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Danforth Dirt and Sprague 8.11.14 Hour 2

Aug 11, 2014|

The guys talk about #AskJameis, the O'Bannon lawsuit, and NFL Preseason.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Hello. How about that right then I guess that's what they call it sin city but -- Then towards dirt and sprayed his served up by buffalo wild winds oratory on truth we can handle a situation -- Just like we responsible adults that we are is America right mr. Kobe passed -- Taylor Danforth I don't know what kind of soldier on. And I want you guys don't know if we reduce the real heavy combat. Power right behind us. Every step of the way and -- Dirk Johnson always been kind of passes. I was a kid my father told me never hit anyone and anger closer -- sure. And oil and Brendan spray Jewish victory. Because I really Wear underwear. When I do. Then towards third and spray gun ESPN's Sports Radio 1088 uptrend. It's coming at this hour we'll discuss. I don't think any case that broke his we're getting out here on Friday. -- -- -- here about fifteen minutes from now the NFL pre season over the weekend Johnny again so let's go to the good. Michael sand -- and snaps and the heat -- the ducks and beavers had a good showing in their first pre season game. Let's real quick just tell me -- the break for a vote -- at three under the bus he needed he blamed you for that they try to blame me for that there any validity to his blame no no validity -- time. He was trying to play cat in it. He didn't do -- out. And B yeah did you guys at the other ones that control the mouse and since it at -- you guys as a conflict in a finger pointing issue here. Crawford's girlfriend call during the break because she heard the last segment was really awkward but was -- And I don't put too much pressure on the guy but I think he does need to make a decision here it's either us -- lucky got grilled last week wetlands. We. Totally yeah yeah we did our our letting go ran some Friday when you missed it -- I -- -- if you missed the show it's worth we podcast -- -- back and listen and I would suggest going back I would believe it's right around the half hour mark them the third hour of the show. Add to the media that the media shows dreamed of finding him a similar Crawford's letting go was that he doesn't like when his girlfriend wants to make out with him during a movie users character development going on their -- -- -- is -- he doesn't like making out with his girlfriend now Ohio is. Zell and so some guy in Ottawa and movie feeder like he's going to see a brand new movie yeah movie theater in silicon Peters says -- Texan and that was the best part about last week I agree but he got grilled over the text machine in and I got I would imagine that that relationship is kind of -- rocks your girlfriend initiates. A everything else is irrelevant you know you go you immediately go. For that properly let's talk a little mortar and commercial break here to defend yourself. Have you been to the movies and that's an expensive ticket and -- gone to a budget theater that's an expensive take in the if I girlfriend is now like I know I've put in the work I've won the game. I can go home I can I can make out after when I'm in the theater it's movie time man. I -- defensive zone I got to give him credit for that does he sticks to his guns Florida's stages there's mortgage for a sports topics Florida State over the weekend their Twitter out. It was their verified Florida State's athletic Twitter account. Weeded out use the hash tag ask Jane it's it was a question and answer session you can imagine. Twitter had fun with this it's a phenomenal idea I love it was entertaining we've got -- Aaron Hernandez -- day so I figured why not what I make today. Asked can I ask Jamie's. We will read the best responses on the air but their DG IS were fantastic. They were they were. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Think that's gotta your -- that you got all week it was phenomenal and and thank you Florida right. My favorite one was to catch a crap would you use a trap shoot it with the -- again. -- up with your boys and just take it or steal it. All the photos if the public employees and check out or in man coverage in your running the read option that crab legs what did you -- -- -- Aside from your game how much did you use of comprehension of the English would look to improve its -- seeks. This is the ask your team is hash tag though is over the -- -- anybody give -- -- I posted links on this one is pretty get in your opinion. Was the Cold War inevitable if not was United States that adolescents are more to blame. Yeah us I wonder he was actually sitting there reading all these tweets and -- -- and you don't think so now -- this is what people think of me. And the final one from clay Travis may be to Tallahassee police can hop on -- hash tag asked team is -- and then finally Clinton -- him. -- -- that's all right there it's phenomenal your hash tag asked Janus who tweets we were attacked we will read throughout the course of the show the Manning Brothers also added again with the Tennessee football rapper DirecTV. A couple of cuts here for -- You want to