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Danforth Dirt & Sprague 8.1.14 Hour 2

Aug 1, 2014|

The guys do their smorgasbord, and talk NFC West.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I would like to extend to you an invitation to the passport. Excuse me the part that gets. With cancer. Part of Japan's then fourth Dugard and spray -- served up by buffalo wild winds up introduces us tuxedo T shirt that says like I want to be formal. Well here party unity like a party so like Monty has supported -- Taylor dance floor and he Dirk Johnson and Brendan spray thank you Jesus. Like with the -- eagle's wings this thing and leave locals for Leonard Skinner would like Angel playing. I'm in the front row and -- hammered. Then fourth third and spray gun ESPN's Sports Radio 1081%. This man. Of prayer and. Anything -- This hour of the show Danny O'Neil of settings in in Seattle will join us in fifteen minutes from now to preview the Seattle Seahawks have been the cardinals the rams and the niners. To deal with the Seahawks we'll talk of a lot more a lot of NFL outside this hour. Including the NFC west. At the induction ceremony into the NFL hall of fame this week in the NFL game time and battled as well it's a big NFL our 2 o'clock start letting go. So what I felt -- About what. Well the first -- first game and I and Sunday -- in Elmore Sundays without the. Thursday is the Seahawks Denver Broncos pre season game in -- we just kick -- over there in the ball just starts rolling downhill that week one AO. We discuss this -- smorgasbord of sports topics sports movies that haven't been made that you would like to see. Activity fiction can be nonfiction -- -- discussing that the remember the titans. The ticker on that team is trying to discredit the story and said -- though in the head coach is a terrible human being -- propping up a bit and he became. They kind of character that Denzel Washington played on the shelf. Which I thought about this the last couple days and we're sorry and around it's -- -- why do we just automatically believe the ticker. Does anybody -- come -- and -- -- -- -- -- -- -- wants attention that is it's a valid -- nobody -- come -- from any -- -- -- -- terrorists know where people he was -- he's agreed to portray him in a movie they're gonna start this movie within about a year start planning process. It will be with not care IG and entertainment for the season OIGS. I think grace and we hear that a boy I DN. And they're going to UC GI to help out with some of the animation technology this can help to try and portray Jamie -- as Mike Tyson. Or -- you Debbie downer here. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- What I mean what more could we have Ali we need Tyson exactly what's gonna be in that movie that won back and then now. Just the Indians announced man I kinda like -- -- -- Behind the seeking them because you don't wanna see how the Robin -- thing plays unless -- -- Hollywood story you're gonna put that you see you wanna encourage terror I have to put them yet they better that in order for those either don't know it's Whitman Brad -- Oh yeah I kind of always say I'm time on the rate stuff all the -- given -- and yet they're not -- that in. Really they talk -- -- that Brad -- if that's not in the movie I'm not gonna watch it all right walk out because that was a huge part of his career he was in jail for what three years. Yes three and it was in his prime during the in I mean a lot of people say how many more wins can be gotten at three years. Most fighters to a fight for years. To I don't know I you don't put dad in the -- -- yeah I just had enough on that I don't wanna be negative about it because I I really do you like Mike Tyson I love. I love everything about like him -- honesty in his. This is ability to overcome unlucky also unease unease also gets up that is -- and -- was bankrupt so he's clearly on the -- it's my clearly on the track actively -- more money how much they can. Then they'll never happened but how much better way Tiger Woods. CI we don't know it's so secret -- Boise I. I plays Tiger Woods Tiger Woods is boring easy boring. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- What are we get the other day from dark to light this increase is so this is Hillary. That's -- keep those given a -- of woods Tyson's be his little you know in this with a list and it right now that like outside will just I don't think -- Many children children. He should tell us tiger was an imperfect Dave Chappelle did not seriously play tiger he did it is racial drafts now all I mean like seriously -- couldn't do series your big -- -- Atlanta LA everything Dave Chapelle would do as tiger -- -- probably right. So dad dad movie's going to be made in the near future -- fox is playing Mike Tyson the Dallas Cowboys are more sports sports Alex Dallas Cowboys have sent out playoff tickets. NFC