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Danforth Dirt and Sprague 8.11.14 Hour 1

Aug 11, 2014|

The guys go in-depth on the Tony Stewart incident and the PGA Championship.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Then towards dirt -- -- -- served up by buffalo -- Bruins coach -- in the dugout every now and then you know hey guys just chatter out there. Just chatter what are we haven't. We've Taylor Danforth and about and a big plus zero point sandy -- Johnson as the ball got to -- with the lead and go hey batter batters. We can get it Leo that. You know what they yelled coach and Brendan Brendan Taylor and that is to apply that later in life -- lawyer. RRR and arts. Then towards -- and sprayed on ESPN Sports Radio 1080 welfare I'm thinking. I. Humbled to be in the presence of a radio legend in third and spring. And I can't tell you how happy I -- that you're sharing the studio space. With me here today bond theme for dirt and -- and who business yeah lets us create a map you -- event. I don't -- us started to -- -- today. Yeah I think -- -- that there is a QB in that this is kind of like an -- thing would have triple option -- is again a new quarterback in -- apparently I was pretty -- in and the -- and even her -- say getting a weekend of good golf I did yeah -- -- Colombian wife still yours yet -- is gone dead man's gonna and he backed. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And the guy here yes like a money signed me to highlight data like that have a sound for the symbol there we go -- you'll appreciate this I had a I always talk about. Classes I had in college them how to -- my very first class every single -- in -- off react -- exactly was a religious studies class and the professor -- -- red haired guy and pony tail back -- middle of his back and classroom gets started today with the your spiritual journey that you like to go on -- -- no idea about sports on a guy that this is gonna be my college experience here but I see how much I can get away with the present so there's a whole term paper and I wrote it on them my spiritual journey to the sacred land of Augusta Georgia. And I and I had no idea when he got him whatsoever I don't wanna go to Georgia -- down Aaron wanted to pay homage to that your rate Bobby Jones and he ought to make paper this is so amazing I hope you get to do this one -- and a -- that I had no clue whatsoever there -- a terrible murder and Donna I announced I know they're the guys. So I didn't listen much of the show but now watch. Now I've got some notes here that I think you guys. In can do better. Wow I've gotten really some concur tragedies. That's our backs are -- Agassi Carol tractor this week from carrying everything I got three things. Number one. I can laugh too much. I witnesses or else. Stop laughed and her chances for X I'd like you guys take this shows more seriously now I didn't have enough last week -- couldn't tell who is too. Well yeah I'd have little preview straight line together were saying I satellite and a number three at night to Timmy cheap shots -- the resident population and -- these -- all their problems these -- so -- -- already called -- right about now I thought I had a good week last week -- you evidently you didn't I had -- permanently apparently shot -- was the other reason we're still on the -- and -- -- -- leaks -- don't -- me -- this -- -- the background laughed occasionally that was kind of a cold -- -- you put together that well that was the -- that it whenever somebody talks -- -- -- those -- the three -- covering -- I would like to apologize the -- had a population of -- if I -- you last week -- -- -- an -- new contract. I gotta be back three of us here and we get is a busy sports day obviously with everything it took place over the weekend sometimes you come in and -- -- -- crap to show and figure out -- on certain topics. Today to show pretty much wrote itself here's organ and discuss. Tony Stewart killed seven war -- racetrack when you know that you're just a couple of minutes. Right now right wing of the PGA's second major of the year that's the bottom of the -- or you some ratings update and what this does for golf. Eli Manning Peyton Manning came out the rhapsody about fantasy football it is absolutely incredible laid out for you. I ask genus was a hatch tag at Florida State decided to do whoops. Why I don't know it was ending it was it was for our entertainment purposes only it was phenomenal what if that's what the whole thing was the entire time. Let's give people chuckle out there they don't care at a Davis -- has gone after this year what do they care they (%expletive) people excuse me he's gonna get his degree and oh yes my apologies around college football is there for academic purposes -- -- asked -- so will read some of the best tweets from their get some from you as well. And we don't be any case broke -- you guys got up the year at just after 3 o'clock on Friday. Doesn't know the more the more attorneys kind of been able to get their hands and this. We Dirk said he -- he's studying for a mid term before the show it. Brutal man I I got -- -- let's already because they had Everett city -- sand wedge and then you -- on top of that reading all these articles about all the -- -- ramifications. My -- was spent -- -- on you -- smell it it sucks for us is as soon as we signed off I think we're back in the dumped his collect and our stuff ready to go might turn on prime time and listen and in -- -- -- -- -- out and they go well you know normally we have a program with a schedule that does not anymore we've been to -- now and it broke right away outlook jealous of the got to talk about it -- Breakdowns that things -- -- -- Manning case and tell you exactly what you need to know moving forward and of course the NFL pre season over the weekend they're so there are topics