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Danforth Dirt and Sprague 8.11.14 Hour 3

Aug 11, 2014|

The guys talk about the Tyler Johnstone news, golf, and the best Peyton Manning commercials.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Don't basket. To Allentown and you. Then tour. You're demonstrated his served up by buffalo wild Bruins -- what should be illegal and you cute little basically says that basically says like you know what. We don't think you're Smart enough for an office we don't want you look at anybody with Taylor and forward he's gonna -- now. Get an -- hunched over. I think the way. Frontline kind of popping -- like get over like -- we want to get the feeling in the eastern Johnson meanwhile the. The cubicle I was on the pathetic attempt to try to make cubicle like a home you don't mean it's always like -- stuff animal and there are like the picture mom but it's disappointing night -- Why it would simply this is your lawn alive and Brendan spreading those people need to be rescued can't walk like cubicle the parts of -- Q. Smoltz back out and she. Some sort of human contact. Conference things like. Then toward third and spray -- ESPN's Sports Radio 1080 program. And let's yeah. -- didn't try to create as they're back together and you're down Friday springs -- following. Hitting hero sports football season we got Leo in the funny little thing or pollinate our radio didn't basically yeah. And we're doing and -- he's got this great idea let's move on commercials. Were -- product songs with the pac twelve. -- was when it's you guys in debt on him every time every needs I'd just die laughing. You guys have done a phenomenal job he's doing these things they're dirty they're good they're great and I am I am pumped I believe the. Morgan State what has been produced yes and -- and I listen that we send it to the suits to get to affirmation last week to make sure that we could play ended and I was just dial laughter there you're in store for some mattress and funny shows coming up we like to do bits on this show especially around college football and that will be another one that we do I think we're gonna start that. On Thursday. So the sheriff is talking right now. And I think one of the things that he's saying it about Tony Stewart in this situation let me let me back up here let me -- is -- in my -- tell -- was -- on. So over the weekend Tony Stewart was any race car crash that killed -- ward junior. He was twenty years old Kevin ward got out of his car when the middle of the racetrack. Tony Stewart struck him. And he ended up -- to the syrup that is doing this investigation this is an upstate New York. And Crawford has told me in my ear that there will not be any kind of wrongdoing. Or any kind of malicious activity here. Towards this crash which is I can't think what we expected absolutely can't prove -- be malicious intent but there's a lot of there's a lot of blame that people want to associate whenever you have an accident people wanna associate. Blatant it's only natural that you do that. But -- watching the video on the video is the most graphic part I just have a hard time putting blame on Tony Stewart with everything that took place to look you know -- Ultimately the the easy answer here is if -- stays in his car nothing happens if he gets for you Tony Stewart runs of -- wall feast days over and everybody's under caution if he just hang it even if he gets out just hangs up by his car. This is a non issue so to me that's why you know I completely agree with the sheriff came out and said today that. You cannot pursue criminal you know criminal justice if you will against Tony -- you just can't because you can improve. That what he did was on purpose to -- of the Tony Stewart went out of his way to hit him there's only one person in that car there's only one close eye witness and that was Tony Stewart is the only one. They can tell you exactly what happened and I'm really curious to see when he comes out talks about it because he asked some things to answer in my opinion he does because ultimately. You know I I agree that there is no criminal activity here however. It -- I key cannot sit here and say that Tony Stewart is now partially to blame I just can't because if you're getting paid millions of dollars proper to not the street this weekend and I and I completely agree with it. If you're getting paid millions of dollars drive a car you can do whatever you can't get out of the way -- I firmly believe that it in -- -- put myself. And -- it Tony Stewart -- now behind a steering wheel and I see a guy walking towards my car. My initial reaction is it to hit the brakes I know there's all sorts of technicalities are ready to get from NASCAR people want. -- you maneuver these cars and when you hit the throttle and what happens when you do that I'm not a NASCAR I don't know that kind of stuff. But my instinct -- -- get the hell out of the way in to -- do whatever I need to do to miss this guy to