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Danforth Dirt & Sprague 8.1.14 Hour 3

Aug 1, 2014|

The guys "Let It Go", have some fun, and talk some Dustin Johnson suspension.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Basically Georgia the job here is quite simple. Selling -- Yeah. And for the third and spray is served up by Buffalo Wild Wings have you ever sold a woman's line before. No but. I have a very good report -- when Dan Flores from the first time I laid eyes on -- -- I was enthralled search and had picked it up and study that he thought. Highlighted picks I don't know what well what level but I know I wanted to be around resilience spray and you've got to the front. Two loops in the back what you haven't had a. Then fourth third and spread Johnny ESPN's Sports Radio 1080 you have a remarkable passion for prisoner's -- Tran home. -- I thought our our show here on a Friday -- prime -- is next dusty and leagues and rising contestants -- That's right -- -- for. Police cells to Britain for the country Rooney and losing deeper perusing infrared what do you do and bruise icing which ended their yeah it was pretty easily -- The level that picking up what you put down three year graduation that's exactly it's almost as good as tick -- and felt. That you like detect that and. I don't think it's sped up I don't know it's gonna come out as this become our favorite segments that we like to view we are going to be sparingly if we promise sparingly use millennia known how to play that much. We understand that it can be -- However this are letting go segment it is it is we take a couple minutes out of our day to flush out it means negativity that we have heading into the weekend not get a hold onto it. EE. We let it go something that's been bothering you all week in irritation if you will. Texas at five factories verifiable read some of these on the year and I -- we start today that we start with dirt last week. At least with Brandon spread today that's a lot of pressure man up and is -- about here on the game yet there's a lot of pressure to go first eyes and -- lanky Texan -- we've already had some phenomenal ones and read a -- second so I wanted to go to the beach last week -- -- we did this it's it's like their daughter Canada. And a nice little beach trip with the is them in the mom in the husband and I it's nice -- -- and Mac we leave about six game figure about get home -- 8 o'clock chill for a little bit but the daughter go to -- back to the beautiful city -- and we drove twenty miles from rockaway beach and we gonna take -- six. Twenty miles due to -- six before we can transfer over to 26. How -- six was closes at please turn around and take 101 you know what. Are slow frustrating that is back an hour but we'll do that. We did we turn around we got all the way we took highway 53 which if you've taken highly PD three. That's like a -- rollercoaster iso six cars line up on highway 53 their kids were you looking because of how parts. Anyways I'll do it nonetheless we drama 45 miles we get -- highway 26 inning guy right. We get out there we drive for about four minutes we probably driven about him to ten miles what have you. We come to a big stop we see a line it just doesn't and we're stuck on highway 26 or sixty miles from Portland Oregon it. There's got to be about -- and and and right everybody's not move in people are concerned there are people getting out of their cars out dead it was you were getting out of their cars blocking up half mile to see how far ago is coming back to their cars. And then we would move that's how bad this was. We -- about four miles then. We see people turn around this took us about an hour and 45 minutes to go for miles you know what the holdup was. It was no -- it was construction on the freeway. Must have been 2000 plus cars in this line and they decided to shut down one side of the entire street and road no sign construction and not flag or in site. And they kept me I got home and 11 PM after I left -- six -- lately Nam I got a Charlie -- and I had his flag waving like how. Now if -- academy here for three hours let me know its construction are you kidding me with this I. Jerks your charity. I had stuff to follow -- traffic is always a hard one to beat because everybody has that beat the traffic unidentified trapping -- probably -- -- -- difference that you would've sat in traffic. The whole time yeah you again. If they would have let me go I mean -- -- -- -- -- I -- -- You wouldn't on the -- Thought he was an hour 45 minutes of nothing that's on the letting go is it wouldn't -- you're stuck in traffic for awhile that you get up there -- -- -- just like a band has been pulled over you like everybody stop museum event and had been pulled over fantastic but I digress. I got a little