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Danforth, Dirt & Sprague 7.24.14 Hr 3

Jul 24, 2014|

The guys revisit the suspension of Ray Rice. They're also joined live by Kevin Gemmell - PAC12 Blogger for ESPN - from PAC12 Media Days.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- break here and you're listening now our three of the DM for dirt and -- podcast presented by century -- want fast Internet a low price did it always century -- just go to century Lincoln dot com to get up to forty make Internet. Any -- bundled monthly rate that won't change for a full year. There's a century link dot com today. The problem -- Manhattan is. They don't know how to talk -- And towards dirt and -- -- served up by -- Buffalo Wild Wings -- Taylor Danforth you know. What my problem is I am not interesting. What Michael's. I want to magic camp leader Johnson I'm accomplish ventriloquist. All item seven point three imperial colonial master and Brendan spread. Oh yeah. Kate -- because your -- -- -- -- I Danforth. There and -- John ESPN's Sports Radio 1080 above trend. Bringing. News. They do. Okay. Right and a half hour for an hour attacks you Kevin gamble of ESP Enron's -- -- -- ten mailer stack about pac twelve media day and everything else going on in college football right now. Did you date on tax on media day with Mike Reilly and -- -- and their comments here in about fifteen minutes or so the story of the day to day. In sports and out of the NFL is that Ray Rice has been suspended for two games. By the NFL -- the first two games of the season for violating the NFL's personal conduct policy. Following his offseason arrest for domestic violence this is a story where people. I think they're gonna pick apart this particular story in terms of some of the facts involved with it. But the main issue today is the inconsistency. With the NFL in their punishments and you give Ray Rice. Who was seen in one video dragging his girlfriend unconscious in another video that hasn't been released to the public but that the police have. He's shown hitting his girlfriend. It is two games is Mangini is not going to jail is gonna cost him 530000. Dollars in fines and dean checks. But you look at other guys in the NFL that -- smoked marijuana and you look at other punishments and they do not match gotten and the inconsistency is as a lot of fans fired up not about the NFL's. Policy yeah I'm not here to argue what's you know what's the worst crime -- made doing drugs multiple times in being Cotter beat your wife and we obviously all have our opinions on those things and I I think they're all terrible but for me my biggest complaint is the NFL's consistency. In establishing standards. For when people in trouble now look we we had this -- out early in the texting is a valid point. There is there's a line there is a slippery slope with some incidences that as we solid organ. When you're involved in rape allegations in the university ax and cut -- but you ultimately don't have charges file that's a really thin line there. Of where you differing -- punishment wins the university and then the legal system for me I'd like deceit in the next ABC BA talks or maybe this is wide. Kind of sparks because I think there's been nothing but negative backlash for the NFL today on his punishment. I'd like to see some sort of standards laid out. First time drug users. First time PED users. Maybe the club altercations whatever is I just wanna see standards went out. For certain situations now everything's gonna play out differently we've seen that three years. But you got to draw a line with standards within your own league and you also need to have incidences in times where you let the legal system played out. And you shouldn't really stepped in and have to do anything else in Mike Vick goes to jail for two years or Plaxico Burress goes to jail for two years. For things they did to themselves off the field away from the stadium away from the shield. And losing millions of dollars especially they can probably lost all over a hundred million dollars worth of endorsements and with his contract. I think that's enough punishment to serve time and kind of ruin your life that way and I don't think the NFL needs to step in. That's just my opinion about my overall point I'd like to see standards set in the NFL with certain punishment so we know going forward you can still disagree. But you know what's coming going for what would -- any fair punishment for Ray -- he was given to gains by the NFL today what would be a fair punishment. It's up -- the Beaverton Toyota tech sign up 55305. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That was the situation not a whole lot of people know the actual real story behind what happened there so. Maybe he would have gotten a six game suspension because that was a standard so that there's always a gray area there are some guys you can look at it -- that's clear cut six games -- hit him with a standard one. But it would be tough just because some of those circumstances may -- didn't know it'll be a lot of people today -- -- guys like Josh Gordon and guys like Brandon Browner. And guys you know how could how could they get longer suspensions and Ray Rice and to me I can't go there quite yet. Because those are guys have multiple offenders those were guys that were in the -- repeatedly offended what they did. In terms of drug usage -- scored most recent was driving while intoxicated in terms of you know maybe he could have killed somebody and we still gonna sit here and sable he was just get he just had indeed DW I. -- get less or why would get more of a suspension and re right so. I can't look