football watching DirecTV unit also did take its new fast Georgia. This whole channel dedicated to nothing refresh it's -- us. -- affairs people won't. -- there's volley stole our -- line they did visit the if you heard we're doing that big -- record breaking fantasy football draft I was staying out -- it's only 7:7 o'clock allegation about the allowance if you wanna participate -- -- five factor of five but. Need the added the mistress right guard put together a primal force -- placing -- -- and on the station it says this is a fantasy football -- -- see. And the -- why are you guys surprised they're the ones in the show they texting all the time see I knew I -- -- -- -- W I was of people and that's good now how are we setting -- does he -- -- -- could replace him the idea here describe the video what's about to take place here with in the Manning played it was it was a -- some -- -- -- last year with that ended the football on your phone -- with a -- and -- was in and they're just goofy I get an -- -- for the show that it would really work and anybody else think this is Philip Rivers and Tony Romo. He kind of destroyer -- I guess is kind of funny but the Manning Brothers they're just -- about them just makes me chuckle it's perfectly and they are national treasure to the game -- why I'm so glad the Manning family exists here's a couple snippets of their direct TV wrap. -- the. -- -- -- -- You know. So that -- is yes polarity on their -- on call law. Don't think they got attack -- -- I wish we had the production value around here to make ourselves sound easy and fast they have at all auto tuned in to make it sound there's these overruns as -- rap video like that they're in space their dad makes it can be no -- you name it's in this thing here is John David is grind and on somebody -- the final on this includes journeyman. I'm in this -- Yeah. -- -- The -- -- if they hadn't known name that's. Set hugging a mom just trying to stir -- honoraria. Super chillier whatever is but. The Manning Brothers I would put them up against anybody in all of sports as the most marketable athlete right now in sport just in general gets. There's so personal and what you can do the bronze a great like marketing piece. But he's he's very limited I think and what he can do he's great -- what he does. But the many innings have a ton of rain to do data and different things -- I I there's nobody better in sportsmen who hates the Manning's. People hate LeBron also the race is a big thing their quarterbacks in the NF I mean they it's the perfect storm for them as a family. They are phenomenal I'm glad that they they they're they're the kind of athletes. That participate in these things get a poke fun at themselves haven't done and it's only wanna see is sports fans wanna see you're an actual and you just have god given talent that none of us will ever have. And it's -- that Peyton -- the greatest quarterbacks of all time. And our generation any generation is the guy that makes these commercials along with Eli who as the two Super Bowl rings the Zulu homeland BP's. They really are the perfect storm of advertisements. And being the face of something. Again the race plays a big factor nobody hates the meaning family and they play the most popular position in all sports is perfect common one out. Love Angel commercials is so commercials were just phenomenal like Peyton Manning dissent is only did he cracks me up everything your county office workers and -- Why here we go into yeah. Yeah so it's it's it's always. When he was dancing at training camp -- -- was last week and the week before he and they played Tennessee fight song and he was out there to it was it cracked pavement cracks me up and I love that guy got big crash on Peyton Manning wanted to just by media favorite. A -- bread commercial he's done probably the insurance adjusters one. -- spring probably when he's asking for autographs and they're coming into the parking garage talk. Let me -- you -- -- we will tweet that out if you miss that rap video we will do so at the DES show that's where we do all of our stuff for our show on Twitter we also follow you. MacKey to give us a follow their -- -- ask Janus. Which -- protects you better the Florida State offensive line. But the Tallahassee he he hit it. Pakistan as a Jamison took the path at an update -- DNA case -- what you need to know and how this will affect college sports moving forward that is next we are being tortured his break you're listening -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well while it's on ESPN Sports Radio 1080 okay. Particularly the NFL pre season coming up here shortly also the injury to an or in debt that is going to impact their season that coming up here. Shortly cut that -- That's a good when you. Having proper put together some of the best Peyton Manning -- played it for you later on in the show greatest commercials in sports history as an athlete pay Manning nine plus. Greatest sports commercials. That's yet -- I just in general is in generally you need you when glad that you can but just sports commercially in general. -- -- -- by I love the entries by the commercial Charles Barkley amount of Mars Blackman commercials