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Jul 25, 2014|

The former Washington, Colorado and UCLA coach joins Isaac and Suke to preview the 2014 football season.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Appreciate that Chris Peterson at Washington stop them by AM last segment he coming up here at the fourth thirty. We're gonna sit down with a -- meaning it really is a rock star here but he wants to outshine him in the big deal. But right now let's talk to another -- from the -- -- networks think it's a great job as an analyst. Rick Neuheisel. Former Washington coach and it is clearly not a rock star hypocritical. A complete you've been up there working hard you guys are on that mean podium mean an interview you think you've done for the network. Well we were there for four and a half hours in Dover air without ever. Getting off the stage so let you know it's it's what he loved to do -- it's that time a year overall deep depth about college football again. Certainly the offseason has had a lot of story lines and things that happen outside the lines or whether it's union is stationed in northwestern where -- that's gonna take hold. The power conferences trying to gain autonomy and create. The ability do more for the student athlete because they have the funds to do so winners that resistance coming from. -- banning case you know and the rights of their like student athletes likenesses and so we're so lots issues. We had a commissioner of the big twelve follow people for cheating you'll call -- do you tell us who's cheated on. But he says they are and everybody and and and so it's fun to get the kids here. And see that the system's working because you can't spend as I've done now 99 hours. Together with student athletes from all twelve schools. And not be hugely impressed. With who they are not just because they couldn't line up and do great things on the field apply but also because of who they are and and what they've gotten back. From the university lifestyle from being a student athlete -- hugely benefiting from its -- I say this system works we got to be Smart. In terms of our leadership were fortunate in this conference to have great leadership. And make sure that we protected because it's it's it's valuable it really is valuable if you -- what would you like to see happen. And I know you can't miss it giving it every single detail with the general overview I'd just like defected you said if you were in charge that I dislike the idea. Being in charge in alternately. We've watched the college football pot and we're talking economics here any time you you talk. Business you you follow the money right this television has grown. The the huge expansion popular devious -- And that the money that they're. Deriving from not only they're advertising that from the subscription secured at the subs that they did you know it's the number one. Money drivers in all of television. You have to share the pot you can't just continue to. -- pulling it off to the popular schools and keep. You know building these opulent. Buildings in it that are mausoleums too. The great game college football. We also remember that that money goes and spends offers filtered down every sport. On every campus so. When you talk about 7000 student athletes in the pac twelve everyone's getting that from what television brings to table the college football and in some ways college basketball. But ultimately. You have to share and I think the commissioners. That are situated now on the Big Five conferences. Are keenly aware that so what I wanna ask is where is the resistance. Is it from the lesser five and I don't mean that this burgeoning but you know they'd have that have not okay. Are they upset because I really don't think idiots I think -- as they look at the new college football playoff format. There's more money coming to them certainly they'd like the big chair but if they can't get the big -- as long as their shares growing I'm okay. Just like you would be if if if your own some stock in your stock it's more important -- in more valuable you you're in for the so I don't think -- am I think it's the bottom half of these Big Five conferences. I think they want to have their cake and eat it too. I think they're willing to take this money that's being guaranteed to invite to distribute. Distribution of all the television cash. And they don't want -- necessarily up the enemy because they know their budgets are right around even when you look at the the final accounting and because of that. I think they needed the numbers that did the big fight now is to change the the legislation. That says you have to have two thirds of the vote the trying to get it down 50%. When you get to 50% these guys in the bottom half these conferences don't have nearly the power and if we can get in the have to vote publicly and really. And this problem and I think it'll be right for student athletes and we'll protect what is what I think are very very valuable and interest Rick Neuheisel here -- networks began coaching. -- I don't know -- I I coach every day I coach Mike can he still doesn't listen I think ever I love -- I use him as my bench where I can get him to sit up straight and act appropriately then I'll feel like I still have coaching in my life. But. I you love college football I miss the sideline immensely. I missed you know the scheming and all the stuff that goes on game planning I even missed recruiting. Make sounds crazy but I do you respond to be in living rooms across country. -- moms and dads to do great things so. But this is a cool thing that I'm doing and and night in you know I didn't realize. You've all seen the movie Shawshank redemption and you know and it when they let the prisoners out institutionalize and they go outside Nate they don't know what to do -- their free time they've lost they wanna go back in. It was it's kind of that way for coaches we get so lost in our own little worlds of hate that it's Sunday mornings are going to be there this time an amnesty to this time -- And when you get out you also realize there's a whole another. Universe out there that's you know fun and exciting -- that it's -- your football fix because you're here I'm getting my -- -- fix I go back and complete warp speed when I'm in on Saturdays I watch every game my coach every game people. Look at me go are you really distressed that I said my headset on on game days when I -- really wasn't plugged -- I just talked to myself. And did they made it look like I was in the lunatic -- Ultimately. It's not outside the realm possibility to go back and coach I think if someone came in recruited me and said we want you want your passion I do it. If I thought there was a good chance for success. And so we'll wait and see but I really like what I'm doing and I really like the -- to all the -- was a phenomenal. And your men known for quarterbacks coach and -- you have the -- of quarterbacks here in the conferencing the best in the country. Idea of ranking mean there Rick Neuheisel POP3 quarterbacks who -- well. I don't know if you guys saw the show ideas. The pac twelve basically. Allowed me to do quarterback show I produced I have in my own production chemical passion bucket productions. And we I got to meet seven. OK -- I -- Brett Connolly recruited him -- I got to meet Kevin Hogan from