today where if you like as a show we have a pretty good idea of where normally where the listeners ball to -- does I. I honestly don't know where listeners are and where the sport's public is with Tony Stewart. With golf in with -- and it's I'm really curious at a going to be good listener interaction dame we'll start -- with Tony Stewart. What do -- know just from the listeners if you've seen that video. What was your first inclination what do you think should happen with Tony Stewart. -- 55305. If you don't know. He hit heaven ward over the weekend Sprague is always does an -- on NASCAR jokingly jokingly but -- are a race thing in your -- you follow the sport EMI step dad was into another -- -- of this kind of followed it every year what did you make of that and the there's a lot of angles is a lot tentacles here -- -- your initial impressions when you heard the -- -- -- The video you know all watching the video by the -- very is serving I would advise -- you haven't seen it don't watch it you can watch the first couple seconds when he gets -- and points but watching the end of that was pretty terrific I was surprised that it was allowed still on the Internet all day. You know my first reaction that that's racing racing is built up to a point where. We have the Richard Petty we have the Dale Earnhardt -- go back to the old days of race car driving and it was about just the sport. Who's not who can get around the track the fastest who was going to be the most impressive the aggressor. Dale Earnhardt started the aggression stuff kind of bump in people he was really disliked at first when he started out. And as you know NASCAR grows and grows and grows more more drivers that are like him because of his career. But now we reached a point in sports especially entertainment wise where it's just about entertainment and it's not all about racing you have a handful of drivers right now. On the Sprint Cup I know it's very nerdy getting to to talk about but. You look at it right now there are a handful of guys that are only out there will one they're great drivers but two it's mostly about entertainment it's about having this. This in needs to exist perception that he's tough guy image -- bad guy you're really well liked guy you're just the nonchalant OK here's the bubble Watson of our our time right now and everybody like she doesn't we have them much in opinion. And Tony Stewart falls under one of those guys that's. Kind of would be bad. But fans really enjoy him because he is an aggressive guided doesn't hold his time -- up a little bit yup he is had so many incidences whether it's on the track off the track. Getting into fights bumping guys on the track in and crash Sonoma. Throw one Hellman and Denny Hamlin a couple years ago. It didn't surprise me he was involved in something like this but this incident is a lot different in the fact. Dictation have been on the track he should be gone out if you wanna get your car that's fine. Don't stepped into the middle track and that's where you can point it Tony Stewart and I do a little bit. And I kind of classified as an and it might be wrong to a lot of fuel but to meet it just quit and Tony Stewart is. And how the whole thing played out. I would pretty much sum it up by saying it was an accidental murder yeah I yeah I mean that sounds really weird but that's really kind of to me how we don't -- all in full an emblem. Like to me you know I think it's good to get kind of the background on some of these drivers when -- talk about a guy like Tony Stewart because I got it will when you talk about NASCAR I'm on the outside looking yet it's not my cup T I don't watch a whole lot of NASCAR but you -- you know the stereotypes -- some of these guys -- even if you don't follow NASCAR. You know Tony Stewart has that you know kind of persona of being a hot -- he's been in these problems before. And to me that is why did the outrageous what it is if you even wanna call it outrage that's why people are looking at Tony Stewart. And pointing the finger not one of those people I really am now look -- fortune never got out of his car. You should never walked into the track if he stays in his car this is all the -- point in nobody's talking about this it's not a topic of conversation. But the problem that I have with that is in -- Crawford sent out a -- to this extent this weekend but. You're telling me that -- has paid millions of dollars to drive a car could not have avoided and could not found a way to avoid him because this is where that hot and reputation is gonna kill him. Is that I had 100%. Believe in my heart of hearts. That he drove up close he saw him coming he drove up as close as he couldn't he tried to scare this kid 23 years old got out of his car he was calling out Tony Stewart -- the biggest NASCAR drivers out there. That he was gonna show he was gonna teach this 23 year old kid a lesson. Because every report to you read you could even hear a little bit on the video if you watch the video which I did because I wanted to make sure I knew what was going on here. You can hear him represented now when you read any any thing about these cars again I'm not a NASCAR iceberg I've read a lot about it. When you read about these cars and somebody gunning the engine basically what happens is the back and kind of fish tales alone that you it's on a dirt track you lose control. It was how they that's how they make their turn it. Drifting -- exactly it and that to me you could hear him revved the engine and -- that back tire kind of flips out that's what made contact it wasn't the front of the car he -- run the car directly into him it was the back tire and flipped out he kind of got sucked up in that -- well. And then was thrown and you could tell he was dead and immediately upon contact and I just -- read one quote this is from Tyler -- he was a sprint car racer