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Danforth Dirt and Sprague 8.12.14 Hour 1

Aug 12, 2014|

The guys remember Robin Williams' career, talk about the NFL Drug Policy, and discuss how good baseball is right now.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And. Then towards third and straight -- served up by buffalo wild wins -- who don't even at a time coded. Temple farming -- medium -- but you don't know you can't. Suffering from bitter Brandon abatement -- and -- but you're looking at me did you wrap my land. You wake me up did you bring me here and all of a sudden you walk out on me. Things all not right now yeah no question sandy dirt Johnson has two points. The intelligent life of even good. We'll probably will be debating there and don't let but if you have. But it's only about maybe it's not going very well from the outside and a able to -- and I think she's gonna listen up in the moment. Look at me right now wonderfully and Brendan Brendan -- See you are OK you are not doing anything. To -- hello this is your mind. Among imagining. You go crazy men they're actually commodities. The thing propaganda even if the soldier's father decided to -- Support you after all. Then towards dirt and spray gun ESPN Sports Radio 1080 it's not difficult. Both trimmed. I think like most of America the three of us have spent. The better part of almost 24 hours. Watching more Robin Williams moving east watching a Robin Williams cuts. And -- easiest it has been Acer over you old I don't know 1824 hours. Reminiscing. Especially for the three of us because that is -- -- is our childhood physically he's our life man I mean growing up with all. Incredible stuff that you did on television in and obviously the movie accolades mean it's an endless list. -- -- stubby I don't normally get wrapped up in so liberty guess I'm not one of those guys but you do have your occasional probably three to five. Actors comedians what have you that when something like that happens it really does kind of beta and it set -- it -- him back a little bit last night I got home. Play with a daughter heard the news saw everything. And it kind of just in Iowa I was stunned how we really well so until I was blocking. But just stuff in my room I was walking out dirt on the couch because. Hey did you hear Robin Williams done. We ZU Robin Williams he has yet to commit suicide. And is like in that moment it was weird form because unlike you straight I don't normally get that way but like I can add this like standstill moment where I go. One hole and I guy Campbell I can't. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The last time I've felt this way after a celebrity death was Michael Jackson -- seem much different circumstances but. That was one of those -- kind of hit me you kind of expected something was gonna happen but you spent the night listening to his music kind of reminiscing because. That was another guy that we grew up only grew up promising -- two guys like Michael Jackson so. If it really is assembled a great job game for -- make an -- -- a great job Travis sorry Texan thanks for almost make an ascribe make -- make a -- I know I seriously ailing legitimately I almost cried last night listening to my doubt because I was listening to that. And I paused hook which was on my TV and I was just like perhaps stocks again blood yet -- as entertainment this is like. I'll worry sport show obviously that we do data Elaine cultural stuff from time to time that this is one of those deaths that. The circumstances surrounding it are such that. It brings up a lot of questions I think Robin Williams because of his life. And let people know. Is -- send it -- it's decently well documented as some of the things that he is gone demons is -- -- in many -- did but it but it also begs to question I think and I -- get too far in this but the fact that he. The police are now saying is officially came out some details about how he hung himself and as Steve brings to light some the issues surrounding like if this was a natural death. Or in and oil age yet but yes we're still viewing him forever but it -- -- wrong a lot it absolutely changes it end and to me that was winter told me this yesterday. That was what really stood out to me in this in the sport everybody is talking about this today which does the street the power that was probably -- we're gonna do some things throughout the show today. Again because he was such a big part of our child -- -- we're also going to -- do you bring back a little bit of brackets college you that we did when you're in seven -- -- slot. And you just a best Robin Williams movie of all time it's almost impossible to get it down to one but we're gonna try to do that on the show today so if you've got yours. Where your particular favorite or particular moment 55305. I've got moments with all of his movies or they fundamentally changed. Certain things about my life growing up and look what we are. I -- from a different a younger generation in one of the things is that. Always remember watching one hour photo. To this day after what that is like 2002 where one hour photo came out. I have yet to watch a scary movie. Since I watched one hour photo it creeped me out that much -- I said I never want to feel like that incident after watching a movie and watch and Heather and her again. I gonna stick to comedies and so ever since I watched one hour photo on his performance and that -- this is the honest truth I've never watch a scary movie since that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But that kind of drop and that brought us to our conversation over the show -- -- -- -- for the mean you're talking I'll call he went south FX and gossip he might be. Are you -- the vast cross over actor a long time if not the best has allowed to have their opinions he's in that conversation of guys who do comedy and doing extremely well. And then when you go to Drummond Jim -- couldn't do this as well as Robin Williams. He goes to drama and he just blows your mind when -- -- -- -- -- war -- -- Good -- -- he's not -- good in -- he's spectacular. And that that was one of the saddest part about it. Younis all the -- means about your free -- glad that -- had a little food yet at the people saying that was but it kind of brought me to tears thinking about all the stuff that he's done. But him doing comedy which is his main you know what was his main skill but still showing you that his range was unlimited. It really makes you sit back for second and appreciate everything that he was able to making create and help us laughing piece scared in. And stand up and giving a standing ovation at a movie he really was one of the most talented. Performers in the movie industry ending -- All time we can make you feel any sort of emotion and and got her -- that and I agrees that no matter what type role whether it was comedy or drama whatever was. You would think it was his specialty and he is one of those rare guys in -- it's always sucks to kind of open the show on a somber note you know. It's kind of overdue but I -- to -- what this highlights and which should make people remember is that you never know what people are going through we know it especially. People that you don't know its way I saw somebody Toledo might timeline yesterday it's wry smile at strangers on the street is because you know what somebody's going through and and I had a friend of mine. But I grew up quickly high school baseball -- high school football committed suicide a couple months ago like you said -- -- that's it the toughest part is. And obviously Robin Williams is different because we didn't personally know him but. You immediately jump to that the question of was there anything anybody could've done right what was there any sort of negligence that there was and I know when when my frenetic grew up with when he committed suicide. I went back on his FaceBook timeline in your read some of this policy there's messages in their critique one's exactly and you sit there do you think yourself like them irony that self indulged that I could not have taken a minute to call -- taken -- to text him and and that is what makes is so hard has been somebody who would somebody gives up and they take their own life it -- to sad too because he said to improve our. It is like a Michael Jackson legacy that comment I mean the guy had issues for a long time he overdosed on drugs you know. We'll whether it's somebody that dies of old age it's still just as sad but this is somebody that was what 63 years old I mean he a lot of life left to live and it's always sad when it kind of goes that route in and somebody. Just ready to give and some would say there should have been signs that people so not maybe not this coming but something similar to this with him because we all knew about day he had relapse he was going to rehab a couple months going with the Minnesota. And then nine member a picture a surface where he was at a at a dairy queen or something and -- took a picture was an employee and she smiling and kind of smiles when he still looks very sad and this is somebody you can look at every in every ever did a late night circuit T he jokes that time. But he does do a lot of cryptic Stabenow talked about his promise he made from the Charlie Sheen with David Letterman -- But he also talked to a man those are serious things to overcome and dealing with addiction. And that's something that when you look at his suicide especially with somebody we all like -- enjoyed. You do say what could somebody have done differently ultimately they're a lot of people out there you DDT doing the right can't change their thoughts on what they're going to do. But you do you wish that maybe people would have been more alert. Or more outgoing and thought okay this guy clearly is going through a lot right now emotionally and psychologically what can I knew that. Going to be we got this tax and JW and I agree I think it -- there's not very many guys out there they can transcend like this rigidity said he was that rare star that somehow felt like he was a lifelong -- he's been a Williams fan since the 1970s and to me that kind of reminds me the Tony gland where. But when certain guys pass away you know the impact they had because not one negative word. And the last 24 hours or what however long it's been has been set about probably nobody's come -- so well yet you know there's there's obviously the demons that he had in his personal life but nobody has -- a bad story every story here is something positive and it's -- happy reminiscing -- a lot like Tony -- of people said he walked around with a smile everybody loved him everybody -- getting along with them. And those are -- though they're few and far between especially when you get into Canada and the athletic realm of the show business world. It's very rare to find guys that don't have that kind of backside -- on that. -- did you hear the story about so and so or somebody once told me that this guy was a real deep you know there's always guys out there like that in from everything that we've heard and read. Robin Williams did not have the -- a bad enemy out there. So Didier a political film class in college during his summer of course she's in once a week it was like four hours and one of the class of one of the movies you watch in this political phone class in Oregon was the Bertie eight. And that there is always forget about how I'm gonna send movies there has zero chance I'm going to like this movie because of the I'm gonna play on my phone -- how does not like this movie I know going in I'm not like his movie. As like oh wait Robbie Williams's -- right -- and I never really really liking the song lyrics and on and his you know his role in that movie is something that. You kind of start thinking about all of my dad was homosexual and least trying to play the -- and they -- if you put yourself -- and that's their and that's what he was so -- that is and he did this -- Patch Adams and I don't know how you watch Patch -- with a crime you -- if you if you Democrat -- -- and yet -- he puts so much emotional investment into his characters and that's