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Danforth Dirt & Sprague 7.31.14 Hour 1

Jul 31, 2014|

The guys discuss the MLB Trade Deadline, the first CFB Coaches Poll, and Ray Rice's apology.

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You all know exactly who I. Then towards dirt then sprayed is served up by Buffalo Wild Wings are you ready -- Taylor dance floor at the time of the cook I'm the man who killed got straight. -- Now. Same -- name. Eisenhower. You're damn right NB -- Johnson did you see you asked me. If I was in the math and business -- the money business. Neither. I'm in the empire business and Brendan spray yeah you can keep seeing. I -- here I -- I told you wouldn't believe it. Clearly don't know who you're talking to so let me clue you -- I am not being dangerous guy that I am it's a danger a guy opens this story gets shot you think that. I am the one he knocks and then towards -- and spray gun ESPN Sports Radio Ted may be back next. Fairness. Blake got springer fall asleep. And there aren't any time PSA Internet do -- all right let's. They are nice letter well let's just say this I've kind of known -- the -- on the show I'm the one that enjoys sleeping in. But today I wake -- and normal banks thirty years so I walked out import nowhere to be found and I take my morning PGE haven't got a copy of evil breakfast. Still -- Danforth. Eventually comes out. We brought you gonna look into that kind of groggy voice. And this -- that's a good -- but today I'll drink the rebels are carriers today there's nothing worse than when people complain about being tired you're like. Yeah what would you do yes I did I would Reggie you have I think content and I am so tired right now I'd like this so Long Island real rough you -- you had a great time -- And you're tired and it would be about about 4 AM last -- we're gonna have fun show for you though. Break it make you thought because I was the guy that was tasked with keeping him awake on the right home even the way guys I sets a good tax. I sacrificed. For the sake of the show and Sprague gave made fun before I -- -- -- funny you I did commend did you know you may find the questions he was actually got to a point that I was in from Seattle Portland I'm going about 85 miles an hour drive you don't go to bed. And -- force doing a great job asking me questions keep in the conversation on how I -- Yeah good quarterback you've probably ask you 125. To 38 somewhere in the reins a lot of question the last question I I joked with him because he's got to the end of his conversation in the last question was suspect. -- UN the wife big fair people because we drove by the Clark County fair. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- If you feel that tires going over those bombs and throughout the -- -- I also learned your guys is neighborhood over there and -- these two were little concern going in. I was around in at 3 AM probably the worst time to be outside it's pretty safe there wasn't a soul -- at its head that skit that's encouraging -- that. Both full report learned a lot about people yesterday had the Jay-Z and beyoncé concert got a lot of stories for you from that concert. I'll talk about it about 145 it is a busy day in sports especially in baseball -- we'll talk well what's wrong with baseball how organized fixes. And what the future and -- well looks like cute kid here's what's going on today we've got robbed not -- fox sports coming up at 215. The coaches poll is released today we'll discuss that -- about. Ten minutes from now but trades it plays a Major League Baseball today the big one. Is that the Boston Red Sox send ace Jon Lester and outfielder. Jonny Gomes to people England. For you when -- assess that ends the other deal taking place today Lackey to the cardinals John -- to the cardinals from Boston. And in return the Red Sox -- Allen Craig and right hander Joseph Kelly sell the Oakland a's made out pretty well for their dated may make a World Series run this year. There are starting rotation is loaded. In it looks like the Red Sox are in prime position to kind of re load their roster as well. Yet this really as a win win for both teams when you're talking about Oakland Abbas in an in Oakland more in the short term obviously because. I think the liberal hander when they went out trade if for some margin of her Lander had the comments of what they want out they made this deal because Abbas they couldn't beat meeting could beat the tigers. Which to a certain point was that was a little legal testicle to say because the tigers have never won worlds perhaps one World Series with this group that's been constructed. But in in terms of that he needed number one started winning game five winning game seven in the playoffs he was right in Oakland went out not only did they get some margin now they also got. Jon Lester which is huge for an avenue and then you look at the top four in that rotation with Lester some march. Sonny gray and Scott Kazmir that's that's the best four man rotation that we've seen in quite some time in baseball and it's gonna make them real formidable on the post season. But when when you look long term in terms of what Boston did today. They have set themselves up and I senate to get to this effect earlier. A lot like they did in 2012 where you shed some salary she shed some guys that are trying to get -- there -- peavy they traded to the giants governor John Lackey got two major league baseball players. MLB ready players in return -- you -- says that is in return for Jon Lester plessy get a draft pick from the Oakland a's I thought Boston was the easy long term winner in in in today's trade