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LARRY SCOTT - PAC-12 Commissioner

Jul 25, 2014|

The Pac-12 commissioner joins Isaac and Suke to discuss the state of the conference and what the landscape of college athletics will look like in the future.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I welcome back our coverage from pac twelve football media day here at Paramount studios in Los Angeles continues. Without Isaac -- to note NAPA Auto Parts 55 an ambulance disappointed about that all. Because we have very special guests sitting down because he's the host of this entire event. He's got a lot in his life 34 years five years now five years as commissioner of the act of congress Larry Scott you I've I've been. So we follow the SEC. -- -- big twelve I think was earlier this week and I see these. Very it seems calculated statements from the commissioners regarding everything that's going on and there's obviously a lot of moving portrait. Is that something that it was that you were aware of coming in that you had you had a a few things that you thought your region that you needed to get out in your statements on. What's happening with the NCAA pay for play and all these topics. Yellow you know these media days have almost turned into opportunities for state of the union addresses -- from the commissioner's. The main focus is obviously promoting the upcoming football season I look at it. As a combination of the State of the Union Address and apple product launch ha you know you have a chance to showcase your products for the upcoming season which is about our. Football teams in our coaches and that's an incredible stories to tell. To approach it that way there's you know great assemblage of media here because of the format that we've got the state got hundreds of beauty -- -- -- The tremendous amount of attention and people want to know what you have to say as the commissioner as you can overlook the whole thing. What's the state of intercollegiate athletics before they drove down to x.s and o.s. Right it's wickets for the first time we have a playoff to fourteen playoff and so it's a step in order -- -- BCS was better than the old system this is better than. In the BCS's work into words we have a playoff and no one's really talking about it because there's this fear that and weaker to when you'll -- case gets ruled on. No one knows what this is gonna look like there's a chance that everything that we know radically shifts and changes over the next twelve months. Well it's hard to predict what will happen we have wouldn't feel bad and lawsuit or others that are that are just the beginning when I do know -- it'll take a long time. To resolve themselves unfortunately I think over the next few years will be dealing with -- rulings and appeals and who knows maybe in the Supreme Court -- Congressional involvement some -- told sports important is that these huge interest. In it at the same time you're gonna see a lot of changes that the conferences are gonna you know now forced through we've got no more flexibility. Has defied the conferences to make. Changes that would benefit to NAFTA itself I think you'll see changes over the next year that we make in terms of increase in the value to scholarship. Improving medical conference reducing the time to -- and things that benefit student athletes regardless of what happens in the court but I think. You know any radical. Decisions imposed on college sports will be several years down the pike. In the meantime a college football has never been more popular we got the playoffs starting as you say we've got a new football championship game 49ers -- stadium. Or -- that would keep them so many positive things happening out there that would be years shame some of the stuff happening in the courts distracts from. Is is their chance and and see all this now shift towards the economy of the fire power conferences and you know at least the full cost now of scholarship he talked about the athletes now for the first time. Can't believe it's taken this long to do that but is there a sense of but the trains come -- and we know that if we don't adjust to it we're gonna get hit by trying to get out in front of some of this. This -- anatomy you know coming from the outside in college sports like I have -- I see some of the external challenges having been somewhat positive. And that its focus the focus of its been hard to make change in college sports the MTA's. Asked lot of different shapes and sizes decentralized power it's hard to get meaningful change made to these external person probably help. Create a sense that -- status quo is not an option. Lets you know get off the market start making some changes ourselves what happens in the courts will happen one way or another. But let's try to be masters of our own destiny -- make the changes we think are right let's do it now. People seem to be so afraid or so resistant to. A sport degenerate billions of dollars. Giving athletes pizza. Why don't we should be resistant to doing more for student athlete but I think there's a philosophical. Underpinning here which is that students are not employees -- the should be professionals. Should we make sure no student athlete goes hungry of course you make sure that there -- if they get injured. In terms of medical expenses. Absolutely should we make sure they've got. You know some miscellaneous expenses to fly home to defend if we can't afford it -- include themselves a broad and deep. When they don't have time to work during the summer of course we -- them all for that stuff. I think would be terrible mistake to start you treat him as employees -- of collective bargaining and have them have agents and -- salaries and all that. Not just that would change the dynamic of the beauty of college sports in many respects. But it would suck a lot of resources. That are currently supported student athletes and sports like women's volleyball and lacrosse and track and field and other sports that are really important. We're kids getting amazing transformer of life opportunities that will go away if all the -- got a good football. You understand though why people would in the valid points. But why some people would have a problem. Coming from a commissioner that the millionaire. When every coach in the pac twelve with a millionaire when every athletic director in the conference the millionaire and that's across the board. Saying that it would be a bad thing to give the guys producing this money even a small -- that you see where some people would have a problem that. So we do actually because it's big business. You know millions and all we shouldn't pretend it's not you know the big media consciences that exposure. That's generating huge amounts might but it takes huge amounts of money. The support ecosystem and our conference. We've got 7000 student athletes. Our conference schools and give away -- 126 million dollars in scholarship money. To a lot of sadness and so my point is I completely get what you would feel it but here's a fact people don't pay attention to. Only 2%. The pac twelve student athlete football players. We'll never go to the NFL only 3% of -- -- basketball players who ever go to the NBA so should we really design a system around 2% or 3%. And have a lot of harm. Imposed on the 98%. There's a -- come from somewhere not gonna come football right if you need to all -- -- and pay student athletes. Where's -- gonna come from exe takes six and after they opened up a slice little that its its revenue preside completely get. The frustration and confusion