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Danforth Dirt and Sprague 7.31.14 Hour 3

Jul 31, 2014|

The guys talk about Ray Rice, MLB Trade Deadline, and interview baseball insider Rob Neyer.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Ask your let the dogs out what to work with the dogs you know prove that the dog and from this. Then for the third and spray -- served up by buffalo wild wins the tailor them for supporting. -- -- Capacity it's gonna announce the. I -- I doesn't just -- Well you know they tend to do those jobs to X ball players. People that are. And he Dirk Johnson and that's what else deal. So I don't know. -- -- -- really a couple and Brendan spray. The -- stuff like well let's break that streak and just walking to a building and say I want to be an option I would think. Talk politics then Ford's third and spray gun ESPN's Sports Radio -- -- trim. So much and I didn't make good. Baseball -- today you heard a lot of those trades in my sports -- update will catch up with rock nine era fox sports. -- breakdown some of those trades. In ten minutes and a conversation MBA at 215. In football today Marshawn Lynch into his holdout with the Seattle Seahawks spelled out lasted eight games he's not expecting -- new deal. But he will get some sort of financial concessions from the Seahawks he is in his thirty year before your deal thirty million dollars. He received six million of it any signing bonus of march and -- -- -- back to Seattle king. Lanny just I just saw tweet just now I he just watching today and their tracks say got a huge ovation from the crowd so. But it's not a surprise this is the NFL in NFL teams winning once again where. Contracts are crap in the NFL he's athletes put their bodies through more than any other I think athletes in sports yet and their money -- guarantees they're constantly screwed over nearly Marshawn Lynch and what he's meant to them since Pete Carroll's been there. He Timmy has been arguably their best player in the mostly in the biggest MVP through this stands. And he just wanted to -- more dollars to be rewarded and said hey if this is your final years starter. This is how we say thank you I know not every player deserves to have that treatment but I do think there are some cases in Marshawn Lynch to me is one of those. Yeah but again another example of -- hold up that end because -- player financially can't afford taking eight and eighteen says oh come back also be a couple hundred Benjamin's. Exactly -- -- new CB is working great for for NFL teams and their owners and their GMs because of exactly your -- trade financial burden that it puts on these guys think he -- close to almost a million dollars in fines and like 200000 dollars today. Tony was -- and a lot of money by holding out and to be what -- when you look at Marshawn Lynch. You know I understand to a certain point of people that make the argument you know this is another spoiled athletes make him five and a half million dollars or five million this year five and half million next year you know just go play the game you don't you're the one that -- -- contract because we've heard a lot of those arguments not so much from C -- fans were just sports fans in general. And while I do somewhat agree -- -- you have to remember if you're making that argument is that Seattle can content at any time -- and that's one of the things that we for a lot is at Seattle even after this year because he's got two years left on this deal five million this year five point five million next year. There's a lot of people around the league and thought maybe they cut him after this season. He got to -- the five point five million the year after that there hi I'm Christian Michael also you know it was a situation where Seattle can just as -- parting ways with them. So Marshawn Lynch signs a contract and -- on up to it in the Seattle Seahawks jumped on to that contract as well so this is good for both sides. You look at the impact that he had in the playoffs last year against the saints he was a stud. Russell was -- to -- ten passes he was the one that carried -- -- at the same thing against the 49ers -- he's one of the few running backs in the NFL lot of help from his offensive line. That is able to go over a hundred yards against San Francisco and he really carried him and that NFC championship game 120 some yards I believe he had so he has been the driving force of this offense and it's good Seattle. At least is gonna throw a couple extra bucks because he does deserve it. After what he's done yet the fight is substantial as 30000 dollars for each day he misses he's missed eight so far that fine to -- 40000 and climbing quickly so he can't afford again thirty. As a ton of money he can't afford to be out for very long. As that they are at Seattle is expected to add some financial concessions. To his contract we don't know what those concessions are -- -- moment is back. And you'll get going with the Seattle Seahawks