he was friends of war and he was sitting there and he could see the whole thing happen. And he said I know this was his quote I know Tony could see him. I know how you can see out of those cars with Tony got close -- he hit the throttle when you hit it throttle on a sprint car the car sat sideways. It's set sideways the rear tire hit Kevin. Kevin was sucked underneath it and stuck under for second or two and and thrown about fifty yards entity that's why I'm I'm not gonna look. You know -- Tony Stewart and say this is murder and say that he should be charging go to jail because ultimately -- not on the track this is not an issue. But did not pull any sort of a finger at Tony Stewart to me is animates them -- on this one. Tony Stewart -- had a comments today about the tragedy and that's really what it is it is a tragedy what do you think the penalty should be. We're Tony Stewart and what happens if this were baseball on somebody threw a bad north it's happened. In a no other sport how would we handle it. Then we got a loaded sports show for you today also gonna give you an update. On in Oregon Ducks injury that's going to affect their year big time we'll do that on the other side of the break you're listening to the import -- -- were served up by Buffalo Wild Wings. On -- either think yeah. Okay now what's my name. And towards third and spread on this server double play Buffalo Wild Wings on ESPN sports radio and -- -- and and -- busy sports day for us here. On the -- yeah it is about probably 45 minutes ago green and a out of Comcast I don't -- -- got to try to relax and I had a boy the last name. -- -- I think his last name that sounds about right Jeremy and this report that Tyler Johnston tires is ACLU is out for the season he's of course their lesson three your starter at left tackle honorable mention pac twelve. This matters it's Michigan State because they go against the idea of the guy named actually Calhoun. Who is an all American defensive end tell. Gonna have to a huge void to fill for the organ ducks who is his replacement at left tackle going to be Andre Andre. Like that I believe is the guys and got his column mr. YMRY. And I do one place to be the new left -- and every super -- come September 8 and the rest rude -- -- -- -- update you on that story again over the weekend Tony Stewart faces. Potential several legal consequences after the fatal accident he was on a dirt track. And he saw the video Kevin award -- was a twenty year old driver I got bumped by him and in the we don't get into the specifics of the technicalities of the NASCAR. And get the weight is not NASCAR but the way that the Israelis caused yet -- the sprint car race were essentially. He got out of his car went to the middle of the track which trying to. An eight on Tony Taylor flipping him off he -- -- that Tony Stewart because Tony Stewart on the laps previous and -- kind of pushed him into the wall and yelled yeah and I think it's a question not only -- of what should happen to Tony Stewart. I think others also question of if this ever happen in -- no other sport. Where you put the blame -- where you put the liability say somebody in baseball through baseball bat and hit somebody and they were every union address for something happen where you. The ball with some unwritten rules baseball we throw -- -- head and something seriously happens the culpability and where that liability falls but. It sounds like dirt you blame Tony Stewart more and spray your moreover it's kind of a dislike an accident well. I mean to say I blame Tony survey I can. I wouldn't go that far but to me there there's a lot of people out there and I -- -- -- of this morning basically seniors should there be any penalty for Tony Stewart in the vast majority of people that have commented and said no this was a tragic accident and I'm not willing to go that far because. It'll let you go what are you one -- protect this and I think it's a great point. I can't imagine running somebody over I would probably put my life in danger before running someone over by veering off the track are slamming on my breaks. And what you -- -- I can't imagine having some. Form of the -- maneuver to get out of running someone over it to be that's where that's where I stand on this from people don't wanna point a finger at Tony Stewart looked baby it's completely unfair because ultimately. We weren't in the car. Maybe Tony Stewart was looking down maybe he was -- years maybe he didn't -- you know that an and that's the difficult -- highly doubt he was looking him yeah yeah I get probably wasn't but he was under caution and he wasn't driving very slow under caution and to me that's -- look at and I say if I was in that -- I was behind the driving will -- -- behind the steering -- that car. I would have done or whatever it took to get out of the way from not hitting somebody in to meet Tony Stewart didn't do enough to get out -- Yeah I just. Look Tony Stewart has such a terrible reputation. On the circuit. Now I'm not gonna go out and say that he killed a guy on purpose he clearly didn't mean to do on purpose -- But what's not in common is for for drivers and they mostly do this with cars rather than just an actual person standing next to him. Is the Boston they'll come up close to -- kind of similar message like don't do this anymore goal weight he would. And part -- award and look people can get upset about this but this is just the reality of the race world now. You are an entertainer is supposed to put on a show a lot of guys take it further than just the track the mat actor race. You could even -- assault on Greg -- one of the nicest guys in the Sprint Cup Series. He has a video where Jimmie Johnson in the middle of the media session and he grabs Jimmie Johnson my collar in front of cameras and those don't you call me bro don't you tell me. That's not