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Jul 25, 2014|

The Fox Sports 1 analyst discusses the 2014 football season and a looming group hug with Suke and Oregon State's Mike Riley.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Why you have heard from mom Mike Pelfrey -- my -- Cody Kessler Kelly -- Larry's got Marcus Mario yeah. -- used up by others today hold another day of player coach duties tomorrow. Or state Stanford UCLA among others as a Rick Neuheisel will be by. So appreciated -- -- will wrap up our coverage with god like respect his work a lot I appreciate that Jeff fox sports -- to build -- surprise as well I absolutely reflect the real plus drill bit goes through. Now you're you're really -- out there for a few blocks fox sports -- College football coverage to close the key guys Utley got -- -- Thank you I appreciate that you know we're -- we're just trying to grow you know I think it's it's a tough space to be ultra competitive with via mother ship ran out of the gates -- We'll see how it goes in and in the coming years but no word were excited about this season I'll be -- -- Thursday games about 45 Thursday games with Tim Brando. Who's a recent higher by fox in the Dave Wannstedt not will be in the studio. Breaking everything down on Saturdays there was that fight on thirty talk about that stuff it's not it's not much of fight right now obviously but. And you. We're aware of it but the bottom line is this there's three decades head start her from me as paean to fox sports one. And we're just gonna continue to. Work or palmary you know. How -- -- how the rockets and old coaching -- you know you -- -- rock with a hammer the first time you did at the maybe it's the fiftieth time maybe it's the sixtieth time. Those are things that I think maybe make common especially we get better -- content so. Well we'll see what happens in the future but -- product of people yeah. I think that's that's the main goal so right now or is working on but not a good product. The so she'll play at Colorado. You're equally -- in the late nineties alleys and I was early 2000 so to go five. At Colorado. You -- a few programs in 1972001. C I just missed a boy I was in high schools. In Colorado and would go up to a lot of Colorado State games or air force games obviously. You guys at that time were in the same league as its current state those were always some pretty good games those late ninety's rim seems pretty good colts game ever played in Fort Collins -- that it may just -- optic camera. With like the three degree that we she'll -- the if -- -- passionately yes. It is. Bradley and -- Brad Bradley then -- Yeah. So it -- Bradley vamp -- was the quarterback that we would have played my first start so that's got to the bridge their the time yeah. It's Colorado. -- -- sweeping. Arm really good at one time the other word you know and I won a national title in 1990 they won three big eight championships right in the middle of Oklahoma Nebraska rain I think the people forget about that fact the night before they only lost one game to the great Nebraska team that finished third in the country. They had a Heisman Trophy winner 1994. Were perennial top 45 team in fact almost the entire -- ninety's -- in the top 25. And you know one we want a big twelve championship -- four or five division championships it in my tenure there -- -- to -- five. The long resonate to say right now they're really that the you know they've been bad for over a decade and that's a very typical. Well hold the dig out of for a for a place that doesn't have a real right natural recruiting base in -- not a lot of kids from Colorado that are just. Actual talent ran out of the -- so. I'm hoping that they can get back their ideas very strong Rick George I love Mike MacIntyre. But it spent some time with him. I don't know about sleeping giant but I think that they can very much be a competitive team within this conference. And at some point I do believe that they'll win the conference I don't know it's in the next decade. But with the the things that are going on there I know they're gonna get more competitive. About giant. Giant really outside traditional powers outside -- USC maybe in order yeah it's different because they haven't got that. Kicked it a billion now sure that you might think at Oklahoma State and you find -- -- with that kind of money that. Stanford had their routes -- -- had their ups and down -- years people forget that. Seven years ago wonder buddy team and that while there at Stanford was joked total joke at its worst and Colorado. Yeah I mean listen they they were terrible and Jim Harbaugh had to -- and in turn that around to the point now. They're the preeminent program of the conference even more so than US even maybe more so than organ because they've won back to back. Conference titles in the last ten years this is unheard of in this conference guys the last ten years. Oregon has the best record in the conference over an entire decade. No one would have thought anyone would take -- take that from USC. And so it just goes to show you the parity in college football is there especially in this conference and I'm excited for a lot of these universities to. Got to grow up with and that's -- what other conference in the country -- -- legitimate at least today. Every program is on an upward trajectory. With the type a coaching staff that is at it every single program I think that you could say that about every single program. In this conference which is very difficult to a team like let's take for instance Washington stating Colorado. To the teams that have brought up the seller in their respective divisions the last couple of years and guys. They're getting better. What can make it out of the cellar I don't know if they can't -- you know everything everybody else is getting better everybody's committee. Washington has committed with a great coach and a new stadium obviously USC with goats turkeys instantly. The list goes on and on while the monies you know floating. And that's helped these TV's guys cut out their eyes open and say oh we can't make a lot and we should be investing in this right. But what does that gap when it comes to the SEC what -- you think the pac twelve has do you -- is to continue to close that gap or where they compared them. You know I think it's more perception than reality that there still is a gap. I thought last year the pac twelve was equally as strong as the SEC top to bottom. The bottom of the SEC is really bad it's it's really bad and because of that the top -- is lifted up. And that's that's kind of the paradigm that that the pac twelve is SanDisk is when your good top to bottom all you really do is beat each other. And and it's a war of attrition it. That's not. What college football's all about because we reward perfection. I'm very glad that the play opposite