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Danforth Dirt & Sprague 8.1.14 Hour 1

Aug 1, 2014|

The guys talk Dustin Johnson's suspension, Roger Goodell's comments on Ray Rice, the Big 10, and Billy Beane.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And -- -- in Australia is served up by buffalo wild Bruins always said that my son thinks of me of one of his idiot friends who have succeeded as of that he wants to go wrong -- -- escalator come on board. You most going to erupt from general Australian thing today may toss a future in from the -- -- -- -- for a third of my belt and a lot of magicians. Dangerous so most people walking in speedway and -- dirt Johnson changed doesn't just it he's. Forged by empowered women like meat and normal -- And eighty from the blind side. The differences between me and her blind side Stanley had a -- and Brendan spray bottle up everybody. Rose right is the quarterback for the -- only -- the protector like going side. Just send them almost blind side bush is confused on Sundays before him -- program. Offensive line stories African American. Danforth durden spray gun ESPN's Sports Radio ten -- both Israel -- Right -- CEO of August 1. On the time again I realize that today and I can't sleep times -- sorry August 1 you usually that guy and a great months ended this year already down. -- I will say this we had a meeting earlier -- of the rallying the troops if you will around the station get everybody together it was good night CAC all the lovely faces but they did drop by ninety days was trying to accomplish something in the next ninety days which is November. And that that in mind -- and think about that yeah when I kind of looked up that's when I became time guy like below November's around the corner see signs of sluggishness is here. Might as well be at hand for the White -- -- already get my wish this for Christmas this weekend we did have a rallying cry here in the building and it was basically a final push. I here's what we wanna accomplish here you're gonna do you okay we've got the wolf we've got the buzz we've got a he'll win we've got Charlie decade anarchy. And and yes they and their fans and players are a million dollar there. Are there exist all right we are ticket -- pocket. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And Phil Mickelson just ended up hitting a guy went down against sniper fire and that we decide this report come across a got a lot to do on the show today -- final they are NFC west preview. I'm Roger Goodell commented on Ray Rice in the suspension we'll have that idea for you here just couple of minutes. This just came across the wire Dustin Johnson we told you yesterday. Ended up saying he's taking it personal leave of absence this off. Well. That's not necessarily true he was suspended and -- for six months by the PGA tour. Because this was his third failed drug test she's failed one for him -- He -- another four -- this one was cocaine he failed a drug test for cocaine he also. According to Golf Channel and a variety of sources now there's going after doesn't Johnson's character. Had affairs with two wives of PGA tour players now -- dust and -- wasn't enough for remote and one of them broke up the -- and you know boom. So not a not a good -- he did so Dustin Johnson to win walk away from this punishment same golf doesn't care about drug abuse -- much as the NFL does because the -- -- Josh Gordon for a year on we need. -- Johnson at worst I am I'm. And walk away saying like this is this is an interesting story just because you don't get -- a whole lot -- golf and you kind of open our -- it was its first all swinging his rampant yeah we all year these kind of behind the scenes stories and unity in it's it opens arises when it -- -- when you ranting about that a little bit yesterday and Dustin Johnson and it was just fascinating for me because. I love the sport of golf I -- golf all the time but that's the kind of stuff he just you don't hear never released -- these kind of stories elicits a Tiger Woods running is escalate into a tree in the middle of the night you know we all know that one obviously. But some of the smaller names you don't necessarily hear this a break it up to marriages are you kidding me to slice the risk of positive drug just can you imagine back I walked into a clubhouse for thirty years old -- -- him like a Tuesday. Everybody I'm here to -- nobody toxin that guy -- got to be the most disliked person on the tour. This is bad they'll whenever you hear the word I heard the SVP and -- and I sorry about this before. Must take my PGE they were talking about how that -- cocaine. Is it just has a well weird weight to it you know where you here okay positive we -- as breakfast Waco came when Jeff lunch cocaine I mean that that's Dustin Johnson apparently in. He like -- you hoping you figured out because he's got world talent he could be contending in major championship he was over he just for first and snort his career has nose and ends. He put other people's wife's tell all I wish there was a website made specifically to review the dirty stuff in golf because I'd be all for that what -- -- winning clubhouse is what they're doing and hotels the night before -- major just like the NFL stories have come out with guys who did speed -- yeah exactly bills I wanna know what golfers are addictive because. They do such a good job of coming to the tee box the three time jabbing you know nothing else about him and how far they can drive a ball. Wanted to who's doing below who's doing it the most who's got the alcohol problems and -- bang in everybody's life that's what I wanna know. I would I would just think they're addicted to like jazz music you know. Jazz music and cigars -- my shoes. Arnold Palmer's. -- in G of average golfer doing -- shocking and -- about eight -- and keep up with Tiger Woods and other ego states and I don't care if it's obvious that nothing else going on you can't start -- show what golf lessons tiger I'm pretty sure it's a lot well we're starting with cocaine but it's OK okay