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Danforth Dirt and Sprague 8.12.14 Hour 3

Aug 12, 2014|

Steven Zeitchik joins the guys to talk about Robin Williams' career and the guys discuss the NFL Drug Policy.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And. Then towards -- -- straight -- served up by Buffalo Wild Wings who don't even at a time coded. Temple farming -- -- -- but you don't know you just. Suffering from bitter Brandon abatement Taylor -- -- but you're looking at me did you wrap my land. You wake me up did you bring me here and all of a sudden you walk out on me. Things all not right now yeah no question sandy dirt Johnson has two points. And the intelligent life of even good. We'll probably -- -- -- -- that I don't let but if you have. But it's only about maybe it's not going very well from the outside and a they've both given a change is gonna listen up anymore. Look at -- right homeowners and. And Brendan Sprague. OK you have. You know doing anything. Between hello there is your mind. Among imagining. You go crazy men they're actually commodities. -- -- apart and you can even if it's a huge gorilla sleep two minutes. -- -- At all then towards dirt -- spray -- ESPN's Sports Radio 1082212. Both trimmed. Minus -- in this match showed two -- time I was -- 1000 times. I'm Robin Williams -- I'm we're never gonna please sports talk sports guy. There's nothing going on in sports today but there America. Those stories we'll hit on later this hour baseball's really get right now. We'll also talk about Steve drug policy that the NFL's going through but the runaways is huge part of our life he's huge part of our childhood. Today it's a -- conversation to have idea I think it's a good one. And to help shed some light on this Stephen -- -- and arts and entertainment writer at the Los Angeles Times joins us now. Stephen thank you for joining us when you heard about this yesterday. That we all had our reactions what was yours. Well I mean for one -- -- shot I mean you know for whatever this guy's been going through in terms of depression substance everything else going to a prolonged so. The fact that it -- yet. What I think was pretty startling. The the funny or maybe distract him at all is that we religion belief you know we shouldn't indelicate each other and -- -- -- number of -- it in this regard optically evolving and -- over the last few weeks and months and we kind of -- true. And it took both the statement in the corner and from the public that and we can't that are. It is totally out of it with a reality. Startling all around and meet the result obviously we keep young and think you said you know we all grow up laughing with and that was our weaknesses that was something. And he seemed like a really genuine guy every every story that we read over the last twelve hours nobody's really had anything negative to say about -- BC had to battle his demons and we know you didn't know him personally but. Are there any stories you purchasing covering the industry about Robin Williams economist -- out and made you say wow what a good guy. Yeah absolutely getting every in a comic I've talked to not last you know 24 hours but it over the years to delete that. The most humble unassuming guy who is he knew what -- -- -- in -- you know we all now all. -- -- in the motor helping an impression at all that you can bet that real life persona but everyone thought doc he's never. And met with Indian friends and work with and at all at all -- probably wouldn't want to. But after I -- -- if anything -- a little bit shy and quiet. I think we get down and eat more. To go into it and repeated each edit. Very importantly what are made so you know obviously had you with a lot of stuff but also the really nice tumble down to earth on commission a personality -- a lot of celebrity you don't often hear that you don't often hear from as many people at edu. But would probably and question about. You know he touched a lot of people's lives said he Hume a tremendous impact the last three decades in what he did professionally. These kinds of stories and you guys have to deal with this a lot down there in LA but when you get somebody in the magnitude of a Robin Williams is it difficult to write the stories and you you did a story. Today's was it difficult to write those. You know we had unfortunately that a few -- -- the last. Year or so a year and a happening you know what -- -- -- some key partners obviously would. Polite but I didn't ripe old age but it's quite another when you've got no problem going into game in any of you op and immediately got. Really settle in and that are -- pretty much in the prime of their careers I mean you know a lot of the movies and -- we think about may have been from. Yours that it -- but they're still working is still very much vibrant so absolutely it's not easy is it not writing about. -- -- Legendary actor you're just about someone is still. Democrat and opera only done it