at those guys but there is a certain situation -- caddies say OK I believe this standard right now for a first time PEB users a four game suspension. And Ray -- it's too so basically you're saying that using performance enhancing drugs. Is two games which you know -- rammed it by the way exactly which you know everybody's using everybody's on some sort of of enhancer in -- saying that's two games there and -- -- what Ray Rice did now. We a couple of detractors Texan earlier in the show when guys said that we don't know all the facts here we don't know exactly what Ray Rice was doing we haven't seen all the video yet. That the casino has that the police as a while that is all true. I said this you know if you're a situation over -- year the NFL and you know the -- Kyl the two game suspension. You find a way to get a hold of that -- you do and I don't care to casino owns it I don't care it was just granted to you because of the court case in the legal proceedings of what was going on. But if you're the NFL you need to release that tape because they have been absolutely ripped apart damage you can look at our FaceBook post. And the Gaza to be made in the majority of attacks that we've gotten in. On this topic have been you've got to be kidding me how was his only two game suspension and this is damage control for the NFL because this has been a bad offseason for them in terms of legal issues and. Inching nugget from the ESPN article is in the past three years only twelve players have received more than four game suspensions and all were repeat offenders sign on that was in missing -- you take -- -- they detonated related piece on comparing some of the punishment -- -- we know these what does it remind you of some of them though. -- Chris Henry was suspended eight -- remember Chris Henry thousand. And discount it and these tests positive for marijuana is yet weapons charges driving under the influence than that and was probably worthy there of eight games. Tank Johnson was suspended eight games for having six unregistered firearms. That that was -- eight game suspension for unregistered weapons Anthony Hargrove was suspended for purchase -- saints' bounty program. Eight games -- in Roethlisberger was sixteens. And you can go on down the list but when you get down to that the two game suspensions. One of these things now like the other when he looked in Donna can suspended two games after stopping on TV Packers lineman Evan Dietrich Smith remember that game. On that thinks giving Washington safety Brandon meriwether suspended two games. For head to head hits so you -- yet -- turning into look whenever you're on top -- gonna go after you. And they're gonna try to. They're gonna try to go after you in and find -- ticker began but like via the NBA is an example of this where we view with the NBA's. Not as much now but in the past we viewed as thugs and gangsters and that's kind of the lingo bit. The verbiage that people would use to describe the NBA's Indiana related problem. And they tried to clean that image up to do to appeal to white people January ensued -- teams get where -- club and all sorts to NLC get a LeBron James is the face you're -- yeah yes and editor random guys like that -- you get a better quality of guy involved with you leak that changed the perception very very quickly but. For some reason we just don't do this is much of the NFL and the NFL is violence much differently. Then a lot of leagues do and it's really really Dicey situation. For the NFL moving formal and I completely agree with you too because I think if we'd love this game as much as we do right now in this country. This league would be in huge if I let the I was reading article Ray -- he was one of six ravens that you are two prestigious race safer form just on the ball I mean honestly if someone can point sending out I'm -- -- will but thinking about top my head. I am I can't remember one positive thing from his NFL -- out and he feels like every single thing's been. Domestic assault DWY suspension -- a year yeah edu is and enemies whatever it is actually everything's been made of the league. The real lucky getting the NFL is that we love this gain as much as we do right now because of negating the league would be screwed I think they would take a step back. Like the NBA did a couple of seasons ago once the brawl The Palace of Auburn Hills once that happened. There was kind of a period there for about 34 years where the NBA just dipped yet nobody did it again thing to do it because they thought it was it was a black eye on the game yet that was this ugly game. But we we get comparisons all the time and if I don't like comparing to -- accordance to the ray rice's. Those are completely different situations. Gordon is a repeat offender if you wanna compare. You know Terrelle -- to Ray Rice and the amount against -- yeah I'm all ears and I completely agree to be outraged I just think the NFL's really locked down in terms of having. The game be the most loved amongst the country in sports fans because this has been their worst offseason and and long time and I can remember we will. Take that conversation up next enters the NFL offseason and is there anything that can ever. Basically taken down from an image problem like is there really anything. That could affect the NFL in terms. Of its image will talk about that next we're going to have Kevin gamble from the pac twelve blog on ESPN. Join the program at 230 doubtless breakdown pac twelve media day everything going house and everything else going on in the pac twelve. In national football landscape that interview at 230. And more conversation on the NFL next