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Danforth Dirt & Sprague 7.31.14 Hour 2

Jul 31, 2014|

The guys do their smorgasbord, talk MLB Trade Deadline, and tell stories about the Jay-Z concert.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Come November just -- on the fundamental standpoint Dan towards third and -- just served up -- buffalo wild ruins what you just said. It's one of the most insanely idiotic things I've ever heard Dan Flores had no point. And rambling incoherent response nerds were you even close to anything. -- could be considered irrational thoughts afraid you know everyone in this room is now dumber for having -- -- poured their kids. Re gonna ESPN's Sports Radio 1080. Yeah. Writes regularly -- -- concerts yesterday you were asking for a report on its car. May have a lot of observations will give this to you at 145 that baseball trade deadline just past the some trades trickling in here at the deadline. As a union deadline has passed but -- the money should know about a couple today. Let's say a little bit more about these disgusting and indeed Jones fifteen minutes from now. But the one a distant place was David Price is on his way from Tampa Bay he will be Detroit's tiger in this deals at three team deal. Seattle Mariners picked up Austin Jackson's a little bit of a bat. And in as dirt just tweeted out not to any great. Offensive bat but and after. Yeah for sure -- again and Al mariner fans were looking for that -- -- as the giants and I'm going this same thing you're looking for that silver bullet. That's gonna solve all your offensive -- they just didn't exist right now to trade deadline. Maybe you're able to get something in the offseason but in terms of what they had to deal when he got Kendry Morales look he's a little overweight each rated Stephen prior form. Not -- you get Austin Jackson it's an upgrade the offense is gonna be enough to get to the playoffs come I can't say yes or noted that. But at the very least you're active you went out he made some moves and improve. Well we read the thing on Jack easy and now people start to view him around -- -- it sucks you couldn't get a big name Mike Price but. Look like dirt -- go -- Austin Jackson he's not somebody is gonna put up these incredible phenomenal numbers. And legion in the post season but he gives you a better chance. Case in point to game they played last night Felix has an incredible night. Again and you lose again nothing and I suggest -- anything yet T 734 home runs 33 RBIs 332 on base percentage right now but he got off to a real slow start -- -- -- kind of picked up the last month or so -- and Michael heard this doesn't sound on Twitter as well. Their play and right now they had to pull him out of center field halfway through the game we got a standing ovation so it's always an -- body -- ID act and yes. There you're -- out of Seattle and -- DJ Derek Jeter parting gifts. Yeah simulator training Shia what are who like alerts in my junior standing in center field he just kind of wave and it began a column in -- the -- -- -- hey it's like -- -- ago I think Jackson. You -- rated tournament in Egypt. Clean out your locker what is you've got something going on this again in historic performance saying what kind of -- into like you're a single away from the cycle outside. And I wanted you hear that. All right yeah. -- -- -- The next man come off this angle basic that's all I need -- make that happen at least one higher net Newser if it or get more to do with the Major League Baseball trades Bosnian. The came out great today as did the Oakland days at least for this year for their play out by the World Series bush. To more baseball treaty tales. In ten minutes from now a couple other stories going on and sports are smorgasbord of sports topics. Tiger Woods back on the course. 49. Of the top fifty players in the world -- at Firestone this week and lieutenant Dan C a great -- leading up to the PGA. Some big time names tiger has looked shaky. In the beginning his iron play is great but again he's just he can't he is driver straight to save his life and he is struggling and grinding. Out on the course he'll turn in a good around probably just as he's a grinder but so far -- not to start Tiger Woods won. What he's got a great track record at this course -- -- we won their last -- I'm -- there so yeah it's always so he's dominated Firestone and his pass and he knows how to play this course. In insists again it is so funny that it's it's always the same problems that plague and it just says it's putting. On the first hole he pipes to drive right down mentally it's his approach shot within five feet 83 putted for a bogey. Next hole it shakes his tee shot in a puts about a play a par five so. It is is is tee shots are not accurate right now and that's plaguing him and it's plagued him for a while now his putting is not where it used to be. I don't know how long it's gonna take -- to figure out here I get -- started my driver straight and I got to start at some pods. Easier said than done obviously but until he does that you just can't take it seriously in contention in big tournaments jokes. I need -- easily three strokes back and win this thing again back to back channel -- win as many non majors as you wind tigers' defense and got to be careful -- that -- keep joking about that the more -- win -- not majors last year than anybody -- he's coming back from actually went six or seven tournaments -- your mental challenge now notepad he's trying to over -- other compounds and you -- -- -- the NBA