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Jul 25, 2014|

The Cal coach joins Isaac and Suke to preview the 2014 season from Pac-12 Media Day.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- let's talk a little like cal football here pac twelve on media day just one win last season north division of take six. This year but are things headed in the right direction their coach just Sonny -- sits down with this now and I don't know that we had a chance stock he has so you're out of Portland to say you know I -- -- and I struck you guys we appreciate you having me. Well this is. You know the second year. Culture change and you know that's. That's big when you first takeover -- in the process me talk about how that works committed to a new program. And put your stamp on. Yeah play anytime you take over programmers always a period of transition in. You know when into when you play a tough schedule like we did have some of the injuries that we had it was a tough year he was. It was a very difficult year for players for coaching staff for everybody and the thing I'm proud of is that their players have really done a good job -- hanging in there. You guys worked incredibly hard in the off season. They've had a great attitude. We're much better football team now we were a year ago. You know we're still we're still very young team still -- -- a lot of a lot of good juniors and sophomores and and but. We start to does it to develop some depth and and build some things so you know we're in a lot better spot obviously you were a year ago you know we. We know our quarterback's going to be we have our eleven starters on offense it's gonna be some competition for some spots defensively -- -- -- in fall camp that. We have more depth than we hadn't. And as you said earlier that the most important thing we're gonna do is build a culture you know that's if you wanna have a sustained program. You've got to build a culture in your program and his players coming go you know guys graduate. You have injuries you have all those different things in the football team suffers through times. That if you have a good culture that is consisting program. If you look at -- and there's a lot of guys played in the NFL they can't do that program and so it seems to be one of those programs that this is kind of always been on the cusp but it never really been able to kind of -- join that easily -- even though there is a lot of talent down there for. Yeah I don't think should do think it's one of the things that drew an account you know three years is and Arizona's offensive coordinator. 200789. You know I watched cal playoff and close. Felt like he has good players in the body in the -- kind of formed an appreciation for for for the university. In their mission in and you know at this while on the job opened a lot of interest in it. That's how I ended up here and so to me it's a bush like is when the sleeping giants in college football. You know -- to California you know and and I think that that in itself speaks that speaks volumes about the the potential the program has some. You know we've just got to do a good job building and building at the right way and and be patient and continued to improve and make sure we get better every single day in and I think they'll resulted -- in to -- where we need to be. -- know that you Jeff -- that was there before you've talked about. -- and a commitment needing to be more priority there for the university of renovated stadium building. You know facilities there. And now it does seem like there's there's more of buy in from the university and maybe just touch upon. How important this day and age of keeping up with the joneses is that to have a a supportive university behind. Yeah I mean it's it's hard to win and college football I mean it is there's a lot of people that. That. You know provide a lot of resources to their football programs. It's a big revenue maker I think people invest. In football much more than they have in the past and and as a result you've you've got you've got to make sure that you're investing it's that same level. -- not only financially but just from from a healthy standpoint there's so many things that that. And administration -- university president chancellor can do to help the program and the great thing -- with nick -- is our chancellor is I think he understands. The value of having -- winning football program. John will -- or vice chancellor and hopefully strongly and in football and in revenue that it can generate helped sustain the other programs. And so I think they see cal the same way I do as a program that. That. You know you have to pay attention to the academics. That's something that's unique challenge for us the academics are always going to be critical. But I think in this and in this college football today's the way it exists. You know you can do both Steve has proven you can be an academic institution have success. You know -- doing it in the ACC mineral stood in the SE CC all these schools that are the America's schools academically they're starting to have success on the field. And so you know what that was certainly think with. Refurbishing of California memorial stadium new facilities that the that we built you know puts us in. Great companies in allows us to to go compete with international. This is a Sonny dykes. Cal. What's your stance on you know little pay for play sort deal and. In kids skating at the bigger cut of the putt. Well it's certainly going to be interesting. You know I think when you present at LA you know I think I don't think you're gonna find anybody that's not for that. But there's going to be a lot of the ramifications that come from that you know because if you if you pay. College football players and you've got. You know title alliances shift in the same opportunities for women participating college athletics and so. You're gonna pay 85 scholarship football players you have to pay 85 scholarship. Women's athletes as well. You know and then you know there's very few institutions that are operating. In the black right now. You know there's just not that many in when it comes to athletics and so football is generating so much of the revenue. Is so it's going to be interesting to see I don't know how this is gonna play out but it's gonna it's gonna have a lot of you know unintended consequences weirdest. Where they basically said hey you know -- bring -- -- money. But if we're gonna pay for baseball we're gonna paper I don't know what other sports it was maybe the -- -- program there. You got to be self sustaining. And it turns out they raise the money and they are self sustaining me is that something that that other schools to copy and it is that the road we're going down the navy football won't. Have to support the Olympic sports in the future. Yeah yeah I don't know it's going to be interesting to see I don't know anybody knows. You know what's gonna happen I think it a lot of its independent what happens with the banning case and how -- shakes out. But you know college on this college athletics is gonna look a lot different five years it does right now and so. You know I think that. You know as is that goes back to the very beginning question do you wanna see those guys taking care of better yes I mean -- do I mean I think that. Some of the stories you hear about. About guys Livan threw four guys and one bedroom apartment you know stretching out meals in the summer all that stuff and that's something that should not happen. In college football and in college sports in general. But you know there's going to be consequences for for doing this if that's the direction ago. Thanks appreciate it if it's one of the few coaches that I think I've -- when we do at least -- that yet I think a lot of the people you're almost forced. Because when -- part of the I don't know part of the machine -- was forced to take the company line -- let's not tinker with something that's that works so well. Just because we're not taking care of the players yeah I'm I think that's why we have all these issues who were heaven right now just because. You know we probably didn't show and is not enough foresight on taking care of the student athletes know I think that. Beginning in regards to football -- you just look at the amount of money that football program to generating. And then you look at. You know some of the things that student athletes have to do to get to -- meals and it just isn't making sense and in but it is a said. You know you've opened pandora's box now and and he knows where this thing said. I Sonny dykes from cal what's the goal -- what do you what do you tell your team as he started the season like this will -- -- reduces give better. You know we got to get more competitive. It in you know what our guys have confidence and that's been the thing that's. That's been interest in the media as just being around the players and and get a feel for them and in. You know I think our guys believe that they can that they can win some football games that we can be competitive football team. We certainly believe that is coaching staff he -- your number no not really mean there never is we just want to make sure that. You know we're better every single week. And that we continue just to show improvement if we do that than we have enough talent will will work -- do a good football team. At some point we we -- with you this question via second year Louisiana Tech. We had a young team that had a first tough first year. Started out one in four of them went sixteen -- an X seventeen regular season games I don't think any of us saw it coming. You know I just think that that we just keeper kept kept our head down. Kept working hard kept kept focus in on just improve and get better. And the winds are -- themselves not evident your freshman quarterback probably helps that it does it is there ever tapping your coach your -- you want -- to -- Richard Fredricka. No I don't know that anybody's ever wanted to start when at any position particularly in our quarterback commits. You know it's not a good thing when used when you haven't played many freshmen as we've played we played fourteen freshmen last year against him for. You know -- that's that's tough to do against a team like that that's grown men yet that's the ocean with a lot of cases it was 23 year old men against the eighteen year old boys and I was -- tough that. Now they're nineteen and there a little stronger. Know what to do little bit better a little little bigger in and you know they understand our program and the competed a lot higher level. Look at look at cal thanks to stop them by you know Sonny dykes of from towel and top of the Arab -- -- Larry Scott -- now this -- so commissioner up next year from. Dressed in person from Utah on an -- scenes.

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