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Danforth, Dirt & Sprague 7.25.14 Hr2

Jul 25, 2014|

In the 2nd hour, the Let It Go segment returns plus a conversation with Would You Rather.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Everybody it's dirt -- you're listening to our number two with a -- for -- Sprague podcast presented by century late what's fast Internet at a low rice get it all was century link. Go to centrally dot com to get up to forty makes Internet at a low -- monthly rate that won't change for a full year visit century link dot com today. How do you like being -- real studio. It's like a new pair of underwear. Who -- -- first it's constricted. But after awhile it becomes a part of you. Then towards dirt and spread peace you don't -- -- -- -- -- -- And we had to -- that's brand that anybody could happen to Taylor dancing or in other news. Prime minister of Sweden visited Washington today in my tiny little -- when the brand. -- Johnson thank you need to face jail also pitched in four months. Coach would couldn't Brooklyn. And Brendan -- is 39 years ago I -- yeah. I'm not going to hammer and you if there's a flyer Dan poured its. Pray -- ESPN Sports Radio ten AV OK. It's very it's just -- joy of cola on the game's fantastic work. I'm just glad he gave me want to bring you just highlight real and yet he got one that's like -- -- I would've gotten big -- that was my question. And about ten minutes and our Jason would you rather have a 145. Worked wrapping up our NFC east preview the last. Team that we had to previews the Washington Redskins. We'll take a look at that at 145 or revisit our conversation of what you do with baseball managers. That managed guys that are going into -- that are steroid users that have gotten a hall of fame. But there -- being elected in the basement the Baseball Hall of Fame induction to this weekend Tony La Russa Bobby Cox and Joseph Torre of the managers they're gonna be elected it. They're expecting huge crowds and -- As they're taking huge crowds. And I think is the cities like 12100 people or just out of town and AM answer they're expecting. They're expecting a ton of people so. We'll -- that's all coming up this hour also discussed Marshawn Lynch that is our shores board of sports topics. And Los Angeles Lakers may have their man and it could be after all these years. Byron Scott. I'm glad that they've hired a guy is gonna bow down to what Kobe Bryant wants to do is to me. That's essentially what this about he was interviewed and he was on a month ago and I -- -- was on sports center. And they asked him you know little it's one of the ranger qualified to -- run the lakers organization helped turn around. What a great relationship Kobe Bryant. He's not going to be there in two years three years so I'm glad they're hiring you for the long term. I like Byron Scott I I had I grew up with a friend and Byron Scott -- uncles I got to meet him a couple of times a really nice guy -- Iraq but overall. As a coach I just don't -- -- yet I don't know he's gonna make a big enough impact. To fully turn that organization around back to to the level that they wanna be yet he did a fine job with the nets about he did a decent job with the hornets as well with Chris Paul. Obviously the cavs didn't work out but a lot -- don't work out Cleveland and if so to me like he he's an average coach I think he belongs in this league in terms of having head coaching job. I just don't know if he's the guy a fully turn around the lakers organization yet. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They're probably not going to be that competitive you are you glad you draft Julius ran -- that Colby. Even bring in that Carlos Boozer off the amnesty from Chicago so this is a team in the Western Conference that might be more improved and they were last year but they're not going to be able to can be -- playoff spot this year and I don't expect there will be the year after that. And lest they make some of those groundbreaking moves that they need to. And they push Colby out the door because he's just too old at this point this is a two year hire you see what he can do that the if he fails the team sucks and that's fine get critical be gearing him at the same time and. Start fresh 2016 I can't wait to see him -- discipline Nick Young CIA that relationship goes I TV maybe you have. Dunleavy started on -- guy that should be eager rates are smorgasbord of sports topics at Texas right now Charlie Strong. Dismisses a more players again today it's been a total of six players that he is kicked off the teams is becoming coach in addition to suspending too long -- players. On Thursday yesterday after they were arrested for sexual assault. Lot of problems going on Texas right now and Charlie Strong is trying to clear houses in the they've got six players again six players. Have been. Let go and the another two have been suspended when that was the big talk with Mack Brown in terms of people wondering why Mack Brown had -- the drop off after the last national title appearance and a lot we will leave the town was great. But you didn't have players that we're taking it very series -- -- yeah I'm more worried about off the field stuff that walk all over and so and let people have their mixed opinions on Charlie Strong I I personally think he's a pretty good -- I liked what he did at Louisville. I don't care that he had Teddy Bridgewater he's responsible for getting Teddy Bridgewater. So for me. I like the higher with taxes I think you could work out very well he's strong arm coach kind of that red ass guy and right now he's really setting his identity within that program within that athletic organization. And I really like the movie -- a lot of these moves are obvious getting rid of some of those guys a sexual assault. But some of these other guys are just idiots -- bone heads that have off field issues and icing -- I can deal with that I'm setting a standard and I think it's good for taxes because they wanna get back to the level. And Alabama LSU that national title conversation. This is what they have to do they have to take out the lazy and incompetent. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He was doughnut Jim and John Harbaugh yeah other headlines and Jim Harbaugh as you know like -- -- raked him -- -- the 49ers go -- Texas. -- he wasn't their first option but to me I love the Irish -- and he did great job turning around Louisville a program that it was once prominent Tino behind a guy. In -- lose today they fell off a little bit he brought that program back so you go out you get a guy like that Texas I get to go higher and to be you need to establish authority I firmly do you believe him Mack Brown towards the end of his tenure there. It it was it was a little bit of chaos it was -- mean that was a program but he magistrate you look at the recruiting rankings every single season that's team think it's a top five top ten recruiting class. Every single year you look at all the tout their backyard he cannot let the players have too much power too much control. If you show some authority kick some guys off hopefully they learned their lesson and to me it's good to come and do that right -- Head coach on the sports headlines today we didn't really get a chance talk about this we may later in the show that the Los Angeles Clippers point guard Chris Paul told ESPN that it's quote unacceptable and quote. If Donald Sterling is still the owner of the team in the season begins. It is a very very strong possibility that they will boycott the clippers if he still as the coach this team reeks of ignorance. It reeks of selfishness. And it reeks of just a lack of understanding of what is taking place and Chris Paul in the clippers boycotts that will back. Fire on them what it says I don't understand the move there am I did that your frustrated that your runner is playing out legal process we want to that's my point like I you know that you're upset that your owners racism and all this came out I -- -- -- -- coming from but to -- -- strike -- kind of boycott your team in and the fans in the NBA. I don't think that's gonna happen I don't know why they need to come out and say it is you have to let the legal system play out yeah I left a lot of these guys really -- Doc Rivers one of the smartest guys in the NBA. But also Smart -- follow very Smart by a lot of people's standards and terms of you know where a point guard can lead a team I don't know how you don't step back from isn't just see it and say. Yeah you gotta let the legal system play out we have to wait for him to be booted or he walk away you know one of the two is gonna happen. Just give it some time even if he still technically the owner by opening night. He's gonna have nothing to do with your team right shot up and get back on the court I do we are coming from the -- needed to get this -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It you guys you have your head -- you did you like doing exactly what if what if your team starts eaten twelve and those first twenty games -- -- -- missed the playoffs because of that is that something you're willing to look at your fan base it's a hate -- sorry guys we just glad we had a -- point but I have a lot of respect for Doc Rivers I have a ton of respect for response when my favorite players in the NBA. Maybe a little over hyped as -- and a lot of success in the postseason. But I love both of those guys this is one of those moves where I'm not quite sure where the pressures coming from I'm not sure this is a decision they came up up on the wrong. But when you have Blake Griffin at the -- basically laughing about the issue would agree with -- -- straight made a joke about it in his opening monologue -- show Blake Griffin and he was laughing. To be you're sending mixed signals they -- in your analyzing the wrong people you would it take everything clipper off of your wardrobe awful whatever you -- to -- already clipper gear. I have zero promise that whatsoever in -- god. But don't penalize the city of LA and don't penalize the fans the clippers' Chris. Also we're going to talk about it will definitely going to talk about it Blake Griffin at DR Andre Jordan doc and I it's unacceptable what he has to be careful love -- Chris -- got to get reputations so does that rivers the last thing you want. Any situation that you did not cause. Is for people to go after you and turn their attention to you via people already made up their mind about Donald Sterling they know it's being taken care of the last thing you wanna come across is -- boy killed. