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Danforth Dirt & Sprague 7.30.14 Hour 2

Jul 30, 2014|

The guys talk more sports movies, a great idea for fantasy football drafts, and talk Niners with John Lund.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

How do you like being a real studio. It's like a new pair of underwear you know it's first it's constricted. But after awhile it becomes a part of you. -- -- museum it's a little while men. And we had to hurry that's brand that anybody yeah Taylor dancing in other news. Prime minister of Sweden visited Washington today -- tiny little Red Bulls went to -- Dirk Johnson -- to face jail also pitched in four months. It's. Coach -- couldn't what -- And Brendan it's 39 years so I wouldn't say it's. I'm not going to hammer. You if there's a fire. -- poured dirty and spray -- ESPN Sports Radio -- AV OK. Passion to TiVo's arrives. I'd like seven movie idea to one and -- doing business meetings today. And yes the ground and heavy as the program it's a fantastic text messages. But here is doing our program it. Remember the titans is a largely been taking movie ideas sports movie ideas or turnaround use your -- and create one. Well won't happen but that's that is the theory at least. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's a really dislike the they have Mark McGwire -- summer the PDs it's too soon you got to wait another probably twenty years or -- -- -- documentary -- the Malan Mark McGwire in the movie. Yeah yankees robbers and have a movie about that guy the OJ Simpson movie with the instinct to me that Mike Tyson -- -- -- needed in -- the other graphite -- Simpson movie being you can Ranariddh -- -- intense I guess that I mean there are some compelling stories outlook. I I wish that like -- is not documentaries that movie's ads focus on an individual athlete we're just better Don you know. It -- Jackie Robinson what is a cool flick it was cool to follow along -- here's some of the behind the scenes stuff if you didn't know the story of what it happened. And it's great to remind and you generate generation that maybe doesn't whole lot about him. But it will be just wasn't that what the acting wasn't that great that they got a -- got up to production level on those things are cern have. Lisa I think that if you did the right way can really compel us and and rank right up there is any that is an industry again that we talked about. Sports movies have been lacking that's is something that people try to tackle. And they haven't been successful and do you look at the right athletes and you can do with the right way and try to be as accurate as possible. I think people buy into that the difficulty of torturing athletes is that in a lot of people Noelle -- like sports fans know about the athlete. Say there's some education that goes on. But you get you've got to get like an incident to forgive the lack of a better phrase here but you've got to get women involved in your movie do you get to have an emotional -- correct you've got to have a feel good story associated with the with the movie and that's a very general statement I understand. But you say you have to -- there's a fine balance in movies and sports movies between. A mass appeal and making money off of that movie. And being very niche end and being very sport to. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That's weird for anybody else that Jackie Robinson all descendants is James Brown just kind of ruins of -- I'm looking forward to spaced him -- I know that LeBron is the next based and that will be -- against in the works is what -- I see that John Locke lord the has -- the -- -- well he's not -- -- that's what MG it is -- maybe -- bowling and he gets -- down into their -- or something and -- The -- stars come back. Again. And steal to steal in the. Out there playing I'm not only can riders on the spotlight that added we do a Mighty Ducks and other Mighty Ducks movie are great in my Howland has those are now pack -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They're the actual fire -- so well. NBA -- felt that it. And Goldberg actually lost a lot of ways he's seen that guy here really Google Goldberg from mighty duck acts like this under earning ten pounds now just disappointing saved his life probably I get -- now has come out and only man yeah that's why can't lose and lose weight -- -- Sam I got to stay FT it's got to be terrible right -- that child against. Tidy cats and a movie Berkshire an. Eight years old and I cannot stay fat I'm sorry that's gonna write your paycheck stay fat is the diversity as say that you can get healthy fat. Like prince dealer on V. The Miami Dolphins are trying to move past the bullying scandal last season and here's how they're doing it they're all wearing T shirts. The dairy Credo of togetherness. Now give me operate out of his coined by the players so they say I -- Miami Dolphins and the they've got a bunch of Credo is I will never accept defeat and I would never call it it this is the one though that's getting the most attention on this shirt. If I see something I will say something I'd commit to college as it is. Every single member of the Miami Dolphins as -- Dieter would say the juggernaut is wearing. The -- I don't see any -- in in this is what I say. Are you kidding me and so on those these -- Women don't -- -- by now about what PR spin are you kidding me. How far yet to go like we get it you're you're sorry it was catalysts -- for -- -- noticed I. I know about it everybody