who Greg Biffle is a person but it happens because cameras are on. If you have a personality you can be sellable -- more endorsements that more sponsors that more money that is what racing is turned into. To me Tony Stewart didn't mean to hit him. But if you I do believe Tony Stewart meant to kind of buzz in the sent a message. But what those cars they're tricky even the best drivers -- when you're driving those cars because they have the tendency to fish -- out. The best driver in the world can have a moment where it might slip out and I think that's what happened ultimately and led to the demise of Cam Ward. Taking your text on this at 5530. Finals here calls it -- three to five vote any -- up to the phones K -- -- -- need to stand go ahead. Greg Craig. I want to let yourself and a big part of -- accountability or responsibility. -- aren't cute arms but ultimately when you're talking 150 miles well somewhere in the vicinity. And you decide to get -- are not only get out of there are being -- -- -- on the close to my mother told you don't get in the middle district Harvard. That's again checked whether he saw him -- -- -- had -- I've got our. All the legal liability -- responsibility of the individual we are you prepared to get out on the track where you are going very fact that thought he was protected by. Ultimately. -- not -- much regarded made that decision across. Nick thank you can't great insight it's a B I agree I agree completely and it and I think you don't. When you look at Tony Stewart because we got into one of these sects and bottom line you never get out your card the track is designed for cars he broke number the number one -- and I agree 100% without and to me that's the ultimate of war doesn't get out of his car this is a non issue completely but. You can't say that Tony Stewart is not theirs in yet deserve some semblance of blame here I just I can't believe that. -- and let people people think that the attitude in the anger on the track happens a lot within NASCAR businesses and a NASCAR incident this is a separating -- -- itself. This is not normal that you can find videos here in their 56 different videos of guys -- -- a car Tony Stewart's one of them throwing a helmet in the paint areas. This does not happen guys don't get out of the car and it'll attract. While the race is still going on even if it's under constant yeah and they jumped in front of a car and jump really close to McCarthy get mad. They'll stick by their cardinal throws something and I mean 99%. Will never do what Kevin ward did and that's right you can't blame full responsibility on -- It's -- -- isn't this a wider issue in just in the world of car racing in general I think it's an issue in the world in general idiots like road rage exist. This is a huge problem that people ask you all know that guy -- maybe accidentally cut somebody off -- and -- followed for 1015 minutes like dude I don't I didn't meet any Mal intent when I did that we ran all the time like letting go and traffic is kind of uneasy Liddy -- serving up tight. And -- -- segment in our letting go but. How many people how many pedestrians. Walk across the street like they're entitled and they're not going to get it or bikers yet they do it all the time that don't so does not approve yet they think there's nothing happen and it cars are going to net on automatically stopped for them. And never understood that mindset when pedestrians walk across the street food and don't like at least look and think all right well. Is this part of a stopper because -- substantial that they won't stop for me that's what happened with Kevin ward I I think he thought. That Tony Stewart wasn't going to get as close as he did and that he was going to be fine there's no in his mind. I imagine he said there's no way he's gonna hit a year and that was kind of his mindset then -- yes. Thinking either he's twenty years old if he really was frustrated a lot of that is a lot of back to an announcing Kevin awards was. But a lot of guys with anger because they get -- to -- the law there's a little frustration but a lot of that's played up. But Kevin ward also if he's twenty years old he's a little immature at times I bet I'd be willing to bad. He has an incident where he gets -- he feels all -- Tony Stewart Tony Stewart thinks he can push me around yeah -- and a guarantee to molest and -- yeah it's just like any other accident in life a lot of guys especially if you're a little immature little younger you're not thinking of repercussion you're just thinking of retaliation so maybe he gets out. Looks in the situation and says screw this I'm gonna stick up this guy guarantee death was not a part of that equation and Donnie you are on 1080 the fan go ahead. I -- Internet. I get I get another perspective a lot of people are really talking about these guys are running these cars on dirt. They weren't terribly. Plastic -- on their potter's. After eroded hot laps come around the corner especially at a cost and that's a perfect opportunity to reach up grab a cholesterol or what. So you can actually a court -- -- Otherwise they're covered in mud they're comforted her partner and dust. To get that sprint car to turn back quickly when he noticed obviously you saw a black on a very dimly lit racetrack. Standing in the middle. The track dirt that the immediate reaction is to hit the bottle to get back ought to try to steer out of they don't just -- -- I'm like you know what your regular streak or they act could be. You know I have to -- speak to turn. Yes thank you -- appreciate that and I think I heard somebody else uses example on. Maybe it's way out but I heard it's almost like a boat when you're in the water yeah yeah where you're trying to like. Is not -- -- that when you turn are we trying to sharp turn out the kind of fish tales out. And so again I'm not super educated