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MIKE RILEY - OSU Head Football Coach

Jul 25, 2014|

The OSU coach joins Isaac and Suke to preview the 2014 season from Pac-12 Media Day.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

All right two hours down two to go it is set dates you have our pac twelve media day coverage. And I'm pleased to have now -- this the Oregon State coach Mike Riley who I'm told. I snuck around a few other tents in avoided him on purpose to be with us which we appreciate. Had to come see it before the day got over it's going fast endear -- to get past the F are you like in the the two -- -- -- How do you think it's okay I guess that if I. This political answer okay you guys got to go to ESPN -- right right to do all the coaches -- fly there. Later today and yes and then what's that all and then tomorrow we do. Kind of the same kind of what they. Called car wash me and the same thing we'll do their it it ESPN. Different studios that will go to news and it'll take about half that they in the wolf flag. Back from there and then Monday this thing called football starts right yes yeah the -- will we we report. On the third. So practice or support the coaches it's that the but the coaches will be back yeah everyone's going to be back on Monday and game plan and all that good stuff yeah we've got. You know we actually will all be back Tuesday. We've got all the stuff but that's part of what I do and -- doctor -- night I do all the practice plans -- installations. And I like doing that it's just kind of fun. Off you know I don't do have my of the yeah yeah I don't and it's good that's -- -- sit -- coming up with France game plans your coach through and through that and that's I figured my entire time as always I know I still like to do that -- and keep it already night you know if you didn't like -- do all those little parts that you should just get out of Italy where did you go December regulate access yes San Antonio. Yeah how's your eyes of your hand when you come back and you know I will be I told you earlier we've been down there with the grandsons. So we did in the water a lot so it's if that is that's been that's a whole new deal is with him. At issue is obviously it. You have you have more career behind you than you do in front of you what when you go on vacation might that mean is there. Is there a different feel at this stage in your life this -- career pulling you more about waking you see the day where you know nothing nothing you wanted to spend time with the family. You know sick I don't think in those terms that all that never really crosses my mind -- -- -- -- ask -- question about it -- I say I don't think about -- -- I thought that I -- I really. I am really energized by what I do today. And so making some plans for down the road like that you know our deal so volatile anywhere we -- win keeper -- keep going. I wanna. Finish my career during seats that we got to just keep plugin and that. That's all I'm thinking about right now I. I feel good and I've been energized by what we get to do with these young man so not go new offensive coordinator kind of shot in the arm just. Different face the crowd different mind I think it's always good you know it's -- it's. Difficult losing a guy like -- is we've been together there was no real flow to all week did. End and getting in new coordinator doesn't mean we're gonna change everything out from underneath our quarterback who's been with -- for four years so. But I didn't think that there is it's fun to listen in new ideas. That a new thoughts about how to do something better. New additions to what we might do it or complement what we currently do I think -- And John as bright good guy and I have the benefit of having coached -- So I've known him does that always pretty easy. It really as a way so what is his. Sort of his philosophies in general fifth we haven't had it on in the price down atop the -- John carrier he's in the meeting and Q what kinds of things deceit. This is he talking about well he's very very versatile football committee's work for a lot of different systems I think he's been with. For NFL teams and he's coached receivers quarterbacks. Tight ends and been passing game coordinator in the NFL besides coaching at Virginia when news few years ago college so. He's he's very very versatile football guy. But probably. If you. Philosophically. I I would guess he would almost the start from. The vantage point that we have for right now of what we do offensively. I mean I. If it appears that that would be where most of his background has been so that's good -- good it was so much of what you guys do is predicated on play action pass right you'll play action pass everything change has -- what you're getting to. Play action -- time play action pass and they're talking for five minutes and never talk about the prospect of life. We'll flags and that's without a running game. Doesn't work so well you read into a little bit of a problem last year -- it. How do we get the run game going. And -- and have a balanced offense well that. I think the one of the real keys to our us offensively this year and to our successes in the season frankly it's going to be how. What what develops. In the in the head of the final stages through the month of August in the office -- line. You know we I think that my my vision of this thing a few months ago was that if everybody could be healthy. At the start and we had a five and I had a vision about who those five starters were going to be. They would look good to me who I mean I have seen this would look like a good line and then because of recruiting and because of the fact we have some guys hurt so other guy's got more turned -- I think we develop more death. That we've ever had so what we have five healthy starters and more depth than we ever have been. That's a good looking picture of me but there's a lot of questions in those things I just said you know -- him although it's. Done much since the bowl in Allen and he's rehabbing now on doing that I don't know that he'll be ready on the first week of the season. And that grant phases had a back problem is he going to be healthy and I think he's guys that could be a bonafide starter. Why no carrier so they're so there's questions there. And we hit it but you're right that I'll get back to the main point about what you said is we have always been in our best. What we've run the ball well. And play action pass and we have more balance than we did a year ago do you feel like you've been in the run summit early in the season. When you look back -- I think so I do and one of the reasons. Was we we started out not running very well. Right off the bat and I think part of that was we had it kind of change right at the end