deadline but. Oakland and this is something that they needed to do I mean when you go back to back years you lose any game five and a first round. You need that dominant army and it's the same conversation we have woodland what about the Felix Hernandez extension he said why -- -- Felix Hernandez this kind of money. Because come playoff time aces or what went in the playoffs you need that guy on the -- the -- get a job done and game five Oakland has not had that the last two years and it's really hurt on. Ostensibly they're gonna take a step back but with that top -- of the rotation they are the clear cut favorite to win the world. Syria Ilie in the Boston Red Sox an inning going into next season I'd be stunned if they warn a top three to five team in terms of batters and winning the World Series because you -- do what they potentially bring back I think Lester is another piece. Look he's no -- right now but he's a free agent this season there's been atomic talks that they think Abbas and and Lester had the secret negotiations about. Hey we're gonna put John Lannan had a problem currency. -- doing it -- am talking about bolts. You -- I don't know and that's that's kind of the politics of sports I think this happens a lot more than people realize especially with a -- -- going into the offseason yeah -- you bring back a -- -- -- and -- he's a free -- is well -- -- story he -- an option he has already told the cardinals that he will pick -- -- hospital in Saint -- last year either way I mean you look at a lot of people think -- and come back to -- you look at that lineup now to me there easily -- than that and a -- the most successful team thus -- in the trade deadline. There's still some pieces that are floating around their but. I was pretty impressed in the Boston and I like would Oakland did you gotta make a move. Sets and is probably not gonna sign their long term they can never afford those kind of guys yet so you -- you say you need a World Series out of this season because as many magical season for them. Ear when when even if you don't bring back Lester it steely successful season. They're hitting look a lot of people talk about that lineup incest in this being out losing that power. He at 348 last in the playoffs that wouldn't that get them you need arms to get you farther in the post season in just the first round against Detroit. In some and it's been a real new kind of development this year the trade deadline is you're seeing some trades with Major League players for Major League players and that's -- -- you know they've talked a lot about that on the MLB network today throughout their coverage and you don't necessarily see that a lot of instant BA and almost signal somewhat of -- changing wind in terms of guys are done waiting on prospects they are now that there are certain organizations out at a Houston Astros for example. They build up build -- build up prospects and are willing to go through death for a five year drought where you're gonna lose a hundred and some games. And you just cross your fingers at a pans out but it seems to me that there's a lot of GMs out there are now that are saying you know what no we're not gonna wait for these guys in the Mariners -- prime example this. And I don't wanna get a dig in in the opening segment but you look at some of the guys I mean. He traded Cliff Lee you get a Justin Smoak and returning your -- they're feeling good about yourself and injustice will never pans out you know he's been bouncing back and forth. Between Tacoma and Seattle same thing -- dust and actually so there there's some organization and and that's why look at Boston and what they did. And say -- he gets tested as -- no reason and I'll be ready player he -- -- you -- plug him in left field right away he's gonna have a ton of fun. -- balls off the green monster you get Allen Craig -- plugging in right field. Get Joseph Kelly was a young 25 year old starting pitcher from the cardinals those are three guys you can plug into the lineup right now now also you cleared up some salary cap space for the offseason. You go like he spent a little bit of money the Red Sox will be right back where they were competing for a World Series title next year because the moves they made. That's one of the things that you don't appreciate enough about baseline in Oakland a's fan and you look at what they're able to do with. So Marge and Kazmir and Lester. And you look at though those three guys and and even Sonny gray those four guys that. That's done the best for guys he's gonna get in bay -- starting rotation and two of them they acquired. In the middle of the year we just don't see that in other sports where you got the ability to maneuver neither midway through the season. And make it a substantial impact on your World Series run -- -- that's something is very unique. To based on now as you said -- you don't get a lot of these I mean it's have been a great year for trade yet Major League Baseball a lot of times you don't see -- necessarily this magnitude. Of these type of names being moved around but it has been fun this year because there's so many teams that can make the playoff chase for the wild card the way it's set up. And then at the same time you've got people positioning. For even the Mariners who are borderline wild card team. You've got them trying to make a bush exactly and they even and a friend steam like the Mariners. Trying to get involved in trying to better than author David Price -- yes the rumors they're trying to get David Price and that's something that's very unique to baseball that the trade aspect of it. As something we've been following today's been fun to watch