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- There is that the level of distrust their mistrust there I do understand that. But yet to look at Adam silver and what he is doing it and the efforts that he is making yeah got to understand got to be -- you gotta be smarter and be able to understand. And the ramifications of your choice that while in protest last year it's fine but the the average sports -- -- little more educated on what's going on. And now than maybe 2030 years ago they understand they follow -- following this Donald Sterling -- -- -- it's -- this is what's taking place. Adam -- done more than enough for you you're spoiled you may millions of dollars you've played for the guy for a long time when you knew we was racist. Now all of a sudden here is is not to look at Adam silver had not announced they were gonna take him mountain banning him from going to any games. I did it I totally understand boycott as long as it takes it that's how you want -- in your message great I'm all for it. I just don't know what do you do it out of it that's my whole point is what do you walk away if you miss. Let us say they they do go with it I don't think they will they missed thirty games. What do you come back with after thirty games what did you accomplish that I just don't see the bigger picture maybe would you rather we love these segments and hopefully you will see we're gonna do that next few isn't it and four turns break served up by Buffalo Wild Wings onto an eighty defend this. Time for adults report on the -- -- by buffalo while you. And ESPN Sports Radio 1080 I. We'll finalize our NFC east preview coming up at 145 going to be the Washington Redskins are let it go segment. Things that bother you during the week we've got a bunch we'll do that at 2 o'clock in the meantime we're gonna have some fun here doing feel free to participate you can feel free to the state. As well on the Tex receive more -- would you or. Other guys we love playing would you rather him ask my after you regain smoggy air off the air the -- get a little sideways that it sometimes but it's a fun game to play pretty clean effort today -- Yeah we we used to do some would you rather since he had the 8 o'clock hour on time Friday nights and disgusting -- -- a deal would get a little dirty. We'll start -- offending people I can like that I like offending people would you rather run like a stereotypical girl. Or would you rather throw like a stereotype not even close run I can handle I can handle I mean it's it's if you're right handed and most people are out there. Imagine what it's like to throw football forty yards with your left hand yeah and how ugly it was like that's what I'm envisioning common around my finger yeah. One left handed so thanks for that. In Jennie Finch -- Yet that's -- -- went -- and we're talking to us and yet -- I have giant softball get out here we're not whine enough he wanted him. We've got a couple in in this office if that's. They're throwing motion -- running design -- yeah there is a sales guy and he knows -- years you should see this guy just do anything in sports it's a funny thing nursing in my life. Would you rather have a permanent clown face or permanent clown clothes -- this does not even close either give US classes of divot the clown clothes I am not gonna walk around with the rest of my life with white light phase -- likes of -- a look at smile and directing those underestimate having -- clown clothes and LC with Paula and Jane -- -- -- part of your clothes. Now that's they don't know if you don't know -- part of narrows his clown face new. And get after party announced on them -- -- -- -- thing I've got -- to make up the rest of my Bible I like I can live with looking like a -- I gladly take -- analysts -- -- I don't 75% America's says they're scared of clowns. There's 25%. Of women involved there I'll take my chances then I'll get with one of those 25%. And they'll gladly hook up with me you're not hooking up with a girl clown clothes and like size eighteen sheen's. You can't Wear make up the rest you know you can't you you can Wear clown clothes man -- clown clothes and you tell me if you wanna Wear that every day. The Joker did pull up nicely not exactly and in -- -- -- -- nice Jack Nicholson you look like us you know Jack Nicholson pulled honey he's in the back man with zero. You're not the Joker you're just so Ukraine could be used if that's the jokes that you -- -- criminal -- her saying it's like the joke you walk around like a cycle on the sidewalk. If you faced maybe Insane Clown Posse seem to be doing okay right still around in my right that many people know that if they go home they wash the make up off. Did you think. He gets in -- would you rather justified five threes notify you also participate as well would you rather -- same lines. Would you rather go to a party. And be under dressed or would you rather go to a party and be over dressed. This is an interesting one because of the eagle over dressed can be embarrassing and being under dressed and obviously be embarrassing political overture as though. And now it's his I think under dressed I think guys have been over addressed by the way and -- when have we ever been overdrive cheerleading competition. It was like in ninety degrees and you can Wear black and a thousand in August and hit me I -- to -- the women -- I was also Wear flip flops on his party on the bottom business on the topsy got a mix and match their little