bit of a Kabul letting go here first stop in terms of microwaves and second off in terms of the apartment complex that we are up one. Let -- -- at a time together because they can because they're combined in throughout this series of media for the live together for ballot too little over two years maybe two years yourself. The Daniels broke for a long time recently moved back to the beautiful southeast Portland neighborhood look beautiful love the area it's fantastic it's phenomenal Lotta gray bars around there. So we move into in this blaze has first stop there's no lights in the apartment. Which you don't realize until you move in because we went and visited it in the afternoon when it was sunny out we didn't check to see if there is any lights. There are literally no light there are no overhead lights and our our lives are you blocking every day you flip the switch that turns -- to -- -- it's dark you got eternal lamp bond. It's a whole process right. I think about the apartment there's no microwave. It gives you an apartment without microwave -- never lived in apartment without a microwave before but I say OK you know what I would not give myself. -- -- a microwave so last week medium for trying to round after a show. We headed out to a nice little outlet they got in trouble for some credit issue is recently back -- -- name names but you know -- -- about. We -- in -- we're looking at the microwave -- a couple of good selections and I say you know what -- fourth. We're noon to three men were moving up and our lives I'm not kidding get the crappy little -- -- Upgrade there was one for 35 dollars and I said you know what now -- get the fifty dollar microwave and go places in my life and it's time for us to upgrade our microwave game. I get the fifty dollar Michael if I come home. The airport takes a nap we got fruit flies all over our apartment and I like in this -- -- microwave to our house to our kitchen. The voltage is not powerful enough and are apartment to power the Mike. -- You know -- Awful he would level. -- I -- see you eight Jay-Z and beyoncé concert. And you two wins it -- was when it was Wednesday -- in today's beyoncé concert -- some stories about it yesterday we go to the concert -- Safeco Field. It is 8 o'clock which is when the concerts -- You know there's no way they're starting his concert at 8 o'clock which is what it says on the ticket 8 o'clock printed clearly 800. -- right -- give yet half an hour at most all of DB and half an hour. The concert started at 9101. Who held in musicians think they -- That they don't start their concerts on time yet to show your job on time. I do -- my job on time is the president of the United States when he says yes to make a speech show up when he says he can make his speech you'd -- -- does this. I'm tired of musicians. Not respecting the time of people that spend hundreds of dollars to go to their show we're not the way it works here. We're here we're into the building there's no anticipation -- threes and gold to this stage doing your show give up the stage I go home happy. Don't keep me waiting now there's no anticipation there -- necessary to get the rest of the tigers worked great. For thousands of years court you'd say you know let it -- doesn't matter to me show up on time. Doing your concert I would pay extra money to say start your concert on time because me an hour of sleep on Wednesday. Because he couldn't started on time and you don't want to started 89 on the ticket -- while we're gonna start this concert. At 9 o'clock. -- -- -- -- -- I might go ahead. Might actually kind of related to dirt -- a little bit of of ways to partner in the same kind of sense first I don't understand why there's no air conditioning. In any. Apartment alana and allowed -- to Oregon man. My couch is now covered in sweats -- because I cannot stay cool in my living room. So we did go out by an -- unit for the bedroom because OK we're gonna be cold we sleep. If those are fuse -- a lot. It literally gone through the process now. We heard often unplug everything and our apartment except for like essentials. To put the AC on it still blows. We're so that may. Great one conversely -- -- -- on in ninety degree heat for eighty degrees are 'cause it's nighttime and gets a little bit cooler out. And the McCain yeah we try to put these -- we wake up -- hot. Let's try now. Three minutes later you EC -- I'll drop. Why -- apartments built like yours there Danforth are things that actually take a power. I don't understand. I don't understand I want air conditioning and I want to work. And he said did they were stuck in traffic there was a fatal accident that's there may have been a fatal accident they weren't stuck in traffic I promise you they were not stuck in traffic. Concerts start late all of the