it is a television and a graduate -- say that. Cocaine point is well taken at -- Roger Goodell has defended Ray Rice then Ray Rice Betty and I should say he has defended Ray Rice but he's defended the NFL's. Stance against Ray Rice. And here he is talking about it today rivers. And her. It was simple. If it's your first defense. Non violent. Anything else. We did everything we could trying to doctor that audio he had a ton of microphones around him to basically what he said is -- -- Roger Goodell came out and said look domestic violence is never acceptable. But the -- Roger Goodell his words said it is quote consistent. With other punishments issued by the league. And here comes the firestorm. On Roger -- yeah look I understand why you might feel the need to have to comment on it but she sent that -- Adolfo -- is that was name was to the sentinel on them my ideas like mr. -- is -- reality on this program -- friend of the show he he was on Mike and Mike and he explained the punishment in the reasoning for it. I don't care if you're the commissioner just stay away from the story people are gonna ask you about it so -- no comment it. And to me you really don't win by making any comments you wanna come on defend yourself. That's fine you can think that in your hanging think that your heart whenever. But you don't come out -- you don't say. Yet two games that's perfect for what he did people are gonna look at that as a negative backlash once again for the NFL EU and terrible losses in print them one of the worst I can remember and its history. I don't care if you're the commissioner and you help run this league. You do not need to comment on this because all this is gonna do. It's gonna create more conversations. Whether it's with ESPN whether he waits on the start of the football. Season maybe this Sunday without a hall of fame stuff going on. He at some point should sit down into a full lengthy interview about this because you're never -- good get a good sound bite out of him. When he's just talking indeed he can't really understand what he's saying but to me this story is -- it should point and we talked about the Ray Rice apology yesterday. And you know I almost feel like and maybe I'm I'm I'm reaching here with a lot of our fans but. I feel like people are more upset with the NFL now and they are with Ray Rice the only maybe that's just me and -- maybe it's because I that's accurate way -- is just because we felt that ray -- apology that was genuine and -- -- did honestly believe him and and what he was saying yesterday but. The NFL is still to believe it has the egg on their face and they're not -- to be be able to escape the fact. That the only suspended this guy for two geeks now will there have been a lot of great points made on the text machine and in good -- mentioned as well that. We should also be pointing out the fact that the legal system let him off without you know basically let him off the cookies go into a diversion program I believe is the only penalty he received an Indian -- some sort of penalty where he's gonna have to you know have good behavior for as a certain number of months but. To me after like a lot of this anger that we had towards Ray Rice is shifted towards the NFL and that's something that Roger Goodell doesn't understand and it's -- mr. -- obviously doesn't understand. Because they just don't seem done enough to figure out why people are so angry with them and they keep defending them so. Getting had a chance to backtrack and they haven't done sold to talk about -- don't hear a little bit more on the other side of the break -- -- set up to show for you. However discuss little bit of Urban Meyer comments about the Big Ten and what the future of Ohio State looks like. He thinks the Big Ten is on pace with the -- the pac twelve India SEC over some of those -- do you Billie -- as a general manager. Made some moves yesterday how we view him. As a GM of course we're going to get our final day of France US preview Danny O'Neill sentenced in and yeah. Join us for this to preview the symbol -- boom back to back out still doing doesn't want the team and of course. The three of us and Mike we've had prepared a great let it go segment for you today at two and 215 we got. Got a lot Iran about today bloated angry it's been it's been a week -- -- angry weekends are bigger and I've I've had to save a handful -- for 2 o'clock to neighboring. Ready Iraq or things -- Roger Goodell said end -- why why not backtrack and what will it take for the NFL. To ever change the way they do things that is next to listen Indian portrait of spring and the thing. -- -- Danforth -- strategists served up -- buffalo wild winds on ESPN's Sports Radio 1080 so there and that are back at Safeco. Beyoncé Jay-Z Santana hemispheres is where I go to the bathroom -- for the next singer get on. This is where I left announcing in onstage I'm done and what comes after Friday. That -- Italians Saturday. I always forget and I hear this on my coach. Weekends come and I'm always excited for Friday and now I'm excited for Thanksgiving. Chris thinks Thanksgiving and I think it's giving some of the sort of things. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah yeah yeah it's -- open at. Tuesday. I Roger Goodell came out today and spoke about the Ray -- suspension and said he supports it there's a news report that was done on fox nine camera what cities is in. But it might be down in LA yeah I was in doubt in LA I think and they -- doing -- re right story and they said that -- were cut exposed to cut to the Ray Rice. Video of him dragging his wife. In the ended up being a -- got speaks Spider-Man guy dressed up the Spider-Man. Fighting but he can you know put a lot of history -- -- -- here's the video Ray Rice admitted at least I -- an -- seated we will weeded out the Rodriguez -- one of -- -- -- -- -- the NFL's not gonna change anything now. Unless there's some sort of financial incentive for now I'm going to do so Roger Goodell that do what what's interesting to me about is it's not like. They did this