bit. You go over -- here I can't handle being under dressed and secure seat now. -- the best thing is about being undressed. Look at -- it's awkward at least you're comfortable I'd rather be comfortable then beating guy over dressed wearing a suit and then doing. This time just harness Barton that. You you make it a point here for going over dressed. If you go to a party overdrafts you can take your time yes Jack it up we're still covered by rash of major out of power casual shirt yeah go to party donors lesson we were handling it is sure. You can't in all not a competition you have the science now now the question was do you go to a party over -- -- that wasn't. Do you have to stay -- got one that's that's insinuated and -- That's the only urge president has insinuated there I applaud like his from the noise says the married guy could -- Yeah. What do you are would you rather segment here will get to sports shortly if you wanna. Would you rather have mermaids or -- let's be real. Is easy yet this disease how you guys gonna go for military it is a -- and I got to. Apple lets us taxes out alleged illegal first of mermaids what do you do with a mermaid. When I argument why do anything that was in the water and -- It checks -- gut written in a little wafers Nat geo ought to put out a documentary thing to watch at all. I think you have to go -- here now it's not because I would hook up with one I'd be tempted to put officially kind of scares me. You can pay a mermaid has nothing to go under water. And brings up buried treasure and then you can take 80% of that revenue why would she work for you why -- he was just painting would have -- had an understanding -- she would like to -- gonna go find treasure at the -- audio did you think your cashing in like she -- let me -- -- flop around her she can give me that I can go by her oxygen -- -- helped breathing devices. It's not a given that our cash. Apply here and oxygen tank and then she can come on land -- hook up with -- -- -- -- and a lot of people think they unicorn like. -- -- Chick theory you of course can be nasty he needed as a weapon is somebody says you -- a horse with a -- Sinks in battle or you can -- 1775. When -- -- a horse with a spear the war. I have a tank with a resume on what's illegal hunting with the unicorn though they don't run after an animal descent born and hunting a unicorn. All -- You can make money out you -- -- you're not gonna get a -- heading your but he smallpox isn't crazy bastard when I unicorn horn are you kidding me we -- and abuse the him down I mean now we would never be now. Doing an -- in my based. To the unicorn darn right it is the but it would simply takes and they -- -- -- the unicorn. You see rich it's against -- seller makes -- unique treasure was about point you reach either way I guess it. Padilla and one way or another unit Korn will go for the Triple Crown like would that be legal you can do whatever you wanted to slash in other horses we don't you know points why. At the Pegasus now he accords to yes they do. In the end the movie thing the movie is groovy thing yeah you know and on target about Obama hates us now only paces half man. Right now the Hercules horse why it's. Agree with I think we're backwards on this. I think in the send to our seventh president czars are passing in there about yeah elect Jerry potter movies and he takes it one of the mermaids become evil too -- they could control the C. We get efficiency -- to -- I don't know what can blow like them under water and there that's underwater music is breathing breathing. -- -- -- -- And we'll do next here's -- was sports center. And towards dirt and spread on ESPN's Sports Radio 1080 Beltran. Because -- here jettisoning the fifth best sort on the station with Derek Derek and spread. OK okay. And they returned to support -- fifteen minutes we promise. I'll see aren't NFC SAS and -- are NFC east preview what's under the watch you know Redskins. We got people fired up in the first hour and is a fun conversation we enjoyed it and how does what you do with managers in baseball. The -- -- guys that aren't in the hall of fame because of steroids the reason this zine issue is this coming up weekend in Cooperstown. -- got three managers Tony La Russa about a tax and Joseph Torre who of all benefited from guys that took steroids. The what do you do with those guys your putting them in but you're not putting the players in. Who made their crew readers of that conversation will come up in the 2 o'clock hour as well as little marks on the -- let go at the top of the hour but we continue long. When there would you rather -- You know -- vs. Mermaid is getting a lot of play out. Fired a lot of people lot. Everybody has a strong take either way this this was it's it's -- when -- in my opinion how does mermaids affect the fishing industry. And that's -- that's a -- already eaten meat they probably do their -- and all the fish exactly that's my worry my vegetarians. When winter meetings is easy -- I guess in its lofty plans. Clancy. But see I'm just curious what unicorn like it and the women of unicorn in their powers. Some limited virgins. -- blood. -- appropriates touch up a Prius. When he that your crap. All right here -- come tomorrow would you rather just puts up there you are right now idea let's go next a year ago we. Would you rather know that cost