will -- you. Updating keep you updated on any trades that happened the big -- today produced joining us Boston the Red Sox since Jon Lester to Oakland. As well as -- Johnny out of Jonny Gomes four UN assessment as John Lackey goes to the cardinals for outfielder Allen Craig and right hander. Joseph Kelly Robin Ira fox sports baseball analysts will join us to fifteen. Till the spring downloaded more of the Major League Baseball trade deadline the coaches poll was released today we'll tell you where the ducks. Finished in this or start in this rather as well as their opponent Michigan State in week -- I give you the coaches all next on 1080 the fan. Yeah. -- -- in spreading it is served up by buffalo while doing instead on ESPN's Sports Radio -- -- Australian Open. It's -- yeah audio. Fresh just three hours of sleep and Jay-Z and beyoncé concert for a report coming in 145 feet and I forgot weed was legal in the Washington Post again quickly reminded that it was choked up about their well we got sacked -- and let's see outdoor a loss like can you please save this -- So you can't just like smoke weed out publically now that people do it well yeah it just aren't at all. Frowned upon solid as you know kind of like in an airplane by yourself this round. Different coaches poll and I -- -- do this. First of all brilliant idea of being in radio we can appreciating good product placement league didn't mention if you absolutely. This is the handling is is one time and I'm not gonna Saddam I get paid by them. If this is the AM way it is coaches poll tighter credit that I -- link earlier does -- for a lines like -- you know attacked an eagle that's in USA today coaches poll is that. Did you mean the Amway coaches call a local get my. I'm glad I apologize that they got a sponsor and I think now yes he incorrectly how many etiquette I know that was of had the potential for a sponsor about the times on -- in the Monica how exactly -- exactly where you can make money list safeguard to newspapers and as for the B struggling your. To start selling the rights to polls now. Here is the coaches poll number one Florida State no surprise their 561. Place votes. Alabama Crimson Tide coming in at second they had no first place votes though. Oklahoma third. -- 31 place votes and aren't any family unit -- -- he's ranked Oklahoma team and their third third this pull ahead of the organ ducks in the coaches poll the Oregon Ducks by themselves. Fourth. Which they did get 11 place vote followed by Auburn at number five. Ohio State's six this one is. Questionable to me UCLA seven. Michigan State eight South Carolina nine Baylor ten. Did a little crack research here via bridge for the coaches poll last year this time yeah period was a pre season coaches poll last year and one was -- To was Ohio State three was the ducks four was Stanford five was Georgia six in him. -- Florida State on themselves twelfth on last year's pre season -- In Auburn was of course on rank in the top three that's a national championship game at a pre season twelfth. An unranked. In the NB CS national champ and they also asked him there was seven other there are seven teams not that top 25 that ended in the top 25 in season and the Rose Bowl champ was not -- -- top 25 -- -- well okay. -- -- been -- seminary weak through the season to get in the top 25 so. You can never invested much in a coach's poll I mean in less you. Follow college football very closely your year around in this industry. You don't really know it but guess what coach is don't vote it's it's the SID sports information directors it's it's an assistant it's. Director of ops it's it's it's a personnel person that's assigned to do strictly it is and that is put together the top 25 teams now where they get this list from. It's -- the -- cannot commenting that he blogs and that they lied to think Andy Reid on a lot of people's opinions and they pretty much -- -- issues and say well. I know for a fact he's always going to be because I'm in the pac twelve but had they determine the SEC in the Big Ten. It's a guessing game they don't really think about it. And the sad part is especially with the BC yes the coaches poll matter like people that -- that took into account the formula for getting into the BC yes. And to me that was the biggest sham of the whole thing is yeah you have to think on the coaches poll the coaches don't even vote for these teams it amazes me but you can't invest a lot I think it any pre season polls. Because they never turn out the same way the end of the season you look at last years. -- Florida State. Auburn wasn't there are a lot of people Michigan State wasn't to be found him you're looking at this year's poll Alabama doesn't have one receiving first place vote but Oklahoma or in do I mean I'm and that's not district organ or Oklahoma but. Alabama's pedigree has been right there if not winning the whole thing year after year since Nixon has been there. To me kind of talk this thing up in just laugh batting you don't really take it seriously got to wait a couple weeks easy but it does feel good to see it and it remind you that a college football season. Tony some odd days away and then these polls were released dark matter ring you know want to begin to 23 weeks and it's. He's dead but he -- it's exciting to see these polls in in your ride in years past have a look at these pre season polls and say -- they are important because of what you just said is that they played in the BCS standings and when you had these pre season polls. As a -- says they are when you just look at you say come on necessity with -- he did last year like -- -- -- -- look at the -- steal magazines