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Danforth Dirt and Sprague 8.8.14 Hour 2

Aug 8, 2014|

The guys talk about the NCAA Power Five conferences and preview the Green Bay Packers season.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Applaud -- for -- dirt sprayed. Mike Taylor does that -- doors through -- -- -- So. I've had good street -- home. I'm gonna fly landed presented by Buffalo Wild Wings this is a PGA championship week edition of Danforth dirt and spreading brought you by black -- France. Spectacular golf. Stunning scenery amazing resort amenities lodging an unlimited golf packages starting at 139%. Is -- black Butte ranch dot com today -- fourth third and sprayed on ESPN's Sports Radio Jay Nady both man. -- -- -- Friday in the 1920s I love the music go to -- the sock -- it's like a prohibition Erica attitude into that I like you know I am a sneak some losing here and now you know I. It is a Friday after all we got -- -- tax on this this tiger Rory stuff that. You know -- It's always we we hate to do that and I you know is -- the next tiger that -- -- -- idea that congress when he won the open championship that was the that was immediately with sports -- did you just -- -- it's -- really can we just appreciate what the guys accomplished we need to start you know comparing him to Tiger Woods and in a color -- -- he has 25 years -- right now not 24 years old. I apologize for that -- off the job of and we had cut a couple of attacks on this first -- somebody says question. Is anyone else notice tiger has won a major since 2000 innate ironically two weeks after his last major win. Drug testing began in golf for PD's I -- the speculation there. That's been a conversation of topic for a lot of people who might not be the biggest tiger fans and guys accused serve and I can't force alluded to this a little bits do in terms of how big he got I'm not gonna go there. I would say more the -- -- -- -- and so -- has -- new drug tests are more in fact he shredded his -- he lost his mental confidence and he was exposed is a fried foods as an American hero supports act as a human -- -- a little more than that he hasn't but look that's a conversation that's been around for awhile. Yet we got -- couple others here as much as I love golf and Rory I can't -- prompt to watch him because he's not American -- like to tune into the tournaments and see. The big American flag on top of the leaderboard and that's why tiger attracted the non golfers. They like to see the American flag on the leaderboard in an it but it's a valid points and -- and we talked a lot kind of about. Yelled -- just the how he was a perfect stormy but it was it and I always reference Michael Jordan in the same time work. It was Michael Jordan what he is without Nike without the or Jordan shoes because of that company doesn't come about and kind of starting up and they fit perfectly. It's it's a perfect storm a lot of -- -- athletes the Tiger Woods being an American clearly played hard always huge he had the race factor into it as well learn. He got an African American -- always that old saying along time -- Chris rock's -- that the best golfers -- and -- -- rapper is why -- -- talking on Eminem so mean that just -- you're right it was the perfect storm with golfer and company alliance but also the race -- of the race factor was the biggest thing yeah I'm very -- that strapped -- road -- -- nine under par Rickie -- for a Anderson -- -- -- little bit of an up and down -- he's four shots back he's still on the front nine. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Look it's our show Boris Boris forced topics here on the on the a seven minute said little late today but through this is a story line that a lot of people have for his story line it's a story that -- like a lot of people have forgotten about including myself deal occasionally seed in the headlines. But not so much that is the Oscar the stories and later -- the blade runner aware that they made their final arguments today -- his lawyers continued contend that you know him killing his girlfriend was a tragic mistake and guy he's obviously lately much less of a charge than murder on that to the judge came out and instead they're gonna have a ruling on September 11 so. Little bit over a month away from that and even follow on this one and all I don't follow it closely closely but I. Have been following because it's interesting to me he had. Multiple times where there was there was a period they're -- that the briefings in the court the court hearings where. He could meaning get through a day decrying the entire time lead BS to leave I I it's been a really emotional and really. Just hard pressed whole journey right now through the court systems in but I'm glad it's finally wrapping up I've been carries about this is I've heard both stories. You watch some of those you know some of those lost shows that they have on those new -- he he he had no break did you Nancy Grace are you happy races are skip arm today. And I don't I don't I think it's under race but -- yeah you watch some of those shows and hearing both sides of the it is this is one of the crazier story because the blade runner was. Quietly and we talked about this we realize this was quietly one of the of the biggest. You