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Danforth, Dirt & Sprague 7.25.14 Hr3

Jul 25, 2014|

The guys wrap up the week with recaps of the Marshawn Lynch holdout story and look ahead to the coming week.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- break here and you're listening now our three of the DM for dirt and -- podcast presented by century -- want fast Internet a low price did it always century -- just go to century Lincoln dot com to get up to forty make Internet. Any -- bundled monthly rate that won't change for a full year. There's a century link dot com today. -- your let the dogs out what to work with the dogs you know crude elected dog. From this. Then for the third and spray his souped up by buffalo wild wins the tailor them for supporting. -- -- Capacity it's gonna. I don't think there's interest because. Well you know they tend to do those jobs to ex ballplayers and people that are. V broadcasting and -- -- Johnson had a feeling that we'll steal. Sports. So I don't know what's -- -- -- at the -- -- really a couple. And Brendan spray. That the -- -- like well let's break that streak and just walking to a building say I want to be an option I would think Holland. Then towards third and spray gun ESPN Sports Radio 1080 trim. You can always friends and another hour. He was singing let it go -- the estate developer media stuck again they've got -- It's good to be -- we also got it doesn't help others. I got a medical. That's one and then -- -- have a defense out of my favorite serenity now as much they thought the -- I -- serenity now when I get ticked off. Well now but I think the letting go from frozen is actually funny year. The segment you stated -- after hearing those two it's a minute warning in the 38 and the BB -- Julie Davis the Arab -- he's before the show we are gonna talk sports and it's a conversation that we enjoyed. Where. What do you do it managers that coached steer or that managed securities disparity is targeting and -- hall of fame. So what do you do it managers with a hall of fame. That coach steroid users that is the case this week in we've got three high profile managers that all at one time and other managed guys and benefited from guys. It took steroids will take that conversation up. Here in a few word -- let it go segment you can participated 503. 25 votes in eighty you can taxed at 55305. Things that bothered you. During the week Brandon Sprague we will start with you we did you are serious ones lets you are serious time for this is my series one. Socially unaware. Person now let me explain. -- he's he's been dealing with this a lot this week and it's not just in this building it's in my. Personal life it's person who. Isn't. I put this doesn't understand win two shot up. And -- to admit that -- -- wrong now I'll say this in this building we've dealt with this with a couple people. We have people that will come up and start a conversation hey guys you do what's going on in you know will be nice back we'll talk -- show prep in. We'll ask him some men in the conversation kind of reaches its point in you can al-Qaeda conversations -- come to an end and a person does. They just stand there for another five minutes and I don't saying I think it's really awkward and I really don't like it I wish they'd walk away taking hand. When I turn my back and I look at my computer after talking. That's my get asked about a year we have nothing else to discuss now let me get on my second when Mike to our web part thing. The person out there. That has no idea how things work in our world. The person that doesn't know how old scheduling vacation days work the person that doesn't know how to organize properly. That person. Really gets under my skin I'm Trent I'm trying to plan a family vacation. So one of my doing -- naturally I'm planning this out for five weeks out all right what days are we gonna take out some world together. I not been Mac and then right at the cut off right after I put in my days off gets what happens PTO is different ball. To put it on the same day that -- -- he did a freaking clue and learn what's going on the world because everybody else abides by the. I heard you're up and -- -- this is going to be a little we like to play golf we play a lot of golf as a group -- -- so we jointly got a great membership about a percent and country club he should be a joint he had not done so yet beautiful place. Went out late last night was fantastic that we were playing though at a public course about two weeks ago. Did they didn't think it drives me most crazy about golf because look Landau we albeit. Slow golfers golfers I cannot understand for the absolute life of me there is absolutely no reason. To take more than five hours of -- -- -- as I'm so rightly -- you are average Joseph Europe make Europe whatever you're doing your normal your normal job your normal routine you're not tiger what you're not letting up a putt at the eighteenth hole at Augusta National to win the green jacket you're just not do when it. So -- -- in the middle of fairway 200 yards outrageous Mac and on into a par three that -- -- -- -- yet thank you you begin. I can't way you need to stop lighting up your putts