suspension for two games. Heard the public backlash in the moment outcry that act yet you know what we messed up here next time we're gonna for organ ready is an anyway. There digging in. And they're saying no this is the correct punishment he's a first time offender. More consistent in our punishment and he really does yeah believe that any NFL really does believe that they are consistent across the board. In their punishment of their players that if anybody says any. Multiple times over and over and over again eventually you're gonna believe -- I mean and I don't doubt that Roger Goodell and -- and everybody else and that you know it in the league believes that they were fair and suspending Ray -- for two games now. Convincing the American public and that's going to be a whole different strategy and in on almost feels like it. They wish they it's -- kit analysis the first half of the suspension that was just first you gave -- also been suspended from week three week four because I guarantee if you gave them. The chance to go back and suspend him from -- they what they would do it in a heartbeat to avoid all this backlash but. It is a good point it detects -- brings up that you know it religious kind of speaks to -- we talk about this all the time. How powerful the NFL and they are really it doesn't matter what you do we can sit here we could rant about concussions. We can rant about the the abuse of painkillers and all colossus that are going on we can rant about the domestic violence that goes on all the drug arrests -- have gone on is that a really bad. Season for the NFL when you consider the new lawsuit -- -- a positive story there really hasn't been doing exactly in it but ultimately how many people are gonna watch the hall of fame game on Sunday. Everybody's got to sit down and watch the most at the highest viewed pre season game that we've ever had. And that is the sad truth -- look at the same with any business it's the same in any politician. It's the same with any radio host this is how radio host lose their job eventually if you take enough people off people stop. Advertising with your show. That's how you lose a job and that's the only way that the NFL. Is ever gonna change in either antics is that they ever feel it in the pocketbook it just isn't gonna happen anytime soon because I guarantee the ratings will be at an all time high again this year. That's why it makes me laugh so hard because when we have these kind of topics come up I like discussing -- and policing the league but people that complain about button and say Roger Goodell has more on the NFL's clueless. It's terrible humanity how they treat domestic violence -- view domestic violence. Yet complain all you want to guess is still gonna buy you're gonna buy the package are gonna go -- he's actually Sunday league take it you're gonna. You're gonna watch the red zone channel every -- watch Thursday night football. You're gonna contribute by buying team memorabilia in gear and you're gonna help those ratings -- higher and higher higher yield that's gonna do. That's more money in their pocket. The guy who attacks in and says because of this offseason I'm canceling my Sunday ticket I'm not gonna watch the NFL this year -- -- stop buying NFL -- that guy the first -- -- -- in OK then all the -- your point and -- understand your argument yeah but it's -- you -- -- think playing greatly you're not gonna stop watching the product so why should Roger -- ought to change of paying. You can believe all you want we've talked about this before is the punishment long enough. I think we universally all 32 games is not long enough and guess what what does that mean to Roger Goodell. Every single one of us is still going to watch -- product support is product and given higher ratings never had in mind tell people stop doing it there you're right. People he's not gonna change his mind he's not gonna -- dumb down to America and what their opinion is because he can get away with whatever he wants right now. Right back I would say I would say yes he's a majority of people are hoping that he could take a stance that he could change. Without financial obligations and other property CS poll PM yeah hoping blood or else. Businesses could change. Because of society and doing things the right way but they're not going to cause a financial implications right yeah I would agree yet and the costs. So they glowing example the company that runs a business the right way for a lot of people because they either employees. Yet he's still how Wal-Mart out -- paying minimum wage people don't always see at the same yet but you also have yet you're right once you put public financial pressure that's when you're going to get changes from businesses that's. That's the fastest way to enact change that's what the NBA one of the reasons. The NBA govern don't really -- and -- -- any advertisers exactly LA cycle that we can't take a financial hit here and that's what you could argue in court. Was that he was a financial liability to your league and that was one of the ways that they were able to. The trust obviously was that the key factor in that. But the safety with the NFL like what people want is they want their sport. And their favorite sport to be able to us take a stand and do what they perceive to be the right thing while they continue to watch there's war because. You you'd take a stand as he says break taking a stand to be not consuming the product if you feel that passionate about it. But your passion for whatever caused the NFL is doing. Doesn't outweigh your love for the you know well -- the scales just don't balance there not some people they do. And so people not watch -- and free transfer sure exactly but you're right you'd like to see kind of made a striving towards a better. Or more consistent ideal however you wanna look at that. But it won't happen necessarily. Until there's financial. -- rages on -- I think the I think spring when you bring up the business side of it it's a great example because that's ultimately what the NFL is it's a