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CHRIS PETERSEN - UW Head Football Coach

Jul 25, 2014|

The Washington coach joins Isaac and Suke to preview the 2014 season from Pac-12 Media Day.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Our pac twelve media day date to be Huskies are here the media has picked Washington third in the north but that big news of their course new coach this year Steve turkeys in. Who we talked yesterday USC. And that Chris Peterson news in now from Boise State could he get -- Chris real good thanks guys. Is it is it different from a school like Boise State to a to a bigger school or higher profile school like washed in terms of just your management how you run a program is it. -- -- take the same principles that you built. Was stayed on to Seattle. That's plant we definitely -- the same principles I think every you know organization has to be founded on solid core principles and values it. You know we've done a certain way for a long time in the coaches in bed with me for a long time they came over to Washington and so you know we've had a good process with a good plan will continue to implement that. And yet so many opportunities to leave mean for awhile there you were you with a guide you were the name on on every list and what was it about this one. This job -- this time that that was able to pull you away. The guy I keep saying same thing with it was timing could fit you know I think it was. It was time to do some little bit different -- great place. Could stay there forever. That happy that I I think a lot of times that doesn't that doesn't mean it's right to do that. You know I think it's all about growing in challenging yourself and continue to get better and when the Washington. Situation came up. -- has so much respect for that place for my entire career. That and I know what it was a special place it is that I thought I you know -- could pass it -- You mentioned challenge yourself and your your boys jeans and you climbed to the top of the mountain unity of the Oklahoma win -- top of the world. Is there something in the back -- months as I wonder if I can do it. At at at at a place like what I want for you do it in -- BCS conference. Well I -- my life and his job is much much harder. That was -- because is that the parity in the conference I mean -- I think this is the best conference in the country you know you can debate that with these other play -- whatever else you know there's not there's no easy win tonight do that when I was an assistant at origin. I mean way back when it every game was a dog fight it was it come down to the wire and even and so fast forward how many years. More parity tougher games we can we came out so -- you know it's not gonna be like it wasn't Boise where. You know which is two different environment. Chris Peterson Washington coach is is there -- how much of it was that at Boise used in media in their along kind accomplished a lot. You cut it did everything there was to do it at Boise. Yet you don't. So a little bit was that -- -- and you know that the administration was great pared those facilities built were awesome so we did a lot of different things in so. It just kind of felt like it was time for the next -- the next. You know the next the next thing if there was a really good fit I -- left -- her. Hardly any right yet so but again when the Washington I just thought that really fit Canada who who I am this is. A program may be that you. I mean everybody does this weakness in radio -- got -- their eye on -- on. The job that they would want is that something that you the job that you always had in the back here mind. You know to tell you the truth -- never had a job out there that says -- if that job opens up that's the one I want I -- yeah I didn't think like that. I've been really fortunate that every place I've been I've always thought hey I could stay here for the rest of my life would always. You know the Portland State way back with 1000 or you don't like -- on -- good to be here forever and it certainly felt like -- Boise. So like you know everybody would always talk about jobs I did -- pay attention to because I just didn't have intentionally at that time -- You have to allow you don't think of -- born on May -- that this fourteen years is the assistant head coach and so. They wanna do is start to feel like it maybe maybe -- price fell like that more so -- this job opened up. Think I know that place at the deflation really fit me maybe it's time. Some people have forgotten especially obviously in the for the market that -- between Oregon and Washington. Know it's been ten years it you know growing up in this area. Excellent people forget just how dominant that -- -- program was and I remember to keep our brother at Washington State. The windows apple cups and stand in that stadium with 70000 people in looking out over that lake community it's a unique. Job you always hear sleepy giant that. You know it's at one point that was the dominant program on the West Coast. The and really when I was the young guys grown -- to -- -- California. When Washington was in Haiti on James and company. So that's what I remember that certainly 1000 Oregon and Washington very very. So you're right that that's what I remember and then go off of -- do those things and you know I do think that Washington has a lot of a lot to offer. That more difficult now than ever to. Biggest kind of achieve that status just like you mentioned with it not just in the pac twelve just. -- arms recent cultural politics seems harder to not only get on top but stay on top for any period of time words seem like back in the 70s90s. He had maybe a little more. I kind of dynasty run graphics. There'd be a lag period before people could figured out -- catch up to yet now mean things just change so fast everybody gets it in the in the world were eliminated the media. You know the standard of every knows what everybody's doing what they're doing it that we need to do it and needs to happen yesterday and so it is it's -- it's hard to get there. It's probably harder stay out. Chris Petersen from Washington the -- To get a sense for what you have coming Steve circuit he wasn't that long ago they were -- that's the -- and has built