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Jul 25, 2014|

The former Oregon defensive coordinator, now Pac-12 Network analyst joins Isaac and Suke to preview the 2014 season from Pac-12 Media Day.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

All right here's a guy that so you'll be seeing on the pac twelve network -- -- in studio analyst coming up this year and I look forward to this he's always been very fun to cover. How many years and organized defensive coordinator Mick Elliott. Roughly around 1718 years positive as coordinator. From the fact that it was their 26 of the seasons. And over five decades so it's kind of cool. When you walk into place this is not -- of this kind of cool when you look in -- place in 1978. It's he would it was then to what it's become now have and and just to know you've had a little part that. I'm a duck always -- duck in the it was a great run what must it feel like for you. At this point in the season to not be think it'll ultimately may be thinking of the public -- not be coaching I mean how does it feel a little what do you feel like. Now you're -- it's very interesting because usually typically this time I know that the -- report on Monday a lot of coaches do I know the -- group's report on Monday. Typically this time it's like all man. Vacations over. We're locked in now for the next six months. What do I have to do my staff you know because we haven't seen each other for a month we're gonna do for the next. Week before the players come what things do I -- -- what was stuff we have to discuss to be on the same page. So there's a lot going through your mind. And you know that's the end of vacation. Well that's not true this year so it's kind of up. I guess I'd say for lack of a better word a much more relaxed feeling. After 38 seasons to for the first time in in really fifteen years as a player and work coach. Fifty years now to. No that actually might have Labor Day off. Was with -- scaring -- don't hear from people you know Joseph Paterno Bobby Bowden. You know Lavelle Edwards are all guys have talked about. That's interesting fifty years in the game and and there's almost the fear of when you're done what am I gonna do with myself that transition if you have a little bit of that would it's currently -- kind of finally sunk in that I'm not doing this anymore what am I gonna do with my time. You know really not a normal. It's a that I gave great thought to because you don't just walk away from the great job and a great program in -- -- doing your life without any deep thought. Obviously you never know what it's going to be like you do you actually live it. But no not at all I was totally prepare for this. -- -- it -- -- don't -- -- guys -- the game becomes all -- will -- there's nothing else you know that's kind you I don't what football doesn't define me. That's my job was just like this is your job he was something I did and I tried to do to the best my ability while I was doing -- I was in it but. At sixty I was told my wife that if we could in in live comfortably that I would walk away and we would started. A new chapter to our life without selling so you know I'm sure she's made a lot of sacrifice and your family can -- on the way she has she's been a great coach's wife it's not an easy thing for life you have to deal with. You're in and year out season in season now with all the scrutiny and good times and bad times. In my kids are you are sick kids they're 3228. Probably your age. And I'm Tony there you go I mean a -- you know I mean my kids they're adults there adults and in -- and I have a grandchild and we have another one and you know there's really more to life than just working nobody ever -- back communities -- boy I wish I would have worked more so. I grind it I was into what I loved it while I was doing it. But it was time for something new in this new. Diego. So to speak. It's really something I'm just trying to see if not many do -- -- in if I enjoy it if I'm any good at it but more poorly applied to enjoy it. And it doesn't seem like a job. -- do you do. If not then I'll just. McCarty have right away to the sense that I'd like to birds elected golf. I like travel my wife. So I have play out there that I can do. I've never been through season yet. We're haven't been working but. I'm not feeling any angst about that right now. This is -- -- -- former Oregon defensive coordinator and you'll see him as an in studio analysts this season on the pac twelve network. Not so you know then you you knew all along and I don't think a lot of it a lot of people. Canadians had a Gergen that anybody outside the partner program -- that -- came as a surprise some of those on the outside. Basically. I probably would have walked away and I am not trying to sound like a martyr here if you asked the question base in the I was gonna retirement. After. Chips last year now because it was last year but I was gonna go out. You know -- ones yes Fiesta Bowl was slated -- life was good I'd done this for a long time but when it when he left. Again