is putting a pun intended. These are the NBA is making a change to their Spalding ball and it's not thing for is -- -- a cosmetic change there adding their Twitter handle that's right. The NBA's putting acts in the eight. On all of -- -- used basket assets aren't there to -- -- on their -- is a brilliant idea M and a basketball marketing. You're gonna tattoo of your Twitter handle no there's no I could have two million dollars I'd never do it on the inside of the forearm and don't mind that Lyndon Johnson. -- day Kathy -- -- and a tad too worried is all for like two weeks. Yes or no crush your he had to get the other person's Twitter handle though he can't have your all right existence really and mark fantastic bad as the great event and I on the -- warhead would be brutal. When I go in her forearm I don't know if I -- and media giants Dodgers or it would error and that tattoo somewhere in patent Dodgers on Internet. Never -- fans who Twitter handles -- -- temporary Twitter handle taxi might be a bit here on the show in the future and I kind of got big and -- that why do in this though it does anybody read the basketball here in the game I can you see the vastly William problem with it it's I think -- the NBA it's a poor little thing it's not that big of a deal by. And that's kind of Smart man he's got a kid catches that ball in front -- -- -- -- that's right there is always. Oh it's just -- BF a -- was NBA basketball or NBA who's in underscored be -- -- -- National Basketball Association they're silly different options I don't know how to find easy to get these things confused he's got Johnson is getting married Anna's wedding guests in the wedding invitations. He is sitting out I had -- force to all of his guests. Must be nice to be rich and apparently. That's a pretty good gift I'd take that you know and I sent out from my winning -- damaging get text message. How was -- you wanna go to Hawaii now Alcan by. I must be nice to be a millionaire who must be nice to be -- a million here's a free iPad you're invited delighting -- enough yet but he's he's John houses -- adjacent to it but believe that's the NFL -- -- mortgage. Or sports obviously that's the NFL for a long time to get win its technology. And be able to -- kind of help this technology technological process along in the ball in goal line technology. And figuring out ways to make the game better they're going to be putting in these little -- In the player's shoulder pads. And says RFID technology is gonna be installed in the home stadiums of fifteen teams and this coming up season the 49ers. Are among them yeah Seahawks are not -- her. So what they're going to do is the league is going to they're doing this in partnership where the hope is they're gonna build a track distance and speed. It's an enhanced the fan experience and I teams to learn more about their players from a competitive standpoint of fans will be able to have access. To this information to say our -- on that particular play. That whoever talent happening reached a speed of thirty miles per hour or there's going to be a ton of -- nerdy stat that gets out that's how. Stuff sports science stuff there's always -- he jumped 83 yes that line yes that's exactly what it'll -- so they're going to try and this is another thing the NFL's trying to do. To enhance the viewer experience is adding there they're experiencing with the this year where you put ships in the shoulder pad. To give sports science within the actual broadcast. Later this -- on most of desperation to me again are we do we really need to come but this many different ways to get fans involved in his sporting event involved in the game I mean that maybe there's a handful guy and you are you let out is what we got you have been old -- -- I am turning into a funny -- like really with you guys I take you right now. Immersion was -- yeah I don't know I guess are you gonna spend the entire game looking at how fast Colin capita ran on a play I'll be interest in you wouldn't look at his peak at his peak speed who cares about is did you ever goes down in. We -- -- when he so miles an -- shares what does that mean he beat Michael Johnson -- -- -- on baby get the first down to complete the pass for the niners weren't even Alexander though one point I mean I know is way different how -- -- that home run -- hot again and exactly -- -- -- in the home -- -- the same -- they don't have a monitor in front of your seat at a baseball -- that says that. At a speed that Paul Ron was already four miles an hour now did not so broadcast you gonna do this on TV broadcast I don't try not Roger Goodell if you're you're ending their time Fun League meets. You're spending your time doing this at an NFL game that you need to rethink why -- at an NFL coach. Are you kidding me. Pretty -- looking at ipads when -- how fast guys are running your team's losing 35 and then we'll leave and you go home now he's been waiting for the day they go drink beer in the parking lot. You go home I don't love to see how fast the Nazis Hitler gyrating and yeah I wanted to go deep she could go too far -- not not too far too much come. We'll update you on all of these say all things baseball the Major League Baseball trade deadline just came about about down eleven minutes ago also about three big time deals that are gonna impact the race. Moving forward for the playoffs and the World Series we'll tell you what those are next -- listened to get tortured sprayed. We are served up by Buffalo Wild Wings in this is -- defense. Then towards dirt inspiration