you're listening to Dan Porter is break served up by B -- on the thing. -- -- And being close to me there. Or let me. -- And okay. Then towards third and sprig is served up by Buffalo Wild Wings on ESPN's Sports Radio 1080 so slim. -- and compare -- to Ray Rice that was -- Since it's for Venus it's good I've been forgiven I guess we're influencing his nine year old child too -- hand in LA. And I haven't forgiven that saga he's the first guy to complain about. I mean I'm in my nieces and that these can't be around -- -- an hour -- when -- -- -- so it's not release of I am worried about that in my knees because I do -- anything you've ever known me out here you know I got a pretty arrogant pretty foul mouthed thank you Linda I can -- couple customers fly in Iraq and string -- -- -- I am aware once in awhile I do I need to -- -- -- -- Having dental or hand at the bottom of the hour at Iran's back to a blog with Ted Miller on ESPN it is an update on pac twelve media day to February to -- -- on Ray Rice. It is doing -- turning on the radio for the first time today Ray Rice has been suspended two games. For the the first two games of the season for violating the NFL's personal conduct policy what this means that he will be able to participate in pre season games will be able to participate. Indians but he'll miss the first two regular games. Of the season is going to cost him from game checks and signs about 530000. Dollars the video showed him dragging his unconscious. One beyoncé at the time they're now Mary do you remember that bizarre kind of press conference they did -- -- and it's real we where she kind of apologized to him and took. To blame for what we haven't seen. Is the actual fight itself the police have that fight video native who will be in fairness to the situation we have not seen the fight video and we don't know what she did we don't know how was instigated. But we do notice that the NFL has had a bad offseason we know -- the applause an image problem right now and I don't know if there's anything that'll ever happen. Where will start to really take a part of not watch the NFL because an image problem a lot of people make the case in the NBA when the reason they don't watch is because people believe their -- states. And the use all the bud -- -- We're just so she colleagues in botnets and everything else all those buzzwords. But in the NFL doesn't seem to matter does it matter the steroids or use doesn't matter there's violence it's a great point to a prescription. Abuse them that there's and I am. We'll tell you look everything and everything just adult area we just don't care we don't care because they're gladiators and we wanna see them out and wanna see him perform for us. And -- it's a it's a spyware we're all guilty of this. I did you know there's ever going to be any thing where we say you know what. That's the reason I turn off the NFL vehicle knowing this you can can really will ultimately for about lack of their work like god. In terms of how they wanna go about punishing people and there's no repercussions whatsoever because they know it because they they're continuing to make record profits despite their image issue yeah it. And it's a great point I think when you look at all the issues surrounding the NFL -- we've -- -- -- -- and if you listen to the show for quite some time we do believe it's at some point or another there is a bubble coming to the NFL now whether that's five years from now fifteen years from now. Thirty years from now it will come eventually you know whether it's because a lack of participation at younger ages concussion lawsuits. This kind of off the field stuff people you know the breast cancer awareness staff member of that last season that was on other issues so there's a lot of bad things going around and going wrong with the NFL but. It's it's a great point when you look at it because baseball used steroids people get upset about it football. But he cares and he remembers guys to test positive reached teachers steroids -- -- serve a four game suspension. -- come back Dion Jordan a great example that young Jordan test positive this offseason he suspended. The first couple games this season and -- I was gonna remember the Dion Jordan did that. Were willing to overlook it for certain sports it it really speaks of the power that the NFL has right now. Is that they are they are basically there image cannot be dented -- -- -- Anthony. Be -- periodically you'll get a little story that appears that you get a little tiny headline that'll kind of knock them off their perch a little bit. But it never lasts longer than a couple of days and we usually seem to forget about it because -- right into what we all of the sport so much that we all over look at what comes Sundays is probably is going to be thinking. About all the negative issues going on all the guys have been arrested -- -- ever watch our team to watch a fancy jeans are never murdered loved the sport. But at some point I can't pinpoint one issue and say okay this is what's gonna make me drop my line and save what the hell you -- NFL. I've kind of forty reach step what real look at the the you -- you need to get some of -- stuff under control. But I I do firmly believe at some point in our lifetime there will be a bubble that burst and all this powerless control that they haven't come crumbling down. I've always kind of been one of those guys even as it in they get older -- never let outside aid situations can influence my watching like when the basketball stuff was going on the NBA and had a big fight in Detroit. I didn't allow them the media. And kind of talking about the Indy being full