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Danforth Dirt and Sprague 8.8.14 Hour 3

Aug 8, 2014|

The guys 'Let It Go' and wrap up NFL Preseason talk.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Are important. They're sprayed bit at thousand dollars or impeachment begin with a -- -- -- -- consent whenever I'm done right and presented by Buffalo Wild Wings this is a PGA championship we condition over Danforth dirt and spray. Brought you have black and grants spectacular golf. Stunning scenery amazing resort amenities. Much of an unlimited golf packages start at 139%. Is that black you rent dot com today Danforth -- spray it on ESPN's Sports Radio Jay Nady both men. Last hour of the week it is Friday we're feeling great. Brilliant our -- -- on a very international group fast we are gonna be -- grew fast after the show in either around 330 or however long traffic dictates us yet there. And I mean there can be hanging out Crawford's gonna join us and hang out. 108010 and enjoy couple bruises and yeah enjoy the sunshine so we gave way out terror couple pairs of tickets this week but if you didn't get him. Come on out anyway it's going to be a good time over 200 world craft Beers -- so awesome that it's going to be a great time. We just we got a tag team -- broke quick after the show and we're we're both playing hurt today I was pretty bad expects. We we've -- chuckle and we we did really planned that out RPG eighties did not go according to please don't go for here yet we -- -- -- -- -- now but will we will be there edges you know first things first yet so obviously Friday's 2 o'clock this is what we do this is who we are these yeah. -- -- we have -- let it go now we -- we've got a lot of suggestions on this before we get started with -- -- goes to -- stretch this -- a little -- today we're -- to simmer until 230 with his balance at 230 because we got a lot of people -- -- -- -- let me know when we got some stuff but. First of all people of complained about this let -- -- brought. Lot of people out that I don't like you know I don't -- -- I don't blame them I'm with the I have to watch this movie every single day. Import try to drop the -- to watch -- many snow you see your knees once every three months yet AFC my daughter you know one that I see your every freaking game I have to watch his movie so I understand -- parents are coming from. So we found a couple of politicos. Got medical. And that's a pretty. Good -- good letting go I love Zack brown band got Def Leppard. I like that one and then we have this one which was text and as suggestion. And it's kind of in the same format. And yet somebody accident he said that you guys should change your let it -- segments over the line had been the basket soundbites that which is that we already have a -- -- -- over the line -- we integrate one. He says -- to show they can't stand that goes on I I don't blame our effort on this one. I we still got serenity is not signing -- so here's what we're gonna do we we understand the people that cannot -- the letting go song and I don't blame you at all it annoys me I don't have any children I've never even see the movie I've had to buy the merchandise. And that annoying more than that so now that that's a hole and go on its own right we can't officially get rid of its -- We we we really. Pledged to use that we will plays as few many times as possible. Absolutely so let go you can text in 55305. Something that's been bothering you it's been -- -- -- he would set out -- if you want yet you can call 50325. Votes and -- we don't take atomic calls but if you -- event on something as quickly as possible as in building up and just let go and hang up great. We like to do that wanna have a ton of fun there. But that accident -- if you if you don't wanna get on the phone 55305 on the -- -- to enter -- attacks line. And let us know something that's been bothering you that you just one event and flat out dirt I will let you start out gagging us Larry goes segment now I got a sports related Milan and non sports related one summer start with sports years at the end we wanna go first first I don't know we are doing angles OK -- lot of start of the -- single -- news sports and -- -- -- up my mind. In if you listen to the open of the show you know I'm gonna go -- this 'cause this this drives me nuts every year in and now I finally have a segment in a platform to let out my emotions on this subject matter. And let me also preface what I'm about to say if he had a -- -- child is involved in this event or you Levy rooting interest that has evolved in this event. Please don't take this too seriously please don't take this too personally. I don't mean to offend anybody but. At some point we have got to stop showing the Little League World Series on CB. It is reopening -- I am I am because that's -- I am upset about this I am it is the most condescending sporting event that is ever shown on TV when Michelle -- find PB AW NBA show Almonte doesn't matter to me those are professional sports. Those are the best. In the world at their sport I have no problem with -- -- showing them the would you show the Little League World Series first off I'm sorry nobody cares like if there's an organ team out there. Go play hard I hope you won -- I hope he beat the world