and they just a lot of -- the you know top -- -- -- nobody knows there's always some sleeper teams at -- is a great example that nobody saw them coming last year. And they made it all the way to the national championship game. But that's a difference this year and that's why don't take I don't put any stock in this poll is that this does not play in -- into the college football -- selection process at all so to me you know what would you talk about pre season polls are important because. If you have a team like Auburn that starts outside the top 35 it's a lot harder for a team like that to climb all the way to the top ten. That it is say it team that's ranked fourteenth fifteenth or sixteenth it's it's a lot easier to climb that latter. Guess that's just a stupid way of that a lot of these polls work is that that is just a week -- week slotting process you win. You move up a couple of spots and I could see somebody go from unranked -- -- a top 25 team even if they have an impressive win but it's exciting up with the Oklahoma to be. Reeks of it seemed that that is just way over -- that effort and sure they know is gonna find a way to blow that he has -- your route that is aides added this is a direct correlation to them. Beating Alabama the bowl game in this was -- made the same argument when Utah beat Alabama Alabama didn't wanna be there I mean you put yourself in their shoes last year they lost to Auburn on that whatever the -- six or whatever their -- it. They were disappointed they were a couple plays away from once again being undefeated and playing in either an SEC at least in SEC title. Maybe a national championship game that was all taken away from a they were not excited to go play in the Sugar Bowl Oklahoma was and they took advantage of it. -- Oklahoma's a vastly overrated team in my opinion and they're gonna be the one everybody kind of looks at that team in the top five to drop out to me my money is. Easily and Oklahoma silly -- on surprising too but again that's where a lot of the priest is hype goes -- -- all freezes and -- the pac twelve stared at decently well he's in the pre season coaches poll -- was four. UCLA seventh. Stanford coming in at eleven that still high but your racing up their pedigree Kevin -- being back. -- -- USC southern gals are USC is fifteenth. On this list Arizona State eighteen to the coaches poll go one down you'll find Washington. That's 25 the Washington Huskies made the top 25 coaches police have bowed down here's how the coaches poll after -- -- -- roof here's how the coaches poll works out. A seven SEC teams six for the pac 124 from the big twelve and four from the Big Ten and pac twelve is represented well. Here in this poll but the every year you get a couple of teams that end up falling out. I think I think for all kind of in agreement here that it's definitely probably most likely to be operative whose stances that he won't be there at the end of the season yeah and Oklahoma playing any weaker and the big 12100 active but. They've got Baylor they've got to go through. Agassi alcohol and being a top ten team I don't know about a top five team. And the other one that I look at that I don't they will be in the top five or top ten in the into the year's UCLA. I think I think -- really low on them you don't like to know now I think they'll get a couple losses this. -- -- dads that's the most inching par with a pac twelve perspective on this top 25 polls where these teams are gonna finish out UC -- a lot of people is arguably going to be the -- champion and maybe being that college will play up to try to win the national championship. I still got my reservations there are some things that I don't like about them but look at the amount returning starters are bringing presently quarterback you have to do you have to assume that he's gotten better more intelligent more comfortable with that offense. Jim -- thus far with the talent with a mix of the nearly guys he's brought in with -- new titles guys. He's done a very good job as far USC's right up there in the south. But I -- Washington 25 and we had people you know kind of walking around some sales guys scratching their heads to Washington top 45. I kinda understand and I know he'll -- mission saying he Keith price and DOS and Spherion Jenkins. But your returning a lot of your interior guys I saw -- miles in person if he'd come back from that one game suspension and -- aptly daddy is. This is a very potentially dangerous team if Chris Peterson can translate to the pac twelve and again. Like a lot of these like a lot of a lot of these other teams in the top 25 there's some question marks but if they reach their potential I think Washington's a sneaky good top fifteen team they have. The talent to do and it may have the last couple years just a storyline around Washington -- year out going into the season is is this the year they put it together they always seem to find a way to fall back to 847 and five to may -- Peterson is able to get them over that -- to me it's a good sign for the pac twelve though. And having six teams right now at USC there's question march Arizona State there's question marks Washington like we mentioned there's question marks around those programs. But you're only one team in a pre season poll behind the SEC and to me that's a fantastic sad because we've talked you know at length about how deep this conference is. And how hard it's going to be for both Oregon and UCLA those of the two teams people look at say. They got a chance to make a run to the college football playoff it's gonna be hard to make it to the conference slate unscathed and and and not lose the game and have