he need to stop stock market on the green pick up the -- face of golf because I can't stand at the top -- at that. Joseph. All right well you know I love apple products but I hate cables. And this morning as I'm leaving my house contrast Apple's -- and now go to yeah tables just like to commercial. -- -- You know if you don't interrupt down to questions. These is that what anyone thought. -- you wonder what did you console market out of my house and I reach in in my pocket where I had nicely rolled up my headphones in my iPhone. In my pocket OK and I pulled them out and they are it is jumbled mess. And I spend the next five minutes that's on line and telling them. What does it. I think that's argue for not rolling your headphones properly I did -- them properly. They get -- tangled up in a mess all by themselves some asking commissioning apple. Make headphones apartment of the stupid rubber all the way down that they get tight. Taught you can't unlock them. Joey takes a lot of public transparency and -- that bones of how you don't make. That is it that is true there's nothing that anybody importantly really when you're walking around in your headphones are all tangled we've got some goof off one's coming here is again your real serious and it to you right into the side of the mountain town now. So we'll joke here in a sex I don't know I'm not asking for America to be the second coming now. It's. Aristotle you get a -- -- race -- a manual cons -- beach CS Lewis. He should she meet its meeting he trotted German flight -- I know he needs -- And -- don't know I didn't know who -- man of the text you okay now there's not produce that anyways. People calling him my ignorance. That's moment -- You I -- -- people -- are. This was a week is that what you need to know is that the this was a week where that support should be. Eight plays when we can have an advanced discussions and and one of the things that is driving me absolutely crazy. And when our generation has tied 11. When we look up from our phones were decent at having dialogue -- -- and having a civil conversation. The conversation. And the dialogue is so toxic right now in America. That it is it is honestly. Frightening to mean where we like Stephen A Smith this morning was trying to make a point. -- didn't do -- great job of it but it was spun and it was twisted. And what ends up happening is we resorts to name calling the latest example is Michael C and you get it would Donald Sterling. We have got to do a better job in this country and we heavy responsibility. As media members and we got a responsibility is a public we have got to be better at engaging in Smart. Dialogue of how we move things forward in sports the worst thing we can do is resort to calling people names because of their opinions. Everyone writes it's inherent relativism how you arrive at your opinion. I hate when people judge other people's for their opinions and I understand that in and of itself. Is kind of an act and idea that is is going to be one where people dig in and and they're not gonna be. Open to ideas I'm not asking you -- -- handed -- -- opinion what I am saying is if you want anything accomplished. In the world today especially in sports you have got to engage any more sophisticated discussion. The in the media -- -- place with this week I was really embarrassed to be a member of the media this week and to listen. To what the national people are saying like -- Wetzel it did it really was an embarrassment for me this week. The media has to be better and we've got to be better people and saying. I get to set things aside. Let's have a discussion let's be honest about something and let's work toward a solution the worst thing you're going to do is get calls somebody a name. They're gonna dig in gore going to dig in your not getting anywhere I didn't. We're gonna give off that series. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And yeah. Enter pins where he served up by multiple well. On ESPN's Sports Radio 1080 so soon. -- So cigarette in the brain. Need to improve and it didn't have the edge after the break the other relaxed but always wanted to smoke a cigarette after sex just to do the cliche thing. It's it's one time he's. To sit out. That was -- in the -- could -- -- it was relief it. We'll talk sports and fifteen minutes from now people are saying is. Maybe -- were saying let -- go as annoying as it is clearly has to -- the -- that is used -- -- he's yeah he's -- -- -- and you know lead people to people get tired of that I think everybody you know I don't have kids so thankfully I've never seen -- -- movie I probably will never watch -- movie so I don't find that annoying but I do feel for the parents out there you know I just watched yesterday was probably a 388. Time in -- -- a month so I can understand -- -- -- comes from but. For that segment. That one little clip that's may be a second long I think it works best. Keep your. Issues I guess coming at five by these authority have some fun with some dirt go ahead. You may go ahead you always start this one up look I want out of bed. Segment rant yesterday in terms of baseball and -- for duty in saving baseball you talk for nine street