that you may Callaway anywhere in the World Series. But I'm sorry I'm not gonna watch it but ultimately what upsets me about this. Is the fact that they try to and for and they try to tell us that these kids are capable of hitting pitches up to a 115 and 120 miles an hour. Because the -- a little bit closer they tried to the scientific equivalent. That these kids are hitting a 120 miles an hour give. Me a break that is the most condescending thing in all of sports it is the stupidest thing. I've never heard of our oldest Chatman hits like a hundred and you're a 103 miles an hour on the radar gun in big league hitters can't barely touch him at a 103 miles an hour. You're not going to convince me that a bunch of eleven and twelve year olds are capable of hitting -- hotter and one of our pitches also. At least stop with these with the top ten sports and -- of these kids are you kidding me. With a little Bobby. Falls down and catches a fly ball that is not the third best play of the week you've got to stop condescending me. He's not shutting the Little League World Series down my throat. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Back an hour starts -- go he went off now. How would be on that -- there's nothing more frustrating than that drives me nuts I mean we got -- collar and we're gonna put this caller on your caller what is your name first. LOL -- I want an eighty. Anybody that. Last night and rail -- okay well I think that didn't you don't sound that just kill -- -- also attacked -- frustrated at her right well at Crawford do you have a letting go for this week. -- -- you let you go on this when we go to break. A cap got I've got you don't just get to one right now if it's a connection for the next segment to go ahead at my first one is about airports I don't know if you guys are in the listeners have flown lately I'm sure you have there's this new thing they do with the TSA it's called TSA pre check. And so if you pay a little bit more you get an upgraded ticket. You don't have to wait in the same security line with everyone you could just bypass the whole thing skipped at all and goes straight in the you don't have to take your shoes off. You have to take your laptops out their case you don't have to empty your pockets and have to do anything he just bypass the whole line. You walk through -- and I'm doing a lot through the new standing metal detectors the old school basic one and they like to on now. I just I get a little frustrated because I thought TSA was there to you know. Protect doesn't keep us safe and provide some semblance of security. And I don't understand how if you pay a little bit after he can hit. A TSA project and just bypass all I'd totally totally counter intuitive and so it's frustrating I'm waiting in line and -- businessman who made a little boy -- it. Did the right -- that go on then go on and you know you don't have to you don't have to go through the rest of the security make it doesn't make any sense to me it's frustrating right. I. I don't -- and I and I'm surprised I'm playing every single -- it comes out I had daily pick when he -- time how big one for one -- up with you there -- Crawford I did I -- -- that North Carolina about a month ago in -- I would what my parents to my brother lives over in Charlotte my parents -- -- the birds treaty like and I wasn't and it's no they left me about that wasn't -- a couple extra bucks and parents. They did I got up every candidate take place at W two for info so you have to get the TSA guys give my shoes next sheriff's office to know he's going to your place Ottawa sun doesn't shine. It's totally arbitrary it's like a you know you you coming with the same group. Half of them go through that rejected you can go over there such as aids does a doesn't make any sense of snow -- the right price you can walk through and they've. Obama Obama the but yeah. That's like free free check that's like double the -- you can he had entity that parents out there -- sort of style of athletic going in the side of the break run over on the clock on this one but I'm gonna do my leg don't wanna continue to get viewers we got a ton of them on the text line. At 55 through five and 25050325. Votes and eighty and calling new year letting go as well you do have ordered spray on -- Yeah. This is a PGA championship we get mission of then fourth third and -- you brought to you by black you pass on ESPN's Sports Radio Jay Nady drove friend again. I say it wants -- say began at. 108 fan listeners of the greatest not a goes on our tax machine they're fantastic. I mean there I don't even know where to start reading half with some of the things that people have to go through and it is funny. Because in this what's funny about it is we've all been through these extra -- yeah and your day to day life and I cut you off in traffic really study has got so I'm trying to get his signature nobody's there I believe they realize that might try -- Happens all the time and I've been the guy -- yeah. Everybody's been -- -- both sides of the coin I. It's time for me -- letting go and you go around in the spring and evidently didn't get -- -- I felt I had to do a sports wonder as knowing that I had and I forgot about it then I remembered and they coming goes sometimes they don't get that takes