is -- -- Like buffalo while it's on ESPN Sports Radio 1080 program. Dirt and only entered eking out there -- an -- -- -- -- -- is normally when we discuss baseball bat at. It's what's wrong with this war. Today its -- in an intriguing day just for the simple fact he got a lot of moving pieces except for and I apologize for the low low. San Francisco Giants they stood pat they are confident their ability to answer back to the world serious threat we -- minutes. Funny thing is as you can still make a waiver trades after this so it's it's it's a deadline in terms of its kind in North Carolina. Everybody remembers -- they got Dodgers Red Sox trade that didn't happen toll obviously when they made that move to bring in Crawford back it majoring Gonzales that was a waiver deal that went through so. This doesn't necessarily mean that it's your team stood pat they are gonna stand pat but. Mean hurting out all morning and reading a mariner again as a -- I have it's been a fun day for me and in the giants stamp -- an undue pain can I -- -- -- and you know exactly -- is to pack -- -- socket a. They are you know what I did to him earlier and I have some of these guys monitoring all the young and the activity. And I go he is back to the TV in the dump when I go -- David Price -- aren't. -- -- -- -- is senior editor and -- him Edwards for Perez level I got -- well yup so he does allow Israel does not Israel there is that -- conditioning man right here the three trades that mean the most there's a lot of smaller -- to hear the three trades are gonna make the biggest impact for the World Series. In the future of a couple of these teams in the Boston Red Sox send ace Jon Lester and outfielder Jonny Gomes to Oakland. For -- when assessment as to what the -- are trying to do there as they're bolstering their rotation. With some margin that you've got Kazmir Sonny gray and Jon Lester probably the four best pitchers the deepest. Rotation in all of baseball that you give up US has -- as. A great bat for the in the other deal. A -- John Lackey from the Red Sox was sent to the cardinals. In return the Red Sox got outfielder Allen Craig and right hander Joseph Kelly so basically what Boston -- Was they unloaded it Lackey. And they expect potentially Lester to come back in free agency Newton the other deal that happen again there are three of them is David Price is going from Tampa Bay to the Detroit Tigers. The a's got better for the World Series and the tigers got better for the World Series would be shocked -- those you don't need a World Series is in first round pick a year through each others say absolutely not meet in the gadget detectors and I had about that -- No doubt about that -- winners seen no -- in the playoffs like I have and they have got through the AL BS and on that winners today in being in the days. The tigers and the reds X yeah I mean look at those are the three teams that had the biggest moves today so clearly they're the ones that you look at and say they're in the Atlanta split and it looked. Every day in terms of long term back channel can't realize exists there -- the three teams that are you know violent than they they're only once it made big taboos that nobody -- -- huge move the Dodgers stood -- they -- a team that was thrown around a lot Seattle place Seattle settled for -- -- our our -- Austin Jackson's -- blanking on his name -- which is an upgrade but does the three teams that that made big moves in in terms of Oakland. You know. Is if I already stand I would be sitting around saying finally finally you're going out your being aggressive. The Lester deal was interesting to me though because of what you went out any in everybody said what is -- need to win a World Series title. They need -- number one starting pitcher what they do they went out and got -- some margin they had to give away their top prospect in the organization. But you bring back some margin voted in -- sit there looking like OK wow they got them once starter finally they've rolled the dice finally. And this team that can compete for a World Series and then you take a guy whose loved by the fans whose loved in that clubhouse. India trade him for Jon Lester but it makes your top four that rotation practically unbeatable David Price and for a Lander insurers are in Detroit can be tough as well. But that's up for an Oakland is gonna be very formidable. This is it -- federal court situation though because if you're if you don't win a World Series title this year E*Trade away your top prospect he traded away a first round draft pick to the Boston Red Sox. You traded away UN assessment as to is under team control next year in Abbas animal probably resigned in Boston because he's getting in a tunnel runs are gonna monster big money and some margin Lester deals are done after this year so you don't want a World Series title this year you're looking -- -- we could lose some margin -- those Lester we already lost says that is. We already traded -- our top prospect so. There's a lot of marbles and that Oakland -- basket this year I'm glad they're going all in I have. Have to deal with they acted because -- -- -- your franchise in your families like we got lost in the first round and again in the Detroit -- he can't do -- I'm glad they were aggressive. It just shows the hard decisions Indians have to make because it is Tyrus. What I look at the Boston side of that trading to me they can -- a clear cut winner -- this whole day he -- Craig and then of course you're gonna give. You secessionists to meet the future's pretty