thugs and people just being upset about that. I didn't I didn't let that stop me from watching the jail blazers didn't stop me from watching blazer games. But when I think about the NFL we talked about this with a baseball earlier. It's the product in the product on the field is is great is it's ever been and you look at some of the rivalry throughout the league it's really intense it's a lot of fun to watch. Bullet point is that product is that's what it's ultimately gonna do is win the off the field problems outweigh your product on the field that's when people turn away. What what's the product point where's the line from the product what are people most like is it scoring points to lead the league goes down and scoring because they make. That's a rule change somewhere defense is that yeah IDS that watching because they're not lighten up the scoreboard with seven touchdowns. I don't know but I do think it's going to be the product on the field is ultimately what leads to its demise because clearly it's not going to be an off the field issue. We've seen the most negative stories come on the NFL the last 23 years yeah. Ever in its history -- and ratings continue despite -- yet Aaron Hernandez last year he got Ray Rice -- the rest of the off field issues Greg Hardy with the Carolina cancers -- -- just -- convicted of of assault and where they giving him awards Italy for -- values are so yeah exactly yeah Dion Jordan Williams with a PED says substance abuse or whatever it was. You have all these negative stories coming out. And I promise you the ratings this year will continue to go up so I just wonder what media is on the field product wise. That's gonna make people say OK I can't stand what you're doing on the field and now on the field it sucks I'm gonna stop watching as much as I used to ever. -- wonders to if this is an indication you know just simply looking at the Ray Rice case because we got somebody you know and texting and about how -- you know NBA star driven re right Ray Rice is playing that great right now and to me it's an -- point that maybe just Ray Rice is that big of a household name because. Yeah I am trying to -- you know maybe if this was Peyton Manning did -- this is Tom Brady being he is ill starred -- is what you're saying yeah did I mean just to grab the attention to -- that real negative backlash because if you didn't really need that in the NBA because you brought a great points rate in the in the -- at the palace I mean look there were some big names in the game and -- our -- already kind of had a shady past it was kind of shady character. But it wasn't like that was Kobe Bryant fighting the -- he was Rasheed Wallace is except -- -- guys that already had you know kind of at those negative rap sheets on them in kind of negative connotations with -- throughout their career. So I am curious maybe it just this specific Ray Rice incident. And maybe why it's not because there is outrage I mean you -- look at our text machine is indeed there's a lot of outrage today in -- on the FaceBook posts as well. There's a lot of people -- upset about this but ultimately getting the point we're trying to get too is that eventually this is gonna go away eventually we will forget about this will get to week five or six in the NFL season. Ever gonna forget about Ray Rice whether it's because the ravens are relevant or just simply because football is is having enacted of the season. I am a believer -- were all believers in second chances were all believers that he will make mistakes and they should be able to learn from those mistakes and if you turn this negative into a positive that's exactly what this country. Believes and that's our principles that's kind of our morals that's how. We were built as a country country of second chances any country that worries you learn from something and you make it a positive. -- you turning negative into a positive people are willing. To forgive either willing to move -- The issue is that you've got to separate it's easier to separate plays at work. Where you're gonna say the -- those being opportunistic. And turning turning a blind guy. To some serious issues -- and what kind of message does that Cindy wanted they lied to their players and ask -- one way or another. You're going to get people that say the the NFL could have seen a lot of this -- The NFL does not take domestic violence serious and that is it's a valid point place in Vienna is a valid point. And so did you get you can believe in second chances you can give Ray Rice a second chance. And you can say look people make mistakes you've got to learn from the there's plenty of examples of guys over coming in sports and in life and in everything. But you do have to start to getting Morse rigid say yes you could have a second chance like Michael Vick did but there has to be some punishment. In the meantime in you have shows the NFL that you are serious about certain issues in. This to me since an example. Or sends a message that they're not entirely serious about this particular and I would say it is the fourth why they need to me. Ratings continue to -- you don't have anybody walking away why do they need there's no indictment that says -- ready to go yeah you can you comment on a face opponents oppose the message board do whatever you want it. They don't have the reaction hitting him directly it's hitting radio stations TV stations people complain. But their ratings are high is the every wide they need to come out just in life -- message board idiots who say. You don't care about domestic violence in you don't support women's rights for this and that they don't need to because