me off they do you in my letting -- is very simple. We had we had nice festivities going on in sports in Portland last couple days and you don't know I'm talking about a -- the MLS all star game I'll solve all eyes it was it was really cool idea I'm not the biggest soccer fan I can -- Canon Nike does a soccer socks -- -- just like football. It was great to see the atmosphere in the city the buzz was there I thought Nike did an exceptional job in the last and enjoy it. And everybody packed a stadium in Providence parking at a great time you brought in a team Bayern Munich is great international as European German team that won their league last year. A -- and most of the guys from that team were in the World Cup team to Germany Tina won the World -- legally played the guy who had the erection with his girlfriend and the game winning -- at all. -- was your Portland it was a good time. But I sat down in my living room. And me in the life and he watched half of that match I sat down I watched half of a soccer game I don't always do them I said screwed its Portland I love the city Landis. Everything was going fine at the MLS all stars -- to the won the match was ending. Bayern Munich's coach. The tumble -- fingers at Caleb Porter the coach of the timbers in the MLS all star coach the way and will not shake his hand. First of -- first of all. You should feel lucky Bayern Munich at the MLS allows you to come -- here and play us I don't hear your internationally known to I don't hear you dominate European soccer where in America we're in Portland -- you take the time to be appreciative to the fans who showed up to an African thing which there -- a lot of Bayern -- fans out there that were really pissed off value acted -- -- -- porter's hand. I don't even know anything about -- quarter up the fact he's got great -- he dressed really well had a good to hand and seemed like a nice guy that's all I know about Caleb Porter and he's the culture the timbers and you couldn't shake his hand because you thought things got -- physical. I'm sorry. Again this is America we'd play football it's our dominant sport because someone slide tackles -- I'm sure -- of the ground you're gonna get pissed off an upset. It's an exhibition game it's for fun that people show up just deceased superstar players don't care who wins and loses. To me it's ridiculous that he steps on that field and he has no sense of camaraderie or sportsmanship to come out there and say. Look accidents happen. It's a mistake. It's all right don't worry about it we vote the guys both went for the ball my guy just fell down please he wasn't hurt its soccer we've seen soccer injury -- go to soccer injury is it's this right here. Well lucky that I didn't. -- -- these guys that lay down on the ground they hold their need because they wanna get a yellow or red or whatever card and they wanna give their team an advantage we understand that's how this whole thing works. But it's come. That this guy couldn't shake the coaches and because he thought his team was -- at the heart. The very definition of that game is called a friendly in your support. 84 right only a match that doesn't even count are you freaking. You kidding me -- That was fantastic rated Sprague that was phenomenal. Ebert you need a couple of minutes edited. It 63 I didn't care that much about soccer that's the funny thing that guy that jackass. Couldn't shake -- reporters and say thanks for inviting us out here we had a great time this is Soccer City USA. We had fun. At the very definition that is that is friendly in your sports. Holy crap let's go to college got to let it go. -- on the air live what is your name first before you do -- ago. Jeff Jeff Jeff do you let it go man thanks for Kong go ahead. So I just thought you heard one of the use due this exact same win people call it pick up -- truck. Or did they just saying any kind of talk about a ticket they caught a trot -- these big rig on the -- all the road eighteen leader. And pick out something you know daily driver with a bat on a you know who have died on the farm here they come around like Tom go get the blue track in the comeback with a little will connect out. And they just don't understand the difference and it's an everyday thing I'm open net more people learn the difference between the two. There you go and that's fantastic guy he never really think about that it is the differences -- -- to track. Are fantastic well done -- done a great job I mean I. And I let's see us again -- let's get to a couple of these text as we got atomic bomb analysts -- wish Johnny's of people and he says these talking about the use DNC group which restores. What is so hard to skaters stuff and put it back and pay for my whole thing is it takes longer. Or the FT alleged crap to get into -- regular check out in his Smart faster people who know how to touch screen just go that's it's a group in my hand you scans and if people that you can't make no sense people that make you bag your own groceries that says that's no good that I'm one of those people that loves technology by Al so firmly believe. That there we can't allow technology to get too far and I personally like checkers I like interacting with people and like docking with. So I'm with this guy every time I've used the use scan