yeah I I had a lot of pent up anger towards that I probably should say differ today we -- a little bit earlier we'll get back and his steroid thing later in the show but. I hate to happen. -- -- this is you know it's it's kind of serious but not really. Did that every time baseball as discussed in every time baseball's front and a conversation it's always negative it's always steroids it's always Tony Gwynn and chewing tobacco should be banned it there is always a negative story line surrounding the sport. Would as a sport they have probably the best crop of young talent they've seen in the last twenty years in Major League Baseball. Mike Trout is could go down arguably if he stays healthy is the -- very yeah. When that currencies eyes are. Finally his style cafes does not mean she's choked down -- -- one of the best of all time. There are sixteen teams within three games of a playoff spot right on -- volatile perhaps for the sport and we police there's a -- who do you Zanardi advocacy. All the positives around the sport itself is now. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And I -- I guess I can give one more about -- is not that serious I'm just curious. There's been I've seen documentaries on this I've seen people have television shows on this it's a it's a sick habit that people are picking up in -- Mary chain it's starting to become kind of this. Should disturb I don't know underground soccer mom movement and that is the world with a coupon. I've been wondering firm I got a year since I really started this thing going around. I'm curious -- coupon inning is a really worth it because I got stuck I got stuck in line neither -- -- grocery store behind. 87 year old aunt Margaret Thatcher could and -- who was -- I -- You dropped a Margaret Thatcher you made -- -- me for drunkenness each it's easy this -- -- you did this. She argued. For eleven minutes how to -- no limits I looked at my clock on my phone and I look back when she left it was eleven minutes. She argued. That she should got twelve cans of black means not eleven. She -- got twelve for the two cents cheaper but I'm just curious why this is a thing the end of the world everybody has these doomed eight dots. It's really not gonna happen. And by the way Margaret Thatcher feel live by yourself here cats are gonna -- -- They're not going to be able to open those cans of black means so I'm curious why you need so many brought. Right to DOE. McCullough I will not interrupt you you be my opponents of the war is -- and I appreciate that as a Sprague said in the last segment the idea sometimes take public transit. And -- yeah. I've sub died hasn't taken is not good enough I. This place it's not like the street -- yet I try it one time -- night. What you want a -- I also -- riding my bike. And I -- I -- by for a long time I really enjoy it and I know that Portland is known for all the bike riders but. The aggressive bike riders. Need to stop. The guys are trying to show -- Henri -- two bytes re -- -- you're going down you're specifically -- -- guy is is coming between you and the lane line in between a car -- yelling at you to get out of the way. There's also the guys who if they if you pass them because they're going slow they feel like they have to pass you back. No speed up in front EU and go to ride his back adding the cars to -- Let your bike relaxed. Still out -- easy to hand. It to you in such a well. You must be late for something you -- five seconds ago when I passed you that's a valid point to tell ideally I need to leave early. -- hired and that doing what they're alive but how long it even megabytes like. My whole life. I'm satisfied yet he set that up either riding my bike -- -- -- -- -- that. And experience writer here since I was an NRA yeah -- -- a long time not a jackass I ride my bike. As well then yeah well yeah. I've got one for you guys news. You're letting it goes to 55. Three 05. The one that bothers me our parking spaces are becoming more and more limited. Time. No matter where I go like a wide parking space is a big time luxury and especially important. But street parking whatever all that my way into it downtown parking okay I'll live with it. Dirt and I just moved to a new place and our parking space Alabama big guy 62250. -- big news. And I am trying to fit in these little teeny tiny parking spaces with my little teeny tiny Toyota Corolla. And I'm able them wiggle my way in every now and then and I -- we'll zoom -- for -- my way to a parking spot. But dirt drive sometimes. -- leaves me high and dry. -- pull up from right next to a car. And I got maybe a foot to work with -- tell me I've got to open up my door. And all 250 pounds of me has this lived in that little cracked I've got to turn sideways suddenly become a gymnast. Turned sideways trying not to did the door next to me. Climb my way up top of dirt -- locked down on the hood. And slide my way off shore parking spaces. Our anti fat people. There's way too many short gimme some room people then what is happening is people decided they wanted to yesterday. I took up a little bit of a handicap space not proud of it happened but to get a little bit of a handicap space -- to get myself. A little more room. What happened this morning a van pulled up to me so that they can have a little more room with the short parking spaces are driving me crazy. Where fat nation like those bad boys out. Wanting my car up anymore. That is that why parking spaces. What Jim let's short -- -- legitimately fire me up. What do you designed these four what are you think do you think people can legitimately Clark I've seen their markets not a cheap shot. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And I'm not tired for lighten up your parking -- he's brought. This idea out there. Maybe it's motivation and not be fat -- Wow. Wow. How he said he used said that this is it knock on her own not one -- not break is -- -- you know it's not a year and I got endorsement Princeton has some in some way did I know you'll drop -- there how is now. I'm not saying your fat -- maybe as the mayor in shady guy over here pound monster being nice OK maybe I know they're all married with a great ball. Structure OK some of us have big ball in their right. This is a fantastic and its ability to accident. Is it let it go fireworks. It's viewed as no self awareness no calendar and no life it's July 25. -- is the end eighties it ought to at -- That's fantastic night I warn people before July 4 that was a real thing it is a -- July 4 fire thinking -- they're nonstop. I think that was letting go segment halftime I enjoyed it -- everything now. A lot of people tax that in their -- couple -- and -- clearly people wanna get some stomach protest amusing and Travis in my -- I can't stand Portland drivers a bad -- driving its its -- that it goes segment in general and that's all you need for a segment you can you did that late cut off in the -- we were talking about that during a commercial break. They got a goal in the other lane and cut everybody off like he's the only one that exists in the entire world. Slow drivers in the left -- Does anybody drive a Prius at speed limit by the -- as a -- tweet that out awhile back and it's a valid point I mean it's a criteria to go under and I I -- -- -- -- Prius the other day and it took me a long time to get -- -- traffic started 3 PM to great point. How my stock weaning -- on an intersection in a freeway at 3 PM everybody should be working right. That is our let it go segment the it managers that three of them Bobby Cox Joseph Torre and Tony the roots are being elected. In the hall of fame this weekend. What should their role be with steroid users will discuss that next you got get portrait -- break served up by Buffalo Wild Wings onto an eighty Japan. Then towards dirt and sprayed on ESPN's Sports Radio 1080 Beltran. And source bogeyed your little one of the football polish market -- big bucks to pay. -- -- -- -- Walter workaday big movie this is not -- this is bully her rolls a Walter who -- -- It's smoke if there was coast looked over a little relative to being in the hands of the league game. This determines who enters the next round Robin I'm wrong yeah but I was wrong. He's managing. -- -- And if you miss any of that showed today we podcasted. My. Canadian mint dot com and that is powered by century -- fast Internet and low prices even given all that's century lean dot com are -- All three hours -- -- -- -- demand dot com this weekend is the induction. Ceremonies for Major League Baseball -- for baseball -- -- Cooperstown obviously they're expecting more than 40000 people at the induction ceremony things to the names that they have. Participating tomorrow on the players cited his Greg Maddux Tom Glavine and Frank Thomas. On the manager's side is Joseph Torre Bobby Cox and Tony La Russa Bryant Gumbel had this to say about Tony the reason. Doing is an -- I'm Bryant Gumbel with a few words about fame and Shane and how they are both being blurred in Cooperstown. Cooperstown is of course the New York home of baseball's hall of fame and where this year's inductees on this coming Saturday will include Tony La Russa. Melissa is being honored for guiding teams he managed to 2728. Wins a total that ranks third in baseball history but here's the -- About 43% up all of those wins were recorded when rose was managing Mark McGwire. And winning because of his prodigious power. That's the same Mark McGwire who has been denied inclusion in the hall because voters believe their prodigious power -- agreed -- to steroids. Which to me begs -- question. But what logic and the guardians of the hall vilified McGuire for his pharmaceutical assisted feats. It glorified Russo who benefited most of those same streets and who by the way conveniently played dump on the slugger morphed into the incredible Hulk. Look up monopoly against Tony La Russa or by great admiration for Mark LeVoir. It's hard to understand alcohol can shame one and -- the other when their achievements are so interdependent. In fairness all straddling both the -- or neither. Bryant Gumbel yeah. What would you do with managers Tony La Russa specifically. That knowingly or were assuming knew what took place semi got a seven that assumption. What would you do with those guys when it comes to the hall of fame let -- -- on the beavers into it attacks on a 55305. Lee is a really insightful