McCain. So we didn't have any continuity in the line and we work very good and then the other part of that was we were. The number one team in the country throwing the ball it's looks like you get a little bit I don't know what it is we're spoiled or you you get. Those -- yes well exactly needed it is like do I mean yeah we're close games you -- -- throwing the ball like fast well yeah I mean and so we're gaining yards his percentage is highest touchdown interception do this guy a beautiful. And production was really really good so we just. We -- but then the problem workers win you'd get. You know midway through the year -- now you face in three weeks early. -- three. Toughest defense -- anti spam for cancer idea that we are USC it was it was a real problem -- you guys could run. It because now that you're just dealing with great pass structures all the time that they know you're not running the ball it's not good. So that's really I think a factor. That we got to. Have ballots earlier and really make it work like what we did -- in the here or anywhere around the guesswork and -- yellow grip the ball yes or get in Boise in them in the -- Maybe grab the ball a little too well against or get it -- access. I doubt that the -- dived out of the two run some clock would you do that. I don't think we we have this discussion at that yeah -- is ready and from what the seventeenth. Sixteenth the -- -- for that I I -- -- four point idea. We were in field goal range and yeah because I just told show on the milk the clock and I mean -- did. At there was a time out before that light -- that we scored on and I just said to him. -- up the clock as -- -- wins it -- I remember having that conversation and exit if I'm inside maybe -- twelve I get down and that ten yard line. I tell my guys then hey if you break one fall down yet -- I don't think he could have that conversation if you're twice. I just to meet it doesn't enter my in my mind it is. To to tell someone hey if you happen to break a 25 yard touchdown run fall down at the one that doesn't. Another that would that just doesn't come I gotta admit that that was leaked out there I was thinking about the clock -- get stuck that shot but I didn't I was an organ or on the flights weaker Victor. If you break why don't -- you're gonna go -- dropped all doubt is why I you know hopefully I did they -- Florida -- -- -- when you have that conversation if you're inside the -- yeah that's then all of a sudden you're like boy this is you know because of the field goal is good right I mean -- it's it's a GP it's -- -- that point as -- if -- at -- 22 or whatever. Exactly give me out there haven't been considered he gets blocked then you look at them all my guy and we're still -- -- I think what you don't have to. You might have to -- Barack yeah industrial methods aren't really knows it was a did you question now a lot of people -- expected stuff but I mean. -- it -- a good -- to an -- that we wanted but you're right there against Stanford you're right there against organ and you know it's it's funny how it goes any time we we talk about you guys just seems like you're you're gonna have to -- swing games every year. This term and I guess the the taste of this that's how -- said it before and that's really that's really right then that's what happens you got to win your close games. And then when those kinds of games where you you didn't really could make it you know we beat Stanford there an answer that news this. Group we got a whole different picture alone -- -- two years in a row like that we've had yes we're just. Right there it can't quite. Can't quite get over that hump but. But there's no such thing as a moral victory I think when you get in cold nights at that but when you haven't had as much success against organized you would like. I gotta believe -- some of the guys coming back especially on the defensive side of things. Got to take some sort of some sort of positive feel Natalie and at that that gap which appeared to be quite large navy has shrunk down at night you know one and once the games are over -- you celebrate the winds and you bemoan the losses and you do all that all that is left is to learn from right. So you learned I think they can do some stuff again you know that we can't use this to death. So that's what you and I I think that's. Absolutely. Take something positive and on the other side of the ball I love the line backing core coming back I think it's going to be one of the top two or three in the conference feel pretty good about the secondary may be a -- to work out but yeah along that front. It is the safe to say maybe the depth better but not necessarily the front -- talent at least right now that we know of. Yeah I don't know I think that that's great point and I think that's about right on I think that there's really good depth and defense and like I actually think. That. Our our interior of our defense of mine has a chance to move from -- from being functional. To be pretty special I realized there's a guiding to grumble that I don't know you've heard. Much about yet but he transferred in. And I think he's going to be a factor but delve it's in tremendous. Shape I mean he is -- Way different look at players whispering that he was last last year he played live for so. You know that goes along he still got to -- how -- in there that that's good players I think that that could be extreme. And then -- win is a good player in the other hand is that. That missing link I mean -- crichton was a good football for a long time -- to replace -- -- yeah and I really. Gosh you know we found him in our high school camp Foss high school. They brought their team down and -- I first saw him playing tight end in the past. Yeah really you take -- take him yes he and I think he could have been attacked and you know I mean he's a very good athlete and super. Anyway that's a tough one right there it's like yeah. You know but I think that there are streaks develop in other places that have to be compensating factors. Are talking up. Right sites we do any quick -- seek. Photo yes let's just -- yeah helium in it. It that your pedestal then you know -- now appointed a youth in the will be in the backgrounds and and then also think Riley -- this year for penalty coach. I thought I think that's taken effect typically blunt. But the -- three. Nice to the best one yet at the all right all right man they realize informed Oregon State coach Mike Riley coming up next lot of quarterbacks today we've already heard from my Taylor -- -- -- meaning. In not our next hour you hear from Kevin Hogan and up next. I UCLA quarterback Brett Hundley drops by as we roll on from LA it's pac twelve media -- dates you here on 1080. --

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