of your death this is my struggle with this one for the date of your death. Now this is this is a deep mine game here because if you know in this this that we talked about is probably for an hour before the show did we got stuck on this if you know the day it -- there's a countdown. And you now you know like -- -- got three weeks left at two weeks you know it that those would be some scary weeks right. But it's you know the cots indifferent front of the great point here. Because we all thought of course causes the easy answer what is the cost of car accident with the cost of plane accident whether it's something that you do lighting walking down the sidewalk. That's that's how you guys are common -- no comment saying you do on a day to day basis. And that led me to I'm switching my vote here I sit of course I'm going -- I -- know. I'm gonna I'm gonna -- -- he had me go because then you'll know you'll know OK I got a couple of years let you you can get everything you know everybody talks about the proverbial bucket list you can get all your bucket list items in it would be pretty miserable that gave them -- yet that day before she didn't need to -- it'd be a bad day I thought about this site you can live freely. I would love to know the highs because -- everybody wants to know if you're gonna die brutally or -- in your sleeping your PDA but I think I would wanna know the date for this reason. -- count down to the date and on said date I wonder if there could be some kind of hot tub time machine situation. You mean she's carrying guns say do you you can't you stay -- just like a bubble wrap now room now okay within Ireland on the cots and you -- yet. If I can't alternate -- and I know -- -- today's Saddam's most die I'm not can do any. They wouldn't have a fear the rest of your life Sprague you can go skydiving you go bungee jumping you could go I would have a fear dirt. My debts coming yeah but the ice is safe in this business here is like 2072. Okay we'll finally -- domain but you would never happen you're scared of flying right yes you would never be scared of flying right I would you know their eyes on who have now fear nobody pizza was like ghostly little bush sharks if it was 27 team. Have a fear for three years and as you. You don't want it to be a close they lose -- you're X amount a way I don't imminent risk it's a gamble created company losing it depends on how far we don't know. EST you know now I am teaching is tell you know the -- again it's used before you know just like I don't know if it's a shark attack. Or you're gonna die -- language yeah Mario what what -- -- I fully felt old age yeah yeah exactly. To gamble -- however -- you imagine if you found out. You guys have your torso bitten off by sharks and when they brought you don't like that tiger finished off. -- what have you found that out equally to say he had a great 90 that's coming up. Tests which won here. We've got to get stuck in an elevator or stuck -- ski -- it -- ski lift -- seven days a week twice on Sunday I think I'm gonna -- -- the elevators scare the crap out of -- you've won wire cut annual phone you've done it by far the ski -- there's -- hope that there's enough powder down there even -- office -- -- -- worst case you break a -- and I crawled out maybe back -- rolled down the -- no big deal what's the worst thing that was -- -- Atlanta Falcons. -- top -- Not to act now to a lot -- It's a federal you're getting galaxy they're up there at night and try and jump off the break -- -- and we'll ask undervalued -- I'm now in mind that things are in your -- -- general thoughts. Yes I got my students I know -- what I do tuck and -- it's not that bad this land on your side rolled to the sports that coming in ten minutes in the meantime. It's -- would you rather soon would you rather never shower again. Or never be able to see your reflection again. This is easy now that is not as easy -- one of the easiest ones to me or they're not every night it looked like the rest your lie I'm showering every day yes police you just -- -- horrible growth on your face -- there's no brain no break out there to take his journal we do we do this all the time. Where you telling you somebody has a -- on their face break up cannot say media fourth kind of look the other -- -- yesterday I had as it yesterday nobody said anything and I need to take care -- -- TD DC. -- and I did plan -- could he could use your help earlier in the afternoon. But I gotta go reflection here. You're not showering you you can give me some old spice spray did you hear any crotch -- you give me some heavy heavy duty deodorant I got to know what's going on with the money maker here I can't go without -- -- -- used brave enough -- old spice spray your body's guess. Gusting again. Are you didn't meet but you'll never be able to see yourself ever I know I'm good looking I know in the -- rebound from this collision warning is turning to somebody that's not good looking and I imagine the looks on people's faces would tell me all I needed to know. It's a but he say that you can mentally -- in elevator. -- news to me you can. I mean think about you know what it's stuck halfway and you can't crawl yeah you gotta be stuff. All right does -- more these would you rather get rid of a lot. Or would you rather make a lot of your own. So that everybody wants to know whether