here in the next probably couple of hours indefinitely. Tomorrow -- college football coaches poll has been released by USA today Florida State is number one Alabama number two Oklahoma three. As of the ducks aren't in the top three did you find themselves at number four in the coaches poll Auburn rounds up the top five they are fifth. A couple pac twelve teams in the coaches poll here's where they are UCLA is seventh. Stanford is eleven USC is fifteen. On down the list here Washington is ours -- Arizona State is eighteenth. And in the Washington Huskies are twenty fit that seem a little low here adding another team that got kind of screwed over in this is Michigan State. They find themselves at eight but ultimately all this doesn't matter because we don't have the BCS system and and and. Yeah let's all accept all people are -- back at -- and then. Liggett the Liggett the pre season rankings last year seven teams that ended on the last season were not in the top 25. The coaches poll has always and will always be irrelevant. Head coaches don't do -- voting themselves the easily that to a director of ops. A sports information director just somebody you thought about for them and how they find their rankings that's you know blogs whatever magazines. That's their prerogative to me I don't put much stock in these rankings. I'm glad to see that there's six pac twelve schools that's always a positive thing. And and to me I focus solely on the conference that we cover the most. And that's the -- in terms of which teams are going to step up this year not just be top 25 teams but maybe step up and that topped one in fifteen range. I like Washington -- as those seen they got some question marks but I do feel they can meet top fifteen talent. With Chris Petersen there UCLA a lot of people kind of either putting all their eggs in that basket or dismissing it like you Danforth. Organs and I'm excited to see what they can bring because they have so much talent coming back. This is going to be one of the best -- twelve seasons I really do believe in terms of top to bottom talents and in this conference. Any long time for for the first time I need to look at some of the bottom feeders the Washington -- for an example. You can look at man and I really do you think they're gonna be weeks where we look at them against may be UCLA or whatever what had yet to get the schedule we say may be watching this they can pull that off. Because -- not only head coach but the talent that's been brought in that institution. I'm pumped for this season I think this is the season that the pac twelve. Even if they don't win the BCS Jimmy -- because I don't just say when the BCS title that means your conference is the best. From top to bottom I think this is the season the -- will take that step and kind of captures that number one hardest conference in the country. Play at a M when you start with sixteen of the top 25 it's a great start the SEC has seven so you -- -- behind I think the third place conference has forced them so there's a bit of a divide their and to me that's a good sign for the conference coming in to into the season just in terms -- People look at you and say OK they're right there are neck and neck maybe not quite as good as the SEC but they're clearly. The front runner is the second best conference in this country in the and that's huge when he talked about voting teams in for the college football playoff. -- we have a segment -- the at a show or contact about Michigan State get disrespect and a little bit from the Big Ten and. You know should they be hired an age should they be lesson of fifty and half point dog organ. But a lot of that acid eulogized the conference not being respected and rightly so on in the big -- not a good football conference right now. They're down other than Ohio State Michigan State there's not a whole lot to offer. But to me that shows you how powerful just the prestige of a conference can be. In the pac twelve needs to get there because it's going to be tough for organ or UCLA to go through this season unscathed it when you talk about a Washington State's -- at the bottom of that bracket right now. Or the bottom of the pool I guess who would say in the pac twelve they almost or should have beaten Auburn on the road last year relieved to -- it may -- USC on the road so. You are seeing that gap -- Colorado is playing better football cal but they're in their old ballpark they're just terrible they should be dropped to the mountain west for a couple years but Utah's a competitive team so. You have a lot of talent in his conference and to start -- was sixteens UCLA maybe a little -- from my flavor at number seven in the country. Or Indians right you know right now rage at number four I can no problem with that -- let them okay. You look at Arizona State USC Washington all those teams in my opinion are deserving of being ranked in the top 25. But unfortunately Danforth and you said it doesn't matter and it