opinion and and it's something that -- in Intel's -- sent this to us last night I'd never really thought -- you don't think about all the the outlying factors are going to steroid use an end we're all guilty it is in in a lot of it has to do with the way Major League Baseball handles it. But we basically sit back and -- our fingers and a handful of players Barry Bonds McGwire Sosa Roger Clemens is a handful of sizable pick out will blame for the entire era. Animal will wash our hands with a mobile lobotomy we won't think about all the other factors go into it. He noticed that there is to basically what 4344%. And 3% 43% of the wins for Tony La Russa came with Mark McGwire on his roster now we all know Mark McGwire to steroids and he clearly benefited from having a guy like that on his team. It to me this is a great point to point out because -- -- this steroid era was a bigger issue than just a handful of guys cheating it was an issue of an entire sport. A commissioner that's for managers owners everybody turning a blind -- because he had a terrible situation in the 94 locked out in media day he needed to rejuvenated you needed to get fans back in your -- needed to get eyeballs back on your sport. Everybody turned a blind eye because and Tony La Russa benefited from having steroid users on his team and this is why would people make the argument. The individual players should not be allowed in the hall of fame through that all the time about a McGwire Sosa or bonds or Clemens they should not be allowed in -- policy that's fine. But if that's the stance you're gonna take and I completely agree -- Gumbel I look at a guy like Tony La -- and I say that he should not be allowed in either it's unfair to him it and it's unfair to individual players. But you cannot tell me that he did not benefit from having a steroid -- honesty that you cannot tell me that he had no knowledge of Mark McGwire anybody else using steroids while they played four. If you look at Tony Lawrence is career act I think without question and doubt Tony La Russa deserves to be all same manager that's not my my gripe here my gripe is. How how we point the finger and how we place blame because you can look at Mark McGwire in a handful of other players throughout history. -- -- -- steroids and linked to steroids that are pretty much their career in the hall of fame you know not as pretty much suffering because of their connection to it. You can look at that but to me when you're looking at them. Do you not also point the finger at a Tony La Russa and other managers in baseball majority of them by the way who probably you know use a lot he's PED uses for their advantages for winning. Do you not pointed Damon kind of think -- -- -- should cheater it's Jeter by association essentially because you can't tell me Tony La Russa did -- know Mark McGwire is using. They guy's got pimples all over his back he's gained thirty pounds every single season he's coming in. And he's Jack in home runs 500 feet that's not something we're used to seeing in baseball. But suddenly this -- merges the guy can be great weight room -- he wants but that just it's not humanly possible. Unless you're getting help so to me I don't buy the notion that Tony Russa didn't know he knew and like every other manager because I don't know if you can name a team in the bigs. Through this error that -- use AP ED user at one time or another to their advantage and he put him in the lineup because he knew. Mark McGwire is war was decent it was pretty got -- McGee averaged around five he had 66 for his career. That 66 wins that Mark McGwire solely responsible for and like Gumbel said 43% of his total wins a manager came with Mark McGwire on his team the next guy scouting have a pool yeah exactly with the gays in the Cardoso to me I'm not saying Tony La Russa shouldn't be allowed in the hall of fame and I'm not saying he's on the same level as Mark McGwire. But I think it's a fair question asked -- something to put out there is. Where do you place -- -- can't just be on the players because like everybody in baseball they all knew Jason was going on and they all used it to their advantage in the. Players are an easy target but the sports fan the majority of sports fans are little more sophisticated to know that Selig profited everybody provident -- yes of course the best example I can use is it's like wall Streeter really is -- Wall Street where you've got. Basically kind of a Ponzi scheme 78. Pseudo Ponzi scheme. Where everybody is cheating and everybody is profiting so -- everybody's cheating and everyone's making money. You're not have any whistle blowers and sometimes you'll get one possible or that's able to take you organization. Or -- down that was Jose Canseco the one that really got the momentum going. When he talked about the percentage of people that we're using steroids people knew the Canseco was the first one has said you understand 7080%. People after that they Scott to that notion. I look back on and because of them the conduit of of Jose Canseco the message wasn't received very well. But he still has won the once it came out and look what that did to him part of in his it's self inflicted but when everybody's