a chance to compete for national title. So I'm glad at least on the -- it looks like the coaches around the country -- SI -- around the country I should say. Are giving the -- told the respect they deserve because they are clearly is second best conference in the country top to bottom that he did he make the argument there with -- what do you -- -- that step this year in this could -- that -- exactly so you have sixteen of the top 25 there are coming from the pac twelve and it just shows how strong this conference is because I don't see any of these teams while some -- -- -- UCLA may not be a top ten team. I don't see any of them being you know just these past disappointments -- you know and at six and six or 75 all all six of those teams should have good years. The coaches poll is out is up on our FaceBook page at FaceBook dot com. Slash 1080. Van -- sandwiched. It just announced that he is going to report back to camp he is ending his holdout. You know having new deal done that Seattle is going to make financial concessions. To Marshawn Lynch so all they're working sources -- chapter in working on getting some of the details of what Seattle was adding that Marshawn Lynch. Has -- his holdout is expected report to training camp. In the next 24 hours another running back in the NFL Ray Rice finally spoke today and issued an apology will play some of that. Ideal for you and see what you think about ray rice's apology. In where you are with Ray -- after you hear that -- -- you're missing it and force her to spread -- served up a couple a lot of points on 1080 the fan. Dan towards third and spread his served up by Buffalo Wild Wings on ESPN's Sports Radio 1080 welfare and. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- On this Fisher and with Derek Derek and spread. So it is -- -- always sound. How do you fit in and they. Watching that some Ray Rice apology audio here for you when a second Marshawn Lynch old as he did his holdout disease Victor reports training camp the next 24 hours this not -- -- lasted eight days. He will not he's receiving any deal or ton of money that Seattle is expected at us. Some financial concessions to his contract for resources -- be more guaranteed money. That is got a free lemonade free -- can use our schools are you know there's a couple of things it can be and it. You know it worked out here and I think that's what Marshawn Lynch is saying as old as an -- and on this of the new deal but just. Reward me for what I've done a little bit take care because I am I might be more two more years -- and done we. Exactly and that I mean if you're Marshawn Lynch and -- -- -- saying already I -- -- at least get something that is because he's had been it's cost him a pretty good I need to to hold -- these last couple days so if you're gonna go back in recommit to the CIT -- look at south anatomy you're not just gonna -- your tail between your legs and come walking back to training they waive those fines to. Yes maybe that's a part of it he says look you know help me out there isn't it -- like 200000 dollars -- three years under the news is -- close to a million yes -- so he's been he's been hammered pretty hard in that sense and I sex assassinated David he's been fine in this hold out more I think Gale -- made in his entire career just shows how much money these guys making that just -- for holding out for a new contract is that much money but. If you're Seahawks and this is great news he didn't want this to carry on. Marshawn Lynch he's up there and AG gets to sit out the first week of training camp littlest learned Tehran on his body entries happy about that it's a win win for both sides. Love the NFL man once again you have an example an athlete who meant a lot means a lot to a team and helped carry a lot of low last year and he wants a couple more dollars. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- actually that night were totally -- Inexcusable. Not a night and I -- are just replay over and over my head you know that's not me maximum inexcusable. And there's something I have to live -- arrested have to live with the rest tomorrow. About the punishment from the NFL no football games and no money was going to determine. What I have to live with the rest of my life. So that punishment that I receive about NFL if it. It hurts because I care about them play football but it -- more that I got to be a father and explain what happened to my daughter. I also goes on to talk about the biggest mistake in his life I mean the biggest mistake in my life. To me she can do no wrong she's an Angel. And you know it was. We're councilman. We've taken the necessary steps to move forward. That's one of the things that Roger Goodell took into account. This is -- well one thing that I wanted to do today was you know apologize to my wife. Who I've known since high school. I've known her since a kid. And I'm better at high school way. She's say -- down there she is great mother. And knows she's a great wife and she supports me. Make of those comments you know look I think often times when you when you hear somebody apologizing years somebody you know get drawn out in front of the media and -- have to comment on an issue. You wanted to sound genuine now I can't sit here and say it was -- was not genuine but just from listening to -- watching and I know Colin talked about this little bit this morning. It it felt genuine to me it did it he felt like a guy who was remorseful over what he had done he felt like a guy. Who it didn't matter what he if he was suspended two games are four games and I honestly do believe that line -- let money in football didn't matter I gotta go I gotta