bright for them writing actually going to be a top five team in terms of batting in Vegas. As one of those contenders to win the whole thing look Oakland is at a point -- I think this is interesting to think about. Is Billy -- getting a little impatient now I'm not saying this was a bad trade you brought in Jon Lester and add to that amazing staff to me I just wonder. Is he getting you know X amount years and this money ball thing where people have ridiculed him. Question is moves they give him praise of course what he does that payroll but they can never get past the L Diaz. We he would to a point where he finally said enough. We have the starting pitchers in rotation we go get a Lester are hitting will still be fine even without assessment is he's going for the whole thing this year. I think that's partially the reason that they made -- -- because he realizes how close to the brink they are getting that World Series title. And to me I'm kind of -- and form on the brace channel the -- the title obviously but I'm kind of -- -- for Oakland. Because I think -- means when one of the best general manners and all sports not just baseball all sports. And I kind of wanna -- -- -- money ball analytics -- payoff a little bit when -- -- with Billy. You do and he's even their situation you guys will pointed out not having success like. They he is confident and the -- are confident just like the Marlins were confident. In their ability to scout talent and get talent. As a would you say and we look we had this debate before would you rather be the Marlins or any other team that's been consistent and not won as many titles and maybe. Don't have titles in their that your consistent winner would you rather be the Braves. I -- one World Series or rather be the Marlins who were -- up and down but they've got them multiple World Series and with the Oakland days. I think Billy Beane looks at himself says I am confident in my ability to develop talent for your fine talent yet to make creative deals to make clever deals to get it done. This year looking at the roster the run differential the number one team in baseball right now. And we can add a another arm this is the year we've got to win the World Series so yes I am comfortable in leveraging my future. So that we can pull this off now because I'm confident in my ability yet to get things done I respect that I get it. If you -- -- team. That it is insert whatever team in Major League Baseball that you don't feel develops great talent. Then I don't know ask a little nervous here right right I got all that I didn't get a's fans have all the faith in the world in Billy dean. And even if this does work and it bombs and it was the tigers they don't get the World Series. And those pieces leaves the margin Lester leaves. Next up next up Hoosier and that this gets more -- I don't like it won't be an immediate process there could be a couple of really bad years there. But nobody expected the -- with a division last couple years now yeah here they are exact. The end like you do trust Billy -- and what he's done the only place that I disagree with -- I agree completely in terms of when you talk about the some margin deal because they traded a prospect for -- some margin it to me when I look at that not the open is this a great deal. He got rid of a guy that may or may not pan out people are very hot and we've seen prospects not pan out before. The only place I disagree with -- you you traded offense for pitching in -- this deal -- happens last year they did have offense last -- they create 48 the last two years and they did in an -- get through a -- out there and -- this that obviously didn't apply with guys like Lester or some large on the hill but over the over his three year tenure in Oakland -- when you talk about assessment as they have a 68% winning percentage when he's on the field and 38% winning percentage. When he's off the field and are the only stat that matters though the playoffs this it is and he -- three separate entity any NEA LDS and he didn't get a pass -- doing -- duty say this morning from between innings seven through nine he was a 19190. Hitter so he didn't come up in the -- glorious Olympia I understand the move and I understand which genuine -- -- -- of the anybody out there I'll tell you pitching wins in the post season you get. You know just like the Dodgers right now when he got to Kerr shot agreed in game one of the game to you that is some mark jock and a Lester in game one and he came to. That's tough to beat it to me it's it's been fun to watch today because. There was already a bit of rivalry between Detroit and Oakland the rewarding to teams obviously facing the last two years -- -- -- going to five games and for a winner beating them both times. Did he got Detroit that goes out in reacts to an Oakland move and I love that because. Dave price -- -- -- -- -- Verlander took a low blow when he said they made to some margin deal just for us just to beat us yeah but it it was true it really was the -- needed a number one starter to get past a team high -- years in Detroit says OK we see you go -- get -- it's a margin we -- Hewitt David Price it's get a reality series you just cross your fingers that they face. -- I don't wanna change the subject but I just got some breaking news across my AM my Twitter writer Aaron Johnson Dustin Johnson is announce he's taking a leave of absence from professional golf. One out he's not in play golf anymore because Paulina Gretzky is really hot. He said dad Dustin Johnson said I would use this time to