one of the biggest things that you read about him is how much he's put in. And we have we have a movie critic on a little later to talk about kind of the impact this has -- Hollywood. And what it was like to cover somebody like him and I I really am curious because. -- -- -- -- -- One of the nicest guys in Hollywood off the camera one of the most talented in front -- a lot of Robin Williams tailoring -- brackets how he text your favorite Robin Williams movie to 5530. Final had taken -- formal vote. All seen them and will move forward here later on in the show doesn't sports talk about today's vehicle drug policy. Is in the headlines again today what -- innocent baseball got a baseball fans ask is why did you guys talk more baseball we will do so today. As the Mariners have inched closer to the wild card can't see royals overtake. The Detroit Tigers and take a look at the NFL running backs this year the sound -- says he's after 2000 yards and the sale of the clippers. Is final solved that come today on the show us are the NFL drug policy next you listen -- -- for turns break served up I'd be -- on 1080 defense. Dan towards third and -- is served up by Buffalo Wild Wings on ESPN's Sports Radio 1080 welfare and what about me what to do bridges and elect an object. No. You do an eclectic celebration of event. And if you do -- -- -- you do Martha -- Martha Graham Martha Graham or Twyla Twyla. Plant are Michael can't Michael Kidd Michael Kidd Michael OK I'm not gonna let down not. But to -- go inside. Thank you your favorite Robin Williams. Movies coming in the beavers to an -- sign up 55305. We use does is an informal vote to use for CD. -- direct -- in the later on in the show TW the great question crowd only gives it ability to cross over. For the media equivalent and athletics Prince Fielder becoming an awesome hi Jennifer yeah yeah yeah. I just yet yeah that's actually not bad right -- -- -- Owens playing basketball and football Deion Sanders. -- combat the Michael Jackson of acting could work. The NFL drug policy whatsoever based on your -- in the final out on the net -- -- after I'd suggest that's not really worry or don't we're talking about somebody that shouldn't be able Lou do you balls all that. Now DL like Bo Jackson -- play football on base lawyers actually you know so it wasn't but I'm not get dominating their one's followers now. Now -- their high jumping now it's funny it shouldn't have been able to do -- and I get -- I don't want are calling -- that's yes it's very narrow and now I am and that -- right now they they do thank you for a way of being an early day ever gets exactly right spray that's always my motto at the the NFL has suspended Dallas Cowboys cornerback Orlando Scandrick for the first four games of the season because he tested positive for Molly basically act. Is it it happens big in Iraq communities obviously those kids. Police sources told this to you at Warner became the 21 player of the hotter and for suspended for what they're calling performance enhancing drugs. Here's the issue does not performance enhancing drug it is a drug. But he's gonna be out for fourteen for taking -- what amounts to a recreational. Drug and so this once again brings to light the -- lot NFL policy he's going to get more games. And whether you like this or not president and the fact of the matter. You'll get more games and then Ray Rice and he tested positive from Mali which by the way I -- I want to clarify things out there Somalia is not the exact scene is Ecstasy and somebody tell me this thing -- -- Daytona waged pretty good drugs clueless. Yeah. I had his girl when we get a credible Fred told me so it goes to EDM -- it was like it's it's it's it's music and Ali yeah. And they -- Molly it's not actually I'm as Ecstasy and -- does this kind of make you feel better engage a little more -- joke. OK I wanna put that out there the differences we got the clarification I. I understand why there's controversy surrounding this as answer was pretty funny that always -- leads into the debate where he says you know my girlfriend put it in my drink I didn't know what it was and I didn't think it was a banned substance and come out and -- better than that I'm sure you've probably done it before you don't -- -- waiting your little. Yeah -- yeah exactly like somebody just slipped a Mickey didn't see it coming -- not -- -- apple and anybody but look ultimately I don't really understand the outrage comes in terms -- I'm not sure people are upset that he got suspended four games because if -- the NFL these the kind of things that you need to protect another reason it's an issue is because Ray Rice is only suspended two games. He's getting a four game suspension which is understandable -- Ultimately. It's a flawed system because of the CPA but that's the way it was negotiate that's the way the players that is what these players agreed to. And this is Roger Goodell came out tried to say enough -- condone the two game suspension for Ray Rice. But when he came out he talked about is that what this was collectively negotiate this was negotiate the players agreed to this. Where you test positive for drug it's a four game suspension that's the way the system works there's no getting around -- the CB is up once again so ultimately. Is it unfair that a guy can -- his wife to get two games and a guy can take Ecstasy. And get four games yet a -- dirt ball excuse me my apologies of course it's unfair and I get that but. Would this is a part of the CBA there's really nothing that you could do. Out yet the news CB eight Sox are going to be pretty entertaining for me of follow because when you look it marijuana. He'll get something like Molly come on something that's very rampant a lot of people use it marijuana is legal and -- -- two states right now it's gonna be legal a bunch other states. But a time to negotiate this again it's gonna change in the new CBA is gonna change -- drug testing. And policies why -- you renegotiate his this is what I this that I saw a lot of today. Why don't you renegotiate this now. Just put it in