Stanford Marcus Mario -- from or in. Halladay from Washington State's. -- on Manny and from Oregon State their rock star Taylor to Cali. And Cody Kessler and so I got seven guys to come to my house and I went I cut up all their tape and I was. We dissect in my tell him what I thought get their perspective. Give give the viewers an idea how much you have to know and then it and I'd always have fun with -- put him through o'clock driver. Put him on the board like they're gonna come by meeting and see how they drop the plane discussed the coverage that was associated. But what I found out about all seven of them none of them were born on third base. None of them. -- this -- is to come really easy for their not a word that John Elway if you well that was the chosen one early. Started as a freshman went on to the NFL and now on the all things -- that. You know Brett Hundley and Marcus Mario -- the two guys right now that are considered for Heisman. Considered front runners in the Heisman race. Reverently with playing wide receivers a junior high school while they're out here yet and asking him to play another position and now his dad called him bone head as -- talked about it. But so we might under understand that a little better bit but there's a guy who had to kick kind of climbed the latter. You know he wanted to play his freshman had set out redshirt and to grow you know. Mario did didn't get the start and at Saint Louis high school in Honolulu -- senior in high school he was considered a better soccer player than a football where. I had him in my camp and I didn't even recognize the news this phenomenal talent. And organs they were better evaluate -- they got a -- clock and saw how fast he ran he'd also grown a little bit in the in the two years that sent it back in my camp. If that were taken this guy so those two guys are great stories Taylor Kelly was considered third choice going into the fall competition Kevin held in the exact thing. Halladay had to be Jeff tool played with the last rated spleen. In -- game against you tie in the snow I mean. Again it's tougher than nail modern day John Wayne and the stories -- -- Cody Kessler he he didn't win it wins the job he's. Asked to seesaw back and -- coaster comic coaching changes finds a way to play great football -- fabulous fabulous guys all. Chances to play on Sunday and it's unfortunately -- strength or weaknesses because they're so good. And the schedule so hard with nine conference games plus a conference championship game. It's going to be hard for one of our teams to survive because -- who you have to play on the other side. And get to it the first final four based on the relative schedules of the other conferences out there most of which are only playing eight conference games. Yeah it's just math and and I think. As good as this conference is going to be and how much we're going to be entertained. I just got my fingers -- for not wildly disappointed that we're not in the dance when it comes to the all the -- -- to nine hours -- you know and more than that probably even -- the year -- -- -- players and coaches and he had a couple of revelations about how you size of this race. The -- homework for the for the season it would it would what's -- -- -- this is the time you're like every needle point north right everybody is a lot will depend on. You know who state health. This is a game of attrition so and we saw Mario to get hurt and still played it was completely different -- last year with a book exactly and in USC is always the sexy pick -- that their star power. And they got at least a letter Williams walking around here don't shoot I I give him a scholarship and only got off the bus first you know. This is that there's some phenomenal looking guys but they got 65 guys they're real start -- 85. You know so how healthy how much can they practice and Steve -- and -- the same up tempo offense and he was wildly. As successful with that Washington and last year with the numbers that he do that with. Six receivers as opposed to a you know that's those are questions that have to be answered but ultimately. I think. You -- this conference you like which brings to the table. The pac twelve network news is very. Fortunate to have this kind of quality from top to bottom sword games are always going to be regardless if they're marquee quote unquote. It really is it exciting I think the team if I were picking couple teams that I that I got something from the these last two days. I was concerned for Chris Peterson Washington. You know because of the culture change. I think he. Allay those fears for me a little bit today I think he. Gets that that that's an issue I think he's taken his game a little bit more to the mid. Mid line so that he can invite those are. Disciples in I don't think he's compromise we saw him. Suspend its quarterback Tyler miles or at least one of the quarterback candidates today seller miles for the first game just to it he said follow through. He's gonna finish what he starts I think that. I I have better feeling towards that program now. I like Oregon State. The fact that Mike Riley has four tight ends quality tight ends and it really really intelligent quarterback in John and McDyess he was when we got guys do brilliant kid. And it. The fact that they can do all the things that Stanford is done over the last four years formation only in in May give people problems hard hard to prepare for. You know their army teams in this league have a -- than that how'd you get four guys to discounting they have a chance to borrow a little bit of that Stanford advantage. And I think Arizona in the south I think they've got is good. A wide receivers skill as anybody in the country and it's deep. I mean the they get Dovonte -- transfer of Notre Dame Caleb Jones transferred from Texas those two guys are really good players. Yet back Austin hill who was as good as anybody in the country that he Trey Griffey scored two touchdowns and negate the inmate Joseph -- for all Americans -- grant. Goes on on David Richards. All of those get if they find a quarterback in the though that's a big -- well. Then think about Rich -- At West Virginia he found this freshman named Pat White. Pat Michigan he found his freshman named dark Denard Robinson Matt Scott and Vijay banker were both one year. Very successful players so if he finds a guy that can do little ball throw and run. They're going to be wildly dangerous as well -- break -- that Rick Neuheisel a summit on our -- you know I love it we were just we were just getting over the group with the Red Shirts you know well you. The champion yes it's anti death and I said your Ryder Cup and -- bring in my Ryder Cup would know what that was really I want I know looked like just a drinking -- that's actually there was golf involved with those regular place up there. I have a when -- when Nicholas fractional units I have -- place to -- -- two weeks here I was one of the founding members. I saw its race promise there. Like most of my financial deals that didn't go exactly as planned but the I still think it's a phenomenal it is phenomenal facility that was my first -- -- just not -- -- wanted to be with your -- all the best of luck yet I'll watch Rick Neuheisel on -- networks and come back and not talk -- on -- Next on --

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