championship to gets to mice showed she to have brain and Sprague -- Dump its franchise in sports. They haven't been an opponent in those -- like one time in fifteen years they -- a crappy organization Jerry Jones is gonna die without winning another Super Bowl. And I am counting down the days. I'm counting down the days until that happens because I'm a smile on my face and say you think you were the reason that they won championships you more jokes on you look what happened you know NF franchise. Tony -- we gone in two years and they -- a lot of players a year -- -- -- will be either quarterback by week nine I -- up -- watching that and I'll Dez Bryant. I'll be gets in trouble one more time zone another tee program -- nobody else hits are in the process normally. Why would you do this to your fans I -- -- every day you're gonna win maybe six games six games this year's success and -- should monopoly out tickets it's slowed down is there any other organization it would do it is only the -- the -- yet maybe the lakers -- this is such a cowboy thing to do. Stupid KGB. The same as actually getting excited about this cycle and I know you gotta be there -- I guarantee you everything and I got this why in the world. Would you jinx us like this. Sending out planting is that the first thing they're gonna think of is that it is a cheeks. You do nothing but put added pressure -- mark -- Mark Cuban credit for the as he is vocal he's active with the Dallas -- he's all over the place. As -- last -- but it's but he's not like. He doesn't put added pressure on his players I think Mulally and same with Paul Allen wants to win badly he's act gains. But he understands he can't put added pressure on exactly Jerry Jones puts added pressure on his players. Where at -- by doing stupid stuff like this by saying don't let it doesn't help anybody it's a funny -- Atlantic -- the story of Leon let's fix it. I can't letting go of the Jerry Jones tale but fumbled at the struggles of marks -- that the. He ended north of the forty in the story and clearly his last hours of the four -- it is that is phenomenal -- -- Jackson movie would be awesome. Yet but they're starting at 830 for thirty about there is he had authority that regular you have to worry about I'm kind of with game over the living here when there's bio I mean documentary or a story told by the athlete himself. Mighty -- -- for the upcoming film -- -- -- -- it would -- had that not exist -- -- as a member of the -- your head that Tyson -- for third because I've never had it with two pocketed denied he was killed and how you can mean yeah I can't remember how much -- that was background on -- six I don't think it was I think it was mostly focused on 2 o'clock and his -- look at how -- -- -- exactly not contentious one night in Vegas I think that had more to do it went to -- and -- -- I can't remember. -- -- you just got an idea was more -- to -- and and that actual fight in what would -- it was really get thirty to thirty but -- that's the downside of the thirty -- -- that. If you do make sports movies out of some of these topics yeah what you gonna end up with these are gonna have to have some sort of on true element or embellished element when you do exactly now -- is -- Mike Tyson. Is he gonna have a movie made about -- like the -- fox is playing and the Dallas Cowboys are sending out playoff tickets already. The season obviously hasn't even started he has a Smart move by the Dallas I was in the addiction of the Vanilla -- blowing in the wind the story of Ryan leaf. And it's got a funny feeling is going to be a theme throughout the rest of Russia. Video audio host didn't look as the week. Of seven and Seattle dealt with previews the Seattle Seahawks. How -- coming -- on the -- the right and all of what are the -- back after the something. Everybody did this time this land OK -- OK. -- -- land -- low. It's amazing amazing it's amazing -- -- is that since may scam. Huh. Then fourth third and -- it is served up by buffalo wild win. Spy on ESPN's Sports Radio 1080 felt very. How welcome back against fourth dirt and straight here on ESPN's Sports Radio -- -- a fan it is our final they have or NFC west preview of course dreamed up to the Super Bowl champs the Seattle Seahawks. The curious now is Danny O'Neil he knows. 