making money. It and it's everybody should be treated equally then when your remembering baton especially yes this and that and it all has -- the Wall Street as well. If Goldman Sachs has insider trading or something going on in their company. The CEO is gonna have to go and testify. And the CEO was going to be the one that gets in trouble for that because it happened under his watch and happened under his company is the same thing with steroids. Yes players are using it and yes they have to be held accountable but the authority figures here are just as responsible. And to have to ignore baseball's biggest problem is they ignored this issue and they don't attack and they don't don't try to -- every issue they didn't hear you right -- leader Pete Rose like in -- warning to legitimately. To get progress here you can do it. But the more more people start to question steroid users in the more. They become eligible to become into the hall of fame the more this is going to be nations and wait a second why is the -- in there why is Bobby Cox in the why is Joseph Torre in there not because their accomplishments are worthy right but. You can't say it's okay here and NC it's not okay with player. Play and that is exactly my point because you look at the three managers that are going -- and you can make the argument they're three of the best managers we've ever seen in the history of support via the sported an in my opinion all three of them belong in the hall of fame ask you a handful with steroid users that you know. We're we're all the same caliber players before they started do an event -- the argument that I always makes for players and make the same thing for some of these managers is that. You know it is it fair look at a guy in say that you you should be hitting a hundred points last. Because you could do it cleanly even though the picture on anonymous using steroids in the and to me that's the answer that nobody -- and the question nobody can ever answer. If you got a guy on a hill that's got five more miles and -- -- fastball he's recovering quicker because he's on HD aged. He is quick reflexes whatever the case may be is that much better as a pitcher. Because he's on steroids -- -- telling me you're gonna penalize the hitter after goal against that guy -- doing the clean ways of the does technically way maybe he's not a hall of fame player. If he would have played an energy another generation he would've been a hall of fame player. When you have seventy to 80% of the league that is using steroids I cannot point -- example the guys and say they were the best on steroids therefore there this deed goes there it's for -- of the guys. That we should point out it just like with Tony La Russa. We can sit here and say Tony La Russa had steroid -- and honesty. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I see and that's the best part of the conversation and I think it opens up people thinking a little more because I automatically a lot of people out there. Will hear PEDs and steroid users -- think the late nineties early two thousands and once all that got routed out. You had a very bonds who before he started using and this is a everybody's guest on this Wednesday before he started using you look at his career. Pittsburg and an early with the giants. He had phenomenal numbers and he was on pace easily to be a first ballot hall of Famer he juices for four years and his numbers like they were astronomical. But you still can't doubt the big guy in Britain deserves to be -- and that's my whole point is. You don't -- -- -- Altima find on there with you he was a he was a sub two you found out the White Sox -- re older you start putting names like that Clemens and bonds involved yes they Joost. I can move on from that nineteen except digest as I can with La Russa managing PED users and and I can move on and say yes you know hauled in career Barry Bonds had a halting grasses all the time. You take away all the phony crap it away from cycling is one of if not the dirty sport the world everybody Joost in cycling them. -- Armstrong was on. But he was still far right -- now -- while everybody it would make sure nothing is titles he got to get it to the sixth place finish circus -- -- our guys nine of Augusta while you wanted to strip him but you don't put Atlanta on -- hall of fame of cyclists because of what he was able to do during that era. And I mean we got a great text here -- this kind of sums up just that the problems of baseball bats as Mark McGwire was a player when steroids were not tested or -- Hank -- used methamphetamine or political green he's so who's to decide what is worse using a drug that -- he plays his oldest baseball. Baseball pitchers also doctor the ball in a home run Arabic there's so many different things that have gone on the sport of baseball. And that's like to meet this whole issue is just laughable on the -- are we gonna allow a pitcher like Phil -- we used to cut up the -- throws knuckleballer -- allow him and possessed cheating -- -- to yet another my hand is steady enough to draw that line of delineation is say. This is why did -- win. This is what keeps you out in the steroid that's right and that's exactly