of the equation but the one thing that I would be very nervous about the -- as the pac twelve is the fact that. Ohio State looks like they could be undefeated I think Florida State is for sure going to be undefeated. And now you're looking at. Two spots. For the three what I would call best conferences in the country and the SEC's give any SEC's -- one they're -- NC -- one spot I got one spot between the pac twelve champion in the big twelve championship champion which I think is going to be Oklahoma maybe -- steal stuff from them but. I think it's gonna be Oklahoma. And if that big twelve champion is undefeated does anyone think anybody can go through this pac twelve and a nine game conference schedule and neutral site championship game. -- That's a scary proposition ended. I think the pac twelve is as strong as the SEC this year. In large part due to the fact that the quarterbacks are so strong to deep conference there's no doubt that it on the Mario. Mean it's up and down and talked about the other Kelly -- -- they want their half. Pac twelve last year. Talks about this -- They can place offense down they absolutely can't and is now is in a year in which -- the only schools once in football games and yet Arizona State was the one hosting a national championship to Achilles of fantastic player. Goes down analyst Travis Wilson Utah he's only one year old merciful Lou fall at Colorado he's a year older that's on -- minions. Could be this years. Version of the UCF quarterback from last year like Oracle's to win. As the first overall quarterback and chanting. I really do so I I dipped into drafting analysts mode this last year I've really enjoyed and I've spoken with a lot of the NFL guys they're really -- -- -- and then this offseason he he went -- to the elite eleven. College portion in remaining camp and he was the most impressive college quarterback on the football. And guys I would watch. Why -- healthy margin of dominion is as good as it gets in college football as far as pro prospect goes and he's not even the best quarterback in his conference where his team so. He got -- Mario and over the class of of this conference right now. It's -- -- -- -- in an obvious is this -- you for -- me you find it at that people lined up -- that big lineup delivered yet they love you not the most mobile guy in the world. If you're not a guy that can extend plays we've got to move around in the pocket. He is used to play with people around him he's got great pocket presence could doesn't have great protection agency guy's been around him but. That big wide open the lid on scares you that when you get to the next level. You know -- it would scare me or if he didn't anticipate like he does but he does anticipate so it's it's somewhat. Offset by the fact that he gets the ball out at least on time with the slow delivery he -- to see that it -- quicker very similar. -- got a pretty quick delivery Mario it's got the quick delivery. I think that made -- -- a guy though that it did at the end of the day he's going to be in the top two or three quarterbacks. When it comes to the NFL comes to the draft -- be shocked if he's not in the first round come next year is as Agile clad. Our wrap it up RT one. Pactel -- day coverage here in Los Angeles -- -- now fox sports like football Colorado. So what do you think about the -- -- predictions. Do you think it's gonna be -- what does it come down to that this -- for you -- -- mean for the last two years doesn't always come down Oregon and Stanford right it and you know one of those teams it's gonna get the benefit of having home field advantage this year it's going to be up in knots and that's very tough place to play. I think the three biggest recruits and the best job recruiting in the country was. Back -- Lou. Mario. And -- aggressive. The senator sources -- is. Those three guys. Make or again a legitimate national title and -- it -- fire Marshal back I think it. You know Thomas Steiner's guidance in this very good they got a deep stable running backs but they're offensive -- experience led by grassy. I think they're gonna be really gets so I'd like them and in the south. Of the US he's going to be much better than people think they can play UCLA. In a real LA showdown -- -- -- you know late in the season -- -- they -- have one more game after that the late in the season. Between those two schools on the UCLA. Comes out though on top moving east delays in actual -- are ranked. Itself put on the -- we talked -- how -- idiots what do you think or -- guys have to know this about. Like the way I view Oregon State anytime anyone around the country asked me who's your favorite college football coach in the country. Unequivocally as quick as I can say Mike Riley -- date and everyone's. While it's it's not -- -- Urban Meyer all you know all these guys Chris Peterson and all these guys that capsule now I think Mike Riley. Is as good a coaches there is in America put him up with Bill Snyder put them up against our -- those three guys I think the best teachers in the game of football. That we happen. That our coordinators right now and so. A love Mike Reilly I hope that they can. Ride that wave of success that they found a couple of years ago -- -- -- you know nine when it's not a category I just don't know they have enough. Depth wise compete with the organ in -- that division I currently is at -- though. I mean she teachers could not see that I'm -- football coach but just a better guy I don't know I don't think there is a better -- There's not a better coach -- For ten years and I mean it's about like you're cute when they go to the rose a union on the -- -- I've got Mike Bradley. And I just never felt like there's an appropriate moment. And when they go to the Rose Bowl in -- got in the view. He will be out on the podium -- I -- the guy I can I join you and I doubt they -- our idol I'm there on market. Just want to give the guy I want wanna like sell my father and I have him beat my iPod right at the thought it was that no there absolutely if. He and visa is a great note -- -- -- come -- -- back guys nice to meet -- nice to meet you as well still -- watch him on fox sports one. Like that wraps up but they want coverage here at -- pactel media daily got a third overdue sports night. -- it's likely -- for Travis -- more live local sports not commit next. Be back with us tomorrow Oregon State Stanford Washington. You -- layers -- a state -- be here. So more player coach interviews tomorrow. Three to seven and if you haven't seen any of ourself sees it that seemed to work out pretty well. If guys really balked at night aren't static let. There's anything we took we fought through all the self these are on our Twitter at I robbed at big underscores the cooler at an eighty to -- dot com. More tomorrow on to anything.

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