in. -- -- you know I'm should -- test and get them for the better statements now openings -- -- -- really different yeah creative forget there's better commercials that don't involve. Just one athlete like there's got to be -- -- -- as they aged man the -- commercial with Karl Malone and Barry -- on camera that was great I love that commercial. We should ask about that but as a pitch man. Yet another gets better and -- Manning's collected eggs yet now. -- every ready for this mid term test here yet and he's just gonna go ahead and guess -- -- answers no I get 70% right he's cross our fingers for a passing greater voice is -- still number two pencil and -- account and it turns out to people still using their kids and he's never to tell me what let me play coup for the number two pencil industry that you could only count the number one I really feel you could you just some random -- really -- system can't pick up a number one -- Have a number two pencil and give -- -- and re still -- you know I don't know it absolutely -- and number -- this team entrants can only -- number two for whatever reasons and number 13 -- -- -- that's big business in -- and nobody ever talks about -- -- -- of course they said -- also just the number two -- worked in the what's the name of the -- company to Michael -- yoga. Anybody close -- president. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You can never use those -- all -- -- those are the best pencils in the world gold standard thank you the offer are you kidding me you guys that produced cycles Montreal and -- you're right it is the name and zero. Bold -- tumbled Geico commercials pretty and. There's only one of them one or two of them. Yes I have retired in ninety is one you got one for her just go for the high on their Rogen you. Man you -- forgot about them -- -- and it is said of Manning can I knew more about the pencils and I did the test let's do it. Soul or try to give you a brief overview on what this means there's a lot of legal analysts that of opined on this in and try to break it down to basically on Friday as soon as we get up the year. Did Claudia will and ruled that the NCAA was committee antitrust violations. I refusing to compensate men's basketball and football players -- decision was 99 pages long. Essentially here's what you need to know is that. There're are going to be hot there's going to be compensation. In college sports more basketball and football. -- name and likeness that you can't pursue it as an individual. It has to be as a group and one of the reasons for that. Is because they don't want agents coming in and people players can endorse products. So it is a group effort. Now the issue is. If the pac twelve wants to say set up every player -- 7500. And the SEC says. 101000. You start to get into some murky waters of how much money are you willing to give particular certain guys or the other the other thing that you need to know. In all of this is that. As I think that I basically what you need to know out of this is there's a lot more than it's coming down the pipe and this is kind of the very beginning in the preliminary. Talks here when we talk about this case in some of the rules that could be coming to the NC double. In the 99 page thing that the judge released on Friday. I doubt many people wanted to sit down and -- 99. You know right right of mumble jumble legal stuff. But to me I read as many articles on this thing is I could to try to understand it -- followed Jay bill is he's a really good follow for this stuff. He and it really in depth conversation -- Danny kanell. And a couple followers I'm -- talking about -- a fifty to 75 tweet. Back and forth with questions and answers questions and answers and Jed mills talks about how this is a positive right step. But Al realistically if you look at -- the NCAA still walks away feeling all right yes 'cause it's only the 5000 now what's interesting is. It's really hard to understand to Visio multiple. Areas where kids are gonna get money. Obviously the name likeness all that stuff. You've got money there and then they're gonna have trust fund set up of a maximum 5000 for players at least eight minutes after -- -- -- -- faster and it's not gonna -- for players and -- I -- 26 total risk -- -- that's that's appeal is all Danish draft -- -- You're looking at -- that's another 5000 Max that players can get he got about twenty to 25000. Adding this up and this is just taking out of one of the CBS articles combine that with the ruling and autonomy and various players we -- compensate up to 40000. By the time they leave school now that varies with different players and the degree which you are successful what kind of career now that's cost of attendance. The 5000 Max for the four years with the name and likeness stuff plus the 5000 trust fund. I mean you got kids are gonna walk away 40000 dollar richer and -- me it feels great it feels great -- Warren a time where the NCAA he's been corrupt for so long. May be paying kids isn't the right avenue for most people but when you're looking at the situation you're evaluating how much money they're bringing in we're talking about Texas is an example. A 175. Million dollars I'll just