on the losing the things look -- doing this is why people -- Stewart he wasn't necessary he wasn't on in terms he's on a straight away and if you watch the video. He's going to add him and in the Clark kind of tips in any goes to the right a little bit and that's where warned it sucked on the right you're right that's why people blame Tony Stewart but again. When you're dealing with mind you're dealing with cars. I don't care if you're the greatest driver in the world that the British -- that you're gonna have an incident where accident as hard as something you don't want it to. Especially when your -- not something someone known as dirt mud big -- he never. -- what do you put in -- like as I'm curious from NASCAR restricted because again you know I'm on the outside looking in I don't watch a whole lot apple RF -- and -- -- until we get the art -- work but you know my brother who grew up in this -- he moved -- to Charlotte -- -- about -- -- in he's got into you know I think when you live in certain areas of the country NASCAR's a lot bigger than it is may be out here. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Some sort of an out of a result here where you can try to avoid tonight is happening because I do good baseball it's a bad rap a lot of times for the -- unwritten rules. But to me when you're dealing with unwritten rules which is what I do this guy got you know hit the wall he was upset city don't get me into the wall -- retaliate on -- economy appoint your car. When you're dealing with -- unwritten rules in terms of the sport where guys are driving -- -- miles an hour crashing into each other. There's a little bit more at stake there. There is and in terms of what Tony Stewart faces there's some good write us about the legal consequences. You have to prove intent weights if you really wanna go after which you're never gonna be able to -- now you -- there's negligence perhaps there. But there will be a civil suit he's worth a hundred million dollars. So easy because Kevin war is only twenty years old when they. Do when they consider a civil suit in a negligent death. They take in his earning capacity which is a fancy way of saying how much money could this guy made the rest of -- yes and it -- -- ninety dollars so you will most likely settle for millions of dollars. It don't forget -- we still lose a lot of corporate endorsers Chevron Coke nearly golden -- would you continue to have Tony Stewart -- commercials and I -- I always think about it -- like -- used car -- and Janet -- -- he's clean -- -- he's one of the most famous drivers on this on the Sprint -- will he continue to be after this I I do believe he will and when he comes back whether it's this weekend -- the weekend after however long it -- -- do you believe you'll get a rousing ovation because people out within NASCAR. Can view that and you can feel there's some responsibility needs to do -- needs to be dealt with Tony Stewart. But you do not Ryan in the middle of the track I don't care if it's caution or even a stance he'll run around in the middle attract. In the middle of a race and that's where I think most people view this incident on I'm not -- there's going to be huge corporate backlash like people think. One Merrill we were out at -- acres probably a month ago and they are some kids out there are 1617 years old that work on their way to do these type of events is how early stage their -- as bad as soon as I saw that stories like that. It could be those like that yes I am so we made our 1516 years old he had a progressive the next step in their career and -- is one of those steps it is a tragic stories Kevin ordered twenty years old was killed. After Tony Stewart struck him with his car. That happened over the weekend also over the weekend yesterday Rory McIlroy wins the PGA championship. In what the more inner teaming me years we've seen in a long time what does it do for golf that's next. Then towards dirt and -- just served up by Buffalo Wild Wings on ESPN's Sports Radio 1080 -- and. Stupid we don't really -- -- sort of I happen to know everything that isn't all about -- it was -- I love maples are. I love it will step up and takes a look at some pizza and other technical -- a little bit of money here but I had a rough week that you think halted apps like it's the first quarter -- the game you want possibly you know Mary. I'd like to be comes from -- -- listeners don't know -- on -- wouldn't -- what Peter Pan. Yes yeah. -- -- -- I have not heard this particular kind guys used to during the commercial break -- I should play and now we're gonna try. Lagging bacon and football. Now you're out as an eight man came up last we will we are exactly what segment was highlighting bacon and football. Lately -- doesn't like they did so at -- point exactly how it came about was we had the Rico as the equivalent we get the best regional enemies in the days nobody can debate that and one of our rejoinder songs as I like sex in -- and that's -- and I said you know what an obvious song like who doesn't like sex anti Indian and what's next I like bacon and football -- just say you and I'll today I signed an -- harmony and I know -- pretty popular little drop last week that he only joined in the fourth was out maybe you I -- and has and it did look up near the top of the -- -- and. Peyton Manning. Are at a begin with DirecTV they had a rap song about three NEC football in the new DirecTV. Fancy football channel which we discussed on this show the place Mario from that at 1 o'clock also Florida State got to be a genius idea. To use -- past tag ask -- on Twitter over the weekend as you can imagine that didn't go all of that well. Bit too late yesterday I think all three of us and I think a lot of sports fans in America based off of the rating sat down. And watch the PGA championship -- ball Hala it was rain delayed