time OJZ and beyoncé were for sure teens say they were they were in Safeco yes 'cause they were walking around because they were talking to people so. Yet you weren't there are we were don't tell me were being inconsiderate to the but that we were there is -- -- as we saw the audience Forte the reason that they started late was because the sun -- -- -- -- have to turn up the likes to do their concert. So don't tell me there was a fatal wreck on the freeway and that were being in considered figures. Traded get your facts straight for you Texans something stupid and that has to do with me I was stuck in traffic. Yet there was -- -- there was that there was -- when I was -- when that was construct I I looked on the -- -- over 53 this thing looks terrifying -- -- -- is I'm telling you if you never driven 53 don't especially you -- cars and the wife almost -- blew chunks like eight different times I mean this is a maps -- at a distance the curbs are in seeing him there was a fifteen year old boy crying when he was throwing up. Different in the now that I feel more fired concerning us and and that's not the purpose of that segment -- really does mean obviously also let the steam out throughout -- and. -- -- Back after this good. Well then. You didn't know. The two point six. Even matter of. He's very he served -- like buffalo wild winds on ESPN's Sports Radio ten. And the. Come down and need a vacation. Yeah out next week and got wind starts today at 3 PM yeah you only got about 4042 minutes left -- your -- vacation how's -- feel that was great because my plans got canceled tomorrow. If I could be swagger and stay in my house or acted. Trying to find some place to go and what are you gonna do my Italian -- yet I or try to go to America game next week right Susie the Braves turned down the old job as Felix is -- we might make it up -- for that once you lose again turnaround drive back. Highlighted mitigation as the Mariners game and go back and exited the people to see things to do it. A couple more of these letting -- like that they can we loved it and letting go music and we attempt played as -- Lisa values and that time is possible. Cities and let it go. A money people in my work keep singing let it go that is my Atlantic City DA says it's a level that it goes sentiment everytime you play it -- -- on. Our secretary sings the song for the rest of the day he thought the oh that is intact and I do apologize and look we IE I pledged to the listeners. That we will spend the time over the next week define a couple different options that's my you guys can -- water and no. -- this is a leg goes pretty good I don't -- Serenity now I'm not a big fan of that one either yes it's kind of a choppy -- inaudible it is it is you guys don't understand the full repercussions of that song because you haven't had to watch that movie's many times on the. All right -- The snowman he had just -- bats and it plays golf and drinks beer I don't watch that movie. Doesn't the song with the weight -- starts their economy -- perfect. Always screams that you Politico anthrax -- any -- kids values but I I feel for the parents -- to -- that to listen that's on nonstop all day every -- and they'd try to get away from here on our show -- -- -- -- exactly and a couple more things if you cooking eating our place the smoke alarm goes off this from a text there that's brutal we turn to -- off. Doesn't matter. We -- the battery out still doesn't matter we had to rip it out of our ceiling. As my letting. Me get this this is a pretty good won the when he gets me is when people used FaceBook as it as a diary people don't wanna hear about your personal problems but she would know what he's commenting on them. You think they would get their hands again I ask that why that is exactly why deleted my FaceBook first might have to wait to meet you I didn't really know and I would cease only post. About how. Ray -- ain't paying child support -- -- and dying in a deal without I don't need to read your problems have what you do is go to the judge and you go to the court systems. And you work this out in the -- to go to FaceBook and tell everybody and then you slept with an irresponsible person in this world. I'm sick of people not taking accountability for some actions. And to me if you knew the guy was slinging drugs why just sleep with them wanna use child protection job -- it because. I don't predict it doesn't object jab protects you tell you well you shall we tell. Andre Agassi you know bigness that I am using again no example because it's just like Alan Dennis you know here yeah how much how many houses -- see a man trapped extant yeah. It's called in the goodness this is a pretty. Unique ones that I I'd never really analyzing maybe you guys got an opinion on as I hate when my wife