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Jul 25, 2014|

The Arizona coach joins Isaac and Suke to preview the 2014 season from Pac-12 Media Day.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I takes you out working coach mark health which kicked off her -- -- -- average last technique here from commonality of the cougars for the -- the hour but we have coach -- -- years on a lot cats in -- it Validus. Whenever -- interviews here Rich Rodriguez could see if they'll and do gray carried on good vacations at all yeah I wish it was a week longer appreciate your particular matter but -- I'd rather be somewhere else yeah either on the lake bird. In meetings with coaches put this all good it's a little cooler here than to sought to balance extra. They cut that likely likely -- soon where we know last year got a -- this a little lake outside Atlanta. Reynolds plantation the lake at -- units were. If Bruce -- from the cardinal Frank Beamer Jordan earlier in mullets were coaches go to die. So that's how we're minding your -- just got a little place back in May. You get used to the heat and -- at all ever. Then Tucson are yet to dry -- you know 300 you know it's really don't bother me back if I don't monarch fans would like you know players who have but I wish we played at new game writes that him and especially from somebody up in Oregon Washington you know I'd be perfectly -- that -- People that mean he played altitude and you know downs outcry when we got to beat the home that's -- to be our home -- -- for them to work. I think the conference. Well I think another thing -- that the cheesy TV you know dictates when you play anyway in the year but you know we've got to use it. Yeah our guys train and he you know we we try to practices in camp in August mostly 6 o'clock. But there -- summer they'll work out to three days a week right ability to our guys that you I don't feel any sympathy -- Played BYU and -- go down play Alabama or place like Virginia Mississippi State September rightly -- here just look at that you'd probably needs and so on screen -- -- probably the truth. I had a couple of buy one of our young guys out there linebacker he's -- mail is can be. And he's out there run and that's and that he's got to get some -- street -- going to be -- -- that that's Scandinavian. And you -- you wouldn't melts and they thought it was the greatest thing ever that was why Arizona doesn't return some of that idiot. We'd like to there are now figured he'd partners there are ones that. 85 a year ago. It's looking at immediate -- here they've got -- -- itself. South is loaded it's tough I mean how do you assess. Going into this year to eat out well when I don't know -- about the effort to -- I think we're gonna get better -- -- better but the thing is those -- -- plane that's who are improvement SV more than what the other team's plan approved by and that's that's the key growth coaches and players. I think they know that -- heavier crude has gotten better in our facilities are awful to a year ago when -- new facility now it's great so that'll help with the Mercury. And we know it you know in this league with ten quarterbacks come back when elements of this -- America back we got some work to do. Let's start right there mean you any closer to naming a starter about health was a wooden had taken -- -- if that. Of their three or four guys all sorted out I'm hoping it sorts itself out by the first game but if that doesn't know sort itself out there in the first game that's mr. But on defense. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well this for years as though this is your three year three year one it was like literally if we will we get any stops -- there was just for three point Hugo. We were celebrating I mean who started -- and our ball game the first -- we are five former walk on five walk constitute true freshman so it was like. Oh boy you're hanging on here. Our defense that they get -- just keep things held on right here for the last two years but now we can -- the -- you lose deeper. In market and that's out of ball. With personnel more than him is we've been played fourteen of fifteen guys that you can't get by -- anything now plane when he when he got the fifth in the conference without temple tickets run with temple he gets who have all with the dangers that can happen in in this thousands -- -- -- from week to week -- to have different styles -- play on defense to -- that was -- -- -- The working game last year. Defining moment for this program. You I don't know. I don't -- -- five it was a defining moment but it was a clarifying moment what's the bully and a health. We you -- guys -- they can give us problems there are guys that played really really well and it's -- he has been now they have this to. But it that game it was you know our guys played with content and executed and we and we beat a really really enacted are really really good football. Is that captured helps in recruiting -- every everything helps in recruiting but is it important to have -- when Mike especially as lopsided as it was needle in the living room like I think just the win itself helps -- so today we can play the big time level billion be more consistent with it and in the game we get you know obviously this counts we're gonna sue I'll know we've -- we can play poorly and still win. We're not there right now you know and we gotta