710 in Seattle from three to seven -- thank you for the time march -- -- reports yesterday. A back to camp what do you think the deciding factor was for him but to get back into -- On the threat because the -- -- what the elite group content you. Heard a little pressure or at the -- should start going after iron on what I've been reached. -- under the yeah it's actually I don't app. -- percent. Are you pro rated signing bonus one point I think technically bankrupt or that -- 220000. Now. There's been no indication that it and that's technically -- starting to pressure them out. Don't let this go on too long so I think that that would ultimately. -- -- impact or. You know one of the biggest stories in this offseason thus far was the comments that Michael Robinson made about a week ago when he was talking about the lack of leadership -- where it's gonna come from in that locker room with. Red Bryant being gone Chris -- being on himself. Do you think that's a valid you know concern to bring up going into the season -- this team or do you think they can replace those guys with some of the guys they have right now. And alert and flexible question what it's about. Michael Robinson was one of the guys who was one of the the vocal. And the latter part of that is Red Bryant worker you know that -- and it was -- and while. Like that there are more popular -- their -- they're very short but it raptor. Q appetite and what their lives and -- -- a lot of things about our summons. An immediate -- you make it yet in the altered. Your leader in terms of complete one. It's critical battle of running -- expense of the latest in place but yet technically -- -- I don't. Illegal whoa wait adding that -- -- Have been personality problems I think he's a great opponent. But you not want -- L locker room leaders don't speak. And -- -- -- regarding the darker in the circuit there extra hole. Simply does not role he played. The any audio is our guest seven Teddy ESPN up in Seattle and Danny -- you lose Golden Tate in the offseason Sidney Rice has since retired. A lot of hopes are going to be placed on Percy -- to stay healthy are they're gonna be enough weapons out there for Russell Wilson says it's that kind of lead this team back in -- Super Bowl contention this year. -- it's -- but not block a lot of extra rebels in Iraq pretty open ended under -- -- I think this group -- is more closer and more dangerous now. Let's open that sure wouldn't want person carbon to at least rapper. And hopefully. Significantly increase what they did a year ago. What a great receivers and -- is what I'm irked at all or or second -- now know. -- on apple app or the there's different from about what is -- apple -- -- -- critical players who have been kind patent or Christine does in -- And the rookie out of Colorado. Are a lot actually could be coming on in the right it should be here in the. How much do you make. Were and Richard Sherman. I don't see happening teen -- A net that's reality that the way to carry out the -- discernment. There's a lot of loud personality. Sherman the Olympic I don't know -- at here is -- Adding that a patient -- instead it places more pressure on him in place that the massive area I think we'd go back out in the lab and. And 2012 really see that we're going and it won at its first start. Adding any tinkering you and and that you like talking like it's like adding that other people about. Not ever meet any way out -- Richard sermon. Create. Or something that directly in May answer that question as Sherman wanted you know some of the -- nation. I'll certainly eat eat eat -- and -- what you know on the you know it's. Got that and knowing. That industry you know tension in the numbers of west or. About that's something Richard I -- not in the only cricket. And some electric carollo. All of -- complete. The car or. On the many -- -- terminate. -- order arts. Any aside from the leadership aspect of -- a locker room what area of concern concerns you the most going forth with this team this season. I'd been angry at the -- you're you're. Now I can't -- Marc Collins in the ground. Look like even when there are some electrical out. At the park on hand to be able to replace him what are. Roberts urban -- and Michael the boat as an elite console a look much on the link at a point in his career when a lot of larger become what -- it. And factor that it wouldn't get some of the younger and that's -- -- -- -- on -- over the same typical or some lectured and unique. An important citizen in the way you run and -- currently pay a lot like he -- And have it no matter how many people talk about maybe becoming more focused on tap in the ball -- -- -- -- -- -- being in -- here. Want to run the ball at three under Torre got the ground. One. -- walk around the ball and keep doing it as -- app. Good question. Denny -- helping us and our final day of our NFC west preview we're talking to a about the Seattle Seahawks he hosted the NED even more from three to seven. And seventeen and ESPN in Seattle the anyway when you look at the track record as some of their past Super Bowl champions it hasn't been great in terms of trying to repeat we have to see a repeat champion in the NFL and over a decade since the patriots did it in and especially the last two years where. The Jackson ravens did you make the playoffs next year is there any concern about some sort of a let down this season just because of how hard it is to get back up in into start back