I felt like. You know marks to a new deal maybe -- -- -- what yours when mark got the job. I went into the -- to him that they got the job and told that I was retired season. But that. Please keep that a secret because I wanna announce it at the appropriate time we decide the appropriate time. I wanna tell the players I wanna tell everybody I wanna go up the right way I don't wake me no like OLE audience last year -- really care. You know whatever could be set up there. -- BC want to do my way in the beauty of this thing again is and I stayed to help -- I was hoping hopefully I didn't help. In the transition I don't know. But I want to walk out in the beauty of being able to retire may be a wife feel so good about it is. I got to do my weight on my terms now a lot of coaches get to do that now it's vital you know on this level and so I got to do and it might or might terms on my schedule my way. The way I wanted to do it I. I feel good about organ is unique in that way a little bit and you look at the consistency of that coaching staff the something that is very rare when you look around the country. Yeah I mean we've. We've got guys that are -- they're now. You know that core group of you know one time there was bodies and Lucas and great wouldn't Pelham and Campbell and myself and Jimmy Radcliffe in the you know it's. It's they've kept that stability and how they got guys like Neil and Osborne who've been there ten plus years so. It's a really unique good thing. I'm not so sure how long all that studies. You know and in today's atmosphere. But hopefully it does for for organs organs taken those. You mentioned it just the changing atmosphere and with you know from the lawsuits that are coming down in the talk of the Big Five split in the -- in a lot of economy this could all look different. In in 2345. Years cutting your thoughts on. But when you started what this thing was what it is now and and Wear may go in the future I always. Kidded I'm showing -- -- of my cellphone right now because I always kidded about. The fact that I could even be -- G anymore. Because I'm not tech savvy like you young men nor my kids are. I mean I can know x.s and -- that I could do laughable but if you ask me to go no computer and I got to -- a list of the -- do I wouldn't be qualified. So. The changes as one change to meet the greatest changes. All this technology in and year round recruiting and in all the media that's out there social media and all that kind of stuff. I didn't get it for that -- getting it because the love of the game I love the strategy -- -- boy love the x.s and o.s of football I love being around the kids. But it's so different now it's still that. But there's a lot different. At this is nick -- that makes sense do you make sense. Is it a little bit -- what you just said they're accustomed to me like you're hitting that you sit in like you today's cold feet and how long that lasts in the words. -- he might hit you kind of hinted that maybe the winds are blowing an organ. About coaches. About changes about things that are different there may be then it's been in pastor went to -- would you writer Mike. Is that what you are getting better what did you meaning he said that that you don't know how long -- last all these coaches. Will stay -- organs for some. I think in today's climate. It's a show me now. Instant gratification -- don't get down years you don't get you know we were there with coach Brooks who I give the utmost credit for actually he doesn't get enough credit rich Brooks for. Setting the foundation for all of us this thing in the human eighteen years. And didn't really have winning seasons to the end of his career. Couple bulls have -- to the Rose Bowl obviously but. That doesn't happen. That doesn't happen you don't get those opportunities go get a two bad years we. Help for just a -- -- games a year and mom and what's a bad year anymore you know like I argued last year said. When we proved to eleven and two yes and I don't mind saying this then we're really screwed up no offense I mean yeah everybody wants this national title. But when you start -- who -- little evidence to an end rose bulls have just the bulls and bowl games and it. Players even talking about how much of the -- without specifically players even the the Rose Bowl. I grew up in this area I remember being recruited in the mid ninety's by a work in an Oregon State. Just we don't -- saying you know back in the nineties when I was coming up well let's see if we go to the Roseville against not a big deal we'd been there right but it just it you're right it has become. From from players to coaches to the money involved it's just it's it's it's a different different game. It's different that's all I was alluding to rise it is that. There's not going to be the patience that there once was. Because of all the dollars in the just everything that's involved -- you know I'd like to say that's not true. But I think it is true but think about it market win nine in ten games the next two years -- lose his job and that's