everybody continues to watch men and women alike. There's no reason for them to have to do and that's the unfortunate part about it and the more attention that you bring to it you are right -- is more attention you bring to it the more it becomes. A story the more it becomes in the headlines the more it becomes front and center and the NFL is a league that is always tried to. To bury things as much as possible when this all the time on our show don't we knew we talk about we -- of the Dallas Cowboys and we we got a ton of reaction from all the cowboys are going to be -- they're gonna be great. And then you have the one guy nobody cares move on who we can't move we can't operate that -- you're on one guy out of forty to fifty guys that texting and that said who cares everybody else had an opinion on this and that's with the NFL is that right now with these issues. They have a coupled with a complaint but overall the products to it's viewed one of their tax on this is have a comparing the browns owner and his legal trouble and the Indianapolis owner with -- -- And with his drug problems of the players and their penalties and that's a fair conversation and what we've had many times on this show. But when you get to ownership at least in my opinion ownership is much different. You guys aren't of that that is in opinion but I do believe ownership is different. In the actual players themselves and drug abuse and or eight it's tough to -- your comparing certain things in -- comparing certain. And problems that people have and you're trying to say which one is worse drugs or being up -- women that that's what is. Especially in this case because you can hear about domestic violence -- the field but we had I mean there's the video evidence of -- I mean that was -- it was a drag racing video of him dragging an unconscious woman out of an elevator heading gamble the pac twelve blog on ESPN going to join us next to help -- break -- pac twelve media day it is -- number two. Including what he expects from the beavers and the ducks this coming up season that conversation is next -- Jolie was. And more dirt and spreads his serve. By while Bruins on ESPN's sports radio and -- -- you pac twelve media day -- -- -- to be lied about a half hour from now they got plenty of interviews including one with Mike Reilly and John -- of war against David joining us now here. On the -- is Kevin gamble using -- reporter for ESPN outside of the blog there. -- Kevin thank you for joining the program yesterday to media handicapped. The pac twelve had organ number one UCLA number -- you who do you will light out of the pac twelve. That's how I voted. You know you look at what organs are coming back you know what you -- that are coming back I think right now. As of July those -- the -- did not want iPods so -- like that. Kevin when you're looking at the storyline throughout this conference is such a deep one but what's the most interesting one going into this season what team most interest you. There's a couple of different story lines in terms -- -- that interest me. I think you're -- particularly interest -- you got a real high powered offense -- the defending Al champions but that and I'm reliving nine detached starters. I think it that you get that you can't one -- They're gonna push UCL -- they're gonna -- -- I think that can make up their interest and if you look at the pictures or one in the conference. It's got to be kept returning quarterback I can't remember a year when a -- return ten starters -- duct. And these aren't just you know middle of the Mozart are all really good. Football players and obviously market -- -- back there. But Daniel Brett -- -- -- Who second Q mock opera -- people don't you remember that -- you -- copper last year now looking like -- the captain held a capsule -- that's -- -- how they shot advantage there you go down let -- Good good quarterbacks in the pac twelve this year and they are heat and in the a lot of fun to watch these -- play -- attempt to ordinary. -- -- The test -- half the weight when you look at the ducks' offense this year obviously losing president Madison in the spring was huge goals for them and especially the receiving corps you lose the Anthony Thomas Josh Huff obviously to the NFL last year. Are there are -- are -- concerning your opinion or should there be any concerning your -- you in Eugene about that receiver corps being a little too young and a little too experience to to maybe make -- I think the fact that they have such strong running game and strong philosophy in their offense I think they'll compensate for the they're not gonna be achievement and go out throughout the united on between -- they let Washington take you there are still going to be a run first football game that the used to run outs so I think it's long -- You've got to create separation one on one coverage long into our games are against the tuck -- in particular plot. Kevin gamble is our guest is it runs the pac twelve blog along with Ted Miller on ESPN on Twitter at ESPN underscore. Pac twelve blog Larry Scott spoke a lot of -- half hour forty bad minutes yesterday. To open up pac twelve media day and discuss some of the TV deals and to -- the NCAA model that exist right now. Did you ever see a time where the the DirecTV deal gets done and it is how do you feel about how the pac twelve has marketed itself of the last couple of years. You know I think -- done pretty good job marketing itself stated -- They put themselves out there to culprit. I played when the topic on culprits on the important speaks out there and play initiates -- it's nearly -- which is going to be the most phenomenal month -- in the -- -- -- this is not going to be. -- -- And Turkey putting themselves in position to dialogue didn't actually -- in terms of reputation that you're that you need to get achievement play. That's gonna help more than anything and the big problem with apple -- years is that -- conference schedule. And they just -- -- consult a lot whether it's. Organ losing to Arizona orchard years ago camp repeated organ or the year before that Oregon beach airport and yet these mortgage they always seem to cannibalize. Now and that it -- sponsor fantasy in nineteen conference schedule. I think in the big picture and actually back hurts the conference and accuracy could gamble that the only question yes I think getting it shouldn't he choose the college football playoff. It can be critical not gonna help national perception more than anything. The terms that DirecTV deal. You know we're gonna let the we got figured that out behind closed doors I just don't know enough about the negotiations to China. A lot of people paying attention to Brett -- in markets -- -- -- in the season for obvious reasons but. You know kind of picking up some steam a lot of attention especially once media day got underway. Wish on minions and organ state where does he rank for you. Amongst the other pac twelve quarterbacks because he's a very traditional pocket passer. Those other guys have that dual threat capability. Does he rank up pretty high up there for you. Yeah I think edit like Erik that he is a traditional quarterback and I talked -- last week about that -- sort its place in the second quarter. He's a different quarterback on consult I think you know the time word yet on how we cops and she's going to -- all -- -- encounter in the -- well. And that it's up to get all the quarterbacks who have come through the sweep over the years. That's really impressive. But you're right he's not a dual threat guy he doesn't have. You know the read option don't run that -- -- -- -- scrambling ability wreck on the dark but he would prototypical. NFL quarterback now talking a few different -- and opposite yesterday. And they'll like him a potential push out there he is it going to make it GM could very Smart. So exports expire at 220 by 230 pounds he's in the pocket he can deliver the deep ball you know the postal -- He's becoming a bit of an -- the pro style offense in general it's sort of becoming how to say. Compared to some of these you know spread all self employed and help them because now it used to be you'd have to prepare for one expecting -- -- Now that would prepare its record -- -- one or two option years I actually -- -- -- Great point get an order -- Kevin gamble at Kevin underscore -- GE MM ELL onto Larry's a actual reporter. For ESPN -- we saw a bit of a coaching change in this season this offseason and the factual but obviously Steve -- -- out USC Chris Peterson coming in to Washington from Boise -- at any -- we will we -- Peterson have a ton of success in a smaller conference. But if you're just looking forward into a glass globe who would you say has the better situation as a head coach was is that USC was -- or is that Washington would Peterson. Well a niche in question and I -- two different ways I think in terms of winning right now I think you have to know -- sake USC he's got. Kind of -- solid -- who already don't apply. He got a -- quarterback and wouldn't -- wide receiver. Political watch list you know nothing like it's a good running back. All that you sent them on their land they have -- that dealt to me now. So in that regard he's probably gonna have more substance is now the flip side of we know how he's going to be under the microscope a lot quicker than Peterson would be to actually thought that quarterback he's using. Bill Walker award finalist running back bishops think he Omnia the MacKey award -- at all -- Jenkins I think people understand that Chris Peterson. It can be given a little more time to start implement it -- rebuilding his way so long term Peterson might in the better situation if you look at the first record years. Circled out and then tackle shop went to -- championship gets he gets an opportunity to have a count on his roster to make one. Nokia might be in better situation to short. Who do you least look forward to seeing when you go to pac twelve media day. Honestly. -- -- to get a -- -- encryption. There's not a single coach. I don't like hockey. And the coaches in the pac twelve. Oh really personable. They're all fairly honest -- I did a radio yesterday with -- in radio and Salt Lake City I'm talking about -- in. He was up there and he was very very contrite and very honest about when he left Washington could you see that he likened it to breaking up with a girlfriend. And I thought it was a very sweet moment and it was a very honest moment and I had to do in the nature of it keeps -- years you don't act on the -- immediately secured disable stop it and stabbed out we had a great. Spring session but late in the weight room. And it just the tackle coaches are buried very forthcoming and Jerry. And they're not afraid beyond and that's what makes this topic so odd couple. Kevin gamble is our guest journey SPN Sports Radio 1080 the fan who's your favorite. Coach. Are. You could just like you're -- again yeah. You know I don't know appear to not walk I I had some good chat with grandma today I've looked forward to getting to know him. I've -- Gingrich also long time you do what you would covering. Universe -- and Diego not scholarship football with Jim Harbaugh and covered them on your team you know -- -- -- -- -- covered chargers late ninety's now I've got history with a few