grind again toward to Super Bowl. Less concerned about a let down in a bit concerned with the injury right -- pretty healthy -- Alcohol -- suffered an injury but on the offensive line. But the most. Happy when he. -- an -- injury I bet they'd been relying on. The -- -- look here but it was weird area. Out there and so what like he was accurate and they -- we never really in black and opened again. I think health is the first thing and then the second thing is going to be. Look at -- -- they've gone on some Spector and guy and let them Olympic. -- our members are requirements are mindful Carter on the part of why they let go out and let it -- -- he's not going to be back. -- he resigned with impunity -- -- There's a significant contributor I think it got. Young talent and but also place and -- and that young talent. Usually and certainly obviously all are all integrated and not be accepted or super ball or create a lot. Oh. And the trick here. A record eight earned over and they brought in the morgue and cut and counting all man -- -- -- in -- -- -- great event and. Do you think Russell Wilson is perceived on a national scale as compared to a local scale in terms of his contribution. To the team and at the its success. I think the most are. The most part owned solely look at him and CM. Aboard a bus driver acting manager. In the reality of what we've seen here at public -- -- terrible protector for the majority a lot. And it mobility and ability to eight and create. Created some incredible plays out -- The second part of that is at any point the Seahawks you to go or he's been able particularly. Most people actually look at him and it. Well you know lack record they've run the ball more opportunity routers. And only the audience and there. Is a reflection of what it. Also Wilson is typical appearance now aren't they want to run the ball. Outlook looked pretty good situation -- so well or. Am ridicule because it was but it also losses -- not. You know this is one of the biggest weekends for the CRX not because of fog there in the camps start in everything but you got Walter Jones long time CR. The often -- whining going into the hall of thing you got any good Walter Jones stories to the seems like such an interesting personality. Like out tell you what like Bryce Fisher who has a former CR. He told me -- the most frustrating thing about Walter Jones. Let's it would be working hard -- and you would feel that caught our progress and that you're really make him war in the and it would be quick order and it looked like. I don't even think. She hire an effortless play areas I've ever seen -- ability and I. Wrote carpet coordinator in the great it and go oh Seattle ethernet or out here and coached against -- to -- said that when you. In the heat and prevent the what's held after playing you know. And what that -- broke because I note your best. L I'm embarrassed or you don't play that game again Sunday at any -- exact same thing up. What you gonna pay check of area where they want area and take out a little bit and at which you back in the back he was an incredible works. And -- active user burst out all -- and a -- -- the -- impact he had on the game. You think you put him in the conversation -- one of the greatest athletes in Seattle sports issue with the Griffey's Edgar Martinez ex Enron. Yeah absolutely and economic. Record -- cities are truly national super. 1990. Eat a president can't picture of -- true national superstar and on that sort of -- rush or Seattle aptly. Walter Jones has absolutely ever seen. A couple of -- put -- there have been great Satan. Aux are down and -- -- I think those kind of that it -- three leading figures I would think in Seattle what mr. Any unity had hazy beyoncé concert -- Don't and -- yeah I I. I heard credible in this comment. That. You missed out Danny -- is our guest seventy NE SP in Seattle he goes from three to seven the DN ED even more show. He's on Twitter at Dini O'Neil thanks so much of the time great insight. And love that story there at the end thanks so much -- -- We pulled it together for an interview -- it was that was an easy -- easy task we've got a ton of movie headline to see them come that we are dying in the studio Morgan had to read some of those next we would like to react and tried to preview the NFC west a little bit. No promises that we did for interviews this week we'd like to recap them. -- no promises on how that's next -- oh no it's Friday it's August 1 I -- Rebecca black it is 130. Dan towards third and -- -- served up by Buffalo Wild Wings on ESPN's Sports Radio 1080 of program. People out there and our nation did so how matter and that I've really bad education like such as the South Africa and says that Iraq everywhere like such and I really bad days today yeah. Our education over here in the USA to help the US senators to help South Africa. You see how back and