makes me a sandwich and jellies on bottom of the peanut butter is on top -- has to be on the top. Is that like us is I don't. Parents and that is is seasonal and the university dental and I -- an NBA well below already -- not. -- never had a girlfriend to make sure it's different. Yeah. Now that's not my point -- I hit -- -- and only see it yes my point is is it important for you to have the gently on top of the PBJ yeah. Don't twist my words a year scrutiny after all the brilliant Mets split ticket. I'm all about jelly on the topic -- -- -- on the bottom commuters really is system for peanut butter ZI index does I didn't know that. One other tag of one of the letting go and here we are out that we'll -- -- -- you don't get angry alien upsets dinner for both -- I hit again -- the desk during the break a behind the scenes look I have been angry for about two weeks not relating or anything but they do that I -- needed vacation but you -- plus the dolphin man. Can. The one thing that bothers me a little bit. And this is again a concert thing I might be alone in this -- -- tell me I'm not alone in this thinking I need to validate Doug camera with DM campaign attention. Is -- class like a women. Females like popping classy look yes to me there's nothing better than a chick probably a lot. A sophisticated. Sexy classy look. It you'll odds keep it up a little bit and you're showing a lot of -- a lot of -- eaten like it's -- daisy be I think on through these couple examples. You'll catch my attention you'll get my all look. I'm not nothing more like obviously like nothing long term. Can we get some class with some of the these steam kids if you will this generation of that. In this under aged under thirty years it's 88 Justin Bieber has ruined how guys dress. And can -- -- Sheehan has ruined how women dress for how they get money yes either way and to classes a -- and I promise you -- you classes though. You will get a higher quality there's a direct ratio. And a -- relation between how you address. And who you wind up with long yeah I'm I'm with you there but perverted Meehan Julie's house some of these women -- nowadays -- -- an adult mind of -- it is. I I was there is something to the imagination I say this all the time and people call me dumb and that's fine. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Or talked. A foot tunnel for maybe there's a slice of bread that cut like I can't I didn't think about that could Jolie -- the bottom -- is on the -- and take yeah I don't work ethic that hard day is as good as they get a liar -- peoples of upset about that in doing on the bottom of the sandwich about her joints and it was just a super -- Once you go into the sand wedge in to -- into -- excellent. What went well by all committed. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Dan towards third and sprayed -- served up by Buffalo Wild Wings on ESPN's Sports Radio 1080 of prayer and. We rode to power his pain with the okay. Can be reached under the commercial break we tell our sports we have some fun what deliverable this Friday. One -- I'm here next week so I guess on how to deal with is letting go next week Nick -- look at morning. We have any -- in most areas of our life. Movie theaters and not one of them think they'd be cellphone PSAs or to play before the movies turn yourself enough. When. We need to have a movie etiquette. Here are the rules and new -- movie -- -- -- I'm with you Darren did the didn't consider it movie theater Goer who drives me nuts yet hero he can't talk after previous as you -- it cannot even give a thumbs up or thumbs down you can -- -- whispered the person next he had -- -- open up -- -- -- users than -- -- it's too much man. You guys already disagreed on like the first rule. You can't talk well you can -- ask -- no you can't with -- All right we are rules are nuggets open a dialogue with the one that gets me is the theater's empty it. There's a two seat minimum yes yes no is to roll man yeah why you sitting -- it. The same thing is when your -- in a bathroom and you're in this -- the Urals and and there's a bunch of -- open and somebody walks upright next united -- and the bar creates in the that's a different row that in of itself if -- wanna sit in the by the wrote the bar. Even at your own risk yes -- give me two seats if there's nobody there you give me two seats and he's correct at the bare minimum it should be tended to -- and TJ at least ten seats in Monroe there's no need we can all spaced out -- I'm not even a big fan sitting right next to somebody even if it's a little how. Act Tony's legacy and next a lot. Us we know movies and you -- seat away and now gives credit to my father who introduce muse is he to museum movie couple years back and he sat completely undecided theaters and what are you doing egos. On this day -- -- people might think we're together and I don't want that to happen and modernize an -- an ideal than a daily basis not that bad. It's not that bad if you really where clearly the affidavit or do we went to go by the microwave that doesn't work that you heard about that is exactly would you guys do a lot of we were walking around -- about it towel. You know -- needed we took the elevator we took the by the way this is the elevator is target and look yet he just out in the company's cell -- Yet there goes that -- for an endorsement might -- they had this this to this thing where it's a multi level multi -- store off of 86. 