intakes and -- yes yes lightly -- the NFL estimates is not that easy and it was is that studies in a Protestant violence because that's the big with Ray -- right people wanna compare this to the Ray Rice incident. That's something that people need to hammer out the take months and months and months to figure out OK what is the protocol for for doing this in doing that off the field in terms of domestic violence. Or other criminal activities. Opposed to the drug when I'm kinda with the it seems like it's pretty no brainer. Take weed out of it you shouldn't be it shouldn't be a big deal that people test positive for marijuana because of the legality issues and it has going for our country. The -- was somebody Texas and has said when you agree that any drug that acts as a painkiller like pot would help a player by allowing him to play through injuries. Therefore making any performers they're doing. Studies on that rather there was a great -- is it that real sports -- they did they they interviewed a couple of NFL players that that's what they use -- -- normally I don't know -- he look -- it -- -- what it is is because right -- the lawsuit going on with the overdosing barrels using -- pain medications that people will use marijuana as -- alternative substance. Yet what here's here's Raikkonen now on this that you you'll have to take something to help you with team. You should imitate whatever -- personally -- as a player without consequence to deal with -- -- what's the difference -- it's. Ask bill or perk cassette or bite you in whatever you take how is that any different than any other like. That some players someone drew a line that says this is okay and this is not a corporate backing behind some of them I mean Korean won a lot of money yet admin people a lot of money out the selling pills and pain pills and yes there is a corporate interest there but at some point somebody took the -- and drew the line -- said on the last night here's what's okay. On the right side here's what's not okay and that is just a fundamentally flawed way like opening scene of Pineapple Express yes he smokes pot they're testing out drugs he starts act. Acting funny and the like all this stuff is brand you're never gonna do it. Meanwhile you got alcohol on the shelves that. Physically hurt -- a lot more than marijuana does and we see what it does with people and cars yeah I think it's -- proven to be an issue rate like this continues to pop up. Exactly the only reason why disagree in this case is because -- really -- act like Molly was used to ease his pain and me and now he was part because it was exactly was in Mexico and he's dating reality he's dating reality star here in the form of Ecstasy that was apparently slipped in his drink like -- I ultimately agreed that they obviously need to renegotiate this issue because you cannot continue to have marijuana suspensions going four games. Especially as you mentioned spring where -- had two football states where it's legal it's legal Washington's -- -- California California lottery tickets on the way in Washington DC's and the points there's a lot of different areas around this country that they could look a bit in the marijuana laws in this country could look very different and two to three years so ultimately for the NFL be Smart to back off but there are still certain issues like no NFL -- should not be allowed to -- Molly Molly is not a legal drug and should not be able to -- no indication -- Probably never will be now when I look at the marijuana thing the guy brings have been -- point we have some relieving of pain but it was is when does it relieve your pain. When you smoke -- you feel a lot better but when you're not high your pain comes right back it's not like it -- it. And how many players honestly going out there's still an out of their minds I would I would venture to say not a high percentage isn't as extensive look. In my early forties is Smart is is started. Taking medicinal marijuana -- back. A little not a lot but enough to help train for the Portland marathon and -- the I just end I am of the keys I think a lot of people are that it should be okay in the NFL but that's. As you said dirt is not necessarily the issue right now. The issue is you've got a policy that the players agreed to you live with -- Orlando Scandrick where he's it's gonna cost him a million dollars. And he's going to lose 25% of the season that's the Sydney now that he's he's just. Troy in Dallas -- GSA is -- -- -- ultimately -- the funny thing for me is because a -- -- fans are coming from your ideally it's outrageous that a drug suspension is more than beating your wife I agree completely with and I don't understand where the same people are because we had a segment when there was classic the week before I can't member. When we talked about Marshawn Lynch who Marshawn Lynch was holding out of camp. And everybody said what crybaby what -- what you signed that contract you own up to that contract you got two years you get your grass in the camp right now that was the argument that a lot of fans were making. But now that there's drug suspensions that are forty it's it's the same thing players -- they signed on this new CBA the players union agreed to these terms -- suspensions and where's the outrage now all of a sudden it's how dare you suspend somebody for games. This is the way the NFL works they sign onto debated what to do they should decide in the first. Well another thing to kind of piggybacking off what you just said we do need to reach a point -- as fans and within the media. -- we do this a lot where we destroy one person for something. Another guy will do something that because his name isn't as big for sure we won't talk by Greg Hardy with the Panthers are -- -- -- month break points he was and it is he was found guilty of domestic violence he'd destroy did the same -- Ray Rice did nobody mentions things there's no outrage about him because he's great -- A great defense a player by the way and not the level Ray Rice was a lot of fantasy value and he's more transcendent in that sense. We