corporation makes billions and billions of dollars every year in and that is the sad fact of it to look. I can -- it ever there there could be some French fans out there that look at this and say OK I'm at a stop watching the NFL how dare you do this. Probably a lot of female fans out -- a look at a story like this and say I'm not I'm not gonna continue to watch. But he would also think that other stories would have that same impact as well it just hasn't given him into the NBA though the NBA went through a period there where they were viewed as criminals and thugs -- they -- but it wasn't as big of -- beast is the NFL it. -- they covered up steroids for decades why because at some of their best revenue years when McGwire and Sosa and bonds exactly their home run is that once everything hits the fan. And businesses stop you know incorporating themselves fans are going to -- games much. That's when they take a stand it's all about dollars and cents I do and this is gonna. That and that is -- about the wrong way but I do think there is something to be said. Where. You have to say you appreciate the fact that there are honest in their opinions and that they're honest about the way we think because. I think Stephen -- it's a good example of this where. The apology was necessary for Stephen A Smith but his track record shows kind of -- in his opinion -- and he said that because it was his opinion -- you realize the consequences are such that he had to an issue he had to issue an apology. Today's selloff didn't we get when we get opinions we get people doing punishment or corporations if they feeling public backlash towards something. They'll reverse their course whether they believe it or not they believe in the almighty dollar. That's what they're after anything else is ancillary I do appreciate the fact that DN FL is at least honest in this and saying no -- this is what we believe. One way or another regardless of your public sentiment. Because they're not gonna bowed out to public pressure I do appreciate that fact of it that Roger Goodell is at least honest when he spoke today. About Ray Rice instead this is consistent. I view him as incorrect I view him as wrong yeah -- punitive but at least he took -- state. -- and look I do agree because that is a it's a that we don't get a whole lot in sports in terms of just getting somebody to cannot be honest in not get some sort of been genuine apology. The only thing that I come back at that blitzes so what else are they gonna say at this point I mean the NFL they realize how bad this PR is but they also realize. That this will be gone and in two to three weeks just like any other major story just like will we sat on this Gandhi's Airways. And we rented about how dare they not donating money to the breast cancer awareness stuff after the hundreds of millions of dollars they made. Up the -- and all that margin nicely so how dare they. They -- to come out and comment they didn't need to come -- do some sort of PR battle because they knew ultimately within a week or two that storyline was gonna be gone and that nobody was going to be focusing on it because that's how good their product is -- -- I feel the same way about this today while I do understand recover from in terms of yeah Roger Goodell just came out he was honest about it so what -- this is how we feel this is what we suspended him for. But at the same time they're not gonna come out and say you know what we screwed up -- add two more games on her hey you know what we understand what everybody in the country is upset like everybody in this country thinks that we were too lenient on him. We apologize we should has suspended a more severely this is really the only -- that they can play in it's a Smart one because he come out is they -- you make your case say this is why we suspended him for two games. And everybody eventually as sad as it is everybody will move on in two to three -- -- Just voicing your opinion is the NFL it's fine to have an opinion on is this punishment was long enough but if you truly think there's going to be changed your your mistaken in your foolish because unless you hit him work counts. And that's the pocketbook with Roger Goodell and company don't need to change in dang thing because you're gonna continue to watch you gonna continue to read everything. How did it work out for chick -- they had the -- and and the same sex marriage pain and controversy and guess what people still buy chicken sandwiches and -- -- -- -- -- from. Chick -- the outrage is loud but dollars talk louder and people don't stop giving dollars the NFL. Roger Goodell finally comments on the the Ray Rice bean and he defended it and he said that we are consistent with our punishments that are issued by delete. So take it take for what it's worth that's what's Roger Goodell think CDC's consistent any sticking by his punishment any sticking by. He is working on from the south knowing -- soul too serious for Friday and will always present -- the final text machine. We make fun of Urban Meyer let's do calisthenics and Urban Meyer had a by the way she's a joke in there with -- -- -- the came out the wrong to blame and I don't wanna dropping -- kind of series segment. I should've done that I just did it that's it she said urban -- thinks the Big Ten is as good as the SEC and pac twelve lots. That for you next. Then towards third and sprayed his served up by Buffalo Wild Wings on ESPN's Sports Radio 1080 -- -- What do you think combat. Cassandra. She's -- fox. In France should be cauliflower and are issued behind him with only her -- to protector. She's big she's a rope OK. In Latin should be called baby a majora. If she were president she did Abraham Lincoln. Oh. Yeah okay. Yeah. To. The genius of really means less money -- clips fifteen minutes from now still brings genius -- Danny O'Neil. At 115 other console as my last stand on the case next week period and I are gonna go on actually what the hell are we gonna do yeah I don't know let's talk more this is awkward dance -- goes with what he's going to be the