this is an easy -- for a system where did you end up pottery here and firing live like two. Established now but also there's laws I think I would like to take away -- -- a -- create a lot there's not a whole lot of laws out there and get me fired up. Yemeni go create a -- to create a lot -- it's they would lie is I go create a lot. Mine would probably need to put semi drivers and bad drivers on one freeway I think most people's laws of the driver and when they -- NASA. Yes. Yeah that was I think now it's pretty -- right. I don't know man some people can have some good ideas for creating a look at this great buzz out there we're taking a whale. I is next on must have -- you guys are giving you credit for would you rather be rich in the seventeen hundreds. Or making eleven dollars an hour today let's look at the way we -- lesson that -- journals that this is the easiest answer a ball and give me rich in the seventy there's no roles in the 17100 and it is open Rangers game a year rich you can do whatever you -- -- like why why would you welcome to now pay mortgages -- make you don't hear how a city that's my plans stay off -- -- and I got money in the world you don't need any of the benefits that we have in today's society. And -- Ali's cell phone different you yeah. Trying to do my style that I hear is really do not -- -- -- cell phone nowadays if you're making eleven dollars we -- lesson that we had assigned in the area. I actually -- over me. Come on we all had situations are not an -- all of us and what we were all doing something new where we we're getting now on some level that would pursue it through those hard times dvd you are on the fan go ahead. I doubt it David -- -- he needed. Are built quite a cup car and I geared toward the -- noted that your dad or they partnered yes. I'd I'd take it stage every single time that you do that that we're probably going to be correct yup you've been learning to read it. Regret your life you never know right where it's coming. What does it cost is old age though. But he did that hey it's true that the data for Big Apple our current -- -- -- -- What's that he take he dated for that breakaway yet you can you got a good date on that one. And it's with the death within the date or the Constantine. Makes raised in this area now managed wouldn't go out as one gonna watch any candy that you -- final destinations that we have we got some pretty good ones here from a make a lot of abolish all. It's very good point law they can't wish for more wishes well that's it -- and I guess it's about point new federal law that the Monday after Super Bowl Sunday is a natural holiday. A national holiday excuse me that's that's fantastic point I'd love that day of work. I get rid of the drinking age. Should be team and a that's the that's a lot of new law does a lot of all the laws you could choose you choose to lower the drinking you're over eighteen what's that -- you you're good to go there is your life thinking of others durden -- It's something that Fiorina -- it'll offer me the giants are America's team rapid fire. After games sports not coming in five minutes -- more real quick. Would you -- -- -- -- would you rather use CN paper as toilet paper -- pool or would you rather have hot sauces side. You have these scenes yeah yeah going to -- in San paper I'll be delicate. Yeah I -- sandpaper there's a program yeah as a man with a delicate bomb I can tell you how excruciating. Pain the cardinal of Vienna tomorrow. But I can't put -- some -- my balls I'm an -- to go sandpaper and I'm going to be doing it very delicately. Last one would you rather cheap pay attention here would you rather change the size of an object Iran without affecting the -- who. So you could make -- you want the you have as big as you want it leaves the senate smallest -- lines for a small as you want Karen or would you rather change the weight of an object. Without affecting the side yeah I still inside is not affect the weight I -- yeah I'm affecting the weight. Size stays as yet you let me give that -- overtime yet now -- -- got -- would you rather change decide -- -- -- examples you would rather change the size of an object without affecting the -- so in other words you can make a quarter. As big as or again but it's still a -- ways that weren't yet. Or would you rather change the weight of an object. Without affecting the size in other words you -- lift up the Empire State Building right that's why -- all the Empire State Building and a there'd -- a lot of chaos and the -- you can -- -- salary so -- -- got to change the -- here and think about all the things you -- you -- travel with your liking your golf -- very easily you know just keep carrying around a little -- when I -- think -- -- pick -- so often and how -- would travel could be -- that would be still be heavy but some travel would see how many times have you wanted to. Move the car do something where this this really the way that -- -- yeah. I'm gonna keep the same -- only point with a golf club is valid and that changed the weight. To get philosophical debate. I would rather change the weight as well I'd rather make you like something really light extremely heavy and watch people trying to pick -- up early years ago says Italy needs you are are letting goes would you rather sit in traffic or would you rather be the one it's in the