makers of there's too much gray area just on the steroid issue he's talking about let the -- at the numbers warrant it that's exactly how I feel yes I. What a different war you wanna you want an asterisk he won a different billing. I'm fine without I'll listen racist I don't embrace what's the. Fear that there's just a fear and I actually like -- like eleven in the personalize. On the British and the fear of admitting something. And moving past -- -- that's the best way to -- that was their meals and sports yeah look I made -- -- I made a mistake we made a mistake this wasn't handled very well here is the era. And -- -- and Leslie what -- you is the highest rated time name of your sports -- history I mean I can't I can study remember. I am a grandma lives in Oklahoma. That summer of 98 -- wires is that she couldn't tell you anybody's name in baseball team's name in baseball. She would call me every other day he did you watch Sammy -- and -- impact yeah exactly it touched everybody in America because of -- story historic no significance of that record. And what they were doing it really did captivate the country I'm with you they should have something. To show how anybody prior to that a little bit because of what it meant for your sport in the publicity and people paying attention to it. I still think there should be a hall area where you you acknowledge -- people played during that era. The draft class is going in this where the class is going in this weekend in Cooperstown expecting 40000. People for the induction of Greg Maddux Tom Glavine. Frank Thomas. Joseph Torre Bobby Cox and Tony the -- those of the six that are going to be in. Over the weekend we wrap up the show and -- is set for that weekend next on the fan. And towards dirt and strategists served up by buffalo wild and it's on ESPN's Sports Radio 1080 soon. I see here's what's gone on in sports today -- just turning on your radio the rapid fire on the east. Los Angeles Lakers a restart to Byron Scott they are talking about an offer. He's the man he's the guy now weighs a Laker I don't care to bring him back the showtime air base and Hercules comes up this weekend off I'm Jack for that man I I'll tell you this. I know the rock has been in some terrible movies and most of the movies and aren't very good -- serious but US do except for what years. First -- -- -- is growing actor in Hollywood biased growing grossing again exactly the second ball. If you don't go into his movies with expectations. You will walk out satisfied with the. Exactly the kind of an island NC you know he's going to be terrible actually that was just an average movie upon you wanna see him punch somebody in the -- slice their off he's the guy that you guys can enjoy that I got a big series too -- this weekend. What series of that waste more time -- giants Dodgers Ellis Andrew what's your stereotype about -- the giants maybe. Say this I got to -- you get married on Sunday. That's a friendship right -- into winning I got to I got Robin I got a total has its announcement are now that is it -- body -- when I don't -- them. No no this is exactly my point is active a friend I'm willing in this Sunday night baseball four to go to his -- The -- has been situations -- Israeli accord might I ask -- that need to be my best primarily. Showed where you stand though best friend growing up possibility for probably the thirteen fourteen years. That didn't ask me the -- how many media have though. -- yeah take as a consistently almost siblings is links cousins you know take that personally now I don't care -- -- adjustment -- and take me it like if I get married and I don't use one of my friends as we giants to weren't going to be in your way in my senior -- -- It is against the good -- -- -- herself from my wedding you got a couple rule close friends we -- on but we involved in this tax. Apparently according to you guys you've already put your feet down next me up there on the -- in this is on the bragged. This is why getting married in Hawaii was the greatest thing I ever did I -- have to worry about this nonsense because most people can afford to go -- -- -- -- Also what happens today in sports kind of as story's been. News cycle for probably pretty close 24 hours now but the CI had camp today so that's why it's a story mark -- called the up on network last night. And told Michael Robinson that he is not going to show up to camp that he is holding out. And waiting for a new contract which I happen to agree with him he is getting paid five million this year seven million the following. And so he's basically what he is after in these contract negotiations he says. I want more money -- to me because he knows he's going to get cut. So the value does not -- his role diminished for sure yes yes that he knows that his value is highest now US to capitalize. I have zero problem when I saw -- earlier because they talk to Pete Carroll and John Snyder after their training camp practice and in a pretty much took a hard you know hard stance and they said look he got his big contract weren't we don't have any plans to change our tune. His contract is what he's gonna get paid and that it's on curious. Who's gonna for the -- -- going