of those guys that. You know -- -- is great. Which Rodriguez is where all he's got so personable. Young Mike Riley is your favorite. Is that I. Don't know about our RSS get active in -- locked in a room nights on the line who's walking out the blog TNT were Ted. Are obviously I'm the captain Mike are about all of the dog and I'm waiting out that it is getting employees onto their -- Kevin underscored Gamal GE -- EO -- -- -- to a reporter for espn.com he's been down a pac twelve media day. -- covering that I can't take you so much for at the time we look forward to the follow on Twitter. Except that it's the -- this brake lines Ray Kelly says that to our guests who else well look back looked left policymakers look for the read to you guys about guys you got it -- they -- said in particular about Sean mania Mike Riley spoke about John meaning Sean Gagnon spoke himself. And Jimmy Kimmel just said a couple of things about a mini in this coming up season that he he's generating a lot of buzz and there's a lot of -- Surrounding Sean -- we'll discuss that nature elicited and tortured sprayed onto an eighty the fan. Crowd. Danforth -- third and sprayed his served up by Buffalo Wild Wings on ESPN Sports Radio 1080 -- -- Yeah prime time getting up in thirteen minutes from now they are live from Los Angeles for day to attack the media day. Isaak is tweeting out their cell visa they've got -- got Jerry guy asked out quarterbacks different quarterback Kevin Hogan. -- because they have on the -- finally the -- It was pretty funny Todd Graham Brett -- Mike Riley shot Armenian Chris Peterson a busy show for them coming up the Mike Riley self he's pretty funny. Riley looks so happy need to do this again he's pumped. Guys until it is. He's probably -- it's not with a as well. We sexy Kevin gamble the pac twelve blog on ESPN ES and things are pretty strong comments about what Keating's -- -- he has you know he's -- is getting a lot of love Nate nationwide. Also from courses coach Mike rally today in -- immediate. I think Shia community conversation. He has been. Longtime quarterback now so he's got a track record of who. Record for yardage left here that. Year particularly this last summer. Higher level. My credit Metallica in the background there and -- fountain yes I got the waterfall. The gist of that tactic is he's out of his minions fourth year in the system the typical speaking with Mike Riley is as quarterbacks -- here to clean up their best years meaning was get last year even but he still turn the ball over a lot especially in big games you fifteen interceptions last year yes especially late in that later in the season. But yeah there's a lot of reasons for that but people tend to think because -- not a lot of pocket traditional pocket passing NFL -- quarterbacks he's one mile -- -- yes it is earlier like who's the best in the pac twelve now well it's him. And part of the reason for the hazard not -- I am vs Kevin Hogan and basically they're the only two programs to surround pro style offense yes he got those two guys that are there but. John -- does have a chance to vault himself up to this year into one of the button that top quarterbacks not only in the college football but going into the unified Branyan. -- -- made a comment that it was a critical -- -- you know goes back to mostly you'll -- -- -- a couple of years ago he said he's gonna make an NFL GM look like a genius in the -- -- first round -- say he's going to be a first round -- in -- -- in you know look at a lot of that I do you believe -- -- -- that when you -- get a six foot 5220. Some pounds -- me that's the exact prototypical. Body that you want of a quarterback and he had a thought to have admitted adds to it that he plays in a pro style system. Where I do firmly believe that there is an adjustment especially for some of these guys -- come from running nothing but the spreading college. Depends on what kind of offense to get drafted two in the NFL and if the NFL team is willing to. -- tailor their offense around you and what you did in college but there is an adjustment there. If you do have to go from running a spread in college to pro style system in the NFL that there's that there's an adjustment for everybody. But to me when I look at his last WG through eleven picks in his last four regular season games they'll remember the four picks down at Arizona State. That's what he needs to cut down on to be you know and it's pretty -- -- and show you up yes -- got to throw the ball fifty times a game. He's gonna throw some -- he's gonna trample all over in I don't disagree with that at all. But to me if I see him cut down and on his interceptions he's been a starter now for three years. If you're eighteen picks in his first year thirteen picks in a second yearning to fifteen picks last year up 46 picks in three seasons that's a lot of interceptions. That's really the only thing I wanna see him cut down money throws up his back foot a little too much you know. He just every quarterback he's go to that development where you know just take a sack eat it will punt it away. Will live -- play the field position battle especially if you trust your defense this year which -- state should do. If he can cut down on the interceptions a -- -- by the way -- -- lesson ten interceptions -- seated because you look at the first you know what was the first 70% Atari games he only threw three picks. So he clearly shows he can do what time I just -- your town much absolutely much into your -- but he did throw a pick against Stanford he didn't play that greatest attributes -- pick against them so. That to me is the last thing that I need to see him