beat you get to meet Tony Stewart you know this regular NASCAR guy. Tony Stewart has a history of being a hot head. In this was a case for he ran a twenty year old kid into a wall -- hit what was not very Smart he got out walked out of the build a track which is so you don't do that's really -- world number one you don't walk into traffic. We have some -- -- called in earlier -- -- -- don't walk into the middle of a racetrack that's problem number one. However he was clearly going after Tony Stewart. And and I and. -- 100% believe this in my heart of hearts that Tony Stewart went over in drove close to him in ordered it to send them a message to give them a buzz to. You -- somebody attacks and earlier fling some dirt out and he had an agenda there to kind of say you won't kid you know we you're dealing with I'm Tony Stewart. You don't come to do that kind of stuff -- me. And it and it just -- are completely because you could hear on the video. You can hear him and it's a graphic video of you don't wanna watch it I would I would suggest you don't do so. You can hear Brad is engine into me when you see the way the accident happened in his back and kind of to fish tale a little bit. And it was the back -- kind of sucked a monitor and and that's what -- the where the contact was made it wasn't up front of the car it was the back right tire. To -- that's what you could look at a guy like Tony Stewart again no criminal activity here because war was walking around on -- racetrack but I cannot sit here -- just say it's completely -- fault. Tony Stewart could have missed him if he wanted. And a lot of things happened throughout a race the one thing I haven't seen reported or talked about it all is what it word do with Stewart during the racing and we will talk about putting you into a wall. That isn't just happened at a -- there's something that provokes and sparks that throughout a race where. Tony Stewart might have felt like he was cut off or he was bumped a little bit by Kevin ward junior. And he retaliated re retaliated by putting him into the lower retaliated by hitting image hoping that he hit a wall. That happens all the time and nobody talked about that may be given were juniors to fall for for Tony Stewart losing is it losing is losing his temper and putting them where he put him. Now getting out of the car and getting into the middle track. That's where I have all listen to you in the world for for him for his family for what happens originate. But you also have to look at the situation in the circumstances. You don't get out in the oval race. Tony Stewart for his greatest drivers he could and I seen this from the top levels down. As -- drivers you can be there will be instances. Where you lose control the car a little bit. And you might do something you don't wanna do. His anger it's the best -- -- lot and that's why people Lebanese kind of a bad guy to WV type thing. In the Sprint Cup levels. But did he meaning item probably not -- -- modular and wet yeah dirt tyra practically you can't account for that stuff he slipped down a little you can watch -- he did as it is throttle. But is Clark and I did sound a little bit to the right. I don't I don't even know the best drivers in the world could make that happen he probably wanted to buzz and any accidentally slipped and he unfortunately got. You weren't we're never gonna know is intent we can speculate and I think there's some pretty good assumption that you guys bolt is made when you think about his intent in what he was trying to do. But it's just such a leap and anywhere all in agreement here. It's such a lead that he was trying to out of I Ernie amazing he was trying to hit him no I never was just trying to hit there was no 'cause I have heard a couple I heard a couple of those but. If you're just joining us the sheriff is giving a press conference right now is on ESPN. And so there's no criminal charges against Tony Stewart in the crash investigation. And that's part of it is an easier in a race he got back Kevin ward got out of his car. Since when you're pursuing this single in the courts. Nash is is really really hard to have some Simpson to stand on to is go after Tony Stewart now where they will. Is they will be able to get some money out of them in a civil suit and he wrongful death suit in the track could be liable -- and the lighting and there's a bunch of other stuff that can come out of this in terms of -- he's not the hook by any means but you can't thrown in jail because he hit it. Well in the lighting thing is a big deal because he go to those small beyond dirt tracks for those Sprint Cup car is Kendall Miller and elsewhere cup sprint cars. You don't have great lighting you can't you can see -- your card you can see where to turn in cars coming at you. But it's another thing to have a helmet on with a -- looking out directly and seeing a guy who by the way it was wearing an entirely black jumpsuit usually people don't think about that it's in night. -- guys on