country. Say we will be able to build up our future. -- -- and I used to. Unknown. It is no secret if you listen to this show for any period of time being cheap -- -- and humorous tax. We'll probably be read on air -- and a little derailed shell and it adds yes because we had multiple quite a bit. We have we lost I lost to rearrange some of those hi I couldn't keep it together and agree and I try to stay composed but that was his life and letting go segment coming up at the top of the hour all four of -- can -- This great we love you or let it goes this week. As well but I do -- read a couple of these because it would be a disservice Steve to listen or not team. And keep the -- -- keep him that's not possible here's what we're doing for those heated words just joining us at the top of the hour we discuss the Jamie Foxx is playing Mike Tyson in a movie. And so we thought about movies that have not been made that you would like to see -- may -- athletes about athletes -- people involved in sports and what it would be called. To hear a couple of them. You want me into. The story of brittney griner. -- I don't know where you go -- and that is not much debt and that one digest -- and suggestive the story and Aaron Sanders. From tied in to wide receiver. The journey and Aaron Hernandez. Two birds one night the story of OJ Simpson. Honey I shrunk my. -- -- the Barry Bonds story. The last year -- hurt the -- -- tale story. Saying yeah this is our story. The pistol offense the Aaron Hernandez store does a lot of good -- Hernandez ones in there Bartolo -- easy -- -- yeah. He's an easy target -- -- love that's -- love Aaron Hernandez -- -- minorities. The tripod -- -- Greg Oden chronicles. My 600 town life free felt in the rump roast the story of Mark Sanchez. The outstanding text messages that we received and probably last thirty minutes man phenomenal effort the last question mark how Jesus to Tim Tebow out of the NFL. And they go on there in nine and fantastic effort our listeners are phenomenal. Senator Nancy glass -- he got jobs listeners out as news so the story of Marshawn Lynch yesterday ending his -- -- we just heard from gaining any of their one of the reasons is because his signing bonus is being cut into we thought this yesterday and is kind of coming to fruition now it's got some money and get back to camp. Always some of the stuff here and we'll give you a deal where you're gonna get more money up front Saturday at ton will help the out were willing to reach a compromise. Eventually became the pressure of of losing money from march on which was enough. That he was the one that ultimately ended up TV but. To the Seahawks credit that it rework anything. But they did do something that they didn't have to like they could've said no you ordeal stands as is you're either coming back or -- not. But they did make concessions. And it seems to be -- break you said yesterday when he comes back into the training -- think they they met with a great in great round of applause there. Though all things considered I you worked out well for both sides marks on it would've brought rather had a better outcome. But all things considered backing camp and and ready to go -- up for the game next -- And it's great news for not only -- our players but the fans of that team when I look at days and this is going off reports up there in the Seattle Seahawks won this thing it was even close and I don't even know Marshawn Lynch is really got happy about it. There are people that are coming out now in Seattle media talking about this is the same deal that they had set up foreign. Before he told people that he was doing. Do you see -- can't yet so essentially they descend dude you can take this or you can leave it we have backups we have Christine Michael out there are a lot of people are hype about him. They think they can win without them. That's fine to have that mentality and ultimately this came down to Marshawn Lynch saying screw this hold out I'm gonna go back I'm gonna take your -- that you had before I wanted to hold out. And -- come back and play another year at least in Seattle. Again this an example of the Seattle Seahawks and the NFL winning. Because they continue to not have to pay players their full value or restructured deals even though it's funny that when these players sign these contracts. We demand -- fans that they live up to that contract. And then start complaining or renegotiating but in the middle contract if you're not producing guess what the cut you get release nobody asked to pay you would -- and we always seem to not look at that angle of sports. AJ it's it's funny to me that it comes back in in this light locally -- CLC -- Marshawn Lynch same deal set up you said no finally -- you come back to take the. At this -- called his bluff that's all they did they -- you're not gonna continue to hold out we know how much money were