that thing up. Forty have to really get out there on the field before you know what what kind of what how how could you can be. I think we gotta get out there we get a place games and these guys. You know I think our guys are working hard making progress that's I think we've got to get out there. -- these true true game experience that there really know. You know what we have. How long does it take. Is isn't -- you're kind of that third year third year when it becomes your program your guy's cup for recruiting classes. Well what I think is I think you know war talking about here is is this culture changes. What would win you know some becomes it's taken over -- of their use your basic technical offer. You know hopefully your mind for the better but it's just different than they did a good job you get that build that program back up. But it takes it takes a year to I think it does to really get all your philosophies and programs implemented in and then get everybody on board -- Chris Petersen head coach at Washington do you mind taking a photo that's got into a self think that he southeast. Or -- a -- the us through photo and it. If it hit the defense a little on but again not not that he might take an adequate. We're trying to get so Abbas wants to deal solution media says -- and we don't know what that means it's over receive pictures that we're just weakness. Thank you. All right see all of ourselves he's so honor on our twitters at night rubbed at -- -- solar cigarette in eighty to -- That's -- -- -- thing this year it worked so well yesterday Chris Peterson going to itself you know that was that was the first kind of real friction -- we've had like like saarc was a little is that really. But but he did it Chris Peterson did not take itself. The agency we -- -- -- -- to take the following handed in the funny in the unit to me like -- hit three hit yet that's not gonna happen it. Yeah so Chris Peterson will not take it that's OK I mean look we that we got a pretty good run on the self I thought we are 5050 -- with the coaches on -- and got Mitch you know the best all yeah. If you wanna see others there there on Twitter from yesterday on our accounts that. We're gonna continue -- repressed not I I'm really worried about Jim -- it even if he sits now this but Woolsey of undecided about you ask hey I have an -- found the right to but that you're due to an editor at. Oh quicker husky news we just acres Peterson on -- they're given -- the wrap up yet to move on to another interview saluting it that's about it but. But he did suspend a quarterback -- miles. For the first game of the season play in that opener. It's July and that makes cents. But the that it nudity playing games hit the fact that all of the legacy that is determination that. The how many aces in the game yet. Right there do you see the NFL today according to the NFL network dropped the iron fist. -- Iraq policy gains. Here a few games lot of games -- let me get this straight so you smoke -- You get four games which you'd knock your wife out cold and Director General lifeless body on the elevator that's you they need them. But a player the iron. And they agree wanted there was debate on and efforts take -- were they too lenient by the -- game -- -- eastern Washington so he could then to teams actually probably could it done. Award the year right two can they get Illinois and then Georgia State and -- -- Stanford you know well I mean I don't know that. I mean I don't know this for sure but it seems like there's scuttlebutt that Chris Peterson really has handled the disciplinary issues at least early on all that well but you know. He's there it's it's new he's new it's early it's kind of hard to always handled this perfectly. And I don't know how to get writer Rong -- -- I haven't. I don't know about you haven't kept up on all the details of exactly what happened there you know all I've read was in there -- that have -- awful there with -- -- -- there. Bronco for early as -- young man -- he's the Denver guys though I don't know wealthy get suspended for a -- a game. Certainly you look at the schedule and probably could have been more of it I don't know what those circumstances aren't I think contentment about coach when it comes to discipline. And you have to give some time and then you know -- judge him over the course of a couple of years and -- how we handle things and see if this -- -- recurring problem earth. This is the one time. Lara will have to be some -- that this is the husky guys are standing right over there you know -- talking to few people about southern miles that it doesn't sound you think the guys very talented. But it sounds like you know there. In May do little bit at the maturity issue there in this is a guy that's gonna need to grow up a little bit if he's gonna be the leader of of you know up big time college football team. Author of the news this again with him not only for the teams -- one -- -- but that one time thing with the athlete. It's got to continue to get troubled -- at that point you know a year and becomes forced. But make no mistake about it we we know what programs your in. The leash you get it's worth the trouble is is about how did you park. You know that when -- almost Tennessee guys -- terrorism that robbery. Like the bad gets that immediately the bad players like the -- -- -- get here right -- -- you put angers you but that quote you're good receiver just. You hang out we're gonna work with you feel like every young -- users second chance. And that's the way it is whether it it's it you don't Ruth and Alabama with Tallahassee though that's his that's that's the way the world works differently in business -- If your CEO you know a little more in the way -- the guy down in the mail room. You get a feel for the Huskies this year I think. I think you -- me kind of just fits into that same role is as organs neat. Above watching stay put right in income that makes any -- Stanford in the north clear that the top two in the that the Kia Morgan. State you'd in the may be watched at stake at sandwich at -- and our state to attack so media day stayed tuned for more player and coach interviews set coming up. -- this on 1080. The fan.

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