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Danforth, Dirt & Sprague 7.25.14. Hr1

Jul 25, 2014|

It's Friday and mixed into the talk of the baseball Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony and Marshawn Lynch holdout talk, the guys under go a nickname quiz.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's did it and fourth hearing you're listening to our one of the day and for dirt in -- podcast brought to you by century late. You want fast Internet and a low price. Get it always century -- is -- century link dot com. Teed up to forty megs of Internet at a low bundled monthly rate that won't change free full year visit century -- dot com today. Cannot say it would yeah it with a ten foot hit the then towards third and -- he served up like Buffalo Wild Wings power -- world that are not and you. So desperate to -- your brain and we've Taylor and forward and leader Johnson and Brendan spread it. I'm gonna put my about a black and they might have been -- -- -- -- hand pain free. Now you've created now you don't Keith maybe we'll let us know we won't they tell -- god -- good but I am quite good night. And almost sick kid but why why do. Then towards third and spray gun ESPN Sports Radio 1080 Beltran. I would not a lot of people ask -- say to us. You know you guys talk -- a sports over the last couple of months yet to really dig yourself to get much of personalities does -- sports -- is what we were forced -- we have let our hair out yet is that you're telling -- and we waved it in the -- with a win convertible top down -- -- -- their -- and -- -- -- -- -- windows hard top and she's playing classical music him there is a reason for that however. Nobody here today in our building down there all hung over -- -- there. And -- Abbas said see you later I'm going to the East Coast and he got out a -- -- he did hint he'd. And it isn't like the those glorious days you show up to school and is substitute teachers in the building it is like Madonna and video and we are not getting you anything all day so this is a fantastic we're gonna watch Indian and covering the game not a given a fake name I can't get in trouble this is possible. That is totally -- were gonna have a lot of fun on the show today were gonna -- -- -- -- existing giveaway I'm excited man got a lot to do I'll talk about -- -- -- we will listen sports we will talk about Marshawn Lynch Phillies had a hand in hand and so we'll -- here and I get insurance program we will get -- -- wearing men's sports you know -- I -- -- don't affect how you do it. Also at the hall of fame baseball hall payment options -- this weekend Bryant Gumbel the HBO sports. At a really good dad really did take on this we'll bring you some audio and discuss the hall of fame for baseball. The clippers are threatened being at threatening to boycott is playing Chris Paul came out today and -- that as well -- -- -- our producers did an amazing job for us this week. Has prepared some little special for us at 1245. Are letting it go segment is coming up at two and 215. So if you had anything and we got some new music for that he had anything that it was bothering you this past week. That is where you have a chance to get it out in as we say. Let it go and I think we need to let you know about the Portland trailblazers. Have guilt trip does is he playing. There are a -- on us on this one breaks every now at -- on a vacation I'm out that we. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And said hey what are we would love your celebrity prowess. We would love -- be able to come mine and I commodity boys jump onboard -- it is the inaugural rich city three on three basketball -- is giving the rose quarter we talked Christmas down about this it's August 23 in 24. And so what they've also done that's -- it's going to be a great three on predetermined but they've also created a media bracket -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And him holding out he's not going to participate. Opening day which was today for the Seahawks he called Michael Robinson who we talked about earlier in the week. On the NFL network and said look I'm not gonna play and he -- don't want people to know his positions in the face of the franchise has been the face of the organization. And his base salary is five million this season. It's five and a half the following. But you will account for seven million against the salary cap this year and nine million next year his whole -- here march on with what he is at least 48 years old. He's simply saying I know that I'm. Basically done here a couple of years yet you want to be after this next scene right. I just wanna be paid. Now and then you can cut mean you can do whatever but let's just figure out what what's the point of doing guaranteed contract for four years -- guarantee money how -- do -- do it now. Did overweight it makes a lot of sense I do think that deal get done it's not uncommon for this to happen and I don't blame Marshawn Lynch at all for doing what he's -- No I don't either and we -- this up by the face and -- good jump -- a conversation if you want to and I believe right now he is the sixth highest -- annual salaries the sixth highest -- running back in a final point five mil five point -- -- or five million -- -- -- five point five million next season so -- -- by Adrian Peterson the shop -- Matt Forte -- -- are now Jamaal Charles after his new deal yesterday so lucky belongs in that conversation there's no doubt about it and you look at the impact of these -- for that organization. Being their through some down years signing with them and and and being really the force and we were talking about this before the show. You know what what was the main reason they won the NFC title game and the a lot of people forget the numbers that he put up -- was -- 22 carries -- 109 yards and a touchdown against -- -- 491 of the defense players to