seek professional help for personal challenges I've faced. So I mentioned earlier last segment of 49 of the top safety golfers were in the field Dustin Johnson is on one is that he's going to be in any field lately because he's quitting golf. -- I'm getting help for issues that palladium sex addition sex addiction -- only -- I think could very well at the attack. A couple things real quick before we go here on baseball this is unique to baseball -- it's been on. Adding an historic Major League Baseball trade deadline when you look at it and the steam out of moves with big time names that have been shifted around. But it's unique to baseball that's a fun aspect of baseball we -- back on the sport sometimes yeah. But this is a fine time and it's a good time and it's a positive conversation. Are around baseball. It really isn't because baseball's the only sport I -- NBA need to look at the NFL and you could trade draft picks. Baseball's the only sport where you trade players that basically our draft picks I mean you're trading prospects a lot of times we get somebody -- that and you know why baseball when a team's not good. Basically -- little it was a trade away a star the trade away guys got a big contract to get it get a cancel the prospects in return. We see that shift a little bit this year because it and the cardinals and Red Sox deal was a great example that. Where they said Lackey is Saint Louis and would begin returning got Allen Craig and -- got Joseph Kelly and return. Those are two Major League ready players Allen Craig's been a great. In -- good player in Saint Louis last couple years Joseph Kelly 250 starter Ben in the rotation. So that shifting away a little bit but that's what I love so much about the deadline is it's a risk reward for a lot of these GMs are you willing to part ways with the superstar and get a prospect to return. Because it turns into a waiting game at a crossing your fingers came to -- hope those guys pan out that's it's a fun. I just wish we move on from the red headed step child syndrome that is baseball where it's native native -- and then when they have a good day we have to say. You know this is this has been a positive day for baseball is a good day for the game of baseball is what baseball is it's not gonna change people love it people hated people get bored people enjoy it. It's never gonna change I'm enjoying -- the season's been incredible and I'm looking forward to see need a playoff races life teams and moves they made. Damien Millard said today the one of the things he hates the most about the NBA is this will tell you what he said net. Then towards third and sprayed his served up by Buffalo Wild Wings on ESPN's Sports Radio 1080 welfare and. Mike we really sick this week what was the problem. I broke my back. Do you mean I think you broke back he broke his foot -- a vertebrae or are well -- spying -- Our full report on the Jay-Z concert that we -- -- at Safeco. Got a real problem with mariner fans. Wow you're gonna go at every chance you and he went out last night for the for the concert started on my question is that you guys come down to your second second and I hear secondhand smoke I'm still film was a little buddies on Hungary the delivery a lot of burritos and that's. On how to deal with this property and today it early deals with these conditions -- -- -- you brought a couple frozen -- since -- that was a dead. I had no time yeah. Weeks have been brutal man. Does -- -- tips and stories or regular use of our tails. And the ten minutes from now so you won't want to miss -- there's some good ones. Damien Millard had -- took to Twitter on Tuesday night to another question and answer session used down in USA basketball tryouts. In there the coach is -- time -- jet ski. And at the butcher all have been down there and they've been talking abouts. Damian though not as much about the union Millard and more so -- -- the other players down there and those kind of got lost in the shuffle. CEO of a Derrick Rose he's had it. They can probably blazer fans perspective I I feel like he's getting just respected. But he delivered yesterday said one of the toughest parts about the business and the thing I hate the most about the NBA. Is that you develop friendship with people and then they're gone up said Ronnie Price Eric Maynard JJ hickson Jared Jeffries Mo Williams Elliot Williams. It just seems like everybody that have been real cool -- the end up not on the team. I was just saying that's the part of business. That I hate. Make friends with people that are good. He -- hang out of the market is little more Nixon got a contract lasts less is in the starting line from the Lopez's under contract for another year. There's always I was kind of like this I had a couple of really good friends and -- his high school reference but you know the varsity team and high school got my buddies they were guys who rode the pine inning -- very good players. But if you're gonna complain about this this is almost a you problem I love -- Willard I love everything he's represented for organization. I like that he's represented the city days down there in USA basketball camp. But you can't come out and say this is what you hate the most about the NBA. You can choose who your friends are may be LA's not the kind of personality that you class. It can still choose friends you can make that decision to DC and Elliot Williams. -- Nolan Smith the writings on the long these these guys aren't sticking around in the NBA -- injury prone. Or they're just not very good players. And -- I'm