quarterback quarterbacks the guy gets us in and out of breaks in the stands fourth in the Disco I made a really. Yeah you made it really awkward. They like finding out it's gonna be -- for sure where to start this segment to have to get. A little Urban Meyer quote here it is. The SEC has proven its. Of value in the and that hauled -- from top to bottom bullets over years -- gap is closing. I think there's a bunch of people worked and we're one of whom worked extremely hard. Or roster with some of these. -- called SEC talent but. I tell you what what it is with great tell them north. And what does these -- He doesn't need to say anything there and get crazy -- up north that is in Urban -- percent and I just try attend employee were not attacking her Myers now -- now I'm attacking him it's a stupid he is he is on a stupid rule this week. Q why does he was the one that dominated Ohio State with this Florida team ranked. Isn't he is he qualified and saying yet when he com. Post SEC team it's a lot defeated when you do it causing a Big Ten deep red but Ohio's yet SEC teams -- SEC to outrage that he doesn't it is incapable of deciphering talent now he's -- -- BS great. -- like really the big tens already getting SEC talent based on why they lost -- Clemson in the Orange Bowl as they came to contend with ACC talent. You really don't think Ohio State has the ability to get. Great talent and -- I think there was easy level talent and I think they're capable but to say that they have the talent now if they're all right well we better beat the SEC it is you're alienating its pac ten connect twelve -- -- -- Michigan State -- -- they did have -- -- -- -- top teams all last year I lost to the schedule I read this before is so this is -- schedule. May be Virginia Tech Kent State Cincinnati Maryland Rutgers Penn State. Illinois and then they -- Michigan State Minnesota Indiana Michigan. And give me there -- -- -- hard game on that -- that's slightly when we're doing our predictions last year I'd hate Ohio State because that was it was the same thing last year and that's I don't I don't understand whether odds are higher to go undefeated with a tell that they do have against that schedule. With when you look at the Big Ten and the way it's look at. Think the pac twelve is an. I was up and coming but the pac twelve has. Six teams in the top 25 -- UC has seven. But the Big Ten has four in the big twelve has four and looking at and I don't know what it would take there's not a hotbed of recruiting net at all. But I don't know what I would ever take for them to be on the same level anymore you're gonna have to get guys like Urban Meyer and -- is paid them a bunch more money. As easy type coaches who can go down there well I try and steal recruits but I would hate to be a member of the Big Ten Conference and as you're not taken seriously. And your credibility is is is there's now it's never going to be there. And let its gonna take a long time for them to earn back respect even Michigan State last year yet stick as did great as their season was they beat Stanford in the -- They did and there are still nobody is giving them any credit at all nobody gives the Big Ten Conference credit -- all that would threatening not to file as a fan but it's also because you have to legit. -- teams in your conference and that's it I mean you have Ohio State Michigan State -- and how legitimate either those teams are -- -- do -- liberal deserving of being ranked in the top twelve or thirteen in the country but I'm not to deceive your pretend like either of them are clear cut national title contenders Ohio State is what did admit I'm an Ohio State did the Big Ten and in terms of when they would go one of those big time BCS games organ was the first one they want over the years before that money will go to the national championship game. Like you mentioned -- to Margaret Florida they got blown out they got embarrassed. But Chris leak in Florida and -- they had Troy Smith was a Heisman winner Ohio State was the team to beat they were undefeated -- -- Michigan when they were it was number one vs number two. They go to the national championship game and they get embarrassed it and that's what does your conference and organ didn't do the pac twelve and every inning helping in terms of when they went lost their first two BCS games. But they found a way to win the next two and that helps with that national perception. Michigan State winning the Rose Bowl last year was a start it was a start the right direction especially considering Stanford beat organ and in the pac twelve and a lot of people -- organ has been quote unquote. Team to -- last season. But -- tell you are able to compete on national level in terms of those BCS games while state going in losing to to Clemson in the large bullet it showed that the perception of the conference. Last year the unfortunate part to me -- is yet I look I've been really studying up on these common -- we got that magazine you look at the Big Ten Conference from top to bottom. What what series contending team is there in a -- Michigan state house in it literally is it because. I'm sorry I always open -- would turn on amazing and I'm kind of I can root for you get a little bit. That's been a disaster they have -- good and all they can't run the ball they're defense gets torched there's nobody competing in that conference. To me it's its final Ohio State and going to feed only -- -- might find themselves back in the playoff conversation may -- along with Michigan State somewhere in there. But to me I don't know I deal with the schedule and say who did they played hearing him a tough nonconference game. Like Urban Meyer -- he's one of the top coaches in the country. You're gonna have to go that route in the Big Ten if you wanna start competing with a packed clothes and yes he sees the world in going to get those SEC coaches and -- -- ton -- money. But Intel influx happens in those coaches go to that conference it's trash to me I think it's one of the worst conferences in the country in terms of the power