- need to -- out -- -- I'm not going to live on diners not going to read in the -- sometime. 49ers. For the Santa -- that's. Will not that's not easy it's an error while we Collison -- and you know we let you know do you call the New York Giants the New Jersey giants that's for their stadium institution -- the New Jersey jets and I didn't think -- Casey did you. It's it's a but I will say this when looking at the 49ers in the priest and that is not it's not great. Don't don't expect -- to be completely fine from the regular season yes. That's on to say about that he -- area. Period app you have to be a little concerned don't yet know you don't have to be concerned man as the -- -- many companies series to Colin cabinet like. We do we're entering a spot that was out -- don't know either I listen to a little bit of the game. And again I think that he was like three for seven I mean come pilot. And it it were easier when you're getting blown out but I I love this 'cause I've already got I've already started to get some trash talk from some Seahawks fans 'cause they blew the charters out of it was on Friday night as the 41 -- fourteen. You already start to get the trash talk L and so I so would they got to have a map policies coming on 115. Each weed out that this is further proof that comic capita doesn't want to read quarterback he can't do he's even doing the -- Come on man it's it's and it's week to with a pre season are we really get a jump to these conclusions at the four I don't. Are not gonna score offensive touchdown in the entire -- about that I'm worried about as wide receiver -- is in the NFL Vernon Davis is a stud tight end Colin -- critics entering his third -- as a starting quarterback. They will be just fine Carlos -- has looked good there are some question marks on the offensive line there's no doubt about that but the 49ers will be find their little banged up on defense. Some holes to -- no doubt about it but everybody has holes to fill and everybody has question marks. There are teams that are studs in the pre season and don't do anything at a regular season. And there are teams that go all went for the pre season and find a way to make the playoffs and compete -- bubbles and happens every single year if you're buying in and of not scoring a touchdown and two games you're reading way too much into -- and. -- guy ally to have started thank -- for the they are given a boost. But a ballot counts opening up the new -- stadium is just beautiful and every single way yes every single person that was down their tweeted about it luggage the 49ers downplayed it like to actual players -- to understand is it like it's. We've got a field we play away we played in a lot of different environments are definitely mattered to us. As long as the feels there and whatnot but I was say they -- it is. It is a nice addition -- for them to statistic was. Was on its way out in in a dump as we all know but it went out what went off with about as good as it possibly could over the weekend for them. It did a DNA and his got his watch countless forty niner games and countless giants games in a candle stick -- a negative 49 are giants fan is gonna be missing that stadium there is at. There is -- an a stout Janeiro mean when you think about the history there in the giants play and -- You know -- -- after seals stadium was closed down and I think Paul McCartney was the final corner and how to close it out targeted -- down so there's always a little bit in the style to their -- whatever you get a new ingredient arena built and and blazer fans know this when you are from the coliseum. To the Rose Garden now the -- senator you you walk into a new building units will mean -- -- blown away at all the new technology that's available. The niners -- either in the middle of the tech haven down there in California today everything I've heard is that it's an absolutely beautiful stadium. It is going to be good I think it's hosting the Super Bowl the year after this year I believe it's gonna be the home of the pac twelve championship so. It's not just a 49. -- a potentially host a college football championship game down the road I mean it's writing it in a good weather area that people aren't too concerned. It is somewhat disappointing to have a stadium outside of San Francisco it's always weird to me when that happens I was kind of joking about the giants and jets but. If I grew up in that area as Mike and I'm sure that would be kind of weird you know your New York Giants Fannie and drive over to New Jersey for game. There's just so little laugh about it now and I'm sure you're gonna get Seahawks fans you know topping a -- an absolute decision airport united which is -- they should -- I would 2000 CI think I would be doing the same exact things I don't I don't blame -- -- -- -- -- a little. We I think -- what it is if Cisco giants didn't have their ballpark it I mean obviously did not want the best. In the majors. The what if they didn't have their ball park in San Francisco to drive you crazy when it would -- it would judge -- because -- come back patently don't like what's the -- like no offense to -- -- dinner any of the neighboring towns -- -- -- -- but if you brought an NFL team here against an -- -- your -- -- -- aggression -- Did you call in the Portland such inside right and Lanny it's like typically always media say hey you know where you from a from Portland all you -- girl up Beaverton oh. So -- Archie from beaver and that's hold on again. Cabinet to be let go try to might -- to be allowed to go absolutely smorgasbord I want. They have a say this a real quick and benefit of the 49ers an end to boost up -- -- our esteemed producer over here the Denver Broncos looked legit right. The Denver Broncos aren't aren't middle seasons aliases that. Yet to they had to face when they get blown out of it blown out of the building but the Broncos elegant well aware of the Broncos -- looking really good right now -- million last year to these skeletons from the cartel when Matt tell I actually mad Cowboys Stadium is -- -- -- big -- -- into -- -- we're looking forward -- yes slower and its exam as lieutenant enhances. Looking -- not very pretty honest wreck on the Fort Worth cowboys he's (%expletive) Smart is part of sports topics is coming up the eight people in college football is released the cavaliers get another addition for LeBron James. And the Detroit Tigers screw up Miguel Cabrera Bobble -- night that story for you in those stories for you next -- smorgasbord of sports topics notes break today. Does Danforth and dirt my point is well on Tinny to --

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