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Jul 25, 2014|

The Cal quarterback joins Isaac and Suke to preview the 2014 season from Pac-12 Media Day.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Let's not looking good for that are quest to get Jim Mora now. Which the tape not coming up I think SI think this might be our last. Interview of this whole deal he's probably shot. He's seven million we've got a million. But we're gonna we gonna interview one last quarterback. Kevin Hogan last Sony heard from Brett Hundley Ian Taylor Kelly show many. I -- -- go off as good as any of it sat down with this you were just kind of getting ready to go or you just shot. -- I mean word we've been here for two days announces. Constant interviews and it's it's -- it's fun I enjoy it's it was a really cool experience but yes it's very pulling on the body -- here dumbest question need to enact. I was questioned. Someone asked me about my hair and what those -- -- there have been. -- just here and to. Well that's hard hitting journalism and rhetoric you can tell by LB you know hard hitting journalist with the short of the skirt the the -- The tough for the journalist is yes there's there's a lot of that down here yes dvds released the scenery was not Odeo all the activity that. Lee has -- its numbers that's pressure but -- -- I mean. One win what had -- been. How do you build on that idea when he would -- what's your mindset does he get ready to start them. You know last year I mean it was obvious in how we were looking to do. You know we learned a lot from that we learned. You know what it takes to be great when it was what it takes to an obvious area -- I think we. We came season you know very disappointed obviously but horrible. A lot of each other about the team about the coaches I mean it was all a great learning experience for us and we're using this year you know to move in this next season and you know because he's very competitive in the -- -- and you know start the season for audience northwestern. Which when things are going well you get to middle of the season kind of it's kind of the doldrums there mean he's hard -- it to keep it an upbeat attitude to not let some of the yeah. But a couple of those outside influences creep into the locker room and in effect that it gets the mindset the. It can be hard at times you know I mean it was it was easy you know you're in the bills' season we want whenever it's easy it's it's. Simply very hard time but like this that I think it helps us it's gonna help us -- run in the season you know it's going through LSU the other you know. Coming together and bonding in becoming a family through hard times three or you know went through and I think you know this year when we do we want do those dispute demonstrator. Now use a freshman last year you get thrown in there is is a blessing and a curse the planes is a freshman. It can be I see it as a blessing I think it was. I was very fortunate to have opportunity and then -- -- out there in one job and I I wouldn't change different than I'd. Gained so much experience and knowledge and maturity and everything that goes with you know one year of actual cost of fallen. You know when I wouldn't replace different. This is -- off -- cal so. What we talked to coach just -- he said he gets played as many as fourteen or fifteen freshman. Something I could easily as young. Everyone in -- I mean it was there was the yes though wolf. So give us a couple of names I think our listeners that we're an organ oh on publishers may not be made a price -- if you. Certainly in town was -- name but this gives -- -- -- that may pop for countless church. Stephen Anderson there is oh Maurice Harris the running backs -- Nolasco. California Mohammed -- -- -- you know season freshman step up as well. And then defensively I think you know -- -- colors here with me and just like neighbors are too was her last year brands Carolyn I mean. Those both those guys are hurt last year and they would have been prone starters for us and that I was part of the contribution to the powerful thing. That's when we tried to build on. I guess built up their media isn't measured by wins and losses. When you looking going into the season and you know that this is you know this is the process and has got to be some patients. To -- that you know Chris I stuck to a about this before and there has to be some patients to open I mean it it could change tomorrow army can change a day and as soon as flip switches the switch flips I mean. Al division and looking back early it's going to be you know full steam ahead in you know. Through the off season we've become a new team we've we've really. You know changed our mentality changed our work ethic and everything's kind of changing moving in the right direction I think that's what you -- see what you come off season. We -- there. What's campus life like it now at -- it's fun it's fun I enjoy it's it's it's unique it's different -- it's. I mean you you never see the same thing twice -- it's really cool. Is it it's all a big deal on campus. During the season yeah when more women of course it is and it's it's just like back -- -- You know when we're not doing too well it's it's not too you know favorable let you know -- and it's it's talk of the town. There's always this perception I QBs it's doubters KK Eric Allen Stanford just kinda. To have their reputation of kind of been I guess the oddball you guys stand out a little bit from. The rest of the conference and yeah no it's it's that the unique area picture this thing you've seen on campus areas maybe the the most -- usual thing we forget that that's -- Qualities I mean just just another day on the main street telegraph this is Monday. We there's two ladies. On stilts just walk and -- just completely. -- normal day long line if deferral for about ten feet up in there with a -- like. -- mr. Obama -- and even the name and question there's no I don't know when wasted vote no -- and at the sentences like Portland write a ethically do us. In our boss makes this deal social media says he -- himself he could be decent in the -- to. Oh sort of look at hair. And I don't let your editor at its got a -- -- over you're gonna go there. Last month. Less -- -- political angle meant -- take it to meet you good luck account that your religious stuff that you're here thank you for obvious it carried off of that talent you know he's. Not a guy it's gonna be mentioned in the quarterback conversations much like we spoke about Taylor Kelly but he darn good he put up a lot of numbers. He did it just wasn't. There was -- is the most efficient but look at what he had to work with me and -- they just were babies -- any -- at one point I think fourteen freshman and -- -- -- the only true freshman ever started -- -- quarterback counter attack the city guys is that you ever wanna sort of your freshman and he said -- hole. No you don't. And it's it's it's a credit that the golf was able to win that job and -- and you know there's gonna be growing pains so. But keep your cal what your -- -- is is that there's been talent there it's not as if -- it's it's a terrible program that put guys in the NFL. It's not that the talent shouldn't be what holds that that program back -- so you're two under -- dikes. And -- the year Jeff golf hopefully. They're not as injury prone as they were last year and a lot of those freshman I think it would UCLA as those guys grow up you go from massively inexperienced all the sudden. Ever cut around together in one kind of be pushed -- -- -- On that same learning curve so. I still think cal is is the bottom of the barrel in the pac twelve north. But it wouldn't surprise me if you saw cal looks like a Washington State last year place in close games be a tougher out and maybe even pull off an ups. Do they get a finds defense but they've read -- -- get a -- defensive players. But that cal won eleven of last year that that will wrap up our interview portions portion portion portion portion was. Or -- -- punch -- at this point that that's our last interview I think we're both his will come back. And hello wolf will tie it will put a bow on it and tell you what ended up happening with Jim Mora at the who will not be coming on the program is becoming a -- EA is becoming the new Jamie Burke NASA's so elusive we will not get him more -- you let me know that. I sure didn't he. -- he -- it still let's come back and though he won last segment wrap it up here from pac twelve media day in LA when we return you guys -- -- gone to any dissent.

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