wreck. Well my expert that's pretty easy traffic rather not be in her car wreck and -- -- socially. Flames professor fender Bender. Let go of top of the hour we'll get back into our major league Baseball Hall of Fame discussion -- up next we take a look. Our final NFC east team the Washington Redskins an interesting year for them. And we will discuss that next on the fans. Did anybody. The thing. -- -- And straight served up by the world where he owns Maloney you as. Radioactivity. Yeah you're saying yeah. Hello my name is do you listen. I carry the show and I Taylor -- in day out. Oh my hard work and a need for a local anger in the days or else we weren't the ones true tough probably these cheap shot let me. -- half hour of programming on my -- Let me go also my idea at the top of the hour we'll do that stand fast you really want me now -- air. And that's the thing that's. We are going to be doing an NFL fantasy football draft out of Buffalo Wild Wings the three of us are gonna be out there were hoping that you will join us it is proxy by a century to leak. And though so we said we had this idea Oregon you know what we want to include as many people as possible and let's break a world record. For the biggest collection of fancy football drafts. It's a Morgan we've got a ton of things for you tell enterprises time incentives that will tell you about more here. In the coming weeks but if you're interested in being involved in our fantasy football draft party. -- August 27 we're gonna started at 6 o'clock. I get things going and the official start will be at 7 o'clock if you're interested in this please text drafts of 55305. It's gonna be a fun time we went out there last year we had our own little -- -- -- fantasy football league which by the way were still certain apps at the exit acclaimed fantasy football that seed is Texas and let us know if you're intrusive but. We went up you get these draft consider just awesome -- it -- draft you can maybe get your entire you'll -- to get -- your entire -- out there. But he get a kit with all the names on it you get a big draft -- to play along with. They give -- these these gift cards from buffalo -- -- -- if you attend personally you get a hundred dollar gift card for your entire -- which is great so you can do it ended the season celebration need to do week by week whenever you -- spend it. It's it's a great incentive it's a lot of fun and -- links are -- the Internet is we're gonna ton of people out there so we're gonna need to have some had you know some high speed Internet it's going to be fun it's going to be a good party were to be out there hanging out. So coming out then placed -- Paul wells pretty well says there's not much I can add -- on the fact of armor we do this last year and yeah we had our collective. And I think that was one of the finest events we've been to just kind of you know shoot the breeze with them going back and forth making fun of each -- draft makes. And enjoin some Beers have been some lanes I mean it really is a great venue to be at. Mean does -- -- clear that plays out and get ready for ready show up and have fun. The draft it's like dirt said a lot of value in them they're very helpful. In terms of what who'd pay can needing to know some names out there too so if you text draft to 55 thru five you're committing viewing your league. To join in in and be there with us. And the coolest thing is is is -- lip service we are legitimately gonna set a world record now yet more break in a world record here -- that breaking might not be the right word because there's no record that currently exist for motor knowledge and and that is true so I prefer setting a world record in any year to -- back and break our road record from the year before -- gonna eventually after a couple of years of the same going to be multiple world. Record holders and of course is dirt said -- link is helping us out to make sure can look you there's nothing worse when you go to an event like this and Internet doesn't work. Isn't it he's going to be huge sell for as if you do need fast Internet and at a low price you can visit. Century -- dot com to get to forty make speeds. And a lol bundled monthly rate for one point just text the word draft to 553 yes 305 and instead of saying draft and wanna be we just text that word you'll they'll bounce back and get the info back Samantha -- -- a -- draft if I was -- five. I say Washington Redskins going into the season and what pops in your my. Curiosity. Really I mean I mean that's what it is -- -- EEJ -- new head coach he did a fantastic job. Working with the ginger is a quarterback in Cincinnati in Italy if you can make the argument that team had a legitimate quarterback. I look at that as one of the most talented teams in the entire NFL with the defense the run gave the weapons they have on the outside and you don't just finds a way to -- any year any year route for that organization. I thought it was a great hire them to go out and do. RG three to be though is where I used the word curiosity may -- and first time as a head coach in the NFL we -- brother had some success winning a Super Bowl. But RG three was about as -- -- you could possibly be last year I mean you come off rookie season all the excitement you make the playoffs nobody really saw that coming. The injury happens in the nobody saw the 313 year coming