yet you know a few months ago so it is very different and very difficult and they'll they'll. Stephens I -- is our guess is in arts and entertainment writer for the Los Angeles Times. That I at least seen at least on our show today a couple of different reactions one is just -- an outpouring of sympathy in the other one that we received. And I don't know what how you do what you do with this but is that what he he committed suicide and that's on him and it's a selfish act. Lied do you think comedy in depression it. Dole had a hand in hand with that side of entertainment. Or just with comedy and depression in general what is it about that. That that causes so many comedians to be depressed. Look it's no accident and he said analysts at that point is that I am sure that you model model pressure obviously -- a lot of people with student right and we a lot of comedians. You wouldn't I haven't heard that she is not thought. Let them -- sweeten. Pot on the subject and promote inordinate letting them -- Edmonton yet. But he. Look -- the funniest guys all they have to beat the holes and and that but they're so funny that they got a big government chartered at a you know who knows a lot -- Billy the only personally in the -- generally -- -- -- number on one are often Democrats want I think that really does. He shed some light on it it didn't appear. If you really had helped police and and you have -- -- to be funny -- IBM better get out of it and acting Sutherland rebel. Well when you talk about his comedy IDC everybody knows him and that's how he got his start it was in standup comedy we we all have although our -- our favorite comedy movies that he's done but he was one of those rare guys -- can really transcended in every different -- -- whether it was comedy whether it was a horror movie whether it was so that made you cry. He really had the ability to it to just transcended every different John -- could see the best just most versatile actor in terms of being able to do every -- and you've ever seen. -- really struck by that looked a lot of actors as it yet now we're. And a lot of and then and the -- president but don't you think of it as. You know really it's got an a hole in a chameleon like being in jewelry and character into -- -- just. Just played demonstrated that -- look -- -- -- -- it. The one thing which I know it and that's what what -- the quips and and you know weakening. That put aside any bottom line there's real kind of dramatic melancholy under -- a lot of what it in books some people that it was a little piece at a metal and critics and and that not only -- content and I get that but. The versatility used the word that you just -- it ain't. How many people can -- think that we can do that on meet that person on the east side. An internal -- around you are dead poet's society each and keeps it here I can't beat them enacted into this thing. It's impossible but we kind of in doing it throughout the shown got a -- attacks on this. What was your favorite performance of his and a movie. -- noted that there really single out. I think this morning com travel week at the outing that saw that the right moment in my like and I. -- holds up really well and it looked a little monologue. It was -- dramatic entity I think you know a lot of the rule it -- -- want the other. I think that that all the book polarity and can you look -- -- -- up or witnessed some of them a -- it's just. Lifting and a team that everyone around him. But it's very poignant as the Vietnam -- so. You -- think that really -- out you know also because he did at the release a career but. Anything good on the listening to. Adopt fire your -- not the movie don't get it. That enduring and there watching and put this morning -- -- just and that aren't so hard to put but he intermediate point -- out at the start evil really got him. And and you performed and -- took -- -- so that that would end up. I'm looking in his Zion DV page and has three movies right now -- imposed production so those are movies I'm assuming are done then he's finished. Is there any other projects he was kind of in the middle that he hasn't finished that. They're gonna have to figure something else out any what's going forward with his career. Well you know -- did he worked really hard you know -- it is it is -- -- any -- that the unity that the most prominent ability to probably be. I'm on the lifting is done. I didn't know I didn't even with that killer to please -- Roosevelt did them all at once but that's probably the most notable on. I don't know anything that he's still working on it must wrap everything -- election. In a couple of things in development there was and I equaled that -- -- -- -- -- what date the company didn't work there are a number of movies there's an animated movie it. Terry Jones Monty Python that YouTube and our appearance so it's going to be a credit -- over the next year they would at a meeting which comes I think where it. We are gonna