were charging you and I think it was one up to about 300000 dollars he had been fine for sitting out three days -- it was getting up there in terms of the find that he was gonna have to pay. And Seattle descent now -- -- -- lead reporter really get rid of -- I don't really understand that thought process because Marshawn Lynch cannot be happy about this obviously. He's got to be happy to be back in the locker room and be with his teammates and be embraced like he was yesterday from the fans -- you missed intervention as you mentioned import but. If I ever him I looked at Seattle and and I was in his shoes I would be a little ticked off right now I would because I'm sorry look. Russ supposedly talked a little bit in the interview and he mentioned kind of how a lot of people look at Russell Wilson as a -- manager. I'm not gonna say anything negative about Russell Wilson but he did not play phenomenal against Sampras escort Orleans in the playoffs he didn't. Did anyone get the -- can be made what he won one great throw -- in San Antonio -- turned the ball any did you have all this Greg besides that first fumble on the opening series began deeply adolescents and passes against New Orleans but I'm sorry the reason offensively they won both of those games. Was because of Marshawn Lynch go look at the numbers that he put up he Kerry got offense to the Super Bowl. Now was a little bit of a different story in the super ball everybody contributed to backing the defense the offense Russell Wilson -- -- Everybody had a hand in -- to look at a running back. That is really been the face of your organization everything he put Seattle back on the map -- even said -- -- -- the Pete -- so we have to run the -- -- you have to run the -- we can invest your MO that's that's your offense you -- Golden -- the offseason Sidney Rice retired -- little -- sit at the wide receiver position your ball is running the football everybody knows that your -- he -- you back on the -- as an organization with that beast -- run against the -- everybody knows that run that that's kind of -- Seattle was. Bull that they kind of resurfaced around the National Football League and has been an -- ever sense to look at a guy like that just scoff at a college bluff and say it will move on without jet. To me that sums up the problem that the NFL has right now that the players ultimately signed on for this when they signed a new CBA. But to be able to look at a guy like that say no we doesn't matter what you've done it doesn't matter that we won a Super Bowl ring with your help at running back it doesn't matter we're gonna cuts if you don't want it can be a part of this team. It is too aren't evenly citing -- with you organizations and with the teams right now. In favor of damage in terms of these you know these disputes that Obama contracts I don't understand. How there's not more frustration standpoint from players and how guys are more outspoken about this because nobody is unfair EL as. More of these contract situation start to unfold I was thinking myself. The NFL. Is way -- -- -- organization for the players not to hold out for more of the pie existed it is I know they need paid. And the likes being short in the NFL. But I mean come on there's way too much money in the NFL for the players not to have more guaranteed contract and we'll see how that plays on the next -- you talked Israel has -- would not surprise me if we didn't play NFL football for a long time. On the next CBA talks because of that very reason that are running into over. And over again we talked to guys and all four cities for the NFC west teams will tell you how we think that division. Stacks up are letting go segment at 2 o'clock so get those ready you're listening to -- tortured -- break. We're served up by Buffalo, Wyoming on any defense. And then sprained his served up by the overwhelming. On ESPN's Sports Radio 1080 so. -- letting go segments twelve minutes away at 2 o'clock here on Tinny -- -- We discussed this is our NFC west previously discussed every team so far we get the rams and cardinals. Obviously the niners and the DC house so if you missed any of those interviews he'd like to hear any of our podcasts -- entry in podcast. We begin silly to me to stand dot com. At those that we've heard from all four all four radio guys in the respective cities. Had a chance to look at these teams popping game gets going this weekend and in Seattle and never played next Thursday. For the pre season how do you think the NFC west shapes up this year. Look at it it. This is such a hard question answer really used it to be the only certain that I can -- here and say is that I do believe Saint Louis will finish in last place stop battle last place that is I don't they were seven and nine last year with Kellen Clemens a quarterback so. You -- to imagine they would be an improved team if Sam Bradford can say