rush -- -- -- I think he was basically the only one -- and wore him -- he did he did and it was a huge difference offensively so you know you look at the impact -- he's -- he deserves -- he he does deserve more money and I have no problem with that. You know we talked about this little bit Vernon Davis he of the day because there was that the question marks whether Vernon davis' gonna hold out or not. When you're 28 year old running back I completely understand it's I don't blame a guy at all because. He sees the writing on the -- these guys don't last much longer than the age of thirty and there's been rumors out there that they were even gonna look to get rid of -- after this next coming season. So you didn't have to pay of the five point five million dollars a year after if you're Seattle you look at the situation. You were not getting content for a Super Bowl this season without -- challenging just not going to -- Christian Michael Kidd is pretty good. At a Texas say it and people are calling him the next Marshawn Lynch but it's a question mark and the last thing he won after losing Golden Tate Cindy -- not sure about you know some guys health. You need a running game that's what in the -- of this offense as your running game so I believe Seattle will find a way to get this deal done and be stupid not to you know there's someone. Fasten the angles with the NFL but one I find most fascinating is player holdouts and people's reactions to only when you have a player like Vernon Davis are Marshawn Lynch. Guys -- a contract got a couple more years ago but they want more money -- they -- restructure their deal. I love that we've asked the players you may not realize the NFL will cut you and just say -- year contracts not Gary it's only money it's the one sport that doesn't guarantee you money they will eat they'll say you know what would have to pay them money. Your down the moment you stop producing for team. They can cut ties nobody says a word nobody's is all for athletes all four players he was good two years ago. But when a player does -- we flip the script and we get upset with them to mile to a Marshawn Lynch is meant to this team. You go back to their seven and nine year when they when they meet their New Orleans Saints in the playoffs. I. I don't know if I give him all I tonic credit or all the credit for the NFC championship and all of Atlanta for the three to four year reign at Pete Carroll's been there. I would say he's probably one a one B with the defense in terms of most important pieces that's been around an organization because they're offensive line. Was in his -- it is it was last year the year before the year before that. You look at the defense the defense finally got built up to where they got to last year. And you look at Russell Wilson a guy who his first year he struggled the first half of the season they let the reins off he's started to play better loss in the playoffs. Aside the -- -- Marshawn Lynch right up there with the deepens in terms of one of the most important pieces. For that team the last three seasons. This is a guy that's 28 he sees the writing on the wall as -- as does everybody else in Seattle because all of their time out as Kristen my -- and I keep hearing yet and so he sees that his time's running out or his carries are gonna be split in half is Lisa is value will go down. He wants to get paid right now because he understands this might be his real last go around. With the C -- is primarily the one guy so I don't blame whatsoever this is a business and it's a cruel business it's an industry that doesn't treat players fairly standard other sports. I have no problem with him holding out waiting to get that better. What you want in holdouts the solution as you give guys guaranteed contracts and they're not digging you can say because the issue that he always say and the work toward that you'll get for this is. Well they agree that content they signed that contract yet who was the one inside he signed right beside the issues that you -- is yes they should sign it and they probably should be held accountable to that contract. But the teams are not held accountable those contracts and so that's why. The players there are saying look of the teens are held accountable. Then why should we be held accountable and a lot of the NFL deals are are structured so that they can cut guys. So -- so much is simply saying is if I really wanna get a deal restructured I can do so for for me three or four years. I get my guaranteed money over those over that period of time. But let me just get my guaranteed money up front because I know I'm probably not the last and so there's no in less. That the way you win these holdouts is you get rid of you insured -- guaranteed contract. The -- guys all say OK one guarantee that money. Their floor right there's no concern I I just -- restructure. -- exactly -- you have to have some former security you really do and in -- this is a whole leather you know can of worms open up a whole another topic in its own right but. When you look at sports like the NBA they have guaranty contracts and you look at sports. Yeah I'm baseball is guaranteed contracts as well the NFL's the only sport that does not have those contracts and it's the most physical. You know -- didn't physically demanding sport that you could possibly play all the different things could go wrong to be did not have guaranty contracts -- -- does that make any sense. What's. It should baseball do with managers. In the hall of fame that coached players that took steroids. The U major league Baseball Hall of Fame induction. Is this weekend we'll discuss that next unison and Dan -- is Greg served up by buffalo wild goings on 1080 -- Then towards third and spray just served up by the let's -- ten. We had a lot of fun on the show today. Period end of sentence. Stephen A Smith has gotten himself into a lot of trouble it's