improve bubble in terms of intangibles there's no doubt our strength size ability that he has the first round body and first round town seen. -- there's a couple years ago -- guy -- hearing that yogi -- -- and I kind of kind of Stockton and -- -- -- first round top ten pick -- I just didn't see it with him because when -- thoughts -- -- and I really did think Shawn Camp on now look his arm is a lot stronger than -- fields I think we saw that after last season but for him I agree with -- guys he needs to cut down the turnovers. In crucial moments now he had at Arizona State game that was terrible. The washing your title to that game you're gonna have that he's gonna happen Mario and had a game -- media down to it but I -- -- game. I don't wanna -- Make an excuse form but I kind of scratch that from their season that was just it was one of the weirdest games ever been to -- or in state history. They got boat raced from the very get really just didn't show up to 69 Tony seventeen tire seemed insurance you can I think he is under pressure I. I think he's okay under trying to generate the most got much -- a -- -- remember but I think he's -- I think he did all right last -- the USC game he helped keep him in that one you'll get the Utah game that was a down to the wire great game fourth and one and Riley asked him to throw a ten yard in to Richard my -- That's a lot of pressure throwing the game winning touchdown in Utah in overtime that's a lot of pressure there were moments last year where they needed him to step up. And he did now is he the greatest I guess as I mean when he's under like. -- like from the from the defense of linemen from. That I guess that's -- that's more what I mean I would say yes I want and that's where he struggles the most he needs to either get rid of the ball or just kind of follow on the ground and -- exactly Manny does that all the time you know I don't -- just falls and I don't want to play forcing into -- -- -- -- -- -- and -- -- on that one but you also got to think about this their run game has been nonexistent since he stepped in and -- -- starter. You look at last year like he did have the fifteen that's two up from the thirteen year prior. But he also threw the ball two times more heed the more in the last few if any did the year before too so they're asking way more of him. I think there's a quarterback in this country little on the conference that if you have to throw the ball is it. 57 times 5152. And 55 consecutively. And only there's a quarterback in this conference that doesn't throw a ticker two and one of those gains as. Targeting I'm crazy for this but hear me out on it -- breeding -- not being there are ultimately long term will be good for -- -- will and part of the reason for that is he zeroed in on -- slash watch a lot of -- games went to a lot of be redeemed last year. It rightfully cell but he knew that he could throw it to spots with brain and cousins and that granted this would make plays you go there's no way -- -- -- go up and get that ball over a corner that's bigger stronger. And then in any what and that's that's a luxury to have. So this year shot means you have to go there is aggressions. If there's not going to be dominant wide receiver this year for NC got a lot of good. What Victor -- to get richer -- ladies get Connor and let's get tight end position. You've got fundamental guys that are good at getting their positions but you don't have a take over to dominate enough Markus -- no brainer because I -- back foot and -- triple coverage and help Dalia yes you're gonna have to rely your progression you're gonna have to rely on your reads to -- to get you into situations and to be affected and that to me is a good thing. -- -- -- Did -- there's no doubt about it and I agree might not be a good thing for the program this year but when you look in terms of his NFL prospects if he can cannot prove that he can have similar numbers that he did last year in terms RB CD -- -- -- go down a little bit. But he cannot have similar success throwing ninety in New York you he has -- no I agree with the idea because last year you know we went you know we kind of looked at -- in -- got a little bit because I look to some of the numbers those first 78 weeks that he put up. And I pointed to a got a brain coaxed because right there were so many times a branding -- bailed him out certain situations. Whether it was thrown in double or triple coverage off his back foot when there's pressure on him. You cannot get bailed out this year it's gonna be completely on him in in terms of his NFL prospect it's gonna be good -- Right up there with every other quarterback in this conference with the hi I'm excited to see what he does because I do think if his stats are lining up with where they were last here. He has the argument at least to be invited to New York I really do believe that on tomorrow's show we have -- let it go segment that's going to be at 2 o'clock -- -- -- out. Letting go. Minds parking space analyst you know about that tomorrow that's -- good decent dirty deeds you appreciate that follow us on Twitter at leader Johnson yeah. Brain is break INX Taylor the Danforth we've got our podcast that is presented by century linked up to an eighty the fan dot com. -- also got an interview with Kevin gamble up there as well take a look also interview with Mike Parker we had yesterday. I'll -- in eighty the fan. Dot com primetime is next life from pac twelve media day even listening to -- -- -- break. Served up by Buffalo Wild Wings onto an -- defense. OK guys. Little big -- on her right. Well -- later.

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