2000 tells rob -- so we got the microwave in the car -- yourselves think how the world -- -- get up to the second -- we got our -- -- what's going on. You can latch the car it's like the most American thing I've ever seen where they haven't escalator. India -- like the cart onto it in the cart rides up right next year next to that they don't Mascoll. I thought this was lazy and -- at first and I thought about a little bit it's actually pretty Smart because if you're gonna have a two story store. Alice do you expect the -- -- yeah it's genius idea because I need to think about that he thought about it and then when we used its. -- -- next level man let's go rapid fire on some of the stories taking place in sports today one Dustin Johnson if you remember yesterday the golfer dating and Paulina Gretzky. He said that he was taking a personal leave of absence to deal with some personal edges errors and I gang gang green will take some time. Well it turns out he was actually suspended by the PGA tour so he preempted saying you know I did take a leave of absence when in reality. He was suspended by the PGA tour. Because he failed a drug test is is his third drug test that he's failed. Is that public knowledge but no so please don't get this so back in 2012. He didn't play for eleven weeks and he told people that he could hurt himself on a jet ski that's not what happened wow alien drug tests he's a -- -- I hate and the PGA tour doesn't release drug -- I did not have to release that was or not anybody else has to do you can't use Coke. And so he came back it's a he was gone -- for like three months out of the sport in this that this is the third time he's -- he's not it's only and he knew that he is going to be gone for six months and it can't. Mix something up for six months a year and a donated heavily team that he was. Snorting cocaine and he also had an affair and broke up a marriage. With two PGA. Two are going -- -- find out the names and by the way you think that. My most sports have mistresses and things going on a golf again might be one of the worst I know all offer them. From experience I know five golfers who have mistresses. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Is legality. Sleazy. People on the planet I wanna meet these guys I'm is that I've got -- -- -- especially yeah sifting dirt -- can degenerate gamblers. And look I'm I during a wrestling with -- -- -- degenerate gamblers is womanizer it's a it's a whole thing that's great. Look at. Dustin Johnson's. On a serious note this actually has -- a guy -- Dustin Johnson who has all the talent in the world I mean you're talking about a guy who hits it as far as anybody on the PGA tour he's been in contention and in multiple majors in his career. It is again and look now you know this comes out night you know there's three positive test that's when you start looking that is an issue because I didn't. No I never would he missed time in for the I didn't know that was for another positive test so. This is clearly something that he's got a problem -- in his career that he has not been able to solve. He would just hoping and figured out I really do wanna know who do with a marriages were because I would love you too to have. -- those situations say he comes back I wanted to be paired with bad guy like the final round Sunday at a major is Asia hasn't he could be very look at maybe that's what he's collapsing all the time in majors he's paired with a giant animosity between us. Austin in the guy easy seem to be cussing antitrust front and Lee -- and cash. Another story we did today is that Jamie Foxx is going to be playing Mike Tyson and upcoming movie we discuss movies that you want to seem made that haven't been made. They got some really good ones here who let the dogs out the Michael Vick story was one and we like to mobile and in the -- of the story of Ryan leaf. -- -- to those for a couple the odd to not. With PS in exclamation points the Lance Armstrong still are tough break by doing that the death Knight and story. Those are phenomenal -- -- can -- that movie that and Jamie Foxx playing Mike Tyson you know if you