revenue. And the players -- and at the football players the -- -- players' lives he's Schwarzenegger camp is that really drive the most money. Seen no dime I love that the ruling was here it feels like we're at a time we're gonna progress we're gonna continue to evolve and work out a financial model. That's fair to everybody because the sit there and say this scholarship is enough and that should be it. It's ridiculous we don't tell kids on academic scholarships that they can't earning money in their off time it's just athletes I was really happy with his ruling and I'm curious where it's gonna progress. Trying to put this in the context as best as we can a couple of things very quickly on on this issue is that there is a title nine net. Component of this that's going to come up or title nine can -- and people conceived saying. We -- football basketball wire -- paying sudden that's the first issue and the other is there's no union there's no representation for the ins for players not. And so that's gonna create a competitive imbalance in the in the college sports landscape. If for sure well it -- ultimately I I do expect him to get the point of having unions how long that's gonna take I'm not sure how long litigation process and this is gonna take -- that your because the NCA said even before this decision came down there to take this thing all the way to the Supreme Court can no matter who won -- loss in this case the losing side. Was gonna appeal ended eventually I do believe it will get to the Supreme Court but. It would be you -- -- -- those -- kind of talking about how he still feels the NCA came out on top -- and I am 100% agree I really do let me. When you talk about capping the payment if the judge talked about this in her decision where. She didn't want to hurt the NCA too much you wanna go -- and 5000 dollars which to me is is an interest -- number actually come up with 5000 dollars -- -- -- -- that figure come from why can't some players make more than 5000 why should some players get why should put some players at less than 5000 so. To meet that was just an erroneous number that was kind of thrown out and I didn't quite understand I elected it was 5000 per year. But ultimately the reason why I thought the NCAA came out on top here is first a 5000 dollar figure which isn't which was well after the NCAA and you thought you gonna lose this case which they had to know this was coming. Eventually they're gonna have to pay these guys in some way shape perform so that's only 5000 units a little bit of a win for them. The decision also permitted student athletes from endorsing products because a lot of people wanna -- Olympic model to come out of this. Where they say okay you go get the endorsement with the local car dealer this company -- company and that's away some of the big time players can make some scratch on the side. The judge said no that's not gonna be allowed in and also. The big winners in this for the media companies because the media companies are not gonna be happened obligated in any way shape or form. To pay the players -- deal with the players for showing their likeness on television so. There's a lot of questions still surround me because you know we were kind of joke and open to show that. If I Odyssey did feel like I was studying for a mid -- there's a lot that goes into a decision like this. And I still haven't won it -- tough questions that need to be asked because. There's certain things you know what's gonna keep universities from just keeping players' likenesses away from things no don't put their likeness on a billboard magazines are posters are. Keep your likeness away from everything don't usually they used to have to pay the player. Are there certain guys that are just walk -- -- like this is not use the literally anywhere or do they get a 5000 dollar so. There's a lot of questions that need to come out of this and the main thing to know and I feel like this is it was the same thing with the sterling. Answerable when that was playing out in. The main thing that we need to try to tell everybody that was texting and about it was just be patient. Does this is not going anywhere the NCAA is gonna appeal this is gonna take another 68 months a year who knows how long it's gonna take down the road. This is not what the final answers going to be it's good that we have some form a resolution. But we're still a long ways away from an official plants around. Yet there is definitely a process that process has started it has begun. But there is a definite process in the NCAA and the changing is Ed -- decision they came out on Friday is going to go a long way. And helping changeup but there are a couple of other suits the the incidentally is facing will discuss those next and also the possibility that because of this decision. Unions could be coming. Two college athletics that's next you're listening to dig -- dirt and Sprague served up by about the bombings. Immediately. So a lot with our number two pencil debate. And he presented no that is because I was privilege as a child and I have mechanical and and -- -- I -- time out I dislike you so much first mechanical pencils are not classy and ended -- Congo trio that. That