healthy because -- he made some strides last year and played well before he got hurt and it was out for the rest of the season. What will when I look at the rest of the NFC west though there there's three teams that are all playoff caliber teams obviously Sarah has to Seattle and Arizona third any other division master their likely in the playoffs as well. I'm gonna pick San Francisco to win the division only because of the historical fact we're doing division winners -- yet you know -- -- you know to Friday let's let it out there are only get -- takes ever just go because of the historical struggle that we've seen from Super Bowl champions just because we've seen especially the last two years in terms of the ravens in the big drop off they had giants and big drop off that they had. It's edges is so hard for these teams in every sport you can do this a baseball basketball and football it's it's more you know repeats -- more prevalent in the NBA but. To get to that key to work so hard to reach that she MP chip leveled at aegis he had your dreams to get there. You finally accomplish it in six months later you got to turn around and just start the process all over again. It's not that I don't think Seattle has the talent to do it or they don't have the personnel to -- -- that Pete Carroll as the head coach should do it. Just to be it is so hard they won the division by a game last year and to me I still expect them to make the playoffs -- to go San Francisco Seattle. Arizona and then saint. Why isn't there and Ahmed Ahmed Brooks and I hit away from you breeze from losing yes exactly how they typewriters and that's exactly they -- a better division record but. You know this is going to be a fun season a full ball in its US inning without a doubt a -- us conference or division and he sees me in the NFC. When I look at it though I think it's gonna shake out a lot of the same way did last year in. I do believe Seattle in this division again. I think they are still the best team the team to beat. And when -- league -- San Francisco look I do believe in a lot of reverse jinx is is a joke -- sale of the CI out of the niners. Hoping that it's the reverse but in all seriousness I look at -- is is go Bowman's got at least half the year. All -- Smith we don't know how many games he's going to be out just dismiss another year older I think their quarterbacks are are very shaky. We don't know what what Patrick Willis is gonna give as he's getting older and his game has production keeps going down yeah. Contact Bernanke's development still a question mark about questions I think the niners will compete for a wild cards -- I think that'll be the exact same way panned out last year. I don't trust Carson Palmer whatsoever I like some of the pieces Arizona has. Saint Louis again their quarterback and I'm gonna have one Seattle San Francisco Arizona and Saint Louis again in that order I don't know the record I just think it's gonna pan out like that. In the coolest thing in the way to schedule -- pan out this year and that the only thing and I didn't like laster was at Seattle and San Cisco playable that week to up in Seattle and it was a -- this just got out of hand right away and it was a Sunday night game. They don't play for the first time this year until weeks -- TS and it's that's images like seventeen to -- exactly so they play again and that that -- -- two weeks from that Sunday so I love the fact -- you're gonna have twelve weeks before these two teams placing you're getting get a good glimpse of what the division looks like and he could have a lot up for grabs in those last. Four weeks yeah a lot it's as green preview divisions there and Super Bowl winners and there's a lot of moving pieces in this we tried the best thing we view or the the logical thing to do is to look back. At previous teams that have done it. The difference between the Seahawks and the giants in the ravens is how those teams were built and and what's coming back. A lot of the giants team he had a lot of peace is going in and gone -- -- team. And you do a little bit with the Seahawks and yet the same thing with the ravens the reason the ravens were able to win the Super -- because Joseph Flacco put on an incredible performance same thing with Eli Manning. You had many run the ball and a deep sense of style and then that works. Regardless so -- the teams that got hot to win the suitable for on their offense. Is a little different than how the Seahawks will now know Israel that -- take it's much easier to you. Read heat or to get back to the playoffs when you play defense when you run the ball but the raiders played good defense that year but they have a lot of pieces -- leave. At -- with the giants have played good defense but Eli Manning until flat for the reason that got them there Russell Wilson was a key part but let's be real -- was -- running game in their defense