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Jul 25, 2014|

The Washington offensive lineman joins Isaac and Suke to preview the 2014 season from Pac-12 Media Day.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Back here dates you pac twelve media day. I am I don't know until about this. But I'm excited for the -- in time so I can say we -- us through a quite a few interviews here -- we have yet to have a offensive -- Egregious sit down at this you've coached Dini a former offensive -- there it is two years starting right tackle for the Washington Huskies we have senior been -- up. Sitting down clearly a handsome and intelligent manner that the -- with all these quarterbacks like TVs every year I'd I don't even -- -- -- -- evident that. Here you are you know you got made fun about the other lives and trying to navigate via our tax or whatever. You do -- them -- Talk about your wonderful stats. I think the above I would be alive they'd make apps that do thank god he had like eat pancake blocks is sure it -- -- it -- some sort of ethic. For they have enough with the -- skewed -- his -- appreciate its own. -- That is the -- and an Olympic Nicklaus -- Alignments that that be -- but you know when you're a little kid like experts -- football practice. You try to -- at the quarterback Latin elected and you of their which in the they're really put these two starts on your helmet not gonna carry the ball -- you're gonna go to that -- -- so what's it like now with Chris Peterson that's awesome. Now it's off my like India appeared like -- -- -- interesting guys so means he answered oh for 45 years you know. That's just nature coaching and or would so order a should have shows a week later this so yeah pretty it Syria are that it just. Found another notorious. Select what does it wants it over the last -- look. What what are the main differences between sergeant Peterson. First off its. Way a lot harder. They did after every day and ever since they got there and you know January we've just been you know -- and -- -- and as far as -- because differently. You know it's a little more outs there's more emphasis on you know what we do outside of football and you know team dynamic. And you really emphasizes you know you know the good team dynamic and -- -- you may not like -- green team and all the guys played with. But you know with him he's -- and -- the other I would say it's you know deadly -- most. The best team dynamic we've had since I've been there and you know there really is sensitive. It's -- -- -- You know it was that long ago this was an -- over this. Great fish in the area you know bare boat there -- built -- backed up. What keeps saying you know this is the year this year hasn't quite gotten there yet what is. What is it about this team that you believe can be the one -- get over that often you watch it back to where they were. I would definitely say that. It has to come from. You know our strength up front those sizeable and you know -- -- you know line with that fall -- guys back. The lines go back in the you know -- and that's those bread and -- back in the days period -- lines guys you know -- lot of guys the -- Lotta. And you know in which he knows that so you know. Really start there -- from there and you know our success here this will be totally related to -- This is Henry topic to tackle for the Huskies. You mentioned some of the cohesive thinks he's trying to get -- -- -- do like what what disease I mean you know it's little stuff and it's a little things go along ways so you know. You know that's one and -- those are my guys so I think you know with it's you know. In trouble with so -- and so you know like cross -- with you know DB's wide receivers outsourced a thing you know then you know. Don't have the words you know just little things like that don't always you know. If it. Every carefully at the little guys because inevitably one takes pressure off and and -- is awkward awkward like what is seventy degrees that's good but it -- matured -- that you felt pressured you don't want to. Cross breeding -- builds team unity Alex the in the lane we have notion that -- -- you know that's that's part of it being out of London U. You know little in the ocean floor -- you do a lot of production. On -- -- quarterbacks and receivers -- Anke they're up what you bring back those those five offensive lineman I've seen people talk about you. No don't we put you guys up there with the organ at Stanford I think because of that -- just talk about what that can mean when you bring all five guys back. And you played together now for tires. Here yeah I mean look at Stanford I -- they. They've had some big name yet do we your heart but other than I can't name them back for the past couple years but it had a stun office -- every year in which -- then they. -- in the Rose Bowl last year -- before that there. -- in big games and you know I think. That's the foundation -- everything is your guys up front and you know still clergy and have you know mediocre skill players I mean I don't think we do by any means we have some great guys that are in the film -- McEntire and receiver. But it and you can be mediocre at those events in you know have an awesome front and still dominant. You guys make of the -- robbery has been from Portland -- show -- from -- -- inner city he -- there is for for the Huskies this. You feel back the other way it's mutual though there's no doubt about that and policy past ten years it really hasn't been much Rodriguez got an actress. Pretty good. But you know that's one of the you know with our new coach I feel like federal rule that would be rekindled. You know we got a great team this year and obviously organs readers so it'll be good game especially on and lots of. -- -- -- -- -- Limited yet but we quit it's kind of a mandate from our boss really -- We're we're being forced the wars those of media that he wants to these Celtics ran out you have some news we don't know. Smart man off with my fantastic regarding my favorite guy here don't have a field. You -- it yet she's pointed use him in an area. Currencies in the via -- that spoke no matter what does that happen now to want. It's awesome thanks tee it up -- it means you can -- too good luck then Reba from Huskies. You know you gotta love offense. That's just the best. He just doesn't care -- like that care about being here he's on then -- we'd rather be at home -- it doesn't understand when he but he wants. Let his reference with. The best quote I've -- that you get it. Did you ever go to let me immediate day and you are in the mountain last I was supposed to go to the it didn't have anything quite like this in the mountain west but as -- -- they have like a big lunch at things up and Salt Lake and I was supposed to go to that it. There isn't it. -- that of course there is an incident and does not allowed ago. Coach -- felt that it was in my best interest to learn a lesson -- not you know which I didn't care about I'm waiting for the story. It involved means that without the soap dish. You know that is we had one got their team and eat it usually paranoid about his own so if -- -- a close to eighty. Instead he would bring a soap -- as opposed to using just the liquid so that was there on the walls and yet upon the soap dish. He did not -- can only imagine. Wouldn't it he did not find it particularly funny the coach apparently cannot find it probably wasn't funny I beg to differ it was hilarious. He's been doing your place. As the quote -- BYU. The -- I think they sent. I think they sent home and it probably the only our quarterback and then there are running back real real football players and and in my entire senior wasn't allowed to speak. Really yeah I had there was immediate ban with -- how how might not ever heard about this that's why you are like a great quote I was -- -- that was banned. Not by the media by again as it did little heat up well in Gary in this at least the I'd I have a lot of issues rate we had our differences it was a it is very awkward when he came on. Yeah -- -- Oregon he did not like my unique brand of them. -- hi -- well he's not the only one. I I was not as serious and its focus -- that the -- like this football players understood he's very serious man he was a very serious man I have not so much. Thanks to bin -- aren't we are here in the Los Angeles -- is Paramount studios -- to pactel mediate missed in your partner he's from yesterday importing more to come today. You can find him I think you can find him on 1080 -- -- dot -- -- hopes and it's a bit ago Larry. At the very worst he got -- -- let's go with that coming up in our final hour looks like Bob the careless is lurking around we'll see if we can grab him also let Kevin Hogan Stanford quarterback and more. As we are going to our final hour of -- media day coverage here on 1080 the.

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