if you're adding extra does that mean I'm going to thank you never remembered a time I had what are you talking to -- -- trio of guys are the best pencils mechanical. Man no matter what this does not get out of their antennas provide yeah him you know he's sharpening. Know you gotta -- in your pocket then by default it's not as good. You've got to put what a year pencil -- -- -- -- in this electric -- shot missiles they always broke they did -- broke the racer was terrible mechanical pencils are overrated certain are still writing when our. But the inner cities mechanical pencils for like the trashy pencils like -- -- -- kind of mechanical pencil -- can't for the real thing he's got to get a plastic pencil when an idiot did you grow up in the wrong neighborhood if I remember and I area in city after he's as good as somebody with a real inner -- and -- -- -- -- -- -- number one -- -- I don't wanna talk about -- -- number ones and they -- -- -- -- that any NFL pre seasonal disguise the NFL pre season week one here in fifteen minutes from now and Albanian and the case that was resolved on Friday or at least the decision was made. But I try to unpack this is best as possible I am but you're nowhere fans Iraq with this on the be -- attacks night at 55305. Because. But the important thing you know there's some fundamental changes coming to the NC double. How it looks in five years ten years twenty years we don't know because there's too many appeals -- need to take place. But we do know that there will be a fundamental change. And we do know -- players are going to get hate. Mean that that's there's no way Iran oil. Well -- hey -- it might even grow because this -- had nothing to do with paying players for their their -- separate -- there are a lot fizzling out about that every now hustler examiner says they're not gonna get paid for their likeness being used in that might be there might be decision comes down -- -- they also get paid for their play one of those solutions that is out there is a potential union. That northwestern had kind of gotten the ball rolling on and if there would ever BE unions in sports that will be way that you can negotiate. -- across the board that you don't have competitive imbalance you know that you make sure that you're not look at it up happening is sixty all right we're going to opt for. Thirty scholarships and will hate those thirty scholarship players. Or forty scholarship players right and another forty -- happy walk ons and screw you yet we're not gonna county that paid a guy out the banks exactly to make that amount of money so important thing in all out of all of this is that there's fundamental change coming one way or not -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- There's some big time programs exist at BYU be that there are big time programs that exist outside those kind of a big factor. Two when thinking about this is. How much are some of those smaller schools those those conference USA schools how much are they gonna offer because the Max for trust funds is 5000. I would imagine at some point mostly small schools are saying well we can give you 15100 Max right -- -- -- adding up to that was she got TV revenue thing about those guys and they're gonna get name image and likeness and a majority the big time broadcast is gonna be doing the power five games. But you do have smaller affiliates that are going to be doing those smaller conference games. I'm sure the prices got a very in their summer. And it to me what this is gonna continue to lead to Lee and this is kind of conversation that we had last week's rate but if it feels like all the power especially now with with the Big Five or power five conferences whenever you -- a column. They're basically able to enact whatever rules they want to enact their own autonomy got thrown -- -- any change now Annika did a smaller schools are still appealing that -- smaller conferences are saying no and there's there's all sorts of litigation going on in his black. We talked about there being a 5000 dollar Max and say -- say this does apply to a school like Boise State they don't generate the kind of revenue where you can pay back 5000 dollars a year. Say you're a three star recruit new -- third on the depth charted an organ -- -- state or start Boise State. But your site -- at an organ org it's is going to be five grand a year it's only the 15100 year bullies because that's how they can pay you so. To be what this is it just continues to lead to everytime we have this conversation about paying players a new rules. It all just leads to more powerfully to the top more power going to the wealthier schools because. There's a lot of programs out there in if you know a lot about college football you don't is that there's there's there's some programs that'll make a whole lot of money that they're there are little programs you know -- big time schools but. Some of them don't make a lot of money to be able to pay a lot of these guys that to me it's just gonna continue to push the power to the leads that already have the power. Our right now. Yeah I think one of the things too when you look at this situation you look at some of the school as you said there is