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TODD GRAHAM - ASU Head Football Coach

Jul 25, 2014|

The ASU coach joins Isaac and Suke to preview the 2014 season from Pac-12 Media Day.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I -- so media day continues stay -- here obstacle there's a state football yet Taylor Kelly their quarterback on earlier now their coach yelled at our favorite movies here is -- Todd Graham back when this I've heard about the -- These boots. That you know like else can we take a picture these are -- little -- get a notice how much I'm from Texas the -- while Wear boots as Todd Graham those are alligator -- now I think alligators and that will be and that your little. -- -- -- -- You like adults there's we are gonna work our top donors -- -- first he he's part owner in the -- -- so. He hooked me up and molecular he's alive -- sensations again anywhere Boutros slacks and a pair spent at. I'm from Texas this guy right Netflix do exactly the case that nice pair of boots is pretty nice shall come cheap though that was nice for a -- at a Getty good price tag underneath. Police talked to a couple coaches here these last couple days -- You know it's always uneasy takeover program and you know things don't go as well. It's hard -- pressure you though. Probably have to be feeling pretty good coming off when India pac twelve south early on in here in your tenure here's a state that happened faster than. Then maybe you thought -- right on schedule where where you where your head down. I'm sure would've liked to won that championship game -- about that a lot happier than that now came out this. I just love to compete you know I'm very very comfortable there like being in our third year. You know guys have responded I mean and and we've had some good fortune you know at times but it threes while we've had that's just how hard we worked -- We've got some with some really good gas that really brought bought into different ways of doing things and you know we've taken -- situation what's nice to have some some some talent and nice to have this system. That were running the kids really fit. In and make its emerging commanding. The totally don't such systems right. We had to adapt a little bit but them. Very comfortable this is the best thing that I have had to them than there. Even though I'd love to have wills -- looked at -- perhaps for those guys back that we're going to be fast. You know obviously last you know to two years we've been in the top five in the nation explosive plays on defense. I think -- -- will surprise people some things we do defensively with the best we've been in the back in the secondary so. So in the offense and not that you met with Taylor I mean the best leader I've ever been -- quarterback ever coached. DJ Foster -- strong will be the best offense I've ever been associated with -- so. We have chance Eric -- -- the radar a little bit immediately talks that you feel lame actually use the key guys won the division you -- it when it. It three years ago and kind of went by default -- to ten win teams you guys who represented the south. Yet the number two quarterback in the pac twelve that only talks about actually it really is an underrated group the guys have down there right now the key is you know we come here our goal is not be picked first is there never write the fact. His sister a period -- -- I was -- got to pick first were done it's over no one ever wins against a truck. So I mean yeah I don't worry YouTube people -- to say. Pre season picks don't matter they do. -- this pre pre season nominations for Heisman hopefuls and all that does it matter it does. American means people put himself in position one Heisman -- put yourself in position to win but did you know we're sitting there at three rival you know you have no problem -- that you know. You know I understand you know we graduated nine guys on defense. But you know for the last two years every -- we were we've got beat by UCLA game last second field -- the first year would have been in the championship game and and yeah -- got a lot of faith and belief and our team and it in -- you guys know how hard this league is and you know are really get confidence our guys will be there. Is the fact wolf -- where is it in relation to the SEC here it. Coaching wise I think this is the best conference in the country back into a week in and week out. What what I mean is being specific to this does give -- -- you know standard way answers is that we go into week I'm a defense of -- And and so you go its air raid cal Washington State. You know you -- you wanted to for a lot of three -- Frans ma'am because ago for wise and you did you have to adjust to that right. Within -- -- or again. You get that air zone you get airs on a state that are did the run play action pass fast paced no huddle. That you wanna be plain really -- four man front right senior personnel has to change. Many a -- Stanford you know where we really need to have a fifth defense of climate. I mean so Daniel we got a five man roster she only got forty guys 41 guys on defense. -- -- you gotta be really really personal about it so I think it probably the hardest job in the countries in the defense coordinator in this league. Quarterback you look at the quarterbacks you look at the explosive players that dynamic players we've had in this league. I think when you honestly look at it. You got to look at the pac twelve was one of the top two conferences in the country I personally think it's the best coach express with Pete -- -- -- coach -- But Peterson coming and it at Washington. You know that that's what my personal feeling -- I'm glad we're complain on the field I think he's seen last year -- though you rank you know in that game. If you take that top teams in the country top five sixteens. -- in each conference and you play man you -- see a lot of that's why are we that's why I'm excited about the playoff we played on the field but what I'm -- -- It do that with the way we play our nonconference schedule my nonconference schedule is that. I got Notre Dame this year and in the next year up just put Michigan State on got LA issue. I mean. Heck we play tough -- well if you lose one of those games. And you lose one conference game. -- out there or not I mean it in and I can't imagine having a four game playoff that pac twelve. Yeah yeah champion in their cells are hoping that that this is just the start that maybe -- expansive eighteen deal where you have an automatic bid you know we should give fans. What they want I don't Monaco I mean I don't want coach in those games you know that the you know you got people display and you know. Fairly easy