five. And I hope they learned their lesson sooner than later in terms of the college football playoff because if they reach a point maybe this year -- next year -- they have may be in a sale one loss Ohio State wins the conference they should get left out I really honestly do believe that when you look at Ohio State's schedule which is not that difficult there should be no excuse for a team of that my stock is I Ohio State. Does have the recruiting chops to compete -- the teams around the country beyond old -- -- -- Ohio State is a powerhouse. But until you teach them a lesson in terms of you need to make them play non conference games. You shouldn't reward them with college football playoff bids it and that's the only thing -- sit here and I'll -- a hat tip to a Michigan State. For coming out have a -- to complain organ because if you do that. You could if Michigan State comes in Johnson stadium -- to the disease in fifteen and a half point dogs because that's how bad people be that conference and they finally be organ the perception changes immediately organs of the top five team and. Country and that's the quickest way to change your perception that's why the SEC is where it's -- it's not because they beat each other up. Is because they continue to win national -- seventh straight national title when you win national championships and you compare other teams and how they did against him and how they fair do you all -- that team won a national championship. They're for that entire conference must be deep. Not necessarily always the case but we may have played it up on our minds of the SEC is a deep conference and that they are very very top heavy but. They've got bottom -- as well the SEC. But the Big Ten Conference is looking at some of the teams they've added. They've added Rutgers army was actually do for you that in Maryland -- Randall thanks. Nebraska is a good yet but they have really done a long and not -- there and they're stuck at that 84 record he was -- over the hired a lot of PBS is offseason he stuck around rattling the names Dodgers like app Illinois. Indiana. Iowa and and look -- start for football. Let's not forget when we get to three weeks into the season are you ready glued to your TV when you wake up and that's -- 9 AM you know I think -- every Saturday -- Indiana vs I flying day -- -- -- it isn't there and it's like seven to six in the third quarter and they can't complete passes and you're like how is this a major conference out of these guys get a bid to a BCS game -- -- -- -- -- -- win national championship is let's face -- the SEC has dominated that. Category for quite a while this goes and attacks we got yesterday time -- the Big Ten in the pack -- are very good. You can still represent your conference and be one of the top -- got a handle your nonconference schedule. And win some other big bowl games rappers and commerce selling Michigan State and winning the Rose Bowl. Awesome they'd be organ this year. Hold my gas you start looking at some of the Big Ten even if those teams don't deserve the credit and people in the big -- a Michigan State barely beat Indiana and -- form. Indiana must be a lot better than we thought that's how you build a reputation. It doesn't just have to be national champion -- the worst thing in this what Ohio State ran into is again one loss in two seasons. But Lilly really had to what they thought they went undefeated the first year they couldn't go to the Big Ten championship or horrible game. And then last year they were undefeated they lost the Big Ten championship and double digit losses in two year correct yes so. But even you look at their record and before before the bowl loss and he said. Who they play yeah that's the product ready to that you never get that argument. When you talk about the big twelve the SEC. Or the tackle he never say Wile who is that team Clinton the only time you did get an Arab this year was the year ban -- LSU played for the national championship Oklahoma State eventually lost but I think it was at Iowa State they loss but it before they lost people were looking at Oklahoma State can see how we Justine what exactly -- -- had a one loss Alabama -- says there's an -- they deserve to candle in over them and and and that's the only at a time you -- -- argument. Looking ahead to have a Major League Baseball trade deadline will impact the race coming up. -- what they think of Billy -- legacy the general manager for the Oakland days -- winning the World Series this year matter. And validate what he has done that is next you're listening to -- -- -- break served up by Buffalo Wild Wings spontaneity the thing. You know on -- coming in the all around. Anger over the. The magnitude. Studies do yeah definitely deserved -- every time. Coming -- you are seeing right now would you play ten lion. And I can't even do my job. It's great it's event and next week don't come into their rejoinder innocently play Clinton's negative anyway there's a regional employees -- -- has got to see were served up by the valid actually at the quickest died at the lineup one through the public by the music it. Arctic penalize those -- thinking about. Something in that this announcement that a broken glass sounder it was a broken glass down. It was in the Solomon really a nice little mini letting go there you had there that pleasant missiles. But again coming up adds 2 o'clock I just informed by a -- -- promotions. Person here promotions -- internal promotions. And we're going to have thirty groups of twelve and are -- world break the world record breaking fantasy football draft party. Break the regular a lot of people were set it man -- you like to participate. In this fantasy football draft let's let's inform the people of what's going on I think we probably shouldn't we show that it's coming up. The 27 of August that is he wins it will be on the lake district Buffalo Wild Wings. If you would like to participate we've got our fancy football draftees here in studio yet we just got -- winning a thing right now between out of picture of this -- you -- get a draft -- there's a hundred dollars and be dead gift cards in there. Rather and great times going to be a lot of fun. To be at this at fancy football draft party -- really is helping us out. We're gonna put up a ton of like Wi-Fi hot spot areas so everybody's gonna have great Internet access. If you like to participate mind -- a classic amount. Text drafts of 553052. Look we did. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And I got to do is its text after fact after five and also I know that there was a lot of people that had reached out. And had wanted them to participate but they couldn't get their league got there they didn't have a league to play in. So we -- set up multiple leaks to play with us because we just had a great time last year with the don't text draft for that for us just let us know hey guys and play with death and we'll get back attention that would that your your phone number -- -- on your name is -- right to down so it's gonna be a lot of fun we're set a world record centrally some boring -- fast Internet can be really fun. And how moment it's fun would it be to go out there get some wings have a beer -- drafted set up for you hang out for a couple hours you don't wanna be your house you don't wanna be your buddies are exactly happy. Come on now the waitresses are smoking on LB downs if you're into the guys the guys -- smoking hot as well to begin atmosphere. 55305. Is where you text the word draft you draft a five factories are applies brakes tweet now does draft -- right now adds. Brain in spring -- yesterday the couple moves made in Major League Baseball before the trade deadline. And we'll start up what what -- have -- conversation about Billy -- in what he has done for the game of baseball we thank you in the mood by -- -- these -- problem we're trying to solve. Is there are rich teams and there are sports. -- it's easy to crack. And then -- us. It's an unfair game he Dane right it is Billy goes kinda. -- got to realize. The put forward sixty feet of defense. He hit a home run. Didn't even realize. I cannot be romantic about the peaceful. Billy healing is done and I see what you did there -- that in all seriousness though about Billy -- in patents to me there is pressure on him. When you look at his legacy in what he has done because the Boston Red Sox basically kind of did what he did and stole some of his principles and used. Let that it is an all sports of somebody does something to work you adopted and using yourself and after back. That's exactly right and that's exactly what's the Boston Red Sox did end up winning the World Series off of similar principles not exact but similar principles. That he used but he has not been able to win it all with this method. Goes out and makes a move for Lester yesterday and it just strikes me ask you were talking about his future and and what it does the company's future. I don't know there is a future for Filipino obviously but. He needs validation for his method and this is the best opportunity he has to do so. And to me that's led to exactly what that deal meant for them yesterday I mean you look at the ten year and to say that he -- kind of -- -- -- -- simply hasn't -- -- World Series -- all the -- he doesn't have a whole -- -- -- went -- -- it's -- funny thing that we always do. About certain GMs around baseball were to look at GM when you have the limitless payroll. And say well what a great guy he put a winning team together -- I'm sorry if you told me I can spend as much money is eye candy go get whatever player I want free agency. I'm pretty sure I can put him put together a pretty darn good base housing working -- for Theo Epstein -- exactly exactly -- he made he's made some good deals that at this deadline in my opinion but you're right having -- you can't snap your fingers and say hey I got money and to go I don't have the monument put together a winning team like he hasn't had in Chicago but. When you look at a guy like Billy B I I respect guys like that a lot more than have to do it -- -- the old school -- doesn't have a huge payroll work with he doesn't have limitless money to go out spending gay guys. He is unbelievable it's fining players at developing talent. Even switching player to me he finds it got its first baseman and do little and he turns -- their -- -- I mean does this stuff that -- the -- does really is unbelievable. But we -- -- -- spot now where he has been running that organization for quite some time we all remember the money ball teams that you know had a great pitching -- pieced together some offense and got on base he made it to the playoffs he just couldn't get past the Yankees the last two years have been a similar story were nobody saw them coming he pieced together to random rosters. You could enable whole lot of players on their team other than basically assessment as -- -- Coco Crisp. And annexing you know they're winning the AL west and nobody gave the chance but. Would you give outs in the first round of the playoffs back to back years in game five against the same team. It puts a whole new sort of pressure on you not so much from an organism organizational sense but from a fan -- sense because if you're Oakland a's fan out -- in your -- that you're watching them lose game five back to back years. You got to be get frustrated you really do it to me. That's ride love the moves it was aggressive it might come back to bite him in the -- if they don't win it this year and -- would have loosened Lester and -- have loosened some margin means a high risk reward situation but when you haven't gotten over that -- when you haven't gotten that ring. To -- got -- at some point or another they got a great team there and a great position right now to win the AL west cynical lot rolled the dice this year I have a lot of respect for him going -- doing. I feel really weird about Billy being like when you talk about -- being you talk about the Oakland Athletics. I don't like to put rings in the conversation championship or bust I don't like that mentality from a fan and