go talk to my kids about how I did this and I got it. I'm the one that has to live with these mistakes the rest of my life but it nothing can take away what he did that night -- think him. Can change the public opinion immediately in and change the PR around Ray Rice immediately to have fans forgive him and have fans welcome him back in. But this is the process -- you have to go -- a guy that -- -- a terrible mistake he admits that he made a terrible mistake. He's gonna have to live with that mistake the rest of his life I mean it's best in today's media age. Where we put a label on a guy he -- -- I don't brand is ragged in today's day and age we put a label on a night a patent on that I -- yet you need to you but if you got these guys get labels and it's very are presented to get through those labels and if he shouldn't ride away obviously I'm not saying that we is Republican -- is football fans. Since we should sit here in just immediately forgive him of everything needed because of one apology. It's a step in the right direction is going to be a long process for him but I did feel like he was genuine today and wind and. And to me was he touched on a lot of things I think people wanted to hear from you get a lot of apologies -- people look at athletes and they question their motives they questioned the emotion that they put in the words that they say. This was a very to me was a genuine apology in terms of how how heartfelt it was. He talked about his wife a lot which I really like -- on the daughter Rangel lakes look I'm a parent I understand where he's coming from you don't want your kid to do something about you that it's not exactly entrance anyhow my dad's a terrible person. To me is is gonna come with time and this is an about the the it and then the punishment itself two games I think we all agree is not long enough in most people's eyes. But it is what it is he's in counseling. I like the fact that he stepped up today and he talked about. Helping people in the future him and his wife teaming up when they feel comfortable. Going instant nesting bounce and even people that they ridicule is is apology -- -- -- he didn't describe would have an elevator. I thought it was pretty damn clear he said I there was domestic violence I take responds yeah yeah he was up to it he doesn't need to say I punched my wife in the phase I slammed her head against a rail he doesn't need to say that we understand where he's coming from my apologizing and only owning up to domestic violence. I thought it was really well -- really well said. And to me Ray Rice I am not Agassi's act of a guy but to me he's making real strides to kind of repair his image and continue that image that was. Big community guy absolutely anti bullying campaigns all throughout Baltimore -- And Timmy might think this is a great example -- the past that he needs to follow because Mike -- beyond arm arm when he was arrested that was about as bad as -- ganymede killing dogs. That would that was pretty horrific and he has done a great job of turning things around in his life and now he's he's a great advocate for animal rights and he's going into inner cities. And talking because I mean you you really have to put your full effort into it if you want the public to. To forget you know again I think Mike Vick is a great example that because when I think Mike Vick now I don't think negative thoughts I don't think -- -- it's kind of they've been erased from my memory somewhat and Ray Rice has to follow a similar -- What do you make of the Ray Rice apology and what are your thoughts on him after hearing the apology let us know in the leveraged into an attack site at 55305. One -- says is someone right to -- one time. But doesn't make him a cyclist his actions were horrendous the stature says. But a horrible lapse in judgment doesn't make Ray Rice in white -- He may end up you accept the consequences and that's all we can ask -- and the only issue. And it's just my own personal preference you guys know how I -- in situations like this and how I feel about situations like this where. This should have happened a long time and -- that this is a video is released yes and that's that's -- you say look I made it -- you come out right away. As soon I 88 here horrible terrible mistake. -- deeply regret what happened that's not who I -- ice I failed today is a man I feel today is a husband I feel today is a father. I will accept whatever punishment the NFL has for me. I'm going to be an advocate for domestic violence I'm gonna make it my life's mission. To do everything I can't utilize the position that I have is running back of the Baltimore Ravens to make sure that this doesn't happen or to help eliminate this. In our culture and bring awareness to it. In our culture you say that. After a couple of weeks. More on even among did have the press conferences why it wasn't like this. This is no it wasn't but the big thing with him as a punishment and come down yet but you could even say I will accept whatever punishment comes my way. Was the I I can't really tell you if he did in the first press conference I just know that you know he did it wasn't it wasn't like this is no I'm not saying it was like this but he did Damon is why did have to sit down from the media we all saw that and he talked about how they believe very -- it was very awkward. But then again me even if he would have done this the first time. The media still would wanna hear from them again to health record -- game suspension that was the big controversy was it was is enough games for his. For his actions so he was gonna be forced to speak either way I'm -- with -- coming on a -- coming