not having a whole lot of fun today and I had a great day for school Stephen A Smith. We'll see what he did coming up later in the show. They did is the induction into the Baseball Hall of Fame this coming up weekend there's a big time names on this list Greg Maddux Tom Glavine. Frank Thomas Joseph Torre Bobby Cox in Tony La Russa. And you -- real sports here's what Bryant Gumbel had to say about the elections which. I'm Bryant Gumbel with a few words about fame and Shane and how they are both being blurred in Cooperstown. Cooperstown is of course the New York home of baseball's hall of fame and where this year's inductees on this coming Saturday will include Tony La Russa. Melissa is being honored for guiding teams he managed to 2728. Wins a total that ranks third in baseball history but here's the -- About 43% up all of those wins recorded when -- was managing Mark McGwire. And winning because of his prodigious power. That's the same Mark McGwire who has been denied inclusion in the hall because voters believe their prodigious power -- agreed -- to steroids. Which to me begs -- question. By what logic and the guardians of the hall vilified McGuire first pharmaceutical assisted feats. It glorified Russo who benefited most -- those same streets and who by the way conveniently played dump on the slugger morphed into the incredible Hulk. Look up monopoly against Tony La Russa -- by great admiration for Mark LeVoir. It's hard to understand alcohol can shame one and -- the other when their achievements are so interdependent. In fairness all straddling both the -- or not there. I'm -- Rangel talking about what does that have ranked -- I don't anticipate it -- -- Bryant Gumbel Bryant what should. Cooperstown what should the Baseball Hall of Fame the writers do with managers. Like Tony La Russa who were managing. -- guy's ball players that took steroids. Let us know what you think about that on the Beaverton Toyota tax line at 55305. This is an interesting conversation to me and it's it's not an easy one and I think you can kind of get both stances and I think a lot of people can agree with -- but I think he makes a very valid point. You know this is a sport that. From the the late ninety's with Sammy Sosa and Mark McGwire. We -- is entrenched in the game as we've ever been as a country I would never forget the summer of 98 when McGwire broke that record Sammy Sosa was that the game. That's one of the most incredible sports events -- of -- able to watch my life. But it all comes crumbling down when she realized that PED used to a lot of people. I don't I think people knew that steroids were around but I don't think there's still a little fishy but there was no concrete -- ramped it really was -- young ball players and went on baseball people baseball around on -- visited by -- -- for sure I'd prefer for average sports fans we weren't -- aware of it but. You know we wanted to crucify and destroy all he's like Sammy Sosa he's police himself like for God's sakes he's not even -- Sammy Sosa anymore is a vampire. Which it Raphael Palmeiro he puts on this this big he -- the stage at the congress and how he's. Never gonna give in realizing our -- -- or use exactly market -- same thing didn't even speaking congress -- he comes out years later and admits it which is great. But I think it is interesting that we can see here. Our radio television and sports bar -- -- and we can say this player doesn't deserve it their careers nothing because without steroids they wouldn't even exist we would know who they orcas are crappy ball players and no we can't look at managers who -- said ball players with by the way you look at mark -- war. Which is wins above replacement how many wins as -- valuable or. He's got 66 in his career that's that's a lot of wins for one player yet to me when you look at the manager's side. You have to acknowledge the fact that he did write a lot of market -- not only in Oakland. But in Saint Louis how many wins did he get them. 43% of his total first career I think we do need to step back and I'm not -- -- is not halting interview with him I would vote in the and I would just simply say this if we're going to vote in -- And you still acknowledge the fact that he was helped by PDA users. Why not start stepping back and looking some of these other PD easy DV users and saying. Well was their career still good with or without it Mark McGwire maybe not but -- Barry Bonds he should actually been a first ballot hall of Famer in my opinion. But instead we have this stigma of well he used PD's we should never allow him because he dirty up the game. I just I think it's very hypocritical voters and baseball fans alike to just point of players and not acknowledged the manager and I think it's a great point there Brian -- brought up because I'd never thought about from that angle. Yeah I only see here I I'd never really thought about the managers and how much guys like do you know Tony the Russa had benefited his high profile guys profile doesn't really got in like this year like no doesn't know like. -- got to -- one of the -- exactly and -- and you look at the three managers are going in -- mean those -- -- investment considered three -- best managers that we've ever seen in the history of baseball and I believe Tony La -- story at all time in the history of the game with wind so -- -- -- with the -- is absolutely deserving of going in in my opinion now I'm also basing that off to the opinion that I believe steroid user should be in the coliseum I don't -- if you put an -- I don't care if you give them their -- -- I don't care if you. They'll hold separate steroid hall of -- building for them there are guys that should be honored. For their contributions to the game of baseball wanted to completely turn a blind eye and act like mortgages gonna forget about him and him -- years. It's ridiculous but I love the fact that he brought this