Google image Jamie Foxx and Mike Tyson they put him up side by side he looks just like him. I think he's gonna be pretty good and I think his movie's going to be good but I'm a little worried on this level. He just did that undisputed truth the HBO special might not it was really well done by the way we -- him in -- please -- was staged on his life story considering you can't -- yeah exactly it's it's never easy but -- you know with Mike Tyson. He's got such an interesting -- is one of the impression that it respects I don't know when Mike Tyson man. He had -- you know he went to jail for a couple of years in the middle of his prime. He's this are you know Louisiana be the next greatest boxer all time in his career just falls real short the bankruptcy story it is a great story for a movie I just told it's well done. Yeah that's the only thing you got to hope for now I'm just glad it's not the same -- -- that play Jackie Robinson has now playing James Brown EP appears to get all those roles I'm glad to give it to Jamie -- acidity CGI to make him a little bit. Make him look a little bit younger in the movie which is a good thing to do and I. I I -- -- we talk about that the other day about how -- thirty for thirty's or are encroaching on sports movie territory. Where there's so many good thirty for thirty's and everybody loves the thirty for thirty's it. They tell these stories that you couldn't tell any better in -- movie because it's documentary you get it straight from the horse's mouth and all the people involved. So at least -- hasn't been 8830 to thirty made on Tyson's career and it sounds like they're not gonna start filming from an eighteen months or so so this is a movie that a private matter fox -- -- exactly exactly so that this will be -- that won't come out for a couple years but I am excited ever EMI the Mike Tyson story is fascinating. AME is one of the most just interest in athletes we've never happened if you ask people like and his name your top five athletes of all time. That you would want to see a movie made about I a lot of people will put Mike Tyson and that -- segment. -- speaking the Rasheed Wallace story -- that it's the -- -- but there have ideas are right we discussed documentaries in. And admit you could do what it away like you have to take a story that's got. Other things involved with -- and trying to play up that angles like you did a Mike Tyson story it would aura Mike Tyson movie. I don't know the eagerness and a focus on his fights and it would have to be most of the off the out of the ring stuff where you focus on his personal life growing up and you could put some of the stories in there sometimes when you talk about in a documentary. And you actually see it play out like you'll see this on the History Channel sometimes. Where they'll have re enactments and this is pretty bad reenactment but at least you -- some sort of visual in your head. Of that story being explained and it adds context to it. So if you do that was something like Mike Tyson and then I yeah I'm OK with -- lose but overall this is yet when you show me rough footage -- to have Mike Tyson. Telling me the story himself the -- native -- BO with Spike Lee. I don't know what else you can possibly add to wit and attitude -- I feel that way about a lot of different. -- he asked yet -- and that is a good point as it did it was the story of his life from and that was it wasn't just like a brief look at it it was the entire story of his life but and it may not mean people didn't see if there is -- -- -- there's a diversion of 33 and a guy standing on stage and showing pictures it was yeah you know. That they were a little bit different. Yeah I just hope it's as good as as Ali when Will Smith did that -- -- Dolly I rarely did pretty well and I did it touches and -- he loses you train trainers and again and he can do good impressions designing you'll have done a Mike Tyson dialect down pretty good. A mime Marcel lynch report back to training camp but what he wanted it just came out he won an extra he won it is five -- our compensation from five million. To six and a half million so all he wanted it was -- in a millionaire -- he won -- five million more this season. And I think an additional one and a half. Pass that's what Marshall Clinton appointee wanted to fight in a million more this season sort of been what Tenet to make ten million dollars this is that -- anywhere he six. Affirmed for the season after innings he knows it too that if he wants the ten for this and yeah drops down. He pretty much knows anything in the end is near for him -- yeah he basically wanted all of his 2015. Salary which is fine and half million up front in 2014. -- and I -- luggage and that to me -- he said as read the writings on the -- there that he knows that