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Jul 25, 2014|

The Oregon State quarterback joins Isaac and Suke to preview the 2014 season from Pac-12 Media Day.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Like the ducks are here yesterday today's diesel here from mom Mike Riley coming up at five foot we have what I -- I think this guy other than Jim Mora. Well -- and only ten of the deal. You silly because they're down here and a they have like a throng of people following him wherever they go but I think this next guy. May have been requested by every single media in the here for an interview Tony interviewed John Maine in or he stickler to have many interviews do you think you've done. A lot more than ever before. I -- keep track. That is Jason -- -- -- out there -- the -- -- and he said that every is that right every single edit them all he would hit every one of them. Nine a case of nineteen salon and any com. Repeat at like what's the most common question. Most common question that you're like Villanova Manning Manning camp that is got back from a lot of people are asking about and wearing a lot -- -- -- I guess -- -- a lot of people last me about Brandon. Rightfully so he's he's going on the big things in New Orleans what do you that you that predicates a lot of that the up a lot of that now. Well what you say is did you see the meany pants and give me the intensity CU and a deliberate cuts Nagoya. Who I am. I'm not good drop always a good time elevator in the -- vital in -- way it appears dividend the the security luggage which is we need for someone to ask him to do anything and I was gonna go up but you know the elvis'. Take up your issues. You know they needed to take up issues that are never. I'm not into that. Needed just yet -- -- -- -- does not take up these guys duke. All right so let's get degree Jewish I have it's got the pretty cool. Pretty that action out of in the bathroom. The phone off I'm about a -- a better place. OK so let's get down in the 83 year need more of the run game. Yeah you know it. Haven't asked thought about that's probably number three from the crush them and -- but. We wanna be balanced there's no doubt about it. But we're also we're confident we're gonna go nuts trying to beat her -- 5050. Last year you know -- it was you know our best player. Would be stupid frankly not to get in the balls off as -- cuts I think we have thought of that and then. You know as as the season went along you find things get out funny he may -- into work all the more in the offseason and we've been certainly addressed in the run game a lot. On like I said you know we're gonna put our strengths whatever that may be in as the season goes along we're gonna adjust a little bit and even in games and nestled itself. You know who were working towards balanced over or -- -- ourselves -- about it. Just be nice on the play action game to actually have some play action right yeah it all -- all works together at all or Seattle bit and that's certainly. In terms of the run health on the path of certain certainly good example so now that that -- has gone in and a lot of the focus and rightfully so is now going to be put upon you does it feel different. Going into the season knowing that you know you your Heisman Trophy guy. You know it doesn't tell much difference being I had you know I try to just focus on football. You know offense -- in the media I tend to try to keep my head out of that really just wanna focus on what's going on court Ross you know what I can do. About football senator -- as a football player in -- To me that's the most important thing in and that's. Try to kind of shut everything else -- -- were found in a football player. Well Michael is over here Michael doctors of here earlier and we needed to get some dirt onion. But he didn't really have any -- that was kind of the point but what he said was he sick to your. He said he's that your football junkie -- evening -- live eaten breaches this that I would -- likely if fight. Doc on your door at 7 o'clock at -- down what are you doing watching film when he it would -- cigarettes that what's going on in Corvallis what is going on record wolf. For me for me it's easy just. At -- at the football senator. I'm it's them usually their all they -- to document or seven I I might still be a Pallet of you know it's a good he's -- just ahead of the Amanda you know and I put. When I -- make it home I usually just try to relax -- Netflix there. It plays in Madden -- if this football continues -- effective. Who's the roommates not jacking up where I live with -- Del Rio just transferred in from Alabama is on our backups. And then Blair Cavanaugh whose one of our receivers is that the O line coach so it's the three of us in the house that's a little awkward. -- -- have ever comes to over in the middle of nights are yelling and you have that now. If thousand alive and probably development I think it's in a three point Atlanta colorful words or this is nice to go -- if you ever wanna pick up. If the new catch phrase is coating around coach cannot practice the animal. What how does John Garrett helped you so far it's just being great in new perspective. Union links are close and when you decide your route to New York I think we've both for an agreement. You know it's been investing -- avenue perspective and that's certainly been true. Upon you know not only for me the profits of the hole he's got Vanilla kind of come and look critically at what we did last year and say you know. We we can get rid of the stuff we can add more of the stuff and and where can we make some -- that to kind of build up some some certain things and you know even through just once spring -- -- like have worked really well -- and and we're continuing to kind of get to know each other you know get a better relationship and you know football -- affiliate made a lot of improvements you know with this help. He teach you to determine the first time each had to correct you dropped excuse me mr. Garrett did you know who I am there there's absolutely no truth and that's good enough. Will be doing things my way now village yesterday if it isn't it all different though I mean in new terminology in -- at all very very familiar. Well it's very familiar it's it's. It's coach rose system. And then and then coach -- comment. Guys out of some new things some new concepts are doing and you know look at a few -- some protection and then in the run game that sort of thing but. I think it's helped me that that he was you know