the track any dark area with a black jumpsuit those cars don't have lights on them. Tony Stewart's default belittled and I kind of call -- an accident or murder I think he wanted to buzz and in his car in many -- eliminates the terrible tragedy that happens. -- in the racing world but you have to take accountability for Kevin ward junior and saying what did he do that he probably shouldn't. Icu like every day life in -- how many times and I always say it is. I rarely able locked out at night and -- -- like an on a highway or what dark clothes like nine IZ people. Which dark clothes -- like all be driving by. And I'll catch some movement -- quarter mile high I could not seat apple have barely any reflects is tied to your high in the world are you wearing all black it's. Midnight in the there's you're not and lit area why in the world would you put yourself in that position. And so I do sympathize analysis of the guys because they seed. But this is not the exact is nine and is that the exact comparison but. There are people all the time they just don't understand how powerfully moving car drown out an undated that's been happening in that moment. The that you get road rage ED again gorgeous guy let his adrenaline get the best of them and unfortunately it cost him his life. We have situations like at a time -- predictions of -- walked out in front of cars. Expecting them to stop I shall do the same thing and you get deaths all the time when you -- situations like dad because. They -- is people just don't appreciate or don't give enough respect to the power of a moving vehicle and now they don't I think that's one I think that's what you have years that situation yeah. I -- me that's an underlying theme that everybody can relate to because whether you're suffering from road ranger or use that you've suffered from somebody having road rating road rage against you. This is a problem in and you said earlier in the show idea for that this isn't just simply race car problem this is and everybody problem we involved with all been in those positions where. Maybe accidentally cut somebody off and fall yeah for ten minutes in your centenary -- you know look I didn't mean I didn't mean it actually cut -- so. That there's a lot of different things -- I just add to me I don't know what the outcome is because if this is a culture that exists and an -- car racing. And that's sport needs a look at south and the beer because if you're having guys that are his Tony Stewart doing this we have somebody posts on the FaceBook are we because you put a face to post up earlier. He -- remember Baghdad Daytona when he purposely -- wrecked Mac Kenzie and because he got -- attempt to direct -- -- These are your goal to 200 miles an hour you're pushing people in law because the upset you -- because -- cut -- there there is an issue here we went with car drive. Let's -- -- and to kind of steal your thunder with -- -- it's one of those kind of unwritten rules and what you're supposed to do now crashing -- numbers you probably shouldn't do that. But they have redesigned these cars they made safety top priority since Dale Earnhardt died. It's it's not as bad as it looks it sounds terribly got to be seen is out -- the ordinary guys and to me it it's when you look at the situation if you -- penalized Tony Stewart for kind of being involved in something like this you shouldn't penalize him heavily. But you look at what happened in that need to separate into the away from NASCAR itself. Look at that and say if you wanna get that your card they're racing do something like this you're suspended for four -- five races and to drivers. That's too much money that's too many points in the standings. That's too many opportunities to grab another sponsor another endorser more fans you can't risk that getting out in part because during -- the -- area. To confront another driver you've got to make that step if you NASCAR to make sure this never happens again on any level which it doesn't happen that often -- -- right. I agree -- you've you're fighting a PR battle here you gotta do it on the positive side of him as quickly as you can the Oregon Ducks. -- pretty big time injury today on the offensive line. We'll tell you what happened to who the replacement could be. And what kind of impact that can have against Michigan State that story for you coming up you're listening to -- portrait is right. We're served up by Buffalo Wild Wings in this in -- defense. Then forwards -- demonstrated his serve double play head to allow. ESPN Sports Radio Kennedy so very. And me. Great that currently the PGA championship. He's not yield back from him at the bottom of the hour also really play the -- -- the meaning -- meaning. Also properly to work on getting some of the better commercials than he's ever done. You meet that guy that beat -- in the next forty minutes of this show. Do regular credit for this story and bringing NN and -- this. A Comcast sports net broke through earlier today that