forgot about it you know Donna the forty net impact he delivered -- him don't you think yeah he's still free -- about Martin's a San Francisco now everybody had kind of forgot -- -- big that story wasn't that scheme out. We talked about that lottery culture change that you know bullying in sports of bullying in society man we got tired of that conversation. Why you're you're so our idea of what's the point and bring it back -- I honestly forgot about it tell you just it's -- has read that are smorgasbord. Sports topics that Dallas Cowboys have signed pro offensive tackle Tyrone Smith yeah maybe asking you if you and I wouldn't say exactly. But it is eight year extension through 4300. Days ten million dollars in his hockey forty million that's guaranteed. He's got a ten million dollar signing bonus just money hand over -- being handed out. In the NFL right now offensive lineman for the Dallas Cowboys underneath ten million dollars and and a ten million dollar signing -- forty of that has -- he's a left tackle and yes you gotta you gotta pay for the blind side right now Sandra -- taught -- you gotta pay for the headlines I -- I got to protect only their -- fantastic tape I've dubbed as Sadie got to pay for that top of the line this is one of the first Smart side and -- -- expecting it at that the president line and offensive line from. But -- this tells me also that they're probably -- pay Dez Bryant a crackdown on Monday morning asking if if he's getting that kind of money what's Dez Bryant going to command. And you look at the scales of the -- when Dez Bryant -- career to go if he keeps his head and it. He's one of the best wide receivers of all time in my opinion with his skill set and his size. But and good for the cowboys they finally made a Smart move something they haven't done very often lasts on fifteen years one and we'll see you out of the players get paid from here. -- and to me and keeping Tony -- all ride is a huge problem and they've had the last couple years and Tony Romo -- easy easy target in these kind of fun for us to make fun of sometimes especially when he throws those interceptions three just kind of scratch your heads and there goes Tony Romo being Tony Romo but the one thing that you cannot knock him for just toughness mean -- guys played through. Some maps of the brutal injuries in his career cracked ribs all sorts of good things can happen to him. If he takes one more hit -- ruptured spleen and he's had everything happen to him so what he really is a warrior but it inside left tackle a lot of money you gotta keep your star quarterback up rather paint Tony Romo a lot of money to. The real Michael Jordan story free movie that one would be interesting dark to light the sandy says the story. I think I just gone down a normal with the swing bar total fix it's it's. We're getting fat -- kid actors that were fat that are no longer good old Billy Bob from varsity delusion government actually he cannot be skinny now candy dirty looks like that countries are. Stop Billy Bob what happened man. Now all that is safe fat guy's got a state and -- like George -- body double you you're you're you're flipping the bird all the fat people out there was 500 pounds dirt. 500 rounds. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- At some of the betting in the illegal gambling and drug ties to soccer or you can just do the Cuban baseball players importing illegal drugs. Yeah I think there's a lot of I do a lot of good movies you can make about. Those particular -- -- got to get Spielberg on the phone more facilities only you are down on this movie yankees and our failure -- -- -- more days and he said there is no I says there is no ideas you're taking words I Sid for football basketball baseball. Exactly as it sounds like we're soccer believes now is doing soccer and -- timbers army movie. Now Jon -- of the game in San Francisco joins us at the bottom of the hour we're doing a -- the -- -- party we're setting a world record. We may be missing out on something. A man -- he really creepy post on Craig's list looking for this. For his fancy football rapid bet you can guess where this is going that's great for you next busy advance for -- -- served up by Buffalo Wild Wings -- a -- of. And for the third -- sprint is served up by Buffalo Wild Wings on ESPN's Sports Radio -- -- yeah yeah. -- more these movie text exports and he's like comic book movies he got -- appeal -- the broad based stunning defeat means happiness imperfect analogy yeah. And a week. The way we still haven't touched on the issue on the show that authority now it would. I don't know we own will touch it won't be in the movie so or add a section are we sure about that that a yes. Seems to answering you know at least fifteen to three years they're now holding true to the comic books and because store had a sex change Leo. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- See aliens are doing their. So John -- gonna join us in the bottom of the -- help print a NFC west preview we'll talk about the niners will also discuss the Oakland Raiders stadium situation with John -- Our sister station -- down in San Francisco. That conversation ten minutes from now swirling are fancy the ball to wrap party we talked about it you've heard promise for. If you let out it Buffalo Wild Wings August 27 that you -- to be involved in that. -- text drafts have 55. 