know sports guys out there people love the blade runner it was a story that people really kind of got behind their loved hearing about. And when it comes out that he's the guy that potentially could have murdered his fiancee or girlfriend. It kind of takes you back a little bit and you realize how -- humans most these athletes are. -- adds it -- fascinating to see how that comes about some have a ruling on of the story is case September 11 as they closed to concluded their arguments. Today in his trial for murdering his girlfriend this is the story it's right up your -- -- a -- and a probable and get out of the last I guess I'll let me the level it she ran into this Babylon but we got some ground breaking NBA news today didn't we all know -- -- breaking news in the NBA we -- to Kevin Love that they've agreed to the deal to send -- to Cleveland and returned -- -- But did you know everybody that there's a third team involved in that trade. Who is that thirteen -- just happens to be the Philadelphia 76ers they are sending veteran forward Thaddeus Young. To that T wolves -- Anthony Bennett brand Sprague react. Philadelphia 76 due -- the team that doesn't wanna get rid of the draft lottery because they know they're gonna suck forever. But this this deal has no bearing on the Western Conference how common has no bearing on the Portland trailblazers. Kevin -- nonetheless that's good news for the blazers is Thaddeus Young is not gonna scare you this is a move where they look d'antoni Bennett any Anthony Vinny although played a lot better in summer league and reportedly dropped fifteen to twenty pounds -- -- better -- well there you go all day today audience anybody Minnesota -- they they -- I -- -- -- involved at an -- million Thaddeus Young who. Has his moments where he looks like a pretty solid player and he has -- nights we scratch your and you see how are you six foot ten and he has scored three points -- -- name I don't understand is a fantastic name. But overall the -- I don't have much of an impact on the -- scale. The timberwolves does don't like Anthony -- they'd rather have that he sung and frankly I don't blame on a guy here your first -- is ring ring now the big third. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's. My name. This is a PGA championship regulation -- -- -- and -- you -- you by glad you re on ESPN's Sports Radio -- friends. Yeah. It's thrown back Friday yes we're just going into the sixties Mangold back we were in the twenties earlier about seventeen minutes ago and now are progressing up to the fifties a lot of alcohol is legal now right it is yeah I did it is and in the noise Texan and sent the first time. We've ever prohibition and I like it the same sentence and CF is a valid point it is a valid point economy there's no slow play we'll play night he -- probation and about 330. I -- everything I -- there will be no probe. Should this afternoon Tiger Woods continues to unravel he is now at six over you probably don't care but. Figure we'll let you know he was three over yesterday's now three over. Today in that this was a story that we we touched on it yesterday but the ramifications for the aren't known yet obviously because there's still some bullets that need to take place. But basically all the power in college athletics has has been shifted to -- five major conferences and in the country we all know what five that they are in. He'll be that the big -- commissioner what is symbols become out bottles and -- possible bulls bulls -- UAL's top arts are a lot out there are big told Bob came out today in and he started to talk about he says it at all -- to do with academics. Is that we'll see how it all plays out it's a little bit of be careful what you wish for you can't blame it on us anymore. We're not even in the room that was from me a smaller conference commissioners so. There's a lot of power that's being shifted around in college athletics and Danny kanell had brought up -- image in point today talking about kind of a Cinderella stories and isn't what he had to say. Area of the mountain west -- American conference. It can afford to keep up with these schools that type of minor degenerate not have revenue that they're generating so it's just. And and that's to me is gonna be really sad situation because. I played at a big time school but I love scene in the stories that you see every year in the Cinderella stories and teams like Boise State to go out they play the role BCS buster UCF. Go on in the Fiesta Bowl last year and taken it on to Baylor you know nobody saw that comment you're gonna see fewer and fewer of those types of games happen. Yet like. I can have a problem -- that it's it's a nice thought but is really get a is anybody going to be upset that you don't get a Central Florida just two examples -- I happen in the last ten years other than that and two examples they didn't dominate it was just two examples total yeah. And the last how many years for the most part the power five conferences they've won in 1980%. I saw this in bulls v.s are on espn.com. 90%. Of the national championships -- division one yeah are without power or some of course they -- -- stories are far and -- with blood in here -- if you got -- -- -- -- that is -- five after a five on the -- -- text line are -- -- -- these Cinderella stories might be taken away from college athletics now college basketball's always going to be a different animal because you're always gonna get those guys especially when you continue to have the one and -- rules. Where a lot of big time programs Kentucky IBC comes to my guys come from one year and you look at a place like a Butler. When they went to those championship games because it stayed there 34 years so you're always gonna have a built in advantage -- and to me this is not to be that big deal college basketball. But when you look at college football I I hate to sound callous but I could care less -- because this is the way the system should be set up now. -- big -- Bob is an idiot for saying it's all about academics and we -- -- -- has nothing to do with academics they don't care about academic it's all about the Obama -- -- that'll be an exact and we keep getting as much money -- is exactly -- -- -- was his quote from today's and I think this -- recognizes that there are some differences. And programs at our level. Has some unique challenges have some relationship was student athletes that are evolving. We need to have rules that respond to that evolution in those changes and he gets an acknowledgment. But some of us have challenges and unique it's because of those challenges that we felt like we needed an opportunity. To control a little more of our destiny. -- to be -- if this means you're gonna choke out a couple of the Boise State's Central Florida as. In -- to Hawaii a -- when they would just got dominated by Georgian issuable movement you have a story lines occasionally college football but I have zero problems saying I'm sorry Nevada you're not gonna make a run and. College football player are you and I I like the power five alignment and maybe the smaller schools -- -- we got people out -- got tons of people out there that are alarms of the smaller schools in. They might be a little bomb they wanna see their Boise State team war. Or their central Florida's -- Hawaii's try to compete and play with those big boys I did -- I understand and it's gonna change things financially eight time. -- AOK is a football fan a college football fans football fan. Watching just these conferences plates and that was something else that was brought up of just scheduling within the power five congress is now that would screw a lot of schools. Because a lot of these some schools in nobody's heard of you know the middle of it and lending community college. They get a lot of their money from playing those big boys so if you're eliminating that you're just playing the power find that's an impacted in a ton financially. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah exactly didn't terrorism there is an article yes NE SP a -- get it to -- on the show but it's an Italian here and and they -- a -- of the 65 coaches from the ACC Big Ten big twelve pac twelve. As CC in IBC Notre Dame is considered that is -- even though they're kind of NEA's easy but kind of an independent. They the interview since his 65 paid coaches in 46% of their coaches and voted and said they favored playing an exclusively power five opponents while 35% said they were opposed to it's a basically what you're talking about here is. You know 46% of those coaches out there that are saying no and get -- of southern Alabama and and we don't wanna play them Nina -- We wanna play only exclusively power five conference teams and and that to me is getting beat to death of a lot of these smaller schools because we know you you look locally elect a Portland State. Everybody asks why does Portland State go get their butt kicked every couple years are doing this year with organ state rather start down a Corvallis on their opener. Portland State it's a big time check out of that game that's why those rules go play those games and if you take that opportunity away. From those smaller schools that's what ultimately could I could see being the death and -- but I ultimately have no problem with this and if you tell me that your schedule was twelve games -- -- playing nothing the power five opponents. -- fans of -- about factors to be the. That's when -- -- buddy it is I mean that is the kind of the saddest part about this whole thing is. We're happy is college football fans if you can continue to have the best teams play each other week in and week out. But you also I mean look there is a part of me just as a college sports fan. I do feel for some of these smaller schools the schools I just barely miss out on being one of the big dogs and being in the power five conferences. Because at some point down the road as football continues to state popular in the most relevant sport. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And I've seen addresses I seen how much they enjoy doing it in the yeah yeah -- love talking in the wrestler and it's a ton of fine. So to see that go away at some schools that's gonna be really sad. One of the same token as he selfish college football fan. Keeping all the gains within the power five conference financially now -- -- smarter but for us as fans getting the best product possible that's where -- that. That absolutely is and I can't believe these words are about economic about the Jason -- aren't had a great idea yesterday. He cornered me in the kitchen as I was -- -- my see that's as big -- eagle for the show any quarter in -- retire -- I just think it's it's it's a slippery slope to go down I'll be in here that but. We were talking in the kitchen and I and I thought you brought up a great idea and said look let's get to the point where there are only power five. -- opponents on your schedule and adding those college football fans would be OK with that. He said look let's take it to eleven game regular season. And let's let everybody play one quote -- pre season game. Against one of these smaller schools so you have an organ that plays a Portland State or you -- -- -- had a thousand exactly you have Morgan State eagle late Easter -- sorry to bring you western Washington wanna bring a bad memories -- you go find some small school. Eagle plane and that gives them the money even if you go what did you magic of organ organ state. Played a pre season game against Portland State in Portland and then I -- forget the name -- price -- product foreign did you imagine there's a pre season -- -- that place -- sellout you do some charities doesn't industry's -- -- -- and it's a pre season games so you don't have to worry that if you -- Oregon State where you struggle to get past Sacramento state -- eastern Washington to pre season game it doesn't matter -- you give the fans a chance you pump some money back -- the smaller schools. And then you get into the meat of the schedule that's eleven against power five only upon. Wonder what did we touched on yesterday we are talking about some of the value with coaches in what neighboring and how many wins does that our coaches schemer philosophies get you. We touched on Mike -- at Washington State yet CS as an example. They are within the power five conferences in the pac twelve you eliminating you keep that power five -- power five in Nazi written. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The pac twelve. And I missed some -- the -- five conference you know I'm talking anonymous want them to really stay -- -- -- names -- lights on and I got the article right in front of the ACC Big -- exempting ask you see in what they're counting Notre -- 123. Or no -- nominated ACC big twelve Big Ten pac -- a Caesar that you're just not using people as -- and a half I apologize I apologize for the confusing. Process there but yet let us know what you think he went organ and -- they played only power five teams. We'll pick that up on the other side of the break also got some funny audio people in Minnesota. Are angry but not really that Kevin -- leading to play them free indexed yet if ordered regular on the sand. Yeah. A hundred. -- This is a PGA championship we commission and for the dirt and spray -- and I'd like. -- ran on ESPN's Sports Radio -- needs love friends. It's regularly drink some beer today -- today. I am and I'm always very -- -- here hey you know you gotta be a beer drinking that I think weren't in your drink and food and we are we're going to be hanging out today at the international beer -- -- our shelves and we got some cool stuff to -- -- if you're sitting going yes we are giving away a pair of tickets are you know -- put any stipulation on it like we did last what are we -- the question would be. I got I got a good -- -- -- he got a good one and I wanna go without okay. Nominated look at -- -- -- -- on their way down. I got a good one but I don't know what these guys. Okay never mind no longer have a good and I cannot find it online let's do. It's where is in fourth from. Okay is that too easy no let's do we have a -- that's an Amtrak. So where that's where your goal that's where it's not so I probably three to 501080. And let us -- where's Taylor Danforth from as a question are gonna ask in the first person call with the correct answer we'll get that will get a pair of tickets to the international beer fest today out at College Park it's right next Deloitte center Arab tons and tons of Beers from all over the world -- -- -- them. It's going to be a great -- to be hanging out there and tell about 530 or so Oden are going to be drinking beer and that 1080 tense -- you wanna stop by you don't wanna tickets has come -- -- will be out there hanging out. It'll be a fun afternoon it's Friday it -- wanted to drink BR Friday you don't kind of fun you don't have to come out there and talk -- -- -- can if you want we enjoy the conversation we enjoyed sitting down and nice sunny day injuring the number in his. Kind of people watching -- it's gonna be good time there over 200 world crap -- your and is then. Have not sense an opportunity not just try local but the international Beers as well. Holiday parks agreed setting you know be a lot of fun it will be it's gonna be a lot of farmer and have a good time that we wanna pick up a conversation we're having their before the break and we we got to mixing tax on man's that I found -- we wanted to read it and we'll move on you're in -- second to some funny Minnesota audio. In a solid game Minnesota game but so let's see you will be got here I like the idea this is from -- I like the idea of having nonconference schedules so that would only power -- opponents. But it makes me nervous out the separation will affect the smaller power five