really doesn't it in years past when polls like this played into the final BCS standings -- are right. Now what matters it matters where you start the coaches pulled it matters three finish in the coaches poll because it has something to do with the BCS standings. Those are out the window now this has nothing to do with how they select the college football playoff it's a good barometer to see where your team stands -- where they stack up. But ultimately at the end of the season -- the committee's gonna choose who they. Yet college football playoff is even in doing their own hole this -- us that there is that coaches poll is clinging for relevancy. And this is one the way I got a sponsor this sex Dexia. -- -- of fox sports is you'll join us next to help us recap a very busy day a lot of pieces. And on the move here for the Major League Baseball trade deadline just passed about an hour. A goal -- Dyer is our guest next do this and Indiana tortured in spring and the fact. And then towards third and spring is served up by Buffalo Wild Wings on ESPN's Sports Radio 1080 -- and he's. Every now and then I get a cheap shot and called the soundtrack to brands phrase life and I can do that today so that's not. Just a great song and I am floor though is that it's your last race started from the bottom now you're here you have. Wolf is in the heart and now I'm never really been very wealthy then -- -- mystery. Trade deadline. Came and Wednesday in Major League Baseball there are some moves that's. Are going to impact the playoff race in the World Series and especially in the even in the next couple of years so double videos that happened today include it. The Boston Red Sox ending east Jon Lester two the athletics for outfielder Jonny Gomes. Andy in return Oakland sent out the UN assess that is to the Boston Red Sox and joining us now here on 1080 the fan. Is rob and ire of fox fourth -- we appreciate the time. In terms of Billy -- and what you did today it is a seventy that reeks of desperation -- do you think is a calculated move this going to pay out for them. Well -- -- calculated. It does that mean to pay off. I -- there one -- comparative few people talked about -- You know being the number one. The World Series. In Billy -- -- Kia. Going back the money -- years. And so they're going for well yeah I mean they've all sort of gone -- I think that. What a lot of people have been missing is that. These are evenly short of winning their division they've got a two and a half game lead I believe over the angels. Which is not RBC. Huge. Ignorant -- club locker happen in the next two months the first priority for -- have to -- not winning the World Series which is preposterous to note that it could happen. But it between the division. Can avoid that one game playoff. Getting you know. Very easily getting knocked out one game into the post season so are to meet its about getting better not October but for August and September. Rob when you look at the deal obviously the -- are kind of connected with Detroit because of what's happened in the playoffs last two years the tigers go out. And they get David Price first -- is that gonna be enough to put them overall but maybe get that groceries title game were you surprised it may be -- lack of hall and return to the rays got foray David Price. No I'm not surprised that they got quite a bit. You're smiley is not a great pitchers yet. But he might become one he certainly very solid. Circuitry -- candidate who can win 95 games -- right now the -- don't have one of those and still project to have one although they have enough good pitchers that one over one or more might well stepped forward to exceed that. Have a great pitcher one I think that obviously going to be around for awhile and he still cheap. They'll -- picked up. Nick Franklin. Who has struggled. With the Mariners defeated in the limited opportunity it is conducting in the -- and -- can't -- sort of been Oprah player you know. Play three or four by positions and giving them something with a bat he's still only 23 and can't be very good I see. Miley has been dec eighth potentially. And I see -- -- Oprah won't last forever like it certainly see Franklin at the next -- -- perspective the rays have a model that's worked pretty well for five accused delicate they're just trying to keep that going. It was obviously a big day for Oakland in Detroit but rob which team would staff do you like the most right now based on the -- or -- -- -- -- -- The education has been fantastic but. But. Actually had an impact greatly felt lately it -- they're really good it. Especially with larger and margins and and at a lectern no question but. The tigers are incredible. I mean they have five guys to pitch for anybody -- -- just each other but nobody ever heard of about two months ago particularly welcome Robert. At some point you have to fall back on the track record. At least a little bit. And and I think that's why -- went out got guys they've