305. So this is a Craig's looks Craig's list post like at -- I. Buddy Guy posting these in a suit. And he does a cell -- cell thief and I -- not to a great start his eyes and try to you like a business is like a business yet casual business casual I guess not -- -- business casualties got a suit on but no time gonna paint this in my mind definitely got it. He's got one of those circular seeing stepped not sitting in the corner it's on top account. -- and so saying the moles the ball loose listening -- -- -- -- seek and he's got a shallower in the background. A perfectly clear shower -- clear glass. I painted a picture yet it's nothing to ass he sounds like a classy individual here is what he did for his fancy for -- this is an -- that you posted with his picture this is an act had. Yes drag on Craig's list. The job includes running the draft board. Getting guys drinks and of course doing it all -- -- bikini. Lingerie. Or some sexy outfit and her choice. We're not too picky we do not hire strippers for the event I'll come off because some of the guys or older and they have lights. And kicks in it I think about the kids and feel a little two year. However. We will tip and some of the guys will hit if you push the envelope. If you want to go topless. That is your incentives. But we don't want strippers -- yet there's -- zippers the other girls are bigger bikinis they can't be strippers and I'm sure you can make good tips doing it. What we're not expecting you to. The group is a pretty average group of guys twelve of us in total ranging from probably 25 years old to 55. Years old if your interest did please contact. So you're looking for stripper I mean you want tips for being naked in top wins -- -- push the envelope a little bit you don't want to be an official stripper at this. To go on eleven say this this is a great idea. But if you're doing a fantasy for but now first off -- doing a fantasy football draft you should come do -- -- as you'll be a world record holders can be a great time. -- a great time out of buffalo alleys but if you're gonna do one in your house he when he your buddies together. I have I have no problem this is a fantastic idea first off they get -- drinks there hopefully attracted you gotta cross your fingers -- that we have a new business opportunity here. Think he's good looking women they're going to call us in -- have girls they're like -- ring girls and -- then just walk around around three. Like to educate -- -- sexist you educate to whoever can be male or female. The got a female draft party we can educate yeah boys as much and I illegal aliens we are talking about us right now we're going females so that's OK it's not sex is not -- we started company -- -- well. We're starting a company his and hers draft parties yes. Yes that's we can do we could make that we're on the Manningham maker Thursday morning nice to it facing intentionally want to hear your -- it we certainly any got a boot. And right in here. The Major League Baseball trade deadline is rapidly to throw it away from now here again. Going -- yes yes there's -- for -- gets a brilliant idea by the way and I saw this documentary on Silicon Valley prostitutes. And these women who worked in the van strain and it takes four to 500 dollars humans you know those things that connect your iPad -- swipe your card -- they're using that -- -- a prostitute -- -- a lot to do their job -- -- has to work for fantasy girls if they wanted to -- abstract fantastic I was saying the Major League Baseball trade deadline. -- that is approaching here there haven't been really any moves David Price. I could potentially be on the move for Tampa -- -- -- you -- Jon Lester and Lackey in Boston those ten pieces Lester was pulled from the Retief was supposed to start tonight. He will not be doing social looks like he is going to be on the move there are so many teams that are in contention in so many teams trying to jockey for position. And so it's been relatively quiet thus far you can expect a busy. And X 24 hours people tried to do a jockey for the. If he -- believe the deadline is tomorrow at three or four clocks up my cats are about 24 hours away were were approaching that the you know very quickly David Price is an interesting one because of how well Tampa -- is played I mean they have been absolutely turn their season around to look at them the last thirty or so games -- the best team in baseball. Not really crude closed at a price did lose today though. But to me if you're Tampa Bay it's a tough when I hold on -- just because I'm not blown away by anybody else in the American League and in. Database has enough talent where they can push and that while -- back right now in the wild -- -- -- does that they have no chance of that division Minnesota Wild card right now Tampa beta five out -- -- -- -- -- they're -- into their last ten but they've been playing great baseball Boston is an existing one as well Jon Lester we talked about this on the show a little bit yesterday where. He's got it's already come -- talked about wanting to return to Boston after this season. But in this is the ultimate high risk camera work situation in if your baseball training in if you follow this for long enough you know exactly this situation that your team is facing -- that. You can go out get a rental player for a year you're gonna have to give up some big time prospects to do so. Eagle I hope you cross your fingers you cross your fingers and if you're gonna -- -- -- for Jon Lester in giveaway a couple of top prospects. That he's gonna be the final missing link that you need to win a World Series because if he's not. You you give away a couple