Oregon Ducks lightning Tyler Johnstone three tiers ACL. He -- it's back in the game against Texas the whole game against Texas he. He will be out for the entire year is a three year starter that was one of the strains of the ducks was their offensive line everybody back nine months later that's -- it really is and so he was cleared by doctors to ease back in a practice. Heard -- popping noise is the first week of fall practice. During non contact play. What if that's what makes this autopsy is he had that -- Braylon Addison as well where it was just a guy make and cotton and then he didn't agree with that day and into me when you have an injury like that. As you mentioned straight nine months after the last and I remember him getting carted off the field at the Alamo Bowl was not a pretty sight for a lot of -- fans because he was a -- -- had been kind of a staple that offensive line for a couple years to do it in the first week of practice a. Brutal when he just reportedly talked to Carson York who had similar injuries with his team coming back and how to rehab that and stay healthy. And a week later this is what happens is is completely terrible you is Phil -- I think pre season all American left tackle and see you're looking at a huge -- -- you mentioned this earlier on the show with Michigan State still -- Calhoun is -- -- died defense event all America day and now in the blind side for Marcus Mariano is gone. It is yeah an and that to me you know when you talk about it's it's a cliche of the blind side you know that the two most important positions and for all your quarterback and your left tackle and now you're losing your left tackle -- it was as you mentioned every one of the staples of this team and it was -- that had -- fans really confident going in because you do lose a -- Mattison now. The story surfaced last week that he signed Michigan State for a return I'm I'm very helpful at bat that he will be able to bounce back that quickly from his ACL injury. But you cross your fingers to get him back at some point this year but everybody looked at the passing game -- said maybe it's not going to be as strong. You're gonna need to rely heavily on the running game this year Royce Freeman by our reports has just been an absolute beast since he reported the freshman. The -- at -- -- so far so that the running game was gonna be their strength offensively this year losing the left tackles. -- now you need Sandra Bullock to recruit of a left tackle for you can't put tabloid media is there any kids out there without families and he'd just come in and adopt to bring him into the program. We'll see we'll -- there's got to be somebody out and I think it is a shell finds somebody so that's a good return to redshirt junior -- -- -- -- -- why -- the last -- -- that combined to -- what -- -- -- -- -- -- Like a young man. You're -- -- so that's about right now every year and a tiger oh irony when he was recruit elite is a highly touted recruit EDS and men died three years and has panned out and buy back yes yes. But it is when yes that's where it's really gonna matter is markets Mario does. Mobile enough the ducks -- should be good enough for the options of when where does it does matter link it's. But it which shouldn't matter as much where it will matter is again the spring as you mentioned and -- product earlier in the show actually Calhoun of from Michigan State is a first team pre season all American. On still steal lady's name to the watch list for the Walter camp. The Lombardi any basically he was a Big Ten defensive lineman of the year last year yeah. These two year letter winner so he's just that he's all everything and he is 6526. Just a beast and -- authentication here -- yeah I think about -- so yeah that that's it's it's it makes it back in that game mismatches if they if they can disrupt Mario and to make him feel uneasy get a couple hits on him and you can beat organ. Suddenly the Big Ten -- the pac twelve composition might come up when it comes down to the final -- that's organ of that Stanford and Michigan State might be in that conversation if they can overtake Ohio State. People will look at that team and say well Michigan State winning oxen and maybe they won't look old Tyler Johnston was out. Now they beat and they flat out beat him we're gonna give the the Big Ten and not over the pac 128. -- with the guys that you happen and unfortunately he's he's gonna miss the entire season which is just rough because you know if you're gonna get -- -- -- a bowl game is a pretty good time to do it because it gives you the time like he had to get ready for the season and he was hoping to be able to start that opener. It's just it's unfortunate I hate to see non contact injuries it is a contact sport so you know injuries are part of it. And when a guy has a nasty hit -- down any game you -- cringe but you know it's part of the game. When guys are just out there practicing and they're cutting in and just that did of the lakes will