which I grabbed 45 and the OK am entering IDs -- don't want to but I have to. The first -- And then put the bag you know Amir says. Place in the backing media area that I ever place in the packing area right did. And then it raising goes please weights and I have to wait for human become over the it's I'm sure you can even fix itself that outcome but now we got to get better than that this one as my fires -- -- hit stirs Andretti UPS truck if you were creates. Fleshy meat bag on two wheels I have a deadline and I on the road. I have to stop on. On the bike lane to make deliveries let it go that particular by -- delivery -- I'm sure that about it yeah I would hate them by -- and I kind of hate the -- now as a regular since -- -- says -- fans need to shut up. -- sack in the MLS is a garbage leak on my -- and on our words that says some people -- -- -- -- -- whenever that -- always you know letting go after. Somebody texted in about flip flops I can't find elements of any accidents than about did that TSA that make you take your flip flops off when you go through security. I really for hide bombs in her flip flops c'mon people. We got -- that people need to stop ordering ice cream cones we created Sunday so we wouldn't have too much you eat that the most discussed seeking. That's pretty dead. You know it's funny about all that stuff is. We had one earlier where somebody was talking about unhealthy guy and goes to the gym once every month or two months. And tells me in shape guy how to properly work out. I have this happen to me double times a recent one was this guy it was probably six to an -- he was trying to 330 pounds and I'm sitting over there I'm in decent shape for myself -- -- -- admit that and I'm not bragging about it but I've worked pretty hard -- -- good shape. Now mind in my own business my headphones any -- -- attached to a -- there and goes did you know technically you're supposed to bend over more when you pick their way to. And I am looking at this guy and I know like I judge people but -- mine this guy up and down up and down. This guy is 61300. Pounds and he's gonna sit here and tell me what I am and am not doing correctly it Newt. Hit the treadmill for a -- AM and then get back to me when you drop some LBs and you show me you care. I'll start to care about what you're saying it I. I'll never understand that concept -- that was in Desi getting those drop now. Well -- yet no one. Just like really briefly. Wind I'm watching a movie with a girl and she wants stick Jason and make downs down during the movie it's like let's just wait for it to be over is he gonna miss a lot of him. Important plot points there. And if you're ready to gather watching the movie I don't see the need to rush into the teasing you could just wait. To the movies after especially if you're watching a movie with a complex plot you wanna get their character development down if you wanna know -- you wanna know I. At the end of the movie why does Bruce -- decide to walk on the glass and I argued he didn't know who he is a character in the film. Yeah after you pay attention to the -- found so you know I just let's just wait to make out after the movie okay. Is that -- can do that I got around the world. -- and that's our Legos segment thank you for everybody that -- we got tons of those get if -- get -- sorry Andy I feels good to get that off our chest once a week look we all deal with lot of stuff throughout the week. Work family friends whatever. We all deal with some stuff for experienced something -- it feels good to get up to test we're gonna talk NFL football NFL pre season kicked off. -- -- -- off but most games were last night there's a ton tonight. And there's going to be at times Saturday including. One Johnny football so that next. This is a PGA championship we condition of Danforth -- and spraying you writers and I'm -- you rant on ESPN's Sports Radio -- both men. That's an NFL football right here -- the pre season there about six games last -- -- -- -- six more tonight yeah I -- Saturday. I'm actually really important Saturday's. They're very few athletes that can make me look forward to a pre season game wow he's doing -- -- he is doing -- for -- not say -- that he's in a second and I want to address something so. Before only to the brave cry for you for a guy man we're doing when he goes -- -- and out Crawford says you know look on the big movie guy loved the movies. I hate when my girlfriend at the worst possible moments of a movement that wants to tunnel or make out with me because I want. Heard -- noticed the plot point yet he doesn't wanna miss the movie once -- receiving care to development marina -- -- he Vietnam and he's just getting destroyed a fax machine hey tell Crawford I'll take care of making out with his girl while he watches the movie if you want is that really can't miss the movie it just. I guess I'm saying if you're already with they're watching -- movie can wait till after -- has been to the movies lately that's expensive man it is expensive I'll give you that every second you miss that's that's money out of the pocket. Right out. Six this -- I've really -- from a female listener habits of any Texan in letting go off your lead ago. And said guys you turn me down and watching movies because they don't want him -- puck