gotten. Because the literature that they have don't have that track -- -- some of the guys don't blow it. In the rotation. As -- -- -- have been which really got to keep them -- top thirty pitching at the beginning. Rob and I our guest of fox sports he's on Twitter at Rob -- in EYER. We talk a lot about winners today we had always been a lot of times about -- and may have missed. Or didn't do a good job of the trade deadline what are a couple of teams that you think. Missed out today and did not do a good job. Well I never I never talk about it because they're only still beat -- beat me. And you certainly don't. You don't that it would -- the future. To pick up a rip a player he's the committee -- half for two months. -- Lot of significant players get added. After the so called deadline. Last year I remember that the pirates picked up two really good players are -- -- number we don't want that. You can -- quite a bit to help your team. Later. In the summer and -- Beckham makes sense. You teach you a chance to make sure that you really are good enough to merit to warrant. Trading prospects for. For a better and so. I think the one -- that I would point to. -- really missed out. Not getting better predict here contribute to getting better for the law. The -- to either dead in the water here if you veteran. Who presumably company directors to include flea being one example there are other. And they did make a single. Trade today we felt that I've heard so far and it just seems to me that they've got to be rebuilding mode and I don't know how you rebuild without you know to make some. Rob when you look you in the northwest Seattle -- -- three teams out of allow card race is still in contention another classic feel liquid Felix loss last night where he -- seven innings gives up two runs and finally lose but. They go out again in Austin Jackson today. It do you see them being able to compete in that male -- second be enough offense to push them over the hump to maybe steal one of those final locker spots. I think they're there and running I don't know of their one of the favorites but you're looking at the angels are so good. And obviously nothing is guaranteed but it seems. If it all it's very close to. Certain met the angels and he would -- the place. Bet he's one wildcard. -- -- -- that you're talking about the mariners'. Maybe somebody in the AL central and the second best team in -- and I -- good -- are just as good as any of those. I mean that they're good. Bet because they're based beauty fighting with two or three -- -- -- wild card -- but. They can they can keep compete with the club. What kind of dirt -- the Red Sox have one other organizations to be able to pull all these moves today and get as much talent and still hope to Lester comes back in free agency. -- a lot of ticket the Red Sox are just really good. About doing their homework and laying the ground work for. For deals could that be -- -- -- to the big deal or two but multi team deal that's really hard. You've just got to know everybody in India on the phone all the time and can have a good. Relations everybody in whatever reason. Whether -- Epstein Nokia more or that it the most recent guy. Because he didn't know how to police and security that. I think that's it's it's a great testament to their. Their ability to do analysis quickly and think quickly. Robby and -- -- -- some insight on today's Major League Baseball trade deadline. And some of the trains going on in baseball -- could find him on Twitter at rob -- iron niners thought in EYER. Rob thank you for the time we appreciate it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- was actually cost chassis is simply -- it was you that's the who's the loser today it was a losing team and I just he kind of took a lot of -- in the answer and I was cross just Huskies have since cut its. This filly OK I don't. Really what you -- -- -- tell you is the giants were a loser today than a year old and he didn't -- -- clearly in the dot I think the Dodgers today is they they couldn't can't they got other outfielders still I mean look there it's not the -- right now there's three games up in the division right now and their their chances of making the playoffs are pretty high -- -- shot on and I. -- over the Braves own easy you know let you like your chances to win tonight -- and I think that's led -- You know -- was looking at Matt -- got a huge salary that's a -- salary to move and you couple that with the fact that he has been absolutely on fire three -- last week -- so exactly so he is crushing the ball right now. -- eat you always -- talk about that proverbial legal contract season with guys to -- that kind of -- of a guy -- Saab -- the writing on the wall he wants out he -- C a permanent outfield spot there in LA. They're juggling five different guys in three different spots but if he keeps it like that he's going to be in a lot happened and he's happy if he's playing every day. Ray Rice issued an apology