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Ben Kercheval - Lead College Football Writer for Bleacher Report

Aug 8, 2014|

Ben Kercheval joins PrimeTime to discuss the ruling against the NCAA in the Ed Obannon lawsuit.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

In to help shed little light on the matter is the lead football writer for Bleacher Report. Then searchable and then taken few minutes -- on a busy David thank you for. Taken few minutes first of all kind of what are your initial impressions on this ruling in Howell. It might change college sports. Looks -- way to change the pretty evident actually you could get a little overblown that we reach equity creatures at the moment and I currently and so it. But Trevor gonna change all -- -- you know it's going to be get. Acting that's a little bit Oprah well the first thing you got to remember much in dot NCAA. Even though. Think a lot of waves -- not up on -- in its ruling optic. Still -- Leo auction argument you have a lot -- that we. Statement saying we disagree with the decision I would expect. Actor fuel. Potentially they can do all the ripped the Supreme Court so yeah that situation -- Bible has not occurred on metal what I would say that. As far as you can actually concerned at or over mutual trot out that. It would definitely expected no matter how Wilkins rule and letting go on and it is not once all the -- -- shuttle whatever that's going to be. It it will change athletics -- it will be able to -- Will be able to move on missions -- you can look at this ruling and say the NCAA all things considered not yet emerged here which is not. Interest and I'm looking just completely opened up its market. While outreach to. Market themselves. Whatever that value of their brand it is it's just -- she sent right now. Fortunately. Still count the amount of money. Out keeping a check -- -- bloat but value. The full value scholarships so. In a way it's a gray area it's kind of compromise. I know that the -- actually act and yet to double it lobster religious -- Back into the -- seeing off or more of a middle ground assured -- odd immediately -- extracted from the. It is and so from from my readers -- my understanding that we're not actually turned up -- players while they're here while while their participating. Just money going into a trust fund for when their their finished. Early -- requisite. That they would trot and then it like it's factually incorrect I apologize I am sure like. Herbert Hill operators still opt for routine. Student 99 K in the first issue so our our. Finding a bachelor were just there's a lot going on air it out I understand it is it is the trust and on the and that was if you go back through the case. With the brokers argue. That NCAA had established -- market right that was the reason why can't trust it established market. To restore new -- alternative basically Katrina came up. But free alternatives aren't either you you Qaeda and what they're currently getting right now opted to. Reached Fulbright scholarships. Reception when it's hot -- for a war you completely break up in the market and let. Free market I determine what. A player's value so I -- -- this case will contend it's -- what are their options I think. It's it's going to be in the starting you can get other Arab League. I understand where you're trying to. You know I was -- weird time to -- doing some basic math that even if you took that they did a 5000 dollar a year Cappy if you raise that ten. And then you throw another things like the full cost of attendance the unlimited suits and child for some parents some things they were talking about. In yesterday's. And autonomy really where they can they can loosen up the rules a little bit. You're here -- you're still talking about. I don't make it less than ten million dollars a year through these schools and that's -- that super high end. And you're saving in five years every one of these schools is is suppose -- beginning forty million just their TV deals alone. I I don't see where this cripples the power five my thing is what is it due to the smaller schools. Did you bring up a great question -- -- at first it doesn't -- -- power that engage. They're the past two days. Of treatment for. It and watch it it's who were -- for the time being that the economy -- it at six negate the year ago period. And everything goes according to plan and that they're able to implement a lot of the new legislation -- -- -- pitching like a few children talked about. An additional players I've -- slots on being able trick -- provide athletes with me. Certain out of money based on use of their name in July -- an -- television brought out -- I actually -- seemed like and remember. Pitched well we're able -- even start kicking it back until kids who aren't you got exchange. Because -- out or opt out images which at a Ben and an -- -- you can't neglect. They'll have to shuttle so we're talking about stopped its gonna be happening. A couple year forward really start -- -- taking factory outlet to actually in school so. School and -- smaller schools will be harder time doing it. On it will it will coach -- NCAA it and it'll people out. Custard