react the way you want to. It's sad because this is something -- yet to ACL surgeries within the span of nine months that's up that could be potentially. Career threatening to turn to come back from. We get doesn't northwest and its its top one of the blazers have any injuries -- -- the ducks have knee injuries and there's a time there where you're questioning is like there's one injury after another night what is going on. And we get that sometimes the training staff teams you have had some injuries. Here for the ducks last year that you point to health being a big reason I don't know they're gonna beat Stanford but he can point to Marcus Mario's health. As one of the reasons that they they struggled down the stretch in the teen cannon wasn't altogether. That's something that goes under rated in sports in general especially football -- her -- as the ability to stay healthy if the -- a healthy there shouldn't be any doubt what they finished. But as the -- as we've seen thus far two of your biggest piece is going -- this year or not they're selling out health is a huge factor for the ducks playing. Look I don't wanna tie him in my health has kind of been a problem for both universities in the state -- stays had a lot of T exit out with hamstring issues -- -- the White House has yet often -- health has been a question mark I think sale -- -- states' best. It's just terrible when the injury bug starts to bite -- little bit in key positions that really matter going for one it's -- success -- before the season even -- Art and yet you have when it was spring practice and now want -- in fall camp I mean that that's what kills you right there that the one thing that rebels say -- drank your ducks fan out from this news. Is that I never -- efforts toxic America was last week the week before but somebody asked me what was the main thing you focused on the -- thing you improved on in the off season. It is answer wise and you heard this after the season. Was bulking up and he -- that was the main thing that we wanted to do we wanted to get bigger we wanted to get stronger because when you get pushed around the way they did for two years in a row against Stanford team. You just can't find a way to handle Obama handle him up front. That needed to be priority number one for this program and according to -- for that was priority number one and they acted on that priority and apparently everybody's bigger stronger so. You you cross your fingers that's a -- battle play out against Michigan State or stamp. For redshirt junior Andre -- gonna have to step up big time India since the Lee -- wandering why. I'm very while why underlying. Underlying -- have to step up. And still this is Tyler Johnson is down with a torn ACL credit to bring Yana. Entering into some Comcast sports and it's funny. What are -- in his visit your reports that you hold people tag your name to it. Big national guys all reported Comcast for her. Only guy he's heard the white jeans nobody. It's laid up next also a towering after -- teased you sat at a might happen there's a couple of black outs and there they tell you right now. I like bacon and. A look at the ratings for the PGA championship that it plays yesterday is neck then towards dirt and sprayed his served up by Buffalo Wild Wings on ESPN's Sports Radio 1080 welfare and -- -- and -- the size of Nickels. And dropped to the bottom of the blender what do you do beat tiger flat on her Larry is -- back in my way to the brilliant as a birthday and it's a fan of that but the hill got a little ball around like and a at -- that there's an MRI. I had. -- Yeah. Ratings are out for the -- Eight championship -- they are as follows barely six here. What that means is that they are up 36%. From last year the highest rated PGA championship final round in five years the last one. Coming in 2009 where they got a seven and a half. YE Yang took down Tiger Woods -- my program. Everything they've ever sat -- at -- three of the okay sure yes yes apparently my boy does there's not much of a draw actually he did not move the needle because -- 35%. That seed in a month -- you -- -- if you could take out the governor PGA. Take up the moments when we saw his wife and -- laughter on the -- and seek out higher the ratings spiked up that moment. I thought of that production arm and you see any of the -- there is a gate over on Thursday for a guy yep poor guy multimillionaire golfer. Hot line you see -- endorsements and now he's fasteners that man. It was a bizarre finish to the PGA championship where they are trying to get everything in before it got dark and they did ratings did benefit because it was a prime time -- got pushed back. Due to with the rain delay but say there's a weird finish like it was a weird start. It was kind of slow around the -- sixth. And it kicked out and it was a really really good back nine. And then eighteen just had to kill dividing kill the momentum did did did did going in the final relegate it to be fair Ricky and -- I