sure it's a valid point that a lot of players feel the same about but at the end -- -- aides say to you from you want players that stick around and be friends with them. And you know we'll be on your team for. Well yeah I -- that I understand where he's coming from my view and we were kind of joking about this earlier about because it's the MLB trade deadline day obviously it. They they showed video David Price is playing catch at Tropicana Field an enemy in a race teacher this morning and and the ball park -- -- -- on Ayman. As journal Cabrera the Indians he was playing catch and his son out on the field and it's just funny that you don't know -- you're gonna be at the end of the day I mean your year you can be in the afternoon on Don Tampa Bay and then an evening you're on the -- Detroit Tigers. You just never know how this let's get a tan outside I do feel form in that sense in that. It's it's a business and to meet that would be the hardest part not only if you're the one involved in trade -- you're the one that's constantly getting released and signed in picked up here and sent here. That would be hard to do it yourself but watching your friends go through I think would be hard -- volunteer ideal. But it may it you know put our ourselves and issues where if people around the station you know we can trade real people at radio stations just it would be weird where you'd be hanging out with a guy. One day and then the next stable he's dealt to us a station in Sacramento Annika. A ceiling having a legacy that guy get a run until maybe in ten years from now it just. It's a weird business aspect of the story of just kind of a profession that he's -- so I understand where he's kind of problem. But I'm also was -- on this sunny out it's a part of the business it's better the team I mean the guys they've got really really like Jared Jeffries back is your back up for -- right price you don't have to make friends with more talented players but at the end of the day like it's not like they died you'll still see him you're a millionaire athlete you can see why -- -- -- time -- any Indian -- just Tex is a great point look at it this way if that's the only thing he's complaining about it's a good. Thank -- -- yeah exactly played the sands of Portland is not violence right now play in -- I wanna go home Oakley and nine you know this is always complaining about a OK with that is a very Portland immediate thing to do a night I appreciated but it was asked. Above all the players down there what they thought it Damian -- and they all said in staff Korean. And Paul George and couple other players down -- and -- -- he's always he's grade slogan. But again we haven't it's likely date five -- tryouts. We never heard anything about -- that performance down there at all so while -- you know -- lol at bill sin is saying he should make the team. He made for a while hang on but when it comes down to the final roster of twelve. Got my doubts even coach -- said one of the things that we want our guards to do is beautifully the born in the two which damion can do but he said he's getting better at it. It is didn't sound like coach -- a lot of confidence and Willard making the final twelve. I like the fact that nobody -- talking about and has a pretty much sums up his entire career you know nobody talked about how is that Weaver state yeah -- the draft he cots and was really late right before the draft started other than that you hear much about him. During the season he wins rookie year people were trying to scream for Anthony Davis coming on -- Singh -- the news is physically was the best rookie this year. And he wins -- unanimously and nobody says anything makes the all star team. Still no talk -- this is who Damian Miller DA's in his career playing basketball and I like I do believe -- he really good shot a lot better shot than what people are are saying over the airwaves are writing on blogs. I think his skill set is perfect for what this team needs I'm not looking into web behind says her or anybody else out there. They're sticking up for a player that's been -- -- for two years I think that's a big mental thing for them in terms of putting Derrick Rose over that. You know over that problem of come overcoming the injuries staying healthy and contributing yes -- USA yeah I don't look at that necessarily is a knock against dame. Dangerous he's not talked about a lot because he's such a consistent player and so talented. People talking about it's nothing new time and Derrick Rose being healthy and explosive that's news because you weren't necessarily expecting that coming out of his injury. Why am I understand why Derrick roses and -- story -- -- guy hasn't played basketball on how many months 89 months now since he got -- that night in Portland so he you know everybody around the NBA had they all have their eyes on Derrick Rose now healthy he's going to be because his health. Whether or not he's able to come back and beaded hair grows a bold is gonna completely shift the race in the Eastern Conference I mean if he's back. And you let out -- -- the bulls and you see how the B rose again they're right back in contention. To win the Eastern Conference against a Cleveland or Miami who's still a good team so. That's -- to me makes sense led cinema one story but there is that kind of inferiority complex that comes in. All the time what Portland -- I deal with this constantly being from this city and having guys eat that you know. Don't quite get the respect they deserve -- M -- I know this sounds like a fair