schools like in Oregon State while Washington State Kansas -- at around. Where they can maintain a certain level of success in the current model but may take a hit when the powerful schools become more powerful. Is this a genuine concern I think it is if it's a valid point to bring -- -- me at that highlights the only fear that I would have as well. Because I love the idea just like -- say saying -- like the idea. But you are worried there may -- some of the cream rising to the top in the dominant team -- just that much more dominant we'll -- Kind of touches on I don't know if you just read this one because I'm trying to cross for you get equity loan is guys -- phones it is is a really good -- well I'd just freak in Los -- have a guy I like the idea of having. Okay now this is the death of -- college football popularity all the money poured in these football programs along with title nine money because. If you're gonna kill other programs in schools which most schools -- -- have to do at some point he. Title nine is not going anywhere so women's athletics will be matching you'll have to stay that way three universities the out of my money allocated to women's sports in time who got other sports programs and produce no tangible increase in the product that backlash is coming. Pigs get fat hogs get slot he had an and misses the added that it is indeed listeners heard on points and is a great Texas another one that I I think just so Larry it's it's a great point I would also argue that the small school big school game paychecks. Are one of the worst parts about college football because smaller players are getting their heads kicked in for the money that they're never get a -- they -- it goes to the program you play at Portland State -- get beat up by Oregon State did in the opener in every -- -- MI it's good for the program -- the players and get a new casual and -- -- another Texas guy says my kid plays and SMU needs to lose your -- of the scheduling at Baylor -- -- and the got some of these big time programs. Now that you're keeping if you if you ultimately any votes and he gets approved and goes to the power five conferences. And then they wanna keep scheduling within the power five. And SMU program which is very recognizable a lot of people know the US three yet there great history -- NBA won't need to play those teams they won't have that opportunity which for a lot of players even if you considered a smaller school which of -- -- -- power five most people will lead but there are a lot of schools that. -- out they might technically be smaller cause they're not the power fine but they're not in terms of producing. Still on athletes NFL ready guys because an SMU program still has a lot of those athletes come through and playing those bigger schools that's a great opportunity and opportunity for them. They've really is into me you don't. When you talk about schools I guess and you Boise -- another example of this is it as we continue to progress if we ever got to the point where this did happen because this was just a coaches vote. And I mean that -- pulled up again but 46%. Of the 65 coaches and the ACC Big Ten big twelve pac twelve. SEC notre dame of course 46% of those coaches thirty album. Said that they were willing and they wanted to play exclusively power five opponents so who knows how long that process -- taken even if we get there but we now know that those power five conferences. Can basically create their own rules in this might be one of the rules that they wanna pursue. But I also say this of the SMU text Rick is that is a good taxi and you don't want guys to lose their careers because as some -- this -- programs get taken away we know a lot of guys have played football smaller schools. Ultimately if this happens I do believe that we're gonna get to the point where they're sixteen teams. And all these conferences -- you're not gonna get the big twelve to continue to operate what they have eleven now I believe. You're not gonna get them to continue to play it that your critic and you're gonna see these conference has continued to. Take -- more teams and I can CDS and you may be -- BYU is another example be like he's trying really -- they are being one of the -- is -- big twelve -- and it is the -- the -- all the time -- but -- so I would be surprised if we didn't see more expanding happening -- -- move like this happens where he can't look at a program like -- that does have a good history that despite the death penalty given -- history you don't -- just look at them and say -- nobody cares -- -- -- -- Yes that's like like I said as a football fan it's great if the power five just plays a power five. I'm happy that there's a time enemy in terms of them dictating how much the stipends and scholarships and everything's going to be given out. But it is a sad day for the smaller -- to react to -- most schools just destroy the smaller ones they do but watching in this might sound terrible for Aureus a beer -- -- -- -- -- -- His school like -- washing get an opportunity to play the power houses they played Washington before last year it played organ state last year we don't know how that ended form. Watching -- it does the reaction and emotion and joy on their faces when they need to beat some of those schools