have that kind of homage to him on the screen are you know -- in the six months or a year ago but you know we're still -- can get that letting people still need it. You know electors and prior to get that incident here. Stevens I techies and arts and entertainment writer for the Los Angeles Times he's on Twitter at site six LET we'll tweet out he is a Twitter handle. As well as this interview if you missed any of it shedding some light as a prospective. On Robin Williams and his suicide in his career Stephen thanks so much for the time every year worked and now we get to you soon -- different circumstances. -- Stevens -- -- there -- we'd love like as a -- this is something you'll know about us as we start to I mean -- -- you know -- if you -- the show we'd love movies like engines as they show medium we love movies and they all look different job president of the movies have yielded different -- are different favorites yes it would shed some different perspective on the show the one thing we -- -- -- wrap -- this. Brown aliens conversational give back his -- sack. But he -- know he had everything for I think that's the thing that the throughout the show today that he offered something to every single person. And it's hard to say. I've heard a lot people say look I don't like Robin Williams I don't like his war we having gotten one all day we got one thing on the spores but I'm 99%. Attention -- been a ton of home. There hasn't been one that says Robin Williams -- not and so the Major League Baseball right now is any good spot in terms of the playoff race. Will update you on some of those in what you should be watching for including for the Mariners. Here with about 56 weeks left in the season -- listened to dance Fortier is break served up by Buffalo Wild Wings on too needy the and. Durbin -- -- -- -- by buffalo wild way. On ESPN's Sports Radio 1080 so. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Valuables to do to keep the most part secure. That being twelve minutes from now baseball is any good spots from eight and Herrera a playoff chase. Rather you've got a lot of teams that are vying for that wild card spot in this is what the whole design in the wild card. Was supposed to do in the first place is supposed to make this season -- in August there's some races that you let Danielle and yet. Probably not gonna do much there but the Mariners are a team. And the royals are a team that have kind of gotten hot as of late and having emerged. As some of the contenders in the they also in the American League. You've got to the angels and the tigers at the last sort of start today but. The Mariners are gained back the blue jays are to use the Yankees are three Cleveland can mean a lot of it there at five Tampa Bay six. And a 1968. Divisions -- and -- within four games -- -- at the end -- the same way -- got the giants have came out of the wildcard at the Braves the reds. Miami's only four and a half thousand a lot of weird to think it's wireless -- meant to say not success and be leaders in both in both leagues the American and national you've got great wild -- races again that's what the whole design was. We got really good baseball being played right now. And with a couple weeks left to football I know we're watching pre season and overwrought and hard knocks were looking ahead as he should. But there is good baseball here we played over the next but by 67 weeks the -- -- in September so. -- it doesn't look baseball want the entire time and they're getting their -- that the we'll argue that look having too much parity is not good but ultimately if you're a fan of the team if you're mariner fan of -- braves fan giant salmon means -- and if you sit there and it's okay it's good to have this much parity because your team has a fighting chance to make a play asked. And baseball's little -- sports you know a lot like the NFL you make the playoffs there's a good chance you get hot the right time. You can ride it out to World Series we've seen that a lot of the last camp for the years for team. Nobody really sees coming they get hot a couple of pictures get hot -- mixing earlier here hold up the trophy at the end of the season so this is exactly what they want like you said input in the race as a rock raining. There's only two races ran off pushing my giants are involved -- one that are kind of fall they're separating and and that's Baltimore in the AL east. And the doctors are now five games up in the NL -- so other than that you look around the rest of divisions. There already tight race is it even for teams. Where there -- where you know you look at the AL west for example where the angels and -- there are both -- -- probably gonna make the -- to be very hard for another team to catch him. Are very hard from one of those teams has slipped out of even a wild card spot. But you just you look at the ramifications of not winning -- in the division and it's huge I mean if the angels with a division. Oakland all the send us to play a one game playoff and you make those trades -- you say -- you could lose one game -- your season's over so. The ramifications of not winning your division are much higher than they used to be I'm not a huge fan of the new system. But to be -- it -- a little extra intrigue because. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The royals the fact that they're in first place over Detroit and Denver Lander blew out -- it blew out his arm but he's getting an MRI on his arm today when he's won a lot of things -- -- Qaeda does not helping him out right now so so he needs to get his arm checked out if he goes down there's a huge concern in Detroit who saw their division lead slip away they've lost three in a -- Seattle's only a game behind them in terms of the wild -- -- Pittsburgh another team it's always fun to watch the pirates back in the playoffs the royals have been there -- 37 years -- there's a lot of great story lines around baseball there's no doubt it's a regional sport but it doesn't mean you can't pay attention to somebody's pennant -- And that's why it's fine look it is he regional one we know that we look at the TV ratings it's just cities that really watch their own teams. But overall baseball couldn't ask for a better pennant race right now when you're looking -- all the teams in contention I said four of the six divisions. All that -- those teams are within four games are less it is tight right down -- you got three teams in bold wild cards. -- are three and a half games or less in contingent -- -- wild card spot this is exactly what baseball wants on the biggest gripe. With all the sports except football. Is -- people always want different teams baseball's given -- T this year you might not be a fan of the game that's fine. But there's nothing to complain about with what the league has given you this year in terms of -- steroids out of it you got dominant pitchers playing phenomenal. You got teams that have made in the chase any long time in the Mariners royals as -- mentioned. And everybody's with any gamer to be gently lead the Braves the Braves haven't played good for two months. There within four games in their division or two and a half that allowed two and a half out of the while little four game winning streak -- -- -- thank you -- -- games above 500 maybe that speaks to kind of than the lack of bats but your team can be sub 500 for two months. And you're still not completely out of it leaves a lot of fans with hope. And it's a fun time to watch baseball right now I -- a Crawford the answer to this our producer but if you guys have power to you if you're Justin Verlander. I set -- guarantee you'll World Series ring but you have to break up with keyed up yes second. And it's I'm -- think about it in a heartbeat I did yeah that's not even -- thought there is already billions already -- through. You wouldn't you wouldn't hate al-Qaeda to know you just give -- one of the biggest names in sports seek legal fine and there's an ultimatum on Reynolds -- it's like Kate Upton and now there are zillions are -- up into the hands go find you another Qaeda are you kidding me there's a Qaeda is -- woman with a but is there -- won't enter. Is there a woman out there that you said it wants spring and hearing answers or woman out there. That you would say. I would date error and forgo winning you know a World Series absolutely not no -- war absolutely not no way no gimme a break how tiring. Guys there is not winning when you -- -- and as I mean -- they're not gonna say he could win a ring but he dated -- optimistic how many championships in excess of -- and -- over the last four or five years and that these -- -- -- that's great and it -- it's not a conversation may need that -- how many Indians not related to -- not gonna get that how many guys that don't mean a thing hack hack -- you ain't got that ranking and now they -- -- -- -- lettering on -- -- -- -- said. There c'mon now now Justin Verlander is if he was why he pulled Rory McIlroy. -- last I -- he was in the post season what happened in the World Series is the problem was celebrity people see some -- -- -- almighty god she's a diamond. No there's billions -- -- is -- just not -- yet he's focusing all this attention in the dugout throwing her balls at Yankee Stadium maybe should be focusing on avoiding a threat striking someone now blowing your arm out of the music 99 this year as CRA's over four c'mon now you get any validity to. Do -- now I'm not gonna make this exclusively about women but our relationship -- yes absolutely -- piece on brittney griner the other day. And let's not an on -- a good CIA and on average and she had to do. -- it was just amazing I can't remember girlfriend's name as you talk about her being a distraction. And how nobody stands up to brittney griner except for inaugural stands up to brittney griner -- there are no good the attention not to go to their rights I'm sorry let that road that lead