don't mention anything about regarding -- Ray Rice -- how dare you -- There yet yanked another sticking point in this is that before deems is technically performance enhancing drug. The debate -- come yeah that's all the other issue is this a performance and -- as marijuana performance enhancing drug is that overall performance enhancing drugs -- there's a different argument to be made for argument is that what would you say performance enhancing. Was -- first and it comes to mind. Steroids HGH and either don't usually make those connotation with other drugs you -- most coaching -- prefer you take speed. Yeah Antonia problem and a and it get it you get faster yeah passer on the Fiat. I picked up we put down mentally unsound and really funny kind of manage him. Satellite -- territorial Owens playing basketball and football and that there for a second speed. Then towards third and -- is served up by Buffalo Wild Wings on ESPN's Sports Radio 1080 welfare and. She -- we could hear when he first came together -- it comes to complete. He. Lenient by about eight thinking about well. How about that mr. -- and stuff -- -- Weekly in the woods due to go to college -- yeah. Had to wait and see the world in terms of an old. This is what I'm after here these Robin Williams like Nolan Ryan and becoming a movie Cristiano Rinaldo and -- See now I I disagree with that we would -- to say that it's something that's never gonna happen and it's very unrealistic because I think he's fantastic yeah I think -- act adding he's great in every category is ever -- and they're -- somebody they can do standup comedy. Dramatic roles and can be -- John C. Reilly. John zero you can stand up comedy on that is a different beast man and it isn't -- look at all the time. And that's an -- like I can say it's all entertainment but it's all like wade if Jim Carrey's terrible and crossing over Steve Martin might mean is second best if not the best. Because he started as a standup comedian. Obvious he comedy movies and he crossed over a lot. But -- Williams it's really hard to find somebody that did all three of those and did better than he delegates early this stand up comedy that's that's it's a huge -- game -- -- your career start but -- -- that but there are actors out -- they can do all categories Tom -- is one can -- all big Macs and an idea -- Series yeah yeah. Yet for your actors that you act he's got to within that same skill. We talk a lot about the demise of baseball on the golf and every other demise and sports -- more than a football staying around but it is a fantastic time to be a baseball thing and it really is the there is. There's just there's some fascinating races going on. Including apple in Seattle with the Mariners and I want to -- last week -- the Braves -- with Felix and Sprague was invited. And got him a press pass and he said no I don't wanna go whole army T seen him I had to carry this -- -- and it's shown out on the scanning. I was so frustrated. Being at the Mariners team. Which Mayer's fans and the city of Seattle. There was 24000. People maybe and I would say half of those conservatively were braves fans. And that -- they've got a fun and exciting young team rob wanted to know was a blast to watch Felix is incredible. And that it was the Braves were in town I -- they sold out yesterday marriages and why the Mariners fans aren't very good but. Is that there's an exciting baseball going on right now with the royals and everybody else as it was Dora are appreciating. I think what we have right now in baseball -- the stretcher another -- -- -- and the one thing that I never understood from a baseball fan perspective because the argument you -- -- it's a regional -- sport which I completely agree with I mean usually if -- baseball and you follow the team in your area and that's about it but. That doesn't mean you can't enjoy the rest of the sport to and that's why it's it's always odd to me that people don't wanna focus on these -- is because there are great pennant races and we don't have a problem. Focusing on races in other sports -- at CN FL the NBA we do that all the time and other sports but -- well when you're talking about Seattle. It's really curious case where I write you feel sympathy for the fans because of what they've been through over the last ten to twelve years I mean it really has been pretty dark and ugly. You bring in break now big name free agency never panned out you your prospects don't didn't really prosper in any thanks so. I understand where there's a frustration standpoint but I also look at this season as an example where. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I understand your frustrated to 162 game season you go to Europe for five game losing streak in June speaking of scoring runs or we can -- you're gonna be okay your game out of the wild -- you got Felix Hernandez who -- what sixteen straight starts of seven solid innings two runs and he's unbelievable so you know you -- -- win penciled in basically every time he goes out -- -- -- -- -- -- -- runs. You're 703 your last ten games into highlight why that is a problem though -- having the fan support. You look at their home and road splits this year Seattle's 3123. On the road this year their 32 and 32 at home. You're you're not going to be able to make a serious playoff run if you don't have a home field advantage in baseball does not going to be able to and if -- 500 team at all. I have to look at the fan support in not showing up for the vast majority of the season as maybe one of the reasons why are not successful at -- Yeah look. They're winning now there what eight games above 500 there are probably -- -- -- the giants -- -- in the wild card this is a time to start investing and getting behind -- does is it their best record this late in a long -- -- -- five or six years maybe longer than that oh yeah but you look at it too isn't there there's got to be an aspect where you look at the fan base. And then you evaluate the organization and you say would have you shown me. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And look this is the time in my opinion when you look at that teaming you say all right I'm investing I'm gonna try to go to some more games I'm -- rally behind where my -- have more off in. But I don't blame fans whatsoever if they still look at this club in this organization even though they have some great talents. And say why don't need to go to the ballpark how many continue to watch on TV because their ratings are among some of the top in baseball every -- TV I would say I'm gonna watch on TV I tell I know there is finally a time where you're in a wildcard a year couple games back even in the AL west. And I feel confident about who you more -- team right now it's robins again no and it's Felix Hernandez and -- that everything else is a while car with this team yes sometimes there's there's. Element -- putting yourself out there is a fan and being subjected to the hurt. In the highs like adding there's an element and that's an emotional rollercoaster being enough and right in it all depends on how much of -- and you are like we are all three relieving blazer fans like no matter what were probably -- -- and no matter what for the most part we would stick with. The Portland trailblazers. And so yeah a lot of it depends on your level of -- -- you have a lot of casual fans of their baby Taylor has been their money and the Seahawks are going to watch the Huskies -- and to me that's a whole -- story -- -- and sex and the Seahawks still Seattle tonight 100% agree CIA I would say I agree within a 100% but -- seen in it because they had three professional teams in that market at one point and all were actually pretty decent. And they still a good attends -- -- the Seahawks did sock and the mayor's neighborhood in the Sonics had did Goodyear's they still sold out pretty relatively well at seahawk. Did was he the only person handle it a lot's changed economic investment is for -- has never stressed that the only thing that I say -- because I see where you're coming from spring instantly Texas tonight whenever he went sexes and I grades like blazer fans last year everyone started you know going crazy when they started sucking after the Oscar -- remember the first couple of game -- center etiquette you know we can't beat Orlando -- the -- here we go app. Happened we sacked and he says history plays a big -- I agree with that completely I do history plays a big -- the -- you wind and it's Indians turned the blazes under two years -- -- -- last year and I'm hearing a last year attendance was down but that was a ticket pricing issue to me that was not I think -- but you before we went to a game the Toronto Raptors in the -- if it was a it was a Wednesday -- Thursday night game means -- season. That plays we know we're near -- here's the only thing that I just then because I see what you're saying there is say there is a a fact of parity in baseball that exists we could be -- -- are blazer fans as we weren't at no point in the last two years to the blazers had any sort any semblance of a realistic possibility of making a run -- the -- -- did. Last year to get out the first round was a miracle it was awesome but it Damian Miller doesn't get that shot you probably lose game seven in Houston. This happens all the time in baseball where a team bogey get hot what 23 weeks let you find yourself what in the World Series look at the giants have been the Red Sox and cardinals. This happens all the time in baseball so I understand why they're down in it you say he gotta wait to stick into the show yet to a certain point. Your game out I mean we're halfway through August almost at what point. Circling and yet to get into September is it two weeks left in the season is I mean at what point do you -- they might now. -- did not report it might be at that point and -- that's unfortunate I agree with you there. I just you have to look at this forming another fan perspective in the jail blazer -- error has lasted ten years. Are we still pretty jaded towards the blazers do we still have our moments when we say well. Until you finally get to that moment which they did last year about not desperate I would be desperate for anything and he's excellent settles winning -- how much does that change if you have multiple sports in your probably a lot they answered it sounds and -- -- -- as you know look at I I don't like talk about the giants a lot on the show that the giants -- to a similar -- Barry Bonds was finishing his career he was retiring it was a really dark time that organization I remember just simply having Tim Lincecum get called up and start. On a -- baseball game against the Philadelphia Phillies are never forget it those are those kind of moments as the same resale -- This is a new generation and I've never understood that about mariner fans -- you got a lot of talent on that team. You know you might not be what in the World Series but your computer playing competitive baseball the beautiful ballpark it's a beautiful it is you -- you don't support team little bit. The Mariners a 12 in a row they beat the blue jays yesterday who they're in the wild card chase with a B eleven to one. As a -- 63 in fifty finally tonight I got to go up there last Tuesday. And I got to gonna clubhouse and go on the field in all the behind the scenes tour so nothing you listeners never do and if -- I was just I was amazed. At how nice that ballpark I just blown away. And then -- watching Felix pitch was awesome damage it haven't got a chance to see him -- yet it was incredible. Aggies could not believe that on a beautiful night in Seattle how -- braves fans for their two of ten to fifteen to front ten to 121000 race fans when the Braves made a play that plays is just as plaza on the Mariners did. I would say there's probably their only thirteen or 141000 mariner fans yet and a team that a team -- Felix is pitching like. It's it's the difference there -- you've got a bonafide superstar a top. Read picture and all of these top three yet has yet hit her shots I'll do one interview via -- bunker -- probably -- into right now and just did not. Participate