and the emotional appeal of that argument. I've got the benefit -- the curse. Seeing you know the system that we've got supporting so many student athletes and that it's a zero sum game. If you're gonna push money one place it can harm a bunch of other kids that are benefiting from. Larry Scott -- commissioner so is is it bubbles -- at the big twelve current issue. Is he right that Olympic sports if we if it does go down this road that the Olympic sports that are paid for by the money that comes from football will go away. I think he's -- certain because the money's gonna come from somewhere some I come from coaches some might come from facility development but the easiest thing for an athletic director to do say. Oops you know now we've got to spend a lot more for about twelve sorry. Lacrosse sorry indoor track and feeling -- sorry rowing which can't afford getting it. It's -- it's a complex issue because some people think that would be great tragedy and other people would say. And melodic a solid basketball players fault that those ports can't support ourselves that depends on your point -- -- and really I don't you know it's hard to say there's no right or wrong here so. I don't wanna come across that is -- the businesses. There's a balance and there's tradeoffs and I just wanna make sure people understand the trade of symbols and you know we're entitled to their position. That's fair one of the candidate given -- the wrap up I want -- to eat if you can't put in perspective for our listeners you've really grown in the league the league has grown under your watch. What are -- what are we talking dollars and cents lies these new TV deals analysts this stuff what it. What are we -- right now in today's pactel landscape of each school bringing in or hoping to bring in from this new TV deal and everything you've packaged together. Mean how much money -- schools getting -- So on our most recent. Filings with the IRS that's all public information so each -- getting up to twenty million dollars a year from the conference in what was -- -- It was six on average. -- and it's gonna go. So -- this deal we'll be. And because of the thirty plus per school. Now and sports and nations just registering just him you know we think -- while since I got here I've been very focused on how come we improve the experience for fans wanna -- against certain sports got a big threat. Not just called the profession it's so good at home you know with the big screen in -- you know access to. Connectivity and social media and and all that I'm worried that if the investment our facilities doesn't keep up some technology around it's in the innovation around that. It may become too much of a hassle to go to war games and we might -- dwindling. Audiences and our games so we're making a big investment with AT&T that's our big telecommunications partner provides a lot of the connectivity understated. And can be called sporting innovations that runs the sporting KC MLS team that's been a great pioneer in using technology for mobile labs. As a companion during the game that help in terms of where to venue maps or access to video content to social network Americans. My vision is how we make the experience we go to state not just the same better than it could be at home and being out here on the West Coast. You're Silicon Valley. You know corridor of innovation I don't to those injuries why -- impact of companies can -- leaders we're -- pilot. But the -- -- sporting innovations at Stanford this year we're gonna start testing some things this will be. Multi year effort but my goal is to make your experience of pac twelve games for surpasses anything. -- around the country great. Let's get to see if they keep for having us in it'll just off the air today on here's our listeners now. You guys put on a greeted me do a good job cuts of network is doing well so be proud. Thanks very much Jeff -- about -- to see you thank you Larry Scott do we do you mind getting a picture before we go at all all right. To some have you hold it. Just point -- -- bet your money turnaround you hold it up front wolf political consultant -- wanted to end up -- Yet -- point 80 yeah. This this is our -- haven't been seriously media communities who had so I don't know where this -- take it up if you want to. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Army and that's going to be great Emmitt Thomas opposed that to Twitter here in a moment but the Larry's got itself yet it he is going to be -- I didn't wanna call -- healthy because. You know with that could alienate itself -- -- got key hits now an -- You know this whole project has worked out really well so far it still wanna screw it up a little nervous with him the lazy man's attempt to be socially media counted today isn't everyone flocked into our Twitter right now if the -- what do you think about what he said I know you guys obviously we differ on that but I. Appreciate that there can be some back and forth and he's willing to admit that there's another side what I don't like is when some of these commissioners and in the Talking Heads who refuse to see. That there is some hypocrisy here. Mean he understands that there are two sides -- the issue he's gonna be on one side of the arm to be on the other. But he's the commissioner what what you expect him to say he is paid to try to keep this thing together know what in the NCAA wants to see right radical change because it's so. Tilted in their favor but I do appreciate the fact that he talked about not just about beating athletes. We're providing the total cost of scholarship but things like being able to fly home. Or fly apparent out for some of the kids that that -- really come from poor backgrounds I like cookies being -- outside the box I think Larry Scott is the most innovative commissioner. In the NCAA. And I think he's the guy that might actually lead to some real fundamental changes. And maybe get this thing where it is a good deal for the athletes -- we don't have to go to a paper plate. It completely try to rip this thing that's under -- seems reasonable yes that's that's all anyone's asking for. The only the only thing that the talking point that I don't really jibe with -- he's talking about two to 3%. Going to be a couple who carries it it does it. Even if a guy doesn't go to the NFL doesn't mean he's not -- and a lot of money at the college and that's where I wish we had a little more time they're getting the wrap up and I couldn't. Leading to hold the conversation there but that that's its second by -- two if 250% of the people are gonna gonna play pro and everywhere isn't. Why does that mean he shouldn't be compensated for what they're doing now in fact you can make the argument. They should be compensated now because they're not gonna get compensation later you know if your Brett -- you're Marcus -- go to you're sitting on a gold mine but if you're just the starting left tackle. That in two or three years is gonna be done with a -- -- bad neck and may be an education if the school is hopefully socially conscious enough to actually make you go to class. That's the -- that deserves a little something for the time being that's the -- that hopefully should have a little more comfort. -- -- come out of school it will change -- pocket where can do something with Alina good point Larry Scott thanks to the impact of commissioner. All right coming up next we're gonna go to Oregon quarterback Marcus Mario -- -- -- so what will talk to him. Right after a break here on 1080. The fan.

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