up because there is no doubt that guys like Tony La Russa and other managers out there. Which when you talked about -- for a period of time about ten to fifteen years. You had I mean the estimates for up to seventy some percent of baseball players were using steroids he can look look I think Joseph Torre is really good looking guys that Bobby Cox is well it's not just -- the receipt could look at. You look at a lot of the World Series champions and a lot of the managers at how those guys on the team of course they benefited. From having home run hitters on their team and look I don't like to -- anybody's name and I and I -- -- -- doesn't Colin and try to assume you're getting gimme tiger here -- -- out -- -- is another name that is then connected or Barry you know had suspicions surrounding his name for the entirety of his career. And look what needed for Tony the Russa he wanted to add a couple of championships without a pools as the Frontline -- his team so. It's just it is so I think he says bring it so hypocritical. The rest to sit here and appointed the players as to how dare you do this to begin a baseball how dare you. Shamed the game of baseball like this were not an honor you by allowing you into the hall of fame but the guy that rose to third all time in wins by riding the backs of steroid users and look. Tony the -- is not Nye -- I I firmly believe that these managers knew exactly what was going on they're not gonna cannot throw their players under the bus and I respect them for that. But if you're gonna turn a blind -- in the locker when you're gonna -- -- -- World Series titles and Oakland you're gonna ride it to -- series titles and Saint Louis and third all time in wins. Then if these players have to pay the price of not being allowed in all the -- and we should series -- asked the question should the manage it's up to play that price is well. -- the Major League are the Baseball Hall of Fame induction is this weekend Greg Maddux Tom Glavine Frank Thomas on the enemies arguing those Joseph Torre Bobby Cox and Tony La -- victim begs the question. And got people on the be urgent twin attacks on bringing up this point. Like you guys set what was his knowledge levels very very tough to know. -- one way or the other how involved and how. In how much -- -- and then you're never going to know millionaires don't you could never actually like that but if you're a locker room and you see a -- hole happened you mean -- reminds -- the situation where did you get this -- time where you legitimately in the might not know with the -- yield a company when they had to go testify before congress that they had to go testify because of something else that was going on in their company. Like the buck stops with the CEO that was the way it works you can -- people that are doing insider trading -- get people that are doing. Let illegal and unethical things around or come right right but if you're the CEO you're the one that's ultimately in charge of you run the business. It ultimately is your responsibility and I feel the same way about baseball. It I think it's alternately the responsibility of Bud Selig and the managers you've -- because they are the ones that if they wanted to stop this they have the ability to do zero. And he can't summit Tony La Russa went that entire time without knowing what was going on. They just turn a blind I gotta be pretty naive to believe you had yes you have to is so so I you tend to put them -- all the responsibility is on the players who bought. Just like the company. The responsibility goes up to the very top and it filters its way into the top. And along and that's and along that ride. -- it's legitimate and fair to question their involvement in that. -- -- -- set activities 43% of his wins is a lot but I'm not gonna take anything away from in terms of saying he's not a good -- -- and deserves he does he deserves to be in the hall of fame so -- want that to be clear. But this is kind of a definition of me who's the -- here you know to me like right ready because I don't buy for -- he didn't know. You know Jose Canseco Mark McGwire name another playoff -- behead him that he that he managed -- he didn't know the reasons terrorist and I don't buy that whatsoever. But you you can't tell me that Mark McGwire cheated in the game ally people view that and say yet you don't deserve your career was a sham -- is fine -- by Tony La Russa I'm fairly certain knew he was cheating when he needs she's a deal. He chose to put a new line up every single day because he knew. With Mark McGwire is skill level and his. Added you can't have pretty -- -- as you know what that meant for your teaming up in the bottom line you have to get wins is a manager so I'm not completely faulting him. I'm just saying you were gonna point the finger McGwire is each year. Where do you stop where is the buck stop where do you stop when you think because to me. I think you can continue to point and you can pointed -- -- the rescind say. You kept playing PED users Jake kept putting him in your lineup you're Odom to the 88 World Series. You knew what you were doing and you know what it meant tier tier team and your career. And I'm not sing you don't deserve to be in but I am pointing at you and saying I think there's years you knew and you just turn your head to it. Absolutely and the point that I always make a PED users is that okay fine if you're gonna tell me that a guy does not belong in the hall of fame and a week we got a great text here is that even -- -- to -- DH I can never be as good as Sosa or -- let the ones who -- incredible and all the -- I completely agree that it's -- it's such a farce and that's put out there. That at these guys' careers were just -- point instantly made because they used steroids reached the age studded help guys. Yes sure look at Brett boon for heaven's sakes -- nobody knew who that guy was he came out and -- world to -- an MVP candidate. There are certain guys that did not have careers and only had careers. Because of using HDH but here's the point and always -- players. Is it fair to look at a guy so you cannot go in the hall of fame even though the picture on the mound -- using steroids. To say a guy decided to not use but he's getting struck out three out of four times now because a guy and announced -- in knees recovering faster. -- stronger than he's ever -- is that fair to do it and I look at it the same way with Tony La Russa I mean look Tony La -- benefit from having PD uses on his team there's no doubt. But when you're managing Italy -- 70% of the players are also using -- you're managing against other managers who were managing -- Arizona VDs -- point in -- -- we always you know pinpoint guys like Barry Bonds -- McGwire -- are now once that's success the ones that have success in you don't consider the fact that all those other guys and other teams were also using steroids. And Deborah managers that were benefiting from it as well and that's why -- when you look at the whole story. I understand people that make the argument that it taints the game and that it's it's a disgrace to -- I did it. But when he had that many guys doing it who are we to -- distracting us for players to when will we look at a guy like Frank Thomas. Again I don't wanna slander a guy like Frank Thomas but I have -- -- raised eyebrow at an entire generation of baseball that's just the way it's going to be. We we both frank Thomas and and a first ballot we look at him like he did at the right wing -- top listed at the right way just because his name was never brought up with steroids how -- most a 100% believe that. When you had seventy to 75% of baseball -- using steroids for a long time it's unfair to just pinpoint he apologized and penalize him and then turned a blind -- for everybody else because they're nice guys and they were never connected to like. Derek Jeter and Joseph Torre thing. Scenario is Roy -- is that yes these actually things. At that we couple weary parents got Mario tennis on this -- beavers into edit text line and Chris Paul saying he might not play. This coming out season that system mess all over again we'll talk about the next year's Jolie was sports. And then towards dirt and sprayed on ESPN's Sports Radio 1080 Beltran. So I'm going to be like that. Sides you know I feel about that sort of thing I know I know it's just a ways to and their bachelor parties it's chorus you're right it is. Chorus. Not to mention it's pathetic often this presentation of the young and the worst part is that little girl. Grinding. And dry -- in that stage there. -- -- her daughter out there I was just to say that. -- quality fine performance on that sports that are updates yet sprint it was amazing writers are serious hazing going on any help -- delta -- entire thing cause breast pros -- That's right I got a growth in the tips and then ninety's and now. I'm not remembering. Joy is planned a segment for us in ten minutes from now so that's good do we know what this -- don't sign this up -- when did you guys talk to -- this is nice dilemma I asked him it's more on you as an Oscar. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Home. -- -- your text on this we're discussing any major league Baseball Hall of Fame induction is a UNC Major League Baseball the Baseball Hall of Fame induction this weekend Greg Maddux Tom Glavine Frank Thomas are all in. A manager's side of things does Joseph Torre Bobby Cox and Tony in the Russa soap arguably as dirt so last and in some of the three best managers of all time team. But a lot of those guys including Bobby Cox and Joseph Torre or -- links and managed guys that. We're taking steroids and they benefited off of those guys taking steroids but more particularly Tony La Russa though he is the one that's gonna get the most tension out of this. And so the question then becomes what do you do with guys and managers that benefited from the steroid. Era as wealth couple attacks on this says. -- -- the reserve for sure knew he was just he's not gonna compensate -- was using too but Roy saved baseball. Baseball is dying now the pitchers -- turning to dominance in home runs disappearing the only time I live fire pay attention to baseball was during the -- you're. -- another tech says what the players union do the manager's call that -- players. And didn't laid them them for steroids when there was no testing what he gets -- -- -- you know that's it's it's it's a look at the tough balance to -- when everybody's making money and I always bring it back to business there's a fine now yeah. Whenever you're in business and people are making money hand over fist. You can't be -- got -- stands up and -- hey you know what I think we should be doing this despite the fact that there's millions of dollars that are swimming in right now. Making the most money they've ever made in the ratings are as high as they've been a longtime voice processor yes we all know we can't do this -- the hall of fame that's. Have passed if it's hard to enable adding you know during that -- a lot of people -- -- shortsighted I mean you're coming off of this shortened season in 1994 -- have a World Series for the first time in over -- hundred years and -- that was a major black -- baseball -- and when that -- a lot of people of the conversation will baseball ever recover from this will -- -- ever be able to get back to where they -- Is that was the real big huge blow to this four digits four short years later you all of a sudden I'm Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa to what they're doing. And then the ratings -- the highest they've been ever any and you have more attention on your sport and you've ever happened. And I think there's a lot of baseball fans a degree will you says Reagan and agree with that exercises. That's the most