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Jul 25, 2014|

The Utah coach joins Isaac and Suke to preview the 2014 season from Pac-12 Media Day.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I tasted -- linebackers. Derek -- -- -- -- earlier this hour Oakland city that respectful media day. It up all the players coaches now and now we have a guy who is so nice. Last year he offered a mixed nuts with the onset Dan. And not coming. With knicks nets this year at this point -- have got to -- -- -- -- even as a way to. And still meego this is how letting him from -- used I just CU and -- Halladay were your golf swings. Connor if if football doesn't work out is going to be April the teaching tool and I just get the typical couple -- -- swing tips challenge that was. Can get an idea through right children the right to get the right here turner. And the woman to slice -- coast. Obama's side of Lanka cricket and how it comes over with a nice city want to introduce himself and expect -- -- like eight rule. -- -- -- Did the thought of as the greatest thing ever -- -- -- educate golfers on it either means he's apparently to handicap which is younger. Now green backs when you're -- coach and head coach is supposed to get gospels -- only took up about three years goes a long ways ago. Well let me take a look at the end -- just in -- here. You top predicted. Fifth in the south. Obviously put on you coach yeah they're sleek and what I mean why they why they wrong way how were your options. You know I think that's obviously probably based on the last couple years we struggled -- But forcing missed a bowl game last two years which is uncharacteristic for us and -- wanna get corrected -- right away right now. I think we've had there was no at three really good recruiting years back to back to back since -- joined the fact that. You know or the -- to recruit to. Some of the top Echelon athletes -- and some enabled us to decide some pretty good players. That we don't have good players and told them already that it just took a recruiting to another level. And you with the returning guys we got coupled with the the influx of them which -- -- -- pretty optimistic about what's -- Which seemed like every year you guys error riddled major offensive line and a quarterback and last I checked you don't start five guys with any sort of consistency on the line. And you can't put a cornerback out there we can we -- it's it's tough to win it. He's -- this snake snake bit. Well you know last oddly enough you mentioned that the last time we went through a season from start -- finish with the same quarterback. And not an individual was 2008 with Frank Johnson you -- your mobile Internet ready for ticket ever since then we have not finished -- this season with the same guy that we started with because of injuries so. -- -- looked long and hard data from every different angle we don't feel put a quarterback in harm's way warn anybody else is we're not running an excessively so. I just gotta believe it's just a little bit of you know unfortunate. -- But we hope to get that corrected the issue was great news we get Travis. Who ironically got injured last year cleared to play again there was some question for a while there whether -- -- there and a lot of playing more so. We just got really good news last month which was huge for us and then went out got transfer chemicals from Oklahoma. Who graduated from Oklahoma which means to be videos blissful. You don't have to get a good look at him right away beautiful can't see what his capabilities -- should be good situation force this year QB. Telling him from you tonight -- these reports are but I remember reading. That Wilson was done his career was over what was all that about -- He. He he had a we had a couple of trees -- short over the injury that knocked him out for a few games that he was a concussion against your own state. That put him out. And during the diagnosis and and the evaluation of that. They discovered a different issue -- more serious issue that was a pre existing as it turns out. When they first discovered it he obviously was very alarming and then doctors weren't sure what to make of that. This time progressed there was more checks and then no more evaluation. He was determined that he's -- no greater risk than anybody else that was something that that was pre existing console. As time went on that felt more comfortable and ultimately a lot more comfortable -- And really the key is we're very grateful he was cleared you know for just for everyday life from him him his and we were. Obviously very stressed as well as we all. And to have the doctors give him -- -- Google -- was a great relief just for him. Who just long term but that football's abortion being able to play football again that was an added -- -- but the most important part of that is that this -- going to be okay. It's funny. You hear so much about the concussion thing in the -- -- -- billion dollar settlement that. No one talks about it in the in the collegiate world yet these guards are going to -- exact same things that the NFL guys are yet it's never really been. Any sort of issue of these guys have them when they're done playing their. There is no care for these guys. Right it's I think that's just start you see the tip of the iceberg that tune. Which -- analysis of valuation. Just trying to make sure that we know everything you want the awareness that it's so I think in that respect. And I think you can see you know as time goes on. Things done more to -- talk about more things done for the college athlete. Had taken some safeguards and in some. Measures to try to make it seemed -- violent game that's never gonna change but at least try to minimize what's going on that respect. Well recruiting and you mentioned. Things have gotten a lot better free excerpts of course you join a league like the -- of does he get better from here gritty feel like -- You you sort of settled into the pac twelve this is it this is the level player or eight circuit there's a transition prizes are you still in the transition phase or. You are you're in the pac twelve and. Well we're little we had a three classes like I said to they're already with this next classes generally right now this fall. You know I think -- you say are we that we're we're we're gonna know ultimately settle in as a recruiting. With a recruiting I think the answer is hopefully knowing -- you start winning again get back in bowl games and and do the things we're used to that I think is -- takes another spike it's -- -- that just it just matches. As being the -- who have offered to recruits want to. Rich in the teams that to have success and so we need to get back on track and put yourself second global situation. -- last that you played so many close games you know. He beat Stanford. Which you know we know -- Stanford goes on -- -- that I'm Jeff for others came down to five points or less than it did yeah some like that that's you know if you look at the two things have to change this year as opposed to last year order forced to you wanna be. Number one keeping quarterback so that we talked about number two. I'd be better finish to win those close games because. -- -- state overtime loss your -- we have two touchdown lead deep in the fourth quarter let them get away from us. Usually we have the -- the chance to win the into the game to so many doctors and good football team -- very good football camps and had soda. -- but nobody cares about vehicles we understand that when I tried to say were close at one. You know you feel sorry for sort -- report. -- if we can get a situation we can find a way to finish get over that home and win war bigger percentage of those close games I think -- and predicted future. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Tonight data on past the maximum attention to it I put 2.5 on that that's that's tough for me because if the Jane Fonda working for the Clinton gave comedy you go to the Coach Williams goes to the -- how -- we put that Israel also rewards that are -- -- -- pointing out that you can get hurt Tony more than mean I think that's not to show right there. We don't know for an old guy but there -- -- as the southwest Louisiana coach. He's been making headlines if he was. -- like it quit the competition going here toughest coach in the country -- I was aware of that. You don't want to -- -- really sit back and look I think there's a battle right now in the pac twelve. Particularly in nearly. We will find out who particularly take itself with us the sultry. We make it to sell Coca-Cola thinks that just -- their ability to do -- it out of Seattle holds on it and share. It is absolutely the air -- in there and -- with a lot of three -- the conference one. 23. Exhume ego thing is here okay and they let it target -- -- guys appreciate it go to Q I can and I still -- fox sports. Awesome pactel analysis to wrap up when -- return. -- -- --

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