the reality. You said that I didn't but I understand. Yes unfortunately yes when your defense is set out. -- ridiculous at this is this is a hard game in this conference is just that it is it's a -- Greta there's no easy outs -- this conference is or it's pretty sad you know I I really hope people have. The patients in the compassion to understand. That mark over 211 games last year the most of any first time coach in the history of the school and eleven and two bit and you know was on the threshold of unfortunately -- come to play against Arizona to me that's the biggest if you look back at one thing. That I regret me -- tell UD percent total body veils but me. Okay. That's one regret that that things might have been different had we. And I prepared him better that we come to play better -- we performed better had we won that game who knows when it happens so. Yeah. It did about five years since you've had whether that was probably the first real legitimate. -- Where a team that. Probably shouldn't have been which you guys on on any given Saturday beach and its. Even you know it's it's it's for your help arrived. Is it how good you guys had been for so long know your -- play the first one that we've had you know and in quite a long time and yeah but he you know it's it's amazing as a coach that you'd you'd. The losses Killian. You don't remember the wind you remember well when you walk away like I have I think you remember all the good times and all the young men that you whose life she touched -- he coached and all the great ones. That were just they don't always have to be the greatest player but maybe some of the great kids that you were round and how you hope you impacted their life to some degree and and all the wins but he certainly those losses stick with you a lot longer than those winds and in. It it became more much more difficult thing to go to work on Sunday after a loss on Saturday. Not winning was more relief and losses were like just a death. Our shook -- we were talking about the Auburn game. I'm coming down on the flight in just how well your retirement interviewing used targeted Daniel here back in the set up and -- -- -- -- -- -- that -- defense played -- -- -- football -- If somebody was said we were held with twenty points as a boy like their chances that's all I'll say you know it was us it was. It's interesting. How are young men have always. Been able to rally and step up -- in the big spotlight in the big bowl games so I'm I'm proud of the guys that stuff so that was a game that was a lot of fun to play and that was a fantastic football team that's one of those that you'll remember for the rest your life it's unfortunate we didn't get the win. But. It was a great experience and I really enjoyed. I really enjoyed the whole thing. You're here for the bad times you're here for the good times you mentioned this kind of that the expectations and when we come through eleven and two something's wrong. See anything bad about it but his the fan base. In Eugene maybe you lost sight of where this program was. Verses where -- speech where where where is that now it's a little perspective let me put it to you this way I understand expectations and I understand. We all wanna go to the promised land and nobody wants that more than the coaches and the players. That's the thing that thing gets lost sometimes it. There's not a fan and hope there. North -- as we need these then fan out there that wants it more than the coaches and the players I mean come on that's our life that's what we do. We live that we breathe that we eat it unity. That's what we do so there's a fan that. I don't used to blow me away -- fans might be so upset that we loss -- you really. Me don't be so so it and I love the fact we have fans all of the fact that they're on our side and look the fact they want us to do you will but in the grand scheme of things. Nobody wants it more of those coaches and players and they die. Like -- and a thousand deaths after -- -- stuff so I kind of got off on a tangent. I sometimes forget where -- Go with this we love your heads -- old you know if you're gonna be good at this it's the I don't analysis -- we don't -- you always want the press conference -- -- that was something that we could guarantee there was a W at a press conference we took the bite my wife didn't think -- after the Washington State -- you know his half she wasn't really impressed by night. -- maturity. -- Candid thoughtful watch him on the -- networks as an in studio analyst is here and remember all of our meaty day coverage. Here today and tomorrow you go to package that's twelve dot com enact it at all. Right on -- be great to see event. Thanks for stopping by to good -- -- -- and good -- ultimately get a picture and you're not you -- you know every tech -- maybe could have did you know all the best guys -- you -- all right coming up next we turn our attention to US either cornerback. Cody Kessler is here until it down this when we return on 1080 --

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