think believe 1516 respectively so you kind of knew going into 1718 that it was once again breweries to -- exactly the Rory did play -- had this to say after the tournament about. His would be in being a role model. I need to accept my responsibility of not being a role model and -- to be able to inspire kids it to play golf for pick up a golf club and you to get them started and again I mean I. I see a big a big change in like when I go back home NORTHERN IRELAND and I see I go to you. Local golf clubs and see how many juniors -- plan and see how many. You kids are on the course and on the putting greens and how some sort of involvement or rule and not. -- it feels it feels very special. And here's maybe the major difference between him -- I remember what it was like when I was there is in the can -- You know Don Clark -- is that the big guys from NORTHERN IRELAND and and Padraig Harrington and obviously Sergio Garcia Tiger Woods Phil Mickelson. I still remember how I felt when I met those guys so you know whenever they need me you know I always try and new businesses like kind of sign whatever they want signed. If you watch yesterday what was the draw for used as Rory now a four time major winner in some of the names. But he is placed himself in at the age of 25 is incredible but what I do worry about. Is what I worry that we set him up and in our minds as this great golfer which he is. And then say is here's a look at his expectations and we returned to the golf is dead conversation. And we return to what's wrong with golf how can we fix this. That's the problem we have a tiger that color re calibration where he's gotta kind of appreciate what Phil Mickelson didn't Rickie Fowler did and everybody else. Rory can drive your sport. Yet at other people on the box wolf Fowler it's got to be right foreign way the fan favorite to guide their million -- -- fan favorite exactly people wanted to see him come out victorious especially -- the year he had finishing in top five all these -- Major yet watching that group Rory and Phil and Ricky. You just entertain your your thinking god that we got a great final any big major moment in the ratings show that people cared about this the for the first time in a long time and that's great for the sport of golf. I'm the opinion that golf needs a dominant player that's what -- makes it -- lick it what Jack did liquid Arnold Palmer in the what do tiger did. But if you have other young players like a Rickie may be above every once while it speeds can correcting he can continue to contend a little bit that helps seat time. Watching -- for me lose was one of the highlights I enjoyed watching that I'm not a big Phil guy I don't know what it is near -- continental I am a tiger but it's kind of a -- provide every time the camera got near Philly got upset because he whining is -- in peace instead of just enjoying the TV time didn't. The camera back even even when I play a major -- not yet you act that is a slump and his competitor that playing with -- at. At the very end if you notice he takes is that often raking in their handshake and caddies so you hear bill did you backed up you have to continue to get -- -- -- Get and that they'll stick is is so fake to me I enjoy watching him lose but it was fun watching -- almost get that depend on eighteen to try to force that two putt that would have been -- it was very entertaining and watching Rory continue to dominate golf to me as a as an average golf fan and it's all overall sports fan. That's what I wanna see -- wanna see -- and look I mean parity is only get to a certain extent it's it's good of your sanity or famine golfer that's exactly what you want you want your team or your golfer to have a chance of winning that ultimately in terms of ratings -- is terrible and people bring this argument all up all the time in baseball. Rihanna at a back to back when aren't quite some time it's been -- these football you know that there it doesn't apply and crystal balls the king of the mountain and even an issue you know you've got the Broncos you've got to Seahawks he got the niners and the patriots got a handful for -- -- you do you -- -- organ and BI. If the giants beat the Steelers in the Super Bowl ratings are gonna be all time -- you know it doesn't matter parity it's -- -- -- -- that it doesn't apply -- bit parity is bad for -- -- is in terms of ratings because people like -- -- -- they do they wanna see Donna -- dominated in every sports the same thing in the NBA if you had to rein in teams make the NBA finals -- probably -- be as inclined to watch is if he had Tim Duncan vs LeBron James it. It -- legacies at stake there and to me that's what the drop was yesterday is that you have still -- for number six. You have Rickie Fowler who was -- unbelievable year in just unlucky not winning his first major and then you look at a guy Rory McIlroy who's everybody is labeled the next Tiger Woods next big thing at all. Here he goes for number four by the age twenty -- legacies at stake and to me that was the drop wasn't a job for me because I just love a compelling sending in a major championship that's all that I need. But when you have three big names like that coming down the wire on a Sunday in a major JPG that's what we haven't had yet this year. It is the only thing that I can say negative about the game of golf as your other than the fact that tiger just had a dreadful year it was basically nonexistent. Was you look at the three previous majors the masters fell apart on Sunday and got stay with Bubba Watson running away from speed. The US open was wire wire market timer it was a snooze or even isn't even as a golf -- I couldn't pull myself to watch on Sunday. The open championship yet a couple of intriguing moments on Sunday but ultimately it was just nudes -- there was no doubt Rory was gonna win that tournament. And an eagle and this weekend where you finally had that you have Rory McIlroy come out he was one over on the front nine they weren't showing them a whole lot infill and Ricky were playing great -- climbed up to a 23 stroke lead and. There was compelling stories throughout the day -- your golf that's all you can ask for and it's a great springboard. Into not only the Ryder Cup but now next year can you imagine the excitement next year. Going in April for Augusta and at the masters were Rory is going to be gone for his third straight major. Where people already talking about the quote unquote Rory slam glory for wins that one wins the US open now is the Rory slam like tiger at a slam. He's going for major number I mean there's so many story lines going in next year. This is set up perfectly for the sport at all it is set up perfectly for the sport at all because can only get better from here if tiger is able to come back from injury -- -- exactly Lotta people on the sport of golf are tired of tiger. But realize that what this has done. Is it has ushered in a new perspective for people that maybe did like tiger and you've got new arrivals on your sport to have -- again a different perspective. -- at tiger does come back and tigers competing with Rory. And tigers competing with Phil and all the other young guys that you have you as a mention. That only elevates the sport to a height. Again I just keeps going up and up and up so what I took you out yesterday is that. It only gets better from here for ball playing doesn't it kind of remind easy India on this sense every Jordan fan that was ST Jordan fan -- they gravitate towards it was -- -- because it was the next dominant scores that's kind of what this reminds me of -- golf. Clay and Rory is one of those rare guys it and we were talking about these yesterday as you -- game fourth where he he has that ability to just be people -- simply with his talent it's not -- motivation saying it's not him coming up clutch -- moments he is just that good where he is in number ten was a great example I think CBS named -- the court which shot of the day. Where he reached into we have to three wood it was unbelievable -- that trickled up tapped in for birdie from about 67 finale and a man seated and all that exactly but those are the kind of things have Rory McIlroy could do that Tiger Woods can do where he could just over -- a golf course where look I'm. I love Rickie Fowler Rickie -- can't do that there are certain guys on the tour they cannot do that Rory can and that's why people make to compare. And that's why a lot of people like Bubba Watson tears as he hits the balls actually a long ways and Rory. Is just he hits the ball a mile and he hits it straight that's a huge asset obviously is a right now re winning the PGA championship. The ratings showed that it was news -- one of the most watched tournament. They've had in a long time a lot of factors played into that it was a perfect storm but it only gets better for golf from here because you've got all those guys that have been able to build up their name. While tiger is out. If tiger does come back of some sort of similar to himself for it is you have to win tournaments -- -- in tournaments and he's finishing top ten or top five. He did that last -- isn't good major performance he didn't win. But he had to -- major performances last year when he won five or six tournaments -- into your roster yes totally gets better for here. For golf Eli Manning had Peyton Manning hit two. -- and some of their rapping skills not to not wrapping paper that actually singing. And they did afford DirecTV also some other patent meaning commercials -- that for you next. Our final segment of the show you listen it and for -- spray -- fans. Danforth Durbin -- is served up -- buffalo wild dunes on ESPN's Sports Radio ten maybe so for. He -- interactive -- show horse CR since streaming podcast. If you missed any of the shooting -- so that's the TBS show fight back on Twitter. -- follow their. -- like to follow people follow our listeners knew that there -- -- -- Follow us at the media shows and getting