exciting summer of baseball that a lot of people can remember you glued to my televised but here's the problem though -- this is -- the one thing that I people you know look if we -- because it basically the conversation at least he should -- -- -- steroids -- music TH -- that's basically -- him back because people do make the argument that we have a conversation yesterday about -- -- article and it's a new way to baseball's -- baseball still dying apparently. That you know people don't wanna watch pitchers -- people don't wanna watch SEC games when it's three to nothing they wanna watch you know 52 to 49 games as just the nature of the country that we live and I understand that and I agree with that sort of dual tonight between Lindsay -- -- you're damn right when the giants when one at the with a walk off home run about an accurate here Brennan but look. When people talk about using steroids the reason why that was so exciting. Wasn't because of how big they -- it wasn't because of how far they were hitting home runs it wasn't because of how powerful they were. It was because of the historical significance and that's something that whenever people talk about. Bringing steroids -- letting them -- steroids -- letting them do HGH. You're gonna take away that aspect of the game you are because of you let steroids run rampant continually in your game. You're gonna have a new home run king every couple years you're gonna have guys that blow past Barry Bonds and Hank Aaron and Willie Mays and Babe Ruth on the all time home run list -- is gonna happen now if that's the sport that people wanna watch and that's fine. But if you have something like that happen every 45 years the excitement levels never going to be the same it's not mean Roger Maris broke that record. I'm not gonna remember that the year up top my head but he did at the early sixty's so you're talking about a record that had stood for a very long time thirty plus years. We had waited and waited league but he ever get that anybody ever get there. Did it happen when bonds did it the wasn't the same amount of excitement. Age because everybody knew he was on steroids it was no surprise in on every hit any -- -- exactly in it was it was what three years 23 years later that he did it so. When you have that short term window between guys breaking records. That's the historical significance of what people talk about -- steroids and again you always turn a blind eye to. Because that's the one thing that's the one fabric of baseball that it has over every others. Or America TI just I am glad that conversation known and maybe it won't shift completely but I'm glad this conversation got started because I think it's a fair question to ask his. If you're gonna point to an area of baseball that was completely jaded that you point that you said. From ex date to ex -- baseball was a rampant was steroid everybody involved everybody in yet. I I wanna know is every -- is everybody that was involved with the game. Gonna have that finger point enemy and I'm glad Bryant Gumbel kind of brought this up. Because I wonder people sat back have you seen that video it's on -- it's on every blog site if you watch the video. Did you have a moment where you sat back as I did last man on my couch and watch an 11 o'clock at night lead and I sat back and I honestly -- fifteen minutes my mind was -- on the game. You know -- how many managers benefited from steroids before the brace for example. -- Lopez. Something. You know cancer yep. Blows up -- -- in all of -- 48 -- -- runs it's a fat contract from the Orioles they clean the game out he's a bomb again -- to -- ID you can -- -- so many examples. Of managers that benefited from PED users whether it's pictures. Or -- it doesn't matter is everybody was doing it. And I think you ask yourself. Why are we still harsh with just players when coaches and managers and owners and G if everybody was involved in this sport. Knew it was involved yes that yes is lockers and knew that it was going around. And everybody just sat on their hands and then when when the when everybody came calling when people demand steroids to go away what -- everybody in baseball do. They only need at just the players all they did it they're the ones that Rodriguez -- their bonds -- -- say we didn't do anything what I read this text because I think there's the -- delineation and used to be me distinction needs to be made. In terms of how we view this egos of look all the teams is Texas has all the teams the ninety use steroids who cares of the Russa had the best player. Who happened -- beyond steroids the guys. In AAA ball use droids to the -- is guy which is better than they were the cardinals didn't use any more -- than anyone else they were better and that statement in and of itself is true. But then you've got a project out and say OK what do we do with the hall of fame because that is where the crux of decision comes in Iraq is. We're not letting steroid guys in to the hall of fame and then why are we letting managers. Who managed a steroid -- -- -- -- unfairly penalize the player and think about this to a lot of people found Mark -- be the best player in baseball when he's -- 9798. What did that -- to Barry Bonds -- a lot of people think that -- very -- wants to -- when it's a screw this -- -- really the best player you -- see -- -- you want you exactly what happens and he -- and -- 733 years after one. They say it was a competitive thing exactly sure where you where you had guys that were cleaned -- might have been sitting around and watching look Isaac -- and so did not only ten or talented players but there was no doubt it was a sub 200 -- it's -- yeah nobody really easy to -- what he bounced around a couple of teams. Before he got -- with the -- but there's no doubt there was a competitive advantage there were guys sat around and said. Why is all the coverage going to these guys