self. They will be back in contention but I do think the niners this year will win that division. I think is Seahawks will be in the wild card and then although Arizona in Saint Louis as like everything the niners have done and I do you think they get over the hump this year especially -- cap for next. The more time he's in that system. The better he's going to get at got late last year as Betsy is this the -- he was unbelievable he was phenomenal. The only thing the only concern I have what's happening in the one reason I was I am a little nervous about putting and it's up is that he has the ability to eat the ball when. Matters most you know interceptions killing my heroes losses means he's -- is not great John Munson that's his biggest -- is people talk about that's especially in pressure situations exactly here's how Vegas has it's the NFC west and -- Vegas has Seahawks won the niners do the cardinals three -- the -- for is anybody taking the rams to finish outside of no the fourth position not as long as they don't have a quarterback ninety analysts -- -- -- a Carson Palmer injury you know some like that happens -- same thing I -- I -- a good thing for the -- -- is you see it very well could be out of their back kept -- but -- an -- he's seen the -- sneak up in the top two. I think you. To me it's a look I just disagree with who wins the division that's fine but the reason I look at the niners and taking a step back it has nothing to do with that they've gone three straight years. Getting to at least NFC championship game. It really is the defense side of the ball for them look at the offense the offense is stacked -- -- pretty could have a huge year but defense has been their bread and butter Frank Gore is really old. But defensively just dismiss another year earlier not gonna continue to dominate that way Patrick wheels fell off last year. Paul Bowman is their best defense a player he's gonna be out at least half the season and terrain Brock I like to -- Brock I don't know how how effective he's going to be as an every down corner. I don't trust Crist called her to from a mile there is no way he yard anybody watching get torched in the Super Bowl. I just think there -- a lot of question marks defensively for that team. That's really where they thrive the most the last couple of seasons. It's been on defense that's why I think they're gonna take a step back so. If those injuries and some of those players continue to get dead dead digress. I do think that's where the cardinals might be able to take that step forward. In the only thing that I'll say to counteract -- I completely agree that there's a lot of question -- -- defensive wise but I do believe that this is one of the best offensive group today and -- -- that and there's no excuses for contact -- -- not have a -- -- you look at Crabtree is finally healthy he's ready to go and -- and it has been phenomenal since the 49ers pick -- -- -- -- Stevie Johnson in the offseason Vernon Davis was not a -- he reported he can't try to -- the candle -- injury global concern -- a little bit especially -- Frank Gore loses a step but. We talked about that a little bit when that news came out he got Carlos try to rookie out of the house state he got Marcus Lattimore to potentially come in and takes carries away from Frank Gore so. Offensively I think this is the best group -- he had -- San Francisco and the only way that I see Arizona. Overtaking either -- is where Seattle is an injury that that really sit -- in Arizona is a fantastic football team and it's unfortunate because I look at this division. I must make the same legal argument when you look at an SEC or pac twelve that. The only concern I have is that they be up on each other too much and that maybe he got it you know a San Francisco or Seattle division winner that's eleven and five because he had to go to Saint Louis had to go to Arizona. Maybe if Philadelphia gets hot because they're divisions terrible they went thirteen games they get home field in the playoffs I am not taking in its. What seemed when Sunnis here and it really is yet and unfortunately to you when you look at other teams in the NFC. The Green Bay Packers are going to be good. These Chicago Bears are going to be good yeah. You get the falcons return this year up -- jets and saints know Super Bowl winner right there the saints Manny being dangerous how we're coming I was Super Bowl winners are open and -- its August 1 and they thought that sent out for next week for you Friday no -- you've taken in the suitable minerals and I'm in Denver Broncos. We could yeah but what are letting go segment is next things that have bothered you during this week's tax and a 55305. The four of us will bring you. Things that annoyed just this week it's your time events and then of course letting go that's next on the.

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