involved with the show we will -- we talk about on the show we'll tweet out there. And what things we treated our earlier was the video of Peyton Manning Eli Manning. Doing Iraq for DirecTV and we are trying to wrap our brains for the best commercial that involves sports. In all the best -- meaning commercial that he has done 5530. By the any thoughts on who -- what you think the best Peyton Manning. Commercialism that set this up here is is DirecTV commercial and how it starts off okay. You want to football watching DirecTV unit also did take its new fast Georgia. This whole channel dedicated to nothing furnishings also. Affairs people won't. Granite -- which they stole from. Us is they did mandate did these storyline that he will listeners for the fantasy football fantasy right that's our fantasy football draft party. C'mon now quick look. Drafts to 5530. But yeah let's unite this state in our fans who -- wrap party so they go on and they're trying to promote. We had this segment a couple weeks ago but they're trying to promote this channel. More direct TV showing you all the stats and and just basically has like -- the red zone but fantasy exactly thank you here they go in their -- -- -- Walk the ball. The audio -- our back back back back yeah shows have been better like. Some of their stunts that they're doing in the just imagery that they paint. And it's just a lot -- -- like to Manning's anybody out there and that I got to be Solis to not like deliberately -- on Jeremy let that there -- stories about Peyton Manning and his antics off the field I think Eli Manning is kind of locked himself in a closet when he's out to feel like he's just a weird guy Bob I would be curious to hang out with Eli Manning to see what he does. But I don't know how old you don't like these guys are hilarious to personable they're funny they're the commercials are grades that they have great attitudes that there was the video that was released a week or two ago. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't know how match dot com yeah. Yeah another yeah and -- earth would you -- nerds infinitely easy -- shots were you have to say your third one or six people -- allowable -- about it. In the reason -- another as community in college football tennis. I. I don't know how we make to some part of the show a drop and I think he needs to be done. God that mission to him about that may. It's not that me Sam not that made. I don't we never play the sale which in that is a perfect drop who cares when you play you just do it in ages when -- when -- -- -- -- and maybe I don't let it go Danes in a -- letting go he do collapse activity he hits good doesn't -- David this segment on -- that -- to cut the big 2 o'clock Friday is another payment commercial. -- takes time now to volunteer with the local youth groups got right to present football yeah. Our fans are gonna have far that I heard -- the other team world won't break. 12 great taste. Our patent uses digital and teach valuable lessons of communication check check check check -- sale except -- -- watched them play. -- -- I can't even look at you know. We'll for the Portland tournament. And once final it is either got to pay -- fairness. You can watch exclusive game highlights of all your favorite players like Peyton Manning got pretty good at it if you liked. 65200. Pound quarter -- blazer pocket all the NFL mobile only from sprint -- -- You customizable alerts and real time stats on your favorite team. Maybe like blatant extreme -- it. These yes the masked man -- directive he was spot on the -- those Saturday Night Live again he was enraged I thought he was awesome videos that is my particular in this he's accepted what his role as and that's. Incredible athlete star quarterback but also kind of -- -- from the south he's just all encompassing of everything you want from an athlete -- Blake Griffin -- the same -- says. -- -- I I can't get on board. Couple other -- sports stories today before we get going here Greg Oden has been charged with a felony battery. In Indiana after striking his girlfriend last week Marshawn Lynch is under investigation. For assault as well nothing has been charged the investigation. Is going on there and Tony Stewart is not going to be charged with criminal. Basically anything criminal. There's going to be more. That comes out this Tony Stewart case but no criminal charges will be filed against wait a minute. Greg Oden is third later going to prison they might be to be great news for -- Hernandez. New years this is is waiting for it. Transferring they've done. Hey Greg what's your strength hooked on the drive bugs and I know Lance. The price I would does he exudes is next our podcasts over the media -- followers there. Bring any need -- thinks the proper villain -- it -- -- -- -- back tomorrow that's all week you've been listening to their partners Craig served up by V -- -- -- Hey guys. Grow big also her right. -- -- --

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