I'm doing it the right way I'm Don doing -- better than they would if they were not steroids I know -- on steroids -- everybody in the country is infatuated with what they're doing so on -- and start using. And I this is a great tax into me that this substance -- how. How -- just bigger the problem this is for baseball and how far. Do you go with the individual steroid use of players in the steroid era do we start taking away wins titles weight division championships and so on and so forth. How far we go with this and to meet that sums up the issue of the problem the baseball passes as well as the text he read in fourth. Is it drives me nuts and if you want to penalize guys that -- involved that's fine that you need to penalize everybody you do. Because Bud Selig turned a blind I was should kick him out of the game these managers allow their players do you steroids they knew the guys they were going against using steroids players to other players and everybody was involved in this and it's unfair to say they cancel the guys it did at the right way I mean a lot of people look at a Ken Griffey junior. It's a heated at the right way and you never want to penalize a guy like that for an era. That we all believed it at the right way you wanna trying to have that purity in your heart it's a lot of the reason we talked about Derek -- the other -- people look up to a Derek Jeter because we view him as somebody that went about doing it the right way was never connected to -- -- -- -- -- but it's still don't know and that's my point it's a sad thing about the era. I hate that we scapegoating -- guys that we scapegoat Barry Bonds that we scapegoat Roger Clemens. Mark McGwire Sammy Sosa we point out here for the players through a fifteen to twenty year period where you had seventy to 7590%. Of guys that were on steroids. We only point out four or five guys and say they were the problem they were the issue they were the ones that introduced into the game. They were the ones that were forcing it on other players they were the lead that was turning a blind eye. We just like to focus our attention on a camp the guys and make them the only ones -- And with bonds and Clemens specifically it doesn't help their cause that they haven't come out and pretty much admitted that they use their yeah I I think that ending yeah. The same with the hall of fame though is that baseball has done the they've done they've made a lot of mistakes they've done some great things -- -- -- lot of mistakes in one of the mistakes. They haven't made in the writers haven't made -- -- writers have been able to deal. Is they haven't dealt with this steroid issue and continue to push out its balance it out they think people it's the same thing as Pete Rose yet it turned a blind guy he's the elephant in the room and act like nobody's ever gonna talk about this yeah it's going to continue to be talked about like this is not -- dirt actually said -- during the break like. Why can't we talk about some fun things -- baseball's a Sox feeds us this season for -- a good seasons in the race he's enjoys telling me in my -- that his segments being cut short. And I don't we've got to go a little beat that was usually McCullough that -- segment will be here until need. -- our first round. -- it's there and spray has served up by Buffalo Wild Wings on ESPN's Sports Radio ten -- A enjoy that conversation about -- hall of fame induction this week in Antonio -- what -- you do it managers that. We're basically benefiting -- But benefiting -- sincerity is no other way to put it will take that conversation back -- it is a Friday. But with our show kind of the structure behind -- giving you a behind the scenes look of our show. When we -- at nights for two years we basically -- sports for an hour and a half and then we we can't argue popular summertime in his summertime Indiana we and then we just do stuff for an hour and a half -- where we -- do. Some of the club we call -- -- stock. But it is as it did in his time suffered -- reasons an obvious reasons we talked a lot of sports history to date has apparently is conducive to somebody off night. And that go and getting -- work -- and whatnot but. We are gonna have a lot of funding we've got a couple would you rather segments lined up for you got a -- there are some fantastically -- thank you teased us a couple of those before the show I even think in my -- isn't the first 45 minutes of the -- thinking that -- would you -- I got one that I've changed my mind on -- times since star Vanessa got a -- -- it goes segments for you say -- targeted -- last -- used in an amazing job for us this week. I'm producing our show is a -- come up with a segment in will do it tomorrow so Joey McCullough the floor is now yours. Loads of fantastic stock that is a great start. All right so this is what we're gonna do with the quiz game. Can't I'm gonna ask you guys questions regarding the nickname professional athletes and successes have failed to. And this is he's our. I would say in my opinion easier now of them not so much but you know what we'll see. All right so the first round -- it's for and got nervous you are right all right all right I -- for sports yeah. First -- the first round is. In the form of a riddle that I wrote. So Taylor were -- the home -- my heart's beating I guess he gets a solid excellent I just listened careful -- -- -- -- I played in a mountainous salty land. Need help with the pack them male male a -- law. My question darts at our -- so yeah. -- we wild west right dirt yeah I -- I was like Jeffrey I have no idea or failing to exerted dirt once the limelight resides easy why are you kidding me let me let me -- -- -- I think we -- -- finishes griddle I think sometimes if I answer OK okay -- help with the package I'll lend a hand. I'm known to make defense is shake and quiver you can trust me I always deliverable and isn't -- -- that's why