media perspective. Because I don't know I you can evaluate what they have an Oakland for him to deal with. Watch all the deals he makes put them in constant attention not only when they're division for the third straight year but to be a World Series contending team. I don't know I you can see that -- say well if they didn't win the World Series is a bust I get it Billy -- has those expectations in his head. But I have no sympathy for them for the Oakland Athletics fans ten of them show up to a game when their teams five games in first place. They have one of the best hitting teams in the league they have one of the greatest starting rotations we -- a long time right now collectively as a group. I would -- Billy -- and whether he wins a ring or not. I don't know how you evaluate this money ball thing he's doing in Oakland and don't say it's successful it's not just championship or bust you really gotta be honest in this kind of goes to endurance point. Do you he defines that the heat -- just G-8 and everybody (%expletive) I mean that's still too little. Look at his payroll and judges don't know how you -- and -- isn't resources. Leads the -- exactly if you are getting -- on a bus and and -- -- -- -- -- announce -- to be -- this he kind of brings this conversation on himself in but I just look at it nice cnet's payroll I see that the owner doesn't care that there's dog crap fool around in their locker -- down their signs a ten year -- of the worst stadium in America. And continues to say hey we got twenty million for you to spend this season. I looked at what he's done a nice day. I have to say it success I can't look at because I read an article on on the 538 website and they -- this fascinating read on Billy -- check this out. I can't remember every single breakdown but essentially what they do is they they breakdown mathematically. How much winds have meant to the organization and throughout baseball. And they compare it to Boston new York and all the successful franchises. And basically to -- they come out too is if you're paying four wins with a lot of teams do and paying for World Series appearances. Billy -- is equivalent of equaling almost a billion dollars. In wins for almost every other franchise in the big. Except Oakland who's given a thirty million dollar payroll so I wanna see Oakland I would like see him when he championship and see him kind of cap this thing off. But I am not gonna hold him to just getting arraigned as I would what he's done a sikh holy crap man that is incredible what you're doing. You we talk on the show about process and result his process is great he just hasn't seen the actual result leaves a lot people with the results. But they're process isn't necessarily. My my the Miami -- example of the team where people would say well -- there's no price is a process to get LeBron James to a championship yet and so this employee you'd make similar cases from Billy Beane mark and I he has -- a championship. But the moves he has made you look to and say. Did you maximize. His ability to get out and that's I think all you can ask of a guy. What's your Max what's your are you doing everything you can't put yourself in the position he's done that. But I still among the belief that a World Series validates everything -- He definitely needs -- groceries and validating he does in the only thing that I will say about Billy being negatively. Is that he has not shown a similar type of aggression he shown this season and he traded away a top prospect you trade away says it is to go out and get too big arms come playoff time. This is the first time -- in his tenure that we see him go out at the deadline to do that because the Oakland a's have had a great farm system over the last ten years. They've had the ability -- -- make these moves is just. As a general manager you have to wait he's -- and I -- read a lot about stuff about guys -- today and in GM's kind of coming out talking about the aftermath of the trade deadline. This EE you have to face it may answer Eric question as an organization. Are you willing to give up guys it could be the future of your team for a rental and in that basically is what the trade deadline usually comes down to your in your route. And that's something Billy -- has not been willing to do over the last year for the years because. They had the potential of blood get a big time that last year or get a big time arm yesterday did other teams not made similar most you can trade prospects for an expiring contract -- your baseball. He hasn't -- a components to make a move like that but this year he did he get to some market. He get a lesser securities in each desk or your fingers and look up and -- we were. -- -- I just I just think that's where we disagree a little bit dirt in terms saying he has to have a World Series of balloting this thing how many people look at that roster -- you're going in and saying. Yes that team's gonna make the class and they're gonna win their division by ten games it's no no question about it not many people would say that -- with Billy -- there -- conversation and -- is different way to really scary thought right -- -- as well as the angels have been playing unbelievable basketball I believe it's only a two game lead right now on the AL west and that is why not make these most of these arms though because just in case something does go south and you don't win that division you got a one game play after you get to choose between four practically twenty game winners on your rotation now. Danny -- -- 78 in Seattle law on what does it 115 to discuss the Seattle Seahawks is her final day of grant C west for -- Getting up next is the smorgasbord though we talked about sports movies. That should have been Maynard haven't been made. And it was just announced couple days ago that they're making one we'll tell you what movie sports movies can be on the horizon and this NFL team is already sending out playoff tickets. Probably can guess which one that for you next. On 1080 the --

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