that actually did end up helping the ratings as ago when in a prime time. -- that Roy was able to hold on and watching that turn it it felt like Rory was never even a part of the tournament. Until hole number ten where he -- it. It felt like it was Phil Mickelson. Rickie Fowler and a little bit it Henry extensive mixed and that's -- turn it felt like -- thought Rory was is does he was he was three strokes down any units and we did yeah. Have a pretty front and I needed -- was -- at all and so even if let Rory winning is huge for the sport but. Even with still and -- like it was one of the best leader boards top five leader boards that we had. In a long time them at the Indy was really bizarre but overall a great great golf -- Yeah I mean I can't think of a better back nine that was playing -- -- it came up short in terms of ratings to the YE Yang and Tiger Woods it was 2009. PGA championship been let everybody remembers that because YE Yang has -- puts it all the time was the guy -- still a Tiger Woods who you man on a Sunday I don't know when this thing and look act. To me I thought it was better because you had multiple guys involved and really recognizable names yes I was entertained I watch is sort of from start to finish I haven't done that -- long time from hole one to eighteen. I was on the couch for over five and half hours he yelled at by the why are you gonna do anything today. No no -- and I thought I gotta watch this for work sweetheart which act as soon as he hit that eagle so that second attempt to get to the green on ten unbelievable. How many guys were sitting in the -- thinking holy bananas second shot 284 yards to get on the -- nobody was able to do that all tournament all week you -- -- -- there saying what a terrible shot and down -- typically start off the last is that breaks right it's a nice roll and suddenly the guy it's an eagle and he's a stroke down from Phil and Fowler. I I started -- or may not be honest I. I was a big Rory guy going in because I do believe golf needs that that dominant player to re gain that the strength of the sport had when tiger was killing. But I did get to a point where I was anti American I was going for Rory McIlroy and I'll tell you why. I'm not with the father son fist pumping between rate flat out are loud the negative Nancy over here killed -- -- positive figure now it's as gentlemen as you know even within the past padding like a -- game and we go -- to -- imminent have a good time I don't EC Fowler and -- -- -- -- When one overtakes the other on the leaderboard at suck it up here on hole eleven year tied and you're trying to win a major Phil -- for the six Rickey trying to get one because that's it's a great tournament run this year in the majors. Stop this bumping each other and play competitively. Rory it's a way it's wanting Celine was he do he punches the air right from the freaking -- I loved everything that attorney gave me -- I'm kind of glad we got it all. GA he's aware that I thought it was a great turnout. The ratings are us but there's got to become tighter YO three over here is Vegas is -- -- struggle with people because you haven't had a competitive golfer with day. Kill you I don't -- wanna be your friend during -- terminal -- until -- -- and -- fist -- get out of -- nobody wants to see -- -- to be -- there's no -- -- you're not competing against anybody you're competing against the golf course it's not like -- fist pumping -- -- -- competing -- -- you -- -- birdie every -- somebody playing -- better than you and you could -- -- but you're not playing defense against that -- -- -- is still trying to -- better shots -- incidents -- -- was what propelled Rickie -- finished third and no knowledge is it's what took him when he -- -- -- losses that look you know like I -- -- -- from tiger was never that way in the a lot of people love tiger for daddy in the -- punish Hillary take a lot of people off -- read a lot of the golfers around -- I -- maybe you're honest there in terms of people. You know being against Dylan and Rory and an. Or Phil and Rickie Fowler doing that also it is the only thing I asked for last week going into that tournament. Was to have a compelling Sunday that's all I've won it because you go back to the masters it was great until the back nine at Augusta. Bubba eventually ran away from speed the US open was -- -- -- from start to finish -- was a wire wire winner in the British Open and British Open where you had a little bit of intrigue on Sunday with Sergio got within what 23 strokes of Rory Rory struggled a little bit on Sunday. But ultimately it was never the adapted to -- that's what I love and that's all you can ask for whether they're big names are not to and I -- -- different than a lot of people -- this -- you know I didn't care that -- burger guy was in the lead is August there was drama going on in the -- -- -- That's all you can really ask for an in to meet they showed an -- hasn't been a topic of conversation out front for awhile. But it showed a different side of Rory because if if you watched the first three wins have that Rory hat. The first or blowouts that did the British Open that he wanted at the last major again he struggled a little bit on Sunday but it was never in doubt this was a tournament where he came out like you said import. And it didn't even feel like he was in contention I mean they were shown a whole lot a lot of that had to do with the way Ricky and Phil played on the front. -- cannot struggled bogeyed -- I can remember exactly when he finished a front nine but he was either one over even he was 10 and so that eagle on ten so he was not playing good golf and he had to turn -- -- he did now we benefited from late bogeys from Ricky if Phil. Because fifteen and sixteen respectively they each bogeyed so that helped to -- a lot it in an open the door back up for a but