allegedly -- -- Yup that's -- sees -- but but. I don't know with the mailman horrible yes he got it -- -- right at. -- to act -- Our rights -- next sound now on now I can stand tall with the seconds ticking down. I'm the attraction if you come to see when in my town. I may not be of the Ritz. But with all the -- I'm a perfect fit. -- who gets them. Our faith I thought I knew until he should bring that threw me off. She's emanated I have no clue there it is when mining and I I may not be a -- but with all the steel. I made perfect all this idea and it was this you -- I really do native identity it is image. I want I want Karl hello packet call alone want to -- And I we are wrong buzzer ready again yeah all right later on it as Iran and idioms -- -- and is there merely. Troy Polamalu and not even close. Actually that's closer. Into -- Ben Roethlisberger big. They call me and her pick the first line is. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And on through the gateway pell grant she wishes that dazzle and amaze. With flash of the leather and it slipped in there you'll be able to speak with my Afro hair. -- Claire threw me off I thought you -- you say we're down from -- down the red bird road and on through the gateway have agreed she wishes that dazzle and amaze. With a flash of leather and flip in the air you won't be able to miss my. Afro hair I noticed I -- it is I know it is let me go let me -- audio player me. The team and I asked when nobody -- quite got a couple of seconds of the baskets that not basketball. In -- there's got to answer a quiet teacher -- -- -- anyway. -- Red road. Red bird road red bird road. I was happy and don't give -- -- he calls there you're down Argentina no doubt about it tapped out and nights Ozzie -- and -- he's now. They're the wizard this bill and Afro he had if you go and Google search him when he puts -- for the Padres held back in the day AM little bit with the cars that with the almighty Giuliani fantastic first round with a great -- But I got -- I easily and -- is one. It wasn't even include in the air red birds if he's basically an Afro the Afro through meal and east to flip -- run out on the field. Not my problem by the way it's one to nothing -- nothing -- -- -- hopefully you know -- Stealing hundreds re doing steam trains -- you got more chances are right around you that you guys have been named the players his nickname and commitment of players okay -- Who was the gunslinger. -- this is easy Brett -- Got it. Yeah easiest thing I think he's a bias in jury did your favorite during the period that mean here now known as ligature on -- -- -- I didn't think -- kicker for the St. Louis Rams hold not -- the okay I'm not going on yes. I'm only at you can give me his last name -- -- -- -- -- -- I -- well I didn't have a computer. And integrity this -- let's not count on behalf of an asterisk look at and we what they stimulus -- All right it's great this man went by enemies half man half beast. Have you noticed our minds are on anybody's. Miss not b.'s half man half that's easy. Look any answer -- John Taylor the late Sean Taylor. Already nicely warmed up when these. It's going over the Zachary and I think that I think -- nobody -- the real history is poised to announce his horse to dirt once -- Nothing and I are gonna baseball Danforth who is known as right now way technically it's over and game four is only because it's not sure you get well he's Google I don't know yeah I don't know who's known for our final is. And Ryan Ziemer. Chicago imminent right now all right -- Who is known as -- -- He's hoping that she's. Got. I don't know how they're not who they hear these cooling you know I'm yeah. Should stand. And there's -- time and under you yeah I have no. ESPN's fortunate to meet with and obnoxious as some giants outside I was reading yeah. That is. One of Marseille who plays bounty well years with the assurance that we evil did Francisco John -- -- -- is -- -- out there again we're in the -- yeah. Finally witnesses loses is you need is for you -- -- and who is known as the big cats. Alcohol long. How do you not know this I do you know this when -- a giant as well I got two names in mind played for the Iraqis. It was a referral outlets and he was graves David Justice now come on it's -- -- on them on an artist you know like. Through layer of security analysts president and I forgot about him dude that's that's not acceptable aren't going to basketball but the judge did you -- -- do. Danforth a little tight here on the -- out of my had a -- disappear again. Mr. everything and -- -- -- -- -- Craig you. He's an Israeli. It was crossed over -- -- and he's scored on game winners -- space. All right and then dirt. Who has known as -- should you fall right I think I know you know aside I didn't mind and I and I'm -- since. It's tough -- and a lot of ingredients you know this is difficult right. I -- Oakland Robert Parish. Was known as chief -- believes she and you know in a column the most winning the pools need some washed up guy who got Jake did not match tonight. Now I gotta get a point last while -- ask Larry line. Who is known Sprague is the human highlight real. Dominique Wilkins I -- go our way possible learned -- I got but I I got to -- -- -- -- Such -- -- fourth you're very quick. Gizo Trent Edwards is never him yes but yeah Ecuadorean Palin's nickname let's play captain checked down. That's an awesome didn't we transfer that Alex Smith now that he's his captain and LSU isn't clever doesn't tiebreaker. If we needed one which we don't hockey's Wayne Gretzky you know that the great one he gets his brother brands nickname is. The next great one. Then the -- one producer behind or the other one -- -- -- the juice or is our last trivia question. Is known as the juice -- Now you're gonna get a little local like that -- Derek Jeter.

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