the at any character development and -- over its care. It's important know your -- NAD movie like let's go pulp fiction for example. That movie that's a non Linear plot a lot of things -- no longer in power now and Corey is gone for your man card to add to be pulled this is not the alone free -- it click it and progress defense we had talked to before the show we sedate me and he should get a cup Politico is ready for 2 o'clock. -- several I have one but I don't know if I wanna say it or not it's actually mix -- -- -- and not bad just -- this is our fault it is stated we we yet we totally coaxed him and his say it is not -- just tell us he told us and it -- -- well I'm standing by now a pain like that. This industry asks you to be honest Crawford that's all we wanted and I'm glad you're being honest about it but I'm adults and it's a non athletic -- The NFL pre season picks up tonight it was on yesterday. Seattle Seahawks in Denver Broncos and a rematch in the pre season in Denver take it very seriously because obviously they felt really hurt in. You know -- they were scorned by the Super -- so they took some -- out on the -- -- LC -- -- Manning scored a touchdown -- play from the entire first quarter him that was actually pretty competitive game Dallas looked terrible -- -- Diego and -- always terrible Kansas City Cincinnati was actually pretty entertaining game score wise but the good news there was -- Anthony Thomas had an eighty yard punt return in depth that was pretty cool to watch New England Washington. Lake -- strong to former organ docs and Baylor bear he he went for twelve he was twelve carries for 63 yards. Harbaugh bowl happened never really not much there and Indianapolis and New York the jets they faced -- tonight. There's some good games as well and it's just let the NFL pre season doesn't matter much and we understand and until -- players who don't play in. Coaches bull get their guys out for maybe want to see you think he's only four in the gonna win the Super Bowl teams and go for an on the pre season and just be dreadful exactly and I said this about the hall of fame game but last night he really resonating with my thoughts and feelings towards the NFL it just felt good. To sit down. C three or four games on -- have the option of watching me deem that you wanted to if you had league pass. And just see the highlights on ESPN and hear people breaking down. This Fortson or did this they did doing on Washington for example highlights they start -- would just Washington. And then -- -- just New England I like them and they did the rookie break you -- no -- -- -- the game a breakdown yet exactly the scores don't matter records don't matter we know that time telling him but it is fun and it's exciting that football's back in tonight offers a lot of games including. Locally Brandon cooks and Scott crichton both players are playing tonight Scott crichton for the Minnesota Vikings. Rain and cooks for the New Orleans Saints. -- -- -- -- birds from organized as well yeah it should be a lot of fun and I'm always looking forward to any football at this point because we are just a couple weeks out from yeah. It's exciting -- you're getting to that point to and we went out and play golf is an effort to show only got -- -- you turn on your TV thank you senate there's NFL football there and I did feel good MI a activists say here breakdown exactly what happened because as you said it's meaningless I mean. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That there was one thing I saw last night in this is not anything regular new in the pre season but. It's a story -- and I'm curious to follow along with that is Kirk cousins of Washington a guy who he's been a career back up for RG three's played well when RG three is gone down in in and he's need to step up and fill the -- there. To me Kirk cousins as rated -- a starter in this league I honestly do believe that I loved him in Michigan State. -- -- -- some fantastic start to his career even though he's been in the shadow and RG three. Since he stepped foot in the league I'm curious to see if RG three's able to stay healthy obvious because you don't wanna move them it wouldn't trade Kirk cousins and have RG three go down again a week one or two of the season. I'm curious because I do believe that's a pretty good trading piece for Washington and and -- a good game last night out of thirteen hundred some yards. A touchdown opaque so he's off to focus -- in the pre season I'm curious to see gets if he gets dealt because he ease getting in that -- he's ready to start. Well in Miami to Dion Jordan I know -- suspended for the first was four games of the season but he is playing in the pre season I believe -- have something to watch. In -- the on -- going against Miami Dolphins going -- -- falcons. IBC got to quiz they're James Rogers is still trying to make that roster -- no he's on the practice squad. Carolina's got a handful of ducks and beavers balancing -- to young martyrdom Jon Stewart's there. James Dockery former organ state IDB he's still trying to make that team and have a good career in the NFL so. There's always the local angle. But the one that's really didn't mean Anna -- I don't like to admit this much now has now been such a time point. And it's hard it's hard