of prospects he re get a rental player for two months he leaves at the end of the season and you're left their scratching your head as a giants fan. And -- a couple of years ago they traded Zach Wheeler for Carlos Beltran and in in your sit there you're excited about it. They'll Charlie's in the offseason it's like all right great in his last one of the best pitching prospects in the organization. -- John -- -- with the cardinals and National League rival fantastic now where we act so it's it's the ultimate testimony to I think every team has a different philosophy on how they wanna do it. Seattle's another team whose whose name has been thrown around. Basically in every single trade rumor that exists David Price Jon Lester John Lackey. All of the offensive -- Alex Rios is -- been thrown out there for Texas. To Seattle's bit of the play here but it just doesn't seem like they're willing to give up those prospects to Juan Walker's one that they just haven't been willing to part ways with yet. So it'll be as -- outlays up but I do expect a very exciting next. Went for -- -- I think murdered. -- -- Sure Sherlock Holmes here she comes I forgot out thunder too but that was and it went to -- settled six. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Now later on that yet. We'll find out -- some hazards on our times here John -- of the game it is sports rated game -- in San Francisco will join us -- to -- -- the San Francisco 49ers -- thus far ball's gonna ask about the Oakland Raiders as they were flirting. With C and Antonio here over the last couple of days John -- is next. -- towards dirt and sprig is served up by Buffalo Wild Wings on ESPN's Sports Radio 1080 so fair -- I think the entire government should be privatized. Chucky cheese could -- the parks. And everything operated -- tokens. Drop and a token I've gone swing -- dropping another token take a walk. Dropping a token look at doc. I did -- there is -- here are ESPN Sports Radio its Canadian us and we are continuing with our NFC west preview in joining us now on the program is John line and he host. And units three and 957 game our sister station might Jon -- story is we're at the organ that game watching UCLA and I sat next to him because there aren't sat next to him. During the press box and humble brag he was talking about that was picking his brain our radio staff -- and what would you larger topics be here for the org in UCLA games it was like a video gaming chip Kelly's offense. Like a video game one of the first guys to call chip Kelly's offense the video game John -- joins us now just -- doing the show. We're talking about we want -- to his dead. Help us preview the niners but the story about the Oakland Raiders in and there are potential move to San Antonio what's the important details of why they would stay. In Oakland. Of course -- -- it back up I really remember that night. Dear oh yeah. And I would normally -- I would probably lie -- that you remember that really I do remember. Sitting making that night and probably about that's going to -- material but. In terms of the raiders. Are pockmarked -- about this very thing and I didn't get a chance yesterday that he just wanted to release a statement. About it that he. Take to cut back up on that whole thing has a lot people that aired just looking edit. As leverage because what happened yesterday is that PA's. Finalized the ten year lease agreement is dumped. In down air and and there are a lot of the thing about it though it actually out trinity note tenure agreement. They can get out a lot of times the raiders stopped fighting in like a lot of cities especially California. Oakland is probably the most broke of all those cities cannot begin any cannot support or or monies from. From the CD's so it's it's a problem and that they're not going to be able in the may be without a team period beat the raiders are gonna move somewhere. The warriors a party -- intentions known that they're gonna -- -- -- should go. And that would alleviate which would be Smart because they've got most gate 81 home date I think they would focus on the -- to try to keep them navigate or go to San Jose excel. It complete map I think right now settled is it to leverage point that security here that raiders going to. That this city and that city until it can try to get something done Antonia makes sense but I I think right now I. John transitioning to the San Francisco SI with the 49ers there are a lot of story lines going into this season. They were really close last year to getting back to the Super Bowl on a lot of people think they would of won that allowed people you know crowning FC title game -- in the real Super Bowl. Looking at this team lot of question marks what's the biggest thing going in as camp has started already was the biggest thing going in for them coming up this season. I think -- -- maintaining what they've done immunity I know the entity that have been injured Kendall Hunter note their local interest there with a Michael James -- Kendall Hunter hadn't gotten hurt and -- but look at Michael makes. This team and now he's got dislocated elbow which is the other noble one it is located at Oregon a couple of years ago or perhaps front. It is I you'd think it's the writing situation just because just like the Seahawks. That's where they make their money that the Fiat the niners are the only two teams the -- happy and upheld a run at more than they earlier it. Craig gore try to do it near the end here a couple of years of and a Marshawn Lynch in