from the him and his wife the first time even though wasn't awkward. I like that approach they're both sitting of the podium reminding me of the Kobe Bryant situation -- him and his wife Connie unifying look over -- controversy to me. I kind of like how he's handled this whole thing he's been very mum on his his teammates have supported him -- right or wrong. To me what he said aid really came through to me is very genuine and honest and I lacks that difference and I like the fact he's gonna step up and help domestic violence that's the difference between the first time and this time the first time was awkward it was controlled. It's -- it felt like the ravens were trying to he was trying to read out it was crafted messages -- crafted message today he was honest he was open he was apologetic how much does counseling help with that though it it. Well I think what happened two months of counseling sessions in there -- but I also understand that trading you we know very like we know organizations and we know how they've. Push people and under that was absolutely forced press -- I don't disagree with -- and I just. I don't have a problem with him coming out now because it comes after the punishment which people had questions about -- and I think. Going through counseling sessions he got married after that incident him and his wife have been together now for a little while they obviously have a daughter together. I think giving it a couple months since that incident helps that message be relayed them much better. We are a very forgiving country dirty as you said -- Michael Vick people allowed to love forgiven him and Ray Rice is a great football player -- That my guess is there will be forgiveness and healing process associated with him the bigger issue is the NFL -- I think you'll forgive Ray Rice and you'll have a more difficult time. Forgiving the NFL for the punishment. That they handed out Michigan State in my -- Tony other head coach has been making the rounds in the media and they feel disrespect. It and the Big Ten feels is respected. In general they got their game coming up against organ in the second week of the season we'll take a look at that game and Michigan State. In the coaches poll do so next you're listening and therefore -- -- on a fan. -- -- Okay. Then towards third and spread is served up like Buffalo Wild Wings and ESPN's Sports Radio 1080 Beltran. But -- Detroit Tigers who -- my Oakland days. And tigers. Sent you -- long awaited him. Pretty loud and we're gonna land ourselves David Price of the Tampa -- -- that just came across the wire. She's -- -- official war while. Sources can we get a source so this isn't a fake -- cancer -- generous and it's it's a real generals as it's been a bad day for fake -- -- it's been terrible are a -- -- -- -- -- apparently there's a whole industry out there and just fake Twitter accounts and just sweet news it's still not -- and -- Danny and it happened this morning where did this was actually reported as I was watching MLB network is -- -- -- to work and they had a -- breaking news or go to commercial break we'll get to we get back -- the -- of him trading David Price the tigers used ones don't quite know why they get back from commercial break and there's Ken Rosenthal saying you know that's not my actual Twitter account before the MLB network be kidding me it's going to be tough to mean athletics fan man you couldn't beat the tigers without -- Price -- getting -- -- for tax act act. David played anyone David Preisinger in the hunt for the wildcard is it naps are you're not be enough to get us there are gonna shipped me off guard. You should be no confidence in and to have -- it was a -- a wildcard bush yeah Italy this series back -- oh yeah I'm hanging down there and and nicer Ford is back now easy to three he's back the next -- to the wild card. Leads so let's not get over our skis on that one but this is a move that when you look at the American. But Alex Rios rounds the cross my fingers the you look at the American League how this pans out. Baltimore will probably run away with the ease the -- now they're pitching are gonna run away from the agency angels are gonna wild card spot. And the same thing with the tigers and essential those three division races could get real boring boring real quick. We were discussing the -- Michigan State origin game in the in terms of the pack and the coaches poll. And the coaches Paul has Michigan State at eight despite the fact that they won the Rose Bowl last year only lost one game the returning their quarterback. They find themselves eight in the coaches also as a right now the matchup between the dots in the -- and Michigan State Spartans if everything held. Would be a four vs -- a silly top ten matchup. But Michigan State definitely feels slighted. And I think we're kind of used to you know last year to really get much respect that's a good number -- ranked in the top 25 and so I think we accept that we aid during the year. -- know we can win the Rose Bowl treatment of attention should stand on when the conference so much that respect. -- quarterback Connor cut and ultimately I guess they're there fifteen -- point underdogs for the ducks but they instead respect as a matter as much now because of the college football playoff system. But the Big Ten in general doesn't have a lot of respect him and that includes Michigan State in that list yet his team Emeril how statesman in the mix -- and nobody thought they -- religion always Ohio State -- they don't deserve to be in that conversation this is -- give your -- fan you're somebody looks in this game ends -- or any easy as some people do look at the