analogy and and I'm not Tennessee's going to be one of the best but. To me it's almost a similar situation to a Tim Duncan where Damian Miller is quiet. You know -- the one commercial with the -- he doesn't -- -- promising five -- -- idea yet every -- -- -- five titles in the next fifteen years but he doesn't do anything very flashy I -- the game winners are big and that's of a great clutch factor to have. And terms of guys that connect you around the NBA but he's not a big time Dunkirk. And how many you know huge crossovers has he -- you know he doesn't make those flashy plays just about what you're seeing -- straight he's consistent message Damian Miller daisy twenty point seven boards six assists. But he's a consistent basketball player which is great to have it's a great fit for team USA could play both the one handled in the two and I do expect him to make the team. But he just he doesn't do anything out there that's gonna just make you sit there and say. Did you see that is Derrick Rose does those kind of placing him in person. They'll fly by kind of spin move will go up and -- and he has those kind of plays and -- religious solid steady consistent. And I'd rather have it. Things better first house that Jerry Colangelo is gonna keep the players and the fifteen players through August 22. Now when the squad competes furry domestic tour through Chicago in New York they're gonna play exhibitions against Brazil the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico's will be tough. And named it the actual day there's no deadline when they have to get down to twelve but they think is going to be by August 30 so Damien Miller -- That's when they begin opening round play against Finland so most likely will know about -- within probably next couple weeks. When apple Michelangelo said the inundated the door is also not closed on LaMarcus Aldridge that those still consider 46 and not a great shot but there's still considering him potentially for the Olympic team area tell you a couple of our stories from our trip up to Seattle yesterday. Including our. Our thoughts on that legalized. Marijuana. -- -- -- the kind of people that come into a -- in beyoncé concert and is it ever acceptable to lip sync at a concert those topics for you next. As can be fun segment feeling good about you do OK we do all right there are doing fantastic and -- on an -- that was that was move the microphone and kind of time. I own up to my -- -- reared it in you know I did I have for it on -- before they're all SPD's though back after this on the -- Then towards third and -- is served up by Buffalo Wild Wings on ESPN's Sports Radio 1080 fairness. All yeah. -- A busy -- Major League based on trade deadline we'll talk to rob -- -- fox sports and time to fifteen albums catch up on everything going on. Yeah Marshawn Lynch is ending his holdout he will be back in camp. Since college football. Coaches poll the top 25 was released. The last horse gets you in the final hour of our show but we do -- do -- to -- -- concert that we -- yesterday beyoncé and -- you guys hold it together eight you say go -- crash so harshly. Pretty tough man back. I know and I got tired -- from both you today it was hilarious straight when he locked in as I am. And drove 400 miles -- just can't get him. -- -- -- -- -- things on this concert a couple of things or to talk about marijuana first of all -- -- -- -- -- -- we'd -- -- -- moderate talk about the a tire that women are wearing you know cash in your world today. And third that we talk about lip syncing and concerts in what you where you come down on that I get comments and all three -- first of all week. It's gone legislation in November and org in my and the way it is right and legalize likely get a -- yes I am all for legalization of marijuana at least I thought I was until I went to Seattle gets. Like I interaction with the gentleman who smoked a lot of marijuana yesterday when I -- cut my brother my brother's a big -- his -- brother. Oh god oh god. Your -- items. At the munchies girl. First five minutes and in my car that's what he's saying -- everybody you me and I've got those monkeys like a mother after. Our primary going as fast as the day goes out of joint. Web -- they've got and I got an. Let's look like any of the what are the rules on you like to launches global only legal explanation why is it if they don't get a still order explain how Michael and he's done his research okay ready yet not -- you -- one grandma do you use okay man. And said hello. That he is healthy and this is royal rather. They smoked a bunch of via the whole stadium whatever thought our I was lit by the way he went at like three or -- smoke breaks they're not cigarettes he was didn't listen during an -- or if he had -- smoke when I step outside for a second shuttle medals do you. So I'm all for you know do an area along with -- line and doesn't affect me however it does affect me in this sense it. Not only with him but a couple of people at this concert. I don't roped into these philosophical conversations. I got locked into the conversation well studied and that's why you OK okay. Starters you smoke all you want in just don't wrote me into a conversation were I had to be an extrovert and participate in your we act. Activities -- I thought basket it's gas blotter man -- cash. Grows in the dirt dirt don't hurt may have thought about like if the earth was like in the fingernails all of jumping into 3COM. -- little more -- you know I mean our union -- remaining -- ever think about that. It's -- the stadium