because an -- stayed in Michigan happens once the -- does it does watching and actually happened that that's the downfall of this whole thing is you don't it won't -- seat anymore if they staying power five with power it is in it would be itching to see if it happens -- have maybe we start -- national champions and ignited three on the year eight -- like the united turns into the NFL almost I feel like is it good because because -- would start. At a lot more parity hopefully and hopefully some of those smaller programs. Wouldn't get left behind TV money to and that's -- in -- -- TV money too is you really begin on this is part of a huge deal why you don't have teams like BYU is because conferences are pretty stingy and they're not gonna wanna divide that now much more but right if money continues to -- -- wrong row. If -- split it was sixteen it's not gonna seem as bad as it does right now -- money has gotten higher year earning your neighbor that has there really has so it is -- -- that plays out but just know that and in college athletics now that the power five conferences. Have basically out of power the control they're gonna continue. Or they're gonna start now making basically their own rules you stumble across this earlier -- we we were trying to get ready for the show and this cracked me up where Minnesota fans there they're losing Kevin Love they're losing their pride and -- idea he has been traded to the Cleveland Cavaliers he's no longer there. And and somebody put together basically a funny video kind of akin to the the brawn James Jersey -- in this guy gets on camera and he talks about you I'm mad I'm a Minnesota fan lifelong. I'm gonna burned Kevin -- Jersey let's see is some other people to join me in this is pretty much happens. You know I can't feel for the guy -- school here at thirteen shots I get it. We have on the men's basketball team here. I think you're celebrating his Jersey recent sentiment think you are for trying so hard. Emily Kevin Garnett alone. Leaving as the most of the something Kevin Love can do it -- we deserve it. -- they tend to burn it like symbolically. Kevin and. They had to -- it. Senator thank you got -- -- Minnesota -- you'll anxieties and they understand what you wanna go that's okay thanks for everything -- -- -- AML they care about is hockey anyways so now culture we've got that was pretty funny funny Minnesota you know it it's a little redundant as the noise to accident but that was that was Santa -- should get a lot better because -- only is Kevin Love and LaMarcus Aldridge. Are always compared which -- the better player most. The majority people and covering basketball on national fans. Would probably say don't love whatever that's fine right right right but people just look at the trailblazers and how irrelevant they were for the couple seasons Dayne gets here. You go to the class in your kinda thankful that it Kevin are LaMarcus Aldridge didn't have a season where they socked in he's like I'm getting better my team hasn't gotten better. Trade me right now in the main -- -- haven't Kevin Love who. Definitely have region till next year Andy comes on he says screw this man I don't wanna -- Minnesota anymore. In need to you can't blame to be ready -- -- I mean that they guy let its a little bit different -- losing a LeBron James it's an obvious statement but LeBron James the best player on the planet he got you to an NBA finals he got into playoff appearance after playoff appearance. And you've basically lost him for nothing where Minnesota city and injure Wiggins and returned with yet a lot of people look at that and -- -- -- -- people make an argument it'll do the deal don't don't don't get ready NG wigand's that's a dumb trade for Cleveland so. Minnesota should be okay in this one quick note for the PGA championship I'd Roy -- Roy continues to lead he finished. Was 67 today nine under Tiger Woods continues to unravel. But Jason Day guy making a run today's five -- party they shot a 69 yesterday easily through eight holes he is to assure oaks off the lead so. Clearly his wrist is starting to feel better so keep after Jason Day is it easy put together. A fantastic round coming up next we wrap up our NFC north preview we've done every team in the division so far besides for the Green Bay Packers. We got some news about -- -- of Korea he he's going through some injury concerns so LaToya about. What happening in a preview of the Green Bay Packers make our predictions for the NFC north that coming up next on day -- -- antennae to the -- Yeah. And told me your -- crap out of enact. A pair of jeans that they'd just read this -- regional championship. It's -- -- program. On ESPN Sports Radio Kennedy's friends. Just want to talk about -- I'm mark -- -- I've never seen can't watch it all for forty years. RV. -- -- -- people. But I don't think beyond enters its hot iron. Good -- -- I don't know I'll be right to expect I. -- Oh let me Max what's up Max Max -- my fair listeners know that this. I didn't -- still lives in Missouri or he's just from Missouri sounds like he lives in Missouri Kansas he's clearly -- never wants to. Yet clearly -- Anthony fan now and I and I love the -- they had their if you miss anything as Max Collins earlier and show -- tiger by the Anthony Thomas is