to see Rory when a tournament like this it does a lot for the people that say he doesn't have that quote unquote killer instinct like tiger did. -- He kind of dispelled a lot of those and to me that's why this wind it even sent it in his post game press conference. This one was the sweetest because I proved to myself I could fall behind early. I deprive myself down to the three strokes finally back interment finally -- endure what -- and we will last week Rory he's not clutch yeah. That's an exact that it insists he's not the next tiger because he doesn't have a killer instinct to begin handle the primary -- Xenia yep so where does that leave -- with. Golf moving forward in what can Rory McIlroy do for golf. If anything also wanna ask why you watch TP did yesterday it was it because. Still was because a Rory was just determined yet nothing else to do what was the reason that you watch or read some of those tax advantages. At 55305. Also Marie had a pretty telling comment in his postgame audio. We'll play that for you was while you're listening to Dan tortured its break served up by Buffalo Wild Wings onto an eighty the fan. And -- your own crap out of and -- compare anything -- -- -- -- strategists served up by Nickelodeon's. And ESPN's Sports Radio 1080. -- -- -- I I won't say it is not that I love this song love sex romantic memory and I get tickets as we speak. I can't listen to this song on a non Friday evening games we -- this this all makes him and crack open beer whenever I hear it on the Monday saying. You guys this series rednecks. This conversation -- -- nothing easy in NASCAR fan I'm making an eighteen though didn't certainly redneck roots it was a glorious. Glorious occasion we may find you a little bit on was it Monday or Tuesday there had Danforth had such honest that that the -- that whenever he goes home. Guys I know I see this every year yeah we got to make the trip then as the best city in America so wow how close sex. Trader as they -- a lot you can do and then I was doing your blazer -- -- -- now from Portland -- I mean I don't really hear hand she's -- the study radio and then would. Raining yesterday at the PGA TNT separate -- right got a six year that's up 36%. From last year's highest rated round in five years right now -- this somebody asking this question I was hoping they would. Any about Caroline Wozniacki is fiance -- -- -- -- I think she's that I know she's not he dropped like a hot second data that it was a brilliant move by Rory she got a good tennis player's body she gets so listen and ask about this Rory said yesterday quote I think what happened has been for the better. In terms of my golf team I can see so all he -- -- put in a bit more time in the gulf. It's refocused me. I mean what else do I have to do right now. But I go to the golf course I go to the gym. It's just my life to the minutes have had to say about playing golf no big deal if it is funny how stuff like that work out in that people looking kind of point the finger at direct correlation there. They break up and all the sudden Marie just becomes this major championship just just dominant golfer he can't lose 13 in a row it's fun to watch that. All of the things they are looking at are the clothing that -- -- delivery -- -- -- now right now that for and drop London's Alexandra you very well on the -- -- admitted till 1250 million that's not bad it's Monday got a taste good let's say strictly random audio pop up they're now being -- pretty get announces pretty -- I I've read my programming at a RadioShack you -- on to something -- OK can -- map really did see this after. The round I need to accept my responsibility of not being a role model and to be able to inspire kids it to play golf for pick up a golf been. -- get them started and again I mean I. I see a big a big change in like when I go back from NORTHERN IRELAND and I see I go to you know. Local golf clubs and see how many juniors -- plan and see how many. You kids are on the course and on the putting greens and -- some sort of involvement or rule and not. You know it feels it feels very special. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And you hope that it continues now that he's no longer in the relationship is that. Remember the last time we also accurately crowned Rory the next big thing he disappeared disappear for about -- happy with -- terrible equipment trying to way to turn -- -- have a toothache I mean he disappeared off the face of the earth and a lot of that coincided as well within sight when Nike people's that he could handle the club change so. He's got to show that he can handle the pressure to continue to play a high level but. You know I heard you know SEP result talking about it earlier and it's true this is why he special. His good is better than anybody else's good right now is I know that's kind of easy cliche answer -- when he's playing at his highest level it doesn't matter what anybody else does he will be -- it Rickie Fowler is a great example that at the open championship. Rickie Fowler played for flawless days basically of golf didn't have -- -- -- -- doubles or triples. For flawless days of golf many good it was good enough you're just knocked it up when it and you brought this up as you're watching the -- import. He has the length to beating anybody immediate Indian probity EE sit to spring a number ten. We sit -- three to eighty per -- our bodies that he's got five foot putt for eagle. That's that other guys just can't do that tiger that's what I got used to do exactly so he has this special need whatever use it I hate to say that it's a stupid but yes it. Does this stuff that other golfers don't have candy continue to play I love although that is to be -- Either way real quick we got a couple of -- -- Crawford needs to break up with his girlfriend and then that -- when I. Properties to