that one's on me that led Denver and -- breaks. -- -- -- -- -- -- to thank my coach -- -- Baylor University. Thank you it's coming up next therefore eat electorate here -- Latest candidate -- the Dallas Cowboys tested positive for Molly -- brings to the forefront the underdogs do normally. Jerod -- you know drug policy. And towards dirt -- discourages served up by Buffalo Wild Wings on ESPN's Sports Radio 1080 welfare and. I refuse department cuteness. -- so it's a wonderfully -- I think -- because he refused to content so it. -- especially at the but it can connect to soak up what the dug up. She welcomed them like who is that you -- and have them at the -- Because a few programs looked up. From -- Yeah they know I'm nobody came. -- big fiasco. The FO drug policy is back in the news today in sports again we've told you -- the candidates -- very slow sports day. Tomorrow the Portland trailblazers released their schedule legend. Guess things here in the Portland area locally but -- society -- five cents but it's it's just kind of wait and see times. With the NFL there's any story lines dramatic locally here in college. Out of Oregon Oregon State -- we haven't heard much John stones in the biggest can't -- -- there's not a competition like there are some positions but the main positions that matter. Running back for or again. Quarterback all the major positions he got -- in -- -- when things you can't remember that in the year -- would you please -- still pagan grounds that are happening Cody -- the GOP primary drafted I don't think he -- offense eagle on arena -- year Canada -- -- so I was telling such as progress in the can't Canadian League now they really you know he's not doing the practice squad things so that. So we'll get some Mo gets more things that he just hasn't been there aren't a lot. Has come out of camp wolf courts indoor previews here -- got some bits that we're doing our starting on Thursday finished up the Oregon and Washington won last night. Addicts Morgan fans that you'll angry at me but to get its funny sold that on -- -- -- it is indeed every schools get made fun of you like to poke fun at people. The yet again back to yes we do liked them for the people and that's will do that on Thursday the drug policy in the NFL as come to the forefront again today because the at a post suspended Dallas Cowboys quarterback. Orlando Scandrick for the first four games of the season. He took Molly if you are seen. They think you getting -- team insides basically it's a he could look in -- in the -- always using it in Michael styrofoam cups. Ecstasy as well. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You got anything like that I didn't mean it does get a sad mean. -- model Austin a couple of young -- listeners -- attack infused with my position -- my -- in my -- -- is styrofoam cup final estimates after that -- -- -- -- that. It's my contact Crawford. He is the 21 player -- -- is to be suspended. This year for performance enhancing drugs he loses a million dollars -- here's the story. There have been issues and as always going to be points in this -- the situation in -- created for themselves is that the had a Ray Rice has been for two games. -- get a taste -- he's got to he's got four button that's going to continue to be the conversation moving forward and tell they make changes. To their drug policy and the question becomes is marijuana is Molly is Ecstasy. Are these drugs that help players relax -- -- -- a performance enhancing drug because under the current guidelines that's -- falls right now yeah and you have looked marijuana. The big one right now I can't defend -- know what he's gonna be able to defend Molly because it's well frankly it's illegal but you have marijuana right now. Although albeit legal and illegal in some states. It's starting to really come on you know you look at the two states they got football Colorado Washington. It's legal there California organ it's gonna be legal here in and and any in November when it's on legislation. He got a bunch other states it is going to be coming around to there's too much money to be made. So for that and drug for lack of their word. I would say that's the one more people look at and say. Ridiculous she's to stop spending it. How many people in the NFL -- do marijuana -- you long life in general smoke pot. It's the most overrated quote unquote drug there is out there so that's one thing when you look at the CB detox. People really need to evaluate what is that do when it is -- give you better performance it might numbed some pain and that was something we got earlier but the large smoking right before they go on the field so that pain still there and it's gonna come back once they start tackling or getting tackled. To me the biggest problem is they haven't. They haven't talked about the biggest issues within the NFL and that is domestic violence off the field stuff the collective bargaining stuff is simply just drugs any asset