was still can. East and I started to smell like caller and the purple dinosaur media let me get a rest theory -- nobody got arrested were -- all over the dollars and it is kind of let it happen pop up past and as well -- it's -- -- -- free society up in an apparent peace yet it's just to change these people are happy man I would say this. Nominal mode for legislation Merrill on -- know where I'm going to Mona I think it's going to be a positive direction for the state. I've never seen him a group of people that happy I think I saw one fight that whole concert that's not normal to relax -- and everybody here sorry -- -- -- -- -- yeah man masks and walked into the accident. I'd rather have peace and love those peace and love it was the second a issue we'll tackle. There's a certain look beyoncé Paul's volatile look very well in -- -- and pulls up they look you could argue very well. There's a lot of women that look up to beyoncé and look up to -- card actually in that -- that tried to dress like those two women. That should not be -- trying to dress like those two women there where I think the worst out that I saw yesterday in the am not complaining. But there was a woman with a broad and they leopard print shorts in high heels have long holes there was some pretty sexy outfits I ST I did what he must lady up now. Out there. There are also some girls that -- wait a minute idea 65 they got man hands they go hi. I'm standing in line in the throughout the room. And there's skirt is like three inches from their butt cheeks. They they were hurt that he's -- -- he's not exaggerating 200. Corn dog. Mean in reference losing wrong greet the dog food domino. -- run. All that is phenomenal it's funny because it's -- -- and that that is the virus cat reward of half of of letting women dress like that -- -- get a handful that that think they can pull off that look NHS it just doesn't I had a I had a guy yesterday I was standing in line for a water and this is what -- -- some of the concert. You get two point in this content has beyoncé -- easy thing. Where you've accepted the fact that you can get up -- beyond these performing you go get your duties done -- it was pretty -- like -- get back when -- easy -- -- so I go to get waterlogged beyoncé is performing them and she does the -- the surf board sigh -- people heard that is -- -- -- my serve moron can love and I'm getting a water. And the man serving me just happen to be feminine to mom and dad instead Manning my debit card back he danced with my debit card and he shrugged. I -- at the scene and guys you look at me and I go did you swipe video. In my did he go through yeah. And seeing in these matters to me. I'm not gonna dance with you I don't -- grind with Cheryl there -- Aren't you learn you know I'm not gonna dance with you managers want my bottle water and I don't wanna go watch easy wrap that all want it. It's amazing. The empowerment that beyoncé gives women. And like the big difference yesterday in the songs. Would be like -- is like I got a billion dollars on the man. Your all my material possessions here's my woman here's my yacht yet here's my 4040 club I on the Brooklyn nets. And beyoncé is talking about how chief heels in. How she was cheated on and you notice that did sounds better than the other girls yet at all that it was like you're at church almost. Where the girls just I'll preach it. Rick this is how to stay here and that's exactly what it was the entire time where they just USC like you've never seen white girls dance like they -- last night to be on to you would have thought. -- be like if your favorite Natalie was in the gym with you welcome him or Buster Posey like -- you're throwing BP to Buster Posey and you think car door hit. Star hasn't exactly what it was like yesterday watching you -- me now react to what it was. That they screamed like it was a Justin Bieber concert. Jay-Z and beyoncé owned the world and they are shrewd shrewd business people oh god yeah and it was on full display last. Net worth clean year that's how allow of the screaming got when beyoncé would step onto the stage she had a song and this goes to damp -- points -- a song. And the lyrics when something along -- of who run the world girls who run the world girls. A lot of single -- -- and -- and by men before the really like that that is on the empowerment of woman and I'm all for title nine stuff. But this the eagle with some of the girls that audience about running the world and men's side and it's terrible. I started to feel like a masculine it's. I know I mean sticking up for men's rice and what -- everybody's looking around the stadium look at the men in the -- and that's. It's what I used. For all the videos promoted this why -- we teach women in society did just aim for marriage -- out when a name for aware mentoring me. What are you talking about nobody in society says just get married in your life and nine ladies title nine. What's that Lindsey to brittney griner attempt to home alone. We'll tackle lip syncing maybe in the Atlantic goes segment tomorrow also I'm so tired you guys out I'm so tired of musicians starting their. -- -- conversely who do you think you bar. Starting yeah CNET and that's a good point that printed the president has to start his state of the union speech on time -- Israeli consulate and our lady hey we may have little late. Tons going on the sports world including some Major League Baseball trades of final hour booked with some sports topics that's next on the fan.

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