today -- and the audio from that and -- never -- the question of where are you with Ray Rice after you hear this ideal in his apology that you wanna hear it. While that for you net Dan towards third and -- is served up by Buffalo Wild Wings on ESPN's Sports Radio 1080 elsewhere and. Guess what I have flaws -- I think. Oh I don't know -- in the shower sometimes there's been too much time volunteering. Occasionally I'll hit somebody with my car. Twosome me. Don't don't. To me that's the opposite of the point I'm trying to make -- and. Tiger Woods on the golf course right now the WGC Bridgestone invitational he is one under par through fifteen -- he heads to sixteen bit erupting for tiger on the golf course. Also Dustin Johnson announced it dated the day 49 of the top fifty players in the world. Are in this tournament and doesn't Johnson wasn't and he is any -- is. And we. Isn't it John saying that he had his fiancee text Serra posted a picture of him on -- program and -- immediately took it down because people but -- he's spending time with his fiancee. A dozen dogs do not today and say he's taking a leave of absence from professional golf effective immediately. He will use that time to seek professional help for personal challenges he has faced he will not be in the Ryder Cup. So looks like his will be an extended absence of -- maybe he is done probably most likely for the rest of the year and not try and take things back up. In the 2015. Golf -- creates a day he's not gonna play in the PGA and he's not playing in the Ryder Cup you know is a very serious issues that he is getting professional help with. I was and other but the best I know the one of the things -- the PGA tour this not really covered a lot. You've got a lot of temptations. And you've got a lot of you've got a lot of Coke you've got a lot of money. You've got a lot of women any Pepsi products on the course he's he's got a lot of access to a lot of -- lot of distractions a lot temptations and I'll put a lot of down time. And you've got a lot of power in the people don't there's a lot of them like why they all sports. But golf especially there's give the ECD images of these guys on TV. But under the surface there's so many problems doesn't Johnson -- it is he is looks like. Data with the whatever problems easy -- we've got our speculation but then he will no longer be in golf. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The so I mean easing at it as a world of talent and he's been you know in contention aegis has never been able to consistently. You know put it altogether so you OPE cross your fingers 'cause he has the ability to be a game changer in the sport of authenticity and -- head on right another guy -- got there's some problems lately Ray Rice issued his apology today. -- actually that night were totally -- Inexcusable. Not a night and made in the -- replay over and over my head you know that's not me maximum inexcusable. And there's something I have to live -- arrested. Have to live with the rest of my life. -- starts at the punishment from the NFL. No football games and no money was going to determine. But I have to live with the rest of my life. So that punishment that I receive about NFL if it. It hurts because I care about them play football but it -- more that I got to be a father and explain what happened to my daughter. Now I -- his daughter but his wife one thing that I wanted to do today it was you know apologize to my wife. Who I've known since high school. I've known her since a -- And I'm better at high school way. She's say -- around -- she is great mother. You know she's a great wife that she supports me and rare race in in his apology with -- I -- the biggest mistake in my life. Me she can do no wrong she's an Angel. And you know put. We're counseling. We've taken the necessary steps to move forward. What do you make of Ray Rice -- apology and how do you view in after hearing that idea you can do I reach us at the Beaverton. Toyota tech site at 55305. For me I mean to demean that was about as well scripted as you could possibly have and I think he he delivered it perfectly. He set the exactly the right message did today in the commerce engineered to me it's not about the two game suspension anymore that's been dealt with that handled that's not gonna change. He's going to be out two games I think we can all agree -- two games is probably not enough. For what he did but again. To his benefit a guide for six years in the season had nothing against him he was this big community leader yeah -- anti going campaigns in Baltimore I'm not excusing what he did I'm just saying. If you look at it from that perspective of the commissioner may be -- they kind of views first time offense it's -- horrific offense. But they view it as OK this -- screwed up you listen to what he said there I believe that was very genuine and if that's the kind of conversations and things that he was saying with Roger Goodell. Maybe that's why it