suspensions. And people need to start looking at marijuana ends and stop and stop saying all he did he did party needs to miss four games. There's new CBA they're gonna look at pot they're gonna see how legal it is throughout the country and others say all right we're taken this off. Too many people within their own states can smoke it why can't players do and it's not giving you an edge in terms of performance and playing with the without injuries. Orlando Scandrick albeit took Mali and not just pot he deserves to get suspended and it finds some money but the new CBA talks are gonna change and effect. Marijuana will not be included -- I firmly believe that because of how legal is going to be throughout our country yeah. It yourself right there there's a changing demographic there was marijuana especially in the right understanding outrage over this I really do like get it I'm right there with a lot of people will look at this and say guide taking. A drug that is not a performance enhancing drugs hitting it a four game suspension and ray writes on the got two games I understand completely where that outrage comes from. I just to me it's funny when people pick and choose the battles they wanna have in terms of contract talks because we did this two weeks ago with Marshawn Lynch we talked about. You should march on lynch be reporting to camp in a -- Lotta people would chimed in and say yes he signed the contract. That's a part of his deal he's being lazy he's he should decide the deal if he didn't want to deal this is what -- got this is what he asked for this is a deal that he wanted. But nobody's making that same argument here this is a part of the CB yea this is it like Roger Goodell is sitting there saying hey. You tested positive for Molly you're gonna get four games that you beat your wife you're gonna get two games no. A positive drug test is a four game suspension that's the way the NFL works -- doesn't matter if it's all -- heroin cocaine India -- it doesn't matter that it's a four game suspension. That's a part of the CPA and that's the only thing that I can't get over here now if you wanna make the argument that these are now performance enhancing drugs it's a stupid label. I agree completely Molly is not a performance enhancing drugs it's not a performance enhancing anything if anything it's hurting and we took it in Mexico he try to act like he didn't know what was going to be in his cup which is just a stupid. Elementary school argument I didn't know when I was taking a good -- is that the cream and clear here. You knew exactly what you were doing. So that to go -- these arguments though about four games shouldn't be should get more than it this is a part of the CB eight the players negotiated for this. This is what they signed on port they didn't like it and they shouldn't assigned to CPA. I agree it's ridiculous he gets two more games and Ray Rice but. When you have a policy in place there is no wiggle room here for Roger Goodell -- you can't give a guy less games and he gave Ray Rice because this is a part of the CBH and. Intel we renegotiate does not need to do about it yet ready NFL though I witness. I wouldn't it be willing to negotiate it's like I would be willing to come to the table with the players and say our players. Let's let's come to the table let's figure this out because. And in negotiating and -- I would negotiate lower sentences and lower punishing the NFL do you agree to that idea -- idea. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Where you draw the line is -- those right now aren't considered performance enhancing drugs like this is considered. And that's been the issue is -- where you get in a performance enhancing drugs like. And just pain -- right now is not considered performance enhancing drug. Where you get Molly. And that is so it -- just for me -- -- thought I would goal but they are in trouble from pain pills I mean Lindelof there's a lawsuit from former players right now in the addiction part of the NFL that's the big problem is it's pain pills. Yeah I know I AM by the way do you know what does -- is. I don't know and a -- elect disagrees six. Now now -- of life that's kind of -- -- easy cost Google some -- clearing its docket no that's not even rap music Trinidad James -- -- and now joining -- you know like -- -- and -- -- the main thing that was learned in this segment -- and again you know who Trinidad had GM where I actually you know who Trinidad -- he's clearly the -- one of the three I think -- for all of that is not true then it's debatable I would have. There is them all alone Jersey street's -- hood did get back in your anger over the hitters out there who are also an urban counting. The here's a Texas that's NC -- -- kind of bounced over the place agree 100% but what does the NFL game by allowing -- The use of recreation -- it's history again -- uses words a re calibration of some of your penalties that you can look back and say well that