there's a chance they cut him after this season his ninth season and he's going to it is it I ECB 2829 years old he's gonna make five million this year and five point five million next yourself let -- ten million is too much -- one year to pay and so that makes a little more sense why Seattle just called his bluff and said no way in the were there to give you ten million dollars a year. I still do believe that -- he is owed more than the five million because of the fact that -- up and just cut it they can cut him he would five point five million who's supposed to make next season. And he could potentially and I see a dime of that deal. We'll preview the upcoming weekend in sports got some football this weekend the first wouldn't -- had the ball in a long time except for everything else going on. This weekend as well you're listening to the airport during spring on the thing. -- -- -- -- -- -- John well yeah. I've had already -- the team. Then towards third and -- just served up by the Buffalo Wild Wings on ESPN's Sports Radio 1080 so frail and it took me down in Florida as Max the clue. We get to this story. I guess we will now but he org index have scratch and sniff tickets now about taxes are really disturbing story. -- think it's disturbing yet I do. I don't forget -- apparently that I'm not Italy's this Saturday and it is I don't think it's been -- does and jumps on them yet but. Yet it's a burger then how about that you smell of burger when a sentencing is an -- ran the money. Page who insist on divine exactly that. Spezza syndicates. I feel like there's -- Oregon -- -- lousy I rather see them fry. Yeah now or milk shake. One of the team right yet not the -- I love those is kids the markers -- eked its nest. Not like it's much harder to use my -- it and others I love legally yeah. Love eating gluten imported a bucket -- I didn't know you know Brandon like -- markers you don't have -- -- -- -- great sentinel presenting you write it -- now penalties hostess future addicts of American. That's what I was -- -- It markers if you can get high on and it sends to you. That won't cause any problems and this kind of markers and young Asian tennis great and yes it -- the NFL hall of -- game this weekend between the bills in the giants that -- I don't know -- the first half of that do you go to the first I probably -- -- -- you know the first series maybe -- series -- starters then they'll be out right -- it was the giants and bills and giants -- yes yes -- very easy to -- any -- giant EMI and a -- do you say that weekend's activities sensitivity markers and it -- -- -- -- short term -- -- Yeah it is great uncle are about first happened this one the second half it could this have a pre season games this gets don't align yourself -- -- -- watch the whole game is not a game in the -- absolutely because of how that but every single storyline we tackle we've done some preview stuff we did the NFC east. What is the NFC west but outside of that every single and at the top we've had. Is negative yes it absolutely is and this concussions it's Ray Rice is the job -- -- season. Arguably ever for the NFL -- we had a lot of leg goes on Josh Gordon's. Response to his suspension and then -- Ray -- obviously got a -- politicos and how are you guys suckers for the hall of fame stuff though you want child Hannity and a if it's the right player I wanna watch the speech yeah I'm a big emotional guy if you can have a pretty good speech and you get the -- -- with you there you make me emotional that's a great Frank Thomas did too much it get -- if I'm I'm a big baseball -- but I don't usually watch the baseball and actually get if that's -- like if it's individual player really wanted to -- watch it but I don't watch the NFL induction thing every year I think it's comical to watch yet the busted the and I are like that it is. Be nice again we say it is a lot but it will be nice to have football back in some capacity where you can watch it and not have to -- pre season games next weekend on that Thursday laden. Yeah this the DC -- in the bronco so it is nice to be able actually have football to watch. And my guess they're not gonna say a whole lot about that if Europe haven't heard today Roger Goodell came out and defended it. The punishment he of Ray Rice. And he said -- his exact quote that he used is the punishment is quote consistent in the quote the Roger Goodell came out in there and reporters around him. And the NFL's not -- they're not backing down they're they're consistent in the way they view this story. And it's not surprising to me that he sticks up for what he gave Ray Rice she don't you don't want to backtrack is annuals like the -- who didn't think about this all the way through. There's already negative publicity tied in this in this it is again