was to win not for games as you can clearly tell. That he was really bothered that that happened to him not only because he's gonna miss two games in 500000 dollars under the salary. But because of the living he -- that most people would think about their child I mean look at the future your kids going to -- Internet at some point. The last thing you'd want is them to Google and find out something horrific about you like that. So I mean this was very genuine I thought it was very well delivered he answered questions perfectly and if this is the conversation that he had with his wife with Roger Goodell. Two games not enough but I can understand where may be the NFL comes from from that perspective. Yeah I am and uniting them the one thing that we all look foreign terms of the more wanting an apology from an athlete is what was it genuine in. -- -- -- -- he said the other day that we're not in the and then you know body reading business and we're not in the read between the lines business so you know he could have been a great actor and put on a great show today. But in watching him speak of watching him talk to reporters to lovely you're -- rate is it felt real genuine and to me. That's the only thing that he can do at this point you know we as a country we love redemptions we love second chances. Not so much for domestic violence and there's differences there in terms of the problem that you're returning from in this the second chance that you're getting. But it's a long road to recovery you know I'll liken it to a Michael -- Michael Vick was arrested for dog fight that was a pretty low point he was -- all around this country completely there wasn't a whole lot of people that -- up for him in the -- supported him. Through his tenure in jail but since he's been released he's done a great job with the help of a guy like Tony Dungy. -- around being an advocate for Pete and being advocate for animal rights he's going in inner cities he really has turned himself -- -- kind of that. That role model that everybody wanted him to be in the first place it into me. When I think of Michael Vick I -- the first thing I think is not dot fighting anymore it is it's it's a testament to how how well he's turnaround is image and how much he's actually done. To repair that image and what Ray Rice has taken the first at this you have to do you got to come out he's got to be a man he got a process it's a process he cannot yo -- up to your problems in none of us sitting here are saying we forgive him for what he did because he clearly hinted at the fact that there was domestic abuse there he said it's the worst mistake in my life -- you can't see the other video that clearly -- that to a today so we know that he was guilty and that but the you know. It's never nothing's ever gonna take away what he did the only thing he can do is to make sure that he does everything in his power to try and make us forget about it it's going to be a long road to recovery but coming out and being genuine and having a heartfelt apology it's a step in the right direction is going to be him for years. Lady -- continues on his path didn't get there this. -- sums up how I feel about this issue he says the fault is no longer re rice's he has -- what that he is issued -- apologized. An apology the fault now lies with the NFL for being lenient and straight as he said he you get in a meeting with Ray Rice and I think you can. You can see where there's sometimes where people come to you and apologize and it affects you more than others think there there's all -- apologies are not created equal. But in this particular case you might be sorry for it but the fact that there's video footage of plane arriving to -- thinking Roger -- as the okay. But you did this and you're good at you from a lack of a better term made in this -- in the -- you made. And you've -- have to deal with the consequences of this is great picture apologizing use that apology to move this forward. But that doesn't change the fact you're still gonna have consequences. For your actions and -- parents yeah that's what everybody talks about whether you are a parent or your parents it is with you like. If you got in trouble you some idea what the consequences. And they didn't move forward from whatever thing you did. And that's why that's how I view this almost with Roger Goodell is. Yes I forgive you year for -- it will move forward you're still in the NFL you're still making millions of dollars will help you turn this into a positive. But you're not being sure if your responsibilities. Of what the consequences are for your rack plays that's that's exactly why I'm saying it. Very genuine because to me it feels like that message came across to him now. The punishment is still most people again it's not long enough but that's not my issue my issue is. How does he does he learned from this how does the NFL learn from this issue going forward. And with him at least it feels like you you listen when it