people. And this is not a night at. I just don't think people understand the ramifications of the road the word out there that the route that weren't going it'll be fundamentally different -- five years yes college athletic landscape will be good night and day -- five -- shouldn't shouldn't be at this point it shouldn't -- yeah absolutely -- home much now everybody is different definition of what that's what it should look nice but it will be different but it's almost like a lot it's -- -- in -- say here's a lot or here's a government -- -- here's something. And they don't ever tell you what to do in that you've got certain things you have to meet. I think you don't know how to get there and where the NCAA dropped the ball on this is they should have been proactive a long time ago to avoid litigation. He's given enough here and there. So that you don't ever like that's kind of -- she -- I don't wanna it is CME give a little they give a little bit and then eventually. -- to a point where people are happy enough where they're not gonna sue when you're not -- at the extreme. Of the situation which is where they find themselves now. I just know from watching experience and I guess is kind of a little bit of political my political views but. I just once you start down that road. And I'm not saying that they should should have should have some sort of compensation. But you don't know what comes out the other side and how it looked -- say they get to a point where it is 101000 dollars in the SEC is willing to spend. 101000 dollars on thirty players in and those thirty players -- the stars of their team and are you talk about really your trust fund -- so right now it's maxed it find out what's the fabric. Can't help it pass -- here you're surprised I haven't this dynamic as I see where your goal and an end to meet this is the conversation leads to leads into about parity in our league to be okay what they're being paid not being as much parity and -- There was no chance there's exactly but I say there's parity right exactly is their parity now -- probably half my -- are you have yourself. More so yes it's -- that's the place and I disagree because I agree with -- that -- -- at -- look at Washington State look at the -- growing in terms of of of having -- they're going to be -- -- -- kids they didn't start out that -- but what I'm thirty -- -- -- he's talking about competing for bowl games are we -- -- -- someone in a national -- rush and neither do you know and I'm talking about the ability to be competitive in your conference mean -- Well it's got to be -- because that is the that is the crux of the issue here is what kind of parity -- beginning go down because there there's a lot of people to make an argument including the NCAA that was one of the basis of their arguments in this court case was saying look. We're gonna have there's going to be no semblance of parity more and that's why a lot of people's regular spring this apple we talk about the Olympic model work. Because -- always I've always been a big of a you know but supporter of the Olympic model -- those guys are making money if you go out book you're an endorsement deal. That you deserve that money you're clearly a big name star that is generating revenue for the program. But the character argument people make -- that I cannot answer is -- the organ for example you got Phil Knight. Why would you just put every single organ athlete on an endorsement plan -- Nike you know put every single player on the team in a Nike commercial you payable 20000 dollars teens doing Clark. Zack and also almost no matter which road you go down there is no right -- wrong answer here there there does need to be some form of compensation for these players everybody differs in the amount of compensation and how they get that compensation. But at least we're on the right track because just it clearly just giving them the academic scholarship is not living up to what it should be let it but. I think what the and that the issue here is that she put a 5000 dollar Max on and is very. It's very there's a very legal precedent to this but of a -- city sued for antitrust then you can't there's no arbitrary number like 5000 arbitrary number. They can come back and -- and say. Why 5000 why not 101000 you know anyone in 2005 yes and so there's there's ways you can go out that because that's what the very definition of anti trust is. Again it's just getting down illegal mud. But you where does it -- where's the Catholic could you get to a point where Phil Knight says and that this is a very extreme but to get -- the point -- all night says. I will tape the starters will have their -- again thirty scholarships is to say. And will pay those guys 1520000. Dollars of what had that happen and that's where. -- you have to find a middle ground you have to find the balance you have to find a universal law that says a rule that says every schools allowed Max 5678. Per year per player that you're going to give a trust fund to. If you set that. Then boosters and all that's -- that's not gonna -- be a factor and people would still make the argument. Boosters are dictating more talent goes right now you they -- -- Washington State and -- have done a phenomenal job of emerging as bowl teams a lot of people have expectations now from Washington State to a merger -- -- contender at some point on the road -- -- statement that but there's there's a handful of schools probably ten to eleven. Year after year for probably twenty -- the last thirty years they have been consistently they have been the same lines. And that's why people argue against -- -- -- decomposition musical way Texas USC -- -- -- -- -- LAU Ohio State Michigan parity conversation now in the NCAA with a model as it is has not helped at all specially college football basketball's been a little different but even in basketball. You still have the same schools the last fifty years that have been relevant. Do you like that yes indeed like -- direction that this is it I do I do like the direction I believe that they deserve some form of compensation -- and in the athletic scholarship to me 5000 was a little bit -- in terms of what Alex was expecting in the result of this but it's -- start in again it's an appeal process and we're not -- getting an exact answer here for 23 years thing that I read over the weekend that I never thought about going in and this is why I do like it. Kids on academic scholarships full act our academic scholarships can go work and make money for their value YEN athletes that are producing millions upon millions for the university. Plenty of appeals process to. -- plenty of appeals to come on this. A but it is restart as the judge has ruled in -- -- banning case that was late on Friday in 1990. Decision. In that -- seconds of the -- I thought this too. I thought it was 5000 minimum no -- I thought it was a 5000 don't have 5000 as the -- they cannot go all her 5000 but apparently the rules -- -- terms you can go below 5000 if you want when that's when the arsenals will come in exactly we needed to always give you exactly which makes as the NFL pre season week one over the weekend a couple of ducks and -- with a nice weekend will catch up on that. Joining me and Celtics and snaps in Michael -- played. As all of those for you next hear this -- can't tortured sprayed onto anything. And then towards dirt and sprayed his serve -- -- Buffalo Wild Wings on ESPN's Sports Radio 1080 Beltran. -- In this day. -- -- and -- he has -- -- all over the weekend which was nice yeah giants football. God it's backhand did you sit and -- a giant football performance I -- end. I then he did I honestly I -- I I got -- a golf public golf with -- Johnson's this past weekend you did he came out with the folks -- mom went out there and just walked the course I discarded her around and yeah you did show foreigner as soon as we wrapped up I got home. Johnny into had been guided it was still the grind warriors show for much of the first -- -- next week mean to watch Johnny football is harder this is perfect let's do this. I get to that in just a second when -- Peter listeners on this story Greg Oden has been charged with battery. Now prosecutors in Indiana have formally charged Greg Oden with battery for allegedly punching his girlfriend in the face during a fight that was last week. They have officially charged him with felony. So about a felony battery not good for -- given probation in maybe twenty days house Iran Aniston and everything else but himself. To back the NFL the pre season weekend that was couple nice performances branding cook's former beaver had eighty touchdown and -- I don't have an allegiance really to an NFL team. Any act I think it's funny -- waiting to see ya rile people up what you guys. I like the 49ers I'd like to see doctor I really do I like the Packers are elected giants got a beautiful teens and I'd -- in the NFL. I started to change the way I watched the NFL. Being based author of ducks and beavers and the I am pulling horror for the saints this year and in the Super Bowl. Because I'm I'm really huge -- it's been one of my favorite. Athletes has come through Oregon or Oregon State in the last 513 years love that I am pulling so hard the saints to have success if for him to do well. And I found myself dealt with Hollis and his return his kick return over the what was impressive was a great idea to any which -- -- Thursday or Friday -- he is kick return. But I just changed kind of the way to watch the NFL when I'm rooting for former ducks and beavers more so than ever there's a handful of them in the NFL. I still got my pockets of medical teams that I lighten but it has had a change at least me personally the way that I've consumed some of the NFL. Yes I have I've been a diehard forty niner fan since I was -- Q inaudible of that team but I'm getting -- point -- on the way if you Wear a great orient organ state player comes out and if they go somewhere I love to follow their career I root form like Mario the next year Mario wherever he goes I will be a fan unless the -- -- I'm just jamming out Russell wasn't what you watch these guys play college. Even if you're rooting against an organ or instate rivalry obviously you don't want organ a win. I don't know why you can't watch some of these talents in college you know man is he fun to watch I felt that way about the Anthony. Felt that way about