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BOB DeCAROLIS - OSU Athletic Director

Jul 25, 2014|

The Oregon State AD joins Isaac and Suke from Pac-12 Media Day to discuss the state of OSU athletics.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

But there are lots of celebrities dignitaries turning around here namely you Chad if -- but it. He's a big deal let me -- -- deal -- -- everybody -- run into out here. And only just managed to I don't think he wants to do this interview I kinda strong -- to drop -- I have a lunch to go to it and had a choice Bob it's 1050. And they're only allowed to learn from where we found no -- leading media Bob. Careless -- -- -- each found in this is like this that doesn't mean how -- group has them at -- don't pretty locker has and so far it's great. They do it jobs apparently are talking level of the right when -- writers. Who covers all of these. The in he said this is by far the best one brewer for access the others are little more but now colder and harder to get. Is many interviews here that does mean I don't everywhere I like the fact since the rise of six. Registers -- schools that work for and yet it makes that a lot less hectic. Now that we knew at that one day there's just like kind of this rush just everything has to happen right now it does seem to Evelyn bit -- back the point Cornel for him. -- Iraq last year when I do it that you go there in the evenings in the stuffy -- but you could put a unicorn head on an apple candidate you it. -- -- at epic so it's funny you know a lot of that that one of the themes here has been. All these schools. Are all it. Everybody's committed we talked with Chris Peterson about what it was like you know in the eighties you -- earlier. You know the kind of powers college football. Who committed and he didn't now with all this money can bring everybody. Including you guys it's tougher than ever to gain a stronghold in the -- -- like that. Yes now absolutely everybody's. The facilities and doing whatever they can to improve the Winston studio and -- he just important because football funds the whole operation. So it's got to work. Now all the stuff going on it. What you're that was gonna look like five years you know animosity and we talked to coaches that you with that record of any idea what this week. Even even two or three years out what this thing's gonna look up two or three days I mean that's got to be a scary thing to me. Everything could fundamentally change after the first week of August when that comes. Absolutely -- -- it's it's that is scary you know -- -- what's gonna happen. So you talk about contingencies and those kinds of things. It's. It's it's a wild -- no doubt about it. Mean is it like doomsday scenarios where you're you're corrupts absolutely well one of the doomsday scenarios and we talked assumes that -- -- Hypothetical -- at the conference title you know they talked about. The potential for were not the sort of abandoned lawsuit but the other one's -- to follow. That if they took the if it the plaintiffs. Prevail. And went to a pro model where. Quote unquote players. Would receive 50% of the revenues. And -- recipient of 50%. That are rather than our business. We'd be out of business. That's -- good listener. If you're gonna continue to try to do where you're doing with all the other sports right I mean. When she changed that there's no way you can stay in businesses -- -- unit. Money generating sports. That's it that's it. Goes away and has. Which you. And I think it was in Stanford professor that -- When it went down that room. It -- the money and trust on I think the football players -- -- players again. That's in their summer of 240000. -- 2000 dollars a year. So how does that work with -- Into Russia and yet there's just a lot of stuff out there that you know smarter people than me here on trying to figure out receiver. Wolf what would it mean it's Sunday the Olympic sports. Aren't around or if they aren't they have to be they have to raise money on the around. When I wouldn't. That would that would be tough I think community groups are so many good stories you know that that hole and seeing. Advertisement about 400000 of us don't go -- who -- something else I mean they're -- The experience that you get as an athlete's interest to me here's here's the deal. That he could get that isn't as a normal it's normal political moment student but the lessons you learn. In the field of battle. If you can then translate them over into your. Regular life. We've done our job that that's where the upshot is in college athletics that you can hear it anyplace else. I love my experience at college -- didn't feel exploited but. The problem I have with it is it's really my only problem is that everyone talks about militarism that meanwhile. Everything is driven by. Anything but Nick -- makes six and a half million dollars a year and then he's got the nerve to say that out there a player asked for more. Meanwhile Steven uses that meet up offer from taxes to get six and half million boxer. When mark Everett stance on the stand at the O'Bannon trial it says that we need to make sure that our guys -- -- shields -- products and then they show every bowl game. A -- -- logo and at a picture of rice -- right below it. And -- uses benefiting from it the Fiesta Bowl. Baylor in the price pretty who's on the billboard. That's the problem I have with -- and -- the hypocrisy. Yet -- there's if there's a certain there's a certain part of that there's there's no doubt about it now and that's the -- conflict has always been there since you know 1920 whenever when he read in the broadcast the first football game on radio. Mean a conflict of the entertainment business side with the whole educational. Amateurs. That's and you know can we do a better job of student welfare and then figure out whether it's cost of attendance -- the food when there's rumored to better job with that. Absolutely and and that's gonna happen that's yeah. There it up money for that where you can provide. Basically anything these kids would want -- it would bankrupt the system. I think so. Globally yes I mean everybody's in a little different so you know we're gonna global you're probably right. What does it cost the mean every sport differently in general what does it cost -- support all the sport all the non revenue sports. For a year. I would say if you took the average. -- -- And if you take out. Take -- basketball taking out -- themselves. Your probably averaging about. One point 21 point word they school ones that's clones of over the two -- ranging and others forced him golf that doesn't happen. Kidnappers out in the 4000 outraged but so so think about 1214. Months the average. First sport so -- and that would include. Operations scholarships. Payroll for coaches that would that would include support services like treanor those kinds of things but travel. Travel with me and recruiting him all of. So when counted. Is that reading we've talked about a lot wing -- said OK if we're gonna keep baseball if we're gonna keep. I think it was maybe get red carpet everything here a couple of it's a little -- which is that they're ready programs the legendary one titles. Well did you