random caller wanted to John yeah I just wanted to talk about that my return yesterday he said you know we Kolb out here we come in debt. Video. His nickname Mack today I like to take credit that's a good idea man -- -- -- -- it's been -- but I think he gave himself that nickname but today. More power to -- we all of what Max is drink and that was fun. From one got to another that that's trying to make their debut in the NFL things are not going quite so well for -- -- known as this is our Green Bay packer preview is wrapping up our our NFC north preview. -- get to another division not sure we have picked which one yet but we will be previewing. The NFL continuing every day into the season starts at 145. The court player is not particularly optimistic that his I injured right he -- could heal enough. And time from -- -- him on the field before the end of training camp let me see Jiri was -- the Green Bay Packers locker -- Thursday he was walking around on crutches. With his leg in and mobilize -- apparently there's no indications it's gonna require surgery though. So that rules out an ACL tear but it but it this is an injury this article says there's an injury. To his medical collateral ligaments he could be out for anywhere from two to eight weeks depending. On the severity. Of the hair Eaton did call -- gonna make a team meeting I. I any staff to gauge you know we talk to Wilcox couple weeks ago and the reaction that he was hearing in dealing camp was ankle was struggling it was really tough forum but. Olds in the I don't know I had that that's a tough thing to assess but if you're injured. And you're not doing very well and -- I have a hard time on managing your team's gonna keep you around. My guess would probably knowing that's unfortunate because this was his opportunity for a lot of people and a lot of -- lies. For its turn his life for around to -- the sidelines anywhere Natalie -- displays talents would have an option to impact the NFL because most people agree that. He has the size and the talent to do so but struggling in camp -- -- -- this injury just it doesn't and a very well. No it doesn't it on and he was a guy that we talk to rob rang before the draft plan as has CBS draft expert and in the one name -- -- in Britain we didn't bring it up at all the names he said when we asked him. They look as Ernie Davis kind of flowed under the radar that -- curious to see where he goes and draft now he pans out and the name he brought up was called Ireland is does that mean anybody who's ever watched him play knows. How about just how much of a freak of an athlete he is he's a lot like Cindy Anthony Thomas that sense IBC a bigger and a different position. But did the guy has all the tangible skills to do it is the question was does he have a between years and did he keep his nose clean no pun intended when he gets the NFL. And -- so far over the injury doesn't derail it but it is not looking good for him. In Green Bay did the Packers did win the division last year of it wasn't a stellar division they were 87 and one. But they want it -- Aaron Rodgers missing basically half the year they had a quarterback -- a handful of guys came in and try to put quarterback last humid. To me if you're good enough roster where you -- win that division I know it was a down year but if you're good enough to win that division with Aaron Rodgers missing -- so games. Timmy -- good enough to win the division this year the game even -- -- gets hurt obviously not from more than eight games but the Packers -- the clear cut front runners Armenian well and they. At some really talented pieces I mean -- didn't look at the guys here on offense they got Jordy Nelson who they gave him the extension a lot of people feel that extension for Jordy Nelson. Is gonna kinda set the precedent for a Michael Crabtree going in his free agents because he's going to be do some money from San Francisco soon. You bring him back obvious he still have Randall Cobb who -- -- go ahead pass in Chicago at the end of that game and helped propel them in the playoffs. Aaron Rodgers look for the most part I trust that he can stay healthy life. If you're not giving him any offensive line protection you continue -- really have much of a run game in your making them -- -- -- -- and help winning the games every single week. He's gonna be more susceptible to an injury so hopefully they can sure that thing up. Defensively for me that's where the packers' biggest weaknesses when I look at this team. As long as you have an -- -- he got a shot to score -- senate's defense for them and you look at their front. They run that -- 34 where Clay Matthews is sometimes on the line sometimes -- -- all over the place Giambi jayhawks in good player there's secondary -- a little sketch but they got that hot hot Clinton did except I am -- -- 21 -- might be the best name in the NFL they could be hot -- Clinton -- is there a better -- -- Monica Lewinsky joke in there somewhere -- is there so I look at them in 87 and one they have to tie with Minnesota obviously. -- question mark and I started off I like them as much as I like Chicago. Wow. But one topic they proved a lot of people wrong last year they won in Chicago when nobody thought they knew it going in for the playoffs. If Rodgers can stay