punishment in retrospect. Well we have agreed to we didn't anticipate. These series of events now that we do have these events and how everything has unfolded maybe it's time to revisit that punishment. And and how were viewing these moving -- because steroids to -- TH. Are any different level many recreational drugs they are. They -- -- and I agree with fantastic is that the same their view of the same right now -- it ultimately hears it the point that I wanna make is that to meet the NFL especially after the Ray Rice ruling beer and they lose lose situation because if they came out and say this wasn't a part of the CBA they were allowed to pick these suspensions. If they didn't hit him with a four game suspension for the use of Molly are you kidding me Molly like. Normal drugs -- once and we're talking -- -- do you like your -- to be -- was terrible there's not ready Molly -- solicited the show right -- say -- -- -- -- my name for an -- -- lesson is that violent -- -- -- that is very offensive it is but if the NFL does it come down hard on drug users in that goes back to the whole battle on the shields -- it's a lose lose situation for them -- sometimes are too hard to -- to -- there too -- to answer. Players Texas says he shouldn't have taken a Molly if he would've punched the Molly he would only get two games then -- now. That's unfortunate but it so this is true what was what was Greg -- suspension that we -- I haven't heard anything yet. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Are you admitting. -- -- -- -- guilty let's spread it wouldn't you know why I'm pretty hip with the UN regularly eat description of exactly my voice is really I know you're wrong people so that's just my life that we wrap of the senate next day importers bring elephant. And towards third and spread his served up by Buffalo Wild Wings on ESPN's Sports Radio 1080 welfare and. You know I don't know they get they get where -- -- I'm not. Sport like golf. -- is my idea flip book. Not football political football. Can hide these now. We now. This joining us we have a segment on the drug policies in the NFL. -- a lot of people are correct correcting our -- that he drinks you. Nine EDT here in the senate we need to do hardball only on the weekend. I've heard bad things and I'm only action. Bad things and yet and it's like Ecstasy and in an influence. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Couple injury no bull by the countless not all all your other -- -- say Jesus that drug -- the -- on the -- I didn't call -- a drug -- man and that's. And we're certainly every two words he just like the smoke pot and -- lives in the legal state of Washington. So he's in the clear here and is that an NFL you heard in Crawford's update -- -- eight and is out six to eight weeks for the Denver Broncos that'll make. -- impact -- couple other NFL notes that we didn't get to today. See Brady Quinn now -- -- new home yeah frequently in on his feet up about that you know I felt so so bad for 19 Dieter he's a big fan of the station yeah eyes he's a big dolphins fan and today I started laughing because. The dolphins signed Brady Quinn and yet his Cleveland Browns went on got themselves who rule quarterback in Rex Grossman looks to purple court -- back -- What are Rex Grossman started in this -- when he almost beat and Manning wildest thing about Rex Grossman led a team to the super amoled is -- the right word he'd steered Tina Nacional and ends. It is -- backup quarterback we talk about the some of the best back up gigs like -- -- on the MBA and then -- Backup quarterback Brady -- Rex Grossman could be worse separating when I retired two weeks ago and look back yeah he's it is stand over there with his hat on backwards is gonna hold the clipboard is gonna have a headset on -- a great -- are you kidding me in if you have to go in nobody expects anything out do you nobody ever expects the backup quarterback to go out -- games if you sat in it look it's my not my -- on the back and we did this awhile ago with Kellen Clemens in the career that he's been able to have been a backup quarterback. When he Donna Morgan was an old -- 0405 fishy somewhere around that and yet he didn't get a better -- to a great career is back at quarterback AJ Feeley. ME ST I decide on. They are real playoff contending team in home from the bench on the playoffs in double losing obviously -- -- -- game. AJ Feeley was the guy had the lead him for a majority of the way Kellen Clemens in those drafted in 2006. I. I think would be if you guys know this I'd be very impressed -- and where is Kellen Clemens now Saint Louis. Where is it normal for -- he did he know he just starting the startup time and he -- stuff I gotta read -- -- I know how do you like this and I remember he knicks' starting quarterback didn't play Tina starting he'd gone up my drug east Carolina now -- the five. We just got. We can try to burns organ. Darn right trying to burns or Kellen Clemens not a lot