in his greatness as -- that I'll never understand it's hard because weren't eight point Seattle's a different city a much different -- in Portland from a sports perspective. They're talking like when I drove up there. On Sports Radio they were talking nothing but Seahawks as -- -- there's just no chance and then the Mariners get overshadowed but. Just the performance the Mariners are putting on right now it's it's it's fun. And now they're attendance was pretty freaking good last night I know there are a lot of blue jays fans in attendance but I mean you know we're 40000. People which is good that's in 2001 tie a 116 win season attendance number that something that's positive for that team. And moving and Felix talked about Benetton and -- in the post game press conferences. That's something going forward that's going to be seeing him honored to because they continue to be in this stretch or even overtaken and become wild card team as they were for awhile this season. How does the attendance numbers play out right now a lot of people wanna watch on TV but the numbers have -- up a little bit. What are the chances we get a 2000 yard rusher in the NFL this year to talk about that next you're listening to their -- there -- break served up an outlaw -- -- on -- eighty the fan. Then towards third and -- is served up by Buffalo Wild Wings on ESPN's Sports Radio 1080 welfare and. Egyptian security. When we got today fuels and I think about my hands well. He -- to print it if the comedians. That very few men and because. -- given that this -- an -- go to Europe and get a job. Next time down it's. Yeah and in his battery is dead as the running back position rising -- for is. Are relevant is that position has become there are you guys that are clearly head and shoulders above others and that is. Adrian Peterson of the nineties there was some employees -- Eagles and both are targeting this year. 2000 yards rushing with some -- coming out these videos of him doing is catching balls flying bullets. Toss away I'm not mind some of these cops and us 45 pound weight like it's a free when he asks for my sit up I'm not buying that he had no chance right. But there is the this is the kind of conversation has been heating up around the NFL -- there's there's not really that much outside and Denzel. There's not that much locally in college and there's not that much going on. Out of camps in terms of news this really is. And in so this is kind of the one that's emerged is the ability to -- deep. Whether or not we -- a 2000 yard rusher this year in the NFL those two guys -- the most likely. To make it happen especially the Shawn McCoy play I mean you got a couple other names to that people forget about Matt Forte and Jamaal Charles were second and third in leading rushing last year now McQuay was far and away one -- 16100. The 2000 yard barriers insisting we had obviously -- Peterson do when he won the MBP a couple of years over Peyton. We're just we're not at that point anymore in the NFL and and at some point I would imagine the -- gonna progress more towards running again. And it's funny that meant a majority of the league is it run heavy. You look at the two most successful teams the last couple years the niners in the CRM running is the of the main ingredient to what they've dine at feet and ravens with a power running in the -- -- see exactly they've had so much success -- -- you have so many teams that are spreading things out now and you don't have dominant running backs have a handful of a matter your every down back. There's a majority of teams now we're going to and three backs that's. -- watching the NFL progress throughout the years especially now with running backs were running backs were. So sought after they were the top draft picks a year any year out. Hall of famers and now we reached the point where it's one of the most. Even relevant positions unless you have some next level talent like this on the Kuwait who by the way is a heck of a pass -- -- -- more exactly he gives you more than just rushing. I'm fascinated by it but we're not at a point where you look at anybody in the league right now and say yes 2000 yards rushing there's too many dominate defenses. The -- -- stern call holding and and chop blocking a lot more offensive lineman. I just don't see you're gonna and I just don't -- you're gonna see it at this point more -- with where we're at offensively Unionists. No and and I think you know what do you when you look at the 1000 yard rusher last year there's a lot of names and these guys are big names because they're running backs in the NFL's everybody knows somebody if you go back to them coming out of college gym whether it was just knocking that much coverage or whether they weren't a very high draft pick there's a lot of names and -- I mean you look at it. An Eddie -- -- wasn't a huge guy people and expected to be an automatic 1000 yard rusher Ryan Mathews is Alfred -- there's a lot of names of -- -- gore wasn't exec -- -- exactly that there's a lot of guys that come out of college that they kind of catch -- -- a little -- and all of a sudden they -- that 1000 yard rusher because there's a lot of offenses -- -- this was always the candidate that mythology around Denver. It was it was their scheme didn't matter who the running back for the Broncos was you plug anybody in there. In order to get your 15100 yards because -- blocking in the zone schemes you're gonna get to 15100 yards you don't need. A dynamite running back and that's -- them when they made the trade. For for Champ Bailey they traded away at it was a clip reportedly injuring -- torture Champ -- their makeup of the tenets of what about -- thousand yards -- -- so that there's a lot of systems out there that there that are gonna help running backs out to shop locally is one of those rare examples of a guy who's not only in a perfect system. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- To be those of the Big Three it's kind of like when you look at quarterbacks when you have those big four that I always talk about there's a Big Three running backs I take Adrian Peterson. Because I think he's he's a once in a generational running back I mean his size his strength he proves it coming back from the ACL injury rushing for 2000 yards the first got to do that a couple of years so. Adrian Peterson to me is a beast but the best fit for our running back is is no -- Sharma pointed to -- basic -- over 2000 yards. The shop locally is the easy -- to do it because of the offense that he plays. Yet this chemical is a good date for the 2000 yard mark in this to me is a good point that text -- brings up. On the beavers -- attacks on the iPad threes -- fives and I think -- only -- a 2000 yard rusher from a losing team. Seen in Minnesota Vikings because he got a winning team. We'll tell -- playoffs the year he rushed for 2000 yards they did but they were one and done -- and Lazard had -- at quarterback and lost the Packers but more than likely you've got a winning recipe you know winning team that means you've got a good quarterback -- you're not -- -- run game -- -- years not making the NFL now even. People want to back on some -- managing quarterbacks with Alex Smith the earth. Or with Russell Wilson like you can if you wanna put them in the game managing -- where you can't but the fact still list. Those guys made plays and they could throw the ball and you could have a balanced on your team. Where your general get those high Russian businesses or to point out is accurate. Is when you don't have a good quarterback like that's what you have to rely on need you Peterson -- Or your scheme in your system sets up for it. Similar to what you've got what -- some point in Philadelphia but do I see him. Getting much more all purpose yards maybe -- that -- verses the actual rushing title is he'll get a lot of all purpose yards. He should tell you use him a lot more in the passing game this year at night he -- him a lot last year but. That will take away from some of it is good stick a traditional. Rushing yard care. It's interesting to me because there is he formula for winning in the NFL and a lot of people wanna say -- Chip Kelly like offenses. New England's doing this now -- Bill Belichick obviously has a reference using chip Kelly's philosophy when he was in college. Is spreading it out spreading the field and throwing a bunch of times in and having a running back you can run between the tackles. But I mean look at the -- six of the top eight attempts in carries last year for running backs were playoff teams. There's still a formula that if you wanna go far in the playoffs you have to have a -- and we're not saying that. There are teams that are -- completely abandon the run and they're gonna win a Super Bowl without it. But that that. If you're setting up your yourself to be Super Bowl like contender and you have to -- dominant run game because you -- that set you up even more offensively with play action for sure does this this this that gave zone read option whatever you want Ryan. Having a dominant run game puts you in a better position as Campbell six of the top them aside running backs -- the most carries were play on playoff to. -- you have to be multi facet if you want to be able to win a Super Bowl and in an in we can sit here and talk about Russell Wilson is a game manager but his ability to throw the ball also opens up things from our -- legend -- -- you know. That's a -- local example this and I don't wanna change levels on everybody but that's what made a lot of organ quarterbacks what they were -- Jeremiah solely Darren Thomas benefited from having a running attack and went for 270 yards a game when you have an attack like that. A lot easier to throw the football but to me you know it's engaging conversation -- we talk about just the changing dynamics in the NFL. Because last year this is -- -- I just pulled the stats because I was curious. There was only one running back in the NFL that averaged a hundred yards a game only want only one guy didn't it was LeSean McCoy a hundred point four yards per game so. You'll look at what you don't wanna save -- dying breed stuff but a lot of that when you talk about contract situations whether it's Marshawn Lynch whether it's Frank -- in San Francisco Johnson Chris Johnson exactly area Foster is is -- kind of grilled throughout the offseason so far so. There's a lot of guys out there that you look at and you say do we really EG a -- argue really worth the amount of money that we're going to pay you because. The money's gonna continue to go down which is unfair because these guys take as much if not more of a beating. Than any other position in the NFL but ultimately if you're able to finding data can do it for cheap use them up for three years and get rid of -- Why would you not do that and I'll never forget when Nick Saban was in Miami he had Ricky Williams he ran -- Williams like thirty sometimes a game people we use him for three years or god see you later we don't EG anymore it's a sad but but but ever evolving truth in the NFL. I yes quick answer yes or no will we see 2000 yard rusher under no. Now I'd -- narrative I got some breaking news too by the way that's his real ranking and according to the ES -- powerful ball index OK Elaine has the toughest schedule in the nation. -- -- Breaking news they like them apples Danforth. -- get past three separate -- breaking -- you -- -- last week he brick -- is that we did break some news last week but it -- -- nightly -- broke I broke the -- Jersey colors just adding that was better breaking news and toughest schedule we will talk about that in the second hour is the or Texas he comes out really you don't have. -- gosh man what you had talked about how your mom. I don't know I don't know let's talk about any outstanding woman -- take them and it keeps her mouth after years that are smorgasbord of sports topics we've got some final words here in -- final decision rather -- be -- to say about it Nationalists -- -- -- -- served -- Mighty Ducks. Figure right now at -- fan tests on an eighty that they.

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