is another story the NFL's had. That at some point it's gonna go away that could be a week that can be two weeks were no one even thinks about this anymore and and instead you make these comments it fires people up again. If you wanna have a sit down and you wanna make a statement regarding -- policy in punishments. I'm finally that you sit down and you write -- you think about it. You don't need to comment when you're on the steps of some courthouse you're coming out of a meeting it sounded back with a bunch of people in every no comment I mean really excessively you are Roger Goodell your help writing this -- you pretty much running it. You can say no comic you don't have to answer questions. He looked like a jackass in this everybody agrees to gain was not enough there's no need to come out just because some guy in Arizona asked you questions say. Well yeah we did the right thing was the right punishment you know comic you move on. Yeah I am aiming at somebody -- -- similar attack in about -- earlier in the show and -- -- it's basically a situation many NFL knows it get away with this summit that we can security is outrages we want but I guarantee the ratings for Sunday night's hall of fame game is gonna be the highest ratings draw all the same game we've ever seen -- that. That's just the way business has worked in the NFL a year in year out the ratings continue to go up more people continue to watch and we detection detects an earlier said look and tell somebody hits them in the pocketbook. They're never gonna learn their lesson Roger Goodell do whatever he wants -- penalized whoever he wants for however long he wants. -- -- tell -- -- 88 financial backlash in terms of either people stop watching and ratings are diving. Where their businesses or are pulling their advertisement with the NFL. They're never gonna learn their lesson and that's the -- I think as we can sit here -- is outraged as we want about the suspension which we all are everybody's in agreement to games is far too little. But ultimately Intel and her two -- Pocketbook they're gonna do whatever -- -- they want out next weeks and -- challenge I don't know maybe it's not that difficult for most people. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Wow Aaron kind pump blog on I'm -- go on the same route when my vacation a comes up was the week after yours. I'm doing the same thing -- an eagle cam and go to the beach I'm on plugged in immediately Jensen to me it shows coming in the next two leagues was the most difficult thing to would you rather go out without Internet without TV TV I -- yeah without and it TV. You'd rather go without TV yet I can give me the Internet yet give -- the Internet not on the opposite number see your giants into your fan amount of it I'd rather know what's going on in the world and just be able to watch certain programs I'll watch the news. And the Internet faster let's just -- tell you it's time I know he's playing -- -- still on mineral Agile be be tonight one final story before we go a little cheap shot here the Dallas Cowboys are sending out playoff tickets already. The season ticket holders opened the envelope. That they got earlier today in inside where accept apps. And -- wait what are these four. Yeah it's a good question because you're not gonna make it pre season regular season erratic but those there's also a sheet of tickets that includes the NFC championship game didn't -- deem that the team has not played in since 1990 -- EA NASA logo it's been that long it's been a long time you give your fans hopes up for no reason. The cowboys and I'm not trying to best the team I just I'm not Jerry Jones fan another student who writes Grant Mason why why he ended up. -- -- -- just activists say next big man aviator that means -- -- -- -- -- -- your lives when I was down this last couple weeks did. Assailants here now you call and got a lot of anger right now I hip hop into the stations say hello to you letting go and I'll have. -- We're gonna miss yet we'll thank you all -- you -- it but I'll listen to the podcasts watching giants games naked next week available to tell you won't be home -- -- there's a microwaves esteemed producer right in the controls as we did a phenomenal job -- is my guest is last minute with the links usually hosts around 330 minutes -- -- -- That's my wings 27 sprayed on Twitter. Positive vision of our drafted earlier he'd like -- -- fantasy football draft you can do so. By texting draft at 5530 by -- is on Twitter at leader Johnson I'm ads. -- -- when -- out next week these two guys can hold down the fort we'll see you in awhile but they're back next Monday noon at three. The import Curtis Drake on -- anything. Hey guys. -- big also her right. -- -- --

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