when he stocking. He wants to go forty wants to help domestic violence victims with his -- they're going through there counseling right now and that was an important factor to his. I'm glad he -- as long as he did talk because. People can rush to have a press conference or PR spin on something as soon as something happens it's negative to their image. And it doesn't come off as as genuine and real and to meet with him. He's going through the counseling right now and if you've ever had a family member go through counseling or anything like that which I have. You can see a big difference through a couple of months -- it's a humbling eggs -- huge humbling experience especially when your wife's involved in the meetings with you. I just feel like it's been handled well with -- Ray Rice but I'm with you the punishment is still in in in the NFL should still get the attention for the lack of punishment. And the messages are going to -- -- three big deals in baseball today we'll catch you up on those -- Marshawn Lynch reporting back to camp. And a couple other sports stories to -- you on your way you're listening to Dan -- and -- those stories next on the. Yeah. And toward third and spray just served up like Buffalo Wild Wings on ESPN sports radio and -- -- fairly. Well. We persevered through our contact guy that we received yesterday at the JC yeah. -- -- those together well only fifty bags of Doritos dream during the show on impact scenarios a couple of facts or EPA handled it well and incredibly impressed. And I want to feel a series now -- -- -- -- on grass. Rational. If you give there was a cop in this building and you get a minute and again he does. That's -- -- -- I was they've gone last night in Yankee yesterday you know I. I -- go to this concert -- the last five years and now never know how tired I can tell your kids besides -- browsers -- you won't think about me and I had a. And work the next day and it felt like I was hung over. But we persevered here's what's going on in sports in case you're just turning on your radio couple stories of the rapid fire through these. Marshawn Lynch has reported to training camp for the Seattle Seahawks. He was 530000 dollars a day he had missed eight days -- right around a quarter of a million dollars didn't get a new deal. Didn't get the -- the additional money that Seattle is going to add some sort of financial concessions will find out what those are. My guess is you'd be more guaranteed money in his contract. Yeah and that's kind of what -- it was after look at from the get cut. Or you're not gonna use me in the same way you're gonna diminish my value at least take care of me and honor my contract that I -- because people say. Lamar Chinese -- contract he got honorary. Well the sea hawks don't have the exact Pennsylvania so that's a march -- saying is like look we signed a contract. Let's honor this contracts -- get my money don't know exact details but that's our assumption. Is that they'll be more guaranteed money exact. We are looking deserves any guys edit you know there are people out there to make that argument -- -- for the -- the -- that -- stop being so -- you're making five million dollars. But this is a -- maybe has what 23 years left in the NFL and as he mentioned terrorism rumors out and at Seattle may be even wanted to cut him after this season. -- had to -- in the five point five million dollars in his last year this deal so. This is good from both sides he held out and it clearly shows once again did you see BA completely favors the owners and GMs. B Marshawn Lynch couldn't afford to continue to hold out he would get you know had to spend more more more money. In you about evidence in play earlier to damp for the maybe they're gonna -- some of those five is a part of this deal so there's all sorts of dividends they can work out but you look at the impact he had. Russell Wilson to play -- less than ten passes against the New Orleans Saints in a playoff last year and he did not having overly pro you know an impressive game against the 49ers. Who was the got to carry that offense in the playoffs last year it was Marshawn Lynch you know 127 yards against the saints was absolutely dominant how to -- over a hundred yards it's -- 49ers in its title game. He was the reason you made it to the super ball offensively. -- sure rewarding guys for that what's funny I just read an article from ESPN about how the value Marshawn Lynch is down and they're actually better off without them. You read reports on Twitter from everybody in the Seattle media there when he walked in that practice facility he came out on that field. He got a arousing ovation from the fans and the players when Cory he's a -- -- you can't tell me he doesn't mean things of that team and now mockery exact going for especially this season where I think a lot of people on that team. There are coming understanding coming -- suspected this might be his last year at least as the starter for that franchise