for me to imagine anybody else out there feels differently. I'm looking forward to Saturday and I don't say is after about three -- I'm looking forward to Saturday at 4:30 PM. The Cleveland Browns and Detroit Lions Johnny man -- Johnny's football candidate they I want to see I don't why not why you don't -- feel like as an NFL player it may not be the same as the race as he's obviously I know that. But I am curious to see him out on NFL field again NFL talent -- got. The only thing that I'm curious Regina -- Zell is is to see what style of play he has in the league in Google and every year and NFL analyst talked about this on ESPN they always talk about -- play within the structure of the offense because. -- -- occasionally you can have a play where you just kind of scramble around get a first down somehow or -- it's a broken play you find somebody open down the field after running around the backfield from those plays are gonna happen Russell Wilson is great that he's -- extended -- and improvising -- when he needs Aaron Rogers another guy -- -- -- compromise improvising on certain plays. But what those guys are also great that it is staying within the structures of the offense I'm curious to see. If -- -- -- comes out right away and just starts running around because he could get away with that in Texas they'd and it's. -- LL one -- Heisman Trophy so it worked in college but there comes a certain point where there's just too good of an athlete in the NFL. In scrambling around a costly trying to make plays and and and be the Johnny and -- of college to -- that's not gonna work in the NFL so if he can stay within the restrictions of an offense. Make the completions he needs to make hit detect down wide receivers he end up pleasing handoff -- would be impressed but this is hard like he says -- he can't. I too much and in -- pre season football need to go out there and kill against you know third four string DBs and it's not literally to a receiver. There's no -- knew when you agree that -- feet below are generally curious just to see old adage holds a lot like Tim -- absolutely is curious to see what he's going to be like absolute an NFL playbook and if -- -- scramble is he gonna take kids or -- be like Russell Wilson and Colin tapper Nick Young -- -- he's very mobile but -- take big hits it out of bounds or slides. Because that ultimately is what dictates a mobile quarterbacks career correct I mean you have -- dapper tonight you have Russell Wilson the big thing with those guys is. What do you think one has a better -- and are more actors he doesn't matter because wintertime a running quarterback -- guys are exceptional at sliding or getting out of bounds and not taking -- BJ -- RG three Washington we know what happened there he took a ton of big juicy to risk -- -- running quarterback I just feel the entry would -- in zealots to tired storyline of hearing about it I understand that but the entry of what he's gonna be isn't an -- player it starts on Saturday. It really does -- MP one shot brings up a really good points here and he Sandler is a go -- Michael Sam Nolan saying anything about it that's a very good I I honestly completely forgot about him. And telly text of that and he's playing and I played a night against raining yet mentioned the saints games and their play United's on the NFL network so it's a 5 o'clock kicking too much attitude just hang out tonight. After the beer fest of course energy consuming up -- us tonight. You know at the right I am curious what Michael Sam looks like you know is he able to hang on is he able to make some plays. Those are the kind of story lines that that you get in the pre season those are the only ones and intrigue me. I will watch Johnny -- Saturday just 'cause I'm a sports junkie I can't get away from it but those -- the story lines you wanna. Follow want to I'd like to get a couple text on this and other shows getting close to an end but I'm just curious is there are people out there 55305. Is there always that one play here or storyline it always intrigues you about three season you don't care about the game you'll hear about the outcome. But every year there seems to be a player whether it's a free agent on the new team or a young stunned that a lot of people talk about through the draft. What gets you to watch reasonable or is it just the fact that football's on and you just you don't care you could care less about what teams on TV. You just wanna see football wanna get your tax on that at 55305. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He could still get cut -- 55305. What did you to watch free season the ball or is it just football itself will pick that up after the break and finish this week out without Sudan for the Indian border -- spray on 1080 the fan. This is a PGA championship condition of sand or dirt and -- proxy -- black and on ESPN Sports Radio DNA needs of -- If you miss any of the show. I've seen you wanna I wanna check for any segment Satterfield we talked about the first two hours. You can check out our podcast which we will tweet out in our show page at the DDS show. You follow us on where we will follow you back weekly just show related stuff it's -- yeah way to interact it's fun you have put in all three of -- handles our handles on the though if you wanna individually follow us. And Wii podcast all three hours of our show so everything should be up there will -- -- out at the end of the day with this entry in podcast. They've been great sponsoring it helping you download quicker. Yes yes it's cool we we like to have fun on there and in you can follow us a straight set in the -- volume back it's -- it's a fun -- if they show. It's a lately it's of people tweeting as funny quotes that we said yesterday I think. You medical look at said as at about reverse racism -- between -- it was funny so it's funny you interact with us during the show. They'll follow at the media show when their cattle people that are pumped about the Jane Sutherland signing of the blazers and that's great and a B since a player is personal. Scored ten points in -- pelicans last game of the season friction down Sutherland and a guy's contract isn't fully guarantees got a mid range guy is the ability he did three pointer to -- takes -- easy game -- at 88 is the missing BCA size can held but again we don't know if he'll make the squad is. Is contract is not fully guaranteed so the blazers signed Jean Sutherland -- of Syracuse. He's played one year in the league most notably with the pelicans there's some good text here on why people watch pre season football we all have our reasons in the main when I think -- I'd I'd I'd be venture to say most people would agree. This football -- back and seen on TV yet we just love the ball even if you don't watch all four quarters you glad that it is back and I want every couple the general quake. Huge saints fan but I wanna watch Sam -- I watched I want Sam to have a great game. Because my son is also day. That's a very yeah I mean that Michael Sam is gonna draw a lot of -- and well I'm -- CMA and there is clearly on the NFL network for a reason and it -- it's gonna be fun to watch to see if he can hang were all pulling for the guy I watched to see the Steelers new talent and what they perform like which -- of another valid reason why people watch him by the way. Markets we we forgot about this he's going to be starting at wide or -- list on the depth chart as number one. He isn't watching the young and up and coming talent watching nick Reid make the Seahawks while I mean there are a ton of reasons for people. To wanna watch pre season football even though it doesn't count. It's always good to see what you're young talent -- -- is -- just because I was generally curious about what Paul Richardson was gonna bring from the C docs as a deep there as a niner -- -- wanna see you want check out the enemy I guess our scout and Carolina I was curious Paul reaching and be good or Syracuse he was a study Colorado -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We've held down the fort all week mean dirt -- hinder Taylor Danforth has been outs and he's you know visiting family and then he'll be back on Monday the three of us will be here next week. And -- the -- that kind of left disarm heart last week that Danforth was exceeding. Somebody attacks and Amaral was somebody text in and said Danforth being gone is essentially equivalent. This show having to play with brain and we thought. That that her that are are feel you couldn't give me Quincy Carter. Now -- island -- couldn't -- mean Drew -- you couldn't get -- somebody that I -- that I wanted to travel -- can at least get Tyler I'll take Kyle -- -- I'm -- be -- adventure Tim -- I'm OK with that I just someone of those chip on the -- -- -- shouted -- I've -- that on my shoulder all week except I take a lot of pride in the fact that -- look now where a couple of running backs here but -- we -- a few interceptions it's gonna happen. I mean you occasionally got to throw the ball out of the wild cat occasionally you're gonna throw a pick I don't think any of the more pick sixes so that's good that in there are our turnovers didn't turn into points for the opposition led. We did a phenomenal job -- zone read and and hand and often end in you know kind of misleading defense this week spring I think we did. It's been an interesting week but it's been a fun we got a lot of phone when Derek and -- Danforth who -- will be full string some games tonight. Miami Atlanta buffalo Carolina Tampa Bay Jacksonville Oakland Minnesota. Philly Chicago and New Orleans against Saint Louis is a ton in games -- watched him a lot of fun night will and come join us graduating tonight coming out at the -- international professor Gloria got their holiday park it's going to be -- be there to -- to about 5:36 o'clock -- Beers. Tons of different options of -- say what's up will be by the antennae the -- ten Cleveland Detroit Pittsburgh the giants Green Bay Tennessee Houston Arizona on Saturday a full weekend. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Other. It's like four seconds then we got a break happy Friday man and the -- had a good weekend I hope we see guys out there at the brew fest it is going to be a good time. We'll be back Monday and we'll try to be a little better than -- this week and we -- train wreck sometimes I think that's who we are. You've been listening to -- were there and spray on ESPN sports radio and the team. Hey guys well -- -- sucked her right. Well -- later.

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