healthy and making it some semblance of run game. There -- a lot like Morgan State in that sense they have some -- they will be ten -- eleven -- team why is it pretty difficult schedule for them I mean they open up on a Thursday night at Seattle -- says it's an NBC yes remember the last time there in Seattle with things did not -- well he had things did not go well for them you -- make a trip. The Detroit IBC Chicago on the division I got to travel to New Orleans that's going to be a tough one to win but. That the reason while light Green Bay and the obvious yet to stay healthy but you look at the way the season ends for them at a buffalo Tampa Bay Detroit the last three weeks of the season. Yet the patriots makes -- couple weeks earlier but if they're able to -- contention those last three weeks the schedule. Should help them out -- time and will when do you buffalo Tampa Bay and tried those should all be winnable games for the undated the Detroit games act -- We all know how how the line struggled playing up there at Lambeau Field so. Let's get our our predictions in here Sprague -- Minnesota Detroit Chicago remain we love doing this stuff we media we've all agreed that Minnesota finishes last in the -- -- yes and were kind of up in the air Detroit -- we agree is going to be third in the division. Can we ask Larry say they're gonna be on same place by game okay -- games analyst here who is Tennessee north winner MM what's the record -- this Chicago Bears they are going to be twelve and for -- -- Wheldon for Chicago and chairman of the eleven and five -- out of class act act and I'm gonna say green -- going to be ten in six. And the lines will be nine in salmon and Minnesota rules. Wow okay that's my -- surprising me live with the Chicago Bears certainly is gonna be a little better division and we're giving it credit to. Again this goes for every team in the NFL and every conference and division. If if the key players are healthy -- good -- and yeah any kind of a no brainer statement to make -- -- alum but I do look at this division if Cutler can stay healthy. If Aaron Rodgers stays healthy I like these teams in the north I don't like Minnesota that much although they have some nice young pieces. Nominee goes Chicago Green Bay Detroit Minnesota yet look at we we both agree on the last two -- the division Minnesota will finish in last night at Detroit aegis I think they have the pieces as we love to say they have the talent -- do they have the right mentality I don't see them finishing above third though I do think they'll be better than 79 this year. To me it's rebate when you have Aaron Rodgers and in Iowa silent quarterbacks in NFL there's four big ones that if their healthy. They're in the playoffs every year there when -- divisions every year and as Tom Brady Drew Brees Peyton Manning and Aaron Rodgers is one of those guys if he's healthy combined with Eddie lacy he had 12100 yards almost a hundred yards last year. Eleven touchdowns good rookie season for him Alabama. Out of Alabama to be Green Bay is absolutely the team to -- and I got a little bit of breaking news -- now and then you know breaking news on the show can be suspect at best but I Diaz is decent breaking news how can Nancy inning on Twitter it's a prison August Rudy Gay has been added to the teen USA -- roster for job training. Wow you interrupted my hot Green Bay packer take firm for Rudy Gay. Now they had no man who's -- our place they got the iPod or. That's going to be really gave the ball it's fantastic and I don't three gave planting by the way I was in his everybody has a favorite team in the arrival they ate the most. -- -- kind of one of those teams that just I never liked him I don't know what it is really maybe it's because there's a pretty strong -- -- contingent in the cities -- and -- -- either one of those teams and there's this there's a strong Green Bay contingent everywhere I it's I've never really been very fond of them -- some -- go back to its home floor for the -- -- say I can -- and I wanna go there but it's also a risky call -- that's a lot of wins some -- eleven and -- yes somebody has somebody -- and they wanna -- the -- the AFC -- next have -- done all the NFC divisions yet. No will. Milligan lives that we haven't on the sounds let's -- out of the south of the saints are gonna win that division is nodding and close the saints how's it picked Buccaneers and are anxious error is where it down don't worry nobody here ever you say yeah I know what happened. -- chill of three down -- -- fortress break coming up next it's our favorite segment of the week and I hope it is yours too. -- its airport and you're letting go rants if you won it five factor of five. Started letting go. You said you got. -- -- -- The music goes too long after he had yeah -- -- cut that won him that downloading the movie I liked and so start with -- let -- -- grants of five factor of five if you wanna call us and he got a good political -- give us a call 503. 25 votes and eighty you'll hear from these Sprague in Crawford lights pissing you off this week we got to know it adrenaline again you look up on the wrong side of the bed let us know why. Our three damp for -- -- and up next -- attended the camp.

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