focus a little -- -- -- how stupid is that golf is -- conversation look like that the whole media at this golf is dead including Colin in the morning like. Golf as well -- drive and he drove it this morning to art is dead. Whole load nevermind -- -- and now we're -- -- Barack Collins still says -- continent golf is -- so that's -- that's it define -- it's been around since the 14100 so it literally -- that is not winning Rory -- needs and -- captain obvious statement Rory does need to continue to win majors to carry -- he's in that -- company now you are at a point now where -- five -- -- he -- I am pushing Rory McIlroy hard part -- I did -- when tiger was in his prime I'm giving him every commercial. I'm putting him on billboards. I'm making him the face of my company right now and if that happens. That's where to meet the -- can happen it doesn't have to just be a black white thing. Tiger was a perfect storm we don't disagree with that whatsoever. What Rory taking it pretty close not because he's not American or anything else but because of 1990 has that -- that if they put you on TV enough. And you continue to dominate win. People will buy in and say geez man -- really thinks the world -- guy he's got seven majors at age 27. Have to watch his Sunday afternoon did so anyway. Happen is is like a re calibration of where -- -- like this weekend at that was a perfect example of where we can people can appreciate. Exactly what golf is right now and much like an actual golf -- you really have that appreciation of -- how good it really is. With out tigers I thought it was a re calibration if you will get wise of of everybody's kind of mindset where they woke up and go wait a second this is actually pretty good idea because Rory is doing the same things on the golf course. Tiger used to -- exact words used reds since -- there's the racial component. We've never seen somebody like tiger -- seen somebody like literally tiger itself was great Brett you've seen somebody like Rory because you had tiger and he's he's vaulted into that stratosphere he's -- and in those comparisons. And he is a guy that is a nice guy and that's such a weird thing to say but. Tiger wasn't very nice guy -- he says he bag this tool and Rory is hasn't genuine but he's a genuine good guy. Which are gonna Dillinger sport around somebody -- was a pretty big guy Marty was great Tom Watson was great all the legends of golf that you think about the world we're nice guys and we're good with people. And Rory is that way -- I think the one thing yesterday. Wing when you watched him just how he acts and all of his mannerisms. He is a perfect face for golf I really do believe that because. He's he's almost the comments for you says he almost has become an American in some of his mannerisms yeah. And the when he stopped in the weight plays competitive yes dear miss is being a -- and Eric. Love that he -- median -- the fist -- and that's something that we look what we all -- tiger in -- in his -- famous you know walking -- the -- -- that happened I'll -- so it was kind of a new new -- fist -- oracle and he's owning up to the conversation right now ways can one golfer dominate and re gain the popularity of golf and -- to his credit has stepped up in multiple press conferences. And said look somebody needs to do it I'm going to be that day I can be that -- way and ultimately look big names help don't get me when you have big names when you have -- Rickie Fowler and Rory McIlroy going down the -- you know you throw the other Europeans out there nobody wanted to see any of them land but he yet three big names coming -- -- firm UI and whatever to help his name was -- never going and exactly. But he was he when you have those big names coming out of -- a major championship that is compelling TV for -- is it and that's all that. No I I tried to make the argue for the first three majors 'cause I love golf I'll sit and watch the majors but. Even I can get bored of it sometimes and the US open was terrible morning panel led by basically ten strokes the entire time. You weren't compelled there was nothing to glue to glue you to your seat so don't get me wrong having the big needs help but it also -- -- eagle on the seventeenth green. Or somebody's got to get a putt it to make a difference in winning or losing a major and that's something that golf can we can do week in setting that golf could put on TV to help ratings that not a lot of other sports can do. It's a blessing and a curse whenever you build your sport upon one particular personality because of that personality as you've seen it was built on tiger tiger tiger tiger. And then when tiger falls off your left picking up the pieces. Of of what's left is also if you're dating somebody poured everything into that relationship. And the new ignore your friend you ignore everything else and you break up like when exposed to do now that's kind of what all went through with tiger and they could go through with Rory bit. I don't see Rory is that guy and the best part about golf for golf. Is if tiger does come back in some sort of Zell himself yet that hasn't even been -- -- -- when one imagines that you imagine that -- yesterday it would it would tiger in contention say -- -- playing with -- you know the final -- at about one of the best majors and yet you know it would have yet exactly. There was some great audio from -- meaning in Eli Manning this morning is they released a rap video for DirecTV is new thing is he football's a great advertisement. For DirecTV also Florida State. Decided for some reason it was a good idea to do that has -- asked Janus soul -- read your best hash tag ask genus. On the text machine 5530. By trying to even as clean as possible we read those next in our smorgasbord of sports topics here on in eighty the fan.

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