exactly I'm I'm I'm more nervous most gains if you beat -- bad your bad sport and then if I don't beat a good enough you just can't win. I'm I'm more nervous against those games I am going its USC -- smile like that so the fans don't wanna see those games so. If the conference championship have an automatic bid ranked and they end. Played every want to I think we were a better team last year because we played Wisconsin Notre Dame. No doubt that plane in those games helped us and it was while we want the biggest game -- once it's -- been there is the UCLA at UCLA to win south. As a huge game are really think that the you know and I -- I'm I don't wanna play it was big games and I'm excited about. -- players wanted to answer yeah player gets excited about is adequately tell me why he wouldn't play non conference games. The way it's crazy in the likely to be like the NFL -- AFC's -- -- certain magazine has sees them play different they're gonna championship game over here and they're not coming it's just. I don't understand that you what what why are we wouldn't do it all the same make it equal and and in fair for everybody because I can tell you in this league. Man it is hard it can be really difficult for somebody go undefeated in this league. It's -- if you look at -- Ohio State Florida State with all due respect to the Big Ten in the ACC are probably -- shoulders -- why it's. And have a real good chance of running that you know the FCC's -- and even if there -- one maybe even a two loss team and that leaves the big twelve. And the pac twelve he said one must make you lose one game like your schedule if Oklahoma goes undefeated. You can find yourself as -- did you play and they should play a title. Yeah forget that that no I doubt they even because you know for us what you you know let let's say if you had a team go undefeated. They go undefeated in the get. Beat in the pac twelve championship ring Stanford and Oklahoma does that play that yeah they -- play the game and you could you could end up I mean it can be trip that you eat you are still. I'm excited about the play out to her own and others think that there should be great weight put on. The the news conference champion part of via automatic deal and then you know I do think like we should I don't ever wanna give up the rows -- The big balls that now 47 album or whatever I mean they -- I'm I'm I'm for playing it on the field and quit speculating about it. I think that's what our fans want and the last -- asset in my players when they come that we get ready go to McConnell aside man those people work hard for the money may get what they want -- -- And play with class and character and toughness and you know let's just get after. You know -- The second half -- it is that your theory is kind of the that's the benchmark -- each new coach comes it takes its personality. Got a couple recruiting classes. That really kind of solidifies the base this -- your three. You're ahead of the curve you know are you starting to feel even that you're happy with the last couple years that you feel like this is. This is your group this is this is the F -- honest with the you know -- -- -- that the very first and I'm one of those people that I'm not coming in and saying well you know what is gonna try to get better and go to a bowl game tell me it's okay go to. To lose in the mediocre this is America. Nobody's yet excited about -- six or seven games this is the way it is. And so when we come in we're about winning championships because no one has a five year plank has no one gets five years. You better win and you better forgot how to do it quickly and so when I first and that we talked about winning championships the first year. I think. If formerly honest a lot of people -- what actually talking about. And any and maybe some people and now in our meetings but he'd never saying. And you know I know people look at me like accuracy. -- -- -- talking about this you know -- -- -- you know trying to get some of the stuff straightened out. Where we lost it you know the last second to it to UCLA. And in our kids believed. Our players believe off yet possible manner and there we go we finish up of eight wins. We come back the next season I really felt like our team believe that we can win the championship we can win the south and you know we got there. If you'd call me the week we played Stanford we just come off. Dominating an Arizona team that just -- or again. Playing our best football but -- never been championship that we played uncharacteristically. Bad percent -- definite yes it is the level of managed just at -- much they decided about it I didn't you know I -- -- job. We were playing so good and had so much count is we're going to stamp championship game. We put on the renewed defense as we make seven critical errors in the first thirteen -- you haven't been -- reform and keep it simple. Dates you know you know -- keep it close -- must be you know with the gap has played just don't beat ourselves by not making mistakes and Stanford and there are you know this or second year back to back you know very experienced team you know so. But still even at that I mean you know we pride ourselves on character Smart disciplined tough. And we just ran into the team and doing that for a little bit longer than us and and so we've got to take that next step now let's take it for we believe we can win. Now our players expect -- you can see it on technical explanation concede on this yet. Our guys expect to win that championship so. So that's what you're threes all about and death you know obviously you know we gonna have to develop a young defense and -- I think we can do that I think we have to speed the atlases and things in place to do that. And we get -- that part one the biggest determining factors for us is we've got to. Be dramatically improved in special teams and we should be we should be the best we've been on special teams because aboard -- And obviously offensively you know that scored those points until coach -- Ellis -- to score fifty points not a. I'll hold on before they aren't there I've got it I can do that -- blunt fired up just aren't -- -- you guys thank you very much do you mind getting a picture of clicking that your own -- so you know have you hold them. You will then you know only in the background or irregular I think you know you -- yeah boom. Got it thank you Sarah goes mission to take a look down there OK thank you. All right up next we turn our attention to Washington I think we have the first offensive linemen and it's gain a tricky time been Reba -- the -- stops by. And that's next on 1080 to stand.

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