have some teams help us out we win the that we play poorly. You were playing better in our system is in place I think our guys accomplished in her system now now he's got to recruit and coach had to. You know on the opposite side of things there's some question marks but from the receiver position. You look pretty strong there one of the better groups in the conference and with off the hill coming back. I was excited to have that young man that's wonderful that -- healthy ready to go yankees great ego he's a really good player but that's the key in the -- coming back -- maybe that at the place -- the plays the game is gonna have at least seven or -- guys may be more. That will play you really gain of our playlist and be confident playing eight guys at least they got the White House. Now not all of merit you know maybe you first team all league but -- rate Gaza -- complete confidence that we can play and we gains and that's more than I've ever had anywhere so. That's a good situation to be in its gonna help us as we sort out this quarterback then you get some good backs in your time. Going back to West Virginia and Steve Slaton and some of those guys and but you look at -- -- Kerry how do you replace someone that they really. Maybe the most underrated player in college football over the last find out you know we've televised without his whispered back in the country and showed it every week -- the man who played. So and we don't have a guy that's -- carried 3030. Like he needed but we got -- guys that have some you know will there be a drop off. I guess if you look at deputy lesser but you we have production there absolutely and we expect that those -- Who's the -- my right index for years is I think the best in the business in and you get those guys right. This is Arizona coach Rich Rodriguez here on 1080 to fan but we think college football. Is gonna look like -- five years continues in which year we're what your opinion on how all these winds that are blown -- the changes that -- -- It's -- look the same I mean always you know people or about what -- dating game -- game is pretty good spot that it is more spotlight on scrutiny and they can you do you think more for student athletes here but they don't live that life. As they could think that you know the guys sailor they're going hungry I don't believe the gun -- their own thing evolved. But I think if things about it on them a meal plans that we can do now help them give them -- -- the lectures by the couple thousand dollars we should do that that's gonna help them so. There's those issues are gonna help the student athlete that I think the game itself is the most popular it's ever been. I think he's gonna stay off. If the power that that the power five conferences you go to cut their own little. There on the division -- is is that enough just just that alone being able to implement Euro changed apps in the army to make your own. Yeah that was the frustrating part I think about it because the thing like 2000 dollars dive suit took place a couple of years ago for the student athletes who voted down because he got outnumbered by the other schools that have the money. There's always going to be has and have nots but you can be I have not a coach him before you can be and have -- who competed played win at a high level. So they're still role for all of those institutions and a lot of going to be really really good to be so. You know I don't think there's a separation from that but we we shouldn't sticker had instances well you know we all these babies than ever are all going to be the thing I mean even amongst the haves. Which were one of the have there's a separation between the budgets -- money gets spent on it as good as you guys and build new facilities and have a program that's divorcing you and Ohio State Alabama. Yeah I mean what are what are hard nine analysts from the -- position -- and I am -- -- granite -- strength I'd like to the I wish we work -- not gonna happen well OK so on that -- done. Was it yet -- Jones was the one who suggested this spring well yes spring football for the for the smaller conference schools what do you think about that idea yeah I understand that the reasoning because you want to give attention to the death not gonna work with the recruiting count the words living in those yet. Yeah that's not gonna happen and me -- if the other they got out of box a little bit I think in some respects the likes of some of those so -- have -- Our lot better than some of those so called half right now so. I think you know the -- -- -- pretty good spot but what the power five wording when it caught need to have is more autonomy deal to vote on issues that affect them. And I think they have that now like -- picture that's all I salute outplayed us self jedi like a highlight of my. Mailman Kindle man here and I it is valuable that hold that definitely there but -- that's perfect. Yeah -- you know. He pushed the button game and you broke my -- looks like it's like an extra large occurring at different. Nice excellent solicit media experts are here from these guys are confident I'm able to go on a good tune that out to fuel we will look at Al tag yet right his -- they say yeah they -- all right thanks Rich Rodriguez we appreciate coming -- -- -- Washington State's -- how -- actual media day continues on its.

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