to be organization is he gonna step back -- elite has treated me really well I wanna beer 'cause he does love playing in Seattle he was playing on that team. I am always curious who folds first. If John Schneider Pete -- to their guns I'd imagine it's gonna be marsh on the worst thing you can have isn't showing up in not giving you effort necessarily. SL XUS question I think my decision because he'll get replace and he won't play in and his value on the market will go down. When they're high up on the two guys and they got backing him up right now Preston Michael -- exactly so they you know they're hopeful that they get that situation forget about what you guys I don't know why you know let. If it it sounds like even from what we've heard is that this was going to be his last here in Seattle anyways and there was already rumors swirling and they were gonna cut him before that five and a half million dollars kicked in the -- -- next to what you look at got Marshawn Lynch that we have the same conversation -- Vernon Davis is not the same with tight ends. It when you look at running back that's forty years old this is his last chance to get paid I mean is careers could be over. In the next couple years -- -- in you know that as a ran back the Wear and -- especially a physical runner like Marshawn Lynch. And detail that the -- in terror and it's taken up on his body over the years the NFL and cal. He deserves a handful -- money look what he did for your organization -- that he had in the NFC championship game over a hundred yards against one of the best run defense in the NFL. And San Francisco he deserves a little more money in Seattle. Should pay him Drew Brees came out today and say he moved truly believes he's capable of playing another ten years -- -- and -- feel -- as to what he thought it. Yet so you get up to forty and he Telemar Alex continues to let anyone around your car I don't. Yet tell that to Brett Favre we did our NFC east free this week next week we're looking for -- going to do -- NFC west previews we've got a bunch of guys lined up. In those markets Saint Louis Arizona. San Francisco and Seattle the -- a lot of NFL chatter on our show next week we had a lot of pac twelve step this week -- -- back from back on media day. They were down there would do a lot of -- also this week. We're gonna do a lot of mental stuff the following week. In we've got some things in the works for what we think is a pretty funny pac twelve free -- well -- soon -- we hope you like he did. They give and I just gotta say this a little disappointed I think you forgot the biggest tease of the day I'm going to be hosting and also there's one big hasn't that there's a giants -- that that's the indeed knows it's just analyze -- abroad to be sitting down again. Drilled to -- credit electing our quick what's your letting go. I'm hosting the -- mark yet you are eight deciding M yeah right he's fine Airways and he's going artist now in Joel McCullough. So -- using -- was getting married. You think terrible is sun is getting married this weekend if they are hand aching there -- full blown panic you're nervous aren't -- that they think for some reason I'm not really do and how were on golf won't look man it's one thing to -- daily noon to three it's another to do an hour on a Saturday eight to nine and that's on -- morning of the vast -- easy necessarily that's currently it is they're a -- in the -- be joining -- there as well also in the theaters this weekend probably the worst movie of the weekend but Lucy. While Scarlett giants that's -- -- -- on -- and unnecessary lode runner is actors of our generation over under fourteen million. In fourteen -- -- her -- million -- have been pretty -- -- to the box -- even if you like you know well it's all sandwich that you that that it makes -- fourteen -- main vocals and an eighteen now there you -- I was gonna make -- students and -- -- over would you announcing fourteen was about an -- eighteen of course I'm not acknowledgment of these gross and she's -- smoking -- that movie -- and now that your country looks fantastic she's run in the world. And of course is the hall of fame induction is weakening Cooperstown 40000 yet you want to thank. -- on TV Elena doesn't take place to energize Dodgers game I'll watch Bobby Cox. And and Tom Glavine I got an autographed Bobby Cox baseball. Now why you don't like them just does must be nice to be like to reminisce over the 2010 and -- -- yes. -- Over the weekend that you can do so pat Dieter Johnson at brand Sprague IMAX to either radiant worth phenomenal job by one -- -- call this week. Really enjoyed having him producing our show. He was -- today that's a clever segment for the the sentence doing I think you'll lose some weight -- I can fit in in my parking -- You damaged and that my goodness it is gonna say. Had a great weekend hope you enjoyed the show today were back tomorrow I scooted back from pac twelve media day -- show is next we'll see you Monday. Even listening to dig for -- -- break served up by Buffalo Wild Wings. Onto any of him. OK guys. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well -- later.

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