so he's experienced the highs and highs and -- solos in his first two years in the NFL. What's it going to be like this year I mean did I there is a general question mark because I would not be surprised there's a talent on that roster I -- of turning it around not making the playoffs. But are they get to be any better than -- 313 season make RG three stay healthy how to use him as he still to be running the same way he did. Is there going to be any concerns over his long term in his in his longevity with that team there's a lot of question mark surrounding his teams I think it the first Red Cross my mind is curiosity. I would say I can't really put one word but I'll say this two words crappy good I think the record is gonna be somewhere between four. And six wins I think they're not going to be very good in terms of getting ball games done in winning -- But there's going to be flash is where we look at them on offense and I think they're going to be OK now I read a report last night from on the Monday Morning Quarterback. They're doing their can't previews and they went around in the Washington Redskins and Peter King pretty much talking about that he thinks RG three's kind of a new player -- he made comments yesterday about. Mike Shanahan and how he feels happier now with this coaching staff is they fully support him. I kind of buy into that sometimes from for athletes and in the mental aspect of it having RG three's gonna be better than he was last year he can only go up from there. Their defense is gonna be terrible and ultimately that's why they're gonna lose it's on a ball games. But I think there's going to be a point this season whether it's the last game third the last game whenever where -- -- to the Redskins and we same and you had a couple pieces here and there yeah they're right back where they Wear when they made the playoffs. Should definitely be in the mix but I was I was pretty neat about them last you're going into the season. And I said -- -- athlete there that I thought they were the worst team and policy will be wearing -- that was halfway there I think we were us. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It wasn't a talent issue but just from a dis function standpoint and that's his curiosity because there is talent on that on that roster they're absolutely is just. I just look at the is what they what they did to what Eagles did -- -- just in various -- And we'd we overvalued the Washington Redskins last year I was chip Kelly's what is first teams. As a particularly like him date came out and embarrassed that money and I kept my next day -- came out and embarrass them we talk from the port Tyrod Michael Vick in the U Deion where he ranked. That division is not very good admit as. -- have been a lasting even a year and -- playoffs that was -- that nobody had to -- it -- some -- seventeen and Romo choked it -- but I do think all three of the teams in that division at giants the cowboys in the Eagles are all better right now in the Redskins I am gonna take the risk is finished last in the division as in my wouldn't be surprised if they take it -- finish second or third in the division. I don't see any way with the first year head coach and RG three out of injury. That they. That they're able to get him win that division so I will take them to finish -- collectively that division to me is is is crap I think even with the Eagles I'm still not ready to bind them -- he's still a question mark as well but I'm gonna pick then the Redskins to finish last. But I was an exciting they're going to be about a deem to gain separation began it won't mean much in the second place is yelling it's going to be like that yeah. I don't see another three and thirteen year coming yeah I think that the Eagles and the Redskins two years ago obviously they have benefited from that division being doubted where you're from the cowboys fan they're gonna win the division get nine Winslet. Maybe this is the year -- figures it out Tony Romo does and choke away game in week sixteen weeks seventy but to me the division is still Philadelphia's -- win or lose they have the most talent. They're the team that should be the favorite heading -- You know we have got the division that I think is gonna go I think Phillies can win and again I think Dallas and its second I think the giants will get third. And that can be interchangeable and I and the Redskins last one I find interchangeable are the cowboys TE and the giants and the Phillies gonna win that division I think the -- he's gonna finish last -- wouldn't surprise me any shifts there. But that's kind of where we have the NFC east -- next week. Read our NFC west previous and a lot of time in the NFL next week -- a lot of time on the NFL and we will do each day eight preview. Of all the teams are gonna go to the and go to their cities and get some guys that have been a training camp. To -- -- -- about the cardinals the rams the Seahawks in the niners' sure to do a lot of NFL next week but this week we started off with -- NFC east preview. And that's how we haven't slotted. Coming up this year coming up next however is -- let it go segment something that bothered you this week we've got a couple of them one of them is serious couple of mother -- he. To be a fun segment stick around on the fan.

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