batting line. Any yadda -- temper your emotions here you gotta take biased out of me honest. Michigan State has thrived in this role as being that team that's been counted out that nobody gives a chance to if you look mark Antonio as a ten year at Michigan State it's actually been one of the most impressive start astle and -- that's absolutely consistency even when you lose talent. Rebuilding and putting guys are right -- unity it's been right up there was Stamford in terms of you question all this guy Eileen are going to be able to fill that void -- -- -- -- an absolutely incredible job. And -- -- get a lot of attention and people might be wondering why. He started he startle Iraqi People or even -- he won -- he's going to be the starter going forward. But his last four games included starts in Stanford Ohio State his completion percentage went to 61%. So this is a guy that really start to get that offense. To me you can look at individual does say OK they missed this guy and that guy they're bringing fifteen starters back I think Michigan State's Indian organ a real good run for its money yet. You know -- -- -- -- -- because they are getting disrespect -- now is that a bad you know I -- -- -- -- that's completely an indication that they're gonna be over rated I think of like you said -- for the deaths is people looking at the Big Ten Conference and saying that the Big Ten Conference is not -- rate -- they've been overrated the last couple years. They seem like they're lacking behind the rest of the country in terms of not only having a national title contender but. Just teams can compete on a national scale I -- we see now a lot lately now how stating get a chance -- -- two years ago when they were undefeated but. They -- time at Ohio State did in their bowl game last year it was an embarrassing end of the season for -- losing back to back games including the Michigan State. In the Big Ten championship game but I don't know how you haven't seen that wins that Big Ten Conference they did beat Ohio State which nobody gave them a chance to do in the first place. Then you go into the -- into the Rose Bowl and every -- a chance to beat Stanford either into after seeing what Stanford did organ. And then watching Michigan State beats the effort that was a a pretty impressive wins in terms of looking at the -- and saying how they get a stack up -- Michigan State. And that's why do we get this segment a while back when that betting -- got pushed up to about 1515 an app points you just. You look at say OK it started around seven or eight yelled at the ducks should be favored -- not saying LC I'm not saying that they shouldn't be the favorite in that game. But to have it all the way up to fifteen and a half points with the -- with -- took a quarterback I love him and and you look at the quarterbacks have come through that program the last couple years lawyer Stanton. And now -- cook I mean that those are guys that are difference makers they are that's a guy that's won a big game in the Big Ten championship. He's won a big game he beat Stanford Mario is only two vs Stanford so. They are getting a little dis respected and to me that's not good storm pro football team have going into a season. Because like I I hate to go cliche and everybody here but that does create somewhat of a chip on the shoulder mean you heard that audio clip. You know they were ranked in the top 25 the first 78 weeks -- last season despite the fact they were playing great football or they're not even top father's -- there's always yelling and -- they lost how the solid -- so did Alabama -- -- Florida State so did Oklahoma you can look at any of those top ten programs and say -- your -- -- Ohio State exactly that I was the last year in the Big Ten JP two gave so. They they're gonna have a bit of a chip on their shoulder is second be enough to get a winner -- and I'm not sure but I still say fifteen and happens way too. And being being ranked -- I wonder at what point because a lot of voters in these holes they they give a lot of credit to the coaches. I at what point is mark Antonio kind of deserve. You know benefit of the doubt should be there now pride in the sale -- Michigan State's returning -- non starters and their quarterback. They should be above all how state to me it -- a little bit. A little bit -- status in terms of when people see them they they lose their key starters yeah nation is going to be a drop off for season or two -- -- -- there's not one of those sort of a big -- -- actually -- you have to start looking a market telling you need to put him in the conversation as best college coach right now. The Mariners say if you're just joining is David Price has been reportedly traded to the tigers the Mariners might be third team facility. Yet they are thirteen minute deal in its Hostin Jackson and -- smiley are involved in the deal not sure exactly who's going Blair but those that those are two pretty big names smile he's under contract for a long time and -- Jackson. As consuming a real hot bat -- so -- Mo -- -- and nick Franklin potentially going to be raised so we'll teach you more up more details. As this unfolds the deadline approaching -- sure -- under yet says the Mariners are getting Austin Jackson from the tigers so little bit offensive help he got a leadoff hitter plays a great center field to go pick up for Seattle that he very busy gave -- Major League Baseball trade deadline are smorgasbord of sports topics is coming up next we'll keep you updated on everything going on. In the major leagues you're listening to import dirt it's Bradenton eighty the fan.

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