that regard. He's on the NFC championship in eleven -- shall fourteen argued it's that have been able to step up against the better teams. So they dropped -- -- at Ohio State they want and honored to be in there. Date they've got a stable of young backs the question is can any of them unseat. Frank Gore I think that would have been collection and in defensively. All this -- to date and it straight -- -- -- -- campus Morton and all that missed training camp this morning. -- to what we believe is to attend to and talk to Roger Goodell about his suspension if you -- all the Smith out for any length that time at the beginning of the year. And the -- -- and in the middle it to be out for probably the first half of the season. And they got questionable quarters Chris Colbert to -- -- premiere -- now one of the better combos in the leak. Computer that called Smith you don't have -- all right directed pressure on the quarterback back and expose those corners a look at the major issues. John line is our guest is hosed down at our sister station 957 game and and weekdays noon to three job when you look at this team offensively obviously signing Colin -- to a long term contract extension. And there's a lot of expectations on him partly because of what Russell Wilson and the Seahawks did last year but just on the outside looking in it seems like it in terms of his receiver -- this can be the best the niners have had in quite some time with a healthy Crabtree. It Stevie Johnson coming in what are the expectations on it happening this year is he supposed to make a big jump in your studio three. I -- yeah there's no question I think again I think with the -- game I think they want to even in no matter what they say it makes it electoral more I think expectation level though it is that he managed to regain like Russell Wilson doesn't he doesn't make mistakes again nickel back in a C championship game. He just made too many mistakes when the ball and I know early read it well. But when they needed him to throw the ball -- stock throughout the Richard Sherman play which was questionable labeled and in a month. I'm talking about Anna chancellor sanctuary and look anybody up. Cholera outbreak is if you guys now -- they wonderful physical specimen and he spends about what people say about how many showed -- go to maybe he's. He -- into anything -- feel he's got to work out there epic it's comparable to Russell Wilson. Or doesn't have and I think one of the problems young quarterbacks this week because the NFL and getting to -- guys stay away. -- certain amount of time the Nazis and so that they they don't get enough time in the film room -- -- to integrate physically. Mentally you need to get it looks -- learn how to read defense is because that's -- -- thinks he's behind. I think when he -- -- bigger gains. That he gets a little too hyped up any just doesn't see things being spewed out for at least in the Olmert and understand more. With defense is a tribunal he can run he can make certain place economics works or highlight. Until he becomes a student of the game Michael Russell Wilson. Are gonna fall so short and -- the last couple years. John -- is our guest here Dan -- -- NE SPN's Sports Radio 1080 within -- look Dicey there in the offseason with a guy but you guys in trouble kind of died down. But doing radio during that time. What was there are blamed put on players was it coaches it was a management what our fans most angry about during that time. You know what I can get it by and large it differently acknowledged I mean it's different in the east you know on the eastern -- in the midwest and people get Ingrid. For the most part they love their guys need to send them. -- to have really high level I talked all met a lot this whole process Adam unlike the -- on he says all the right things and it goes not that stupid stuff. For the most part they've been -- a lecture at the collar Catholics not to get blown out of proportion is up in Miami. He make him mistake in terms of who we hang out -- -- may be. Was there -- some leader -- have -- -- blown out of proportion and I'll try to and the -- is forty -- article I think a lot of proportion by the media all dismissed. -- -- to be interesting to see how rod could handle that because he has been. He and Ray Rice is one thing because in -- part of allies. You know one time -- and it's a bad offense simply wrong but that was part of the process all the Smith is -- gun charges to retreat ties. He's in that front driving thing was ridiculous -- he had his foot on the accelerator at 7:30 in the morning at a practice stay up against three imminent I just don't think it right to develop the look favorably. A guy who continually time and time again. Makes mistakes if a guy got criticized in the hot seat and I think it was in the we need it the airport's completely stupid but in eagle and so. Obviously it immediately alt key and he's a guy that people out here organs have been agreed to call happening gently got past. What do you think his punishment should be. I thought it was gonna be four games and maybe he could pocket downer down the three and actual thing that I think the people who think that. Ray Rice at any kind of a precedent for -- wrong guys in well now. Rocket that was not really any rhythm rhyme or reason to what he does. In terms. The kind of punishment he hands out -- judging during a lot of appeal that there is again and so it doesn't make -- accent but this group of players agreed to. I extinct because he actually