some shifts taking place in Major League Baseball with guys getting -- traded today that was the -- winners and losers I guess if you will some of the winners include. The Boston Red Sox potentially the Oakland a's dating and how you look at this deal. But the Boston Red Sox and Jon Lester an outfielder Jonny Gomes to the Oakland days in return -- -- UN assessment as the -- after active today. They send John Lackey a pitcher is well to the cardinals -- -- Allen Craig and right hander Joseph can look at how much. The casual sports fan that knows a lot of these names a UN assessment as bad people known because he's a home run hitter. Media Jon Lester but does a lot of these names we've discussed the got to be a pretty big baseball in or did sports are big sports fan to kind of know. Decision what you need to know here is that the Oakland days are trying to bolster their rotation for the World Series. And the Boston Red Sox are trying to position themselves to of having quick rebuild. Next year the other move made today David Price of the Tampa Bay Rays. On his way to the Detroit Tigers the tigers in the -- have met the last of the years in the playoffs seem to be on a collision course again this year. Do they do and in a -- a giants beat writer tweet a while ago but he said this seems like 1980s Cold War arms -- -- is building alarms and in terms of Oakland and Detroit. Kind of going -- what each other did Verlander comment on the some margin trader originally instead they've made that deal for us. Now they went out and added Lester in and Detroit rebuffed -- adding David Price so. If they had a meeting in the playoffs and should be a fantastic series more than likely probably be the ALCS and I'll be -- to -- -- be watched because it will be entertaining the three winners today -- Boston Detroit Oakland obviously Oakland in terms -- you -- -- get a -- -- and and I don't know the numbers completely up to -- my head but he has the lowest ERA one of the -- CRA's in the history of the World Series with a minimum of twenty innings pitched he's been absolutely -- the two times the Red Sox made it dared -- and so. You're getting got its clutch you're not in my opinion the top best top four rotation in baseball. Detroit yet David Price pair him -- scherzer in for a Lander that's another formidable rotation. But you had to get rid of Austin Jackson who landed in Seattle so that was a little bit of -- -- -- same thing with open you have to get rid assessment as in terms of trading offense for pitching. Boston to me is the clear cut long term winner here they are -- are -- you look at the next 45 years they're gonna have the money about bill and signed guys this offseason. You plug in an everyday left fielder and says that it is under contract next year Allen Craig in right field. Joseph Kelly a 25 year old starting pitcher from Saint Louis who has been in their rotation the last two years so. To me long term -- was the clear cut winner but Oakland is now. The favorite to win the World Series if your days say -- screamed -- from the top of the mountain finally. He went all in it we got bounce of the AL DS game five last year's finally got a little legitimate shot at winning the World Series because of that rotation. You just cross your fingers -- out. They're -- now BAI a ton of people out there that that follow baseball -- policy -- didn't have I you know -- an orgasm like dirt did today okay Tracy no you don't win. But I think this season especially with how close each division is the wild card race. And then you add this trade deadline where you had big name stars switching teams like this. I think this is a great day for baseball I'm actually -- I've really got pumped into the season. I'm getting pumped for postseason play because I wanna see us that's for Oakland Detroit I think Boston next is going to be team to watch for the World Series there's going to be time to. Finally out here because you need to kind of things that play out yeah. And I can agree do you think the playoffs are going to be great there's no doubt about it our Friday initiative in -- there is great -- has some fun. You know reports back in there let it go tomorrow at 2 o'clock. Got -- three or four things saved up for tomorrow's letting go up if it grocery bags yes. Concerts start time yes it's -- time. Women's attire microwaves it don't work apartments that don't have the correct voltage is still works adds considerably on the road that's not notified the and for four hours to go tomorrow. City thought both sides that are at Peter Johnson -- -- spring and that's either eating pork producer Mike Lynch as likely it's 47. And a half hour from now have a high gas last minute Atlanta it's an eighty the fan. Dot com. -- -- back tomorrow at noon even listening to the airport there is Craig served up by buffalo rumblings on ESPN's Sports Radio to need him. Hey guys. Hope they -- also her right. -- -- --

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