will it become any kind of learn our system and then refine it from what we have been doing and that's certainly help me and I think. It's good for all the guys that have been and that was that we're not have to re learn something brand instantly did bend that we'll look shot and now I want them Iowa and accidentally it. What what have you done when when you look at what you did last year it's it's a phenomenal year. What about you is better going into this football. I think accuracy. And info or. You know to watching tape with coach here this spring we were picked up on things that in and in the fall where. Unify if Arafat -- -- -- a little bit I get the bottle earlier and be more accurate. On you know Iowa won't be laid -- throw. And I think all those things kind of contribute to some of the things that I I want to improve you know I wanna be able limit. Turnovers at -- that's been some for me that been working on in the comes out accuracy and they know where to go with the ball and get it out on time and for work in and just keep keep it harm myself over other thrown in the summer on how accurate cannot be. That's the -- health. Through the Manning passing academy here so much about that obviously get a lot of praise what's like to be around some of those guys. And who are some of the mentors there that -- there were guys that it's it's a great experience. If there's about 12100 campers it's really big camp. It's ram ram Archie and Peyton and Eli and there are about -- there as well. -- and there's probably thirty to forty Paula Jack counselors. On solos so you're there working with kids say this on your team. If you take him through drills like kind of thing and sound Louisiana school little warmth and but it but it's a great experience very laid back atmosphere about the same time -- you learn a lot for Peyton -- to work out -- couple times to do. Quarterback competition at the end of the camp and I was on the call and I did I did when I did in the competition knows all the call to guys and now there's a great experience well what did you learn from Peyton Manning. When you -- up while I really wanted to ask about film study you know he's legendary in terms of how prepares her opponents site. I asked him you know Hadi a week that we can and and look at film and is very insightful about that and then there -- point ask him is how your view in the off season. For me I'm not learning a system brand new. -- not learning from square one but how do you go back and still looking year old tape in in and think about things in approval when you say on on. On both bulldozers that that's interesting because yeah he's like legendary now on -- -- those friends so what kinds of things that he says it's not count. Well you know in terms preparing in the season. He talked about. You know you should really get some -- -- you get -- on your own before you ever meet with the coach yet your own impressions your own ideas of what you've seen. And you know for the first I want for the coaches and really be prepared even before that. That really stuck with me and in and just kind of the mess that he uses for that. And then turn the off season -- -- scene you know in the past -- laws that that it you know by concepts that are start with all of our quick passes in the all of our deep passes and not kind of thing. A city starts from from from interceptions and dropped interceptions. First and then works his way kind of from bad to -- Allows religious thing you know that you wanna see kind of what. What you need to do better -- and and then from there -- -- look like when I did it right and to you know the very interest in perspective. It's funny you bring up kind of your own concepts in here now got this in the system for bush years. I assume that that takes some guts to walk in to coach Mike -- what it did -- innings or -- -- well. I think they play a lot of quarters coverage so I'd like to attack at this web I would think that that is something as a younger guy that they'll probably a lot of guys have the -- either that no howry in the -- even if you do you do have the know how to go in there and in and basically searching and this is what I'd like to do. Yeah I had and I think. It's not this is what I I think we should do it's more this this is these are my ideas upon and it's certainly not what I did as a freshman you're part of the process that I would assume that that is something that is is had to take you definitely definitely earned that and you know as a freshman I certainly wasn't doing that. You know I think it's somewhere as you get older and if coaches become more comfortable with you and what what you see on the field you can earn. The right to it that the two that a little bit and our market and try to try to overplay in Saddam -- -- in every meeting is not like that. But I mean I think there is a you know as you grow a little bit more of that mutual kind of back and forth about what you're seeing what it would coaches in. All right we gonna do -- it has given me the rest upside -- juicy material calls on our flight I did directly -- -- is that is that named in the great problem I had redolent. Same with us we are staring him down at -- has -- and company. The -- idea what we're talking about is you know you are like Heisman Trophy candidate and if that plane goes down. I don't think you're getting a lot of guys like. Is little -- Jesus take your top billing you know that you're the guy that died on the O'Connell. That headline is that you an actor Jerry O'Connell diet and to work in the football players we're not even mention whereas we don't have sound I -- -- true we do that because of the plane crashes and steal our thunder if Obama is not the plane that's the -- answered as world around trying to look at a third billing Betty Ellis had a self CIA -- But I get -- of itself via neither Wheatley out just. This is and our idea ya this is for the boss I think I think those forced to take my first LT ever earlier today really found out of itself via -- has as the media cat not have a Twitter a Twitter it. I I -- it somewhat sparingly event I do have on what's the handle its -- Sean -- for really creative out. Really going out there. They did Seaman yeah obviously got -- on the air that I thought they found out -- That is Dorgan state quarterback John -- in more from the beavers at the top of the hour with Mike Riley also still to come Brett Hundley Todd Graham. Kevin Hogan and more here on -- eighty the --

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