what Michael thought that way about organ in their entirety -- offense in the whole run in the BCS titles. Or the BCS games where they were a year and you're out -- the best offense in the country. That's -- though it's fun to watch and that's -- one of these sports fan. -- -- obviously I am rooting hard for him to Jesus sneaky good pick for rookie of the year this season. Like the saints in general just because Sean Payton and Drew Brees Josh -- is somebody that going into this draft. Never really was sure we're resilient drafted but -- was a really good player and could fit in the NFL for about eight to ten years is a good slot guy. Comes out already has a kick return I mean they're local angle on the NFL is one of the most fascinating and I am with -- -- in fort. I really do root for these guys organ organ state guys sneaking up Portland State guy with that tied in from my Denver -- is -- promise. Did dad what's apologies for Julius top Julius Thomas yeah -- please admit -- it's great there to see that kind of stuff I love the local angle and I'm with the I like to watch those. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Because you have organ in Oregon State and there's a lot of seahawk fans and niner fans in this area that. To be the area is a lot like you'd import gorgeous allegiances are mixing and he got us a steeler bar here soccer bar here in -- bar here of course we all hear from the C -- and so. Everybody's allegiances spread out your but the one thing that most people have in common is that you're either adopt or -- so. It will when you have these guys that are able to have success in the NFL it's cool too proud moment is a state of those guys came through your program. And are able to go to the next level they're able to succeed and whenever you have a guy like that. -- -- good guys and that's the best part about it you know the Anthony Josh have we got a chance to know them a little bit. Sprague has -- cuts as good as well as anybody in the media they were really close and they're just genuinely good guys and when you're a good guy makes it a lot easier route forum. And it to meet all three guys aren't the you know will when you talk half to cut the -- entity -- branding cuts and others others as well -- All three of those guys to mirror and perfect -- -- you know Josh -- going to a place for a coach that knows him obviously it's gonna be a perfect fit the -- Thomas a special teams guy -- -- -- on the McCluster is gone so that's a role that he can fill immediately -- Brandon -- is the best bit of a -- because he's a great slot receiver he's got unbelievable hands. He runs quote fantastic routes and he's playing one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL Drew Brees who just has a knack for being able to find guys spoke on finds open wide receivers so. All three of those guys are in great spots and I do expect him to have success because of that and and it's funny how. That translates so much a success in the NFL that nobody ever really talks about in terms of just fit and everybody focuses on quarterbacks -- -- gambling -- he goes to Jackson -- feels now he's -- -- got drafted to say you know the Seattle Seahawks -- his -- different -- -- run -- unity but I don't trying to -- he's intelligent knows he's terrible there are certain guys that are just back they're just absolutely -- but so much of success in the NFL. But the Joey Harrington has to do with where you're drafted has to do with where where your fitted in to be those three guys -- fitting in perfectly with the organization very. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- There is -- and basically I don't act. Yeah there's John played football yet we don't have to wait that long I wanna see him out there it was fun to watch on Saturday I didn't hear that the pre season doesn't town and -- that he play with -- second street and he's playing against the second justice or how important is on them I was winner of the woods is a C so was the defense well as they were not because he's a flaming out. That second string yeah a sexy -- OK let's dig into the problem. He did while -- expect that they didn't lose though to the line well certainly -- -- it doesn't matter how to Johnny -- who cares how the browns did nobody cares about relaxes a third say earlier that next fall. Exactly nobody cares about the success that organization yes big big game and went three for 121 LLC -- blew that one down the stretch and how would you like to be. Think yeah -- just the third wheel nobody knows who he is Mandela's gonna be compelling but he's getting at that point. I've I've got in and out of loving imitating him where the media coverage is just so annoying and I was out at a bar on Saturday. And that that coverage was just -- like sports center highlights everything he did it's like come on and really. We need to do this we need to watch him check down and scrambled see how we got a first down on third made against a third stringer that's nobody. Nobody ever is gonna talk about on the Detroit Lions it's gonna get to little bit of overkill from me. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

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