air -- mining concern but the main engine like excel he. They're not clear an oil water separation. He can't afford. I think college football and we started to she got over the past several years television. -- -- -- And its -- just coming to the question more or change. And -- your ball is our -- in saying that aren't. OK get easily college football writer for Bleacher Report. And I and I never won a butcher anybody's name because we have a guy named -- -- sitting across from me. I hair and I get it wrong all -- people get a wrong all the time for sensitive to yet we're sensitive to it we understand your plight but. My question is do you think. O'Bannon is happy with this -- because you said it earlier just a slap on the wrist but. Did it really is a slap on the wrist at the NCAA is getting. In from what the that they were asking for in the beginning of this trial to what -- they were the ruling actually is do you think that. They should they should and are happy with the ruling. A great question it and again first saw this trial that the images. You remember about the couple -- remember the top images or video games out anywhere. A few hundred dollars traffic or maybe you -- -- but we're not talking. You know don't rule it out. Mutual solution you'll indicated at the trust in your acting director eighty million dollars openly broke down for read it where it's. On average couple 1080. Times or -- you're not so -- talk about. Really. -- Like -- -- to yours -- or opera got our export figures really got -- basis. All worked out for the period beginning we're looking at age 50% -- our product correctly I don't think they ever. Realistically thought they were going to -- So I think are happy with the thought that they're getting something. The interest and accurate accurate label it was sisters like -- -- -- -- -- open and -- as I look at that say. Like where we're at you -- yeah and broken shedding another -- Right it's not machines over -- the market changes and it. Changing the mark it should it's kind of an interest in ruling so. I echo your article it's got a great answer either yes or no answer yet they're out because there and were -- match. It really is great -- now. How many athletes really are you shall on yeah it's really our worst I got all year probably not a lot. Well and it's it's kind of funny that she said that he can't be any less than 5000 dollars but he can certainly be more something tells me the NCAA is it going to side with the more I have a feeling that the norm is gonna be a 5000 dollar. Fifth floor. Going to be extra option this option and other going to be searching pieces where he's slightly exaggerating there at all possible. What -- I and I'd I'd try to read as much of this is I can't and I haven't seen anything on it do you have any idea. What because this is only division one basketball or football where where title nine comes into this is taller -- in a whole new can of worms. -- not a great question and that would be the first thing that you NC double it goes to the fictional the straw that -- -- go to this election director Supreme Court. Thought that they were saying it would it would they would Archie. And at the track during their argument all along it's really been an economic -- actually. This is another reason why he -- this ruling just so incredible it is intentionally. Sent to trial lack. It just an absolute garbage and show. I think what they're going to view it they killed Protestant -- Weren't really broke real we don't know how we're gonna take Brady. More money. And actually for Obama stopped -- and can be able to -- -- anybody else. Point that's probably going to -- initial approach in particular market open trial. -- how can work to secure Portland or blacks. -- you never know I would venture to guess early on in my limited. Not legal knowledge I I would like -- -- but barely touched it as long call my limited legal college. A little targets first and state tax. -- and there are more lawsuits coming correct. Yeah I don't think it's an elderly couple shot her organs. I can't remember exactly the ball up Santa Chile have been losers you -- the child want. This is just the biggest one because from what it was it's been years in the making and action it really just to catch. The trot stress it originally. Included bigger gains for NCAA stretch out they'll adopt. But not you know you were talking about. -- as possible way. -- -- -- Published broadcast rebroadcast. On YouTube video games you had any Yiddish. It really district and higher stroke itself. It was just it was the biggest trump -- Point -- like utmost attention but it was so sure hardly the only one that that was occurring yet should at least fighting. And it seems like all of the daily. It just a multi front battle here. Ben -- of all the easy lead college football writer for Bleacher Report T Tina follow him on Twitter -- -- -- -- he he claims that Rasheed Wallace's his biological dad on on his Twitter about -- tell your dad hi we love near Portland. I'll merit although a lot -- But if that that Jack cut that -- slot that we appreciate it. Have a great weekend.

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