play for the now right now we just talking about that is -- written. When counted that the model was they said okay you have to sustaining yourself you have to raise the money are you going or it's going -- Apple did not work and we didn't didn't -- sport. Actually end up raising the money and saving their sports and is that something that could work. I think. I think the rugby did and I think baseball. But he did not. You know -- It can work in certain situations depending on the sport depending. Where you're LaMarcus looks like him in the Calle my base from -- capacity to give her business. Lot better than most right so for them or for every can now. I think that's probably the exception round. Not at that it's probably carried out -- a lot of the boosters a lot of the pot yeah I have a bare areas and you know kind of -- with those sorts of things that if I could put you in charge. Republicans -- that puts you in charge of the it's a few late -- over a Marty could you chart I've put you in charge. What does Bobby careless think that the NCAA should like. What -- you of course you know. Like I said before things more people feel that IR. Well I'm I'm I'm afraid -- Wentworth this if this thing goes refused Tuesday. Scenario. I can see. A game where. Perform basketball or -- -- educational. Hiring process and we're the only country united in the world that has just model. Everybody else does the club model for tomorrow now. Having said that I would know how that would work from I don't know how you would recruit you -- we should have and -- we're all my stuff work. -- and got this that's serviceable stadiums that's somebody's got to -- of that. And it's so I wish I could see today where it's like okay they're gonna be the minor leagues of these. Professional sports and if you wanted to go to school you can go to school but if not you don't have to and you get so -- Houston and the public's notice or fix with. College football whatever that is but maybe it's because I think it's I think it's going to be hard. Pill to swallow. That's a much from the athletic director's standpoint but the -- differences. And her and her words. I think that's going to be tough fight that -- and -- the -- to go down this. More professional category -- and that was that movement yet so I don't know if that's -- are not solution. It's something that I thought. Much is the reality. You mentioned Cal's you know donor base of their capacity is now are -- numbers on that it can -- a story can stay. Rankin behind and then turn. Yeah I think from a for a from a member of the -- -- this these are annual. Annual donation numbers that we -- -- we're probably middle of the -- -- 6000. Range. And were were generating. An annual -- and probably about 1010. Million. Now after having a capital campaign is doing and something with the stadium and the -- more than that those numbers -- skis that's different. I'm and so we're probably. Will probably in the middle attack from life what I've seen some have higher numbers. For lower or figures there. During the -- getting slower. -- we always hear. That happened have nots and that's when things the power five conferences breaking away. From the smaller schools upset because that truly separate -- the purity have that sure you guys are big programs ten million a year for it. To say that you guys are on an even playing field pilots they don't really have that we we have apps in the app. -- absolutely. This is some of those who become not. If well because I think I think the difference and I think in our conference. The situation viewers again. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- User information. I've got to believe at least. My colleagues -- known and they're all concerned about them and and quite frankly I think the difference between. Our conference and say that. SEC. Is sciences the him. And the passion of the fans. Who stadiums are. Most of all 7000. And also. -- For -- so I mean that that can be used as part of the difference. Yeah it departments and networked these moments but it's really emphasizes that he. Could June Jones ideas. The have nots as they say the smaller conference schools played in the spring could that work. Point I was listened to the channel one serious college football wherever that expansionism and they were wrong at that time. It would be different. And you know you have to figure out the set of rules -- recruiting work -- timetables and stuff. But there's something to be said about. Reality TV. -- content. Is different time of the year now I would be concerned from. Fan perspective. When does that happen on February do we foolish because. February -- some courses -- on. Really great. So how does that work. -- But logistically you know it could have make it work it can work I think I think it will work -- -- mountain. -- what's next for the he got the basketball. Facility built with tonight's what's what's the next big thing that people on mass. The next big thing is for forward through the feasibility study on. To read something in the north and soon expand known -- close and remain in 19979297. And an open. I was kind of stating our conference coming in if it truly was. And we've we've outgrown that times I mean we've almost tripled our staff that are and in that building and just doesn't work anymore. And everybody else has either. -- something new or. Are about the -- how to do so going back to your earlier statement about. The homeland. Neat deal so. We've got warmly gift committed we're working on the sect wanted to forget the second one of them more vocal help with the public campaign -- get that thing going. What kind of money -- -- part of that. Mid forties. Mid forties nice football facility with offices well actually we were -- pretty much keep what we've got. But we weren't. Do you lock -- Renault -- become like little governments. Who wound margins -- -- -- the this would be. On the floor of the stadium. Rectangular soap -- which could be in the -- talk to replace the same time. -- in the equipment room watching the medical senator -- with purpose and with the current locker room. His decisions the trailer hit them into well into locker hold him hostage you gonna call I -- -- a selling implants this camera actually. -- -- there were doing. A revision remains forcing him rounding. Lot of -- how's that for setting. For baseball baseball make money. -- -- -- and now everything make money or -- Have a surplus that president doesn't answer the handset. That doesn't know what I think you're pretty well which they do pretty well passed on a great job. He is here as well and you and you have to there's a lot of obstacles like say it's not easy out there compete against all these. You know. No -- go down lower funds that are concerned and we. Will turn -- some things. You were at the end of -- -- sort of block and tackle that's right right. Thanks for coming back they had to see if I -- a -- in my brunch lunch dinners you're young that your -- -- So called creating it I doubt this despite -- doesn't exist I saw it this year obviously the headline Portland yet you that that's Oregon state athletic director -- careless on ten to.

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