of aisles to be -- for now it's up burns please stand we spent a lot of. Time today talking about Robin Williams and his impact on our childhood and I committed suicide yesterday some of the police reports are coming out about how he did it. You want that information you can go find it. It's it's this -- it's a sad story and I think targeted people that say there's -- things that have come out about. His citizen of the details he tried to commitment -- work so we tried again and worked so he had some really -- to he had to free is it is sad now is look you're gonna get people we've got this today this say it's it's a selfish act. And that's not. For -- that's not our you know our medium here that's not our avenue and that's not pressed to -- we do -- -- he had a huge influence on the three of us then and proffered as well. In terms of our childhood and growing up in our teenage years watching in the early in mid ninety's -- teenagers watching. Robin Williams -- in and just didn't countless movies. And stand up and everything that he did is an incredible thing not only from athletes to music performers entertainers whatever kind of avenue you have how much those people impact your life and some of the decisions that you make I told the story I watched one hour photo 2002. I have not seen it's been twelve years and that's -- scary movie -- because I was so creeped out by that movie and I had such a weird feeling. For 12448. Hours and just this bizarre feeling yes I'm never watching a movie yet. And I have a huge shake my life and he sees the -- all three of us in ways that. The wall when you look back and go out I don't really don't really understand how much he impacted us early on you just grateful you look back and all the way. -- what every got to -- to -- he has phenomenal standard it's very Voeller. A lot of sex talk in their bodies hilarious nonetheless. Just his personality and he is talent. It's one of the greatest talents we've ever seen in the entertainment industry he just looked back you very reflective and last night I watched hook. And I was in the -- Robin Williams who will vortex seen old interviews he did on Leno and Letterman. Things that he talked about. Going overseas to the troops in Iraq and Afghanistan performing for ten to twelve days yeah I mean he just he really are just appreciative of what he was able to give you it's really sad to read about. Somebody going through that their own lives. And nobody in his like being able to stop him from that are helping him in the right ways and that's not their fought this as some people you can't save. But I just are really appreciative of what he offered the earth what the talents that he gave us and the movies that he made because there are some of the all time classics. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- When he was out Republican truly he clearly care Fred. Cool thing to use a ceiling website with Twitter is when you -- someone's name in -- just kind of wanna see supportive tweets you type it in your looking through that the timeline. One great that we in this kind of ties in with sports. He lived in the Bay Area in San Francisco are really nice area he loved that. He's in big giants -- he used to write all the sports writers for the chronicle times -- the chronicle and he's just always email these guys -- -- his personal email. And ask questions about the niners or raiders of the giants against the -- -- fan and that's kind of a cool part is -- a celebrity like that. Doesn't feel like a celebrity just feels like a sports fan that wants to know stuff. So I was a pretty cool thing. It is it is ethical thing and it's always fun like I know. We're watching -- yesterday -- and that people continue to watch the vehemence of marathons on TV and just the the resonate. Is something else. Speaking of our -- -- -- know what today did for our as the -- I would fantastic we we alerted people have been pending thunder showers -- everybody's safe out there. We got canceled for whether we did -- we got -- for leather number that that was a possibility that -- all over the place that we did enjoy it we hope you did as well. If you like to see Alexander property you've never seen him before we try to do our best to paint a picture of him. -- the media show we will follow you back we like to interact with our listeners on our show page which we -- -- interview -- Legitimate from the LA times earlier -- -- -- Robin Williams that's up as well as our podcast. Back tomorrow blazers released their schedule yeah fires out man Christmas Day game yes or no yes yes absolutely yeah policy known as Sam now so now I think this leaves at least at Christmas Day game. I say yes yes it's house leaders and Steve -- we get it don't follow that allows itself to borrow safeguards in place -- whether -- break. I use. To him Alex importers bring out. Hey guys it's -- -- sucked her right. Well -- later.

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