pattern of behavior like that. That will at least get a couple of games and everybody got air continues to debate the fact that. Because he went through that rehab which is complete joke last year which is an accurate read out somebody with his car. Problem in six weeks when he was out for five games and at -- adult takes that into consideration which he says he's going to. And maybe he gets noticed but I -- believe at least it's coupled with its pattern of behavior. It is intriguing. John it would the Seahawks winning the super will be conversation has been Pete Carroll he's the player's head coach everybody loves Pete Carroll that kind of way it works best with a lot of players Jim Harbaugh known as kind of that -- ask coach. He's had a lot of success but is that something that you can see wearing thin with players or maybe manage because I know we heard the ground wings with -- bulky and Jim Harbaugh. Yeah I think he's the type of guy that it is not going to be here. A long time you know I -- I certainly not can be a guy who's going to be and 121415. Year to look great she is great everybody. I thought the players that played from its effort -- part of a -- a high profile players -- the 49ers and well they loved him in once sense EE is just keep it under our talkers like about it immediately 100% football I'm. And that can -- on Pete Carroll -- -- -- I'm going to be a player guy. Any any kind of balances everything out image is when you walk into that facility it's -- all of percent of the time and while that may sound great on the circus and what fans want. It's just you've got to have a with a metal mentality all the time and attend the -- at all about there's coaches and every. Sport that are like it's good move around their places it's not I don't think you are all have a law on the blog. Except NFL career. I just don't think it's gonna be ten years at one spot I could see him being the type the guy. They would win a Super Bowl and then -- -- the next year it's not that I don't think to try and all you big guy. They've got an ego this is not a Jerry Jones Jimmy Johnson and the situation that should -- -- operate on everybody in the built. Do you think get the 49ers get right back where they were the last couple seasons or maybe -- similar do you think this is a year or maybe they -- take a step back with some of the injuries. I think they actually take it step forward I think. You know again a lot of that depends a lot francoeur could do -- they can't people understand they've got a core of young players here. That can allow them to keep guys like Mike parties in the created Michael Crabtree is going to be a free agent. Because they Richar hit a couple of guys collapsed your most notably tinkered needle on the defensive line to take over or Justin Smith. Marcus Lattimore had knee injury and a couple of -- -- a little bit step back again he basically had a Richard you're last year. They -- up on to draft pick this year typical drop it in the draft they really like obviously like the Seahawks team identified. -- Alcatel to work within their system. So I know that everybody's waiting for the kind of window closed maybe they're old at some positions except just in itself or. Alex -- told now on the offensive line helping out and well but I kept up along offensive line. To be -- -- front and I really think that they have a number of years left. I don't necessarily they think that they need Jim Harbaugh ought to do that they're going to our -- sign their key player on term. They've got back out positions and for Frank Gore running back just the appointment -- -- The he's got to cover tight end in trailer lot I think patch quilt to spot -- little bit but they -- couple linebackers this year. If there's one spot that concerns -- -- -- up in -- -- those corners so they don't they don't come forward I think that there be an issue but I really think. Because it's helping out of the depth they've acquired through a lot of great moving it maneuvering in the draft but neither are here for a long time. John -- with some great information on the San Francisco 49ers are day three of our NFC west preview. Also helping us understand a little bit about the Oakland Raiders situation. As they've been flirting -- talking with the San Antonio. As -- possible landing spot he is a host on 95 point seven in the game is on Twitter at John Lund radio my two claims -- I did a leak next to Britain must Berger got back and I spent time in the press box at UCLA and dive into John -- -- they -- the man. Cuba I think you're much -- they have a lot better. Pat pat pat I was in there I suppose. If you let -- -- Oh they gaming young man hit SI said he -- -- and it is our -- didn't like they -- appreciate it. I didn't mean insert myself into the story like here in -- agency Hillary -- John -- just start -- -- closing at AI I know John and I do next in there that is kind of what and it will it will be back have a disaster -- for for probe by -- Asian -- or -- -- remember -- remember me -- -- -- I was -- -- -- -- not evaluate this. Blue line in Madden -- Gerri they show it day in and day out. As break but mostly Danforth on -- -- different. That's why can't afford to third and sprayed his serve -- like buffalo wild -- on ESPN Sports Radio 1080 elsewhere and there. To this -- three in -- US preview outside of the Seahawks tomorrow with a Seattle guy and then on Friday we'll discuss is does the division -- we did every day 130. Our treaties and each division got things that John mindset there that. Think our our worth noting that. All this did not you can't today because a lot of people believe he is talking to Roger Goodell about that suspension. Then he thinks it again it's who knows what Roger Goodell but he thinks it could be somewhere between the two to fourteen range. For all -- -- nobody really knows. And so that that remains to be seen that will be an impact but you this time last year and and they they were still OK they were still find master. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But it was good it was good they started the ball rolling in terms of getting him some sense of care. But you cannot look at the five weeks and say OK he sat out five weeks therefore he's not gonna get suspended this -- -- that was not a suspension they came from the team. Or from the NFL I do expect him to get three or four games this year for exactly what John onset and he talked about the repeat offender thank. And I'm sure there's going to be a lot of fans are gonna be upset about that because Ray Rice only got a two beams if all the Smith gets more than that. But this is a guy that has been in and out of trouble since that day he stepped in and NFL locker room and I've no problem of the four games is. One thing about his production last year in terms of how they did without them people don't think about this and and to me it's actually won the most underrated parts of the 49ers success the last couple seasons it's Justin smelt absolutely when people talk about defense of players the I really do believe he should be in that category every single season now. Like one mentioned justice Smith is getting older he's becoming now a veteran he's country strong -- can push to three guys at a time. That's going to go away at some point and that is where if all the Smith comes back. And Justin Smith is aging not as productive. That's where you're really gonna see who all transmit the football player is because is much as I enjoy watching him play and seeing how productive he's been the first couple seasons. A lot of that has to do with what Justin -- been able to do and free up on space on the defense affront to meet. In -- -- tests on a lot of different things that's one of the biggest is how is Justin Smith. Gonna come into this season he's sitting on tracks is getting older and older. And we know veteran players to reach a point you just don't -- -- camp anymore he's one of those guys I think this is his twelve season might be wrong on that but I know he's getting up there in the age of latter. If he's not productive that changes things completely for the defense -- front. -- is also discuss the dynamic between Harbaugh in the front office and says the evidence is just as everybody reports he -- he spoke with -- -- wife -- -- football football football. All of the time. I don't of the guys like that ever change because he's pretty defining who he is and he's convicted in what he what he's doing. Like there had there is Simone of evolving they could to lately and I are -- and there could be a softening. Of his personality. Somewhat. But I've got -- got to -- one there where I just as long as he's producing fine. But long term you you have to wonder if they don't make the Super Bowl this year. You start to wonder are right do we have the right guy -- he's looking for his extension. Susie hicks and consistent EST is into me utility he had an interesting commentary talked about he didn't see him being their long term and I'm not sure what his definition of long term is of its five years now or ten years from now. But to me having a guy that focuses solely on football and that -- pedal to the metal 24/7 365 days a year. I don't know how that's a bad thing in any way shape or form now if you're if I had to deal with them I'm sure -- I would be singing a different tune in saying this guy is driving me nuts it's the middle of obviously you know what are we talking about here. But to me when you have a guy like that. That is exactly what you wanted to head coach I worry about him personally for his health issues I think we saw that with a guy like Urban Meyer during his time at Florida. Where he was always going he was always grinding and always do -- football he started at parties she started at health issues and is Stanley -- pulled him aside work. That's right I look at these guys and say -- you need to back -- Jon -- the same thing I'll never forget the real sports they did it would Jon Gruden. He's still shows up to watch film every morning at 5 o'clock in coach anymore. He just enjoys watching the film so there's certain guys it is -- it is in their DNA to be football of the time and to me. While it might it might rub you the wrong -- occasionally I don't see how that's a bad thing. He say what you want about his coaching styles but this is track record speaks for itself what he did and into San Diego when needed and stamper what he's done in the NFL. He might be a little over obsessive with football that's fine but only does win and I mean that's kind of rumors and speaks to one quick note -- foreign states at beaver fans out there Rangers dissect this -- first big league hit drove around. -- -- -- these are good -- can't -- -- little -- -- breaking -- -- to get out of my way into the area so many of these I. So I dropped -- I'm not. A big contracts signed in the NFL today the highest contract in this particular position in the history of the NFL the details on that for you. Next on 1080.

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